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Pirates look to close gap on Cubs, improve pitching, run prevention B1

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Labor dispute puts students in middle State system strained by decline in public support



Chad Dobbins was worried. An email from a professor in his MBA program at Clarion University of Pennsylvania had an ominous ring to the 38-year-old Brookline father of two. The message warned that university faculty could strike beginning Wednesday if state and union negotiators failed to reach a new contract agreement. The two sides resumed a three-day bargaining session Friday. “If there’s a strike, and they stay out, I won’t get my funding,” Dobbins said of the loan financing his online studies while he works as a construction project manager.

His loan terms require that he take at least six credits each semester. A condensed, seven-week course worth 1.5 credits — which would bring him to that threshold — is scheduled to begin Oct. 24. “I’m sweating it a little,” Dobbins said from a work site in Texas. About 5,500 faculty members and coaches at Pennsylvania’s 14 state-owned universities have worked without a contract since June 30, 2015. Both sides announced Saturday that they had reached agreement on at least one point: No one would comment on the ongoing negotiations, expected to last

through Sunday, “to help minimize distractions,” according to a joint statement. Experts say the increasingly tense labor dispute threatening to disrupt classes for Dobbins and more than 104,000 other students at state-system schools — including California, Clarion, Edinboro, Indiana and Slippery Rock universities in Western Pennsylvania — is just the most-recent symptom of changes that began rolling across campuses nationwide several decades ago. Shifts in underwriting the costs of DAN SPEICHER | TRIBUNE-REVIEW college triggered the change, said Wil- Special education professor Katie Kossar rallies for a new liam A. Herbert, executive director of EDUCATION · A6

contract Friday outside of the Natali Center at the California University of Pennsylvania.

Trump says race rigged, fueled by lies

Alleged terror plot targeted Muslims 3 members of Kansas group accused of plan to ignite religious war

Nominee suggests Clinton on drugs during last debate ASSOCIATED PRESS


The “Crusaders” knew they wanted to kill Muslims — and with luck, use the “bloodbath” to start a religious war — but for months, they couldn’t settle on a plan. The easiest way would be to grab guns, go to the predominantly Somali-Muslim apartment complex they’d been surveilling and start kicking in doors, court documents said. They would spare no one, not even babies. In the end, they decided to set off bombs similar to the one Timothy McVeigh used in 1995 to kill 168 people in Oklahoma City. They planned to strike after the Nov. 8 election, investigators said. Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright and Patrick Eugene Stein face federal charges of conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction to blow up an apartment complex, a mosque and Muslim immigrants from Somalia, the Department of Justice announced. Federal court documents reveal how the trio’s hatred and Islamophobia coalesced into a plan for domestic terrorism. It was ultimately undone by an FBI confidential informant and Allen’s girlfriend, who showed authorities Allen’s supply room after he allegedly hit her during a fight. Earlier this year, investigators were tipped off by the informant, who had attended meetings of a group calling itself the Crusaders. Allen, Wright and Stein were the leaders and the chief architects of the plan, investigators say. The informant said the group’s focus was an apartment complex in Garden City, Kan., that had an apartment-turned-mosque attended by Muslims from Somalia. The Crusaders referred to them as cockroaches. “They chose the target location based on their hatred of KANSAS · A7


The Al-Ali family lives in an apartment complex in Pittsburgh’s Crafton Heights neighborhood. In the back row are Hassan (from right), Sabha, Iman, Motab and Ahmed. In the front row are Shadid, Mohammed and Najdah.




“America, I am Sabha.” Sabha Al-Ali, 28, practices one of her favorite English phrases, a scrum of kids circling her in their cramped apartment in Pittsburgh’s Crafton Heights neighborhood. She hasn’t learned a lot of English yet, but what she knows is important. “I’m alive. My babies are alive,” she says. Motab, her 31-year-old husband, stands next to her, taking turns playing with their children: Mohammed, 8; Shadid, 6; Najdah, 4; Ahmed, 3; Hassan, 2; and baby Iman, born in Pittsburgh in February — the only family member who is an American citizen. They’re Sunni refugees from the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo. They arrived here shortly before Christmas 2015, a handful of the 13,000 who arrived nationwide before the end of September. “Every day, they bombed,” said Motab, pointing on a map to his home neighborhood of Al-Ansari, its blocks reduced to rubble by barrel bombs dropped by the aircraft of President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime. “They bombed the airport. Bombed the hospital,” he said. “No bread, no diesel.” Over the past 12 months, Allegheny, Beaver and Washington counties

absorbed without incident 139 Syrian refugees, including this family, according to the Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program. They’re the lucky ones. The civil war in Syria has claimed more than 400,000 lives and left 12 million citizens internally displaced or cast out as refugees, according to the United Nations. Motab and Sabha realize they and their children unwittingly have become political fodder in the American presidential election. As Syrian refugees in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania, they’ve been SYRIANS · A6

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — A beleaguered Donald Trump sought to undermine the legitimacy of the presidential election Saturday, pressing unsubstantiated claims the contest is rigged against him, vowing anew to jail Hillary Clinton if he’s elected and throwing in a baseless insinuation his rival was on drugs in the last debate. Not even the country’s more than two centuries of peaceful transitions of political leadership were sacrosanct as Trump accused the media and the Clinton campaign of conspiring against him to undermine a free and fair election. “The election is being rigged by corrupt media pushing completely false allegations and outright lies in an effort to elect her president,” he said, referring to the several women who have come forward in recent days to say that Trump had groped or sexually assaulted them. He has denied the claims, calling the women liars.

Chance to shake up race

» Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty will square off Monday in the first of two televised debates in Pennsylvania’s pivotal U.S. Senate race. Story, C1 Earlier Saturday, Trump took to Twitter to warn that “100% fabricated and madeup charges, pushed strongly by the media and the Clinton Campaign, may poison the minds of the American Voter. FIX!” “Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail,” he added. “Instead she is running for president in what looks like a rigged election.” In a country with a history of peaceful political transition, his challenge to the election’s legitimacy — as a way to explain a loss in November, should that happen — was a striking rupture of faith in American democracy. Trump has repeatedly claimed without offering evidence that election fraud is a serious problem and encouraged TRUMP · A7


Donald Trump speaks Saturday at a Bollywoodthemed charity concert put on by the Republican Hindu Coalition in Edison, N.J.

Children die in accidental shootings at pace of 1 every other day States in South among those with highest per capita rates

death in a Houston hospital room, his brain swelling through the bullet hole in his face, his mother assured the boy it was OK to die. ASSOCIATED PRESS “When you are on the other side,” his mother, Crystal Mees, recalls Hours earlier, he was a happy telling him, “you are going to see 4-year-old who loved Iron Man and Mommy cry a lot. It’s not because the Hulk and all the Avengers. But as she’s mad. It’s because she misses Bryson Mees-Hernandez approached you.”

And this: “It’s not your fault.” But whose fault was it? Bryson shot himself last January with a .22-caliber Derringer his grandmother kept under the bed. It was an accident, but one that could be blamed on many factors, from his grandmother’s negligence to the failure of government and industry to find ways to prevent his death and

so many others. The Associated Press and the USA Today Network set out to determine how many others there have been. The findings: During the first six months of this year, minors died from accidental shootings — at their hands, or at the hands of other children or adults — at a pace of one every other day, far more than lim-

ited federal statistics indicate. Tragedies like the death of Bryson Mees-Hernandez play out repeatedly across the country. Curious toddlers find unsecured, loaded handguns in their homes and vehicles, and fatally shoot themselves and others. Teenagers, often showing off guns to their SHOOTINGS · A7

A2 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

Afghan Taliban threatens provincial capitals THE WASHINGTON POST

With winter approaching in Afghanistan, Taliban militants there seem more determined than ever to expand their influence across the country. On Friday, the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan announced that it was sending Western advisers to Farah province, a rural area just northwest of Helmand Province, to buoy Afghan soldiers there battling the insurgent group. The newfound Western presence in Farah comes roughly a week after Taliban fighters began making concerted efforts to seize the city of Farah, the capital of the province. Around the same time, the Taliban began offensives near Helmand’s provincial capital of Lashkar Gah and

Western coalition deploys advisers to thwart terrorists’ objective managed to enter the northern city of Kunduz before being pushed back to the city’s outskirts after more than a week of heavy fighting. “What we believe we’re seeing right now is the Taliban trying to make an effort before the end of the year to achieve their 2016 strategic objective of capturing a provincial capital,” said Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland, the spokesman for the U.S. mission in Afghanistan, in an email. It is unclear how many advisers are heading to Farah, but Resolute Support, the name of the NATO-led

Afghanistan mission, tweeted that it had sent an “expeditionary advisory package,” or group of soldiers and advisers, to the embattled province. There are currently such groups deployed to Lashkar Gah and Tarin Kowt, the capital of Uruzgan Province. In Lashkar Gah, the team includes roughly 50 soldiers and a small contingent of advisers. While military officials bill the advisory packages as a means to assist embattled Afghan security forces with on-the-ground guidance, the U.S. troops provide more of a “placebo effect,” said one U.S. adviser.

U.S. forces have also been propping up Afghan security forces with hundreds of airstrikes against the Taliban. In June, the Obama administration granted expanded authorities for airstrikes in Afghanistan, allowing U.S. forces to target the Taliban to provide “strategic effects” on the battlefield. In reality, the effects have done just enough to keep the Taliban from holding key territory — such as a district center — for an extended amount of time. Before the summer decision, U.S. air power had been relegated to going after terrorist targets and supporting the defense of U.S. Special Operations forces throughout the country. Though unannounced at the time, the new strike permissions were meant to be a temporary boost for the

Afghan security forces as they fought into the fall. However, according to senior military and administration officials, the airstrikes will continue. Despite the widening of U.S. air support, the White House believes that the war in Afghanistan is tipping in the Taliban’s favor. Speaking on the condition of anonymity to speak frankly about Afghanistan’s deteriorating security situation, a senior administration official called the situation in the country an “eroding stalemate.” In 2017, U.S. forces will draw down from 9,800 troops to approximately 8,400. With little mention in the recent presidential debates, it is unclear how the next administration will handle the next stage of the United States’ war in Afghanistan.

U.S. aid worker kidnapped in Niger, official says Resident of country since 1992 reportedly taken toward Mali ASSOCIATED PRESS

BAMAKO, Mali — Gunmen stormed the house of a longtime American aid worker in Niger, killing two people before fleeing with the man toward the border with Mali, authorities said Saturday. It is believed to be the first time an American citizen has been abducted in the vast Sahel region, where al-Qaida and criminal gangs have targeted French nationals and other Europeans for more than a decade, demanding millions of dollars for their release. “We are aware of reports of the kidnapping of a U.S. citizen in Niger,” a State Department official said after the abduction late Friday. “The U.S. Department of State has no higher priority than the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas.” The U.S. Embassy in Niger issued an emergency message for U.S. citizens Saturday, warning that “the threat of kidnapping and hostage taking continues to be very high” and encouraging people to “take appropriate security precautions and to avoid predictable travel patterns.” There was no immedi-

ate claim of responsibility, though al-Qaida-linked terrorists have abducted foreigners in Niger and brought them to northern Mali before. The government of Niger said in a news release Saturday that the American had lived there since 1992. “These criminals are currently en route toward Mali and our forces are pursuing them,” the interior ministry said in its statement. “The president of the republic is personally following the situation and our forces are fully mobilized to capture them and put an end to this disastrous affair.” Gov. Daouda Maiga, g ove r n o r o f M a l i ’ s Menaka region bordering Niger, said authorities there were alerted to be on the lookout for a white Toyota Hilux, a vehicle often used by jihadists in the region. The abduction took place in Abalak, in the Tahoua region of Niger. About a week ago, 22 people were killed in a refugee camp about 155 miles away. A number of foreigners remain hostages in the Sahel region, including a Swiss woman and a South African-British dual national, both seized in separate attacks in Timbuktu, Mali. In Burkina Faso, an Australian doctor and a Romanian man are being held captive.



A Royal Australian Air Force C-130J Hercules performs a flare drop Saturday during the T150 Defence Force Air Show in Townsville, Australia. The air show is part of Townsville’s 150th anniversary celebrations.


24 killed in stampede ahead of Hindu ceremony LUCKNOW — At least 24 people were killed and 20 injured in a stampede that occurred as they were crossing a crowded bridge to reach a Hindu religious ceremony in northern India on Saturday, police said. The stampede took place on the outskirts of Varanasi, a city in Uttar Pradesh state known for its temples. Organizers were expecting 3,000 devotees at the ceremony, but more than 70,000 thronged the ashram of a local Hindu


leader on the banks of the Ganges River, police officer S.K. Bhagat said. “We were not prepared for such a large crowd,” Raj Bahadur, a spokesman for the organizers, told The Associated Press. The stampede happened as police started turning back people from the overcrowded bridge, the Press Trust of India news agency cited Bahadur as saying. That triggered a rumor among the devotees that the bridge had collapsed, and they started running for safety, he said. Nineteen people were killed on the spot and five succumbed to their injuries at a hospital, said police officer Daljit Chaudhary. Four of the 20 injured people were still in serious condition at the hospital, he said.


Police arrest U.S. man with $1.5M in gold LA PAZ — Bolivian police say they’ve detained a 76-year-old U.S. citizen with more than 121 poundsof gold. Anti-narcotics chief Santiago Delgadillo says Robert

Agnew Meyer also was found with a small amount of cocaine and several pounds of silver coins. He puts the value of the gold alone at more than $1.5 million. Delgadillo says the man is being investigated for possible smuggling, though he has not been charged. Police didn’t say Saturday where Meyer is from or how long he’s been living in Bolivia.


Cave etchings 14,500 years old found in north MADRID — More than 50 cave etchings thought to be around 14,500 years old have been found in the northern Spanish town of Lekeitio. Bizkaia regional official Unai Rementeria announced the discovery in a press conference Thursday, saying the etchings were a “treasure of mankind,” and “of exceptional technical quality and visibility.” He said experts have praised the etchings as the “most spectacular” in the Iberian peninsula. Among the figures carved into the stone surface are horses, bison, goats and, for the first time, at least two lions. The region of Bizkaia neighbors the region of Cantabria, home to the famous Altamira cave paintings, Spain’s most prized prehistoric cave art site — also known as the Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic Art.


Guards fire on N. Korean ship, kill 1 fisherman MOSCOW — Russia says one North Korean fisherman was killed and eight others injured when Russian border guards opened fire on a fishing trawler. The Federal Security Ser-



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vice, which includes coastal and border guards, says the clash took place Saturday after the trawler Dae Yong No. 10 entered Russian waters in the Sea of Japan. The security service, known by its acronym FSB, said in a statement that border guards detained the boat and found “illegally obtained aquatic bio-resources.” The statement says the ship then attempted to flee while its crewmembers tried to wrest weapons from the Russian guards. A Russian coast guard ship fired at the trawler’s propulsion system, disabling it, and on the North Korean crewmen, the statement said.


Zapatista rebels to field a presidential candidate MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s Zapatista National Liberation Army says it will choose an indigenous woman as its independent candidate for the country’s 2018 presidential election. The rebels say in a Friday statement they will begin consultations to select the candidate. The group did not participate in Mexico’s past elections. The 2018 presidential contest will be the first to allow independent candidates not aligned with a political party. The Zapatistas rose up on Jan. 1, 1994, in the southern state of Chiapas to demand rights for indigenous people. The group was known for its leader Subcomandante Marcos, since re-baptized Galeano. He and the other rebels hid their identities with ski masks. While the rebels never abandoned their arms, they have not used them since the uprising and later signed a peace accord with the government.

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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · A3

Navy commissions ship fit for Batman ASSOCIATED PRESS


The commissioning ceremony for the Navy’s newest guided-missile destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, was the highlight of Maryland Fleet Week.

BALTIMORE — If Batman had a warship, it would be the USS Zumwalt. That’s how Adm. Harry Harris, commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, described the Navy’s largest and most sophisticated new destroyer, which comes with a price tag of at least $4.4 billion. “As long as our president and you the American people have an insatiable appetite for security, than I have an insatiable appetite for the stuff to underwrite that security,” Harris said at the ship’s commissioning ceremony on Saturday. Ray Mabus, secretary of the Navy, called the Zumwalt “a quantum leap” for Navy ships. “It’s the first of a kind that’s leading the way for new classes of ships, new capabilities that are in ships, new systems that we can use and it just expands the things we can do and the

$4.4 billion stealth destroyer Zumwalt is ‘quantum leap’ for maritime clout

ways we do it,” Mabus said after the ceremony. Here are some other details about the guided missile destroyer:


The 610-foot-long warship is sleek, with an angular shape to minimize its radar signature. It looks like a much smaller vessel on radar. Quieter than other ships, the Zumwalt is hard to detect, track and attack. A composite deckhouse hides radar and other sensors. Its powerful new gun system can unload 600 rocket-powered projectiles on targets more than 70 miles away.


Weighing nearly 15,000 tons, the

ship’s advanced technology and capabilities allow it a range of defensive and offensive missions to project power, wherever it is needed. Capt. James Kirk, commanding officer of the Zumwalt, says it generates 78 megawatts of power, “enough power to power a medium- to small-sized city.” With a motto of Pax Proctor Vim (Peace Through Power), it’s unique capability to generate power could be used in ways perhaps not even envisioned yet, such as in the testing and use of laser and directed-energy weapon systems.


The Zumwalt also features an unconventional wave-piercing hull that makes its ride “very smooth,” said Lt. Cmdr. Nate Chase. “You had no fear of having an open cup of coffee and getting jerked around, like some of these other ships.”


With 147 officers and sailors, the Zumwalt’s crew is the smallest of any destroyer built since the 1930s, thanks to extensive automation. All sailors are cross-trained, and there’s more sharing of tasks on the Zumwalt. Sailors have staterooms, instead of bunk rooms with dozens of people in them. Missiles “So, when they wake up, they wake up The Zumwalt will be able to launch to only one or two alarm clocks, not Tomahawk cruise missiles, Evolved four, not 50,” Kirk says.

Black female doctor says help rebuffed

N. Korean launch fails, U.S. reports

Flight attendant sought ‘actual physicians’ for emergency

Presumed ballistic missile latest in shows of force in defiance of U.N. ban



WASHINGTON — The U.S. military said Saturday it’s detected what’s being described as a failed missile launch by North Korea. The launch occurred near the northwestern city of Kusong and the missile is presumed to be a Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile, according to a Defense Department statement. The military says the launch was attempted at 11:33 p.m. Friday and that the missile didn’t pose a threat to North America. The action brought harsh criticism from the U.S. “We strongly condemn this and North Korea’s other recent missile tests, which violate U.N. Security Council Resolutions explicitly prohibiting North Korea’s launches using ballistic missile technology,” said Cmdr. Gary Ross, a Pentagon spokesman. He said the U.S. would raise concerns at the U.N. “Our commitment to the defense of our allies, including the Republic of Korea and Japan, in the face of these threats, is ironclad.” Ross said. “We remain prepared to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation.” North Korea has claimed technical breakthroughs in its goal of developing a long-range nuclear missile capable of reaching the continental United States. South Korean defense officials have said the North doesn’t yet have such a weapon. It’s the latest in a series of moves by North Korea aimed apparently at displaying a show of force. As recently as last month, it fired three ballistic missiles off its east coast, timed to get the attention of world leaders including President Barack Obama who were visiting the region for a series of summits. The U.N. Security Council subsequently condemned those North Korean launches and threatened “further significant measures” if it refused to stop its nuclear and missile tests. North Korea also conducted its fifth nuclear test last month and in all has launched more than 20 ballistic missiles this year, part of its program aimed at improving the delivery system for nuclear weapons. Earlier this year, North Korea successfully launched a Musudan missile in June after several failed attempts. Obama has vowed to work with the United Nations to tighten sanctions against North Korea, but has also said that the U.S. was still open to dialogue if the government changes course. The U.S. strategy has largely centered on trying to get China, North Korea’s traditional ally, to use its influence to persuade the North to change course. North Korea is continuing missile test launches even as the United Nations Security Council is deliberating a further tightening of sanctions after the September nuclear test. Previously in August, Japanese and South Korean officials said a medium-range ballistic missile flew about 620 miles and landed near Japan’s territorial waters.

Sea Sparrow Missiles, standard surface-to-air missiles and anti-submarine rockets from 80 missile tubes.


A Thai woman holds a candle Saturday outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand as thousands of Thai mourners thronged Saturday to the palace complex where the body of King Bhumibol Adulyadej is being kept.

Thais flock to palace after king’s death Caretaker to lead nation as heir to throne asks to delay succession while he mourns ASSOCIATED PRESS

BANGKOK — Tens of thousands of ThaimournersthrongedSaturdaytothe palace complex where King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s body is being kept, as the government said a regent would be the caretaker of the monarchy until the crown prince takes over following his father’s death. Dressed in somber black and white, people from all over the country converged at the complex in Bangkok’s historiccenter.BhumiboldiedThursday after prolonged illnesses that had incapacitated many of his organs. He was 88. But confusion reigned outside the complex as police announced that it was closed for seven days. A while later, the complex gates were opened for people to visit one of the halls. The king’s body, which is being kept in another building, will not be revealed to the public for another 15 days, authorities said. The crowds lining outside since dawn were subdued and orderly despite the swelling numbers. People shared food and handed each other water and wet towels to cope with the tropical heat. While announcing the king’s death, the prime minister had said that the heir apparent, Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, would ascend the throne. But hours later, he said that the prince did not want to be immediately named

king because he wanted more time to grieve along with the rest of the nation. DeputyPrimeMinisterWissanuKreangam appeared on television Friday evening to explain that the head of the Privy Council, an advisory body to the king, is automatically the regent until a new monarch is crowned. There was no official statement that the council’s head, 96-year-old Prem Tinsulanonda, had been named regent, creating uncertainty. But Wissanu said an announcement wasn’t needed because the process is mandated by Thailand’s constitution. Prem, a former prime minister, was one of Bhumibol’s principal confidants and has ties to Bhumibol’s popular daughter, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Forordinary Thais, theoverwhelming focus was on grieving for Bhumibol, not the succession. “I haven’t even started to think about that; I’m still in mourning over the king,” said Rakchadaporn Unnankad, a 24-year-old Bangkok office worker. “I left home at 6 a.m. to come here. We were queuing for so long before they told us that we can’t go inside the palace. There were people who have been here since 4 or 5 a.m.” “My tears started flowing out of me without my realizing,” she said, recalling the news of Bhumibol’s death. “I didn’t even want to hear the announcement.” Buddhist funeral ceremonies began Friday night after a royal motorcade brought Bhumibol’s body from nearby Siriraj Hospital to the Grand Palace complex.

Tamika Cross, a physician, was midway through a flight from Detroit to Minneapolis when a passenger emergency sent her into “doctor mode.” Sometime after takeoff, a man two rows in front of her suddenly became unresponsive, she said, and flight attendants called for help. Cross, an obstetrician and gynecologist, said she flagged down one of the crew members, offering to treat the man. She got a response she wasn’t prepared for. “Oh no, sweetie, put (your) hand down,” Cross recalled the flight attendant saying. “We are looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel, we don’t have time to talk to you.” The reason behind the flight attendant’s apparent skepticism? Cross says it was because she is black. Cross described the experience on the flight in an Oct. 9 Facebook post that had been shared more than 34,000 times as of Thursday night. In it, she said she was “sick of being disrespected” as a woman of color in her profession and accused Delta, the flight operator, of “blatant discrimination.” Delta said it has reached out to Cross about what happened. In multiple comments from the official Delta Facebook account, the company said the incident “does not reflect the Delta culture. We condemn discrimination toward our customers.” Cross’ story calls up other incidents in which black professionals claim to have been racially profiled. Over the summer, Sen. Tim Scott, RS.C., made waves with a speech from the Senate floor in which he recounted being questioned by police because of his race. And in a now-famous confrontation, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested by a white police officer at his house in Cambridge, Mass. What happened to Cross had nothing to do with law enforcement. In her case, she said she felt profiled not because of what she looked like but because of what she didn’t look like. It started, Cross said, when a woman ahead of her screamed for someone to come help her husband. “I naturally jumped into doctor mode as no one else was getting up,” Cross said in her Facebook post. As she was unbuckling her seat belt, she said, a flight attendant told people on the plane to stay calm, that the passenger was just having


Tamika Cross is a resident obstetrician and gynecologist with the University of Texas Health System in Houston. a “night terror.” But moments later the man became unresponsive again. This time, Cross said, the flight crew asked whether there was a physician on board. She said she raised her hand to volunteer, but a flight attendant shut her down. “I tried to inform her that I was a physician but I was continually cut off by condescending remarks,” Cross said. The crew then said for any physicians on board to press their call buttons, according to Cross. She elaborated: “I stare at her as I go to press my button. She said ‘oh wow you’re an actual physician?’ I reply yes. She said ‘let me see your credentials. What type of Doctor are you? Where do you work? Why were you in Detroit?’ (Please remember this man is still in need of help and she is blocking my row from even standing up while Bombarding me with questions). “I respond ‘OBGYN, work in Houston, in Detroit for a wedding, but believe it or not they DO HAVE doctors in Detroit. Now excuse me so I can help the man in need.’ ” At that point, Cross said, a white man came up and told the crew he was a physician. The flight attendant sent her back to her seat, saying the man had his “credentials,” only to return to her later for advice on how to treat the passenger’s low blood pressure, Cross said. Cross said she felt she was dismissed because she didn’t fit the “description of a doctor.” The flight attendant apologized and offered her Delta SkyMiles, she said. “I kindly refused,” Cross said. “This is going higher than her. I don’t want skymiles in exchange for blatant discrimination.”

ISIS bomber strikes Baghdad funeral tent, killing 35 ASSOCIATED PRESS

BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber struck afuneral gathering inBaghdad on Saturday, killing at least 35 people and wounding more than 60, Iraqi police and hospital officials said. The attack in the Shaab neighborhood occurred around lunchtime, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the media. The

Islamic State group claimed responsibility in a statement carried by its Aamaq news agency. Hussein Khazem, the owner of a nearby clothing warehouse, said the bomber detonated his payload inside a funeral tent, causing a big explosion. He saw a large number of killed and wounded people, many burning cars and major damage to the local market. The dead included elderly people, children, and some women. He said

he closed his shop to help evacuate the wounded and remove the bodies. “The security situation is not good at all,” he said. “These big incidents are happening again, especially in the poorer residential neighborhoods.” Iraq has seen several bombings in recent months, though most have had lower death tolls than Saturday’s attack. In July, a massive car bomb in central Baghdad’s popular shopping district of Karradah killed about 300

people and forced the resignation of the interior minister. The attack occurs as Iraqi security forces are preparing for an operation to retake the terrorist-held northern city of Mosul, the country’s second largest, from IS. “All the troops are ready; now they are just waiting for the order from the prime minister,” said Maj. Gen. Najim al-Jobori, one of the top Iraqi generals overseeing the Mosul operation.

A4 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

‘Mommy died last night’: Video shows opioids’ toll Heroin death one of 78 per day claimed in national epidemic THE WASHINGTON POST


Police survey the wreckage of a Mazda Miata that was split in half Friday after a collision with a Mercedes-Benz in Rockville Centre on New York’s Long Island.

Car split clean in two in N.Y. wreck

Everyone survived crash blamed on man speeding while under influecnce

crash Friday night. Police said Dustin Brandon, 27, was driving a Mercedes-Benz convertible when it collided with a Mazda Miata in Rockville Centre. The impact caused the MerASSOCIATED PRESS cedes to overturn, and the back ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. of the Mazda was sheared off. — A speeding drunken driver Newsday reported that the smashed into another car on Mazda’s rear tire detached and Long Island in New York and split hit the windshield of a tractorit in half, police said Saturday. trailer in a nearby CVS parking Miraculously, nobody suffered lot. life-threatening injuries in the Brandon and his 25-year-old


Truck goes off bridge into crowd below; 4 killed SAN DIEGO — Four people were killed and nine were injured Saturday after an out-ofcontrol pickup truck plunged off the San Diego-Coronado Bridge and plowed into crowd gathered at a festival below, authorities said. The truck driver, who was alone in the vehicle, struck a guardrail and fell 60 feet before landing on Chicano Park, California Highway Patrol Officer Jake Sanchez said. He was taken to the hospital with major injuries and will be arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence causing deaths and injuries, the officer said. His name has not been released. Eight people on the ground were injured. One suffered major trauma, and seven had minor to moderate injuries, said Lee Swanson, a spokesman for the city’s Fire-Rescue Department.

cal but stable condition. In Twitter posts Saturday, the Boston Police Department said Officer Matt Morris was undergoing surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. The department also said that Police Commissioner William Evans visited Officer Richard Cintolo at the hospital Saturday morning and said he was in good spirits. Cintolo had surgery Friday. It said the department was grateful to the hospital staff for their lifesaving work. Cintolo and Morris were shot Wednesday night and seriously wounded as they responded to a domestic disturbance. The man who shot them was killed by police. More than 100 people on Friday evening marched in the East Boston neighborhood where they were shot to honor the officers.


Replica of historic slave ship Amistad reopens

NEW HAVEN — A replica of the historic slave ship Amistad has reopened in Connecticut. WFSB-TV reports that Gov. Dannel Malloy, New Haven PENNSYLVANIA Mayor Toni Harp and others Man rushing to hospital were among those in attenduring a ceremony to see dad crashes; 2 die dance Saturday in New Haven. The 129-foot Baltimore PHILADELPHIA — A moclipper is the state’s official torist, apparently rushing to flag ship. It’s a replica of the a Philadelphia hospital to see Amistad, which was taken his injured father, ran a red over by African captives being light, was hit by an SUV and brought to Cuba in 1839. crashed into a utility pole, reThe ship became a symbol sulting in the deaths of his two of America’s early anti-slavpassengers, authorities say. ery movement. The 18-year-old driver, who The state spent $2.5 million was not identified, was injured to build the ship in 1999 and in the Friday morning crash and treated for minor injuries, 2000 and about $400,000 a year for operating costs. as was the unnamed driver of The nonprofit group that the sport utility vehicle, police operated the vessel went into said. receivership last year. The two killed were identiA new group, Discovering fied by authorities as 17-yearAmistad, then bought the ship old Maggie Lynn Goloff and for $315,000. 19-year-old Osman Zeylnov. The ship is open for tours on Police said the motorist Saturday and Sunday. was apparently rushing to Temple Medical Center to see his father who, hours earlier, NEVADA had been robbed and assaulted while making a food delivery. Crews try to keep The 48-year-old father was massive wildfire at bay delivering pizza to an address in the Nicetown neighborhood RENO — Firefighters in of northwest Philadelphia Nevada were hoping to stop a shortly before midnight wind-driven wildfire, which Thursday when he was flagged has already destroyed 22 down by two men who said homes north of Carson City, they had ordered the food, from jumping any major roads police said. Saturday. One man threatened him The blaze between Reno and with a gun and demanded Carson City was only 5 percent the food and his belongings. contained, fire officials said. During a struggle for the gun, The fire, which grew overthe victim was struck on the night to more than 5 square side of the head with the gun miles, was threatening 500 before the suspects fled as a po- structures and had destroyed lice car drove down the street, 17 outbuildings. police said. Residents east of Washoe Lake have been allowed to MASSACHUSETTS return home. Other neighborhoods have been permitted but 2 Boston officers remain told they might have to evacuate again during the weekend. in critical condition Homes west of the lake will BOSTON — Officials say the remain under evacuation. two Boston police officers shot — Wire reports and wounded remain in criti-

female passenger had to be extricated from the Mercedes. He suffered head and leg injuries. She suffered a lower-leg injury. The driver of the Mazda suffered internal injuries. They were all transported to a hospital. Brandon was arrested on charges of DWI, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, assault and criminal mischief. It wasn’t immediately known if he had a lawyer who could comment on

Brenden Clark sat across from his 8-year-old son at a picnic table in northeastern Ohio, preparing to deliver devastating news. “I’ve got something to tell you, OK?” he said, reaching across the table to take his son’s hand. The 29-year-old father bowed his head and took a deep breath, then flicked the ashes from a cigarette resting between his fingers. The young boy, still wearing his backpack after a long day at school, looked anxiously at his grandmother, who was sitting beside him. “Mommy died last night,” Clark told his son. “OK?” His son, Cameron, stared into his father’s face. “What?” he said. “Mommy died last night. OK?” Clark repeated, his voice beginning to break. “What do you mean? My mom?” he questioned. “Yes,” Clark said quietly. “How?” the boy cried out. “From drugs,” Clark said. The boy fell into his grandmother’s arms and let out an agonizing wail. “God!” Clark said, reaching across the table to grab his son. Seconds later, Clark walked across the picnic table and wrapped his arms around his child. “I’m so sorry,” he told him. The heart-wrenching scene was cap-

tured on camera and posted Monday on Facebook, where it has since been widely shared and watched millions of times — revealing a personal and private moment for a young boy undoubtedly in agony. The viral video has since struck a nerve both with those who feel for a father hoping to scare other addicts straight and those who believe he took it a step too far. Clark, who said he is currently recovering from a heroin addiction and has been clean for nearly 100 days, explained that he recorded the video without his son’s knowledge because he wanted those in the throes of drug addiction to see how their own children might one day learn their parents had died of an overdose, but asked his son’s permission to post it. Just like that, in an instant, an 8-yearold boy had become the sobbing face of the collateral damage from the nation’s opioid epidemic that, each day, claims some 78 lives, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, leaving many children without a parent, sometimes both parents. “That was my motive in putting it out there — to show the impact it has on our children,” Clark said in an exclusive interview with NBC affiliate WFMJ. Authorities confirmed to The Washington Post that Cameron’s mother, 29-year-old Lacy Wood, died of a suspected heroin overdose Sunday in Warren, Ohio, near the Pennsylvania border. A spokeswoman for the Trumbull County coroner said results of toxicology tests to determine the official cause of death are pending. Clark said that his son had not seen Wood for more than a year because of her addiction but that she had stayed in contact with her son.

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96 Anniversary

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Odds of Syrian refugee becoming terrorist ‘very, very low’


Medit errane an Sea

castigated as terrorism risks for months by Republican nominee Donald Trump. He repeatedly has pledged to bar refugees like them — and other Muslims — from entering the United States. Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, last week lost again in court as the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals reiterated that Pence cannot block aid to Syrian refugees resettling in Indiana. Trump’s son, Donald Jr., a surrogate on the campaign stump, recently compared Syrian refugees to a bowl of poison-laced Skittles in interviews with the Tribune-ReSTEPHANIE STRASBURG | TRIBUNE-REVIEW view and other media. Some The Al-Ali family gathers for dinner in their apartment. “I think America is good for me. I’m refugees are safe, but others happy to be here. We’re safe, and you’re nice people,” said Motab, father and husband. might be lethal, so none should come, he suggested. It’s an idea that seems crazy House has urged Congress to TURKEY resettle 110,000 refugees from to Motab, his Al-Ali kin and Aleppo across the globe in the new three other Syrian refugees Areas of SYRIA fiscal year that began in Octocontrol as of interviewed by the Trib. ber, a tally 29 percent higher Oct. 4, 2016 Damascus “Terrorists? The terrorists than in last fiscal year. Syriantroops are taking over Syria,” said A divided Congress has Rebelcontrolled Motab, pointing on the map been reluctant to act. Last Contested to militias loyal to Al Nusra year, lawmakers OK’d fundand “Daesh,” the pejorative Kurdish ing for 75,000 refugees, and A l e p p o Arabic abbreviation for the President Obama’s adminisIslamic State in Iraq and tration flew in 10,000, forcing Syria, or ISIS. federal and state agencies to Al-Ansari “That’s why we came stretch resources to accomAirport here! We came to escape modate their resettlement. terrorists!” he said. “I think More than 3.2 million refuAmerica is good for me. I’m 1 mile gees from around the world happy to be here. We’re safe, have arrived in America and you’re nice people.” since 1975, many of them Rus- Sources: Maps4News/HERE; United Nations (OCHA) AP sian Jews escaping the forNot an easy journey mer Soviet Union and people Security and its Citizens and sity School of Medicine and fleeing communist Vietnam, Fleeing the devastation Immigration Services wing. director of the International according to the U.S. State and encroachment of jihadFor those coming from Center for the Study of VioDepartment. ist militias opposed to the nations like Syria, families lent Extremism. Since 2001, the United Damascus government, must obtain special Security While “sleeper cells” loyal States has become a home for Advisory Opinion clearMotab and his family spent to ISIS infiltrated Europe five years in a pair of refugee more than 800,000 refugees ances from U.S. law enforcealongside tens of thousands arriving from conflicts or camps in Jordan, the neighment and security and spy of refugees fleeing Syria, persecution worldwide. boring Arab nation that has agencies before they can be they didn’t face the same In Allegheny, Beaver and taken in nearly 600,000 Syrresettled here. battery of database searches Washington counties, 598 refian refugees. Applicants have their and face-to-face interviews ugees from all conflicts have Daughter Shadid bears names and biometric inforover a long span of time like been resettled — all but 10 in the scars of their journey: mation — such as fingerMotab and his family, Speckdisfigured flesh running like Pittsburgh and surrounding prints — checked against hard pointed out. suburban communities. ivy up her back, caused by a federal and international “But that doesn’t mean vat of boiling water that fell databases to detect criminals that some (won’t) become More vetting over in a tent city sprawling or militants. radicalized once they’re across the desert. Before they arrive here, “I think that the odds of a here,” she said. With an estimated 65 milrefugees are vetted by agents Syrian refugee becoming a Authorities arrested a pair lion people displaced worldof Iraqi refugees in 2011 in from the United Nations High terrorist are very, very low,” wide by violence — the worst Commissioner for Refugees, said Anne Speckhard, an Kentucky for plotting to send humanitarian crisis since the State Department, the adjunct psychiatry profesweapons to insurgents killDepartment of Homeland World War II — the White sor at Georgetown Univering American soldiers. An

Jessica Merando, 21, a senior at California University of Pennsylvania, carries a sign showing her support of faculty.


Use of adjuncts varies in Pa. EDUCATION · FROM A1

the National Center for the Study of Collective Bargaining in Higher Education and the Professions. State support in 1983 covered 63 percent of costs for Pennsylvania’s state-system universities. Such support accounted for about 25 percent this year. “The continuing decline in public support for higher education since the Reagan era has placed financial pressures on all concerned: faculty, college administrators, students and parents,” Herbert said. “Among the consequences of the decline in public funding are more difficult campus-based collective bargaining and the nationwide student-debt crisis.” Herbert cited the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, City College of San Francisco, and the University of Illinois at Chicago as schools that endured faculty strikes in the past two years. Protracted contract negotiations in the Pennsylvania state system are not new. Although professors have never walked off the job, talks have grown increasingly tense this year with administration proposals calling for greater control over teaching assignments, increased caps for the use of adjuncts and greater use of online education. Such concessions are needed to give universities the flexibility needed to thrive in the 21st century, said Frank Brogan, chancellor of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Educa-

tion. He said 30-year-old contract language needs to give way to modern management needs. Howard Bunsis, an accounting professor at Eastern Michigan University who chairs the American Association of University Professors Collective Bargaining Congress, said he has heard such claims from universities across the nation. “The administrators use words like flexibility and nimbleness. Those are just code words that they don’t want to pay people for the important work of teaching our students,” Bunsis said. “They want to pay them as little as possible and give them as little say as possible.” Bunsis called it the “corporatization” of higher education. Protected by longstanding contract language that limits the use of adjunct faculty to 25 percent of the teaching load, Pennsylvania’s statesystem universities have escaped much of the impact of the trend. Nationwide, adjuncts have grown from 43 to 70 percent of college and university faculty since 1975, according to the Department of Education, At private colleges and universities across the region, the use of adjuncts varies dramatically — ranging from 48 percent at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh to 22 percent at St. Vincent College in Latrobe. State-system officials want to increase the cap on adjuncts to 30 percent. Many of its schools have yet to hit the current 25 percent cap.

A few schools, however, need more adjuncts to accommodate special programs such as music education, state-system spokesman Kenn Marshall said. Kenneth Mash, president of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, worries state-system proposals could reduce the number of tenuretrack positions, stretch science professors thin and reduce pay for some adjuncts, who would have to teach five classes per semester to be considered full time rather than four as currently required. “If they aren’t offered a fifth class, that’s a pay cut for our lowest-paid teachers,” Mash said. The union leader also worries that students who are paying more than ever could suffer from proposals that would expand online education and class sizes. “If you come to one of our institutions, you come because they are teaching institutions,” Mash said. “So many of our students are firstgeneration college students, and it takes nurturing for them to succeed.” Back in Texas, Dobbins said he was oblivious to the debate until he opened that email from his professor. After taking on loans and juggling work and family commitments, all he wants to do is finish this semester on time. Debra Erdley is a Tribune-Review staff writer.

Uzbek refugee was caught in 2013 in Idaho while planning to carry out attacks in the United States. More lethal terrorist attacks came from MuslimAmerican citizens or immigrants who arrived in the United States through different programs, such as the Boston Marathon bombing by the ethnic Chechen brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and Omar Mateen, the nightclub shooter in Orlando, Fla., who was born in New York to Afghan parents. “So what does that tell us? What that tells us is that we need to do a good job of integrating this family when they arrive,” Speckhard said.

Helping them fit in

A top international expert on radicalization and violence, Speckhard said, “If you reach out to them and help integrate the (Syrian refugees), then the risks are very low. In fact, they’re far more likely to help us root out those who are becoming radicalized here and abroad.” Robyn McCall couldn’t agree more. A self-described “law-andorder type,” the 56-year-old McKeesport woman retired last year from her job as a senior official at the Allegheny County Jail. McCall, the granddaughter of Syrian Christians who came here to escape persecution in the early 20th century, volunteered to help Motab, Sabha and their children when they arrived. She said she is boggled by people’s fears of them. “If you’re really afraid of these six beautiful children blowing you up with a bomb, you shouldn’t ever leave your home. You’re too afraid of anything,” she told the Trib while cradling baby Iman. “Instead of opposing these innocent people, you should work with us to assimilate them, like the Irish and Italians who came to Pittsburgh before them. Bring them into our fold. If my heart is big enough for these people, and my table is big enough for these people, then you should pull up a chair, too.” McCall and her daughters

routinely visit with the family, bringing gifts of winter coats, toys for the children and food. They also have become cultural ambassadors for Pittsburgh, introducing the family to Kennywood, Sandcastle and the closest thing the Iron City has to a Syrian souk: the Strip District. “When they first got here, we couldn’t communicate,” McCall said. “We literally played charades to communicate. That’s when I began to realize how amazing they were. If you dropped me off today in Aleppo, it would take me 800 years to learn what they’ve learned in just months.” Formerly a taxi driver in Aleppo, Motab now works for FedEx as a package sorter. “I like to say that we help give families a hand up, not a handout,” said Leslie Aizenman, director of Refugee and Immigrant Services for the Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Pittsburgh, the nonprofit that assisted Motab and his family when they arrived. “They have to go to work. And the jobs that they get mean that they’re usually starting at the bottom.” The State Department provides $1,100 per head in assistance when refugees arrive but nothing after that. Part of each paycheck goes to reimbursing the taxpayer for resettling his family. Aizenman said many Syrians differ from other refugees because they believe the situation in their homeland is temporary and that they’ll return when the war ends. But Motab and Sabha told the Trib that they plan on becoming citizens over the next five years. Their kids already have discovered Spider Man, Tom and Jerry, and American football, and they believe in the American dream. “I’m working at my very good job now. My son goes to school every day,” Motab said. “More people want to help me. I’m looking at myself as an American now.” Carl Prine is a former investigative reporter at the Tribune-Review.

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Trump: Clinton ‘pumped up’ 3 allegedly sought TRUMP · FROM A1

his largely white supporters to “go and watch” polling places in certain areas to make sure things are “on the up and up.” Peter Kostruba, a Trump supporter who traveled to his Portsmouth rally from Barnet, Vt., with his 10-yearold son, said he’s not expecting riots to break out if Clinton wins, but he sees sharper divisions in the country. “It definitely feels like the odds are stacked, whether it’s the legal system or the voter system,” Kostruba said. “I don’t think you’re going to see all of this group here arm themselves and mobilize, but, you know,

we’re probably not too many years away from that if things keep going the way we’re going.” A prominent Trump supporter who spoke at the GOP convention last summer, Sheriff David Clarke Jr. of Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County, tweeted: “It’s incredible that our institutions of gov, WH, Congress, DOJ, and big media are corrupt & all we do is bitch. Pitchforks and torches time.” Clarke, an elected Democrat, illustrated his tweet with a photo showing angry people with clubs and torches. House Speaker Paul Ryan, whose decision not to campaign for Trump angered the GOP nominee, made clear he

does not share the candidate’s concern about the election’s legitimacy. “Our democracy relies on confidence in election results, and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity,” said AshLee Strong, speaking for him. It was not the first time Trump has raised the idea the election is unfairly tilted against him, but it has become a resurgent theme for the New York billionaire and many of his supporters in the past several days as he’s slipped in preference polls and faced allegations of sexual misconduct. Meanwhile, campaign money is tight, at least in

comparison with his rival’s resources, according to information that pre-dates the release of a 2005 video that showed him bragging about imposing himself on women. Trump suggested Saturday that Clinton had been on drugs during the last debate and challenged his rival to a drug test before the final debate Wednesday. “I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate, ’cause I don’t know what’s going on with her,” he said. “But at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning. And at the end, it was like ... she could barely even reach her car.”

