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Leader Guide 2017 Three Rivers District

Welcome to Three Rivers Gold Rush 2017 This year we had made some changes, there will be some of the usual events, but this year we are adding a theme and requirements to help you as the leader. The other big Change is the Boy Scouts will be helping out. So let’s talk about the theme first…. This year theme is teamwork. It’s a hard concept for both cubs and boy scout to understand, that they work better together then alone. Most events will revolve around the concept of teamwork. Next is we will be doing outdoor requirements for your Cubby. I know a lot of leaders are worry about the outdoor skills to do these requirements, so we will have Boy Scouts there to do these requirement will your Cubby according to rank advancements. This interaction between the Boys and the Cubby is an important one, it gives your Cubby a chance to see a part of being a Boy Scout and the Boy Scout a chance to work on his leadership skills. Lastly there is a Secret theme that will be announced at the beginning of the Gold Rush for a chance to win a cracker-barrel basket for their pack/ den next outdoor trip.

Cost: The Cost this year is $ 7.00 per Scout and Adults who want a patch is $7.00. Registration must be done by Oct 7 for the 7.00 price after Oct 7 the cost is 10.00 per Scout and 10.00 per Adult who want a patch.

Requirements: Scout will be in cowboy gear or uniform. A cover wagon is a must, take a old wagon and dress it up. There should be at least 2 leaders per wagon, and they may be personalized however the cubs seem fit. Each Covered Wagon should be equipped with: * American Flag * Two 4' x 6' lengths of rope, 1/4" or 3/8" thick * Two "Puddle Jumpers" * Eight Band-Aids * Pencils * One 6 oz. cup * Cub Scout Handbook * A pouch to hold small treasures * LUNCH * Enthusiastic Cub Scouts prepared with a motto/yell. Tiger and Wolf Scout must have a day pack with the six essential items need for a hike. Yes I could list them,,, but no I won’t. As a leader, you need to look them up because your Scout need to know them and understand why they need them, so the is your homework. And NO one pack is not enough for the whole pack, each Scout must have their own pack. Sorry, but as a Scout leader I need to know them plus the extras needed for Boy Scouts too. Bear Scout need to bring a pair of safety glasses with them. Webelo Scout will work on First Aid and This is optional, whittle Chip card. If they wish to do Whittle Chip card, Adult leaders must hold on to their Knifes until the time comes for them to learn.

Please email me your Scout count and Rank, so I can work on scheduling of events and requirement time. [email protected]

Goal : The goal of this event is for your Scout to have fun and learn or earn an achievement towards their rank. Other goals are for your scout to be exposed to boy scout and something that they will get to look forward too. The Boy Scouts will be learning leadership skills and teaching younger boy scouts how to teach. We want the boys and cubby to work together, in hopes that the cubby will want to be boy scouts. Lastly attached is a copy of requirements for each rank that we will be doing.

Tiger Adventure: Tigers in the Wild Complete Requirements 1-3 plus at least one other. 1. With your parent, guardian, or other caring adult, name and collect the Cub Scout Six Essentials you need for a hike. Tell your den leader what you would need to add to your list if it rains. 2. Go for a short hike with your den or family, and carry your own gear. Show you know how to get ready for this hike. 3. a. Listen while your leader reads the Outdoor Code. Talk about how you can be clean in your outdoor manners. b. Listen while your leader reads the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids. Discuss why you should "Trash Your Trash." c. Apply the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principles for Kids on your Tiger den and pack outings. After one outing, share what you did to demonstrate the principles you discussed. 4. While on the hike, find three different kinds of plants, animals, or signs that animals have been on the trail. List what you saw in your Tiger handbook. 5. Participate in an outdoor pack meeting or pack campout campfire. Sing a song and act out a skit with your Tiger den as part of the program. 6. Find two different trees and two different types of plants that grow in your area. Write their names in your Tiger handbook. 7. Visit a nearby nature center, zoo, or another outside place with your family or den. Learn more about two animals, and write down two interesting things about 8. them in your Tiger handbook.

Wolf Adventure: Paws on the Path Complete Requirements 1-5. Requirements 6 and 7 are optional. 1. Show you are prepared to hike safely in any outdoor setting by putting together the Cub Scout Six Essentials to take along on your hike. 2. Tell what the buddy system is and why we always use it in Cub Scouts. Describe what you should do if you get separated from your group while hiking. 3. Choose the appropriate clothing to wear on your hike based on the expected weather. 4. Before hiking, recite the Outdoor Code and the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids with your leader. (This may be combined with Requirement 3 of The Call of the Wild Adventure.) After hiking, discuss how you showed respect for wildlife. 5. Go on a 1-mile hike with your den or family. Find two interesting things that you’ve never seen before and discuss with your den or family. 6. Name two birds, two insects, and/or two other animals that live in your area. Explain how you identified them. 7. Draw a map of an area near where you live using common map symbols. Show which direction is north on your map

Bear Required Adventure: Baloo the Builder Complete all of the following requirements. 1. Discover which hand tools are the best ones to have in your tool box. Learn the rules for using these tools safely. Practice with at least four of these tools before beginning a project. 2. Select, plan, and define the materials for the project you will complete in requirement 3. 3. Assemble your materials, and build one useful project and one fun project using wood. 4. Apply a finish to one of your projects.

Webelos Adventure: First Responder Complete 1 and at least five others. 1. 1. Explain what first aid is. Tell what you should do after an accident. 2. Show what to do for hurry cases of first aid: Serious bleeding, heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest, stopped breathing, stroke, poisoning 3. Show how to help a choking victim. 4. Show how to treat for shock. 5. Demonstrate how to treat at least five of the following: a. Cuts and scratches, b. Burns and scalds, c. Sunburn, d. Blisters on the hand or foot,

e. Tick bites, f. Bites and stings of other insects, g. Venomous snakebites, h. Nosebleed, i. Frostbite 6. Put together a simple home first-aid kit. Explain what you included and how to use each item correctly. 7. Create and practice an emergency readiness plan for your home or den meeting place. 8. Visit with a first responder or health care professional.

Any questions, please contact Trish Regan at [email protected] or Rich Habick at [email protected]


Leader Guide 2017 Three Rivers District - Doubleknot

Leader Guide 2017 Three Rivers District Welcome to Three Rivers Gold Rush 2017 This year we had made some changes, there will be some of the usual e...

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