Deaths preventable, gun safety advocates argue SHOOTINGS · FROM A1

friends and siblings, end up shooting them instead. Using information collected by the Gun Violence Archive, a nonpartisan research group, news reports and public sources, the media outlets spent six months analyzing the circumstances of every death and injury from accidental shootings involving children 17 and younger from Jan. 1, 2014, to June 30 of this year — more than 1,000 incidents in all. Among the findings: Deaths and injuries spike for children younger than 5, with 3-year-olds the most common shooters and victims among young children. Accidental shootings spike again for ages 15 to 17, when victims are most often fatally shot by other children but typically survive self-inflicted gunshots. States in the South are among those with the highest per capita rates of accidental shootings involving minors. Another finding: The vast majority of shooters and victims are boys. A shooting last year in Shreveport, La., is a case in point. Cameron Price, 4, and his 6-year-old brother, Ka’Darius, were riding their bikes outside the Levingston Motel, where their family had taken a $30-anight room. They decided to go inside, into a room where several adult acquain-

• • •


Crystal Mees holds a photo of her son, Bryson, in her home in Houston. tances of their parents had been smoking marijuana. A gun was sitting out, and Ka’Darius thought the chrome and black .40-caliber pistol was a toy. Then a single shot rang out, and the bullet fatally struck the younger boy. Ka’Darius later told police he “pushed the bad button” and he understood his brother “had a hole in his head,” was going to the hospital and

not coming home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 74 minors died from accidental discharges of firearms in 2014, the latest year for which comparable data are available. The AP and USA TODAY analysis counted 113 for that year, suggesting the federal government missed a third of the cases. While accidental shootings account for a fraction of firearm deaths, gun safety advocates have long argued that they are largely preventable. They demand stricter laws requiring guns to be kept locked up and unloaded. But gun rights supporters argue those measures make guns less useful in emergencies; citing CDC statistics, the National Rifle Association argues in public statements that such deaths have declined significantly in recent decades and that the chance of a child dying in a firearms accident is “one in one million.” Bob Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch of the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, suggested the NRA was citing statistics that underestimate the risk guns represent to children. He said the undercount documented by the AP and USA Today Network is “significant and important,” but not surprising. The agency has long suspected that its statistics on accidental firearms deaths are too low, he said.

to ‘wake people up’ KANSAS · FROM A1

these groups, their perception that these groups represent a threat to American society, a desire to inspire other militia groups, and a desire to ‘wake people up,’ ” according to a criminal complaint unsealed this week. As they hatched a plan, Stein took the lead on surveillance. Sometimes, he rode alone; sometimes, he would have the confidential informant drive him. He would survey potential targets at the apartment complex, the mosque or a nearby mall. Inside the vehicle, he reportedly kept a pistol, an assault rifle and ammunition, a bullet-resistant vest and a night vision scope. On trips, Stein admiringly discussed the Oklahoma City bombing and the fuel oil and ammonium nitrate device McVeigh exploded in front of it. All the while, the three men mulled their plans, using hightech and simple methods to avoid detection. They used an app called Zello to encrypt their phone calls. Sometimes, they met in an open field. Their conversations blurred between active planning and hate speech. “Make sure if you start using your bow on them cockroaches, make sure you dip them in pig’s blood before you shoot them,” Stein said in an April 2016 Zello call that was recorded by the confidential informant. Consuming pork is forbidden by Islam. At a meeting a month later, Allen reportedly suggested the group make hundreds of signs saying, “’I support illegal immigration, I go against the constitution on a daily basis, I do not have any care for my fellow citizens in the state or in the town that I represent.’ ... and then for everyone of them that we blow the top of their head off we just put that around their neck.” Their plans began to solidify over the summer as they narrowed down their targets. In

August, they settled on the apartment complex in Garden City, a Somali-Muslim enclave, the complaint says. They planned to use cars to set off explosions at the exits to the complex. The explosions would boom around prayer time, when most people would be gathering. At some point, Allen began watching YouTube videos to learn how to make explosives. He got to work on a manifesto. But federal investigators, monitoring recordings of their meetings, knew the group’s guiding philosophies: “The only way this country’s ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath, ” Stein said in June. “Unless a lot more people in this country wake up and smell the coffee and decide they want this country back ... we might be too late, if they do wake up ... I think we can get it done. But it ain’t going to be nothing nice about it.” The Crusaders had other problems. Allen was arrested Tuesday for domestic battery. His girlfriend said Allen beat her during an argument over money. She told the officers who responded that Allen had access to a gun. One of the last conversations investigators recorded of the Crusaders was when Stein told an undercover agent that Allen’s girlfriend “needs to disappear.” But it was too late for the group. She showed officers the room where Allen had been making ammunition and said she believed he had been mixing explosives, too. Police say it was hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, which is used to create homemade blasting caps. Investigators closed in on Allen on Tuesday, trailing a GMC Yukon that Allen had been driving and stopping it near Highway 83. Inside the SUV, they found AR-15 and AK-47 magazines, and bullets for a handgun — a weapons cache they believe was linked to the planned attacks.

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Calif. could extend “temporary” tax for 12 years

Prop 55 aims to boost education by keeping rates higher for wealthiest ASSOCIATED PRESS

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — When Gov. Jerry Brown and his allies urged voters to adopt a temporary income tax on the wealthiest Californians and a statewide sales tax on everyone four years ago, the deal was billed as a short-term salve for a state mired in debt and on the verge of insolvency. The taxes were needed to stave

off $6 billion in so-called “trigger cuts” to schools and social programs baked into the state budget by Democrats as a threat to voters. Lawmakers also threatened to cut three weeks off the school year if Proposition 30 didn’t pass. “Each of us need to do what we can, and for those who’ve been most blessed, we’re going to ask you for seven years. The biblical seven years,” Brown told an audience at the Commonwealth Club in November 2012. Voters bought the pitch. Now, with the sales tax set to expire at the end of this year, and

income taxes on earnings above $250,000 a year set to end in January 2019, the California Teachers Association and other labor unions want to keep the income tax, which they say is again needed to prevent $4 billion in cuts to schools. Proposition 55, they say, does not raise taxes on anyone; it simply maintains the current income tax rates. The measure would extend the income tax for another 12 years, raising $4 billion to $9 billion a year, according to the independent state Legislative Analyst’s Office. The sales tax would expire in January. In 2012, ballot arguments for the

initial measure promised that “the money raised for schools is directed into a special fund the Legislature can’t touch and can’t be used for state bureaucracy.” Brown vowed in campaign ads that money “must go to the classroom and can’t be touched by Sacramento politicians.” The wording wasn’t exactly true. Although money raised for schools has gone to school districts, which are required to post annual audits, only about half the funds from Proposition 30 have gone toward school funding, according to the Legislative Analyst’s Office.

3dead in LosAngeles restaurant shooting 12 wounded, with 2 in grave condition ASSOCIATED PRESS

Storm brings down trees, powerlines in Northwest Remnants of typhoon batter Pacific coast with heavy winds and rain ASSOCIATED PRESS

SEATTLE — Trees and power lines snapped Saturday as a powerful storm bearing the remnants of a Pacific typhoon hit the Northwest. Tens of thousands of people were without power in Oregon and Washington on Saturday as the storm made landfall after gathering intensity off the coast. The National Weather Service said winds gusted above 50 mph in the Portland area and that the strongest winds would hit Seattle from about 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. “We’ve definitely seen a good round of strong wind, with gusts along the coast anywhere from 60 mph to 80 mph in some of the more exposed parts, and 50 to 60 mph in the Portland area,” said Matthew Cullen, a meteorologist with the agency. “There’s scattered damage.” Emergency crews reported trees and power lines down throughout the region. The Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue posted a photograph on Facebook of a tree that crushed the new car and part of the home of a family in North Plains, Oregon, near Portland. The Washington Department of Transportation said trees came down on Interstate 5 near Olympia, blocking a lane. No injuries were immediately reported Saturday. The storm brought heavy rain and wind from northern California to Washington state. The Quinault Indian Nation, on the coast of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, fretted that the storm would bring a swell that would breach the sea wall that separates its main


Angel Ramon peers into what is left of his 2003 Mustang after a giant tree limb fell on it Saturday while he was at work in the nearby Dari Market in Coburg, Ore. village from the Pacific Ocean, but the wall was holding Saturday amid 30-foot seas, the tribe said. The ocean has breached the sea wall twice in recent years, bringing extensive flooding. The tribe is working to relocate the village to higher ground due to the rising sea-level from global warming and the risk of a tsunami. The storm carried the remnants of Typhoon Songda, which wreaked havoc in the western Pacific days ago. It closely followed a separate storm that on Friday brought a tornado to Manzanita, Oregon; injured a 4-year-old boy and his father when a tree branch fell in West Seattle; and prompted the Coast Guard and other emergency officials near Port Angeles, Washington, to make several boat trips across a lake to rescue 40 teenagers and six adults who became stranded at an outdoor recreation camp after they lost power and downed trees blocked their way out.

The tornado destroyed two businesses and rendered one home uninhabitable, but no injuries were reported. Another twister was confirmed near Oceanside, Oregon, but it caused no damage. The weather service urged people to finish any chores requiring power — such as charging cell phones — and to fill prescriptions and secure loose yard items before the worst winds hit. Officials also warned residents to keep off the roads, closed parks and zoos, and even halted visiting hours at state prisons as the storm approached.

LOS ANGELES — An early morning argument at a Los Angeles restaurant operating out of a converted home apparently triggered gunfire that left three people dead and 12 wounded, two gravely, authorities said Saturday. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti called the shooting the latest example of senseless gun violence that has reached epidemic proportions in the country. “We cannot tolerate these tragedies multiplying in communities across America,” Garcetti said in a statement. Police who arrived at the scene in a working class neighborhood dotted by tall palm trees found shell casings and blood throughout the restaurant, located west of downtown Los Angeles. Los Angeles Police Department Officer Mike Lopez said investigators were seeking a suspect he described as a black male, possibly accompanied by a woman. Police earlier questioned two possible suspects, but Lopez said later no one was in custody. Three people died at the scene, and 12 others were transported to local hospitals. Lopez said two of the victims were in grave condition. Two of the wounded were released and the others remain hospitalized with wounds are not considered life-threatening. Police did not disclose the names or ages of the victims. Neighbor Sheryl Cobb said she was awakened by screaming and gunfire, but never left her home for fear of getting caught in a crossfire. “Bullets don’t have names on them,” she said. According to a preliminary investigation, a party was under way in the restaurant at 12:30 a.m. Saturday when an argument started. A man and woman left, then returned, and the restaurant erupted in gunfire. The shooting occurred in a residential area of modest homes. Investigators were snapping photographs and scouring the ground in an area around the site.

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Fineview security guard wounds man who struck colleague with vehicle He’s detained upon seeking treatment at hospital

by the guard’s partner Saturday afternoon in Fineview, authorities said. Pittsburgh Public Safety spokesby MATTHEW SANTONI woman Sonya Toler said two priA hit-and-run driver ran down vate security guards approached an Allegheny Dwellings security a man who had been barred from guard and was shot in the shoulder the housing complex as he sat in

a vehicle at about 4 p.m. Saturday. The man, identified as Raphael David Caruso, 31, revved his engine and drove off as the guards confronted him, striking one of them, Toler said. The second guard opened fire on Caruso as he drove off but didn’t

know if any of the shots struck him. he was in stable condition. Caruso showed up at Allegheny The guards are private security ofGeneral Hospital with a gunshot ficers hired by the Pittsburgh Houswound to the shoulder at about 4:25 ing Authority, Toler said. p.m. and police detained him, Toler Matthew Santoni is a Tribune-Review staff writer. said. He can be reached at 412 380 5625 or Medics transported the injured guard to the same hospital, where [email protected]

North Alaska town votes to adopt Inupiat Eskimo name

Space station getting 1st delivery from Va. in 2 years ASSOCIATED PRESS

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The International Space Station is about to get its first delivery from Virginia in two years. Orbital ATK, one of NASA’s shippers, aims to launch its own cargo ship Sunday night from Wallops Island. The company’s retooled Antares rocket will do the honors. The mission seeks to put the state-owned launchpad back into business. It’s been idle since the 2014 rocket explosion that caused about $15 million in damage. Company officials were

Issue decided by 6 votes; proponents celebrate ‘reclamation of tradition’ ASSOCIATED PRESS

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Residents in the nation’s northernmost community have voted to change the name of the Alaska town to its traditional Inupiat Eskimo name. A slight majority of voters in the largely Inupiat city of Barrow approved efforts to change the community’s name to Utqiagvik in their local election Oct. 4. The vote was tight, with 381 in favor of the name change and 375 against it. “Basically, it reinforces the cultural identity of the people,” said Mayor Bob Harcharek, who is not Native. He noted that early missionaries set up schools in the area where students were forbidden to speak in their native language and were punished if they did so. “It caused some social psychological problems.” Barrow City Council member Qaiyaan Harcharek, the mayor’s son, introduced a local ordinance in August that began the process ratified by voters. The younger Harcharek is Inupiat on his mother’s side. “We are now in an era where the reclamation of tradition is critical to the perpetuation of identity as Iñupiat,” he wrote in an email Friday to The Associated Press. “The people of Utqiagvik voted to regain our traditional name. Hopefully, it signifies the beginning of a decolonizing revolution. Regaining our traditional names is just one step towards that healing!” Another Alaska community in recent years to change its name is the western Alaska village now known as Numan Iqua, which was known as Sheldon Point until voters approved the new name in 1999. Barrow’s vote follows a high profile name change in Alaska. Last year, the Obama administration decided to bestow the traditional Alaska Native name to North America’s tallest mountain, from Mt. McKinley to Denali, an Athabascan word meaning “the high one.”


NYPD Officers Felix Baez (left) and Giovanni Laguna visit Lilina Benigno and her 1-year-old baby, Ashley Dolores, at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx borough of New York.

NYPD officer does CPR, saves unresponsive baby ASSOCIATED PRESS

NEW YORK — A 1-year-old girl is recovering thanks to two New York City police officers who sprang to action after observing the baby turning blue in her mother’s arms. Police say Officers Felix Baez and Giovanni Laguna were patrolling a Bronx neighborhood when they saw Lilina Benigno running with her child, Ashley Dolores, down the street Friday night yelling “help” in Spanish.

Seeing that the child was unresponsive, Laguna placed the baby on the ground and began CPR while Baez called for an ambulance. Police say that after a minute of CPR, the baby’s eyes opened and Laguna felt a faint pulse. The officers took the child and mother to the hospital in their unmarked police car where Laguna continued the chest compressions. The baby is in Lincoln Hospital in stable condition.

ecstatic on the eve of the launch. Beamed one vice president Saturday evening: “Welcome back to Wallops.” An Antares promptly exploded the last time one took off, on Oct. 28, 2014. Orbital ATK has spent the past two years redesigning the unmanned rocket and rebuilding the launchpad. It also made good on two station deliveries using another company’s rockets in Florida. Now NASA’s other supplier, SpaceX, is grounded. Sunday’s launch should be visible along the East Coast.

A10 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016











has been destroyed, and a reasonable stability has been achieved. Is this the perfect scenario? No. Some of the stability is the result of a tense standoff between rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia, based largely on the ancient Sunni/Shia divide; it’s unfortunate that Russia got involved in this area at all. And Israel will be threatened by a stronger Iran. On the other hand, the U.S. will remain committed to Israel’s protection. Iran may make nice with Russia, but they’re unlikely to readily accommodate Russia’s ambitions in the region. And while the current regime in Tehran is dominated by oppressive theocrats, the Iranian people show inclinations toward modernity and the West that far exceed Saudi Arabia’s. But whether this is a good scenario or not may not be as important as the likelihood that it could be the inevitable result of a chain of events that began when we invaded Iraq in 2003 and over which we have no control.

onald Trump’s gutter talk about women shows yet again that he is bad news. The problem is that Hillary Clinton is far worse. Trump’s talk is indefensible. But Hillary’s actions as secretary of State, carrying out the Obama administration’s foreign policies, have cost many lives in many places, including the American ambassador and others killed in Benghazi. Women should be offended by Trump’s words. But women have suffered a far worse fate from Clinton’s and President Obama’s actions. Pulling American troops out of Iraq, despite military advice to the contrary, led to the rise of ISIS and its capture of women and young girls as sex slaves. A message from one of these women urged the bombing of ISIS. She said she would rather be dead than live the life of a sex slave. That is a lot worse than some stupid and gross words by Donald Trump. Are women more in danger from Trump’s words or Hillary’s actions? Are Americans in general more in danger from Trump’s shallowness on issues or Hillary’s ruthless grabs for money and power — a track record that goes all the way back to the days when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas? Hillary’s own agenda attacks the very foundation of American constitutional government, on which Americans’ freedom depends. She has said she will appoint Supreme Court justices who will specifically overturn the recent decision, Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission. That decision said corporations and labor unions both have freedom of speech, including the right to contribute money toward political campaigns. Hillary’s determination to pick judicial appointees on the basis of their willingness to overturn that decision is a more brazen extension of the political left’s other attempts to stifle the free speech. Without the right to free speech, none of the other rights is safe. Government officials can get away with all sorts of abuses if others are not free to talk about those abuses. Despite Hillary’s claims to be a champion for black people, her political agenda threatens the education of black children, the employment of black adults and the physical safety of black communities. Hillary is on the side of the teachers unions that want to stop the expansion of charter schools, even though these are among the very few places where black children can get a quality education to prepare them for a better future. No law has done more damage to the employment prospects of young blacks than the federal minimum wage law. But nothing is easier, or more popular, than for some politician to raise the minimum wage — despite the fact that unemployment rates among black young people have skyrocketed to several times what they were before. You don’t get any wage at all when you are unemployed. As for safety in the black community, Hillary has allied herself with those who demonize the police. The net result has been a sharp increase in the number of blacks killed by other blacks, as criminal elements take control of the streets. Do you choose a president by talk — or by actions and consequences?

John M. Crisp, an op-ed columnist for Tribune News Service, teaches in the English Department at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford.


Pitfalls of poor policy


emember the “Russian reset,” that ballyhooed initiative by the Obama administration to improve relations with Russia in 2009? There was even a photo op of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handing Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a red reset button. A few months later, President Obama gave Russia a more significant gift by announcing that he was abandoning the Bush administration’s plan to build a missiledefense shield in Eastern Mr. Putin is taking Europe. What followed has been a downward advantage of the spiral in relations and vacuum left by Team a disturbing uptick in Russian arrogance. Obama. With the fall of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, Russia annexed Crimea. Then Moscow plodded into the Syrian war, making an even bigger mess of a festering morass. Now Democrats are in a lather over alleged Russian email hacking (that is, after the Obama administration for years all but ignored cyber attacks on government databases.) Russia has suspended an agreement with the U.S. on nuclear and energy-related research. And Russian President Vladimir Putin has scuttled an agreement on the disposal of weapon-grade plutonium. It doesn’t take a foreign policy expert to see that Mr. Putin is taking advantage of the vacuum left by Team Obama in world leadership. Still, observers insist that despite an abysmal “reset,” Moscow wants cooperation with the West. The question for America’s next president is, on whose terms will that cooperation be based?

Sunday pops A new poll by the Pew Research Center of 1,201 U.S. adults finds 57 percent support marijuana legalization. That’s up from just 32 percent a decade ago. To date, four states and Washington, D.C., have legalized recreational use and fully half of the states have medical marijuana programs. Nine states have marijuana-related issues on their Election Day ballots, The Washington Times reports. It appears the smoke finally is dissipating over so-called reefer madness. As we’ve opined for years, marijuana should be legalized, regulated and taxed. ... The Halloween costume police already are out in force, urging sensitivity, especially from the older age set — namely college students. The University of Florida in a memo to students urges them to “think about your choices of costumes and themes” and cautions against outfits that “reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures or religions.” It’s also urging students to report “incidents of bias” and will provide a hotline for those upset by “triggering outfits.” It all makes one yearn for the days when Halloween dress-up was simply innocent fun. ... In a move that’s bound to leave a bitter taste, the United Nations is pressing world leaders to start taxing sugary drinks, from fruit juice to Pepsi, to trim waistlines and fight disease. Never mind that such taxes tend to eliminate more jobs than calories. The question is, will the resulting transport of targeted drinks from nations that don’t enact a tax expand the carbon footprint that Turtle Bay is trying desperately to reduce?


Shutting off meaningful debate


ebates are supposed to help us make educated voting decisions. But so far all we have learned is how much these candidates can insult each other. We already knew that. More than half of us do not like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and still the Commission on Presidential Debates refuses to fulfill its mission to educate. Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate, is on the ballot in every state. That alone should allow him to debate. The commission’s mission says, “The CPD is an independent organiza-

A candidate on the ballot in every state can win this election, and you deserve to hear what that candidate stands for. tion. It is not controlled by any political party or outside organization and it does not endorse, support or oppose political candidates or parties.” That is not what they are doing. They are supporting only two candidates and opposing any other voices. They are suppressing information about your choices. A candidate on the ballot in every state

Mean & unfair? I think it is distressing that someone keeps taking your Hillary Clinton signs (“Lowly thievery,” Oct. 5 and TribLIVE) from your yard. I agree with your comment about everybody’s right to support any candidate without fear of reprisal. They are breaking the law. But, as I am an independent conservative, you denigrated me when you said “coupled with the meanness and hatred that has become the cornerstone

Performance appreciated Oct. 4 was a day of free performances by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. I was able to attend the concert performed at the Little Sisters of the Poor Home in Brighton Heights.

Chief’s no-confidence vote Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay should not be surprised at the almost unanimous no-confidence vote from the Fraternal Order of Police Fort Pitt Lodge No. 1 members (“Survey of Pittsburgh police officers shows ‘no confidence’ in chief,” Sept. 13 and TribLIVE).


can win this election, and you deserve to hear what that candidate stands for. However you vote, voice your support to let Gary Johnson debate. The two parties want you to believe a third party can’t ever win. But they are just terrified to let you know there is another choice. Barbara Hall Munhall

of conservatism.” Says who? I am not mean. I am not hateful. But I won’t let you spout this “philosophical racism” about many of my conservative friends who you do not know. You say “We should respect another’s beliefs and choices” but I guess that doesn’t include conservatism; I can see why you became a Democrat because classifying all conservatives to be mean and hateful fits “the narrative.” Michael Pochan Irwin It was an opportunity for the residents and the public who attended to hear wonderful music in an intimate setting. My thanks to the members of the orchestra who provided us with a very special afternoon. Ginny Zajac McCandless Policemen realize that there are two political parties — one party supports police over criminals; the other party supports criminals over police. But alas, the chief decided to speak at the national convention of the party that coddles criminals. Thus, the no-confidence landslide vote. John Newell McCandless

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Mail: Letters to the Editor, Tribune-Review, 622 Cabin Hill Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601 Email: [email protected]



No good options in Aleppo

he world faces plenty of daunting challenges. But are any more complicated and seemingly irresolvable than the civil war in Syria? Its current focus is Aleppo, a northern city of 2 million. About 250,000 of them are civilians trapped in the eastern part of the city, which is controlled by opposition forces. Food, medicine and doctors are in short supply. Schools and hospitals have closed or been destroyed. The city is facing a desperate humanitarian crisis. Only Syrian President Bashar alAssad has a clear, uncomplicated course: He is determined to retake his country, and he has revealed no scruples about bombing eastern Aleppo into submission. Air attacks are indiscriminate, and the weapons include huge “bunker buster” bombs, barrel bombs, chlorine gas and incendiary cluster bombs intended to set neighborhoods on fire. These are appalling war crimes. Steven Simon, a professor at Amherst College and previously the National Security Council’s senior

Only Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has a clear, uncomplicated course: He is determined to retake his country, and he has revealed no scruples about bombing eastern Aleppo into submission. director for the Middle East, and Jonathan Stevenson, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, argued in a recent article for a hands-off policy. They counsel diplomacy over military action. They refer to recent efforts by the United States and Russia to produce a cease fire, implement humanitarian operations and search for a political solution. They admit candidly that these efforts have “fallen apart” but contend that the only sensible next step is to try again. Columnist Nicholas Kristof, on the other hand, argues in another article for a more vigorous response. Kristof’s column is framed by the suffering of a 7-year-old girl in Aleppo, Bana al-Abed, and her mother, who


622 Cabin Hill Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601 · 724-834-1151

have been tweeting reports of the carnage around them. Kristof calls for action, something short of ground troops. But while he blames President Obama for not employing “more robust strategies,” he admits that we can’t be sure that these strategies would have worked anyway. Maybe more strategic thinking is called for: Imagine this region five years from now. Iran is the dominant power in a swath that stretches from Tehran to Damascus. Iraq is still a country with a Shia-dominated government. Assad is in power, but the atrocities have stopped. The Kurds have carved out their homeland and are generally left alone. Sunni and Christians have been accommodated into this Shia-dominated region. ISIS


Words versus deeds



SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · A11



A judicial slap to a careless Congress WASHINGTON nother small step was taken last week on the steep and winding ascent back to constitutional norms. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, the nation’s second-most important court, did its judicial duty by reprimanding Congress for abandoning constitutional propriety. The court declared unconstitutional the unprecedented independence that Congress conferred on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This legal skirmish about one aspect of this one tentacle of the administrative state may seem recondite and trivial. It concerns, however, two momentous matters. One is the integrity of the federal government’s Madisonian architecture. The other is something that not even the prescient James Madison could have anticipated — Congress’ modern eagerness to diminish itself. The CFPB is empowered to “regulate the offering and provision of consumer financial products or services.” Being able to define financial products, it can regulate almost everything touching finance, from mortgages to financial advisers to retirement plans — even car loans, although expressly forbidden to do so. Acting like a freewheeling little legislature, it concocts laws as it improvises standards. It is authorized to “declare,” with scant congressional guidance, certain business practices “abusive,” “unfair,” “deceptive” or involving “discrimination.” It does so by whatever criteria it pleases and imposes penalties it deems appropriate. Until the court’s decision last week, the CFPB, unlike any federal institution created since 1789, was uniquely sovereign: Its director was appointed by the president for a five-year term — longer than the president’s — and the director could be removed by the president only “for cause.” That is, only for “inefficiency, neglect of duty or malfeasance,” not for reasons of policy. The court held that the CFPB is “unconstitutionally structured” because of its “novel agency structure.” There are several agencies that are controlled by bipartisan commissioners who can only be removed for cause, and they are described as “independent” agencies as a result. But they all have five


Saving our republic


members, chosen from both parties. gives it “full independence” from The court has just held, however, Congress. When a member of the that as created by Congress in the House Financial Services Commit2010 slapdash Dodd-Frank legislatee asked CFPB Director Richard tion, the CFPB’s single director Cordray about his agency spending “enjoys more unilateral authority $215 million refurbishing a buildthan any other officer in any of the ing with an assessed valuation of three branches of the U.S. govern$150 million, he, oozing disdain, ment, other than the president.” dismissed the question: “Why The court’s ruling makes the does that matter to you?” Perhaps director subject to presidential he should be forgiven for assumcontrol through dismissal. Another ing that CFPB spending governimportant challenge to the CFPB’s ment money is none of Congress’ operations, currently in a federal business, given that Congress has district court, concerns Congress’ effectively said exactly that. voluntary abandonment of its Although Madison assumed that power of the purse: Dodd-Frank, the government’s rival institutions which was passed with the support would jealously defend their powof only three House Republicans ers, he worried that the legislative and three Republican senators, branch would threaten the equilibsays the CFPB’s funding shall be rium of the checks and balances by “determined by the director” and “drawing all power into its impetushall come not from congressional ous vortex.” appropriations but from the Federal Today, however, Congress is Reserve. Small wonder it spends centrifugal rather than centripetal, lavishly on itself. expelling rather than concentrating Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., power. who while at Harvard Law School A peculiarity of today’s poliproposed the CFPB, insists it is tics is the disproportion between “highly accountable” to Congress. Democrats’ fervent desires to serve The CFPB disagrees, having in Congress and their lackadaisiproclaimed that its funding from cal willingness to cede its powers. outside the appropriations process Democrat candidates, both incum-

bents and challengers, are fighting ferociously to remain on, or get to, Capitol Hill. One wonders: Why? Their party is doctrinally devoted to marginalizing the legislative branch in order to expand the discretion of the administrative state as an instrument of executive power. And the next president certainly will be impatient with Madison’s separation of powers. President Hillary Clinton will be because progressives since Woodrow Wilson have considered this system an anachronistic impediment to energetic government powered by an unconstrained executive. President Donald Trump will be anti-Madisonian because the system of checks and balances will impede the sweep of his unmediated fabulousness. The CFPB’s progressive authoritarianism reflects, in the language of the Hudson Institute’s Christopher DeMuth, “regulatory insouciance” made possible by “legislative abnegation.” Both will continue until conservatism reappears. George F. Will is a columnist for Newsweek and The Washington Post.


What is the U.S. mission in Afghanistan?


n Sept. 9, 2001, a famed Tajik commander and war hero named Ahmad Shah Massoud was approached for an interview by two individuals claiming to be journalists. A bomb concealed in a video camera carried by one of them exploded, and Massoud died while being evacuated to a nearby hospital. He was known as “the Lion of Panjshir,” named for his leadership against the Soviet Union’s invasion during the 1980s, and he had been the most formidable leader of the Northern Alliance against the Taliban. Al-Qaida is the most likely suspect for his assassination, and his death removed a potentially strong ally for the United States just before the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Massoud has been lionized since his death. His courage in fighting the Red Army is well remembered, and portraits of him on billboards can be seen in


northern Afghanistan to this day. Hamid Karzai’s government declared him an official Hero of Afghanistan, and the reverence shown during his funeral explains why: I deployed to Afghanistan with the U.S. Army five years later in 2006, right when the war was already being described as the so-called forgotten war, just like the Korean

matter of months. The scattered mountaintop outpost I knew might as well have been on the far side of the moon as far as the public was concerned. I spent 16 months of my life there, and few Americans could point to it on a map. When I went back to Afghanistan in 2009 for another year, this time in Wardak province, things had changed. No longer was it a few brigades stuck out in some dusty outposts on a mountaintop. Now we were deep in central Afghanistan, trying to pacify districts that had been writWar. The surge in Iraq was ten off by previous military about to be in full gear. Most commanders. Americans no longer cared Suddenly, there were about Afghanistan, even as more than 100,000 soldiers thousands of young men in Afghanistan and reand women felt like they sources beyond the imagiwere stuck at the end of the nation of just three years world there. ago during my first tour on What was once a righthe Pakistan border. The teous crusade against “forgotten war” suddenly Osama bin Laden in the afbecame important again. termath of Sept. 11 became Fifteen years later, the a footnote in the news in a United States still has more


than 8,000 men and women in Afghanistan, not counting private contractors. Recently a Special Forces soldier named Adam S. Thomas, a friend of my old platoon leader, was killed by an improvised explosive device in Nangarhar Province. He was 31. This is an election year, but it’s a rare occurrence when either presidential candidate even mentions Afghanistan. Donald Trump’s campaign has claimed that Afghanistan is “Obama’s War,” with a distinct lack of knowledge concerning time and space. As far as Hillary Clinton goes, during her years as secretary of State, it is difficult to think of a single issue she has impacted there. It is the same old story: Every Joe knows that no politician is going to come and save you. Stephen Carlson served two tours in Afghanistan as an infantryman with the 10th Mountain Division.

hen Benjamin Franklin was leaving Independence Hall at the end of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a lady asked him, “Well, doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” And Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Franklin knew that great republics suffered in time, vulnerable to the simple answers that demagogues always use to obscure the complexity of governing. Through lies, false promises and fear, a people’s faith in their leaders is easily shaken. These tactics have threatened our republic before. Through the 1930s, Father Charles Coughlin’s weekly radio show reached 30 million listeners, a huge share of the nation’s population of 123 million. Initially, his populist message sought a fair shake for average Americans. But it grew increasingly darker, and his audience followed suit. When he was still a supporter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Coughlin predicted “a revolution in this country which will make the French Revolution look silly” if Congress balked at the president’s monetary reform. But he was quick to turn on FDR and eventually spoke admiringly about Mussolini and Hitler. Coughlin was an antiSemitic isolationist with a penchant for conspiracies, which his followers loved. His “America First” campaign encouraged thousands to march in New York City to protest the immigration of Jewish refugees, who were escaping the horrors of Hitler’s Germany. And when radio stations began to cancel his show in response to his increasingly anti-Semitic rants and dangerous lies, his followers turned against the media. But in the run-up to World War II, patience for his pro-fascist views waned, ending the public chapter of his life. And we kept the republic. Again, America seems to be grappling with Franklin’s challenge, as Donald Trump fans the legitimate frustrations of many average Americans with his lies and fear. He streams lies, telling several more before fact-checkers can refute the first one. When caught red-handed with video proof, he simply denies it again, more emphatically. This time, Syrian refugees, Mexicans and Muslims are used to stoke fear. Trump has called them terrorists and criminals, even proposing a religious test for admission into the country. And, shamelessly, he has parroted the antiSemitic rallying cry of the past, creating an “America First” app, a virtual gathering place for Trump activists. Trump takes obvious pleasure in shaking our faith in the bulwarks of our republic. Trying to destroy confidence in our elections, he claims that he can only lose if the election is rigged. And if he wins, like a cheap third-world tyrant, he promises to imprison his opponent. Trump owes his political success to free media coverage; The New York Times reported that he received $2 billion worth by March of this year. But, now that his fortunes have turned, he calls the media crooked, blaming it for his woes. And his followers love it. We rejected tyranny to create our republic. And, from time to time, we must reject it to keep our republic. As Franklin said, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” Joseph Sabino Mistick, a lawyer, law professor and political analyst, lives in Squirrel Hill (

A12 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

National weather for Sunday, Oct. 16

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Ocean Force One was used to survey the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located between Hawaii and California. Garbage survey A new survey of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch finds that the enormous floating mass of trash is far denser and larger than previously believed. In a series of lowaltitude, low-speed aerial flights over the accumulation zone between Hawaii and California, the Dutchbased Ocean Cleanup foundation found chunks of garbage, mostly plastics. Many of the items in the debris measured more than half a yard in diameter. The field also contains far smaller bits that were detected by experimental plasticscanning equipment. The foundation plans to soon begin testing a V-shaped rubber boom designed to “herd” the floating debris into a recovery cone.

5.8 5.2

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Emerging disease An outbreak of Rift Valley fever has killed at least 28 people in western Niger during the past few months, and health officials warn it could spread to neighboring Mali and Algeria. The disease is highly contagious and is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes or through close contact with contaminated animals. It has no known cure and can cause fatal hemorrhaging and blindness among those who survive. The affected region is home to nomadic herdsmen who travel across borders in places with limited health facilities, according to the World Health Organization. Tropical cyclones Hurricane Matthew brought devastating flooding across the

Carolinas before losing force just offshore. The death toll from Matthew’s rampage across Haiti soared to over 1,000, according to some reports. Hurricane Nicole struck Bermuda as a Category-4 storm late in the week. Super Typhoon Songda churned the open waters of the western Pacific after Tropical Storm Aere formed briefly just off Hong Kong.

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Hurricane Matthew slams Florida. Pacific suffering Ongoing effects of a severe El Niño, climate change and two deadly cyclones this year have

82/51/s 37/31/sn 57/33/s 84/62/s 75/64/pc 80/60/pc 56/38/sh 60/44/sh 71/57/pc 74/63/c 83/62/s 82/61/s 82/59/s 63/38/pc 81/67/pc 84/67/s 81/67/pc 82/67/pc 90/72/s 73/40/pc 86/56/pc 80/68/pc 65/44/c 28/12/pc 76/59/t 85/74/pc 90/72/pc 84/69/s 90/65/s 82/65/pc 87/60/s 85/76/pc 80/62/pc 88/68/s

91/78/t 63/53/pc 77/63/pc 94/63/pc 69/49/pc 80/56/t 86/68/s 88/75/pc 56/47/sh 65/48/pc 81/61/s 73/61/pc 62/50/t

90/78/t 61/48/pc 73/59/t 96/64/s 69/47/s 73/51/pc 86/67/s 88/73/pc 56/42/sh 61/46/t 78/59/s 75/61/pc 63/47/pc

left many people -99° across Vostok, Oceania suf- Antarctica fering from lack of food and clean water, according to the Catholic relief group Caritas. More than 4.7 million people from Papua New Guinea to Tonga have been affected by food and water issues. The group points to reports of starving children forced to eat cassava roots softened with a liquid containing the pain reliever acetaminophen, added to ease the suffering. “We heard of people walking days to get food and water in Papua New Guinea, with many becoming sick and some people dying,” said Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand Director Julianne Hickey. Reindeer cull Nearly 100,000 Siberian reindeer aren’t

likely to see Christmas as officials cull the population because of overpopulation and the threat of an anthrax outbreak spreading among the animals. The first outbreak of the bacterial disease in the Yamal-Nenets region since 1941 is being blamed on abnormally hot weather brought on by climate change. The warmth has thawed the permafrost and released what’s being call a “zombie infection.” Anthrax killed a 12-year-old boy and more than 2,500 reindeer during the heat waves of July and August. Aso eruption Japan’s largest active volcano produced its first violent eruption in 36 years, spewing ash as high as 35,000 feet above the country’s main southwestern island of Kyushu. Falling ash from Mount Aso’s explosive eruption blanketed streets, roofs and vehicles across Kumamoto prefecture, but officials said there were no injuries. Growers reported the vinyl tops of nearby greenhouses were punctured by falling volcanic debris.


Bob Dylan was named the winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature on Thursday, the first time the award has been bestowed on someone primarily seen as a musician. The Swedish Academy cited the performer for “having created new poetic expressions within the Great American Song Tradition.” Dylan had been rumored for years to be under consideration for a Nobel, but few experts expected the Academy to extend the prestigious award to a genre such as pop music. Do you believe Dylan is a worthy recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature? Yes: 1,079 (70 percent) No: 462 (30 percent)

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Sunday’s question

The National Governors Highway Safety Association is recommending that all states extend junior driving restrictions until age 21. A 2015 national study released Wednesday showed a 10 percent increase in fatal traffic accidents for teenage drivers, the first increase since 2006. In Pennsylvania, a junior license prevents driving between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. and limits the number of passengers in the vehicle. Presently in the state, none of these steps is required; if the applicant is 18 or older and passes the test, he or she gets a full license. Should Pennsylvania extend junior driving restrictions unKQV runs two polls simul- til age 21? Yes: Call 412-333-9190 taneously, one from Internet users, the other from telephone No: Call 412-333-9192 callers. The nonscientific polls The final results can be often do not reflect the same heard on KQV-AM (1410) at results. KQV updates its results 6:58 p.m.

Madrid Mexico City Moscow New Delhi Paris Rio de Janeiro Rome San Juan Seoul Sydney Tokyo Toronto Warsaw

71/55/pc 76/51/pc 40/33/c 96/69/s 63/46/pc 92/76/pc 73/55/pc 89/78/pc 73/52/pc 71/55/sh 70/66/r 69/65/c 50/42/c

71/51/pc 77/51/pc 39/30/c 96/69/s 68/51/pc 91/76/pc 74/53/s 88/77/pc 70/55/r 85/67/pc 74/66/pc 69/58/r 48/35/s


Pick 2 Day: 45 Night: 77 Pick 3 Day: 597 Night: 439 Pick 4 Day: 6718 Night: 1905 Pick 5 Day: 15136 Night: 37137 Wild Ball Day: 0 Night: 8 Treasure Hunt 6 13 15 26 29 Cash 5 6 11 12 32 38

Pick 2 Day: 62 Night: 82 Pick 3 Day: 616 Night: 839 Pick 4 Day: 0973 Night: 7703 Pick 5 Day: 27926 Night: 37228 Wild Ball Day: 6 Night: 8 Treasure Hunt 6 9 18 20 21 Cash 5 9 12 31 33 40 Powerball 16 30 34 37 44


Treasure Hunt payout Matches

5 of 5 4 of 5 3 of 5 2 of 5



1 113 2,675 21,627

$80,000 $100 $6 $1

Today’s jackpot at least $10,000

Cash 5 payout Matches



5 of 5 4 of 5 3 of 5 2 of 5

1 88 2,892 38,023

$450,000 $235.50 $12 $1

Today’s jackpot at least $125,000


Drawing 23 49 57 64 67 Powerball/Powerplay 20 / 2


Pick 3 Day: 953 Night: 228 Pick 4 Day: 4918 Night: 9494 Pick 5 Day: 24201 Night: 83539 Rolling Cash 5 3 4 23 24 32 Classic Lotto 4 8 14 27 41 44

West Virginia Daily 3 Daily 4

151 6423

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14 Pick 2 Day: 12 Night: 98 Pick 3 Day: 091 Night: 161 Pick 4 Day: 9987 Night: 8636 Pick 5 Day: 46176 Night: 22005 Wild Ball Day: 4 Night: 4 Treasure Hunt 4 16 21 24 27 Cash 5 2 10 27 36 41 Mega Millions 7 27 60 64 74 5/3

Pick 3 Day: 059 Night: 539 Pick 4 Day: 0363 Night: 5878 Pick 5 Day: 22502 Night: 85653 Rolling Cash 5 7 14 15 21 23

West Virginia Daily 3 Daily 4 Cash 25

668 9344 3 11 13 15 18 23



Pick 2 Day: 61 Night: 78 Pick 3 Day: 444 Night: 341 Pick 4 Day: 3894 Night: 3367 Pick 5 Day: 06657 Night: 49235 Wild Ball Day: 7 Night: 6 Treasure Hunt 11 22 23 27 29 Cash 5 9 25 27 30 42 Match 6 2 7 22 24 31 48 Cash4Life 3 19 21 26 43 Cash Ball



Pick 3 Day: 239 Night: 106 Pick 4 Day: 9296 Night: 9965 Pick 5 Day: 93980 Night: 56302 Rolling Cash 5 3 9 22 25 28

West Virginia Daily 3 Daily 4 Cash 25



201 6962 1 6 8 16 24 25

16 / 2


Pick 3 Day: 813 Night: 990 Pick 4 Day: 7495 Night: 9025 Pick 5 Day: 74692 Night: 71335 Rolling Cash 5 4 13 14 32 37 Classic Lotto 7 14 16 18 26 44

West Virginia Daily 3 Daily 4

676 3506



Pick 2 Day: 40 Night: 30 Pick 3 Day: 476 Night: 235 Pick 4 Day: 1540 Night: 4069 Pick 5 Day: 51722 Night: 94784 Wild Ball Day: 3 Night: 5 Treasure Hunt 5 14 16 20 21 Cash 5 5 15 17 23 41 Mega Millions 36 39 42 45 48 Mega Ball/Megaplier



Pick 3 Day: 841 Night: 190 Pick 4 Day: 2267 Night: 4349 Pick 5 Day: 05805 Night: 22271 Rolling Cash 5 6 20 23 26 29

West Virginia



Saturday’s question

73/59/pc 87/70/s 89/69/s 86/75/t 76/64/pc 73/51/t 79/63/s 75/62/s 88/73/pc 86/65/s 88/74/pc 77/63/pc 76/60/s 89/66/s 84/52/pc 85/70/pc 84/68/s 90/66/s 70/51/pc 61/51/r 74/57/pc 67/38/pc 58/35/pc 89/72/s 60/41/c 91/72/pc 73/61/pc 70/55/pc 84/63/s 58/50/r 88/71/pc 73/62/c 92/60/s 79/60/s 81/64/pc 90/60/s


Mega Ball/Megaplier


Los Angeles 72/64/pc Louisville 86/65/pc Memphis 86/68/s Miami 85/75/t Milwaukee 71/63/sh Minneapolis 74/63/c Myrtle Beach 77/60/pc Nags Head 75/60/pc Naples 88/72/c Nashville 84/63/s New Orleans 88/74/pc New York City 70/60/s Ocean City, Md. 71/57/s Oklahoma City 88/68/s Omaha 81/62/pc Orlando 84/70/t Pensacola, Fla. 82/68/pc Phoenix 94/67/s Portland, Maine 66/52/s Portland, Ore. 60/51/r Providence 68/55/s Rapid City 79/44/pc Reno 62/48/c St. Louis 84/70/pc Salt Lake City 60/47/r San Antonio 90/69/pc San Diego 74/66/pc San Francisco 70/59/r Savannah 82/63/pc Seattle 59/50/r Tampa 86/71/t Traverse City, Mich. 68/57/c Tucson 94/59/s Virginia Beach 74/57/pc Washington 74/60/pc Wichita 88/68/s




82/51/s 38/25/pc 67/44/s 81/61/pc 70/61/s 72/56/pc 66/44/pc 63/46/r 69/58/s 74/60/r 81/61/pc 81/58/pc 78/55/pc 75/43/s 73/64/r 81/63/pc 80/63/r 82/63/pc 89/70/s 82/50/s 82/68/c 73/62/r 68/47/r 27/10/pc 69/58/c 85/75/pc 90/71/pc 80/65/pc 89/63/s 82/67/pc 84/70/pc 85/76/c 85/68/s 86/66/s


w-weather, s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice

Nov. 7




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7:33 a.m. 6:39 p.m.

A recent trend of rough, stormy weather will continue in the Pacific Northwest today. Wind gusts of up to 60 mph are likely along the coasts of Washington and Oregon, as well as locally heavy rain which may cause flooding. A few showers are likely in areas surrounding the Great Lakes and in Florida.

Daily 3 Daily 4 Cash 25

520 0610 3 9 15 19 20 24



Pick 2 Day: 43 Night: 06 Pick 3 Day: 808 Night: 771 Pick 4 Day: 0162 Night: 3028 Pick 5 Day: 91355 Night: 41702 Wild Ball Day: 6 Night: 5 Treasure Hunt 6 8 16 17 24 Cash 5 5 19 25 37 41 Match 6 5 16 24 38 40 42 Cash4Life 11 35 38 45 58 Cash Ball



Pick 3 Day: 181 Night: 866 Pick 4 Day: 3994 Night: 7335 Pick 5 Day: 50189 Night: 29874 Rolling Cash 5 7 9 15 29 31 Classic Lotto 14 15 16 24 34 36

West Virginia Daily 3 Daily 4 Cash 25

560 6136 1 5 8 15 19 22



Pick 2 Day: 23 Night: 32 Pick 3 Day: 272 Night: 700 Pick 4 Day: 4962 Night: 5243 Pick 5 Day: 73509 Night: 30902 Wild Ball Day: 8 Night: 9 Treasure Hunt 1 3 7 8 9 Cash 5 8 12 15 17 29


Pick 3 Day: 454 Night: 130 Pick 4 Day: 2868 Night: 5273 Pick 5 Day: 92432 Night: 64669 Rolling Cash 5 14 18 22 33 37

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Banged-up Panthers roll on Despite injuries, Pitt defense holds Virginia to 3 points in 2nd half of 3rd straight win by


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — One by one, Pitt players fell or were shoved to the ground, heads ringing, limbs aching, feet moving so slowly they barely made it to the sideline without help. Yet, somehow, with a roster that still needs plenty of replenishment into the future, Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi found a way to fill in the blanks and defeat Virginia, 45-31, on Saturday in front of 39,522 people at Scott Stadium.


» No. 20 Mountaineers rout Texas Tech, stay unbeaten B4 “I don’t know if we wore them down,” Narduzzi said after his team allowed a mere field goal after halftime. “We are little worn down ourselves. “We knew we just had to keep pedaling uphill.” Pitt (5-2, 2-1 ACC) entered the game without four defensive players who began the season as starters — defensive end Dewayne Hendrix, linebackers Mike Caprara and Elijah Zeise and cornerback Avonte Maddox. Then, ACC Defensive Player of

the Year candidate Ejuan Price, linebacker Quintin Wirginis and free safety Terrish Webb went down and missed significant moments. For the most part, nothing changed, especially in the second half. Sophomore Phillipie Motley filled in nicely for Maddox (arm), recording one of Pitt’s four pass breakups. Playing Motley also preserved a redshirt for freshman cornerbacks and playing-time candidates Damar Hamlin and Therran Coleman. Defensive end Rori Blair, who has played most of the season for Hendrix, recorded two sacks. Reggie Mitchell backed up Webb and broke up a pass. Bam Bradley, standing in for

• • • •



James Conner leaps over the pile for a touchdown during the first half against Virginia. Conner rushed for 90 yards and two TDs on 20 carries.



Pirates look to close gap

Penguins pepper Anaheim

Club saw big decline in run prevention during 78-win season

Cup champs amass 45 shots to move to 2-0; Fleury strong again by



What Tom Kuhnhackl, Conor Sheary and Patric Hornqvist did at critical moments during Saturday’s 3-2 win over Anaheim at PPG Paints Arena failed to fit the description of thrilling, but their actions absolutely qualified as the sort that defined the Penguins’ territory-owning style last spring. Elements of the Penguins’ vaunted speed game, namely odd-man rushes, remained » Crosby working on elusive in the his own B2 team’s second game of the season. But the pressure and possession that produced a Stanley Cup emerged late in the first period and lingered for the next 40-plus minutes. Anaheim had a 16-12 edge in shots on goal through the first 14 minutes. Then the Ducks offense stalled, and the Penguins’ pace prevailed, as they finished with a 45-35 edge in shots. Just four times last regular season, the Penguins reached 45 shots on goal — all four instances came under coach Mike Sullivan, including in his debut Dec. 14. Phil Kessel carried the puck from the left wing corner to the slot and beat Ducks goalie Jonathan Bernier through the five-hole to score the deciding goal during a second-period power play. But Kessel’s scoring chance came from headsup hustle by Hornqvist, who won a puck battle in the corner against Anaheim defenseman Josh Manson. Six minutes earlier, Sheary, Chris Kunitz and Matt Cullen swarmed a puck to make Bernier and Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler pay for a miscue. Fowler and Bernier bungled an exchange behind the net. The Penguins’ trio swooped in to prevent Bernier from covering the puck, and a poke from Sheary eventually produced the goal. Ian Cole’s fairly harmless shot on goal from the left point in the first period — one of PENGUINS · B2










f the Steelers find themselves hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Houston, it won’t be because Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown did it alone.. Alreeady, both point to unheralded, unsun ng players whose rapid ascension through the depth chart has beeen somewhat stunning. They have proven to be more than sserviceable or capable replaccements for injured starteers during a 4-1 start that has th he Steelers perched atop the AF FC North. L.J. Fort, a stubbornly compeetitive small-college produ uct cut five times, first steppeed up when linebacker Ryan Shazier went down with a kneee injury in the season openeer at Washington. “I w was told it was a lear ning processs

when I was on the practiced squad last year,” Fort said. “The idea was to get us on the field. We all have the mindset of fulfilling our dreams to show what ’ got, t b ll about b th l i us win. i ” butt it’ it’s all helping we’ve uries The Steelers have succeeded as inju have mounted. One by one, largely hrough unknown players have walked th a door of opportunity swung wiide open for one reason or anotherr. oning Jordan Dangerfield, auditio n for the third and last time on om the practice squad, went fro understudy to starter the past p two weeks as strong safety om a Robert Golden recovered fro strained hamstring. B.J. Finney, an undrafted free agent who spent all of last season s on the practice squad, scrattched his way onto the active rostter. Ultimately, he was inserted into i uard the starting lineup at left gu when Ramon Foster lumbeered STEELERS · B7


Marc-Andre Fleury stops a shot by Anaheim’s Corey Perry during the second period. Fleury finished with 33 saves.



The Pirates front office staff and coaches gathered last week in Bradenton, Fla., for their annual postseason meetings. They evaluated the previous season and began setting a course for the offseason. The clear goal is to close the gap on the Cubs in the National League Central. The team must find and improve pitching and overall run prevention to cut into the 25-game difference between the two teams this year. Identifying the issue is one thing. Fixing it is an entirely different challenge. This year, the Pirates allowed exactly one more run per game than they did a season ago (758 runs to 596). That dramatic decline explains much of the team’s 20-win decline from 2015. The Pirates expect the free agent market for starting pitching will become more expensive, complicating their ability to add a quality veteran to a staff trending younger and more homegrown. The Pirates drifted from their ground ball focus last season, and the ground ball has become a more difficult edge to maintain. The Pirates also must address a declining defensive effort behind their pitchers. Said Pirates general manager Neal Huntington of a key question to answer: “How do we apply those lessons of last offseason and two offseasons ago to this offseason?”

Risk tolerance

One lesson from last offseason? It is becoming more difficult to find external pitching help. Last offseason, Huntington lamented the starting pitching market “blew up.” The average starting pitcher signed last offseason earned $10.02 million per year, compared to $8.07 million in the 2014-15 offseason — a 21.6 percent increase. PIRATES · B10

DEFENSIVE DECLINE Runs MLB Season allowed rank 2013 577 2nd 2014 631 16th 2015 598 3rd 2016 758 21st HRs MLB Season allowed rank 2013 101 1st 2014 128 9th 2015 110 1st 2016 180 20th Def. runs MLB Season saved rank 2013 60 3rd 2014 28 7th 2015 12 8th 2016 (-17) 20th

B2 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016




Written by Jonathan Bombulie and Bill West, “Three Periods” is a weekly feature composed of quick-hit thoughts and analysis on the Penguins and the NHL.

Lightning pull past Devils of the season to lead the Panthers. Vincent Trocheck Valtteri Filppula scored (Upper St. Clair) and Jonathan the go-ahead goal on a nifty Marchessault also scored goals redirection early in the third for the Panthers. period, and the Lightning beat Wild 4, Jets 3 — Eric Staal the Devils, 3-2, on Saturday and Chris Stewart each got night. their first goal with Minnesota Steven Stamkos and Alex since being acquired in the Killorn also scored for the offseason, helping the Wild Lightning, who have opened the season with two comeback overcome a two-goal deficit. Maple Leafs 4, Bruins 1 wins after trailing by two early — Rookies Mitch Marner and on in both games. Sharks 3, Blue Jackets 2 — Connor Brown scored, along with James van Riemsdyk and Mikkel Boedker and Joel Ward Milan Michalek for the Leafs. scored for an early lead, and Senators 4, Canadiens 3 Patrick Marleau had a power(SO) — Erik Karlsson scored play goal for the Sharks. the winner in the shootout to Capitals 2, Islanders 1 give Ottawa its second straight — Fourth-line grinder Daniel win to open the season. Winnik scored two goals, and Blackhawks 5, Predators 3 Vezina Trophy winner Braden — Richard Panik scored three Holtby made 21 saves for the goals for his first NHL hat Capitals. Panthers 4, Red Wings 1 — trick, Scott Darling was sharp Colton Sceviour scored his first in making 33 saves and the goal for Florida, and Aleksander Blackhawks earned their first Barkov added his second goal victory of the season.



W 2 2 2 1 1 1 0 0

Ottawa Florida Tampa Bay Montreal Toronto Boston Buffalo Detroit

L 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 2

OT Pts GF GA 0 4 9 7 0 4 6 2 0 4 9 6 1 3 7 5 1 3 8 6 0 2 7 7 0 0 1 4 0 0 5 10


W 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0

Penguins Washington Philadelphia N.Y. Rangers Carolina New Jersey Columbus N.Y. Islanders

L 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 2

OT Pts GF GA 0 4 6 4 1 3 4 4 0 2 4 2 0 2 7 6 1 1 4 5 1 1 3 5 0 0 5 9 0 0 4 7


W 3 1 1 1 1 0 0

St. Louis Dallas Nashville Minnesota Winnipeg Colorado Chicago

L 0 0 0 1 1 0 2

OT Pts GF GA 0 6 11 6 0 2 4 2 0 2 3 2 0 2 6 6 0 2 8 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 8


Nashville 3, Chicago 2 Edmonton 5, Calgary 3 Philadelphia 4, Los Angeles 2


Penguins 3, Anaheim 2 Florida 4, Detroit 1 Toronto 4, Boston 1 San Jose 3, Columbus 2 Minnesota 4, Winnipeg 3 Tampa Bay 3, New Jersey 2 Ottawa 4, Montreal 3, SO Washington 2, N.Y. Islanders 1 St. Louis 3, N.Y. Rangers 2 Nashville at Chicago (n) Dallas at Colorado (n) Philadelphia at Arizona (n) Calgary at Vancouver (n)

Schedule TODAY

Anaheim at N.Y. Islanders, 6 p.m. Buffalo at Edmonton, 7 p.m. Carolina at Vancouver, 10 p.m.


Colorado at Penguins, 7 p.m. San Jose at N.Y. Rangers, 7 p.m. Ottawa at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. Boston at Winnipeg, 8 p.m.


Anaheim at New Jersey, 7 p.m. Colorado at Washington, 7 p.m. San Jose at N.Y. Islanders, 7 p.m. Florida at Tampa Bay, 7:30 p.m. Penguins at Montreal, 7:30 p.m. Arizona at Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. Dallas at Nashville, 8 p.m. Los Angeles at Minnesota, 8 p.m. Philadelphia at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. Buffalo at Calgary, 9 p.m. Carolina at Edmonton, 9 p.m. St. Louis at Vancouver, 10 p.m.


Edmonton San Jose Arizona Vancouver Anaheim Los Angeles Calgary

W 2 2 0 0 0 0 0

L 0 0 0 0 2 2 2

OT Pts GF GA 0 4 12 7 0 4 5 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 7 0 0 3 6 0 0 7 12

Note: Two points for a win, one point for overtime loss.

SUMMARIES SATURDAY’S GAMES SHARKS 3, BLUE JACKETS 2 San Jose 2 0 1 —3 Columbus 0 0 2 —2 First Period—1, San Jose, Boedker 1 (Couture, Dillon), 9:22. 2, San Jose, Ward 1 (Burns, Tierney), 14:54. Penalties—Bjorkstrand, CBJ, major (high sticking), 4:19. Second Period—None. Penalties—Donskoi, SJ, (interference), 0:57; Werenski, CBJ, (tripping), 7:16. Third Period—3, Columbus, Werenski 1 (Wennberg, Atkinson), 3:44. 4, San Jose, Marleau 1 (Burns, Vlasic), 19:26. 5, Columbus, Anderson 1 (Hartnell), 19:37. Penalties— Burns, SJ, (interference), 3:34; Dubinsky, CBJ, (tripping), 6:03; Savard, CBJ, (tripping), 17:52. Shots on goal—San Jose 2-1214—28. Columbus 11-18-8—37. Power-play opportunites—San Jose 1 of 5; Columbus 1 of 2. Goalies—San Jose, Jones 2-0-0 (28 shots-26 saves). Columbus, Bobrovsky 0-2-0 (37-35). A—16,546 (18,144). T—2:23.

LIGHTNING 3, DEVILS 2 New Jersey 2 0 0 —2 Tampa Bay 0 2 1 —3 First Period—1, New Jersey, Palmieri 1 (Moore), 0:52. 2, New Jersey, Zajac 1 (Parenteau), 4:26. Penalties— Cammalleri, NJ, (cross checking), 12:55. Second Period—3, Tampa Bay, Stamkos 1 (Drouin, Palat), 7:53. 4, Tampa Bay, Killorn 2 (Kucherov, Johnson), 10:07. Penalties—Palat, TB, (roughing), 1:46; Stamkos, TB, (holding stick), 13:32; Wood, NJ, (tripping), 17:56. Third Period—5, Tampa Bay, Filppula 2 (Point, Garrison), 5:43. Penalties—Smith-pelly, NJ, (delay of game), 0:14; Brown, TB, (roughing), 7:22; Cammalleri, NJ, (roughing), 7:22; Sustr, TB, (hooking), 14:39; Stamkos, TB, (high sticking), 20:00. Shots on goal—New Jersey 13-12-9—34. Tampa Bay 139-12—34. Power-play opportunites—New Jersey 0 of 3; Tampa Bay 0 of 3. Goalies—New Jersey, Schneider 0-1-1 (34 shots-31 saves). Tampa Bay, Vasilevskiy 1-0-0 (34-32). A—19,092 (19,204). T—2:35.

CAPITALS 2, ISLANDERS 1 N.Y. Islanders 1 0 0 —1 Washington 1 1 0 —2 First Period—1, Washington, Winnik 1 (Beagle, Carlson), 11:58. 2, N.Y. Islanders, Strome 1 (Nelson, Boychuk), 13:49. Penalties—Barzal, NYI, (slashing), 3:03; Barzal, NYI, (interference), 5:06; Alzner, WSH, (holding), 13:08. Second Period—3, Washington, Winnik 2 (Alzner, Orpik), 7:46. Penalties—Chimera, NYI,

(tripping), 4:53; Sanford, WSH, (hooking), 14:36; Seidenberg, NYI, (tripping), 18:14. Third Period—None. Penalties— Barzal, NYI, (tripping), 13:51. Shots on goal—N.Y. Islanders 8-12-8—28. Washington 9-8-5—22. Power-play opportunites—N.Y. Islanders 1 of 2; Washington 0 of 5. Goalies—N.Y. Islanders, Greiss 0-1-0 (28 shots-26 saves). Washington, Holtby 1-0-1 (22-21). A—18,506 (18,506). T—2:25.

MAPLE LEAFS 4, BRUINS 1 Boston 1 0 0 —1 Toronto 3 0 1 —4 First Period—1, Toronto, Brown 1 (Holland, Hunwick), 2:14. 2, Toronto, Marner 1 (Bozak, Zaitsev), 11:56. 3, Toronto, van Riemsdyk 1 (Bozak, Gardiner), 13:13. 4, Boston, Pastrnak 3 (Liles, Marchand), 17:35. Penalties—Backes, BOS, major (fighting), 2:16; Kadri, TOR, major (fighting), 2:16; Marchand, BOS, (high sticking), 2:53; Marchand, BOS, (roughing), 5:21; Brown, TOR, (tripping), 8:58; Marner, TOR, (slashing), 15:46. Second Period—None. Penalties—Gardiner, TOR, (tripping), 6:15; Khudobin, BOS, served by Spooner, (tripping), 11:32. Third Period—5, Toronto, Michalek 1 (Rielly, Marincin), 3:56. Penalties—Holland, TOR, (slashing), 9:33; Martin, TOR, major (fighting), 12:36; Chara, BOS, major (fighting), 12:36; Chara, BOS, served by Spooner, (roughing), 12:36. Shots on goal—Boston 8-511—24. Toronto 9-9-7—25. Power-play opportunites— Boston 1 of 4; Toronto 0 of 4. Goalies—Boston, Khudobin 0-10 (24 shots-20 saves). Toronto, Andersen 1-0-1 (25-24). A—19,466 (18,819). T—2:22.

PANTHERS 4, RED WINGS 1 Detroit 1 0 0 —1 Florida 2 0 2 —4 First Period—1, Florida, Trocheck 1 (Jokinen), 1:10. 2, Florida, Sceviour 1 (Malgin, Marchessault), 10:01. 3, Detroit, Helm 1 (Nyquist), 13:07. Penalties—Mckegg, FLA, (high sticking), 4:58. Second Period—None. Penalties—Vanek, DET, (holding), 5:42; Yandle, FLA, (roughing), 5:42; Marchenko, DET, (holding stick), 12:01; Ericsson, DET, (cross checking), 19:49. Third Period—4, Florida, Barkov 2 (Jagr, Marchessault), 17:38. 5, Florida, Marchessault 2, 18:37. Penalties—Demers, FLA, (hooking), 14:37. Shots on goal—Detroit 16-129—37. Florida 9-4-9—22. Power-play opportunites— Detroit 0 of 2; Florida 0 of 2. Goalies—Detroit, Mrazek 0-2-0 (37 shots-34 saves). Florida, Luongo 2-0-0 (22-21). A—16,868 (17,040). T—2:35.



Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury (left) stops a shot on goal by the Ducks’ Corey Perry during the first period Saturday at PPG Paints Arena.

Pens edge Ducks PENGUINS · FROM B1

Six minutes earlier, Sheary, Chris Kunitz and Matt Cullen swarmed a puck to make Bernier and Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler pay for a miscue. Fowler and Bernier bungled an exchange behind the net. The Penguins’ trio swooped in to prevent Bernier from covering the puck, and a poke from Sheary eventually produced the goal. “That was probably one of the greasiest goals I’ve ever scored,” Sheary said. “I probably could’ve buried a couple more, but it’s all about the chances, and we’re getting those. “Especially against (Anaheim) — they’re built a little different than us — so if we play our speed game and get behind them, I think it’s tough on them.” Ian Cole’s fairly harmless shot on goal from the left point in the first period — one of 21 in the opening frame — snuck by Bernier because Kuhnhackl set a busy-bodied screen at the net front. “We can score pretty goals with the best of them,” Cole said. “(But) if we get into the habit of scoring those greasy goals, I think it will be beneficial in the long run.” Until Cole’s goal, little went favorably for the Penguins, who were outshot 5-0 in the first three-plus minutes of the game. Sheary finally snapped a puck that reached Bernier with 16 minutes, 6 seconds left in the first period, and Kris Letang and Carl Hagelin soon followed with shots on their own. Flurries of shots for the Penguins countered the more steady supply of pucks Marc-Andre Fleury confronted at the other end of the rink. Fowler finally solved Fleury late in the first period, as he blasted a one-timer during a five-on-three man advantage. Corey Perry cut the Penguins’ lead to 3-2 with his goal midway through the

SATURDAY’S SUMMARY PENGUINS 3, DUCKS 2 Anaheim 1 1 0 — 2 Penguins 1 2 0 — 3 First Period—1, Penguins, Cole 1 (Malkin, Daley), 11:46. 2, Anaheim, Fowler 1 (Getzlaf, Kesler), 14:13. Penalties—Maatta, PIT, (tripping), 12:52; Cole, PIT, (delay of game), 12:56; Ritchie, ANA, (holding), 17:12. Second Period—3, Penguins, Sheary 1 (Kunitz, Cullen), 2:03. 4, Penguins, Kessel 1 (Hornqvist), 7:58. 5, Anaheim, Perry 1 (Getzlaf), 10:27. Penalties—Ritchie, ANA, (holding), 4:49; Getzlaf, ANA, (tripping), 7:30; Cole, PIT, (interference), 17:47. Third Period—None. Penalties—None. Shots on goal—Anaheim 21-13-11—45. Penguins 166-14—36. Power-play opportunites—Anaheim 1 of 3; Penguins 1 of 3. Goalies—Anaheim, Bernier 0-1-0 (45 shots-42 saves). Penguins, Fleury 2-0-0 (36-34). A—18,452 (18,387). T—2:38. Referees—Marc Joannette, Kendrick Nicholson. Linesmen—Ryan Daisy, Brian Murphy.

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second period. Immediately following an offensive-zone faceoff, Perry collected a loose puck in front of Fleury, who stopped the initial shot but allowed the second effort. Perry’s goal was the Ducks’ first ontarget shot in almost 10 minutes. Fleury’s performance affirmed that the netminder entered this season in the fine form he maintained for much of 2015-16. He finished with 33 saves after turning away 39 shots against Washington on Thursday. “Just watching Flower perform back there is a great moment,” defenseman Trevor Daley said. “It’s even better when you’re out there with him, because you can hear him most of the time. He does a lot of ‘Woos!’ and a lot of ‘Yep!’ … He doesn’t shut up very much.” Bill West is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at [email protected] or via Twitter @BWest_Trib.

SENATORS 4, CANADIENS 3 (SO) Montreal 0 1 2 0 —3 Ottawa 2 0 1 0 —4 Ottawa won shootout 2-1 First Period—1, Ottawa, Dzingel 1 (Wideman, Karlsson), 6:37. 2, Ottawa, Smith 1 (Wideman, Ryan), 15:50. Penalties—Methot, OTT, (interference), 4:28; Varone, OTT, (tripping), 13:20; Mitchell, MTL, (holding), 20:00. Second Period—3, Montreal, Petry 1 (Plekanec, Beaulieu), 15:28. Penalties—Neil, OTT, (roughing), 6:57; Plekanec, MTL, (roughing), 6:57; Galchenyuk, MTL, (hooking), 7:20; Hoffman, OTT, (roughing), 13:38. Third Period—4, Montreal, Lehkonen 1 (Weber, Danault), 2:50. 5, Montreal, Petry 2 (Galchenyuk, Gallagher), 9:00. 6, Ottawa, Pyatt 1 (Pageau, Dzingel), 17:27. Penalties— Byron, MTL, (slashing), 3:55; Pacioretty, MTL, (holding), 4:06; Phaneuf, OTT, (interference), 6:58. Overtime—None. Penalties— None. Shootout—Montreal 1 (Radulov G, Pacioretty NG, Galchenyuk NG), Ottawa 2 (Turris G, Karlsson G). Shots on goal—Montreal 13-10-11-4-4—42. Ottawa 6-88-2-4—28. Power-play opportunites— Montreal 1 of 4; Ottawa 0 of 4. Goalies—Montreal, Montoya 1-0-1 (38 shots-35 saves). Ottawa, Anderson 2-0-0 (24-21). A—18,195 (19,153). T—2:46.

WILD 4, JETS 3 Winnipeg 2 0 1 —3 Minnesota 0 3 1 —4 First Period—1, Winnipeg, Ehlers 1, 18:49. 2, Winnipeg, Wheeler 2 (Byfuglien, Scheifele), 19:57. Penalties—Dumba, MIN, (slashing), 1:10; Thorburn, WPG, (hooking), 6:59; Wheeler, WPG, (tripping), 11:43. Second Period—3, Minnesota, Stewart 1 (Suter, Spurgeon), 7:25. 4, Minnesota, Dumba 1 (Stewart, Koivu), 8:23. 5, Minnesota, Staal 1 (Coyle, Parise), 15:00. Penalties— Connor, WPG, (hooking), 1:57; Stewart, MIN, (cross checking), 5:12; Lowry, WPG, (cross checking), 8:19; Coyle, MIN, (roughing), 8:50; Scheifele, WPG, (roughing), 8:50; Stewart, MIN, Major (fighting), 17:05; Thorburn, WPG, Major (fighting), 17:05; Parise, MIN, (tripping), 19:01. Third Period—6, Minnesota, Brodin 1, 14:08. 7, Winnipeg, Scheifele 2 (Byfuglien, Perreault), 19:41. Penalties— None. Shots on goal—Winnipeg 1012-9—31. Minnesota 9-2-6—17. Power-play opportunites— Winnipeg 0 of 3; Minnesota 1 of 4. Goalies—Winnipeg, Hutchinson 0-1-0 (31 shots-27 saves). Minnesota, Dubnyk 1-1-0 (17-14). A—19,024 (18,064). T—2:40.


Injured Crosby keeps flying solo by


As Sidney Crosby continues his recovery from a concussion, coach Mike Sullivan said the Penguins captain finds individual workouts more beneficial than being a limited, non-contact participant in team practices. Crosby skated with assistant coaches Sergei Gonchar and Rick Tocchet and skills coach Ty Hennes on Saturday morning at PPG Paints Arena. It was his fifth straight day on the ice after being diagnosed with a concussion Monday. “He tends to get better workouts when we create those types of environments where he has an opportunity to work on his skills, and we can control his heart rate and things like that,” Sullivan said. Sullivan said Crosby remains day-to-day. “Everything to this point has been encouraging, and we’ll take it each day as it comes,” Sullivan said.

Kessel’s fit

Anaheim Ducks coach Randy Carlyle had a sometimes-contentious relationship with Phil Kessel while coaching the Toronto Maple Leafs from 2011-15. He is in no way surprised, however, that Kessel is a Stanley Cup champion. “Phil’s always had the ability to score,” Carlyle said. “Nobody’s ever going to say he couldn’t score. He scored in all the levels of hockey he’s played. He’s scored in the NHL. “I think the fit for Phil Kessel here in Pittsburgh is one where he fits like a glove. He doesn’t see the top defensive pairings now, if he does play on the third line. … If you can get a third line — and they had one last year with (Nick) Bonino, (Carl) Hagelin and Kessel — out against a lot of teams’ third pairing of defense, it’s a big difference.”

Penguins reunion

Anaheim’s trip to Pittsburgh couldn’t have been timed better for Carlyle. The Penguins hosted a couple of dozen players from the franchise’s early years Saturday as part of their 50th-anniversary

celebration. Carlyle, a star defenseman for the Penguins from 1978-84, got to catch up with some old teammates, chatting with Denis Herron, Mario Faubert, Bob Paradise, Dave Burrows and others during morning skate. “It does bring you back,” Carlyle said. “We had a lot of fun as a hockey club. Didn’t win a lot of games, but we had a lot of fun.” Faubert and Carlyle had an especially interesting reunion. They were the primary point men for a potent Penguins power play that scored 92 goals in 1980-81. “To be honest with you, he was a big part of the power play. I just came along,” Faubert said. “Randy won a Norris Trophy that year, and we actually had a record year for the power play. It was fun to be part of it.”

Not in net

Whitehall native John Gibson has given up six goals in each of the two career starts he has made in Pittsburgh. On one hand, Carlyle said that gave him reason to give Gibson another shot in goal Saturday night. “If he’s going to be a No. 1 goaltender in the league, you gotta shed some of those and get over those hurdles,” Carlyle said. Ultimately, though, the Ducks coach decided to start Jonathan Bernier instead. “(Gibson’s) record against the Penguins in this building, that has a bearing on it, and where we’re at as a team and what his last start was,” Carlyle said. “All those things are factors into making that decision.”

Despres out

Former Penguins defenseman Simon Despres, who missed much of last season with concussion-related problems, is struggling with the same injury again, according to published reports. “It’s unfortunate, but we have to move on without him,” Carlyle said. Jonathan Bombulie is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at [email protected] or via Twitter at @BombulieTrib.

When the Penguins finalized their opening-night roster last week, defenseman Derrick Pouliot and winger Tom Sestito claimed the last two contested spots. Pouliot, despite some shaky preseason moments, beat out David Warsofsky on defense. Sestito edged out dependable center Kevin Porter and prospects Jake Guentzel and Carter Rowney up front. What did the winners of the roster derby have in common? They both came into camp in great shape. Sestito, who was sidelined with injuries for most of November and December while he was in Wilkes-Barre, healed up in time for a regular summer training regimen. Pouliot changed his diet and worked with Gary Roberts, reporting in the best condition of his young pro career. It’s a lesson for prospects trying to nail down a roster spot a year from now. A job can be won in June, July and August. — Jonathan Bombulie


Until Sidney Crosby recovers from his concussion and returns to the Penguins lineup, coach Mike Sullivan will get creative with his forward combinations to best complement Evgeni Malkin’s offensive gifts and Matt Cullen and Eric Fehr’s defensive dynamism. Conor Sheary and Scott Wilson each strike Sullivan as a promising option as a top-line winger. Sheary spent the 2016 playoffs with Crosby. Wilson skated alongside Malkin during most of Thursday’s season opener. But Sheary and Wilson, when on the same line during five-on-five play a season ago, turned fourth-line grinder Porter into a possession-driving center, so their talents might mesh well with Cullen or Fehr. “Me and Willy obviously had chemistry last year, and I love playing with him because he shoots the puck a lot, and I like to get it to him,” Sheary said. — Bill West


Former Penguins goalie Jeff Zatkoff, who signed with the Kings in July, was known for his sense of humor and tendency to break pregame tension with copious chatter. Might goalie Mike Condon, claimed on waivers from Montreal on Tuesday, be a candidate to fill the locker-room role Zatkoff vacated? Condon is a Princeton grad with a quick wit. During his first meeting with Pittsburgh reporters, the Massachusetts native pondered how he would get tickets to next Sunday’s showdown between the Steelers and Patriots. “Tom Brady signed my mask last year at the Winter Classic,” Condon said. “Maybe reach out to him even though he doesn’t have my number. I don’t have his either.” Nick Bonino offered an alternate choice: “You don’t get funnier than Phil (Kessel).” — Jonathan Bombulie


There’s little doubt Brian Dumoulin and the Penguins will strike a new deal before the defenseman, who turned 25 in September and entered training camp with a salary cap hit of $800,000, becomes a restricted free agent at the season’s end. Defensemen who handle shutdown assignments well aren’t assets teams tend to take lightly. Elsewhere in the NHL, defensemen are getting paydays even with dubious recent performances. Buffalo’s Rasmus Ristolainen, 21, signed a six-year contract with a $5.4 million average value Oct. 11. Kris Russell, 29, ended his time on the free-agent market by signing a one-year deal Oct. 7 with Edmonton worth $3.1 million. Russell made $1.5 million as recently as 2013-14. And Washington’s Dmitry Orlov, 25, signed a one-year deal Sept. 21 worth $2.57 million. None of the three rated better than Dumoulin by shot metrics. Dumoulin’s 16 points in 79 regular-season games last season left something to be desired, but he showed his upside once he partnered with Kris Letang and tallied eight points in 24 postseason games. — Bill West

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · B3







RB Conner takes place on defense

Pittsburgh 14 21 0 10 — 45 Virginia 21 7 0 3 — 31 First quarter UVA—Reid 5 run (Hayward kick), 10:31 Pitt—Weah 38 pass from Peterman (Blewitt kick), 5:41 UVA—Mizzell 44 run (Hayward kick), 2:51 Pitt—Q.Henderson 93 kickoff return (Blewitt kick), 2:35 UVA—Zaccheaus 74 pass from Benkert (Hayward kick), 1:48 Second quarter Pitt—Conner 1 run (Blewitt kick), 9:08 UVA—Reid 1 run (Hayward kick), 5:57 Pitt—Conner 1 run (Blewitt kick), 9:08 Pitt—Whitehead 59 interception return (Blewitt kick), :04 Fourth quarter Pitt—Aston 5 pass from Peterman (Blewitt kick), 9:47 Pitt—FG Blewitt 25, 3:21 UVA—FG Hayward 36, 2:04 A—39,522.

TEAM STATISTICS First downs Rushes-Yards Passing Comp-Att-Int Return yards Punts-Avg. Fumbles-Lost Penalties-Yards Time of possession

Pitt 19 49-209 137 11-21-0 256 5-41.0 2-0 8-69 36:14


UVA 19 25-100 278 20-46-1 113 7-38.57 0-0 10-81 23:46

INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING—Pitt, Conner 20-90, Whitehead 3-28, Peterman 5-26, C.Moss 7-26, Araujo-Lopes 2-16, Tipton 3-10, Ffrench 3-7, Q.Henderson 1-6, Aston 1-6, Ollison 1-0, (Team) 3-(minus 6). Virginia, Mizzell 12-95, Reid 9-28, Ellis 1-1, Benkert 3-(minus 24). PASSING—Pitt, Peterman 11-21-0-137. Virginia, Benkert 20-45-1-278, (Team) 0-1-0-0. RECEIVING—Pitt, Orndoff 3-25, Weah 2-54, Conner 2-28, Tipton 2-20, Aston 2-10. Virginia, K.Johnson 5-41, Zaccheaus 3-83, Craft 3-50, Dowling 3-32, Mizzell 3-15, Reed 1-25, Reid 1-16, Eldridge 1-16. MISSED FIELD GOALS—Pitt, Blewitt 47.


Reporter Jerry DiPaola analyzes Saturday’s game: OFFENSIVE LINE B+ Only one sack allowed and a good day (90 yards) for James Conner. SKILL A Kickoff returns of 93, 69 yards by Henderson, Lopes. QUARTERBACK BAccuracy took a hit (11 of 21), but Peterman did not throw an INT. DEFENSIVE LINE BTwo sacks were produced, but there were errors in the run game. LINEBACKERS BGood work in the second half, especially with Bradley’s sack. DEFENSIVE BACKS B Maddox wasn’t missed after half; Whitehead’s INT a game-changer. KICKING C Blewitt’s FG streak snapped at seven; Winslow hit 48.8 per punt. OVERALL GRADE



Conference W-L PF PA North Carolina 3-1 97 118 Pitt 2-1 118 102 Virginia Tech 2-1 100 34 Virginia 1-1 65 65 Miami 1-2 67 61 Georgia Tech 1-3 79 112 Duke 0-3 48 82


Conference W-L PF PA Clemson 4-0 148 70 Louisville 3-1 185 104 Florida State 2-2 92 125 Wake Forest 2-2 74 73 N.C. State 1-1 50 40 Syracuse 1-2 68 107 Boston College 0-3 24 122

Overall W-L PF 5-2 225 5-2 269 4-2 214 2-4 170 4-2 220 4-3 187 3-4 161

PA 202 220 109 194 84 153 153

Overall W-L PF 7-0 256 5-1 314 5-2 244 5-2 152 4-2 187 3-4 185 3-3 127

PA 107 146 202 125 112 233 142


No. 7 Louisville 24, Duke 14


Pitt 45, Virginia 31 No. 3 Clemson 24, N.C. State 17, OT Georgia Tech 35, Georgia Southern 24 North Carolina 20, No. 16 Miami 13 No. 14 Florida St. 17, Wake Forest 6 Syracuse 31, No. 17 Virginia Tech 17


No. 16 Miami at No. 17 Virginia Tech, 7 p.m.

OCT. 22

N.C. State at No. 7 Louisville, noon Syracuse at Boston College, 12:30 p.m. North Carolina at Virginia, 3 p.m.


Pitt defensive back Terrish Webb disrupts a pass intended for Virginia’s Keeon Johnson.

Defense carries Pitt PITT · FROM B1

Caprara, chased down Virginia quarterback Kurt Benkert for a 15-yard loss during one four-snap stretch during which Pitt had three sacks. Finally, the maligned defense played a big part in a victory that keeps Pitt’s championship hopes alive in the ACC Coastal. Pitt arrived home Saturday night tied for second in the division with Virginia Tech (their next opponent Oct. 27) and one-half game behind North Carolina. “It was a mentality,” senior nose tackle Tyrique Jarrett said of the team’s second-half recovery. “We sat back during halftime (after allowing four touchdowns in the first half) and talked about it. “We corrected the mistakes. We just attacked it different.” No strategic details were revealed, of course, but Pitt appeared to increase the pressure on Benkert, who kept attacking the secondary with deep throws and coming up with little or nothing. He completed only 20 of 45 pass attempts for 278 yards. Other than a 74-yard touchdown pass to Olamide Zaccheaus and a 44-yard scoring run by Taquan Mizzell, Virginia had little success on offense. The Cavaliers amassed 270 yards in the first half and only 108 after intermission. “Those two plays, you take them

Pitt linebacker Bam Bradley pressures Virginia QB Kurt Benkert during the second half Saturday. away and you are pretty happy with the entire effort,” Narduzzi said. “We paid attention to details in the second half.” Even Virginia’s first touchdown in the first quarter was set up by two Pitt penalties committed while Virginia was trying to punt. Although Pitt scored 45 points on six touchdowns and Chris Blewitt’s 25-yard field goal, the game did not represent the offense’s finest effort. Safety Jordan Whitehead returned an interception 59 yards just before halftime to give Pitt its first lead, 35-28. Quadree Henderson returned a kickoff 93 yards for a touchdown, his second of the season and third in the past eight games. Returner Rafael Araujo-Lopes’s 69-yard return gave the offense a short field

for one of James’ Conner two 1-yard scoring bursts. Conner, however, was at his nearbest, rushing 20 times for 90 yards — his best game in a month. But quarterback Nathan Peterman barely completed half of his passes — 11 for 21 — for only 137 yards. Narduzzi was willing to overlook such things because of the decisive nature of the second half. Plus, he knows the upcoming off week could help. But his quest for consistency, if not perfection, continues. “We still have a ways to go. We are looking for excellence,” he said. Jerry DiPaola is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at [email protected] or via Twitter @JDiPaola_Trib.


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — If you thought the James Conner two-way drama had ended, think again. In the last defensive series of Pitt’s 45-31 victory against Virginia on Saturday, Conner played two snaps on defense, putting pressure on quarterback Kurt Benkert on one play, after Conner had rushed 20 times for 90 yards and two touchdowns from his tailback position. It was coach Pat Narduzzi’s idea. “Coach came to me, so we just went with it,” Conner said. Narduzzi was so pleased he was able to give opposing coaches something else to think about while they prepare to play Pitt, he had a little fun with the officials. “Funny story,” he said after the game. “I told the head linesman, ‘(No.) 24 is in on defense. They can’t block him. Could you go tell the center judge?’ “He goes and tells the center judge, which I didn’t think he would: ‘Coach said they can’t block him so watch for the holding.’ ” After the game, the official approached Narduzzi and said, “Coach, you were right. He beat two people on that play.” Conner played 10 snaps at defensive end in the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl after the 2013 season. He played only one defensive snap in ’14 before he missed last season with a knee injury. Now he is Pitt’s marquee running back again, but Narduzzi isn’t worried about overworking him, pointing out Conner was recruited as a defensive end. Pitt was thin at defensive end at the end of the game, with Dewayne Hendrix (foot) out for the season and Ejuan Price missing most of the second half with an undisclosed injury.

More double duty

Safety Jordan Whitehead was in the starting lineup on offense and defense, returning an interception for a touchdown and rushing three times for 28 yards.

Extra points

The victory was Narduzzi’s 13 in his 20th game at Pitt. That’s more victories than any of the previous six coaches had in their first 20 games. ... Conner’s two touchdowns moved him into a tie for fifth place on the ACC career list with 43. He is tied with North Carolina’s Leon Johnson (199396) and Virginia’s Wali Lundy (2002-05). ... Conner also moved into third place behind Tony Dorsett and kicker Chris Blewitt in career points (270) at Pitt. ... Pitt’s 346 yards of total offense represented its lowest total since the opener against Villanova. Jerry DiPaola is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at [email protected] or via Twitter @JDiPaola_Trib.

Go online for a photo gallery from Saturday’s game.


Presidents hold off upset-minded Bethany STAFF REPORTS

Pete Coughlin tossed a 57 yard pass to Jesse Zubik for the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter, and Washington & Jefferson (5-1, 3-1) held off upset-minded Bethany (1-6, 0-5) for a 37-36 PAC win. Coughlin finished 17 of 31 for 320 yards and three scores. Zubik reeled in seven of those for 235 yards and two touchdowns. For Bethany, quarterback Chase Kinemond racked up 392 yards and four total touchdowns passing and running. No. 17 Thomas More 40, Waynesburg 7 — Thomas More (6-1, 5-0) scored 30 points in the second half and finished with 593 yards of offense in its PAC win at Waynesburg (2-5, 2-3). Brenan Kuntz went 18 of 24 for 230 yards, including a 40-yard touchdown pass to Daylin Garland, who finished with nine receptions and 135 yards receiving. Waynesburg’s lone score came on a Ta’Vaughn Johnson 97-yard kickoff return in the third quarter. Case Western Reserve 48, Thiel 21 — Rob Cuda threw for 340 yards and two touchdowns to lead Case Western

Reserve (6-0, 5-0) to a PAC win against Thiel (2-4, 1-3). Cuda added three rushing touchdowns, and Brendan Lynch caught seven passes for 219 yards and TDs of 60 and 72 yards. Ryan Radke rushed for 142 yards and a touchdown for Thiel. Depauw 69, Allegheny 21 — Depauw (5-1) scored 35 points in the first quarter as it racked up 661 yards of offense in its win at Allegheny (1-5). Logan Lee paced Allegheny with 288 passing yards and two TDs to Alex Victor, who caught seven passes for 219 yards. Westminster 52, Grove City 23 — Paul Columbo threw for 204 yards and four touchdowns as Westminster (5-1, 3-1) jumped to a 52-3 lead in the third quarter on way to its PAC win at Grove City (0-7, 0-5). Caleb Jakiel tossed for 231 yards and an 87-yard touchdown to Nick Ponikvar in the loss. Carnegie Mellon 29, Geneva 10 — The Tartans (3-3, 3-2) held Geneva (2-4, 1-3) to 102 yards and got 206 yards and two touchdowns on 16-for-31 passing from quarterback Alex Cline in a PAC win.

NCAA Division I FCS

St. Francis (Pa.) 38, Bryant 3 — Zane Stewart recorded two sacks and had an interception as St. Francis (Pa.) (4-3, 2-0) held Bryant (2-4, 1-1) to 158 yards, including minus-9 rushing, in an NEC win. Jalen Wells returned an interception 40 yards for a touchdown, and Kamron Lewis caught 10 passes for 129 yards and a touchdown for the Red Flashes.

Division II

No. 7 Cal (Pa.) 48, Clarion 20 — Cal racked up 616 yards of offense as the Vulcans (6-0, 4-0) dominated Clarion (2-5, 1-3) in PSAC West play. Nick Grissom ran for 255 yards on 32 carries and two touchdowns, and Michael Keir completed 27 of 36 for 307 yards and three scores. No. 13 IUP 48, No. 16 Slippery Rock 19 — IUP (5-1, 3-1) jumped out to a 38-6 lead in the second quarter and did not look back in a PSAC West win at home against Slippery Rock (5-2, 2-2). Lenny Williams went 11 of 19 for 244 yards passing with two touchdown

passes. Williams added a rushing touchdown in the second quarter, and Allen Wright finished the day with 185 yards and a pair of touchdowns on six catches. Don King III led Slippery Rock with 179 yards passing on 16 of 25 passing, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Edinboro 45, Mercyhurst 16 — Jake Sisson threw for 435 yards and four touchdowns to lead Edinboro (6-1, 3-1) to a PSAC West victory at Mercyhurst (2-5, 1-3). Ta’Nauz Gregory, James Clark and Alex Caratelli all broke 100 yards receiving and caught touchdowns for Edinboro. Richie Sanders ran for 119 yards and a touchdown for Mercyhurst. Gannon 34, Seton Hill 12 — In the 300th game of Gannon’s program, the Golden Knights forced five Seton Hill (4-3, 1-3) turnovers in its PSAC West win. Nathan Adams had eight tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble for Gannon (4-3, 1-3), which forced the Griffins to minus-19 yards rushing. Christian Strong threw for 347 yards for Seton Hill.


Jake Sisson, Edinboro: Threw for 435 yards and 4 TDs Jesse Zubik, W&J: Seven catches for 235 yards and 2 TDs SATURDAY’S SCORES

NCAA Division I FCS St. Francis (Pa.) 38, Bryant 3 Robert Morris at Duquesne (n) NCAA Division II Cal (Pa.) 48, Clarion 20 Edinboro 45, Mercyhurst 16 Gannon 34, Seton Hill 12 IUP 48, Slippery Rock 19 NCAA Division III Carnegie Mellon 29, Geneva 10 Case Western Reserve 48, Thiel 21 DePauw 69, Allegheny 21 Thomas More 40, Waynesburg 7 Westminster 52, Grove City 23 Washington & Jefferson 37, Bethany 36

B4 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016





SUMMARY West Virginia Texas Tech

10 7

14 0

3 3

21 — 48 7 — 17

First quarter WVU—J.Crawford 10 run (Molina kick), 9:30 TT—Giles 44 pass from Mahomes (Hatfield kick), 1:51 WVU—FG Molina 34, :17 Second quarter WVU—J.Crawford 5 pass from S.Howard (Molina kick), 7:03 WVU—S.Howard 8 run (Molina kick), 4:22 Third quarter TT—FG Hatfield 42, 10:04 WVU—FG Molina 22, 6:04 Fourth quarter WVU—S.Howard 1 run (Molina kick), 14:51 WVU—Shell 14 run (Molina kick), 10:24 TT—Giles 16 pass from Shimonek (Hatfield kick), 8:13 WVU—Shell 3 run (Molina kick), 2:16 A—54,111. TEAM STATISTICS

WVU 28 46-332 318 21-31-0 29 1-26.0 0-0 9-95 29:38

First downs Rushes-Yards Passing Comp-Att-Int Return yards Punts-Avg. Fumbles-Lost Penalties-Yards Time of possession

TT 21 27-34 345 32-50-1 92 4-35.5 1-0 10-103 30:22

INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS RUSHING—West Virginia, Shell 21-104, McKoy 4-99, S.Howard 12-89, J.Crawford 7-42, Wellman 2-(minus 2). Texas Tech, D.Ward 6-27, Felton 5-18, Stockton 2-5, Nunez 1-(minus 6), Mahomes 13-(minus 10). PASSING—West Virginia, S.Howard 21-31-0-318. Texas Tech, Shimonek 4-6-0-40, Mahomes 2844-1-305. RECEIVING—West Virginia, Ka.White 7-67, Durante 4-83, Gibson 4-14, D.Shorts 3-100, Jennings 1-47, J.Crawford 1-5, Shell 1-2. Texas Tech, Giles 8-136, Coutee 6-61, Stockton 5-21, Batson 5-19, Sadler 4-93, Lauderdale 2-14, Felton 2-1. MISSED FIELD GOALS—West Virginia, Molina 43. AP

BIG 12 STANDINGS Conference W-L PF PA Baylor 3-0 129 73 Oklahoma 3-0 135 103 West Virginia 2-0 65 33 Oklahoma State 2-1 111 97 TCU 2-1 111 95 Kansas State 1-2 77 93 Texas Tech 1-2 110 111 Texas 0-2 71 94 Iowa State 0-3 93 124 Kansas 0-3 49 128

West Virginia’s Skyler Howard (3) celebrates with Trevon Wesco after scoring a touchdown against Texas Tech on Saturday.

Overall W-L PF PA 6-0 262 103 4-2 241 198 5-0 164 97 4-2 244 172 4-2 241 180 3-3 188 126 3-3 293 241 2-3 205 198 1-5 160 201 1-5 132 214

West Virginia remains unbeaten QB Howard accounts for 3 TDs in rout of Texas Tech




LUBBOCK, Texas — Skyler Howard and his West Virginia teammates have had a goal all season to score at least 40 points. They did it and then some on Saturday as the 20th-ranked Mountaineers shut down Texas Tech, 48-17. Howard ran for two touchdowns and threw for another to keep the Mountaineers unbeaten and in the hunt for the Big 12 title. “It shows that we can do it,” Howard said. “It all goes back to the confidence.” The Mountaineers (5-0, 2-0 Big 12)

No. 11 Baylor 49, Kansas 7 No. 19 Oklahoma 38, Kansas State 17 No. 20 West Virginia 48, Texas Tech 17 Iowa State at Texas (n)

OCT. 22

Oklahoma State at Kansas, noon Texas at Kansas State, noon TCU at No. 20 West Virginia, 3:30 p.m. No. 19 Oklahoma at Texas Tech, 8 p.m.

Go online for a photo gallery from Saturday’s game.

held Texas Tech (3-3, 1-2) to its lowest offensive output this season, just 379 yards, and harassed quarterback Patrick Mahomes most of the day. He threw for 305 yards, his second-lowest passing total of the season, and was replaced in the fourth quarter by Nic Shimonek. A 14-point turnaround in the second quarter helped the Mountaineers gain momentum. Sean Walters’ interception at the West Virginia 11 led to a touchdown pass from Howard to Justin Crawford at the other end of the field to put the Mountaineers up 17-7. “We made some plays, got a good lead,” Mountaineers coach Dana Holgorsen said. “We were able to control the ball and shorten the

game. That’s, in a perfect world, what we wanted to happen and that’s what happened.” Howard completed 21 of 31 passes for 318 yards. Hopewell product Rushel Shell, who finished with 104 yards rushing for West Virginia, scored two rushing touchdowns in the fourth quarter as the Mountaineers pulled away. The Mountaineers got solid play from their defense all game, adding to the mojo the offense felt, Howard said. “It’s always good when the other side of the ball is doing great,” he said. “The whole team has confidence.” Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said his team’s performance


THE RUNDOWN 1. ALABAMA (7-0) beat No. 9 Tennessee, 49-10 Next: Saturday vs. No. 6 Texas A&M


2. OHIO STATE (5-0) at No. 8 Wisconsin (n) Next: Saturday at Penn State


3. CLEMSON (7-0) beat N.C. State 24-17 (OT) Next: Oct. 29 at No. 14 Florida State

UNC topples No. 16 Miami

4. MICHIGAN (6-0) did not play Next: Saturday vs. Illinois 5. WASHINGTON (6-0) did not play Next: Saturday vs. Oregon State 6. TEXAS A&M (6-0) did not play Next: Saturday at No. 1 Alabama


Mitch Trubisky threw two touchdown passes, Malik Carney forced a turnover with 1:31 left to thwart Miami’s last chance at a rally and North Carolina knocked off the 16th-ranked Hurricanes, 20-13, on Saturday. Bug Howard had 10 catches for 156 yards for North Carolina, which rebounded in a big way from last weekend’s blowout loss against Virginia Tech. Trubisky completed 33 of 46 passes for 299 yards. No. 1 Alabama 49, No. 9 Tennessee 10 — Jalen Hurts and Bo Scarbrough each rushed for over 100 yards and Alabama again got points from its defense and special teams. No. 10 Nebraska 27, Indiana 22 — Tommy Armstrong Jr. hooked up with Stanley Morgan Jr. on a 72-yard touchdown pass with 9:57 left to play, helping Nebraska hold on. No. 11 Baylor 49, Kansas 7 — Seth Russell threw two touchdowns and ran for two more while playing only the first half, and Ryan Reid returned the first of his two interceptions for a score to keep Baylor undefeated. Kansas has lost 36 consecutive road games since winning at UTEP seven years ago. No. 14 Florida State 17, Wake Forest 6 — Travis Rudolph had a career-high 13 receptions for 238 yards as Florida State overcame three turnovers. Syracuse 31, No. 17 Virginia Tech 17 — Eric Dungey accounted for 417 yards and two touchdowns, and Syracuse earned its first win over a ranked opponent since 2012. No. 18 Florida 40, Missouri 14 — Jalen Tabor and Quincy Wilson returned interceptions for touchdowns, helping Florida move into first place in the SEC Eastern Division. No. 19 Oklahoma 38, Kansas State 17 — Baker Mayfield completed 25 of 31 passes for 346 yards and four touchdowns, and Dede Westbrook contributed nine receptions for 184 yards and three touchdowns to lead Oklahoma. No. 21 Utah 19, Oregon State 14 — Joe Williams came out of retirement and ran for a 5-yard first-quarter touchdown to lift Utah in wet and windy conditions. No. 24 Western Michigan 41, Akron 0 — Jarvion Franklin rushed for a school-record 281 yards as Western Michigan — ranked in the Top 25 this week for the first time in school history — rolled.

was embarrassing and not what he expected. “It’s the worst I’ve seen since I’ve been associated with Texas Tech,” he said. “We seemed intimidated, and they took it.” Kingsbury said some missed practices might be affecting Mahomes’ rhythm with the team. Holgorsen, though, thought the junior quarterback was off a bit physically. “Mahomes, he needs to get healthy,” Holgorsen said. “You can tell he’s not quite 100 percent right now. But the way he keeps it alive, I’ve never seen anything like it. He keeps his eyes down field, makes any throw that you want him to. I mean, he’s a fantastic player.”


N.C. State kicker Kyle Bambard misses a 33-yard field-goal attempt at the end of regulation against Clemson on Saturday, sending the game into overtime.

NO. 3 CLEMSON 24, N.C. STATE 17 (OT)

Misses save Tigers Wolfpack FG try at end of regulation goes wide right

Clemson’s perfect start. Instead, Kyle Bambard pushed the kick right and sent most of the 82,104 at Death Valley into hysterics. ASSOCIATED PRESS “I kind of looked up, and I saw it started to sail, then I closed CLEMSON, S.C. — Dabo my eyes because I couldn’t beSwinney rolled forward out of lieve it was actually happening,” his crouch, exhaled deeply and Clemson defensive end Christian slapped the ground. The Clem- Wilkins said. “I waited for the son coach knew how fortunate crowd to cheer. They messed up the third-ranked Tigers were to because they gave us another escape with their latest victory. chance.” “There’s something to be Given new life, Clemson said for finding a way to win,” responded like defending ACC Swinney said. “And there’s some- champions. The Tigers converted thing to be said for knowing how a fourth-and-1 to keep their overto win.” time the drive going, and then A little luck doesn’t hurt either. Deshaun Watson connected with The Tigers (7-0, 4-0 ACC) needed Artavis Scott on a go-ahead 10all of it to squeak past N.C. State, yard touchdown pass. Marcus 24-17, in overtime Saturday. Edmond intercepted Wolfpack The Wolfpack (4-2, 1-1) were quarterback Ryan Finley’s deep a 33-yard field goal away at the throw into the end zone to keep end of regulation from quashing the Tigers undefeated and on

track for the league title game and the College Football Playoff. It wasn’t the prettiest effort for Clemson, which gave up 397 yards and turned it over four times — including Watson’s first-ever pick six — to the Wolfpack. But it made it two straight heart-stopping home games for the Tigers, who trailed 36-28 to Louisville before rallying with two touchdowns in the final 8 minutes. “It’s about faith and belief,” said Watson, who finished 39 of 52 for 378 yards and two touchdowns. “It’s what we had to do to get the ‘W.’ ” Bambard was 1 for 4 on fieldgoal attempts. “At the same time, we could’ve stopped them one more time,” North Carolina State cornerback Mike Stevens said. “It’s on the whole team. I’m not pointing fingers.”

7. LOUISVILLE (5-1) beat Duke, 24-14 (Friday) Next: Saturday vs. N.C. State 8. WISCONSIN (4-1) vs. No. 2 Ohio State (n) Next: Saturday at Iowa 9. TENNESSEE (5-2) lost to No. 1 Alabama, 49-10 Next: Oct. 29 at South Carolina 10. NEBRASKA (6-0) beat Indiana, 27-22 Next: Saturday vs. Purdue 11. BAYLOR (6-0) beat Kansas, 49-7 Next: Oct. 29 at Texas 12. MISSISSIPPI (3-2) at No. 22 Arkansas (n) Next: Saturday at LSU 13. HOUSTON (5-1) vs. Tulsa (n) Next: Saturday at SMU 14. FLORIDA STATE (5-2) beat Wake Forest, 17-6 Next: Oct. 29 vs. No. 3 Clemson 15. BOISE STATE (5-0) vs. Colorado State (n) Next: Thursday vs. BYU 16. MIAMI (4-2) lost to North Carolina, 20-13 Next: Thursday at No. 17 Virginia Tech 17. VIRGINIA TECH (4-2) lost to Syracuse, 31-17 Next: Thursday vs. No. 16 Miami 18. FLORIDA (5-1) beat Missouri, 40-14 Next: Oct. 29 vs. Georgia 19. OKLAHOMA (4-2) beat Kansas State, 38-17 Next: Saturday at Texas Tech 20. WEST VIRGINIA (5-0) beat Texas Tech, 48-17 Next: Saturday vs. TCU 21. UTAH (6-1) beat Oregon State, 19-14 Next: Saturday at UCLA 22. ARKANSAS (4-2) vs. No. 12 Mississippi (n) Next: Saturday at No. 23 Auburn 23. AUBURN (4-2) did not play Next: Saturday vs. No. 22 Arkansas 24. WESTERN MICHIGAN (7-0) beat Akron, 41-0 Next: Saturday vs. Eastern Michigan 25. NAVY (4-1) did not play Next: Saturday vs. Memphis

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · B5



Greensburg Salem’s Kara Uhlinger hits against Obama Academy on Thursday. “We definitely had to work through some hardships. We rely on each other a lot, and we definitely feel each other’s energy,” the sophomore said.

Young lineup responding for GS Golden Eagles girls volleyball team on chase for 1st section championship since ’11 season by


With five sophomores and three juniors in its starting rotation, the Greensburg Salem girls volleyball team believes it has a promising future. However, the Golden Lions think this season could be pretty good, too. Already, the team has qualified for the WPIAL playoffs and hopes to win a section title for the first time since 2011. “It’s so great,” sophomore setter Kara Uhlinger said. “We’ve worked so hard over the summer and all through the school year.” Greensburg Salem (6-2 Section 1-AAA) got even younger when senior outside hitter Brianna Finoli suffered a knee injury in the team’s first section match. “We’re working on building confidence and the team atmosphere of helping to pick each other up. Chemistry and who the girls are playing with and how they respond are big things,” coach Taylor Guido said. “The girls are definitely getting used to each other. That sophomore class played ninth grade and (Junior Olympic) volleyball together. Now,

they’re at the JV and varsity level playing together. We were trying to bridge the gap between the sophomores and upperclassmen. It’s paying off because they’re all clicking now.” The season has been a learning process for the young Golden Lions. “We definitely had to work through some hardships. We rely on each other a lot, and we definitely feel each other’s energy. If one person can get up, that’ll help the rest of us. So one person can make the difference,” Uhlinger said. “We just need to continue to make sure there’s no drama and think of each other as family and teammates and push through.” Guido, in her first year as coach, is happy with the team’s progress. “Yes, they are young and they are learning, but they are extremely hard on themselves. That is awesome to some extent, but detrimental to some extent, too,” she said. “We’re not only working on building confidence but also composure. I’ve told them to confidently respond to situations and not react to them because they are two totally different things. I can see a difference in the players responding and reacting just by how they carry themselves now. Unless you’re playing and really in those situations, you’re not going to learn from them.” Juniors Taylor Sharp, Emily Earle and


OLSH clinches playoff spot STAFF REPORTS

Tyler Bradley threw four touchdown passes and ran for a score to lead Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (5-2, 4-2) to a 62-21 win over Union (3-5, 2-4) in Class A Big Seven conference action. With the win, the Chargers clinched the first WPIAL playoff berth in school history. Bradley, who finished with 276 yards passing, connected with Marcus Jenkins for a pair of touchdown passes. Austin Wigley led the Chargers with 118 yards rushing and two TDs. Charleroi 26, Burgettstown 23 — Dakota Romantino caught a 48-yard touchdown pass from Geno Pellegrini with 4:02 left to give

Charleroi (4-4, 1-4) a comeback win over Burgettstown (4-2, 4-2) in the Class 2A Century Conference. Avonworth 28, Shady Side Academy 13 — Garrett Day, who rushed for 203 yards on 17 carries, scored from 46 yards in the third quarter for Avonworth (3-4) to seal a nonconference victory over Shady Side Academy (0-7). Frazier 27, Imani Christian 26 — Frazier (4-4) intercepted six passes, and Chistopher Pierce and Damon Lovis had first-half touchdown runs in a nonconference win. Kenny Robinson was 21 for 36 for 448 yards and two secondhalf touchdowns for Imani Christian (2-5).

Kenzie Beveridge join sophomores Erica Steele, Mya Berger, Malia Anderson and Uhlinger in the starting lineup. “I am really proud of everyone. I think the younger girls have stepped up and worked really hard. The older girls have taken on leadership roles and mentored the younger girls, too,” Uhlinger said. “It’ll be crazy being in the playoffs. Two years ago, I think we were 1-13. It’s really significant because we haven’t won a section title since 2011. (Our progress) shows how hard everyone has worked.” Greensburg Salem believes getting that postseason experience is another step in the learning process. “They have grown a lot this season and they have learned to execute game plans and trying to play together as a team,” Guido said. “We’re hoping that carries into the playoffs.” The Golden Lions are just happy to be playing important matches at this point in the season. “It’s really awesome. I think it’s cool to share the experience with all these girls I’ve been friends with since elementary school,” Uhlinger said. “I think it’s cool that so many girls will be coming back next year, so we should be good again then, too.” Joe Sager is a freelance writer.

Class 6A Team Rec. 1. Central Catholic 7-1 2. North Allegheny 6-2 3. Pine-Richland 5-3 4. Seneca Valley 4-3 5. Bethel Park 4-3 Out: None Class 5A 1. West Allegheny 7-0 2. Armstrong 6-1 3. McKeesport 6-1 4. Woodland Hills 6-1 5. Upper St. Clair 5-2 Out: None Class 4A 1. Thomas Jefferson 7-0 2. South Fayette 8-0 3. Mars 6-2 4. Belle Vernon 6-1 5. Ringgold 5-2 Out: West Mifflin (7-1, 4) Class 3A 1. Beaver 6-1 2. Keystone Oaks 6-1 3. Aliquippa 6-2 4. Beaver Falls 6-1 5. Central Valley 6-2 Out: None Class 2A 1. Steel Valley 7-0 2. Washington 7-0 3. Neshannock 7-1 4. Riverside 5-2 5. Chartiers-Houston 6-2 Out: None Class A 1. Clairton 7-0 2. Jeannette 8-0 3. Rochester 7-0 4. Fort Cherry 7-0 5. Northgate 6-1 Out: None

Pvs. 1 2 3 4 5 1 3 5 4 2 1 3 5 2 -2 3 4 5 1 1 2 3 5 4 1 2 3 4 5


Boys Class AAAA Team Rec. 1. Seneca Valley 14-0-1 2. Peters Township 11-1-3 3. North Allegheny 10-2-5 4. Allderdice 13-1-1 5. Penn-Trafford 158-1 Out: Norwin (12-4-1, 5) Class AAA 1. Thomas Jefferson 16-1 2. Mars 13-2-1 3. Montour 14-2-1 4. Chartiers Valley 12-4 5. Belle Vernon 12-3 Out: None Class AA 1. South Park 14-2-1 2. Freeport 14-1-1 3. Quaker Valley 12-4-1 4. Shady Side Acad. 11-1-1 5. Waynesburg 13-1 Out: None

Pvs. 1 2 3 4 — 1 2 3 4 5 1 4 3 2 5

Class A 1. Seton-La Salle 2. Sewickley Acad. 3. St. Joseph 4. Greensburg C.C. 5. CW N. Catholic Out: None Girls Class AAAA Team 1. Norwin 2. Canon-McMillan 3. Penn-Trafford 4. Fox Chapel 5. Pine-Richland Out: None Class AAA 1. Moon 2. Mars 3. South Park 4. Montour 5. Oakland Catholic Out: None Class AA 1. Freedom 2. Waynesburg 3. Freeport 4. Highlands 5. Beaver Out: None Class A 1. Greensburg C.C. 2. Bentworth 3. Shady Side Acad. 4. Mohawk 5. Vincentian Out: None

17-0 13-4 15-2 14-1 15-2-1

2 1 3 4 5

Rec. 15-0-1 14-0-1 13-3-1 12-4 10-4-2

Pvs. 1 2 4 3 5

16-1 9-2-2 13-1-2 11-2-3 14-1-1

1 2 5 4 3

16-0 14-2 12-3-1 9-2-3 11-3

1 2 3 4 5

15-1 13-1 11-3 12-4 12-2-2

1 2 3 4 5

Girls volleyball

Class AAAA Team Rec. 1. North Allegheny 8-1 2. Seneca Valley 8-1 3. Oakland Catholic 11-0 4. Hempfield 8-1 5. Armstrong 9-1 Out: Upper St. Clair (9-2, 4) Class AAA 1. Thomas Jefferson 10-0 2. West Allegheny 10-0 3. Knoch 11-0 4. Hampton 9-1 5. South Fayette 7-3 Out: Gateway (6-2, 5) Class AA 1. Freeport 11-0 2. Beaver 11-0 3. Serra Catholic 10-0 4. Shenango 10-0 5. Waynesburg 10-1 Out: Seton-La Salle (8-2, 5) Class A 1. Greensburg C.C. 12-0 2. Frazier 12-0 3. OLSH 12-0 4. Fort Cherry 12-0 5. Bishop Canevin 11-1 Out: None

Pvs. 2 1 3 — 5 1 2 3 4 — 1 2 3 4 — 1 2 3 4 5

B6 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

NFLGAMEDAYWEEK 6 FOURDOWNS Written by Chris Adamski, “Four Downs” is a weekly feature composed of quick-hit thoughts and analysis on the Steelers and the NFL.

WHAT TO ESPN NFL CouNtdowN, 11 a.m. NBC FootbaLL Night iN ameriCa, 7 p.m. · CoLts at texaNs, 8:20 p.m. WATCH CBS NFL today, NooN · steeLers at doLphiNs, 1 p.m. Fox Fox NFL suNday, NooN · eagLes at redskiNs, 1 p.m. · Cowboys at paCkers, 4:25 p.m.





Ben Roethlisberger is generating plenty of early-season MVP chatter — and for good reason. He leads the NFL in touchdown passes and is fourth in passing yards and passer rating. Now, just imagine if he played all his games at Heinz Field. Over the past three seasons — more than enough time for it to be a mere aberration or small sample size — Roethlisberger’s home/road splits are striking: His touchdown-to-interception ratio at Heinz Field is 51 to 13, while in other stadiums it is 17 to 16. He’s averaging 341.5 passing yards at home; 286.3 on the road. His passer rating splits (111.5 to 88.3) and, most notably, win-loss record (14-3 to 9-7) also differ greatly when he plays the majority of a home game as opposed to one away from home. And while Roethlisberger is riding the third-longest streak of home games with a touchdown pass (41), he has an away-game streak, too. He has thrown at least one interception in every road game he has played the past two seasons.


Five weeks into the season, there’s just one winless team left: Of course, the Browns. Despite an overtime loss in Miami, they largely h ave earned it, too: They’re last in the league in point differential. Can Cleveland become just the second 0-16 team in NFL history? The combined records of their remaining opponents is 29-27. Perhaps their best hopes for wins are home games against the two New York teams and Sunday at Tennessee. Cleveland already has used five quarterbacks. Who knows who might be under center New Year’s Day for the season finale at Heinz Field?


Rodgers, Packers aim to slow down Cowboys, rookie QB Prescott ASSOCIATED PRESS

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott’s NFL career is off to a great start. Veteran Aaron Rodgers is looking for more consistency in Green Bay. It’s a surprise that the Cowboys’ young signal-caller has been more accurate than the two-time NFL MVP more than a month into the season. They will meet for the first time on Sunday when Dallas (4-1) visits Lambeau Field to face the Packers (3-1). Prescott, fourth in the league in completion percentage at 69 percent, has yet to throw an interception. Rodgers is 31st in the NFL at 56 percent with three picks. “He looks like he’s played in the offense for q quite some time,” , Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy

said about Prescott. “He’s done a really good job particularly ... as far as his decisions with where he goes with the football.” Quite impressive for a rookie who took over after veteran Tony Romo went down with a back injury in the preseason. Prescott has attempted 155 passes without an interception, second most by a quarterback to start his NFL career behind New England’s Tom Brady (162). Prescott is off to the best interception-free start for a rookie. “I’ve got high expectations for myself,” Prescott said. “I only want to get better.” It sure helps to be able to hand the ball off to the league’s leading rusher in rookie Ezekiel Elliott (109.2 yards per game). Rodgers’ completion Rodgers percentage might be uncharacteristically low, though it’s not

like the Packers offense is stuck in neutral. Rodgers has thrown nine touchdown passes, five to Jordy Nelson. Green Bay amassed a seasonhigh 406 yards in total offense in last week’s 23-16 victory over the New York Giants, when Rodgers showed vintage touch with a sideline pass to Davante Adams for a 29-yard score. But given the high standards set by McCarthy’s offenses in recent years, Green Bay’s choppy start does stand out. Penalties maligned a couple other big plays last week. Timing seems to be just a touch off at times, and there have been uncharacteristic drops by receivers. “I’m not worried about that at all happen ” all. Those things happen,” Rodgers said. “I missed some passes. Those guys shouldn’t be worried about me, either. We’re going to get better. We’re not going to have inconsistent performances like that.”


Ready to write off the reigning NFC champion Panthers? Did you think there was no hope for the Chargers before Thursday night’s win against Denver? Maybe not. Though Carolina and San Diego each opened the season 1-4, a team that was three or more games under .500 after Week 5 or later has rebounded to make the playoffs six times over the past six seasons. Last season, Kansas City (1-5 to 11-5) and Houston (1-4 and 2-5 to 9-7) did it.

4. FANTASY START: QB Carson Palmer, Cardinals. His concussion behind him, Palmer gets to feast on a passing defense (the Jets) that is second worst in yardage and tied for fourth worst at allowing touchdowns. BENCH: RB Matt Jones, Redskins. Jones is treated as a fantasy No. 1 RB — but why? He has had just two career games in which he has had more than 65 rushing yards, and he has had a touchdown in just five of 18 career games. SLEEPER: WR Jeremy Maclin, Chiefs. He has been quiet this season (no touchdowns since Week 1, no games with more than 78 yards receiving), but Maclin faces the NFL’s worst pass defense and should benefit from the return, in earnest, of RB Jamaal Charles.

Dennis Byrd, a former Jets defensive lineman who recovered from a serious spinal injury to walk again, was killed in a head-on car crash Saturday in Claremore, Okla., according to multiple reports. He was 50.

The Redskins will be without tight end Jordan Reed for their NFC East showdown with the Eagles. Reed was downgraded from questionable to out because of a concussion.

Quarterback Cam Newton was cleared from the NFL’s concussion program and can play when the Panthers visit the Saints. — Wire reports



W New England ..... 4 Buffalo ...............3 N.Y. Jets .............1 Miami.................1 SOUTH Houston .............3 Tennessee...........2 Indianapolis ........2 Jacksonville ........1 NORTH Steelers .......4 Baltimore ...........3 Cincinnati ...........2 Cleveland........... 0 WEST Oakland............. 4 Denver............... 4 Kansas City .........2 San Diego...........2

L 1 2 4 4

T 0 0 0 0

Pct .800 .600 .200 .200

PF 114 117 92 88

PA 74 87 136 119

2 3 3 3

0 0 0 0

.600 .400 .400 .250

82 92 137 84

104 101 148 111

1 2 3 5

0 0 0 0

.800 .600 .400 .000

139 94 92 87

93 88 110 148

1 2 2 4

0 0 0 0

.800 .667 .500 .333

142 140 83 173

137 108 92 155



W Dallas................ 4 Philadelphia .......3 Washington........3 N.Y. Giants..........2 SOUTH Atlanta.............. 4 Tampa Bay..........2 New Orleans .......1 Carolina..............1 NORTH Minnesota ..........5 Green Bay ...........3 Detroit................2 Chicago...............1 WEST Seattle................3 Los Angeles ........3 Arizona...............2 San Francisco ......1

L 1 1 2 3

T 0 0 0 0

Pct .800 .750 .600 .400

PF 129 115 115 89

PA 91 51 122 108

1 3 3 4

0 0 0 0

.800 .400 .250 .200

175 94 114 123

140 142 130 135

0 1 3 4

0 0 0 0

1.000 .750 .400 .200

119 98 119 85

63 83 125 126

1 2 3 4

0 0 0 0

.750 .600 .400 .200

79 82 125 111

54 106 101 140


PLAYER Matt Ryan, ATL Philip Rivers, SD Andy Dalton, CIN


49ers (+8 ⁄2) at Bills: Bills seeking to win four straight for first time since opening 2008 season 4-0. ... QB Colin Kaepernick takes over as 49ers starter after Blaine Gabbert benched. Bengals (+71⁄2) at Patriots: Patriots QB Tom Brady had streak of 52 straight games with at least one TD pass ended in 2013 loss at Bengals, who haven’t won in New England since 1986. Browns (+71⁄2) at Titans: Browns 0-5 for second time since 2012. Cleveland hasn’t been 0-6 since dropping first seven as expansion team in 1999. ... Titans QB Marcus Mariota is second QB to have four four-TD games in first 17 starts, joining Charlie Conerly of New York Giants (1948-49) Eagles (-3) at Redskins: Eagles QB Carson Wentz has seven TD passes, two away from breaking Donovan McNabb’s team record for rookies. ... Redskins have forced turnover in 11 consecutive regular-season games. Jaguars (+11⁄2) at Bears: Jaguars are 4-21 on road in coach Gus Bradley’s four seasons, including 0-6 against NFC teams. ... Jaguars QB Blake Bortles seeking 1

consecutive turnover-free games for just second time in his career. Panthers (-21⁄2) at Saints: Panthers seeking to avoid first 1-5 start since 2012, the last season they failed to win NFC South. Only eight of 128 NFL teams have started 1-4 and made postseason since 1990. Rams (+3) at Lions: DT Aaron Donald (Pitt) had career-high three sacks last season against Detroit and has two sacks in past two games this year. ... Lions WR Anquan Boldin has TD catch last three games against Rams and more TD catches (10) against them than vs. any other team. Ravens (+31⁄2) at Giants: Marty Mornhinweg’s first game as offensive coordinator, replacing fired Marc Trestman in Baltimore. ... Nineteen of Ravens’ last 21 games decided by eight points or less. ... New York needs one win for 700 in franchise history, joining Bears and Packers.

4:05 P.M. TODAY

Chiefs (-11⁄2) at Raiders: Kansas City QB Alex Smith is 7-1 in career vs. Oakland with 18 TDs, three INTs and 106.1 rating. ... Oakland is 6-1 when WR Amari Cooper tops 100 yards.

4:25 P.M. TODAY

Falcons (+6 ⁄2) at Seahawks: Matchup of Falcons’ No. 1 ranked offense and Seahawks’ No. 1 ranked defense. ... WR Julio Jones had 11 catches in only career game vs. Seahawks, in 2011. ... First meeting between Dan Quinn, former Seahawks defensive coordinator, and Pete Carroll. 1

8:30 P.M. TODAY

Colts (+3) at Texans: Colts QB Andrew Luck has won 14 of past 15 starts vs. AFC South and threw for 370 yards and three TDs in last game against Houston. Texans QB Brock Osweiler has thrown six TDs with seven INTs this season. He is 3-0 at home.

8:30 P.M. MONDAY

Jets (+71⁄2) at Cardinals: Jets opponents have 2.97 yards per carry, fewest allowed by franchise through five games since 1970. ... Jets have not played at Arizona since 2004. ... Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald has catch in 184 consecutive games, Jets WR Brandon Marshall has one in 149 straight games, longest two active streaks in NFL. — AP

Yards TDs INTs 1,740 12 2 1,647 12 3 1,503 5 2


PLAYER Marvin Jones, DET A.J. Green, CIN Julio Jones, ATL

Rec. Yards TDs 27 519 3 36 518 2 24 517 3


PLAYER Ezekiel Elliott, DAL DeMarco Murray, TEN David Johnson, ARI

Att. Yards TDs 109 546 5 93 461 3 91 457 5


PLAYER Marcus Peters, KC 4 tied with 3 16 tied with 2

Tot. 4


PLAYER Zach Brown, BUF Luke Kuechly, CAR Kiko Alonso, MIA

Solo Assist Tot. 40 20 60 40 17 57 26 24 50


PLAYER Von Miller, DEN Lorenzo Alexander, BUF 2 tied with 6

Tot. 71⁄2 7

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · B7




WRadded to 53-man by


Short of healthy receivers, the Steelers promoted Cobi Hamilton from the practice squad Saturday. To make room for Hamilton on the 53-man roster, the Steelers waived cornerback Al-Hajj Shabazz. Markus Wheaton injured his shoulder for the second time this season and won’t play Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, and Sammie Coates is questionable with a laceration on his hand. Those injuries left the Steelers with only three healthy wide receivers: Antonio Brown, Darrius Heyward-Bey and Eli Rogers, who returned to practice this week after missing two games because of turf toe. The Steelers signed Hamilton in August, and he was part of the team’s final roster cuts. Hamilton also has been with Cincinnati (twice), Philadelphia, Miami and Carolina, although he has been on an active roster for just two games. He was a sixth-round selection by the Bengals in 2013 draft. Shabazz, a first-year player from Division II West Chester, was promoted from the practice squad last week and played six snaps on defense and 12 on special teams against the New York Jets.

Nothing for granted

Safety Mike Mitchell was impressed with the way the Steelers responded to a 34-3 loss at Philadelphia. Now, with the 4-1 Steelers heading back on the road to face the 1-4 Dolphins, he’s trying to remain grounded. “We have to be real careful,” Mitchell said earlier this week. “I hate when we start to do good and everyone gets real positive. I could be getting ornery as I get older, but I like to keep focused. “If you get to drinking your own Kool-Aid, that’s the quickest way to getting upset and getting your tail beat.”

Joe Rutter is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at [email protected] or via Twitter @tribjoerutter.

SCHEDULE All games broadcast on WDVE-FM (102.5) and WBGG-AM (970) Date Opp. Res./Time TV/Rec. 9.12 at Redskins W, 38-16 ESPN 9.18 Bengals W, 24-16 CBS 9.25 at Eagles L, 34-3 CBS 10.2 Chiefs W, 43-14 NBC 10.9 Jets W, 31-13 CBS 10.16 at Dolphins 1 p.m. CBS 10.23 Patriots 4:25 p.m. CBS 10.30 BYE WEEK 11.6 at Ravens 1 p.m. CBS 11.13 Cowboys 4:25 p.m. FOX 11.20 at Browns 1 p.m. CBS 11.24 at Colts 8:30 p.m. NBC 12.4 Giants 4:25 p.m. FOX 12.11 at Bills 1 p.m. CBS 12.18 at Bengals 8:30 p.m. NBC 12.25 Ravens 4:30 p.m. NFL 1.1 Browns 1p.m. CBS

TV GUIDE Provider CBS channel Dish Network 8131 DirecTV 2 Comcast Pittsburgh 6 Comcast East 2 Comcast Greensburg 2 Comcast Monroeville 3 Comcast South 3 Armstrong North 2 Armstrong Connellsville/ Mt. Pleasant 2 FiOS Pittsburgh 2 Atlantic Uniontown 2 Citizens 2 Laurel Stahlstown 2


The Steelers’ Jordan Dangerfield, auditioning for the third and last time on the practice squad, went from understudy to starter the past two weeks as safety Robert Golden recovered from a strained hamstring.

Practice squad paying dividends STEELERS · FROM B1

off with a chest ailment in Philadelphia. Chris Hubbard, volleyed from the active roster to the practice squad for three seasons, was pressed into a starting role at right tackle in Week 5 as Marcus Gilbert nursed a sore ankle. “They (offensive linemen) have had some adversity in recent weeks,” coach Mike Tomlin said. “I think you can just tip your cap to solid veteran guys that have been in the mix continually, (center) Maurkice Pouncey and (guard) David DeCastro, for dropping an anchor and being a good source of stability for the others that have come in and been able to put their hand in the pile.” Clearly, the Steelers’ playoff aspirations hinge greatly on the performance of players who were only a blip on the radar when training camp began nearly three months ago. Now, they will be counted on to deliver against the Dolphins on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. “You have to give credit to those guys for doing the work,” said Foster, who made two starts in 2009 after surviving the final cut as an undrafted free agent. “They all found a way to beat the odds. It isn’t hard to give up on a sport

when everything seems as if it’s against you.” Safety Mike Mitchell said Tomlin has created a culture in which every player, including third-stringers and practice squad players, aren’t undervalued. “As a player, sometimes you don’t know what they’re thinking upstairs,” Mitchell said. “But coach (Tomlin) is the kind of guy who tells you. He says repeatedly that you can be a guy on the practice squad and get your first start. Just look at Hubbard, Dangerfield and Finney. “I’ve been in organizations where coaches tell you to be ready. But you’re never going to be ready to play. We’re all counting on those guys to make a play. I call it football justice, and (tight end Xavier) Grimble is a perfect example of a guy on the practice squad last year who worked hard and was ultimately rewarded.” Grimble’s chance came when free agent signee Ladarius Green was put on injured reserve. Grimble, seemingly doomed by an up-and-down preseason, has five receptions and a touchdown. “We understood what our roles are,” Grimble said. “We were never out of the picture on the practice squad because they like to do in-house shopping for the talent

they’ve developed. “When I was on the practice squad in San Francisco, I didn’t feel like I was a part of the team. When I got here, I had to learn the offense as quickly as I could. My first impression was that I was getting a legit shot. “But you’ve got to be engaged and be ready,” he added. “The reality is players are going to get shuffled around because of injuries, so I made sure I was ready take advantage of my opportunity.” Linebacker Anthony Chickillo, who didn’t survive the final cut last year, was assigned to the practice squad last year before earning his way on the active roster late in the season. “You have to stay on top of everything,” he said. “You can’t allow yourself to fall behind because everyone is always fighting for a job. You can’t feel sorry for yourself. If you’re not where you want to be, you have to keep working and stay involved in the game plan. If you want to be a championship team, everyone has to contribute. Right now, we have a lot of guys contributing to our success.” Ralph N. Paulk is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at [email protected] or via Twitter @RalphPaulk_Trib.

Bad start has Dolphins QB under fire Tannehill, Miami’s starter since ’12, has 30-39 career record ASSOCIATED PRESS

DAVIE, Fla. — Steel Tannehill doesn’t care whether the Miami Dolphins win or lose, which makes his dad glad. The Dolphins are 1-4, and fans have been booing their quarterback, but at the end of the day, Ryan Tannehill can count on a warm welcome from his 2½-month-old son. “He’s like a better version of a dog,” Tannehill said with a laugh Wednesday. “Everyone knows there have been some tough times here. It’s always nice to be able to go home, even if it’s late, and get a smile before bed. It caps the day in a nice way.” While 2016 is far from a total loss for Tannehill thanks to the birth of his first child, things have gone downhill lately.

He was expected to have a breakout year under a new coach, quarterback guru Adam Gase, but instead the offense has been awful, and the Dolphins appear destined to miss the playoffs for the eighth season in a row. Tannehill has been the quarterback since his rookie year in 2012, and with his record at 30-39, fans are losing patience. They chanted for backup Matt Moore during Sunday’s loss to Tennessee. Moore predicted Tannehill will weather the situation. “Our guy is strong inside and out,” Moore said. “We understand how it is, and how it needs to be.” While teammates remain supportive of Tannehill, the locker room mood is strained. If not for a missed field goal by Cleveland on the final play of regulation in Week 3, the Dolphins would be the NFL’s only winless team, and they’re a touchdown


underdog at home Sunday against the Steelers. “It’s tough,” Tannehill said. “We’re nowhere near where we thought we were going to be. That’s the reality. We have one real option — to keep working and find a way to win games.” Gase is willing to shake things up. On Tuesday, he released offensive linemen Billy Turner and Dallas Thomas after they played poorly as emergency starters against the Titans. But Gase said publicly Tannehill is his quarterback for the rest of the season and has been encouraging in private. “He says to stay the course, keep doing everything I can to play the way I’m supposed to play, and good things will happen,” Tannehill said. If the season goes south, this might be Tannehill’s final season in Miami, because his salary is scheduled to nearly double to $18 million in 2017. “That’s so far away right

now,” Gase said. “I know everybody wants to rush to judgment. I mean, we’re five games in.” It’s difficult to envision a turnaround, however, unless the Dolphins solve their perennial problem with blocking. The running game has been nonexistent, and Tannehill endured six sacks by the Titans to increase his career total to 201, most in the NFL since 2012. He was hit several other times but didn’t rank the pounding as the worst he has taken in a game. “I’ve had a few rough ones,” he said. “Hopefully we can get the ball out and not have as many hits.” Critics say Tannehill holds the ball too long and is slow to react when the pocket starts to crumble. “If you’re getting hit from behind, it’s tough to move at that point,” he said. “But I need to be able to escape the pocket some.” So far this season, his only refuge is at home.

STEELERS No. 3 4 7 9 11 14 17 18 21 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 31 33 34 37 44 45 50 51 53 54 55 56 60 66 67 71 72 73 74 77 78 79 81 82 83 84 85 88 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98

Player Pos Ht Jones, Landry QB 6-4 Berry, Jordan P 6-5 Roethlisberger, Ben QB 6-5 Boswell, Chris K 6-2 Wheaton, Markus WR 5-11 Coates, Sammie WR 6-1 Rogers, Eli WR 5-10 Mettenberger, Zach QB 6-5 Golden, Robert S 5-11 Gay, William CB 5-10 Mitchell, Mike S 6-1 Gilbert, Justin CB 6-0 Burns, Artie CB 6-0 Bell, Le’Veon RB 6-1 Davis, Sean S 6-1 Thomas, Shamarko S 5-9 Cockrell, Ross CB 6-0 Toussaint, Fitzgerald RB 5-9 Williams, DeAngelo RB 5-9 Dangerfield, Jordan S 5-11 Matakevich, Tyler LB 6-1 Nix, Roosevelt FB 5-11 Shazier, Ryan LB 6-1 Johnson, Steven LB 6-1 Pouncey, Maurkice C 6-4 Fort, L.J. LB 6-0 Moats, Arthur LB 6-0 Chickillo, Anthony LB 6-3 Warren, Greg LS 6-3 DeCastro, David G 6-5 Finney, B.J. C/G 6-4 Feiler, Matt OT 6-6 Wallace, Cody C/G 6-4 Foster, Ramon G 6-5 Hubbard, Chris C/G 6-4 Gilbert, Marcus OT 6-6 Villanueva, Alejandro OT 6-9 Hargrave, Javon DT 6-2 James, Jesse TE 6-7 Johnson, David TE 6-2 Hamilton, Cobi WR 6-2 Brown, Antonio WR 5-10 Grimble, Xavier TE 6-4 Heyward-Bey, Darrius WR 6-2 Mathews, Ricardo DE 6-3 Tuitt, Stephon DE 6-6 Harrison, James LB 6-0 McCullers, Daniel DT 6-7 Timmons, Lawrence LB 6-1 Jones, Jarvis LB 6-3 Walton, L.T. DE 6-5 Heyward, Cameron DE 6-5 Williams, Vince LB 6-1

Wt 225 195 240 185 189 212 187 224 202 187 221 202 197 225 202 205 191 204 207 199 235 248 230 237 304 232 246 255 252 316 318 330 296 328 295 330 320 305 261 260 197 181 261 210 300 303 242 352 234 248 305 295 233

Ex 4 2 13 2 4 2 2 3 5 10 8 3 R 4 R 4 3 3 11 1 R 2 3 5 7 2 7 2 12 5 1 1 7 8 3 6 2 R 2 8 1 7 1 8 7 3 14 3 10 4 2 6 4

INJURY REPORT OUT: T Marcus Gilbert (Ankle), DE Cameron Heyward (Hamstring), ILB Ryan Shazier (Knee), SS Shamarko Thomas (Groin), C Cody Wallace (Knee), WR Markus Wheaton (Shoulder). DNP: WR Sammie Coates (Finger), RB DeAngelo Williams. FULL: CB Justin Gilbert, FS Robert Golden, FB Roosevelt Nix, WR Eli Rogers.

DOLPHINS No. 3 4 8 10 11 14 17 19 20 21 23 24 25 26 28 29 31 32 33 35 36 38 41 42 45 46 47 48 50 51 52 53 56 60 65 67 70 73 74 76 78 79 80 84 85 88 91 92 93 94 96 97 98

Player Franks, Andrew Darr, Matt Moore, Matt Stills, Kenny Parker, DeVante Landry, Jarvis Tannehill, Ryan Grant, Jakeem Jones, Reshad Lucas, Jordan Ajayi, Jay Abdul-Quddus, Isa Howard, Xavien Williams, Damien McCain, Bobby Foster, Arian Thomas, Michael Drake, Kenyan Benwikere, Bene’ Aikens, Walt Lippett, Tony Chekwa, Chimdi Maxwell, Byron Paysinger, Spencer Hull, Mike Hewitt, Neville Alonso, Kiko Gray, MarQueis Branch, Andre Pouncey, Mike Jones, Chris Jenkins, Jelani Butler, Donald Urbik, Kraig Steen, Anthony Tunsil, Laremy James, Ja’Wuan Warmsley, Julius Bushrod, Jermon Albert, Branden Fede, Terrence Young, Sam Sims, Dion Cameron, Jordan Jones, Dominique Carroo, Leonte Wake, Cameron Denney, John Suh, Ndamukong Williams, Mario Orr, Leon Phillips, Jordan Jones, Jason

Pos Ht Wt K 6-1 202 P 6-1 214 QB 6-3 225 WR 6-0 195 WR 6-3 212 WR 5-11 206 QB 6-4 216 WR 5-7 172 S 6-1 214 CB 6-0 204 RB 6-0 229 S 6-1 196 CB 6-1 198 RB 5-11 228 CB 5-11 192 RB 6-1 227 S 5-11 193 RB 6-1 216 CB 6-0 200 S 6-1 218 CB 6-3 194 CB 6-0 196 CB 6-1 2038 LB 6-2 248 LB 6-0 235 LB 6-2 233 LB 6-3 236 TE 6-4 256 DE 6-5 267 C 6-5 297 DT 6-1 296 LB 6-0 244 LB 6-1 242 C/G 6-5 334 C/G 6-3 313 G/T 6-5 316 T 6-6 307 DE 6-2 294 OL 6-5 320 T 6-5 314 DE 6-4 267 T 6-8 315 TE 6-4 271 TE 6-5 265 TE 6-3 275 WR 6-1 217 DE 6-3 263 LS 6-5 242 DT 6-4 305 DE 6-6 300 DT 6-5 320 DT 6-6 335 DE 6-5 278

Ex 2 2 9 4 2 3 5 R 7 R 2 6 R 3 2 8 4 R 3 3 2 5 6 6 1 2 4 4 5 6 4 4 7 8 1 R 3 1 10 9 3 7 4 6 3 R 8 12 7 11 1 2 9

INJURY REPORT OUT: TE Jordan Cameron (Concussion), CB Xavien Howard (Knee). DNP: SS Reshad Jones (Groin). LIMITED: FS Isa Abdul-Quddus (Knee), RB Arian Foster (Hamstring), OLB Jelani Jenkins (Groin), G Anthony Steen (Ankle), T Laremy Tunsil (Ankle). FULL: WR Jakeem Grant (Ankle), TE MarQueis Gray (Calf).

STEELERS STATS PASSING Player Comp Att Yds TD Int Ben Roethlisberger 126 192 1,496 15 4 RUSHING Player Car Yds TD DeAngelo Williams 71 265 3 Le’Veon Bell 38 210 0 RECEIVING Player Rec Yds TD Antonio Brown 37 447 5 Sammie Coates 19 421 2 Jesse James 18 128 3

B8 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

TIP OF THE WEEK Take your time and go slow. That advice pays when it comes to hunting pheasants. Some hunters walking a field go through at a steady pace, hoping to flush birds before them. Instead, stop every now and again. Those pauses often are enough to make birds ds inclined to let you pass oon by nervous enough to take to the air.



Vacancies pop up on boards


t was an emotional moment. The most recent Pennsylvania Game Commission meeting was Ron Weaner’s last. The Adams County man wrapped up an eightyear term on the agency’s board. As is custom for outgoing commissioners, he was given time to reflect on his experiences. Weaner, who has been battling health issues, broke down at times. That’s not the norm for him, he said. But he said he was going to miss serving sportsmen, who continually amazed him with their passion. Prior to joining the commission, Weaner spent 16 years as a school board member in Gettysburg. In all that time, he said, he received five phone calls from constituents. As a member of the commission board, he said it wasn’t uncommon to get 700 calls and emails a month. “I may be wrong, but what that tells me is people don’t care about their schools and taxes, but if you mess with their hunting seasons, they come out of the woodwork,” Weaner said. Who gets to experience all that next? The commission’s eight-member board already had one vacancy before Weaner’s departure. The northeast region seat previously held by Jay Delaney of Luzerne County has been empty since April 2015. The Fish and Boat Commission likewise has a vacancy for the district previously represented by Bob Bachman of Lancaster County. That’s just the start, though. Each board will have multiple additional vacancies next year. Finding long-term replacements begins with the Governor’s Advisory Council for Hunting, Fishing and Conservation. It’s that body’s responsibility to interview candidates and make recommendations. The Governor picks nominees from among them, then the state Senate votes to confirm them. But it starts with the council. Gov. Tom Ridge formed the first advisory council in 1985; every Governor since has had his own. Gov. Tom Wolf established his council last November. The work of actually choosing council members only recently wrapped up, however. According to Wolf spokesman Jeff Sheridan, a 20-member council has been appointed. An official announcement is expected any day. Former state Rep. Dan Surra of Elk County will serve as chairman. Others on the council include Jose Taracido of Cal (Pa.) University, who helped get the state’s wild pheasant reintroduction program started; Doug Austen of Dauphin County, the former executive director of the Fish and Boat Commission; Delaney, the former Game Commissioner; outdoors writer Ben Moyer of Fayette County; Spencer Simon of Allegheny County; and Michelle Kittell of Union County, who runs the Pennsylvania Institute for Conservation Education. The word is that six or so of the earliest board members confirmed did interviews, recommending a couple of potential replacements for Delaney and Bachman. Nominations, Sheridan said, are forthcoming. That would be good news. The council has important work to do; it’s past time to get to it. Bob Frye is a staff writer for Trib Total Media. Reach him at [email protected] or via Twitter @bobfryeoutdoors.

RECIPE OF THE WEEK SQUIRREL DUMPLINGS Ingredients 3 squirrels 1 egg 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon salt salt and pepper to taste Directions Here’s a traditional and tasty way to eat squirrels. Butcher squirrels, then put in four quarts water. Bring to a boil and cook until meat is tender. Remove and pull meat from bones. Set aside and bring broth back to a low boil. Mix flour, egg, salt and ¾ cup of the broth in a large bowl. Roll mixture on a cutting board until thin. Cut dumplings into strips or chunks and drop, one at a time so they don’t stick, into boiling broth. Return meat to broth and cook until dumplings are tender. Add salt and pepper to taste.

• • • • •

some others can’t. Specifically, that’s capture photos and video across a 180-degree field of view. That, the company says, is tthree times the range o of the typical game ccamera. It switches leenses based on which


Sugg. retail price: $299.99 Company: Moultrie Products ( Gear type: Game camera Product description: This is by no means an inexpensive game camera. But it promises to do what


detects movement, all without making noise. Available options: The trigger speed on this camera is a fast 0.5 seconds. It has a 70-foot flash range, with “INVISIBLE” 940 mm infrared LED flash technology and 14-megapixel resolution. It

will capture up to 15,000 images and shoots 1080p HD video in 30- and 90-second bursts on 12 AA batteries. Notable: This camera comes in Mossy Oak Country Camo. It’s compatible with the company’s mobile software, too.


Squirrels are an abundant and widespread, if underappreciated, small-game species across Pennsylvania.

ACTION-PACKED HUNT Squirrels more abundant than ever, fun and tasty, but often overlooked


bOb FRyE

The perfect quarry for starting out kids in the woods, that’s how they often are described. And true enough, they are that. But to hear their fans across the country tell it, squirrels are a whole lot more, too. They are a fine game species in their own right, one that’s fun to hunt and tasty on the table. Nate Wilder certainly is a fan. The Raleigh, N.C., man has a website — — devoted entirely to hunting the tree climbers. It attracts visitors from all over the East Coast, including Pennsylvania, he said. Like him, all of them are passionate about squirrel hunting, he said. “There’s a lot of allure to it to me,” Wilder said. The reasons why are numerous. He likes squirrel hunting because of the camaraderie. He likes it because, unlike deer hunting, there’s no need to worry about things like scent control. He likes it because he can move around a bit, rather than having to sit in one place for hours on end. And as much as anything, he said, he likes the action. “A lot of guys, if they’re hunting deer, depending on where they’re at, they pull the trigger once and they’re maybe done. I like knowing that, potentially, I’m going to be able to pull the trigger a lot,” Wilder said. He and a friend did that a lot last year, taking approximately 150 squirrels. That same potential exists here. There are some localized areas of the state where timbering has made a dent in squirrel habitat, said Matt Lovallo, supervisor of the game mammals section for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. But generally speaking, the state is home to lots of mature mast-bearing trees like

Declining trend Pennsylvania squirrel hunters don’t have to worry about too much in the way of competition. As recently as 1993, for example, there were an estimated 311,103 squirrel hunters, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. That was more than hunted pheasants, rabbits, ruffed grouse, spring and fall turkeys and black bears. They were successful, too. The harvest that year was nearly 1.6 million squirrels. Both squirrel hunting participation and squirrel harvests have steadily declined over time, however. In 2014, the most recent year for which estimates are available, there were 120,538 squirrel hunters. They took 467,888 squirrels. That still is more people hunting squirrels than pheasants, rabbits and grouse. But spring and fall turkeys and black bears now are more popular with sportsmen. That likely is a reflection of the hunting calendar, said the commission’s Matt Lovallo. Someone into whitetails, for example, can spend almost their entire autumn chasing just deer because of extended seasons. “There’s just so much opportunity out there. People have to pick and choose,” he said. “And I think a lot of people these days are more interested in big game than anything else.”

— Bob Frye

oaks and hickories. As a result, there probably are more squirrels out there for the taking than at any time in recent decades, Lovallo said. “Statewide, I think you can say that,” he added. Pennsylvania’s season on squirrels opened Oct. 15 and runs through Nov. 26. It comes back from Dec. 12-24 and Dec. 26Feb. 28. Hunters can take fox, gray and red squirrels, with a daily limit of six combined. Anyone who bags a few is in for a treat, so long as they’re handled correctly, said Travis Gameson of Norman, Okla. He is a member of the “Okie Squirrel Busters” team that won 2016’s Squirrels Unlimited World Champion Squirrel Cookoff ( last month in Arkansas. Gameson’s team produced a fried squirrel ravioli. Other competitors made everything from squirrel-stuffed mushrooms to squirrel sliders. All those giving away samples had lines of people eager for a taste, he said. Most liked what they tried, he said.

“Squirrel meat is certainly not very gamey at all,” Gameson said. “It’s a mild meat.” That’s not surprising, he said. For being technically rodents, squirrels are clean animals that feed largely on acorns, hickory nuts and the like. Their flesh can be tough, though, he said. Squirrels are all muscle, so they are best cooked slowly. Often, that means cooking them until the meat can be pulled from the bone, he said. But done that way, and perhaps ground and mixed with something like bacon or pancetta to provide moisture, they’re very good, he said. “Squirrel is a type of meat you can just get really creative with. You just need to get a mess of them and start experimenting,” he said. To get a “mess,” Wilder starts by “hunting the food.” He looks for stands of oaks and hickories then grabs a seat. “Most of the time we go in right before daybreak and we’re still. We sit and see what happens,” he said. “Usually we’re pretty successful.”

Andrew Lewand of Rochester, N.Y., a field staffer with FoxPro, the Pennsylvania-based game call maker, said he sometimes gets squirrels by sneaking quietly through the woods. He looks for “cuttings,” or acorns and hickory shells that show evidence of squirrel feeding, and listens for leaves, nuts and debris falling from the tops of trees. All of that indicates active squirrels, he said. Later, in late-morning and early afternoon, he falls back on another trick, using a squirrel call. The barks it reproduces sometimes sparks squirrels to respond. “That’s a pretty effective tactic, a more aggressive one, that can pay off when the action slows down,” Lewand said. Both prefer to use a .22 rifle over a shotgun, firing standard velocity hollow point rounds. The relatively quiet report of such a gun is less intrusive and alarming to squirrels, they agreed. It also hones precision shooting abilities, Lewand said. Squirrel hunting is great practice for many other types of hunting, he added. “Dad called it deer hunting in miniature. The woodsmanship skills you learn squirrel hunting transfer to hunting deer and really anything, for that matter,” he said. Gameson agrees and said he makes a point of hunting squirrels early each year, before big game seasons fill the calendar, in part to scout for whitetails. “It’s a great way to start a hunting season,” he said. And end one and fill in all the time between, Wilder added. “Yeah, they’re mainly what I key on,” Wilder said. “When I want a lot of meat, I shoot a deer. But squirrels are it for me. We really look forward to it.” Bob Frye is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at [email protected] or via Twitter @bobfryeoutdoors.

“Squirrel is a type of meat you can just get really creative with. You just need to get a mess of them and start experimenting.” TRAVIS GAMESON • PART OF WINNING TEAM AT SQUIRRELS UNLIMITED WORLD CHAMPION SQUIRREL COOK-OFF

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · B9


Former Auburn defensive end Groves dies in sleep at 32 WIRE REPORTS

Former Auburn football star Quentin Groves, who played defensive end for the Tigers from 2004-07 and shares the program record for sacks, died. He was 32. Auburn spokesman Kirk Sampson said Saturday Groves died in his sleep while visiting Trinidad, his wife’s native country. Sampson said he didn’t know the cause of death. Groves had said in 2008 that he was diagnosed with Wolff-ParkinsonWhite syndrome, which causes a rapid heartbeat. Groves, from Greenville, Miss., was an All-SEC performer for Auburn. He recorded 26 sacks and was a secondround draft pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars. He signed with seven NFL teams from 2008-’14. Groves met his wife, Teska Baptiste,

at Auburn when he played football and she ran track. The school said he is survived by his wife and two children.


Scott Piercy birdied one of his six holes left in the second round to complete a 5-under-par 67 and build a three-shot lead in the rain-delayed Safeway Open, the first PGA Tour event of the new season. Piercy was at 15-under 129, three shots clear of Johnson Wagner (67) and Paul Casey (68). Alison Lee took a three-stroke lead in the LPGA KEB HanaBank Championship, putting the 21-year-old UCLA student in position for her first victory. Alex Noren of Sweden moved in sight of a third European Tour title this year after shooting a second straight 6-under 65 to take a three-stroke lead

• •

at the British Masters heading into the final round. Bernhard Langer birdied the final four holes for his second straight 5-under 67 and a two-stroke lead Saturday in the PGA Tour Champions’ SAS Championship.


Auto racing

Three-time champion Novak Djokovic lost his temper, then his semifinal match at the Shanghai Masters, falling to Roberto Bautista Agut, 6-4, 6-4. The top-seeded Serb struggled to control his errors for the second straight match, spraying groundstrokes all over the court and missing routine drop shots. Peng Shuai and Danka Kovinic were level at one set apiece in the semifinals of the Tianjin Open when play was suspended for the rest of the day due to rain. The match was scheduled to be completed Sunday.

Kyle Busch won his third straight Xfinity race at Kansas, while Chase contenders Elliott Sadler and Daniel Suarez followed him to the line to help their championship hopes. Busch started from the pole and led 150 laps for his ninth series win this season, though it wasn’t easy all afternoon. He dropped a lap behind the leaders at one point before getting a wavearound. Fellow Sprint Cup regulars Joey Logano and Kyle Larson rounded out the top five.










Favorite Points (O/U) Underdog Steelers............7 (48.0) ........ DOLPHINS PATRIOTS....... 7.5 (47.5)............Bengals GIANTS........... 3.5 (44.5).............Ravens Panthers......... 2.5 (53.5)............ SAINTS BEARS ............ 1.5 (46.0)............Jaguars BILLS .............. 8.5 (44.5)................49ers LIONS ...............3 (43.5) .................Rams TITANS ........... 7.5 (43.5)............ Browns Eagles...............3 (44.5) ........ REDSKINS Chiefs ............. 1.5 (46.5)..........RAIDERS SEAHAWKS.... 6.5 (44.5).............Falcons PACKERS ........ 4.5 (47.5).......... Cowboys TEXANS............3 (48.0) ................. Colts MONDAY’S GAME CARDS ............ 7.5 (46.5)..................Jets


TODAY’S GAMES Favorite Odds (O/U) Underdog ISLANDERS-$125/+$105 (5.5)......Ducks OILERS ....-$175/+$155 (5.5).......Sabres CANUCKS . -$120/even (5.5).Hurricanes


TODAY’S GAME Favorite Points (O/U) Underdog LOS ANGELES 2.5 (161.5)...... Minnesota ••• Home team in CAPITAL letters [] = limited wagering (O/U) = over/under NL = no lines


MLB MLB — Announced Toronto INF Justin Smoak will replace injured INF Devon Travis on the American League Championship Series roster.


NBA CLEVELAND CAVALIERS — Re-signed G J.R. Smith to a four-year contract.


NFL BALTIMORE RAVENS — Signed LB Patrick Onwuasor from the practice squad. GREEN BAY PACKERS — Released DT Brian Price. Activated CB Demetri Goodson and DT Mike Pennel from exempt status. HOUSTON TEXANS — Signed DE Brandon Dunn to the practice squad.


ECHL SOUTH CAROLINA STINGRAYS — Announced F Kelly Zajac, D Joey Leach, D Danny Federico, F Dylan Margonari, F Domenic Monardo and RW John Parker were reassigned to the team by Hershey (AHL).


WINTHROP — Named John Menken volunteer assistant baseball coach and Eddie Hill director of baseball operations.


(Best-of-7; x-if necessary) AMERICAN LEAGUE All Games on TBS Cleveland 2, Toronto 0 Friday: Cleveland 2, Toronto 0 Saturday: Cleveland 2, Toronto 1 Monday: Cleveland (Bauer 12-8) at Toronto (Stroman 9-10), 8:08 p.m. Tuesday: Cleveland (Clevinger 3-3) at Toronto (Sanchez 15-2), 8:08 p.m. x-Wednesday: Cleveland at Toronto, 4:08 p.m. x-Oct. 21: Toronto at Cleveland, 8:08 p.m. x-Oct. 22: Toronto at Cleveland, TBA

NATIONAL LEAGUE Games 1-5 on FS1, 6-7 on Fox or FS1 Los Angeles vs. Chicago Saturday: Los Angeles at Chicago (n) Today: Los Angeles (Kershaw 12-4) at Chicago (Hendricks 16-8), 8:08 p.m. Tuesday: Chicago (Arrieta 18-8) at Los Angeles, 8:08 p.m. Wednesday: Chicago (Lackey 11-8) at Los Angeles, 8:08 p.m. x-Thursday: Chicago at Los Angeles, 8:08 p.m. x-Oct. 22: Los Angeles at Chicago, TBA x-Oct. 23: Los Angeles at Chicago, TBA


(Best-of-7 x-if necessary) All games televised by Fox Oct. 25: NL at AL Oct. 26: NL at AL Oct. 28: AL at NL Oct. 29: AL at NL x-Oct. 30: AL at NL x-Nov. 1: NL at AL x-Nov. 2: NL at AL


SCHEDULE Today’s games Cincinnati at New England, 1 p.m. Steelers at Miami, 1 p.m. Philadelphia at Washington, 1 p.m. Baltimore at N.Y. Giants, 1 p.m. Jacksonville at Chicago, 1 p.m. Carolina at New Orleans, 1 p.m. Los Angeles at Detroit, 1 p.m. San Francisco at Buffalo, 1 p.m. Cleveland at Tennessee, 1 p.m. Kansas City at Oakland, 4:05 p.m. Atlanta at Seattle, 4:25 p.m. Dallas at Green Bay, 4:25 p.m. Indianapolis at Houston, 8:30 p.m. Open: Tampa Bay, Minnesota Monday’s game N.Y. Jets at Arizona, 8:30 p.m. Thursday’s game Chicago at Green Bay, 8:25 p.m.


ATP Shanghai Rolex Masters Singles — Semifinals • Roberto Bautista Agut (15), Spain, def. Novak Djokovic (1), Serbia, 6-4, 6-4. • Andy Murray (2), Britain, def. Gilles Simon, France, 6-4, 6-3. Doubles — Semifinals • John Isner and Jack Sock, United States, def. Bob and Mike Bryan (2), United States, 6-2, 7-6 (2). • Henri Kontinen, Finland, and John Peers, Australia, def. Marin Cilic and Mate Pavic, Croatia, 6-2, 7-6 (2).


Eastern Conference Semifinals Oct. 7: New York 3, Rochester 3, New York advances 5-4 on penalties Oct. 8: Louisville 3, Charleston 2 Final Today’s game Louisville at New York, 6:30 p.m. Western Conference Semifinals Oct. 8: Vancouver 3, Oklahoma City 2 Oct. 9: Swope Park 2, Orange County 1 (OT) Final Saturday’s game Swope Park 3, Vancouver 0 USL Cup Oct. 23: Western Conference winner at Eastern Conference winner, 8 p.m.


EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division W L Pct GB Boston..................... 4 1 .800 — New York................. 2 2 .500 1.5 Toronto .................... 2 2 .500 1.5 Brooklyn .................. 1 3 .250 2.5 Philadelphia............. 1 5 .167 3.5 Southeast Division W L Pct GB Miami ...................... 3 2 .600 — Atlanta .................... 2 2 .500 .5 Washington............. 2 3 .400 1 Charlotte ................. 1 3 .250 1.5 Orlando.................... 1 3 .250 1.5 Central Division W L Pct GB Milwaukee............... 2 1 .667 — Indiana .................... 3 2 .600 — Chicago .................... 2 2 .500 .5 Detroit..................... 2 2 .500 .5 Cleveland................. 2 3 .400 1 WESTERN CONFERENCE Southwest Division W L Pct GB Houston................... 3 0 1.000 — Memphis ................. 3 1 .750 .5 San Antonio ............ 3 2 .600 1 Dallas ...................... 2 3 .400 2 New Orleans............ 1 3 .250 2.5 Northwest Division W L Pct GB Minnesota ............... 3 1 .750 — Portland................... 3 1 .750 — Utah......................... 2 2 .500 1 Denver..................... 2 3 .400 1.5 Oklahoma City......... 0 2 .000 2 Pacific Division W L Pct GB Golden State ........... 3 1 .750 — Phoenix.................... 3 2 .600 .5 L.A. Clippers ............ 2 2 .500 1 Sacramento ............. 2 2 .500 1 L.A. Lakers .............. 2 3 .400 1.5 RESULTS/SCHEDULE Friday’s games Orlando 114, Indiana 106 Toronto 122, San Lorenzo de Almagro 105 Chicago 118, Cleveland 108 Miami 108, San Antonio 100 Golden State 129, Denver 128 Phoenix 112, Dallas 107 Saturday’s games Detroit 97, Philadelphia 76 Sacramento 124, Washington 119 Boston 119, New York 107 Minnesota 101, Miami 96 Memphis at Houston (n) Chicago at Milwaukee (n) Golden State at L.A. Lakers (n) Today’s games Atlanta at Orlando, 6 p.m. Minnesota at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m. Denver at Portland, 9 p.m.


Finals (Best-of-5) (x-if necessary Los Angeles 2, Minnesota 1 Oct. 9: Los Angeles 78, Minnesota 76 Oct. 11: Minnesota 79, Los Angeles 60 Friday: Los Angeles 92, Minnesota 75 Today: Minnesota at Los Angeles, 8:30 p.m. x-Thursday: Los Angeles at Minnesota, 8 p.m.


NATIONAL TV IN PARENTHESES Friday • At Doubletree Hotel, Ontario, Calif., LaRon Mitchell vs. Scott Alexander, 10, for the vacant NABF junior heavyweight title. Oct. 29 • At Nayarit, Mexico, Jose Argumedo vs. Jose Antonio Jimenez, 12, for Argumedo’s IBF minimumweight title. Nov. 4 • At Corona, Calif. (SHO), Taras Shelestyuk vs. Jaime Herrera, 10 welterweights; Stivens Bujaj vs. Constantin Bejenaru, 10, for the vacant WBC International/WBC Continental Americas cruiserweight titles.

PGA Safeway Open — Second round Scott Piercy..............62-67 — 129 -15 Johnson Wagner ......65-67 — 132 -12 Paul Casey................64-68 — 132 -12 Troy Merritt..............66-67 — 133 -11 Martin Laird .............67-68 — 135 -9 Patton Kizzire ..........64-71 — 135 -9 Bill Haas...................66-70 — 136 -8 Derek Fathauer.........68-68 — 136 -8 Cody Gribble .............67-69 — 136 -8 Trey Mullinax ...........69-67 — 136 -8 J.J. Spaun .................70-67 — 137 -7 Jon Rahm .................66-71 — 137 -7 Kevin Na...................71-66 — 137 -7 Vaughn Taylor ..........70-67 — 137 -7 Ryan Blaum ..............69-68 — 137 -7 Phil Mickelson......... 69-69 — 138 -6 Tag Ridings.............. 68-70 — 138 -6 Mackenzie Hughes.. 69-69 — 138 -6 Will MacKenzie ....... 69-69 — 138 -6 John Huh ................. 70-68 — 138 -6 Luke List.................. 70-68 — 138 -6 Chris Kirk................. 73-65 — 138 -6 LPGA Keb Hana Bank Championship Third round Alison Lee..............65-70-68 — 203 -13 Brittany Lang ........69-65-72 — 206 -10 In-Kyung Kim ........68-70-69 — 207 -9 Carlota Ciganda.....69-70-69 — 208 -8 Candie Kung ..........70-70-69 — 209 -7 Min-Sun Kim.........72-67-70 — 209 -7 Cristie Kerr............72-65-72 — 209 -7 Shanshan Feng......73-69-68 — 210 -6 Amy Yang ..............71-71-68 — 210 -6 Sung Hyun Park.....72-65-73 — 210 -6 Mi Jung Hur ..........72-72-67 — 211 -5 Champions Tour SAS Championship — Second round Bernhard Langer ........67-67 — 134 -10 Doug Garwood............65-71 — 136 -8 Larry Mize ..................67-69 — 136 -8 Jeff Sluman................70-67 — 137 -7 Paul Broadhurst .........68-69 — 137 -7 Joe Durant..................69-69 — 138 -6 Billy Mayfair...............68-70 — 138 -6 Jesper Parnevik..........71-68 — 139 -5 Dan Forsman ..............70-69 — 139 -5 Tom Lehman...............72-68 — 140 -4 Scott Dunlap ..............71-69 — 140 -4 European Tour British Masters — Third round Alex Noren .................. 67-65-65 — 197 Richard Bland ............... 67-64-69 — 200 Tommy Fleetwood........ 66-67-68 — 201 Richard Sterne ............. 66-68-67 — 201 Bernd Wiesberger ........ 68-66-67 — 201 Peter Hanson ............... 70-65-66 — 201 Marcel Siem ................. 69-68-65 — 202 Lee Westwood.............. 67-68-67 — 202 Graeme McDowel......... 68-68-67 — 203 Tyrrell Hatton............... 68-66-70 — 204 Scott Jamieson ............ 68-65-71 — 204


At Kansas Speedway (Car numbers in parentheses) C=Chevrolet, F=Ford, T=Toyota 1. (20) Matt Kenseth, T, 192.089 mph. 2. (18) Kyle Busch, T, 192.082. 3. (19) Carl Edwards, T, 191.015. 4. (78) Martin Truex Jr., T, 190.786. 5. (88) Alex Bowman, C, 190.315. 6. (22) Joey Logano, F, 190.221. 7. (11) Denny Hamlin, T, 190.188. 8. (2) Brad Keselowski, F, 190.087. 9. (31) Ryan Newman, C, 189.927. 10. (47) AJ Allmendinger, C, 189.840. 11. (4) Kevin Harvick, C, 189.580. 12. (3) Austin Dillon, C, 189.567. 13. (24) Chase Elliott, C, 189.954. 14. (14) Tony Stewart, C, 189.940. 15. (41) Kurt Busch, C, 189.773. 16. (27) Paul Menard, C, 189.760. 17. (21) Ryan Blaney, F, 189.540. 18. (17) Ricky Stenhouse Jr., F, 189.387. 19. (10) Danica Patrick, C, 189.241. 20. (5) Kasey Kahne, C, 189.201. 21. (48) Jimmie Johnson, C, 188.976. 22. (16) Greg Biffle, F, 188.930. 23. (1) Jamie McMurray, C, 188.094. 24. (42) Kyle Larson, C, 186.034. 25. (6) Trevor Bayne, F, 188.376. 26. (7) Regan Smith, C, 187.669. 27. (83) Matt DiBenedetto, T, 187.578. 28. (23) David Ragan, T, 187.513. 29. (13) Casey Mears, C, 187.441. 30. (34) Chris Buescher, F, 187.331. 31. (15) Clint Bowyer, C, 187.246. 32. (44) Brian Scott, F, 186.819. 33. (95) Michael McDowell, C, 186.419. 34. (38) Landon Cassill, F, 185.052. 35. (43) Aric Almirola, F, 184.824. 36. (55) Cole Whitt, C, 183.163. 37. (46) Michael Annett, C, 181.898. 38. (32) Joey Gase, F, 180.560. 39. (98) Reed Sorenson, T, 180.403. 40. (30) Josh Wise, C, 179.850.


Saturday’s results At Kansas Speedway (Car numbers in parentheses) C=Chevrolet, F=Ford, T=Toyota, D=Dodge 1. (1) Kyle Busch, T, 200 laps, 150.0 rating, 0 points. 2. (8) Elliott Sadler, C, 200, 116.6, 39. 3. (4) Daniel Suarez, T, 200, 113.3, 39. 4. (11) Joey Logano, F, 200, 109.5, 0. 5. (3) Kyle Larson, C, 200, 107.1, 0. 6. (10) Regan Smith, C, 200, 103.6, 0. 7. (12) Brennan Poole, C, 200, 90.3, 34. 8. (14) Brandon Jones, C, 200, 94.5, 33. 9. (9) Blake Koch, C, 200, 88.9, 32. 10. (21) J.J. Yeley, T, 200, 80.2, 31. 11. (13) Matt DiBenedetto, T, 200, 81.0, 0. 12. (7) Ty Dillon, C, 200, 94.9, 30. 13. (20) Ross Chastain, C, 200, 76.4, 28. 14. (5) Justin Allgaier, C, 199, 95.2, 27. 15. (2) Erik Jones, T, 199, 113.9, 27. 16. (22) Ryan Reed, F, 198, 63.1, 25. 17. (6) Austin Dillon, C, 197, 79.7, 0. 18. (25) Garrett Smithley, C, 197, 60.0, 23. 19. (23) Ray Black Jr, C, 196, 61.5, 22. 20. (16) Dakoda Armstrong, T, 196, 63.3, 21. 21. (31) Jeff Green, F, 196, 55.5, 20. 22. (33) B J McLeod, F, 195, 48.7, 19. 23. (30) Joey Gase, C, 195, 46.3, 18. 24. (26) David Starr, C, 195, 50.7, 17. 25. (29) Brandon Brown, C, 194, 49.8, 0. 26. (34) Martin Roy, C, 192, 40.7, 15. 27. (38) Josh Reaume, F, 191, 39.2, 14. 28. (27) Jeremy Clements, C, engine, 190, 52.2, 13. 29. (37) Jennifer Jo Cobb, F, 188, 33.5, 0. 30. (39) Mike Harmon, D, 188, 31.1, 11. 31. (18) Brendan Gaughan, C, 182, 67.7, 10. 32. (24) Ryan Preece, C, 172, 57.7, 9. 33. (15) Darrell Wallace Jr, F, accident, 165, 73.3, 9. 34. (17) Ryan Sieg, C, accident, 162, 59.8, 7. 35. (19) Cole Custer, C, accident, 162, 59.0, 0. 36. (32) Ryan Ellis, C, electrical, 142, 39.8, 5. 37. (35) Matt Waltz, C, engine, 126, 32.0, 4. 38. (36) Derrike Cope, C, transmission, 91, 27.3, 3. 39. (40) Brandon Hightower, T, transmission, 62, 30.8, 2. 40. (28) Timmy Hill, D, elec, 11, 24.5, 0.

MEN’S Saturday’s results Canisius College Alumni Classic 1. Canisius, 30; 2. St. Francis, Pa., 63; 3. Detroit, 70; 4. Buffalo, 72; 5. Niagara, 137. Hood Invitational 1. Grove City, 20; 2. Reinhardt, 86; T3. Frostburg State, 98 T3. McDaniel, 98; 5. Howard CC, 150; 6. St. Mary’s, Md., 168; 7. Fairmont State, 200; 8. Hagerstown CC, 218; 9. Pitt-Greensburg, 274; 10. Hood, 280; 11. Harford CC, 303; 12. Penn State-Fayette, 308; 13. Gallaudet, 345; 14. Allegany College of MD, 388. WOMEN’S Saturday’s results Canisius College Alumni Classic 1. St. Francis, Pa., 44; 2. Canisius, 49; 3. Detroit, 72; 4. Youngstown St., 86; 5. Buffalo, 131; 6. Robert Morris, 153; 7. Niagara, 173. Hood Invitational 1. Grove City, 21; 2. Reinhardt, 112; 3. St. Mary’s, Md., 117; 4. Catholic, 145; 5. Frostburg State, 158; 6. Fairmont State, 180; 7. Howard CC, 192; 8. Northern Virginia CC, 194; 9. Hood, 205; 10. McDaniel, 233; 11. Pitt-Greensburg, 280; 12. Penn State-Mont Alto, 318; 13. Gallaudet, 364; 14. Notre Dame, Md., 383.


Saturday’s results East Stroudsburg 5, Seton Hill 1 IUP 3, Slippery Rock 1 Shippensburg 1, Mercyhurst 0


Saturday’s results NCAA Division I FBS Pitt 45, Virginia 31 West Virginia 48, Texas Tech 17 NCAA Division I FCS Robert Morris at Duquesne (n) St. Francis, Pa. 38, Bryant 3 NCAA Division II Cal (Pa.) 48, Clarion 20 Edinboro 45, Mercyhurst 16 Gannon 34, Seton Hill 12 IUP 48, Slippery Rock 19 NCAA Division III Washington & Jefferson 37, Bethany 36 Carnegie Mellon 29, Geneva 10 Case Western Reserve 48, Thiel 21 Depauw 69, Allegheny 21 Thomas More 40, Waynesburg 7 Westminster 52, Grove City 23 Midwest region Alma 38, Aurora 14 Ashland 63, Lake Erie 6 Augsburg 27, St. Olaf 9 Bemidji St. 52, Minot St. 28 Bethel (Minn.) 32, Gustavus 17 Buena Vista 48, Luther 24 Carthage 37, Elmhurst 28 Case Reserve 48, Thiel 21 Cent. Michigan 34, N. Illinois 28, 3OT Chicago 33, Rhodes 26 Concordia (Moor.) 34, Hamline 14 Defiance 20, Anderson (Ind.) 13 Doane 27, Hastings 19 E. Michigan 27, Ohio 20 Ferris St. 45, N. Michigan 23 Grand Valley St. 41, Truman St. 3 Grand View 38, Graceland (Iowa) 14 Illinois Wesleyan 62, Carroll (Wis.) 10 Iowa 49, Purdue 35 Lake Forest 35, Macalester 14 Mac Murray 59, Greenville 46 Marietta 66, Wilmington (Ohio) 23 Mary 26, Minn.-Crookston 13 Miami (Ohio) 18, Kent St. 14 Minn. Duluth 33, Northern St. (SD) 19 South region Alabama 49, Tennessee 10 Alabama A&M 40, Ark.-Pine Bluff 7 Alabama St. 56, MVSU 24 Albany St. (Ga.) 26, Morehouse 21 Alcorn St. 23, Texas Southern 20 Bowie St. 38, Virginia St. 37 Butler 20, Davidson 17 Chowan 54, Virginia Union 21 Clemson 24, NC State 17, OT Coastal Carolina 17, Gardner-Webb 7 Dayton 36, Jacksonville 16


WOMEN’S Saturday’s results Boston 7, Penn State 2 Quinnipiac 1, Mercyhurst 0 (OT) Robert Morris 2, Vermont 2 (OT)


WOMEN’S Saturday’s results West Virginia 4709, NC State 4671


MEN’S Saturday’s results Bloomsburg 3, Pitt-Johnstown 1 Duquesne 1, VCU 0, (OT) East Stroudsburg 2, Seton Hill 1 Gannon 3, Cal (Pa.) 1 Grove City 6, Saint Vincent 0 Geneva 2, Waynesburg 0 La Roche 1, Pitt-Bradford 1, (2OT) Mercyhurst 4, Lock Haven 0 North Carolina State 3, Pitt 0 Ohio Christian 2, Point Park 1 Ohio Wesleyan 2, Allegheny 0 West Chester 3, Slippery Rock 0 Westminster 1, Thomas More 1, (2OT) WOMEN’S Saturday’s results Bloomsburg 2, Pitt-Johnstown 0 East Stroudsburg 2, Seton Hill 1 Grove City 3, Saint Vincent 0 Inidana, Pa. 2, Millersville 1 Kutztown 3, Gannon 2 Ohio Wesleyan 2, Allegheny 0 Pitt-Bradford 3, La Roche 1 Shippensburg 2, Clarion 1 Thomas More 3, Westminster 0 Waynesburg 3, Geneva 2 West Chester 2, Slippery Rock 1


MEN’S Saturday’s results Clarion 146, Edinboro 72 Virginia Tech 175, Penn State 117 WOMEN’S Saturday’s results Edinboro 110, Clarion 108 Virginia Tech 174, Penn State 121


WOMEN’S Saturday’s results Clarion 7, Shippensburg 2 Grove City 7, Thomas More 2 West Chester 6, Seton Hill 3


WOMEN’S Saturday’s results Baylor 3, West Virgina 1 Cal (Pa.) 3, Mercyhurst 2 Clarion 3, Slippery Rock 0 Denison 3, Allegheny 1 Edinboro 3, IUP 0 Gannon 3, Seton Hill 0 Geneva 3, Westminster 2 Grove City 3, Saint Vincent 1 Penn State Behrend 3, La Roche 2 Pitt-Johnstown 3, East Stroudsburg 0 Robert Morris 3, St. Francis (Pa.) 0 Slippery Rock 3, Clarion 0

Fred Slaughter, who helped UCLA win its first NCAA basketball championship as a senior under coach John Wooden in 1964, has died. He was 74. He was the Bruins’ starting center from 1962-64. They were 30-0 in 1963-64, the school’s first undefeated season that culminated in the first of Wooden’s record 10 NCAA titles.



EASTERN CONFERENCE W L T Pts GF GA New York............ 14 9 9 51 56 42 New York City FC 14 9 9 51 57 53 Toronto FC .......... 13 9 10 49 46 35 Montreal............. 11 10 11 44 47 48 D.C. United ......... 10 9 13 43 48 42 Philadelphia........ 11 12 9 42 52 51 New England ...... 10 13 9 39 40 52 Columbus............. 8 12 12 36 47 51 Orlando City ........ 7 11 14 35 49 58 Chicago ................ 6 16 10 28 38 54 WESTERN CONFERENCE W L T Pts GF GA Colorado.............. 15 5 12 57 38 30 FC Dallas............. 16 8 8 56 48 39 Los Angeles........ 11 6 15 48 53 39 Seattle................ 13 13 6 45 41 40 Real Salt Lake .... 12 11 9 45 43 44 Sporting K.C. ...... 12 13 7 43 40 41 Portland.............. 11 13 8 41 46 49 San Jose .............. 8 11 13 37 32 38 Vancouver............ 9 15 8 35 41 51 Houston............... 7 13 12 33 38 43 NOTE: Three points a victory, one for tie. SCHEDULE Today’s games Columbus at New York, 3 p.m. New England at Chicago, 3 p.m. New York City FC at D.C. United, 3 p.m. Orlando City at Philadelphia, 3 p.m. Toronto FC at Montreal, 3 p.m. Colorado at Portland, 5 p.m. Los Angeles at Houston, 5 p.m. Seattle at FC Dallas, 5 p.m. Sporting K.C. at Real Salt Lake, 5 p.m. Vancouver at San Jose, 5 p.m. Oct. 23 Chicago at Toronto FC, 4 p.m. Columbus at New York City FC, 4 p.m. D.C. United at Orlando City, 4 p.m. FC Dallas at Los Angeles, 4 p.m. Houston at Colorado, 4 p.m. Montreal at New England, 4 p.m. New York at Philadelphia, 4 p.m. Portland at Vancouver, 4 p.m. Real Salt Lake at Seattle, 4 p.m. San Jose at Sporting K.C., 4 p.m.

College basketball


ODDS TODAY’S GAME NLCS Favorite Odds Underdog Dodgers .........-$125 (6.0)...............CUBS

Second-seeded Svetlana Kuznetsova will face Peters native Alison Riske in the second semifinal. The final was scheduled for later Sunday.

Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw will start Game 2 of the NL Championship Series against the Chicago Cubs.

Saturday’s results WPIAL Class 3A Nonsection

Avonworth 28, Shady Side Acad. 13

Avonworth 0 14 14 0 — 28 Shady Side Acad. 0 13 0 0 — 13 A: Matt Crilley 11 pass from Garrett Day (Jason Novosel kick) A: Alex Quinn 32 pass from Day (Novosel kick) SSA: Billy Frohlich 46 pass from Roman O’Connor (Nathan Genstein kick) SSA: O’Connor 28 run (kick failed) A: Kyros thorpe 6 run (Novosel kick) A: Day 46 run (Novosel kick) Rushing leaders: A: Garrett Day, 17-203, TD. Passing leaders: A: Garrett Day, 11-22-147-2TD-0INT. Class 2A Century

Charleroi 26, Burgettstown 23

Charleroi 6 0 7 13 — 26 Burgettstown 10 6 7 0 — 23 B: Reed Reitter 39 FG C: Dom Pellegrini 5 run (kick failed) B: Ryan Lounder 59 pass from Brad McLaughlin (Reitter kick) B: Jared John 11 pass from McLaughlin (kick failed) B: McLaughlin 15 run (Reitter kick) C: Dakota Romantino 37 pass from Geno Pellegrini (Sean Cole kick) C: Geno Pellegrini 21 run (Cole kick) C: Romantino 48 pass from Geno Pellegrini (kick failed) Rushing leaders: B: Brad McLaughlin, 20-114, TD. Passing leaders: C: Geno Pellegrini, 12-23-214-2TD-0INT; B: Brad McLaughlin, 11-26-224-2TD-2INT. Receiving leaders: C: Dakota Romantino, 5-115, 2 TDs. Class A Nonsection

Frazier 27, Imani Christian 26

Frazier 13 14 0 0 — 27 Imani Christian 6 8 6 6 — 26 IC: Kenny Robinson 1 run (run failed) F: Christopher Pierce 2 run (Joshua Cox kick) F: Damon Lovis 5 run (run failed) IC: Kenny Robinson 2 run (Sam Fairley pass from Kenny Robinson) F: Pierce 9 run (run failed) F: Damon Lovis 11 run (Ryan Toth run) IC: Jermaine Rodgers 11 pass from Kenny Robinson (run failed) IC: Raymond Jackson 9 pass from Kenny Robinson (pass failed) Passing leaders: F: Christopher Pierce, 11-19-100-0TD-0INT; IC: Kenny Robinson, 21-36-448-2TD-6INT. Receiving leaders: IC: Raymond Jackson, 6-165, TD; Sam Fairley 4-145. Big 7

OLSH 62, Union 21

Union 7 14 0 0 — 21 OLSH 21 21 20 0 — 62 U: Trevon Charles 90 kickoff return (kick) OLSH: Marcus Jenkins 28 pass from Tyler Bradley (Christian Murray kick) OLSH: Matt Schnarre 59 pass from Bradley (Murray kick) OLSH: Matt Schnarre 9 run (Murray kick) OLSH: Austin Wigley 4 run (Murray kick) U: Kyree Huddleston pass from Evan Pinkerton (kick) OLSH: Richard Banks 65 interception return (Murray kick) U: Charles 60 run (kick) OLSH: Wigley 58 run (Murray kick) OLSH: Jenkins 53 pass from Bradley (run) OLSH: Dante Trumbetta 67 pass from Bradley (kick failed) OLSH: Bradley 3 run


BOYS Saturday’s results WPIAL CLASS 4A Section 2 Peters Township 3, Mt. Lebanon 2 Section 3 Fox Chapel 6, Woodland Hills 1 CLASS 3A Section 3 Laurel Highlands 3, Ringgold 1 CLASS A Section 2 Geibel 3, Jeannette 2 Nonsection Ambridge 1, Sewickley Academy 0 Avonworth at Deer Lakes, ppd. Bishop Canevin 2, OLSH 1 Brownsville 4, Uniontown 0 Canon-McMillan 2, Quaker Valley 1 Eden Christian 2, Quigley Catholic 1 Freeport 4, Springdale 1 Hickory 3, Blackhawk 1 Kiski Area 4, Shaler 2 Latrobe 7, Derry 0 McKeesport at Penn Hills, ppd. Monessen 5, Carrick 4 Montour 5, Obama Academy 1 Mt. Pleasant 6, Greensburg Salem 2 North Allegheny 3, Mars 2, OT North Hills 3, Knoch 0 Penn-Trafford 3, Gateway 0 Aquinas Academy 3, Serra Catholic 2 Shady Side Academy 5, Vincentian Academy 1 South Fayette 3, South Park 2 South Side Beaver at Neshannock, ppd. St. Joseph 5, Highlands 1 Thomas Jefferson 2, Elizabeth Forward 1 Trinity Christian 2, Beaver County Christian 1 Waynesburg 7, Beth-Center 0 3 or more goals: Vincenzo Schiano diCola, St. Joseph, 4 GIRLS Saturday’s results WPIAL CLASS 2A Section 2 Highlands 3, Deer Lakes 1 Nonconference Beaver 3, Hopewell 2 Bethel Park 2, South Fayette 2, 2OT Brownsville 5, Uniontown 0 Butler 3, Erie McDowell 1 Carrick 2, Monessen 0 Central Valley 2, Shaler 1 Charleroi 3, Bentworth 2 Ellis School at Jeannette, ppd Freeport 2, Mohawk 0 Hickory 3, Blackhawk 0 Kiski Area 3, Gateway 0 Mercer 4, Neshannock 2 Mt. Lebanon 5, Mars 1 Mt. Pleasant 4, Hempfield 1 North Allegheny 4, Penn-Trafford 1 Peters Township 8, Allderdice 1 Quigley Catholic 2, Eden Christian 1, 2OT Seneca Valley 1, Fox Chapel 0 Shady Side Academy 4, Burrell 1 Thomas Jefferson 3, Elizabeth Forward 1 Trinity 1, Winchester Thurston 1, 2OT Vincentian Academy 5, Springdale 1 3 or more goals: Hannah Stuck, Peters Township, 5; Kaitlyn Riley, Charleroi, 3 To report scores, call 1-888-748-8742.

Arsenal beat Swansea, 3-2, in a thrilling encounter at Emirates Stadium to condemn Bob Bradley to defeat as he became the first American to manage in the English Premier League.


2 p.m. Hollywood Casino 400. WPXI-11, WJAC-6, WTOV-9


2 p.m. Texas Fall Nationals. FS1

Baseball MLB

8 p.m. NL Championship Series Game 2. Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs. FS1


6 p.m. Atlanta at Orlando. NBATV 9 p.m. Denver at Portland. NBATV


8 p.m. Finals Game 4. Minnesota at Los Angeles. ESPN2

Field hockey COLLEGE

4 p.m. Maryland at Penn State. Big Ten Network

Football NFL

1 p.m. Philadelphia at Washington. WPGH-53, WWCP-8 1 p.m. Steelers at Miami. KDKA-2, WTRF-7, WTAJ-10/102.5 FM, 970 AM, Steelers Radio Network 4:25 p.m. Dallas at Green Bay. WPGH-53, WWCP-8/1410 AM 8:20 p.m. Indianapolis at Houston. WPXI-11, WJAC-6, WTOV-9


7 a.m. British Masters final round. GOLF


2:30 p.m. SAS Championship final round. GOLF


5 p.m. Safeway Open final round. GOLF


4 p.m. Boston College at Wisconsin. ESPNU


9:30 a.m. Darmstadt at Mainz. FS1 11:20 a.m. Leipzig at Wolfsburg. FS2 1:30 p.m. Leverkusen at Werder Bremen. FS2


1 p.m. Louisville at Virginia Tech. Root Sports 3 p.m. Florida at South Carolina. SEC Network


8:30 a.m. Watford at Middlesbrough. NBCSN 11 a.m. Burnley at Southampton. NBCSN


3 p.m. Toronto at Montreal. ESPN 5:15 p.m. Colorado at Portland. ESPN


Noon Minnesota at Michigan. Big Ten Network 1 p.m. Mississippi State at Auburn. SEC Network 2 p.m. Rutgers at Ohio State. Big Ten Network 2 p.m. South Carolina at LSU. ESPNU 5 p.m. Florida at Texas A&M. SEC Network


HUNTER SAFETY COURSES Note: All hunter safety courses require preregistration at • Kittanning Township Volunteer Fire Hall, Armstrong County, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Sunday. Class limit 100. • Monroeville Public Safety Training Center, Allegheny County, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday. Class limit 60. • Apollo Spring Church Sportsmen’s Club, Inc., Armstrong County, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday. Class limit 150. • Midland Sportsmen’s Club, Beaver County, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday. Class limit 50. • North Side Sportsman’s Association, Allegheny County, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday. Class limit 100. • Bear Rocks Sportsmen’s, Cambria County, 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Oct. 29. Class limit 75. • Murrysville Gun Club, Westmoreland County, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Oct. 30. Class limit 55. • Concord United Methodist Church, Beaver County, 6-9:30 p.m. Nov. 3-4. Class limit 100. • Nanty Glo Volunteer Fire Department, Cambria County, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Nov. 6. Class limit 125. • Plum Creek Monroeville 799 Masonic Hall, Allegheny County, 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Nov. 6. Class limit 200. • Apollo Spring Church Sportsmen’s Club, Inc., Armstrong County, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Nov. 12. Class limit 150. • Masontown Volunteer Fire Department, Fayette County, 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Nov. 13. Class limit 100. CABLE RESTRAINT CLASSES Note: All successful cable restraint classes require preregistration at pgc.

EVENTS • The Marianna Outdoorsmen Association will host a trout fishing derby and pancake/sausage breakfast Sunday, starting at 7:30 a.m. at MOA headquarters in Clarsville. Breakfast is from 7:30-12:30 p.m. Derby time is from 9:30 a.m.-noon. Youths 16 and under at $5 and $15. For more information, call 724-986-5708. SHOOTS ON TAP • Ellsworth Sportsmen’s Club is open at 6:30 p.m. Fridays, with trap shooting at 7 p.m. Food and beverages are available for purchase. Visit • California Hill Gun Club holds sporting clays and five-stand shoots Sundays from 9 a.m.-noon. All are open to the public. Call 724-938-3480. • Rostraver Sportsmen and Conservation Association has big bore pistol and .22 longrifle shoots from 6-9 p.m. Wednesdays and trap practice at 10 a.m. Thursdays and 1 p.m. Saturdays. Call 724-872-4399. • Pitcairn Monroeville Sportsmen’s Club, 505 Mosside Blvd., North Versailles, hosts Civilian Marksmanship Program and practical pistol shoots at 9 a.m. the first Sunday of each month, archery practice at 6 p.m. Mondays, practical pistol practice at 6 p.m. Thursdays and trap practice at 6 p.m. Thursdays, 10 a.m. Saturdays and 1 p.m. Sundays. Call 412-824-3790. • White Oak Rod and Gun Club has CMP shoots from 9-11 a.m. the second Sunday of each month. There are indoor 3-D archery shoots from 6-9 p.m. Thursdays. Cost is $3 for adults, $1 for children ages 12-16 and free to those 11 and younger and 65 and older. Skeet and five-stand shoots are 7-9 p.m. Wednesdays, Fridays and on sporting clays Sundays. All events are open to the public. Call 724-863-9941.

B10 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

Pirates look to close gap Tribe mow ALCS GAME 2: INDIANS 2, BLUE JAYS 1

than we ideally like. Or we can look in a different direction and find value in a different way. … It comes back to what may be successful for five years will probably not be for 10. There is a constant ebb and flow.” Pirates manager Clint Hurdle said the club must continue to teach and add the skill to pitchers in the system, noting Jameson Taillon successfully added the two-seamer in 2016 (52.4 percent ground ball rate). “(The ground ball) is something that we’re going to keep as one of our cornerstones,” Hurdle said. “We’ve had a recipe for success, and we want to follow it.”


“It will be worse this year,” said Huntington of a class of free agent arms expected to be historically thin. While the Pirates are attempting to retain Ivan Nova, he likely will head to free agency as a topfive starting pitcher in the class. Not only are proven veteran pitchers becoming more expensive, but the market for reclamation-type pitchers also is becoming more competitive. More teams are identifying the same players as undervalued thanks to growth of front office staff and available data. “It’s absolutely become more competitive, more challenging,” Huntington said. “When more teams evaluate the way you do, the prices get driven up and resources become the advantage again. “We continue to work to find ways to stay ahead of the curve.” The Pirates were out-bid for the most intriguing reclamation pitching project last winter, Rich Hill, by $500,000 by the Oakland A’s, according to Peter Gammons. The decision not to bid more aggressively on J.A. Happ was questioned often in Pittsburgh this summer. Hill finished 12-5, and Happ went 20-4. “Sitting here now, it’s easy to say we should have moved on J.A. Happ or Rich Hill. … We don’t have the benefit of hindsight,” Huntington said. If more teams are targeting the same players, does the Pirates front office need to change its level of risk tolerance? In the past, the Pirates have preferred to spread risk — and their modest budget — over multiple smaller, shorter-term contracts. “Is that (risk tolerance) line moving? It has,” Huntington said. “Because every significant contract we sign is a risk. When you look at Francisco Liriano at $13 million, when he performed well, it is an affordable contract. But it’s the equivalent of $30-$40 million (per year) for the Dodgers. Percent of payroll is real. It’s not an excuse. When


Ivan Nova is expected to enter free agency as a top-five starting pitcher in this year’s class. a contract is 13 percent of your payroll versus 4 percent, the level of risk tolerance is so very different …. How far do you stretch? It is a case-by-case situation.” Huntington said the club also will consider exploring a trade of position players to “strengthen” pitching. Perhaps the most important lesson from last offseason? “It is a reminder of how important it is for us to develop our own starting pitching,” Huntington said. “Fortunately, we have a good number of options. Some will continue to progress. The real world shows us some will regress.” While the Pirates must produce a more homegrown rotation to sustain success, from 2013-15 each Pirates rotation included at least two productive veteran starters.

from 2013-15, producing a record rate of 52.5 percent in 2013. In 2016? The Pirates fell to third (46.9 percent). And the rate dropped in a season when power spiked. After allowing 113 home runs per season from 2013-15, the fewest in the sport, the Pirates allowed 180 home runs in 2016, which ranked 10th. At last December’s winter meetings, Huntington said the Pirates could not be married to one model (i.e. ground-ball pitchers) in a pitching market that has grown scarcer and more expensive. The Pirates went on to acquire fly-ball pitchers like Neftali Feliz, Juan Nicasio and Ryan Vogelsong with mixed results. Extreme fly-ball pitchers like Charlie Morton and A.J. Burnett departed. Huntington said the club will continue to value the ground New model up in the air? ball but will look at all types Besides finding and signing of arms. undervalued arms, the Pirates’ “We are a copy-cat industry,” competitive edge on the ground Huntington said. “Ground-ball also is being challenged. pitchers have become more valThe Pirates led baseball in ued. We could be stubborn and ground-ball rate in each season stay the course and pay more

Pitching and defense are closely connected, and the Pirates’ defense has declined. The Pirates are evaluating the shallower outfield alignment plan they implemented last spring. Consider in 2013 the Pirates ranked third in baseball, and first in the NL, with 60 Defensive Runs Saved (DRS). That number has declined each year, falling to 12 DRS in 2015 and -17 DRS in 2016. That is the equivalent of a seven-win decline since 2013, and a three-win decline from 2015 to 2016. The Cubs led baseball with 82 DRS, or, roughly a 10-win edge defensively over the Pirates. Huntington said center fielder Andrew McCutchen’s MLBworst -27 DRS mark “catches your attention.” But Huntington and Hurdle also said McCutchen was hurt at times by playing shallower while the staff was less able to execute. “As this staff played out, it didn’t match up to the same analytics off the mound (from 2015) that we were looking to (regarding) the defense,” Hurdle said. “We have some thoughts moving forward on how to adjust.” Travis Sawchik is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at [email protected] or via Twitter @Sawchik_Trib.

down Jays

Tomlin provides 2nd straight sharp start; Miller proving to be unhittable ASSOCIATED PRESS

CLEVELAND — They don’t have a true superstar, an embarrassment of All-Stars or a celebrity following. That’s the NBA champion Cavaliers, who play next door. The Indians, though, have depth, chemistry, one of baseball’s best managers and quite possibly the most dominant bullpen weapon in the game. Andrew Miller has Cleveland two wins from the World Series — and Toronto batters flailing. Josh Tomlin baffled Blue Jays batters for nearly six innings, and Miller, acquired just ahead of the trade deadline for exactly these pressurepacked October moments, blew them away as Cleveland edged Toronto, 2-1, on Saturday to take 2-0 lead in the AL Championship Series. Carlos Santana homered off 20-game winner J.A. Happ, and Francisco Lindor had an RBI single for the Indians. They won the second straight tense game in this series and have won five straight postseason games for the first time in their 116-year history. An afterthought in August, Tomlin has emerged as an unlikely October star for the Indians. He allowed one run and three hits in 52⁄3 innings for his second win of the postseason — he won the Game 3 Division Series clincher in Boston — before Cleveland manager Terry Francona handed the ball to the magnificent Miller, who is making the Blue Jays look like Little Leaguers. The lanky left-hander struck out the side in the seventh, two more in the eighth and has 10 strikeouts in 32⁄3 innings in the series. He has not allowed a run in 16 career postseason innings. “He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen,” said closer Cody Allen, who worked the ninth to close the three-hitter for his second straight save. “He goes out there for two innings, shuts them down and gets a lot of swings and misses. Whenever you get to come in behind a guy like that, you’re in a pretty good spot.” So are the Indians, who never had been up 2-0 in four previous ALCS trips. Miller has been the difference so far, blowing through the Blue Jays. Before getting a groundout in the eighth, he struck out seven straight over two games.

Cubs’ Baez shines on playoff stage Chicago’s super-utility player grabs spotlight on team filled with stars ASSOCIATED PRESS

CHICAGO — Javier Baez is putting on quite a show for the Chicago Cubs. And he just might be turning these playoffs into his personal stage. Whether he’s hitting a gamewinning home run or making some spectacular defensive play, Baez has been hard to miss in these playoffs. And he’s a big reason why the sports. are in the NL Cubs Championship SeSaturday’s ries for the second Game 1 of the straight year. NLCS ended “I’ve got a job too late for this to do,” Baez said. edition. Visit “I’m not surprised. our website for I know what I can coverage. do. I know what this team can do. I’m just having fun right now and obviously trying to win.” It must be fun to be Baez these days. The Cubs came into the postseason with the best record in the majors and their sights set on their first championship since 1908. They knocked out San Francisco in four games in the NL Division Series in no small part because of Baez’s play at the plate and at second base. And if they take out the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLCS,

a franchise defined more by curses and heartbreak will go to the World Series for the first time since 1945. On a team loaded with stars, Baez has been putting on quite a show in the postseason. He hit the winning home run off Johnny Cueto in the opener against the Giants and the go-ahead single in the ninth in Game 4. On defense, playing mostly second base, it was as if the Baez highlight reel was on a nonstop loop with no shortage of diving stops and lightning quick tags. Even when he was chewing gum in the dugout Baez managed to amaze. Take this gem from Game 4 of the NLDS. The gum popped out after Baez put it in his mouth, but what happened next was about as impressive as any play he made in the field. He juggled it a few times, finally snagged it with his right hand. Baez pointed at a trainer as he was about to put it back in his mouth, then looked the camera, and grinned. “I saw the camera,” Baez said. “I didn’t know if he got it or not, but I caught it.” No surprise. After all, the 23-year-old Baez has been catching just about everything that comes his way this season. And if that’s not enough, he also hit .273 with 14 homers and 59 RBIs in 142 games. That’s a big jump considering he struck out 95 times in 213 at-bats and hit .169 after he debuted for the Cubs in 2014. But his swing is more compact now. He closed his stance

and cut down the big leg kick he had when he first arrived. Now he’s looking like a breakout star. Manager Joe Maddon noticed the potential watching Baez in winter ball in Puerto Rico, right after he was hired two years ago. “Everybody was talking about his hitting and the fact that he needed to hit better at the plate and be more selective,” he said. “And I was, ‘OK, I get that.’ “I was impressed by everything else that he did. Sometimes, we get caught up on somebody’s weaknesses and don’t glorify their strengths. I mean, his strengths are pretty outstanding.” Baez was taken by the Cubs with the ninth pick in the 2011 amateur draft and worked his way through the minors as a shortstop. But with Addison Russell there, he has become a super-utility player. That could change down the line, depending on the moves the Cubs make. But they are relying on him to play multiple positions — and to play them as well as anyone. Baez just might be the best defensive second baseman, shortstop and third baseman on the team. “You have to get used to being flexible, not knowing what the lineup’s gonna look like and just jumping in there and being ready to help and do whatever you can,” said Ben Zobrist, who has built his career around playing multiple positions. “Whatever role they put him in this year, he’s done really well and Chicago Cubs second baseman Javier Baez has come a long way since he’s had a great attitude about it.” batting .169 with 95 strikeouts in 213 at-bats two years ago.




Debate slip-up could cost Toomey, McGinty Blunder would give Senate campaigns fodder for attack ads by

say whether he will vote for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has been embroiled in controversy, parThe debate for U.S. ticularly after a 2005 video sursenator from Pennsylvafaced showing him bragging nia between incumbent about groping women. Republican Pat Toomey Political experts said they and Democratic challenger Katie McGinty will be don’t expect large viewership aired at 7 p.m. Monday for the hourlong debate, which on KDKA-TV. will be recorded Monday afternoon at KDKA-TV’s Pittsburgh studios and air at 7 p.m. and public safety” and Mc- Monday. But a slip-up during the deGinty as “a partisan rubber bate could spell trouble. stamp.” “It gives the other side the McGinty spokesman Sean Coit described Toomey as ability to make commercials,” “someone who only thinks said Wes Leckrone, a political about making politically cal- science professor at Chester’s culated decisions to protect Widener University. Kevan Yenerall, a social his career.” sciences professor at Clarion He pointed to the RepubDEBATE · C2 lican Toomey’s refusal to

Tune in


After spending months and tens of millions of dollars on political attacks, Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty square off Monday in the first of two televised debates in Pennsylvania’s pivotal U.S. Senate race. “The first debate will be a prime opportunity for Pennsylvanians to see the choice they will have for Senate in November,” Toomey campaign spokesman Ted Kwong said. He described Toomey as “an independent voice ... who stands up for taxpayers, jobs

Wheredotheystandontheissues? on Senate legislation banning most late-term abortions and voted in December to halt federal payments to Planned Parenthood.


A look at where U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Lehigh Valley, and Democratic candidate Katie McGinty stand on a selection of issues.


McGinty supports abortion rights and opposes proposals to halt federal payments to Planned Parenthood. Toomey opposes abortion rights with exceptions for rape, incest and saving the life of the mother. He is a co-sponsor

Deficit and taxes


The evening was ruined for Waterford firefighters before dinner arrived at their annual banquet. Thick, black smoke pouring off nearby Laurel Mountain sent them heading for the steep hills. “It’s not like your everyday fire, like a house fire, a car fire,” said Patrick Kromel, assistant chief with Waterford Fire Company and a state fire warden. “In the mountain, it’s a different animal.” Firefighters spent hours containing 20 acres that burned last April. The Ligonier Township volunteers went back the next day when another 10 acres burned — just 1,000 yards from the previous fire. “At that point, we started scratching our heads,” Kromel said. “Something’s not right here.” A Pennsylvania wildland fire investigator came to the same conclusion. This summer, authorities charged a New Florence man with setting 11 fires in that area that caused $35,000 in damages. Though arson has been the second-leading cause of wild-

Arrest Dylan Miller, 18, of New Florence is charged with numerous counts of arson and related offenses for allegedly setting 11 wildland fires, including three atop Laurel Mountain that scorched more than 230 acres in March and April in the Ligonier area. A preliminary hearing is set for Friday.

fires across the state for the past four years, arrests are rare. Investig ators charge an average of one to four suspects annually with intentionally starting wildfires, according to Michael Kern, chief of the forest fire protection division of the state’s Bureau of Forestry. The agency, which is part of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, doesn’t track arrest statistics. “If you compare that to the number of incendiary fires reported each year, you can see that the percentage is not very high,” Kern said. In 22 years, state fire inspector Brian Vinski has secured two convictions — both in Somerset County — in blazes that he ruled arson. “Wildland arsonists are ... very difficult to identify because, so often, they’re in remote areas, they’re by themselves, so there’s absolutely no witness” or surveillance footage to examine, said Vinski, who works at the Forbes State Forest district office. But an arsonist seeing an investigator poking around at the blaze site might be a deterrent, he said. “The perpetrator eventually will make a mistake,” Vinski said. “They can’t keep their mouths shut. They leave evidence. They get sloppy.”



‘A different animal’ by

McGinty says she opposes a tax increase on the middle class. She supports ending unspecified corporate tax breaks and increasing taxes on individuals making $1 million or more. McGinty did not point to a specific deficit reduction plan she supports. Toomey voted to allow tax


Train shifts tracks from hauling coal to tourists Kiski Junction Railroad tours sold out, which helps offset downturn in energy sector by


A wildfire in April that rekindled the following day charred 30 acres on Laurel Mountain in Ligonier Township.

Arson in the Poconos Two fires that consumed more than 8,000 acres of wildlands in the Delaware State Forest in eastern Pennsylvania have been ruled arson, according to Michael Kern, chief of the forest fire protection division of the state’s Bureau of Forestry. It took two weeks for numerous firefighters to extinguish the blazes that started April 20. In September, the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources increased a reward for information about the fires and a possible suspect from $15,000 to $20,000. Costs of fighting the fires have been assessed at $2 million. “It seems that people don’t take arsonists seriously when it’s wildlands involved,” Kern said. “It’s a risk to life and property. We want to put a stop to it.”

Tracking arson

In 2010 and 2011, arson was the most common cause of wildfires in the state. A combined


Forced to cut back hauling freight from a steel mill and a coal mine, Gilpin’s Kiski Junction Railroad still chugs along as a booming tourist attraction. All of its scheduled fall and Christmas tours are sold out, filling the train’s antique coach car with a total of about 3,000 passengers. The autumn foliage tour follows the railroad’s line for nine miles north along the Allegheny River. According to a homemade sign at its entrance, 71 people live in Schenley, which, if accurate, means more people ride the train in one trip to see nature’s leaf show along the Allegheny River than live in this riverside enclave of Gilpin. The railroad’s popularity is in part due to the fact it is the only tourist train in Southwestern Pennsylvania, according to the Pennsylvania Tourism Office. Although commercial interests have dimmed, the 160-year-old rail line has a history of reinvention from a segment of the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal to a rail line for the Pennsylvania Railroad. In recent decades, the short line transported material from Allegheny Technologies Inc.’s Bagdad plant in Gilpin and coal from Rosebud’s Logansport mine in Bethel Township. “Business has been good,” said Bob Reddinger, supervisor of operations. “With the mill closing down, we lost revenue, but we are still plugging away,” he said. “The tourist train helps. Hopefully, the coal industry will pick up.” Armstrong County Commissioners Chairman Pat Fabian said the entire county has been affected by downturns in the Marcellus shale natural gas, coal and steel industries.





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It’s good to be the king

Mt. Lebanon student with Down syndrome rules the night at homecoming by


Robert Demsky is nervous, and everyone can tell because Robert isn’t very good at hiding his emotions. Perhaps because he’s never tried. Throughout the week, his parents told him: “If they call someone else’s name, you have to smile and clap.” Robert dutifully nodded in agreement. But by the time Friday rolled around, he could no longer contain his excitement. His mom heard

him say to himself: “All right already! I want to be King!” It is 6:30 p.m. Friday at Mt. Lebanon High School. It’s Homecoming Weekend, and Robert and the other members of the elected Homecoming Court are gathering in a parking lot above the football field. There are six boys and five girls. They wear suits and dresses and smile at each other and giggle. Robert stands among them, as if he were any other kid. He keeps putting his hands in his pockets, and his parents, Valerie and Robert Demsky, keep motioning for him to take them out. Robert obeys. Then forgets. Repeatedly. His parents shake their heads, but they persist.

They always have because you don’t give up on this. It’s time to go, and school officials begin the parade. They enter the stadium: freshman class leaders first, then the sophomores, juniors and seniors, and finally Robert and the rest of the Court. The crowd sees Robert, smiling as always. People shout his name, and Robert gives a thumbs-up. In the stands, Valerie and Robert sit at the 50-yard line. Valerie got the call earlier in the week, after the ballots had been counted. She was alone in her office, and when she heard the news, she cried. She cried because from the DEMSKY · C6



William Letourneau of the greater Detroit area, a Massachusetts provincial battalion member re-enactor, takes a nap Saturday during the 57th Fort Ligonier Days.

C2 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016


Renowned sports artist David Arrigo, 45, of Hockley Valley, Ontario, Canada, paints a mural Saturday depicting Pittsburgh on a day the Penguins play a game at PPG Paints Arena. The mural was commissioned by Labatt Blue beer. ANDREW RUSSELL | TRIBUNE-REVIEW

Kiski Junction adapts to coal downturn TRAIN · FROM C1

“What’s great about the Kiski Junction, even though they have been hit commercially, they are still able to jump into tourism and show off some of the county’s great assets like the river,” he said. Reddinger credits the railroad’s tourism success to a dozen volunteers including engineers, conductors, car hosts and even the ticket agent.

Business shrinking, but surviving

The cheery red rail cars pulled by a classic diesel switch locomotive are a shiny beacon in the Schenley Industrial Park, the last commercial vestige in a long string of tidy river camps and multiplying boat slips along the lower Kiski River and near its confluence with the Allegheny. But the short line owes its longterm survival to commercial freight. It only began offering tours in 1996. Short lines like the Kiski Railroad that haul commercial freight “are still an incredibly important part of our U.S. freight rail system with one of every four carloads touching a short line in origin or destination,” said Amy Krouse, spokeswoman for the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association in Washington, D.C. Pennsylvania is home to 51 short lines, the highest density of any state in the country, according to the association’s 2014 guide. While it primarily hauled steel scrap from ATI’s Bagdad plant, the railroad was purchased in 2006 by Cliff Forest, who owns Rosebud Mining to haul coal from its Logansport PHOTOS: LOUIS B. RUEDIGER | TRIBUNE REVIEW mine in Bethel. Although owned by Forest, the two companies operate Bob Reddinger, supervisor of operations of the Kiski Junction Railroad, checks the engine’s head lamp while performing routine maintenance. independently. The state awarded a $4.3 million The downturn in the coal market moment, according to Reddinger. state grant in 2010 for a nine-mile The business from Allegheny spur connecting the railroad’s base has eliminated hauling by rail from the Logansport mine, at least for the Technologies Inc.’s Bagdad plant in Schenley to the mine in Bethel.

Reddinger cleans the inside of a passenger car. hauling scrap dried up earlier this year because of falling steel prices and a flood of cheap imports, which the industry has blamed primarily on China. “The future restart will depend upon future business conditions,” said Dan Greenfield, ATI spokesman. The railroad still has some commercial business. It transfers dry bulk goods from Norfolk Southern trains to Armstrong Terminal Inc., located at the former Schenley whiskey distillery. It’s a mere one-quarter mile jaunt but an integral one, as it’s the only way to move goods from the Norfolk Southern line to Armstrong terminals to a river barge or a trailer truck. The short line and the terminal are both rarities: Armstrong Terminal is the only river terminal immediately north of Allegheny River Lock No. 5.

Wheredotheystandontheissues? ISSUES · FROM C1

rates to rise on individuals making $400,000 or more and couples earning $450,000 or more. In a 2012 budget proposal, he proposed reducing spending to about 18 percent of GDP (it was about 20 percent in 2015), reducing all income tax rates, including lowering the top individual rate to 28 percent and the top corporate tax rate to 25 percent, while limiting unspecified tax breaks. The proposal also would have capped Medicaid spending and converted Medicare into a voucher-like program.

Gun rights

McGinty supports requiring background checks for online gun sales and purchases at gun shows, a ban on the sale of armor-piercing “cop killer” bullets, a ban on the manufacture and sale of “military-style” firearms, a ban on allowing people on the terrorist watch list to obtain a firearm, imposing a federal limit on magazine capacity and repealing a federal law that shields gun manufacturers from liability in cases where their weapons are used in crimes. McGinty opposes federal reciprocity legislation to require every state to recognize and allow the use of concealed carry

licenses or permits issued by other states. Toomey voted to require background checks for online gun sales and purchases at gun shows. He voted against measures sponsored by Democrats to prevent a suspected terrorist from buying a firearm and in favor of bills sponsored by Republicans. Toomey opposes restricting the sale of weapons, magazines and bullets. He supports federal reciprocity legislation.

Health care

McGinty supports the 2010 federal health care law, the Affordable Care Act. Toomey voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He says he supports eliminating tax provisions that make it more expensive for individuals to buy insurance, requiring health plans to be portable and renewable and limiting the ability of people to sue medical professionals or institutions for damages from malpractice.


McGinty supports a bipartisan immigration reform bill that passed the Senate in 2013 that would establish a path toward citizenship for an estimated 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States and double

aid for border security to stem the flow of immigrants who cross the border without legal permission. McGinty opposes Senate legislation barring federal funds from sanctuary cities, which are jurisdictions that resist turning over immigrants living in the country illegally to federal authorities. Toomey opposes “amnesty” for immigrants in the country illegally and voted against the bipartisan immigration reform bill. Toomey supports a guest worker program and increasing spending on border security. Toomey says Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is simplistic and says Trump’s plan to deport every immigrant living illegally in the United States is not realistic. Toomey sponsored legislation barring federal funds from sanctuary cities.

sion of Social Security payroll taxes into privately managed investment accounts and opposes raising the Social Security retirement age. McGinty supports raising the income limit for Social Security payroll taxes, currently $118,500, to improve the solvency of the Social Security trust fund. Toomey has said he supported giving younger workers the option of taking a portion of the Social Security payroll tax they pay and putting it into a regulated, professionally managed account. Toomey has said raising the retirement age must be “on the table” to improve the solvency of the Social Security trust fund, but that people who are retired or are close to retirement must be unaffected by any changes. Toomey says he opposes raising the income limit for Social Security payroll taxes.

Middle East

Supreme Court

McGinty opposes the widespread use of ground troops in Syria and supports the Obama administration’s nuclear accord with Iran. Toomey opposes the widespread use of ground troops in Syria and opposes the nuclear accord with Iran.

Social Security

McGinty opposes the diver-

McGinty was noncommittal on whether she would support Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, but she says he deserves Senate consideration. Toomey did not support a vote on Garland’s nomination, saying Senate consideration of a nominee should wait until after the election. Toomey says he would be supportive of a Trump nominee to the Supreme Court.

They are working with the Kiski Junction to transfer cattle feed supplement from Norfolk Southern, which it stores and distributes by trucks to animal feed mills and to farms, according to Sam Lansberry, controller with Armstrong Terminal Inc. The terminal also has facilities to bag goods. The terminal handles anthracite coal it receives by rail via the Kiski Junction Railroad, which is eventually loaded onto barges for steel mills along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, he said. Reddinger is looking into more freight traffic. “There’s hope for the future,” he said. “And we still plan on next year’s tourist trains.” Mary Ann Thomas is a Tribune-Review staff writer. She can be reached at 724-226-4691 or [email protected]

Senate race costliest in U.S. DEBATE · FROM C1

University, added: “In a race as close as this one, both candidates will want to avoid making any gaffes that can light up social media or provide fodder for last-minute attack ads.” McGinty, a Chester County Democrat, leads Toomey, a Lehigh Valley Republican who is completing his first term in the Senate, by just 0.4 percentage point, according to RealClearPolitics’ polling average. The narrow gap has resulted in an avalanche of spending. Through Friday, outside groups — political action committees, super PACs and nonprofit 501(c) organizations — had spent a combined $69 million on the race. That’s the most among this year’s 34 Senate races, according to the Washingtonbased Center for Responsive Politics. The candidates’ campaigns spent at least $16.4 million combined through June 30,

according to federal records. McGinty said last week that her campaign raised an additional $5.2 million, and Toomey said his raised $5 million during the year’s third quarter. Neither said how much they spent. Candidates had through Saturday to file their thirdquarter campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission. In Monday’s debate, KDKA-TV anchor Ken Rice will be the moderator, and money and politics editor Jon Delano and reporter Lynne Hayes-Freeland will be panelists. Each candidate will have a minute to answer each question, and their opponent will be given 30 seconds to respond. Candidates will be allowed to make closing statements. Tom Fontaine is a Tribune-Review staff writer. He can be reached at 412-3207847 or [email protected]

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · C3

BRIEFLY SPEAKING Classes/programs

A new Mothers of Preschoolers group will be held 9:30-11:30 a.m. the third Tuesday of each month through May at Living Word Congregational Church, 2003 Ridge Road, Penn Township. Childcare will be provided. Information: 724-523-5421. A free talk on rain gardens by Louise Sprowls, a Penn State Master Gardener, will begin at 7 p.m. Tuesday in Ligonier Valley Library, 120 W. Main St. All are welcome to attend the Weeders and Seeders business meeting at 6 p.m. A murder mystery night will begin at 6 p.m. Friday in Norwin Public Library, 100 Caruthers Lane, Irwin. Registration: 724-863-4700. Noss Lecture Series will present a conversation with award-winning writer Jeanne Marie Laskas, author of “Concussion,” at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Convocation Center at California University of Pennsylvania, 250 University Ave. Information: A fall interactive history series lecture, “Tragedy and Danger on the Youghiogheny River,” will begin at 11:15 a.m. Saturday in the West Newton Library, 124 N. Water St. Information: 724-872-8555. Tiny Wonder Time, an hour of nature play for children ages 2-4, will be held 10-11 a.m. and 12:30-1:30 p.m. Wednesday in Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve, 744 Walzer Way, Latrobe. Cost is $3 per month. Information: event/tiny-wonder-time-2. St. Vincent College Department of Theology, in cooperation with Mount St. Mary’s University, Wheeling Jesuit University and Seton Hill University, will host “Laudato si’ and Northern Appalachia, A Conference on the Environment and Catholic Social Teaching” from 9:15 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday, in Fred M. Rogers Center, 300 Fraser Purchase Road, Latrobe. Information: [email protected] edu. Jennifer Haigh’s latest novel, “Heat and Light,” will be discussed at 6 p.m. Thursday in Caldwell Memorial Library, 982 N. Chestnut St. Ext., Derry. Information: 724-694-5765. Seton Hill University will host these free lectures on its Greensburg campus:

• •

• •

• •

– 6 p.m. Tuesday, Seton Hill alumna Mary Ann Scully, CEO and Founder of Howard Bank in Baltimore. – 7 p.m. Thursday, German author and journalist Uwe von Seltmann, “The Future of the Past: A Family Research Project that Resulted in the Bestselling Book ‘Gabi i Uwe.’” Daniel Borzutzky will be featured at St. Vincent College Visiting Writers Series, 5 p.m. Thursday, Fred M. Rogers Center, 300 Fraser Purchase Road, Latrobe. Information: visitingwriters. The Loyalhanna Watershed Association will host the following programs in the Nimick Family Education Center, 6 Old Lincoln Highway West, Ligonier: – 6:30-8 p.m., Wednesday, Pennsylvania Game Commission wildlife diversity biologist Tammy Colt will discuss owls. – 2-4 p.m., Oct. 30, family Halloween event with hayrides, crafts, ghost stories and refreshments. Registration is required: 724-238-7560 or [email protected] Westmoreland Woodlands Improvement Association will host a talk 7 p.m. Oct. 20 with Celine Colbert, urban forester with DCNR’s Bureau of Forestry, at Westmoreland Conservation District, 218 Donohoe Road, Greensburg. Free to members and students, $5 for nonmembers. Information: 724-837-5271 or westmoreland Children’s programs scheduled at Manor Public Library, 44 Main St.: — Bright Builders for grades K-5, 6 p.m. Wednesday. Theme will be Bone Bridge. — Fall craft, 1-3 p.m. Saturday. Information: 724-864-6850 or [email protected]

• •


Chicken and biscuits dinner, 5-7 p.m. Wednesday at Mt. Pleasant Center for Active Adults, 424 Washington St. Tickets: $8, $4 for children. Information: 724547-4593. 19th annual craft show will be held 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Saturday at Grandview Volunteer Fire Department, 1655 Ridge Road, Jeannette. Information: 724-527-5278. Purse bash hosted by the

• •

Westmoreland Hospital Auxiliary will be held 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday in Ramada Inn Ballroom, 100 Ramada Inn Drive, Greensburg. Tickets: $35, includes brunch and two chances to win designer handbags. Proceeds benefit the Westmoreland Hospital ICU Capital Campaign. Information: 724-832-2532.


• Retirees and former

employees of Commercial Bank & Trust of PA, noon luncheon, Rodney’s Restaurant & Lounge, 557 Wendel Road, Irwin; call 724-539-1871 or 724539-8830 if you plan to attend.

Special events

The Delmont Volunteer Fire Department ladies auxiliary will host these events at the VFD, Route 66: – 6 p.m., Monday, card party; cost: $12, includes full buffet. – 1 p.m. Oct. 29, Halloween parade; sign up 9 a.m. Oct. 18 or 6 p.m. Oct. 19. Information: 724-468-4011. Pianist Tomer Gewirtzman, winner of the 2016 Bronder Prize for Piano, will perform at St. Vincent College Concert Series at 7 p.m. Saturday in the Robert S. Carey Performing Arts Center, 300 Fraser Purchase Road, Latrobe. Admission: $25. Information: 724-8052565. “Picture This at the Library,” a joint endeavor between Greensburg Art Center and Greensburg Hempfield Area Library, will feature artist Pamela Cooper from Oct. 20-Nov. 29; opening reception is 6-8 p.m. Friday. The University of Notre Dame Glee Club will appear in concert at 7 p.m. Wednes-

• •

Oct. 20

Golden Dome Knitting Guild, 7 p.m., Trinity United Church of Christ, 139 N. Main St., Greensburg; program: a Picot-Edge Bind Off; guests and new members are welcome. Information: 724-836-6323. day in Immaculate Conception Church, 308 Second St., Irwin. A free-will offering will be accepted. Information: 724-863-9550 or [email protected] org. The Westmoreland County Unity Celebration will begin 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Westmoreland County Courthouse Square. Theme is “Respect, Equality, Dignity,” or “R.E.D.” People are encouraged to wear red to promote unity and celebrate diversity. There will be entertainment and refreshments. Information: 724-834-9390 or [email protected]

ON THE MOVE Ballroom dancer Catherine Zerilla of Greensburg recently competed in the U.S. Open Ballroom Dancesport Challenge in Cleveland. She won three first places and four second places in Samba-RumbaJive ChaCha-Paso Doble of the Pro-am Latin Intermediate and Full Silver divisions. Zerilla trains at the Peoria School of Dance in Youngwood.

Halloween events at Compass Inn Museum, 1382 Route 30 East, Laughlintown: – 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Saturday, entries accepted for pumpkin carving contest. No entry fee; entries will be on display 6-9 p.m. Saturday. Prizes will be awarded. Visit compassinn. org to download registration form and contest rules. – 6-9 p.m. Saturday and Oct. 28, 29, “Halloween Hauntings” storytelling tours. Cost: $7; $6, ages 62 and older; $4, children 5-12; free, 5 and younger. Reservations required for groups of 10 or more by calling 724-238-4983. A Ghost Walk of Downtown Irwin, based on paranormal investigations, history and folklore, will be held 7 and 9 p.m. Oct. 22. Tickets: $10. Available at The Lamp Theater box office, 216 Main St., or online at Must be 18 or older. Sponsored by Miller’s Crossing Fleatique. Information: 724-216-6200 or [email protected]


Laurel Valley Seniors will visit Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh on Oct. 24, with pickups in New Florence at 10 a.m., Ligonier at 10:30 a.m. and New Alexandria at 10:45 a.m. Buses will depart the casino at 7 p.m. Fee: $30, includes $20 in slots play and $5 food voucher. Participants must be 21 or older and have photo identification. Reser-

vations: 724-235-2800, 724-2387942 or 724-668-7055.

Church events

These meals will be served: – 5-8 p.m. Thursday, spaghetti dinner, Zion Lutheran Church, 140 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Greensburg. Cost: $8 or $4, children 4-12; free, under 4. – 4-7 p.m. Saturday, “All You Can Eat” ham dinner, Denmark Manor United Church of Christ, 2003 Denmark Manor Road, Export. Cost: $13 or $6, children ages 6-12; free, 5 and under. Baked goods will be available. Information: 724-744-4218. Classes in “PraiseMoves,” a Christian alternative to yoga that combines powerful strengthening and stretching with Scripture meditation, will begin 7:30 p.m. Mondays and 9:15 a.m. Tuesdays at the Community United Methodist Church, Route 130, Harrison City. First class is free, subsequent classes cost $5 each. Information: [email protected]

Submissions from nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations for Briefly Speaking and Club News can be emailed to [email protected], faxed to 724-838-5171 or mailed to 622 Cabin Hill Drive, Greensburg PA 15601-1657. Submissions are due at least two weeks prior to the event. Each announcement is printed once; there is no fee. Information: 724-836-4970.

C4 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

CLASSIFIED DEATH NOTICES To place an obituary, call 866-794-9801, fax 866-794-9799 or e-mail to [email protected]

Tarrah L. Brenner MURRYSVILLE

Tarrah Lynn Brenner, 33, of Murrysville, died on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016, at her home. She was born on July 23, 1983, in Monroeville, a daughter of James R. Brenner Jr. and Nanette M. (Rodgers) Brenner, of Murrysville. She was preceded in death by her maternal grandparents, James and Ann Rodgers. In addition to her parents, she is survived by her paternal grandparents, James R. Brenner Sr. and Marlene Brenner, of Murrysville; siblings, James R. Brenner III (Erin) and Stephanie Cheripka (Jared), both of Murrysville, and Christian Brenner (Tiffany), of White; nieces and nephews, Reese, Rylee, Thea and James; and longtime companion, Gabriel Burkett and his daughter, Skylar. Tarrah also is survived by her beloved dogs, Copenhagen and Morgan. Visitation will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 17, at HART FUNERAL HOME INC., Murrysville, where a private funeral service will be held 11a.m. Tuesday, Pastor Jeffrey Bingman and Pastor Dan Lawrence coofficiating. Interment at Plum Creek Cemetery will be private. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made in Tarrah’s name to Western Pennsylvania Humane Society at www.wpa www.hartfuneral


H. June Coon, 91, of Greensburg, died Friday, Sept. 30, 2016, in Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital. Born Aug. 20, 1925, in Smicksburg, she was a daughter of Alfred Swab and Mary Taylor Swab. June was a homemaker and housewife. She married G. Raymond Coon June 17, 1946, at United Lutheran Church of Smicksburg. June was a member of Harrold Zion Lutheran Church, of Greensburg. Along with her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, G. Raymond Coon; her daughter, Sandra Shumaker, in 2014; four brothers, Thomas, Richard, Allen and Gerald, all of Erie; and three sisters, Dorothy, of Punxsutawney, Mary Lou, of Canton, Ohio, and Lois, of Waterford. She is survived by two sons, Charles Coon, of Sunset, La., and Keith Coon, of Greensburg; nine grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; and four great-great-grandchildren. June was the last remaining member of her family. There will be no visitation. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, at Harrold Zion Lutheran Church, in Greensburg, with the Rev. John Smilago officiating. Burial will be in Smicksburg Cemetery, Smicksburg. There will be a luncheon following the service. P. DAVID NEWHOUSE FUNERAL HOME, 215 Church St., New Alexandria, in charge of arrangements. newhouse

Angeline DiPilla

IRWIN FORMERLY OF JEANNETTE Angeline “Julia” DiPilla, of Irwin, formerly of Jeannette, passed away Friday, Oct. 14, 2016, surrounded by her loving family, in Golden Heights Personal Care Home. She was born in Export, a daughter of the late Frank and Marie Palmeri Faulk. She was a member of both Sacred Heart Church and Ascension Church, Jeannette. Prior to retirement, she was employed as a decorator for 34 years by the for mer Jeannette G l a s s C o. She was also a member of the M&S Bocci League. Julia loved to dance, especially at the Jeannette American Legion. She also spent several winters in West Palm Beach, Fla. In addition to her parents, Julia was preceded in death by her husband of 54 years, Amadae DiPilla; and three brothers, Silvio, Lynn “Smokey” and Albert Faulk. She was loved by many and will be sadly missed, especially by her sister, Margaret Cima, of Pittsburgh; and many loving nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. Fam-


Architect had hand in Pittsburgh landmarks by


In half a century as an architect, Clare C. Cornelius left his mark on projects ranging from the graceful bridge linking Point State Park and Downtown Pittsburgh to the paneled basement of a single-story brick house in Shaler. He and the Downtown architecture firm that bears his name helped design Point State Park; UPMC Mercy hospital; the renovations of Heinz Hall; and many other projects still visible around the region. In his Shaler home, he tinkered with projects, rewiring the electrical system, building his own furniture and finishing the basement himself. “He left a lot of fingerprints on a lot of things around there,” said Mr. Cornelius’ oldest son, Paul, of Mountain View, Calif. Clare C. Cornelius, former partner at the architectural firm of MacLach-

Regional deaths

lan, Cornelius & Filoni, died Sept. 22, a day short of his 91st birthday. Born in New Bethlehem, Clarion County, to Presbyterian minister Maxwell Cornelius and his wife, Esther, Mr. Cornelius moved with his family to Pittsburgh and attended Perry High School, where he met his future wife, Virginia D. Meyer. He served in the Navy, based at Pearl Cornelius Harbor, from 1944 to 1945, then returned to earn a degree in architecture from then-Carnegie Tech in Oakland. Mr. Cornelius married Virginia in 1950, and they remained together until her death in 2013. Likewise, he joined the architectural firm in 1950 and would remain the rest of his career. When he signed on, the firm had already begun working to transform

Pittsburgh’s Point from an industrial brownfield into a state park and museum, and he fit right in. He was particularly involved in designing the Portal Bridge that linked the halves of Point State Park, which earned national design awards, said Kenneth Lee, now a vice president at the firm who described Mr. Cornelius as a “mentor.” Later projects included renovating Heinz Hall into a centerpiece of the Cultural District, and the expansions and redesigns of Mercy Hospital, Uptown; Suburban General Hospital, Bellevue; and Sewickley Valley Hospital in the 1980s. Mr. Cornelius eventually became a partner, adding his name to the firm. He was “semi-retired” from 1992 to 2000, still working two or three days a week, said Mr. Cornelius’ son, Allen, of Colorado Springs, Colo. Mr. Cornelius took the family camping around New England and Canada

on vacations and volunteered with his sons’ Boy Scout troops even after Paul and Allen were no longer Scouts. “Like many other things in his life, he never left,” Allen said. Mr. Cornelius was an active member of the historic First Presbyterian Church, Downtown, acting as an elder for the spiritual direction of the church and a trustee for its day-to-day operations, Pastor Tom Hall said. “Clare was very, very young and involved at heart. He was very energetic, very positive,” Hall said. In addition to sons Allen and Paul, Mr. Cornelius is survived by a sister, Mary Ennis. He was predeceased by his parents and his siblings, Esther, Maxwell Jr., Samuel and William. Friends will be received from noon to 1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 21, at Schellhaas Funeral Home, 388 Center Ave., West View. Matthew Santoni is a Tribune-Review staff writer.

An asterisk (*) after a name indicates that a full death notice appears in these pages. (F) after a residence denotes “formerly.” Friends of the deceased are invited to sign the online guest book at

ALLEGHENY COUNTY Name, age Residence

Funeral home

Roddy, Nancy L., 79*


Warchol, Bridgeville



Funeral home

Hovan Sr., William J., 63*

Belle Vernon

Kutch, East McKeesport


Funeral home

Brenner, Tarrah L., 33* Coon, Helen J., 91* DiPilla, Angeline* Edwards, Loretta, 72*

Hart, Murrysville Newhouse, New Alexandria Graziano, Jeannette Ott, Irwin

Murrysville Greensburg Irwin Irwin

ily and friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Monday in the John V. GRAZIANO FUNERAL HOME INC., 228 N. Second St., Jeannette. A funeral Mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m. Tuesday in Ascension Church, Jeannette, with father Paul Lisik as celebrant. Entombment will be private at Twin Valley Memorial Park Mausoleum in Delmont. The family would like to thank the staff of Golden Heights Personal Care Home for their professional and loving attention that they gave to our Aunt Julia.

Loretta (Johnson) Edwards IRWIN

Loretta (Johnson) Edwards, 72, of Irwin, Penn Township, died Friday, Oct. 14, 2016, at her home. She was born Dec. 17, 1943, in Pittsburgh, a daughter of the late George and Elizabeth (Cornman) Johnson. Loretta was co-owner of SimTec Co. She was a member of Calvary Church in North Huntingdon. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Donald Edwards. Surviving are four children, Candace Edwards Holsing and her husband, Rodger, of Hempfield Township, Kimberly Madeira and her husband, Gary, of Penn Township, Donald V. “Smokey” Edwards and his wife, Jill, of Penn Township, and Jennifer Salerno and her husband, Michael, of Cowansville; grandchildren, Kelsey, Mark, Andrew, Michael, Daniel, Lucas, Veda, Jessica and Jacob; brothers and sister, George Johnson and his wife, Vicky, Jim Johnson and his wife, Diana, and Nancy Snyder of Ruffsdale; and several nieces and nephews. Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 5 to 7 p.m. Monday at the OTT FUNERAL HOME INC., 805 Pennsylvania Ave., Irwin. A funeral service will be held at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in the funeral home chapel, with the Rev. Nick Poole officiating. Interment will follow in Restland Memorial Park, Monroeville. To send on line condolences please visit www.

William J. Hovan Sr. BELLE VERNON

William J. Hovan Sr., 63, of Belle Vernon, passed away Monday, Oct. 10, 2016. He was a son of the late Nicholas Sr. and Dolores Hovan; loving husband of Patricia A. Hovan; beloved father of William J. Hovan Jr. and Aaron J. Hovan; brother of Yolanda (Darryl) Granata, Maryruth (Kevin) Byers and the late Nicholas Hovan Jr. and Joseph P. Hovan. He is also survived by his sister-in-law, Virginia Hovan; and many nieces and nephews. No visitation. Service will be private. Arrangements by the JAMES F. KUTCH FUNERAL HOMES

Jacobelli, Kathryn A., 92* Kuszaj, Linda, 66* Laero, Frank E., 91* Lawson, Janet, 80* Miller, Angeline G., 96* Moldovan, Jack, 97 Morgan, Glenn F., 30* Offman, Helen, 89 Pezze, Debra A.* Rectenwald, Bettegene, 92* Schake, Carla L., 77*

ELSEWHERE Name, age Smith Jr., Melvin J., 40*

and CREMATORY, 433 LinLinda coln Highway, East Mc(Zambron) Kuszaj Keesport, PA 15035. “As HARRISON CITY dawn breaks, the stillness of the wood is illuminated by Linda (Zambron) Kuszaj, of the golden sunlight streaming Harrison City, 66, returned through the trees. The gift of home to her Creator on SatGod’s grace and love renewed urday, Oct. 15, once more. Look to the woods 2016. Linda if you want to see Bill, he will was the lovbe in his favorite hunting spot ing wife of on the flats, drinking in the Lar ry and majesty of it all.” www.kutch the devoted mother of Nathan (Clarissa) Kuszaj Kathryn A. Jacobelli and Rachel DERRY TOWNSHIP Kuszaj(fiance, FORMERLY OF JEANNETTE Jordan Raymond). Linda was Kathryn Ann “Kaye” Jaco- employed by UPMC Mercy for belli, 92, a resident of the Loy- 45 years and retired in Sepalhanna Care Center, Derry tember 2015. Her plans were Township, formerly of Jean- to travel with Larry and spend nette, passed away Thursday, winters in Florida. However, Oct. 13, 2016. She was born God had plans of his own. LinApril 3, 1924, in Darlington, a da died peacefully at home surdaughter of the late Charles rounded by her family and her H. and Mary (Nitchell) Wedge. best friend, Theo, her goldenPrior to her retirement, Kaye doodle. Linda was preceded was employed by Westmore- in death by her father, Joseph land County as a secretary in Zambron and her mother, Betthe office of District Justice ty, who married Jim RuszkieLois Diehl for 23 years. She wicz, after Joe’s death. Linda was a former member of the is also survived by her sister, All Seasons Travel Club and Jean (Ronald) McLaughlin; the Lincoln Heights Friend- her sisters-in-law, Romie (Jim) ship Club. Kaye loved spend- Boland, Judi (Terry) Bielewicz ing time with her family at and Lorraine Kirshner; and the beach, traveling, reading, also eight nieces and nephews. sewing, baking and lunches As a member of St. Barbara with family and friends. In Parish in Harrison City, she addition to her parents, Kaye enjoyed volunteering for the was preceded in death by her festivals and fish frys. As a loving husband, Victor M. former member of the choir, Jacobelli; a sister, Jane Hull; she enjoyed singing whenever brothers-in-law, Donovan possible. Her real love was “Berk” Shirey and Kenneth the beach, any beach. Linda’s Hull; and a nephew, Wilbur favorite saying was, “The Smith. Kaye is survived by two beach fixes everything.” For 30 sons, Ronald R. Jacobelli and years, her family vacationed his wife, Amy, of Latrobe, and in Duck, N.C.; this was the first Dr. Michael C. Jacobelli and year she missed. As her chilhis wife, Barbara, of Yardley; dren went on their own, Linda four grandchildren, Gregory and Larry still went there and Jacobelli (Cindy), Amanda enjoyed their special private Jacobelli Siegel (Scott), Peter time together. Next month Jacobelli and Julia Jacobe- would have marked 41 years of lli; four great-grandchildren, marriage happiness. Friends Cooper and Molly Jacobelli are welcome from 2 to 8 and Brady and Addie Siegel; p.m. Monday at PATRICK sister, Betty Shirey, of Dar- T. LANIGAN FUNERAL lington; and a number of HOME AND CREMATORY, nieces and nephews. Kaye’s Turtle Creek/Monroeville family would like to extend Chapel, 1111 Monroeville their heartfelt thanks to the Ave. at James St., Turtle dedicated staff at Loyalhanna Creek 412-823-9350. Mass Care Center; her niece, Dolly of Christian Burial will Smith; her nephew, Richard be Tuesday in St. Barbara Jacobelli; and to her good Church, Harrison City, time friends, Peggy and Jerry Gia- announced later. Linda will quinto and Barbara Svoboda then be laid to rest in the St. for the compassionate care Joseph Mausoleum. and help given to her and Frank E. Laero her family. Friends will be OKLAHOMA BOROUGH received from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday in the Frank E. “Mertz” Laero, HARTMAN-GRAZIANO FU- 91, of Oklahoma Borough, NERAL HOME INC., 1500 passed away Ligonier St., in Latrobe. on Thursday, Funeral services will be Oct. 13, 2016, held at 11 a.m. Monday in in UPMC St. the funeral home chapel. Margaret, Private entombment will Aspinwall. be the Twin Valley MemoBorn Sept. 18, rial Park Mausoleum in 1925, in Vandergrift, he Delmont. In lieu of flowers, was a son of memorial contributions may Frank and be made to St. John’s United Church of Christ, P.O. Box Anna (Petrarca) Laero. Frank 182, Laughlintown, PA 15655. was a lifelong resident of the To post an online condolence, area, and served our country please visit www.hartman- with the Navy during World War II as a yeoman second

Derry Township Harrison City Oklahoma Borough Acme Youngwood Greensburg Level Green Murrysville Ligonier Murrysville

Hartman-Graziano, Latrobe Lanigan, Turtle Creek Curran-Shaffer, Apollo Saloom-Peterson, Youngwood McCauley, Youngwood Coshey-Nicholson, Greensburg Slater, Scott Township Hart, Murrysville Bacha, Greensburg Snyder, Ligonier Jobe, Turtle Creek


Funeral home McCabe, Derry


class. When he returned from the war, he worked in the New Kensington Steel Mill. Frank The following symbols can be paid death notices. worked as a mail carrier for used in p the United States Postal Service for 25 years, retiring in 1998, and also did carpentry work in the evening to earn extra money to support his large family. He was a charter EMS member of Grace Community CORE Church - Inspired Ministries in Vandergrift, former member of the Christian Fellowship Church in Delmont, served as Boy Scout Master for Troop No. 545 for many years and as Scout Master at St. Gertrude in AIR FORCE AMERICANLEGION Vandergrift. Frank was loved by all of the children. He enjoyed cooking, baking bread, gardening and woodworking. Frank loved to make little animals and trinket boxes for famARMY COAST GUARD ily and friends. He also liked dancing the Tarantella, an Italian style of dancing with his beloved Freda. In addition to his parents, Frank was preceded in death by his sister, Louise Mrasz. He is survived by his EASTERN STAR loving wife of 68 years, Freda M. (Conti) Laero; children, Nancy Zornow, of Vandergrift, Judy (Ronald) Kutsch, of Washington Township, James E. (Robin) Laero, of Allegheny Township, Robert (Donna) ELKS FIREFIGHTER Laero, of Kent, Frank E. Laero Jr., of Florida, and Thomas M. (Lara) Laero, of Oklahoma Borough; 12 grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren; two KIWANIS great-great-grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews. Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016, in the CURRAN-SHAFFER FUNERAL HOME AND CREKNIGHTS OF LIONS MATORY INC., 100 Owens COLUMBUS View Ave., Apollo. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016, in the funeral home with Frank’s son, the Rev. James E. Laero, officiating. Military honors will be acMARINES FREEMASON corded by the Vandergrift Veterans Honor Guard immediately following the service. Private interment in Greenwood Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in NAVY POLICE Frank’s memory to the Kiski Valley Food Bank, P.O. Box 178, Vandergrift, PA 15690. To send an online condolence to the family, please visit www. ROTARY






SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · C5


Janet Lawson ACME

Janet (Kantorik) Lawson, 80, of Acme, passed away on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, at the home of her daughter. A complete notice will be published on Sunday, Oct. 23. Arrangements are entrusted to SALOOM-PETERSON FUNERAL HOME, Youngwood.

Angeline G. Miller YOUNGWOOD

Angeline G. Miller, 96, of Youngwood, Pa., died Friday, Oct. 14, 2016, in Westmoreland Manor. She was born Sunday, Oct. 3, 1920, in Youngwood, a daughter of the late Domenick and Carmela (Belloma) Gelfo. She was a member of Holy Cross Church. She was the owner of Miller’s Beauty Salon on Depot Street in Youngwood. Surviving are her husband of 71 years, Thomas K. Miller; and three daughters, Sandra Mizikar and husband, Regis, of Greensburg, Suzanne Gongaware and husband, Paul, of Scottdale, and Sharon Matthews and husband Jim, of Marlton, N.J.; eight grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by three brothers, Joseph, Sam and Eugene Gelfo. Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016, at the C. RICHARD McCAULEY FUNERAL HOME INC., 101 S. Fourth Street, Youngwood, Pa. There will be a rosary service Sunday at 3:45 pm at the funeral home. Services will be held at Holy Cross Church, Monday, Oct. 17, 2016, at 10 a.m. with the Rev. Bill McGuirk officiating. Interment will follow in the Greensburg Catholic Cemetery.

Glenn F. Morgan LEVEL GREEN

Glenn Francis Morgan, 30, of Level Green, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016. He was the cherished son of Roger and Maureen (Landy) Morgan and the beloved brother of Patrick and Michelle Morgan; also loved by many uncles, aunts and cousins. Glenn was a 2004 graduate of Penn-Trafford High School and attended the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. He enjoyed many outdoors activities, such as fishing, and had a love for animals that brought joy to all around him. Friends are welcome from 2 to 8 p.m. Monday at WILLIAM SLATER II FUNERAL SERVICE (412-563-2800), 1650 Greentree Road, Scott Township, PA 15220, and are asked to join the family to celebrate Glenn’s Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Our Lady of Grace Church, 310 Kane Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15243. www.slater

Debra Ann Pezze Debra Ann Pezze passed away Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, surrounded by her loving family. Debra was a daughter of Angelo Pezze and the late Ann Vesco Pezze. In 1991, Debra was the second woman elected to the Court of Common Pleas in Westmoreland County, and was in her 25th year of service. Prior to her election, she was proud to serve as a public defender in Westmoreland County and to have served as a law clerk for Federal Judge Austin Staley. She was a graduate of Greensburg Central Catholic High School, Penn State University and Duquesne University Law School. She was a fixture for lunch with her dear friends at La Vita’s Restaurant in Greensburg. Debra was proud of her commitment to our system of justice, both as an advocate and as a jurist. Most of all, she was proud of her two beautiful, loving daughters. In addition to her father, she is survived by her husband of 28 years, Tom Balya; daughters, Maria Balya (David Hickes), of Boston, and Angela Balya, of Pittsburgh. She is also survived by her sister, Angela Rudick and husband, Alan, and their children, Carly (Ron) Paulovich (children Grace and Angelo) and Cara (Chris) Burnside; sister-in-law, Mary Jo Zappone, of Austin, Texas; brothers-in-law, Don Balya, of Bridgeville, and Dennis (Judy) Balya, of Washington Township. She also leaves behind numerous other loving relatives and friends. Friends will be received from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday and 3 to 5

and 7 to 9 pm Sunday at the LEO M. BACHA FUNERAL HOME INC., 516 Stanton St., Greensburg. Prayers will begin at 9 a.m. Monday in the funeral home, followed by a funeral Mass to be celebrated at 9:30 a.m. at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, Greensburg. Everyone please go directly to the church on Monday. Interment will follow in Irwin Union Cemetery. The Dante Alighieri Lodge 244 will conduct a service at 7 p.m. Sunday in the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Clelian Heights School for Exceptional Children, 135 Clelian Heights Lane, Greensburg, PA 15601, or to the Humane Society of Westmoreland County, P.O. Box 1552, Greensburg, PA 15601.

Bettegene Rectenwald LIGONIER

Bettegene Rectenwald, 92, of Ligonier, passed away peacefully Friday, Oct. 14, 2016, surrounded by her loving family at the home of her daughter, Michelle, and son-in-law, Michael. She was born Jan. 11, 1924, in Long Beach, Calif., a daughter of the late Russell Moshier and Majorie Winkeeper. She was a member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Ligonier. Bettegene was a Pearl Harbor survivor and served with the Gray Lady Service. She was preceded in death by her husband of 67 years, John L. Rectenwald Sr.; and two sisters, Pat and Marilyn. She is survived by her five loving children, Cheryl Hofbauer and her husband, Paul, Susan Rectenwald and her husband, Gabriel Yackanich, John L. Rectenwald Jr., Michelle Kent and her husband, Michael, and Michael Rectenwald and his wife, Nancy; six grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren; and a sister, Marjorie Sims. A memorial Mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m. Monday, Oct. 17, 2016, at Holy Trinity Church, Ligonier, with the Rev. John Foriska as celebrant. Arrangements are by the SNYDER FUNERAL HOME INC., Ligonier. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Holy Trinity Church, 342 West Main St., Ligonier, PA 15658 or Meals on Wheels, P.O. Box 203, Ligonier, PA 15658.

Nancy Lee (Elder) Roddy


in death by her parents, Susan Momeyer Elder Clark and Oliver Perry Elder Sr., her big brothers, Dick and Pat Elder, and their spouses; her infant sister, Sarah Louise; and other family and friends. In addition to her immediate family, Nancy is survived by two nephews, her niece and best friend, Karen Grace, and their families. She is also survived by three sisters-in-law: Evelyn, Betty and Sharon (Paul); and a brother-in-law, Robert. Nancy’s joy was her family. She was a devoted caregiver to her aging mother. When it came to her kids and grandchildren, she always had time to bake a cake, read a story, or get caught up on life over a cup of tea or milk and cookies. She loved her family well. Family and friends received from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday at the WARCHOL FUNERAL HOME INC., 3060 Washington Pike, Bridgeville (412-221-3333), and from noon until the time of service at 2 p.m. Monday at Greensburg First United Methodist Church, Greensburg, PA 15601. Interment to follow at St. Clair Cemetery in Greensburg. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions in Nancy’s memory to either the Alzheimer’s Association ( or to Otterbein United Methodist Church. View and share condolences at www.warcholfuneralhome. com.

Carla L. Schake

MURRYSVILLE FORMERLY OF TURTLE CREEK Carla L. Schake, 77, of Murrysville, formerly of Turtle Creek, died Friday, Oct. 14, 2016. She was the loving mother of Sheldon (Elena) Schake, Douglas (Patricia) Schake, and Shannon (Jennifer) Schake; grandmother of Sasha, Alec, and Shane Schake; sister of Dolly (Bob) Atkins, Vivian (late Dan) Ridenour, and the late Ruth Hodgkiss and Pearl Harrison. Carla was a 1957 graduate of Turtle Creek High School, and attended business school after graduation. She attended the former Alpha Lutheran Church and was a current member of Christ Lutheran Church in Murrysville. Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016, at the JOBE FUNERAL HOME and CREMATORY, INC. corner of Shaw and Triboro avenues, Turtle Creek (412823-1950), where a funeral service will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday, Oct. 17, 2016. Interment to follow at Restland Memorial Park. www.



Barbara Hood, staff liaison for Elliot Community Federal Credit Union, adjusts the shield of her company’s scarecrow “Captain Credit” on Saturday during the Jeannette Business Association’s second scarecrow decorating contest.


according to police documents. State police said incident occurred Tuesday on FAYETTE COUNTY Booker Way in South Union. Unity Police charged Ermlick with Robbery, of BP gas staaggravated assault, simple EMT dragged tion. Police said two susassault and harassment. Shannon L. Ermlick, pects robbed gas station at 38, of South Union accused Ermlick placed in Fayette gunpoint. of grabbing paramedic by County jail and faces Oct. Mt. Pleasant her hair and dragging her 25 preliminary hearing beTheft, battery removed to ground while paramedic fore District Judge Wendy from orange message board was attempting to treat her, Dennis.

along Route 119 south onramp near Westec Drive.

Melvin J. Smith Jr

Melvin Joseph Smith Jr., 40, died Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, in Houston, Texas. Friends Nancy Lee (Elder) Roddy, will be received Sunday and 79, of Bridgeville, formerly of Monday at the Christian Greensburg Life Fellowship Church, 621 and North Marguerite Road, Latrobe, Huntingdon, where a service will be conpassed away ducted at 11 a.m. Tuesday. on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016, with her family at her side. She was the beloved wife of Dale W. Roddy for 61 years; and the devoted mother of Patrick (Sally), of Eighty Four, Dale (Tawney), of Cecil, and David (Jessica), of Saxonburg; doting “Gran” to Jay (Katherine), Erin, Allison (fiance Cody), Laurel, Matthew, Anna, Isaac, Sarah and Andrew; and great-grandma to Edward and Phoebe. Nancy was preceded



C6 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

Science Center explores how ‘BodyWorks’ Interactive exhibit allows guests of all ages to learn how humans function by


Adelaide Pribis, 4, of Mars was surprised when her mother picked her up early from preschool Friday and took her to her favorite place: the Carnegie Science Center. Adelaide was even more surprised to find that she was one of the first people to experience the science center’s newest exhibit on the human body. “I really love it because it shows all of the bodies and how to figure stuff out,” Adelaide said as she assembled X-ray pictures of a skeleton. “I like to figure out the skeleton and what goes before the hand.” Visitors to the third floor of the museum on Pittsburgh’s North Shore are now treated to “BodyWorks,” an interactive exhibit exploring the different aspects and functions of the human body. Some displays will provoke laughter and some are likely to make visitors squirm. The idea for the exhibit first came about in early 2015, according to Dennis Bateman, the science center’s director of exhibits. He knew the human body was a popular subject not only because Western Pennsylvania is known for health care, but because the issues in the exhibit apply to everyone. “We try to focus on regional assets so kids interested in science can stay in the area,” Bateman said. “Also, everyone’s interested in themselves and


Lori Olescyski of the North Hills and her grandson, Roman Koziar, 4, play “How Do My White Blood Cells Protect Me?” while touring the new “BodyWorks” exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center on Saturday. their own bodies. It’s very topical.” In fact, Bateman still receives questions from visitors asking when the 2007 “Bodies… The Exhibition” will return. That exhibit required its own ticket, and guests observed fully dissected human bodies. This exhibit displays different body parts separately, including lungs from a smoker and nonsmoker, a heart and even a brain. The body parts were given to

the science center by Gunther von Hagens’ Institute for Plastination, which preserves human body parts by engaging in a unique process von Hagen invented called plastination. According to Bateman, plastination involves replacing all of the liquid in the body with a plastic polymer. There’s a one-for-one replacement of every fiber, which results in an exact duplicate. “There’s less shock value by using

separate parts,” Bateman said. “I’ve seen a lot of people come in and say (disgustedly), ‘It’s a head!’ — but then they stop and look at it for five minutes.” What makes this exhibit different is how interactive it is, according to Bateman. That’s something that Adelaide’s mom, Meredyth Pribis, noticed. “I think it’s extremely interactive, which is really good for her

age group,” said Pribis, 36, of Mars. “There’s so much incorporated that kids can ask such a variety of questions based on how they feel.” Bryce Turner, 11, had always wanted to go to the science center, and he finally got that chance on Saturday when his parents treated him for his birthday. To him, everything in the science center was new, but the “BodyWorks” exhibit was what really caught his attention. “We were just learning about some of the names of body parts in science class,” said Turner, of New Brighton. “It’s interesting how all of this stuff can fit in our bodies.” His favorite part of the exhibit was “Do Smells Trigger Memories?” — which involves pushing buttons that release different smells. “It’s cool because you can’t see what food it is,” he said. “You can only smell it and guess.” Bateman also pointed out that this exhibit is interesting because not everything is as it seems. He explained that some parts of the exhibit focus on ways to trick one’s brain. One of these displays is “Can My Hand Fool My Brain?” which asks guests to place their hands on opposite sides of a coil. Visitors will find that telling the difference between what is hot and cold may not be that easy after all, Bateman said. Other displays include “What Does a Baby Look Like in the Womb?” and “What Do I Look Like Inside?” The exhibit, which is presented by Allegheny Health Network, is permanent and something that all guests can enjoy, Bateman said. Phillip Poupore is a freelance writer.

DECISIONS OF YOUR JUDGES The following is a list of defendants charged with a first offense of driving under the influence in Westmoreland County criminal court. These defendants receive a standard sentence that includes enrollment in the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program for one year, attendance at an alcohol highway safety school and a period of license suspension. If they satisfactorily complete the program, they may then file a petition to have the case expunged. Unless otherwise noted, court costs are placed on the defendant. David Allan Florian, 46, of New Kensington


Mt. Lebanon High School Principal Brian McFeeley crowns Robert Demsky, 18, Homecoming King on Friday night at halftime of the high school football game.

It’s good to be the king


moment they learned Robert had Down syndrome, she fought for him. She made sure he was included in regular activities, not just specialneeds courses. She fought school administrators who suggested he shouldn’t be in normal P.E. classes, that he shouldn’t take archery, that biology class would be too tough. She was determined to make him a part of his school community, as if he were any other kid. And with that one phone call, she got the confirmation she so desperately needed: His classmates not only accepted him but respected him. More fans file into the stands. The Mt. Lebanon and Penn Hills football teams complete their warm-ups and leave the field. The marching band performs. Across the field from the home sideline, the Homecoming Court waits. The crowd rises to sing the national anthem. Finally, it’s time. The Court walks across the field toward the crowd. Public-address announcers call out their names. Fans cheers for every member of the Court. For Robert, they roar. He looks up and blinks at the crowd. He smiles and

The following is a partial list of criminal cases handled by judges in Westmoreland County criminal court. Some of the cases involve firsttime offenders being enrolled in the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program. The ARD program does not require an admission of guilt, but participants are placed into the program for up to two years. If they satisfactorily complete the program, they may then file a petition to have the case expunged. Unless otherwise noted, court costs are placed on the defendant.

Judge Rita D. Hathaway

Robert gets a hug and a kiss from his sister Alex Demsky, 14, after he was announced Homecoming King. gives another thumbs-up. They announce the Homecoming Queen: Georgia Lawrence, who has been Robert’s classmate since first grade. She steps forward and smiles as they place the tiara on her head. Then they announce the King: Robert Demsky. His classmates have spoken. A title traditionally reserved for the star

quarterback goes to the guy who wants only to sit in the stands, who gleefully highfives classmates and teachers in crowded hallways, who tugs uncomfortably at his tie when his parents make him wear one, as they do on this night. It takes a second for the news to sink in. When it does, Robert’s eyes become perfect circles. He thrusts his arms into

the air and performs a highstepping dance toward the stands. The crowd chants: “Robert! Robert!” He stops dancing long enough to stand next to the Queen and accept his crown. His sisters, both cheerleaders, break from their ranks and run to him. They hug and kiss him and tell him how proud they are. In the stands, other parents hug Valerie and Robert. Robert and his son lock eyes, and Dad gives him a thumbsup. The rest of the night is a blur. Seemingly everyone in the stadium wants a hug or a photo. King Robert obliges all.

Christine Marie Martin, 46, of Washington pleaded guilty to driving under the influence – second offense and was sentenced to 90 days to five years in jail. He was ordered to attend an alcohol highway safety school and his license was suspended for 18 months. To a separate charge of possession of a controlled substance by person not registered, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation for one year. Sentences are to run concurrently. Shikia R. Mosley, 33, of Mt. Oliver, charged with fraud obtaining food stamps/assistance, was accepted into the ARD program for two years. She was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $12,360.37. Billy J. Hedglin, 39, of Belle Vernon pleaded guilty to retail theft and was sentenced to probation for one year. Joseph Michael Bergman, 19, of Belle Vernon pleaded guilty to ethnic intimidation and harassment and was sentenced to probation for one year. He was ordered to attend and complete anger management classes. Bernard J. Geisel Jr.,

• •

34, of Farmington pleaded guilty to use/possession of drug paraphernalia and defiant trespass actual communication and was sentenced to probation for one year. He was ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation and follow all recommended treatment. Jonathan Estela Rivera, 26, of Charleroi, charged with use/possession of drug paraphernalia, was accepted into the probation without verdict program for one year. To a separate charge of possession of a controlled substance by person not registered, he was accepted into the probation without verdict program for one year. He was ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation and follow all recommended treatment. Sentences are to run concurrently. Tara Temak, 38, of Webster, charged with false reports, was accepted into the ARD program for one year. She was ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation and follow all recommended treatment and complete parenting classes. Michael Paul Jacobs 25, of Latrobe pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property and was sentenced to one to two years in jail, to be followed by probation for one year. To separate charges of receiving stolen property and conspiracy, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one to two years in jail, to be followed by probation for one year. He was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $4,100. Sentences are to run concurrently. Aaron Johnny Kurtz, 26, of Greensburg pleaded guilty to bad checks and was sentenced to probation for one year. Tre Alexandre Carter, 22, of Vandergrift pleaded guilty to simple assault and was sentenced to probation for two years. Stephen C. Half, 24, of Robinson, charged with use/possession of drug paraphernalia, was accepted into the probation without verdict program for six months. Angelo Brian Robinson, 29, of New Kensington pleaded guilty to false identification to law enforcement officer and was sentenced to probation for one year. To a separate charge of use/possession of drug paraphernalia, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation for one year. He was ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation and follow all recommended treatment. Sentences are to run concurrently.

• • • •

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · C7

After a wildfire, ‘Mother Nature kind of takes care of itself’ 252 fires burned 1,819 acres, DCNR statistics show. Coming in second in both years were fires caused by debris burning, which accounted for a combined 218 fires over 460 acres. The costs for extinguishing all fires statewide in those two years was about $722,000. Between 2012 and 2015, 676 incendiary fires burned more than 6,000 acres of wildlands in the state, making it the second leading cause behind debris burning which caused 1,394 fires on 2,728 acres, statistics show. Fire-extinguishing costs for those four years topped $2 million. Wildland fires damage or destroy trees native to Pennsylvania — oak, cherry and red maple, all valuable hardwoods — along with mountain laurel, ferns and other wild plants; habitats for woodland creatures and structures such as cabins or homes. Wildland fires typically stay close to the ground in this

region, fueled by mountain laurel or leaves, in contrast to wildfires in western states that usually consume entire trees. Determining a cause essentially is a process of elimination, Vinski said. Fire inspectors walk the perimeter and examine patterns left behind by the flames, placing colored flags to mark points of the fire’s progression. “To do it correctly, it is extraordinarily time-consuming,” he said. “The sheer size of wildfires makes it a little more complex.”

Fighting the fire

Fighting a wildland fire — which are most common in the spring and fall — requires a different attack because of the tough terrain and lack of water. Firefighters create a “break in the fuel,” clearing away twigs, leaves and other dry material in the fire’s path by digging a line in the ground with hand tools or heavy ma-

chinery, said David Planisek, a forester in the Forbes State Forest district. Landscape features, such as a road, stream or rocks, can act as a barrier, too, he said. Firefighters also use a bureau helicopter to drop water. Weather is an important factor that can impact flames, as is wind direction and humidity, he said. “It requires people to keep their heads up; you’re working in a dangerous environment,” Planisek said. Afterward, firefighters “mop up,” or eliminate the possibility of a fire rekindling, by extinguishing any hot spots. Manpower costs for state and local firefighters can be recovered through court-ordered restitution, if inspectors determine someone was at fault, Vinski said. Costs range from $7 per hour per crew member to $25 per hour that a fire engine was in service. Each year, Vinski trains

about 20 departments in Allegheny, Somerset and Westmoreland counties on the basics of fighting wildland or brush fires. Those departments cover rural, forested areas with little infrastructure, such as the Laurel Mountain and Chestnut Ridge areas, he said. When Fawn Township Volunteer Fire Department No. 1 got involved with training about 10 years ago, firefighters realized they were illequipped to battle wildland fires in the wooded Allegheny County community, said Dave Collings, deputy fire chief and state fire warden. The department began accumulating appropriate equipment, including a four-wheel drive engine and two brush trucks. When they confronted a 10acre brush fire last spring, firefighters knew what to do, Collings said. “It’s a totally different

game,” he said. “Your head’s constantly going in the middle of these things to decide what the proper attack is.”

Forest recovery

Prescribed forest burns conducted by the Forbes State Forest district promote the desirable tree species that have adapted and respond well to wildfires because of their thick bark and deep root systems, Planisek said. These controlled fires eliminate some trees — such as birches — that don’t hold up to the heat and flames, while oaks “respond with vigor” by resprouting and eventually overtaking less desirable varieties. “We love to see them; we love to have them; we love to regrow them,” Planisek said. “Oak trees are extremely beneficial for timber and for wildlife.” After a fire, officials address

any erosion problems and may move woodland material on the ground back into its prefire location, Planisek said. Damaged trees will rebound. “Typically, within a month of a fire, you’ll see really strong regrowth,” he said. “Mother Nature kind of takes care of itself in most cases.” Renatta Signorini is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach her at 724-837-5374 or [email protected]



C8 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

MARRIAGE APPLICATIONS The following marriage licenses have been obtained from the Westmoreland County Register of Wills Office: Kenneth Reed Williams of Greensburg and Justine Nicole Schaefer of California. Darren Eric Jones and Jaclyn Michelle Schork, both of Mt. Pleasant. John William Novotnak of North Huntingdon and Stephanie Ann Pfoff of Pittsburgh. Robert Payne Walker and Kelly Lynn Davenport, both of Lower Burrell. Matthew Eugene Domyancic of Monroeville and Toniann Marie Fiore of Pittsburgh. Adam Michael Greenebaum and Lindsey Michelle Guthrie, both of White Oak. Christopher Alan Herrod and Olivia Sarah Stewart, both of Greensburg. Floyd Atkins Wright and Mary Eileen Craven, both of North Huntingdon. Thomas Lee Keener and Ashley Lauren Pungitore, both of White Oak. Charles Thomas Cullison and Iesha Dionne Eddins, both of Greensburg. Jack Richard Bachman and Erin Elizabeth McMahon, both of Irwin. Nicholas Michael McGrew and Rachel Lauren Jablonsky, both of Jeannette. Robert Scott Balsewicz and Lindsay Thompson Cruz, both of Irwin. Justin Donald Shaffer and Chassidy Rae Eckman, both of

Smithton. Alexander Charles Calkins of West Newton and Margaret Rose Ozzello of Jeannette. Garrett Lee Mott and Kayla Marie Geary, both of Mt. Pleasant. Jason Matthew Carr and Jessica Marie Stewart, both of Leechburg. Jonathan Joseph Murray and Rosemary Anne Cullen, both of Greensburg. Paul Edward Yex and Donna Lee Price, both of Yukon. Lionel Jack Gerard and Justina Nicole Culp, both of Pittsburgh. Randy Francis Tabron of Monessen and Kalee Elizabeth Hall of Connellsville. Katherine Marie Morgan and Rachael Ellen Busch, both of McKeesport. John Alan Stauffer and Sarah Jeanne Romanik, both of McKeesport. Robert Andrew Fichtner and Michelle Oddo, both of North Huntingdon.

Christopher King Aldridge of Greensburg and Sara Jean Shaffer of Vandergrift. Kevin Charles Carlock and Nicole Marie Angotti, both of Belle Vernon. Nathan Alan Boal of Dunbar and Elizabeth Polyblank of Connellsville. Cory Allen Swank and Anna Marie Semenko, both of Derry. Michael Andrew Bobich of Smithton and Nichole Lynn Gregg of Murrysville. Christopher Jon Hritz of West Newton and Beth Ann Swisher of Elizabeth. Joshua Craig Dollar and Brittany Lynn Wertz, both of Davenport, Fla. Garlan Earl McCune and Kevin Austin Kling and Chelsea Lillian Mahosky, both of Jeannette. Philip Robert Siko and Caitlin Amber Bumar, both of Latrobe. Timothy Allen Strobel and Marcie Rose Caligiure, both of Greensburg.

Daniel Albert Edmonds of North Huntingdon and Lauren Elizabeth Benko of White Oak. Dreyer Paul Shipley of Mt.

Pleasant and Sarah Nicole Pallone of Scottdale. Marc Christian Lanzendorfer and Elyse Alexandra Horo-

manski, both of New Stanton. Ronald James Jellison and Amy Suzanne Markle, both of Latrobe.




Can wind-powered turbines affect human health? ASSOCIATED PRESS



nce it was just another cabin on a Vermont hillside. Now it’s an emblem in the debate over noise from the growing wind energy industry. Studies have repeatedly found no evidence connecting noise from wind power turbines to human health problems. But critics question the soundness of those studies. Among them are Steve and Luann Therrien, who say a wind farm near their home made their lives hell. The case has created a fissure among environmentalists in this liberal state with a reputation for green thinking, pitting those who see wind energy as key to reducing reliance on pollution-spewing fossil fuels against those convinced audible noises and inaudible “infrasound” present health threats to those living nearby. And each side questions the objectivity of the other’s research. The Therriens’ old cabin is 5 miles of dirt road away from town, but just a quarter-mile from a rural stretch of Interstate 91. The highway noise largely didn’t bother them. But after the 16 turbine towers of the Sheffield Wind Project went up on a nearby ridgeline in 2011 — the closest about three-quarters of a mile away, and five within a mile — things changed, the Therriens say.


Steve and Luann Therrien abandoned their cabin in Sheffield, Vt., two years ago and say they have been unable to sell it.

Deep in the night, when things were quiet on the highway, a low hum came from the opposite direction, punctuated occasionally by louder noises, the Therriens say. Soon, they say, they and their two small children were plagued by sleeplessness, nausea and other problems. “The vertigo was pretty much all the time, but if we had a lot of noise, the dry heaves would be more often,” Luann Therrien said. Steve Therrien gave up his job as a trash “No scientific research collector — too sleepy to drive, he said. They abandoned their home in 2014 and have been has been able to unable to sell it. demonstrate a direct A group opposed to large-scale wind projects, Energize Vermont, is planning to set up cause-and-effect link sound-monitoring equipment at the Therbetween living near wind riens’ former home to try to document their with data. turbines, the noise they concerns Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin and fellow emit, and physiological Democrats who control the Legislature have promoted renewable energy. Three big wind health effects.” power projects — all of which have drawn complaints similar to the Therriens’ — have DR. HARRY CHEN been built on Vermont mountains during Shumlin’s six years in office, with five more VERMONT’S HEALTH COMMISSIONER in planning or construction. The state is pursuing a goal of 90 percent renewable energy by 2050. Luann Therrien said the couple has not sued turbine owners because they can’t afford to hire a lawyer and have not found one willing to take the case for free. But another person living near the Sheffield Project, Paul Brouha, has sued, saying the noise is “out of character with the surrounding area, is excessively loud and continues unabated for long periods of time both day and night.” Brouha declined to comment, citing the pending lawsuit. Lawyers for the WIND · D4

Wind turbines line the hillside at First Wind’s project in Sheffield.


Donald Trump’s taxes still have many people scratching their heads: How did he incur such massive losses? What happened in other tax years? Is what he did legal? And how is this even possible? The U.S. tax code is notoriously complex. But in general, federal income tax is progressive — those who earn less face lower taxes and those who earn more face higher taxes. There are many ways to legally reduce or even eliminate that tax burden.


Vincent Wang needed new jeans and a coat just before classes began this semester at the University of California, Davis, where he studies nutrition. Rather than trek several miles off campus to the nearest Target or Wal-Mart, he ordered the clothes from and retrieved them from new Amazon pickup lockers right next to the university store that sells Aggies T-shirts and hoodies. Wang, 21, is one of millions of students who have taken advantage ofAmazon Prime Student, which offers all the benefits of a regular Prime membership — quick delivery, music and video streaming and free online photo storage — for $50 a year, half the regular price. Amazon’s strategy echoes the one used for decades by the credit card companies: snag young consumers early and, with artful promotions, try to make them loyal for life. The pickup lockers are just another way to pull students into the Amazon universe, giving them convenient locations to retrieve packages if they’re worried about having merchandise sent to dorm rooms and apartments. The centrally located kiosks mean Amazon can offer same-day delivery of 3 million products on many campuses — faster than standard two-day delivery. The program catches students as they are forming new shopping habits, much like the Amazon program that woos new parents with discounted diapers. “Even though it’s just a dorm room, college students are setting up a new household for the first time and doing their own laundry and getting their own groceries,” says Melanie Shreffler, senior insights director at the market research firm Cassandra. “Amazon steps in and plays the role of mom and dad for them in making sure they have what they need during this transition.” Amazon is expanding campus locations much more quickly than bookstores serving the general public. The company has two bookstores in Seattle and San Diego and two more on the way in Portland, Ore., and the Boston suburbs. By the end of the year, Amazon will have staffed pickup kiosks serving more than 500,000 college students at 16 schools around the country, including Purdue University, University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of Pennsylvania. The expansion will continue next year, with Amazon targeting big schools with administrations receptive to kiosks that are meant to complement, not replace, the campus store, says Ripley MacDonald, who runs Amazon’s student programs. “On a college campus, you have all of your future customers in one place,” he says. “We graduate students into fullprice Prime memberships.” Amazon has used its Prime program to keep ahead of competition in e-commerce. It keeps increasing the value of membership by offering faster delivery services and additional entertainment options, locking in customers and

Yuengling, the next generation

A 2011 study from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found about 46 percent of Americans paid no federal income tax (it estimates 44 percent will not pay any this year). About half of those not paying federal income tax had no taxable income, while the other half took advantage of measures in the law that allow them to wipe out their tax liabilities. The latter primarily benefit lower- and middleincome groups, thanks to things such as the earned income tax credit, child credits or education tax credits. However, many high-income individuals are also able to benefit TAXES · D5

Promotions, pickup kiosks, fast delivery used to build loyalty


How tax policies can favor the rich Trump’s finances highlight legal, criticized practices

Amazon courts young shoppers

Pa. brewery made decades-long effort to keep it in the family THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER


The Yuengling brewery in Pottsville, Pa.

PHILADELPHIA — Now that Yuengling is the biggestselling beer brand in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio and five smaller states, and fifth-generation owner Richard “Dick” Yuengling is on Forbes’ list of billionaires, it’s getting harder to remember that in the mid-1980s his was still a smalltown brewery in the fabled but faded ex-coal-and-iron center of Pottsville, Pa., selling a few hundred kegs a day. “I was told, when I was 19 or 20, that the brewery would fail and I should go somewhere

else,” Yuengling recalled, smiling. That’s what most Pennsylvania breweries had done by then, crushed by national competition and Super Bowl marketing budgets. “But we had a good brewmaster, good products, and I was never afraid to work and put the hours in,” Yuengling says. “If you have that going for you and you believe in your company, and yourself, and what you’re doing, and a lot of luck, you can make it work.” Only it wasn’t quite that linear: Yuengling, now 73, left the company at age 30 after his father declined to update the works fast enough to suit him. He bought a beer distributorship and cultivated the agents who persuaded Pennsylvania YUENGLING · D6

D2 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016


How to save for goals other than retirement


uestion: I know I should save for retirement, but that’s so far away. How do I also save for the things I want sooner, like a house, a vacation or a move to a new city? Answer: You’ll need to start saving now if you want your retirement to be filled with excitement and possibility, not anxiety over how to pay your bills. But while you save, you can also live a varied, satisfying life in your 20s and 30s. Decide on your priorities, make a plan, and be savvy about where you put your money. Smart money management now means more to enjoy when you’re happily retired later on.

Get on track

As a 20- or 30-something, you have one big advantage over older folks when saving for retirement: time. The money you earn on your investments has decades to grow, so you can save a little every month without drastically cutting back on other expenses. Contribute to a 401(k) if you have one at work, and add enough to match your company’s contributions if they’re offered. Open an individual retirement account if you don’t have a 401(k). Aim to save 10 percent of your gross income for retirement, which can include an employer match.

Prioritize other goals

Pick your top nonretirement goals, decide when you want to achieve them, then create a savings plan. You can set up direct deposit at work so part of your paycheck goes straight into your savings account, says Damian Dunn, a financial planner and president of NextGen Financial Life Planning LLC in Auburn, Ind. You’ll be less likely to spend your money if it’s not easily accessible, he says; federal law limits withdrawals from savings accounts to six per month. Here’s how to save for the three common goals you mentioned in your question: Down payment: If buying a house is a major dream of yours, start saving as early as you can to get close to the 20 percent down payment most conventional mortgage lenders prefer. The best place to save depends on how soon you think you’ll buy. An online savings account is the most flexible, but a certificate of deposit, or CD, will offer a higher interest rate if you can wait for four or five years. CDs keep your money locked away at a bank or credit union for a certain amount of time. Travel: Online savings accounts are also ideal for upcoming trips; some let you set up sub-accounts you can name (say, “Costa Rica Adventure Fund”) to keep you motivated. Consider using a cash-back or travel rewards credit card before your trip, especially if it has a sign-up bonus. Pay off your balance each month so you don’t pay interest. Moving: Save at least six months’ worth of necessary expenses so you have a buffer if you can’t find a job right away. Before the move, try making extra money by negotiating down or canceling subscriptions such as cable, or taking on extra part-time work. Your postgrad job lets you afford the trips or leather jackets you could only covet when you were in college. You should enjoy those things before you retire. All you have to do is plan for them.

Brianna McGurran is a staff writer at NerdWallet. Send your questions to [email protected], or follow her on Twitter @briannamcscribe.

Shared workspaces catch on in India Cheap offices appeal to young entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups ASSOCIATED PRESS

NEW DELHI — Every weekend, the partiers flood into a New Delhi restaurant and dance club called Social, a three-story destination on the edge of Hauz Khas Village, one of the city’s most popular nightlife neighborhoods. After nightfall, the bar is busy and the dance floor is full. The lines stretch out into the street. The dancing goes on until 1 a.m. But just a few hours later, the watering hole will be clean, the tables will be cleared of silverware and plates and the nightclub will have been transformed into a cozy office where no one gets fired for drinking at work. Everyone shares desks at Social: photographers, designers, journalists, software programmers. They bounce ideas off one another, hire one another and collaborate to expand their businesses. Everyone is either a freelancer or working for a small startup. As India emerges as one of the biggest markets in the world for tech-based startups, workspaces are transforming from traditional and hierarchical to relaxed and bar-like. “It’s the millennial personality,” says 29-year-old Dinsa Sachan, a freelance journalist who works out of Social. “People don’t want to bow down to random bosses in their offices. They are seeking more meaningful work. So, I think co-working spaces are like a melting pot for individuals like these.” The first co-working offices began springing up in India about three years ago. Today, there are at least a dozen in New Delhi — though Social is the only one that also functions as a restaurant — with similar numbers in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, where most Indian startups are based. With more than 4,200 new technology companies, mostly phone apps or websites, by the end of last year, India now has the thirdlargest startup industry in the world, behind the United States and United Kingdom, according to The National


Young entrepreneurs and freelancers work inside Innov8, a co-working space in New Delhi, India. As India emerges as one of the biggest markets in the world for tech-based startups, workspaces are transforming to relaxed and bar-like.

People dance at Social, a three-story destination on the edge of Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi, which can be cleaned, rearranged, and transformed into a cozy office. Association of Software and Services Companies, or NASSCOM, an Indian industry research company. Foreign-based investors are opening their coffers, and now comprise most of the money being pumped into Indian startups, NASSCOM says. Funding for Indian startups is growing at more than 125 percent a year, with an additional $700 million estimated to be invested before February 2017, according to a 2016 report by InnoVen Capital, an Asian venture capital firm. Riyaaz Amlani, the owner of Social and a powerful force

BUSINESSGALLERY ACCOUNTING Herbein + Company Inc. hired Karol Phelps to the position of Senior. The McQuillan Group hired Sara Phelps Cole as accounting and assurance manager. HEALTH CARE Allegheny Health Network named Dr. Erin Suydam as medical director of patient blood management & bloodless medicine and she will serve as chair of the Network’s Patient Blood Management Steering Committee. AWARDS Pennsylvania Insurance Department Commissioner Teresa Miller received the

in the changing Indian restaurant scene, said he noticed a demand for cheap office space in prime New Delhi locations and decided on a fluid concept for his restaurants. There are now 14 Social outlets across India, all of them also co-working spaces. “Increasingly, of fices started becoming more like cafes, right? Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter,” the 41-year-old says. “If you get into a traditional office environment, you know, it’s all very cut-and-dried. It’s all very hierarchal. Your importance is measured by the

amount of square-foot” your office has. The co-working spaces are also very young places. Most Indian startups are created by people under age 28 who often cannot afford skyrocketing rents in big-city office districts. Membership fees at most Indian shared offices are usually less than $100 per month. They also come with free access to networking events, investors’ conferences and even parties. At Social, members also get lockers, free Internet and can redeem their monthly fees for food

and drinks. Rishi Jalan, a 25-year-old who started a sports management company for student athletes two years ago, said the free flow of ideas and inspiration is one of the top reasons people choose to work at a shared office space. “I know so many of my friends who actually went to a co-working space and found their co-founders,” says the Cornell University graduate. “Everyone, I feel, in these kind of co-working spaces in Delhi, is a guy who’s motivated. Firstly, because you have to do that if you’re an entrepreneur. And secondly, they’re all ready to share their ideas.” Like Jalan, many young Indians are moving away from traditional low-paying, entry-level jobs and want to do something of their own. “In my day, we didn’t have this opportunity available to us,” says Amlani, the Social owner. “Our heroes were rebels and rock-and-rollers, and the millennials’ heroes are people like Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk, and people who want to change the world with an app,” he said. “They’re blazing their own trail. And that’s amazing. And we’re just happy to facilitate it in a very small way.”


Pink Ribbon Award from the PA Breast Cancer Coalition for her work in expanding access to 3D mammography in Pennsylvania. Dr. Larry A. Sellitto was recognized by the Leading Physicians of the World as a 2016 Top Doctor in the Eastern Region for his work in addictions and psychology. Business Gallery is a listing of promotions, hirings and other personnel moves at area companies. Submitted items should include contact names and telephone numbers. Photographs should bear the names of the individuals. Items can be mailed to Business Calendar, Tribune-Review, 622 Cabin Hill Drive, Greensburg, PA 15601-1692, faxed to 724-838-5171 or emailed to [email protected]

WEDNESDAY Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection — 7:158:30 a.m., Eat’n Park, 100 Park Manor Drive, Robinson. Speakers will be Kelly Burgos Harper of Communication and Creative Services and Eric Schwiederowski of Carpets Etc. Register at or 412-364-6446, ext. 302. Pittsburgh Technology Council — 11 a.m.-1 p.m., 2000 Technology Drive, Suite 100, 1st floor Resource Room, South Oakland. “Protecting Your Ideas & Content: What You Need To Know.” Presented buy Barry Coyne, patent attorney and partner, Reed Smith LLP. Cost: $45, members; $175, nonmembers. Contact Lindsey at [email protected] to register. OCT. 24 Pittsburgh Technology Council — 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.,

For more meetings

and networking groups, visit 2000 Technology Drive, Suite 100, 1st floor Resource Room, South Oakland. “Customer-Focused Selling Training Experience.” Improve skills needed to execute a successful customer-focused and consultative approach to selling. Cost: $695, members and non-members. Contact Lindsey at [email protected] to register. OCT. 27 Pittsburgh Technology Council — 7-9:15 a.m., The Rivers Club, One Oxford Center, Downtown. “Huntington Breakfast Briefing.” Joe

Sheetz, president and chief executive officer, Sheetz Inc., discusses how technology innovation, workplace culture and giving back to the community have contributed to his company’s success. Cost: $55, members; $175, non-members. After Oct. 24: $60, members; $185, nonmembers. Contact Lindsey at [email protected] to register. Pittsburgh Technology Council — 8 a.m. Oct. 27 to 5 p.m., Oct. 28 Double Tree by Hilton Downtown Pittsburgh, One Bigelow Square. “Rust Belt Rust Conference.” A conference about Rust, a systems programming language focused on safety, speed and concurrency. Cost: $150. Register at: rust-belt-rust-conferenceregistration-25729515674.

When you’re mad or hurt at work, here’s what you can say


ometimes, it’s hard to know what to say. In the workplace, as in life, we’re often confronted with difficult people or difficult situations. Sometimes we’re stunned into silence. More often we blow up with a knee-jerk response that we later may regret. That’s why I really liked some all-purpose suggestions from Amy Cooper Hakim and Muriel Solomon, authors of “Working With Difficult People.” I’m not in the business of reviewing business books, but I am interested in sharing broadly useful tips, and these ideas qualify. Some excerpts from their work: When a disagreement looms, “Please explain this


to me.” Or, if the disagreement won’t die, “While I don’t agree with your conclusion, you certainly have the right to your opinion.” When you’re interrupted, “Pardon me, I’m not through. Just give me a few seconds to finish my point.” When you encounter extreme anger, “I understand you have a problem with that, but I expect to be treated with courtesy.” Or,

“Obviously, you’re too upset to discuss this now. I’ll talk to you later.” When you’re pressured to blab, “I don’t feel totally comfortable talking about that.” Or, “Don’t you think it would be a good idea to hold off until ... ?” When you need to reprimand an employee, “I’m sure you didn’t realize it, but ...” Or, “Perhaps you didn’t understand the consequences.” Or, “Maybe I failed to make myself clear.” When you need to express anger (obviously a lot depends on the situation), “I felt I was treated badly when I wasn’t informed in advance.” Or, “I was upset when I realized the decision was based on ...” Or,

“I have to tell you that I felt offended by that remark.” When you want to clear up confusion, “Is it true that you said ... ?” Or, “It looks like our signals got crossed.” Or, “Perhaps I misunderstood. Are you saying that ... ?” There are, of course, other tactful ways to diffuse blowups. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes easier to nurse wounds or draw battle lines that get in the way of productive and collegial workplaces. The fact that differences often occur in hierarchical relationships adds to the difficulty of clearing the air. Subordinates fear challenging supervisors. Some supervisors feel like they

need to walk on eggshells to avoid harassment or discrimination complaints. But work relationships thrive on trust. And that means knowing what co-workers, up or down the ladder, really think or mean by their remarks. It serves no one well to fail to respond to hurtful or angry comments. Talking about it with a friend in the break room isn’t the answer. Yes, it takes courage to confront, but when done with civility and mutual respect, it usually ends up better than exploding or doing nothing. To reach Diane Stafford, call 816-234-4359 or send email to [email protected]

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · D3


NYSE Diary

Advanced. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,041 Declined. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,053 Unchanged. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Total Issues . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,132 New Highs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 201 New Lows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Up Vol.. . . . . . . . . . 5,320,594,406 Down Vol. . . . . . . 10,403,744,099 Volume . . . . . . . . 15,506,713,541

Most active BkofAm Twitter ChesEng Vale SA WellsFargo FordM GenElec FrptMcM BrMySq Petrobras

Vol 100s



3892053 2560512 1887843 1581151 1569337 1499307 1419069 1389613 1338712 1105962

16.00 16.88 6.56 5.58 44.71 11.91 28.89 9.66 49.77 11.14

-.13 -2.97 +.21 +.01 -.62 -.38 -.19 -.47 -5.66 +.61

Biggest gainers Biggest losers Last

RubyTues DxBiotBear WalterInv DirPhr Bear PwSBMetS Braskem PerfSports PtroqstE rs CSVLgNG rs PUVixST rs

3.15 23.22 4.80 45.20 24.41 16.95 4.06 4.06 52.66 17.58

Chg %Chg

+.81 +4.37 +.66 +6.08 +3.09 +1.78 +.41 +.40 +5.17 +1.69

+34.6 +23.2 +15.9 +15.5 +14.5 +11.7 +11.2 +10.9 +10.9 +10.6

LSC Com EKodk wtA Twilio n DxBiotBll rs 3D Sys LSB Inds Celadon Alcoa rs ClubCorp Twitter




23.85 2.00 46.11 34.79 14.26 5.50 7.06 26.44 11.88 16.88

-13.55 -.65 -14.47 -9.38 -3.27 -1.25 -1.60 -4.93 -2.16 -2.97

-36.2 -24.5 -23.9 -21.2 -18.7 -18.5 -18.5 -15.7 -15.4 -15.0

New York Stock Exchange Div




AAR .30 30.71 -.72 ABB Ltd .76e 22.34 -.38 ABM .66 37.82 -.96 AES Corp .44 11.57 -.02 AFLAC 1.64 70.96 -.42 AGCO .52 51.08 +.88 AK Steel 4.51 -.17 AMC Ent .80 31.75 -.49 AMN Hlth 33.84 +1.93 AT&T Inc 1.92 39.22 +.35 A10 Ntwks 9.39 -.53 AU Optron .16e 3.61 -.18 AVG Tech 24.95 -.08 AVX Cp .42 13.74 -.06 AZZ Inc .68f 54.60 -1.05 Aarons .10 22.76 -2.37 AbbottLab 1.04 40.79 -1.92 AbbVie 2.28 60.17 -2.19 AberFitc .80 15.73 -.39 AcadiaRlt 1.00 34.60 +.35 Accenture 2.42e 118.25 +2.25 AccoBrds 9.17 -.35 Accuride 2.44 -.06 Actuant .04 22.26 -.91 Acuity .52 248.02 +7.41 AdaDvsEq .92e 12.96 -.08 Adecaogro 11.36 -.14 Adeptus 38.95 -.70 AdvAuto .24 146.64 -1.49 AdvDisp n 19.45 -.55 AdvDrainS .24 22.25 +.09 AdvSemi .25e 5.98 -.06 AdvFood n .14p 27.89 +1.68 Advansx n 15.62 +.52 AdvOil&Gs 7.75 +.52 AdvCCvII .56 5.61 -.01 AdvActBear 9.81 +.19 Aecom 27.61 -1.13 AegeanMP .08 9.41 -.41 Aegon .26e 4.06 -.06 AerCap 38.77 -1.16 AerohiveN 5.54 -.36 AerojetR 17.04 -.58 Aetna 1.00 109.64 -3.83 AffilMgrs 142.34-10.72 Agilent .46 45.08 -2.30 Agnico g .32 45.66 +.71 AgreeRlt 1.92f 46.82 +1.09 Agrium g 3.50 89.49 -.04 AirLease .20 28.23 -1.27 AirProd 3.44 132.65 -2.43 Aircastle .96 19.48 -.96 AlamosGld .02 7.47 +.13 AlaskaAir 1.10 72.31 +4.20 Albemarle 1.22 80.86 -1.51 Alcoa rs 26.44 -4.93 Alere 43.16 -.42 AlexREE 3.20 103.87 -.01 AlxRE pfD 1.75 34.70 +.94 Alibaba 101.85 -4.15 AllegTch .32 16.44 -1.17 Allegion .48 67.69 +.81 Allergan 227.55-11.37 Allete 2.08 57.58 +.52 AlliData 209.77 +.84 AlliBGlbHi .97a 12.36 -.23 AlliBern 1.81e 21.95 -.57 AlliantEg s 1.18 36.97 +.43 AlliGlCvInc .78 6.69 -.01 AlliGblCv2 .69 5.84 -.04 AlliNFJDv 1.20m 12.18 -.24 AlldWldAsr 1.04 43.82 +.14 AllisonTrn .60 27.71 -.76 Allstate 1.32 69.33 +.90 AllyFincl .08p 19.30 -.46 AlonUSA .60 8.45 +.09 AlonUsaLP 3.33e 8.14 -.35 AlpGPPrp .60 5.34 -.10 AlpTotDiv .69 7.46 -.12 AlpsDvDog 1.29e 40.45 -.69 AlpAlerMLP 1.20e12.51 +.02 AltisResid 1.82e 10.24 Altria 2.44f 62.44 +.52 AmberRd 9.37 -.29 Ambev .19e 6.09 +.03 Ameren 1.70 48.03 +.60 AMovilL .66e 11.58 -.12 AmAssets 1.00f 40.76 +.11 AmAxle 17.78 +.12 AmCampus 1.68f 49.27 +1.28 AEagleOut .50 17.19 -.28 AEP 2.24 62.30 +.51 AEqInvLf .22f 17.87 +.01 AmExp 1.28f 60.15 -1.61 AFnclGrp 1.25f 76.25 +.54 AHm4Rent .20 20.33 -.13 AIG wt 20.85 +.01 AmIntlGrp 1.28 59.86 -.20 AMidstrm 1.65 14.24 -.27 AmRenAs n 18.02 +.42 AmTower 2.12f 113.35 +4.84 AmWtrWks 1.50f 71.73 +1.09 Amerigas 3.76f 45.47 +.69 Ameriprise 3.00 97.08 -4.08 AmeriBrgn 1.36 79.79 +.40 Ametek .36 45.84 -1.90 Ampco .36 10.41 +.18 Amphenol .56 63.56 -1.81 Amplify n 14.96 -.57 Anadarko .20 63.37 -.09 AnglogldA 13.38 -.05 ABInBev 3.94e 128.65 +1.40 Annaly 1.20 10.15 +.13 AnteroMid 1.06f 28.16 +1.69 AnteroRes 1.00 27.51 -.25 Anthem 2.60 121.09 -.81 Anworth .60 4.80 +.08 Aon plc 1.32 110.69 -1.81 Apache 1.00 61.77 -1.56 AptInv 1.32 42.79 +.83 ApolloCRE 1.84 16.14 +.56 ApolloGM 1.30e 17.90 -.74 AppHReit n 1.20 18.39 +.17 Aptargrp 1.20 76.03 +.39 AquaAm .77f 29.56 +.45 Acquavnt n 22.48 +.53 Aramark .38 37.05 +.24 ArcelorMit 6.21 -.08 ArchCoal 67.14 +5.44 ArchDan 1.20 42.13 -.52 Archrock .38 12.39 -.56 ArcosDor 6.08 -.14 ArdmoreSh .61e 6.61 -.54 Argan .70e 54.94 -1.43 AristaNetw 80.45 -4.69 ArlingAst 2.50 14.32 +.13 ArmadaHof .72 13.54 +.78 ArmrR pfB 1.97 23.14 -.03 ArmourR rs 3.39 22.02 +.39 ArmstrWld 41.25 -.69 ArrowEl 62.14 -1.94 ArtisanPtr 2.40a 27.61 -.43 AsburyA 55.40 +1.38 AshHPrm .48f 13.69 -.45 AshfordHT .48b 6.04 +.23 Ashland 1.56 114.11 -3.16 AspenIns .88f 49.65 +.55 AsscdBanc .44 19.25 -.36 Assurant 2.00 90.98 +1.05 AssuredG .52 28.67 +.15 AstoriaF .16 14.19 -.18 AstraZen s 1.40e 30.59 -1.70 AtHomGr n 12.64 -.96 AtkoreInt n 19.27 +.02 AtlPwr g .12 2.46 +.06 ATMOS 1.68 71.08 +1.01 AtwoodOcn .30m 9.10 +.19 AutoNatn 48.32 -.95 Autohome 25.73 -.50 Autoliv 2.32 100.29 -4.89 AutoZone 763.51 +3.17 AvalonBay 5.40 168.93 +3.30 Avangrid n .43p 40.00 +.45 AveryD 1.64f 76.45 +.05 Avista 1.37 39.70 +.56 Aviva .61e 10.97 -.34 Avnet .68 41.30 -1.29 Avon 6.28 +.16 Axalta 26.21 -.55 AXIS Cap 1.40 56.96 +1.11 Axovant n 13.00 -.47 AzurePwr n 13.75


B&G Foods 1.68 48.17 BB&T Cp 1.20f 37.89 BCE g 2.73f 45.88 BHP BillLt 2.48e 33.99 BHPBil plc .64m 29.55 BP PLC 2.40a 35.84 BP Pru 2.04e 19.75 BRF SA .16e 17.21 BT Grp s .99e 23.06 BWX Tech .36 37.81 B&W Ent n 15.49 BakrHu .68 51.75 BallCorp .52 79.26 BanColum 1.27e 38.43 BancCalif .48 16.50 BcBilVArg .42e 6.24 BcoBrad s .29e 9.65 BcoSantSA .35e 4.36 BcoSBrasil .42e 7.36 BcSanChile 1.13e 20.52 BcpSouth .50f 22.66 BkofAm .30f 16.00 BkAm pfE 1.02 26.36 BkAm wtA 4.75 BkAML pfH .77 22.65



-.05 -1.00 +1.11 -1.37 -1.40 -.33 -.23 -.68 -.14 -.54 -.72 -1.09 +.94 +.27 -1.20 +.16 +.12 -.02 +.29 -.58 -.13 +1.74 -.12 -.60



Bk of But n 25.80 BkHawaii 1.92 73.26 BkMont g 3.44 64.29 BkNYMel .68 39.47 BkNova g 2.74 53.42 Bankrate 7.70 BankUtd .84 29.08 BarcBk prD 2.03 25.83 Barclay .39e 8.28 B iPVxST rs 35.06 Bard .96 219.80 B&N Ed n 9.60 BarnesNob .60 10.52 Barnes .52 38.91 Barracuda 25.52 BarrickG .08 15.69 BasicEnSv .62 Baxter s .52 47.45 BaytexE g 4.28 BeazerHm 11.10 BectDck 2.64 171.93 Belden .20 66.46 Bellatrix g .94 Belmond 12.31 Bemis 1.16 50.09 BenchElec 24.83 Berkley .52 58.43 BerkHa A 216370 BerkH B 144.18 BerryPlas 44.50 BestBuy 1.12 39.31 BigLots .84 44.81 BBarrett 5.17 BioRadA 161.33 BitautoH 27.48 BlkHillsCp 1.68 58.52 BlackRock 9.16 354.91 BlkBldAm 1.58 22.78 BlkCpHiY .84a 10.57 BlkCrdAllo .97 12.95 BlkDebtStr .29a 3.60 BlkEnhC&I 1.20 13.15 BlkEEqDv .56 7.62 BlkGlbOp 1.16 11.76 BlkIntlG&I .59 5.68 BlkMuniyQ3 .89a 14.25 BlkMuIT .90a 14.81 BlkMuTTT .96a 22.98 BlkMuniyld .92a 14.74 BlkRsCmdy .79 7.68 BlkstGSOSt 1.26 14.77 Blackstone 1.74 23.68 BlkstnMtg 2.48f 28.71 BlockHR .88 23.07 BdwlkPpl .40 16.99 Boeing 4.36 133.50 BoiseCasc 24.54 BonanzaCE 1.06 BoozAllnH .60 30.17 BorgWarn .52 34.67 BostBeer 155.41 BostProp 2.60a 126.90 BostonSci 22.95 BldrG&IFd .40a 8.11 Box Inc n 14.61 BoydGm 19.00 BradyCp .82f 34.13 Brandyw .64 15.39 Braskem .38e 16.95 BrigStrat .56f 18.58 BrightHrz 65.21 Brinker 1.36f 50.43 Brinks .40 37.04 BrMySq 1.52 49.77 BristowGp .28 11.93 BrixmorP .98 26.91 BroadrdgF 1.32f 65.74 Brookdale 15.30 BrkfdAs g s .52 35.57 BrwnBrn .54f 37.44 BrownFB s 45.35 Brunswick .60 48.05 Buckeye 4.75f 68.94 Buckle 1.00 21.65 Buenavent 12.43 BungeLt 1.68 59.16 BurlStrs 76.69


Chg +.21 -.57 +1.14 -1.10 +1.10 -.40 -.89 -.12 -.30 +1.78 -3.17 +.22 -.32 -.27 +1.69 -.04 -.09 -1.00 +.05 -.48 -5.47 -1.77 +.07 -.02 +.55 -.37 +.78 -270 -.34 +1.29 +.41 -2.29 -.18 -1.94 -1.43 +1.86 -2.30 -.28 -.09 -.10 -.02 -.41 -.17 -.27 -.11 -.60 -.78 -.67 -.62 -.14 -.10 -1.00 +.74 +.42 +.24 -.35 -.03 +.02 -.02 -1.02 -2.03 -2.13 -.53 -.14 -1.13 -.44 -.37 +.42 +1.78 -.36 -.10 +.17 +.06 -5.66 -1.51 +.89 -1.15 -.82 -.02 -.77 -1.03 -.34 -1.04 +.70 +.03 -1.80 -4.70

CBL Asc 1.06 11.69 -.21 CBRE GRE .60 7.96 -.10 CBRE Grp 26.52 -.75 CBS B .72f 55.11 -.11 CEB Inc 1.65 53.11 +.95 CF Inds s 1.20 22.28 -1.67 CIT Grp .60 36.18 -.75 CMS Eng 1.24f 40.70 +.44 CNH Indl .14 7.48 +.14 CNO Fincl .32 15.67 +.04 CPFL Eng .40t 15.10 +.13 CRH .74e 32.52 -.41 CSRA n .40 26.19 -.04 CST Brnds .25 47.97 CVR Engy 2.00 14.63 +.68 CVR Ptrs 1.10 4.75 -.55 CVR Rfng 3.12e 8.78 -.02 CVS Health 1.70f 88.80 +2.40 CYS Invest 1.00 8.36 +.12 Cabelas 61.90 -.35 Cabot 1.20 50.75 -.95 CabotO&G .08 22.55 -2.22 CACI 100.09 -1.28 CalAtlantic .16 32.21 -.80 Caleres .28 26.16 +.09 Calgon .20 15.78 -.35 CalifRes rs 11.20 +.23 CalifWtr .69 32.21 +1.93 Calix 6.72 -.37 CallGolf .04 11.06 -.15 CallonPet 15.20 -.34 Calpine 12.91 +.36 Cambrex 41.45 -3.72 CamdenPT 3.00 77.83 +.33 Cameco g .40 8.02 +.14 CampSp 1.40f 54.33 +.46 CampWrl n 21.06 CIBC g 4.84 76.28 +1.17 CdnNR gs 1.50f 66.32 -.12 CdnNRs gs .92 32.13 +.22 CP Rwy g 2.00 150.71 -1.38 Canon 28.81 -.21 CantelMed .12f 75.56 -3.06 CapOne 1.60 71.53 -1.52 CapOne pfG 25.34 -.25 CapSenL 16.00 -.40 CapsteadM .92m 9.13 +.13 CarboCer 10.71 -.67 CardnlHlth 1.80 75.27 -1.13 CareCPrp n 2.28 26.74 +.25 Carlisle 1.20 104.82 -.28 CarMax 51.25 -1.08 Carnival 1.40 46.15 -1.60 CarnUK 1.20 46.21 -1.77 CarpTech .72 37.96 -3.05 Carters 1.32 87.01 -1.30 CastleAM .59 -.09 CastlightH 4.14 +.05 Catalent 23.58 -2.10 Caterpillar 3.08 87.67 -.80 CedarRlty .20 7.08 +.43 Celadon .08 7.06 -1.60 Celanese 1.44f 63.37 -2.68 Cemex .29t 8.36 +.23 Cemig pf .56e 2.75 +.04 CenovusE .51 15.62 +.72 Centene s 60.06 -1.86 CenterPnt 1.06 22.37 +.47 CentElecBr 6.57 CntryLink 2.16 27.34 -.42 Cervecer .35e 20.53 +.64 ChRvLab 80.55 -2.49 ChathLTr 1.32 17.69 -.94 CheetahM 11.89 -.61 Chegg 6.77 -.48 Chemours n .12 14.93 -.82 Chemtura 32.78 ChesEng 6.56 +.21 ChespkLdg 1.60 22.85 +.47 Chevron 4.28 101.08 -1.19 ChicB&I .28 27.54 -1.20 Chicos .32 12.20 -.21 Chimera rs 1.92 15.22 +.36 ChinaLife s .32e 13.31 -.49 ChinaMble 1.87e 60.96 -1.43 ChinaUni .32e 12.78 +.68 Chipotle 404.14-25.77 ChoiceHtls .82 44.47 +.06 ChubbLtd 2.76e 125.85 +1.42 ChungTel 1.57e 35.00 -.29 ChurchDwt s 47.92 +1.00 CienaCorp 20.80 -1.53 Cigna .04 120.90 -6.33 Cimarex .32 137.58 -.99 CinciBell rs 19.49 -.19 Cinemark 1.08 39.98 +.42 Circor .15 51.94 +3.80 Citigroup .64f 48.61 -.67 CitizFincl .40 24.79 -.71 Civeo 1.11 -.02 Clarcor 1.00f 61.88 -1.15 ClayEng 88.31 +3.87 CleanHarb 46.63 -1.11 ClrbrgMLP .80m 8.83 -.07 ClearEnFd 1.76f 16.07 -.31 CliffsNRs 5.34 -.26 Clorox 3.20f 121.77 -.88 CloudPeak 5.55 -.01 ClubCorp .52 11.88 -2.16 Coach 1.35 35.86 -.64 CobaltIEn 1.00 -.10



Advanced. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 834 Declined. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,150 Unchanged. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Total Issues . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3,064 New Highs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 225 New Lows . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 182 Up Vol.. . . . . . . . . . 1,705,138,303 Down Vol. . . . . . . . 5,984,650,678 Volume . . . . . . . . . 7,884,199,430

Vol 100s

SiriusXM Apple Inc AMD MicronT Microsoft Cisco Ericsson Zynga Intel FrontierCm



2072180 4.11 -.05 2032855 117.63 +3.57 1747426 6.75 ... 1262340 17.13 -.48 1182737 57.42 -.38 1132331 30.18 -1.29 1086974 5.43 -1.69 935446 2.85 -.09 921214 37.45 -.65 740229 3.94 -.29

Biggest gainers Biggest losers Last




VanNR pfA 5.10 +2.77+118.9 OceanPw rs 2.83 4.47 VanNR pfC 4.96 +2.67+116.6 Fluidigm 7.09 VanNR pfB 5.00 +2.60+108.3 FlexPhm n VOXX Intl 3.60 +1.10 +44.0 Moleculin n 3.14 13.20 MobileIron 3.63 +.94 +34.9 TaylrDv 3.80 AssembBio 11.65 +2.80 +31.6 Lipocine 8.93 HTG Mol h 3.00 +.67 +28.8 RentACt LI IcedT n 5.34 +1.11 +26.4 Trovag un 12.74 PernixT rs 4.29 BiostrPh rs 4.11 +.71 +20.9 Intelliph 2.86 +.48 +20.2 Illumina 138.00



-3.19 -3.28 -4.21 -1.78 -6.75 -1.61 -3.79 -4.95 -1.54 -46.49

-53.0 -42.3 -37.3 -36.2 -33.8 -29.8 -29.8 -28.0 -26.4 -25.2

52-Week High Low 53.25 26.05 3.37 1.61 1374.90 1046.20 20.75 13.64 9911.00 812.20 2.44 1.94 1.54 .94 4.39 3.01 12.09 8.44 5.31 3.60

Wk YTD 52-Week Last Chg %Chg High Low Crude Oil (bbl) 50.35 +.54 +35.93 18,668.44 15,450.56 Natural Gas (mm btu) 3.29 +.09 +40.56 8,358.20 6,403.31 Gold (oz) 1253.10 +4.20 +18.18 723.83 547.22 Silver (oz) 17.39 +.07 +26.26 10,903.86 8,937.99 Platinum (oz) 935.90 -22.90 +4.96 5,342.88 4,209.76 Copper (lb) 2.10 -.05 -1.04 970.33 809.96 Cattle (lb) .96 -.06 -29.38 2,193.81 1,810.10 Corn (bu) 3.54 +.15 -1.25 1,581.53 1,215.14 Soybeans (bu) 9.63 +.06 +10.47 22,785.41 18,462.43 Wheat (bu) 4.21 +.26 -10.43 1,263.46 943.09

Foreign Exchange British Pound Canadian Dollar Chinese Yuan Euro Hong Kong Dollar Japanese Yen Mexican Peso Swiss Franc

US $ In Currency .8206 1.3125 6.7284 .9105 7.7582 104.18 18.9918 .9900

1-Wk Chg +.0164 -.0149 +.0604 +.0162 -.0003 +1.12 -.3043 +.0113

4-Wk 6-Mo 1-Yr Chg Chg Chg +.0515 +.1142 +.1747 -.0087 +.0274 +.0193 +.0545 +.2459 +.3847 +.0137 +.0229 +.0393 -.0007 +.0017 +.0082 +1.76 -5.10 -14.68 -.6870 +1.5751 +2.4985 +.0089 +.0231 +.0409

52-Week High Low

Wk Wk YTD 12-mo Last Chg %Chg %Chg %Chg Dow Jones Industrials 18,138.38 +39.44 +.22 +4.09 +5.36 Dow Jones Transportation 8,039.29 -16.05 -.20 +7.07 -.49 Dow Jones Utilities 651.79 -3.26 -.50 +12.80 +9.18 NYSE Composite 10,521.30 -1.64 -.02 +3.73 +.95 Nasdaq Composite 5,214.16 +.83 +.02 +4.13 +6.70 S&P 100 946.89 +.47 +.05 +3.89 +5.07 S&P 500 2,132.98 +.43 +.02 +4.36 +4.91 S&P MidCap 1,519.82 +.22 +.01 +8.67 +5.96 Wilshire 5000 22,168.82 +1.03 ... +4.73 +4.17 Russell 2000 1,212.41 -3.34 -.27 +6.74 +4.31









11,430.87 8,699.29



Wk Chg

Wk YTD 12-mo %Chg %Chg %Chg


+5.30 +1.19



3,555.49 +49.59 +1.41 -4.78 +3.79 10,580.38 +166.31 +1.60 -1.51 +4.71

24,364.00 18,278.80 Hong Kong

23,233.31 +202.01 +.88 +6.02

48,956.06 39,927.45 Mexico

47,701.45 -40.09


20,012.40 14,864.01 Nikkei 225

16,856.37 +82.13 +.49 -11.44 -7.85

-.08 +10.99 +7.52

Closing prices for Friday, October 14, 2016 Last


CocaCola 1.40 41.67 CocaCEur n 37.97 Coeur 10.59 Cohen&Str 1.04 38.81 CohStInfra 1.60 20.58 C&SIncEgy 1.32 10.21 CohStQIR .96 12.50 Colfax 29.44 ColgPalm 1.56 72.31 ColonyCap 1.60 17.77 ColonyStar .88f 27.60 ColumPP n .79f 16.22 ColumbPT 1.20 21.84 Comerica .92f 48.40 ComfrtS .28 27.70 CmclMtls .48 15.28 CmtyHlt 10.02 CBD-Pao .38e 17.09 CompDivHd 1.44 17.90 CompssMn 2.78 71.32 CompSci s .56 54.19 ComstkRs rs 8.14 ConAgra 1.00 47.55 ConchoRes 136.70 ConocoPhil 1.00 41.67 ConsolEngy .04 18.70 ConEd 2.68 72.49 ConstellA 1.60 169.46 Constellm 6.16 ContainStr 4.66 ContlBldg 20.58 ContlRescs 51.78 Cnvrgys .36f 29.59 CooperCo .06 177.59 CooperTire .42 36.35 CopaHold 2.04 90.09 Copel .88e 11.05 CoreLabs 2.20 111.41 CoreLogic 39.11 CoreSite 2.12 77.50 Corning .54 23.39 CorpOffP 1.10 27.66 CorrectnCp 2.16 14.22 Cosan Ltd .26e 8.38 Costamre .40m 7.25 Cotiviti n 33.65 Cott Cp .24 13.48 Coty .28f 23.34 CousPrp .32 7.82 CovantaH 1.00 15.05 Crane 1.32 60.78 Credicp 2.19e 146.65 CSVInvNG 4.04 CSVInvCrd 57.63 CSVLgCrd rs 27.51 CSVLgNG rs 52.66 CredSuiss 1.20e 13.04 CrescPtE g .27 13.12 CrestEq rs 2.71e 20.32 CrwnCstle 3.54 92.03 CrwnC pfA 4.50 109.32 CrownHold 55.26 Cryolife .12 16.81 CubeSmart .84f 26.15 Cubic .27 40.47 CullenFr 2.12 72.11 Cummins 4.10 125.76 CurEuro 106.73 CurBrit 118.89 CurtisWrt .52 86.13 Cvent 31.13

-.06 -.88 -.37 -2.36 -.10 -.12 +.08 -.82 -.74 -.04 -.32 +.07 +.46 -.58 -.83 -.52 -.62 +.65 +.36 -1.71 +3.35 +.59 +.72 -2.87 -2.30 -1.32 +.46 +.62 -.74 -.57 +.33 -1.61 +.45 -3.29 -2.03 +5.70 +.60 -1.93 +.47 +5.38 -.39 +.14 +.77 +.38 -.17 +.40 -.28 -.27 +.25 +.23 -.25 +.12 -.54 -2.62 +.87 +5.17 -.21 -.20 +.25 +3.73 +4.27 -.60 -.51 -.19 -5.15 -.10 -2.68 -2.24 -2.64 -1.74 -.76

DCP Mid 3.12 35.33 DCT IndlTr 1.16 46.55 DDR Corp .76 16.44 DHI Grp 7.85 DHT Hldgs .92m 4.20 DNP Selct .78 10.15 DR Horton .32 28.88 Drdgold .08f 4.50 DST Sys 1.32 115.20 DSW Inc .80 21.35 DTE 2.92 92.00 DanaInc .24 14.65 Danaher .50 76.16 Darden 2.24f 62.23 DarlingIng 13.32 DaVita Inc 62.85 DeVryEd .36 22.46 DeanFoods .36 16.33 DeckrsOut 56.50 Deere 2.40 86.40 Delek .60a 17.32 DellTch n 47.24 DelphiAuto 1.16 65.99 DeltaAir .81f 40.04 Deluxe 1.20 65.44 DenburyR 2.81 DeutschBk .83e 13.43 DB Cap pf 1.90 23.64 DeutBCT2 pf 1.64 22.71 DeutBCT5 pf 2.01 24.48 Deut Muni .84 13.20 DBXEafeEq 1.00e 26.48 DBXJapnEq 2.26e 33.27 DBXEurHgd 1.28e25.90 DBXHvChiA 8.43e24.70 DevonE .24 43.08 Diageo 3.48e 108.50 DiamOffsh .50 17.16 DiamRk .50 9.18 DianaShip 2.56 DicksSptg .60 56.46 Diebold .40m 22.89 DigitalRlt 3.52 94.71 DigitalGlb 26.28 Dillards .28 61.47 DiploPhm 27.68 DxSPOGBr rs 20.93 DirDGlBr rs 47.64 DxGlMBr rs 34.12 DrxEMBll rs 61.40 DxBrzBull s 41.49 DxBiotBll rs 34.79 DxSPOGBl rs 83.74 DirSPBear 12.81 DxEnBear 12.73 DxEMBear 23.52 DxSCBear rs 29.28 DxFnBr rs 32.29 DrGMBll s 10.35 DxGBull s 11.83 Dx30TBear 18.69 DxFnBull s 28.57 DxBiotBear 23.22 DxSOXBr rs 16.24 DxRsaBr rs 10.61 DxChiBear s 14.62 DxSOXBll s .01e 43.63 Dir30TrBul s 24.33 DrxREBull s 21.15 DirxChiBull .07e 18.31 DrxSCBull .48e 72.51 DrxSPBull 92.66 DirxEnBull 32.14 Discover 1.20 54.82 Disney 1.42 91.30 DrReddy .31e 45.07 DolbyLab .48 51.19 DollarGen 1.00 68.98 DomDmd g .40 8.77 DomRescs 2.80 72.78 Dominos 1.52 151.12 Domtar g 1.66 37.34 Donaldson .70 36.55 DonlleyRR rs 19.81 DonnlyFn n 24.75 DorianLPG 6.45 DoubIncSol 1.80a 18.84 DEmmett .88 35.78 Dover 1.76f 67.78 DowChm 1.84 53.38 DrPepSnap 2.12 87.12 Drew Inds 2.00e 93.20 DryStrt .52 8.73 DrySM .50 8.34 Dril-Quip 55.00 DuPont 1.52 69.03 DuPFabros 1.88 41.14 Df&PGblUt 1.40 16.22 DukeEngy 3.42f 77.21 DukeRlty .72 25.66 DunBrad 1.93f 126.25 Dycom 83.16 Dynagas 1.69 15.20 Dynegy 12.55 DynexCap .84 6.85

+.06 +1.16 +.04 -.38 -.18 +.12 -.72 +.18 +.03 +.44 +.19 -.54 -2.09 +.60 -.01 -.58 -.70 +.10 -5.37 +.10 -.02 -.83 -4.13 +1.09 -.73 -.17 -.21 -.67 -.30 -.40 -.72 -.05 +.11 +.05 +.04 +.27 -4.16 +.08 +.17 -.20 -1.25 -1.85 +3.09 -.57 -5.08 -.68 +.93 -.78 -.95 -4.41 +1.95 -9.38 -4.70 +.32 +.40 +1.41 +1.57 +.48 -.06 -.07 +.92 -.47 +4.37 +1.50 +.49 +.86 -4.76 -1.33 +.66 -1.48 -4.56 -2.71 -1.15 -1.58 -1.19 -.16 -3.24 -.68 -.04 +1.28 +.28 -.46 +.03 -.89 -4.25 -.49 +.09 +.49 -4.46 +.39 -.37 -4.04 -.38 -.35 -1.16 +.68 +1.98

E-TrAlerInf 1.88e 27.35 ETr2xBDC 3.52e 17.47 EG EMCns .30e 24.37 ELF Inc n 26.94 EMCOR .32 57.28 ENI 2.12e 29.41 EOG Rescs .67 94.48 EP Energy 4.09 EPAM Sys 64.81 EPR Prop 3.84 75.19 EQT Corp .12 67.46 EQT Mid 3.12f 76.85 ETF Cyber 26.47 EtfInfcMLP 2.08 10.74 EagleMat .40 78.16 EastGvP n .92f 18.79 Eastgrp 2.40 69.07 EastChem 1.84 63.73 Eaton 2.28f 63.30 EatnVan 1.12f 37.21 EV EEq2 1.05 13.45

+.11 -.49 -.57 +.27 -1.64 -.23 -1.79 -.07 -1.03 +1.65 -4.89 +1.49 -1.08 -.03 +.32 +.44 +.74 -2.74 -1.18 -1.16 -.24



Most active

Stock market indexes

+.64 +.15 -4.21 -.13 -.72 -.31 +.06




EVRiskMgd 1.12 9.30 EV TxAG 1.23 14.58 EV TxDiver 1.01 10.56 EVTxMGlo .98 8.64 EVTxGBW 1.17 10.80 EVTxBWOp 1.33 14.65 EclipseRs 3.36 Ecolab 1.40f 116.76 Ecopetrol 1.03e 9.04 Edgewell 76.94 EdisonInt 1.92 70.85 EducRltTr 1.52 41.27 EdwLfSci s 116.00 ElPasoEl 1.24 42.95 EldorGld g .02e 3.49 EliLilly 2.04 79.27 EllieMae 99.93 Embraer .18e 18.41 EmergeES 2.68m 12.83 EmergBio 29.24 EmersonEl 1.90 49.88 EmpStRTr .34 20.26 EnLinkLP 1.56 18.03 EnbrdgEM 2.33t 25.12 EnbrdgEPt 2.33 25.72 Enbridge 2.12f 43.98 EnCana g .06 11.09 EndvSilv g 4.03 EndoCh n 7.97 EndurSpec 1.52f 91.89 Energen .08 57.63 Energizer n 1.00 47.53 EgyTrEq s 1.14 15.72 EngyTsfr 4.22 35.30 Enerpls g .36m 7.27 EnersisAm .53e 8.39 EnerChile 5.07 EnerSys .70 65.82 EnLinkLLC 1.02 16.74 ENSCO .04 8.30 EntArk66 n 1.22 24.70 Entergy 3.40 74.16 EntProdPt 1.62f 26.89 Entravisn .13 7.08 Envestnet 35.58 EnvisnHlth 21.60 EnzoBio 5.63 Equifax 1.32 130.35 EquityCmw 30.46 EqtyLfPrp 1.70 74.33 EqtyOne .88 29.13 EqtyRsd 2.16 61.40 Eros Intl 16.19 Essent 27.82 EssexPT 6.40 208.72 EsteeLdr 1.20 87.33 Esterline 72.50 EthanAl .68 29.66 Etrac2xMtg 3.31e14.21 Etr2xCEFd 2.88 17.14 Euronav n 2.41e 7.90 EverBank .24 19.30 Evercore 1.24f 52.08 EverestRe 4.60 194.46 EveriHldgs 2.52 EversrceE 1.78 53.18 Evertec .40 15.80 EverydayH 8.00 EvolentH n 24.01 Exar 8.88 ExcoRes .07p 1.15 Exelon 1.24 32.70 Express 12.18 ExtendStay .76f 13.42 ExtraSpce 3.12f 75.93 ExxonMbl 3.00 86.54

-.18 -.27 -.21 -.11 -.19 -.23 -.16 -2.26 +.05 -3.14 +.96 +.54 -4.09 -.55 +.06 -2.82 -2.22 +.44 +.54 -1.95 -2.82 +.46 +.79 -.20 +.34 +1.00 +.23 -.18 -.01 +.14 +.50 -1.86 -.23 -.57 -.04 +.09 +.17 -2.84 +.75 -.07 -.18 +1.03 +.01 -.44 -.71 -.34 +.50 +.21 +.71 +2.83 +.23 +.60 +.34 +.98 -3.55 -.50 -3.53 -.66 +.45 -.45 -.31 +.02 -.78 +4.65 +.08 +.74 -.28 -.15 -1.32 -.58 +.05 +.52 -.83 -.39 +.46 -.20

FCB Fin 37.46 FMC Corp .66 46.56 FMC Tech 31.73 FNBCp PA .48 12.30 FS Invest .89 9.27 FTI Cnslt 42.77 Fabrinet 41.30 FactsetR 2.00 155.20 FairIsaac .08 120.85 FairmSant 9.35 FangHldg .20e 3.71 FedExCp 1.60f 170.98 FedRlty 3.76 147.25 FedSignl .28f 13.00 FedInvst 1.00 27.62 FelCor .24 6.47 Ferrari n 52.72 Ferrellgs 2.05 10.48 Ferro 12.88 FiatChrys 6.30 FibriaCelu .09e 7.25 FidEnergy .53e 19.63 FidHlthCre .70e 33.18 FidInfoTch .42e 36.10 FidlNatFn .84 36.82 FidNatInfo 1.04 76.50 45.62 FstAFin n 1.36f 40.64 FstBcpPR 5.29 FstCash .50 46.56 FstCwlth .28 9.78 FstData n 13.28 FstHorizon .28 14.81 FstInRT .76 26.52 FMajSilv g 7.85 FstPotom .40 8.95 FstRepBk .64 73.32 FT PfdSec 1.02e 19.47 FTDJInet 79.53 FT RNG .22e 25.93 FT ConDis .30e 34.54 FT ConStap .75e 45.67 FT Engy .33e 15.19 FT Fincl .65e 24.04 FT Tech .13e 35.56 FT Utils .67e 25.49 FT NAEngy .93e 24.79 FT IntPfd 1.95 22.53 FTMstrDv .79e 26.76 FT REIT .39e 23.13 FTrVLDv .57e 26.54 FirstEngy 1.44 31.51 Fitbit n 13.10 FleetMatic 59.85 Fleetcor 171.40 FlxUpstNR 1.00e 26.67 Flotek 13.81 FlowrsFds .64f 15.20 Flowserve .76 43.39 Fluor .84 49.40 FlyLeasing 1.00 11.94 FEMSA .74e 96.56 FootLockr 1.10 68.59 FordM .60a 11.91 ForestCA 21.51 Fortis n 31.66 Fortive n .07p 49.46 Fortress .32a 5.08 FortunaSlv 6.27 FBHmSec .64 55.04 ForumEn 21.35 FourCorP s 8.12e 20.46 FrancoN g .88f 63.33 FrankRes .72 34.09 FranksIntl .60 12.40 FrptMcM 9.66 FresenMd .44e 41.78 FDelMnt .60f 60.99 Frontlne rs 7.48 FullerHB .56 43.99

-.76 -1.14 +.41 -.22 -.13 -.59 -3.84 -2.18 -1.22 +.25 -.30 -2.03 +2.05 -.16 -.69 +.12 -.77 +.06 -.59 -.17 +.14 -.22 -1.15 -.36 +.23 -1.13 -2.25 +1.30



GATX 1.60 43.40 GCP ApT n 25.65 GMAC CpT 2.03 25.43 GMS Inc n 21.25 20.25 GNC .80 GabDvInc 1.32 18.84 GabelliET .64e 5.37 Gafisa SA 1.55 Gain Cap .20 5.70 Gallaghr 1.52 50.24 GameStop 1.48 25.38 Gannett n .64 10.78 Gap .92 26.45 Gartner 87.91 GasLog .56 16.37 Generac 35.82 GnCable .72 13.80 GenDynam 3.04 151.34 GenElec .92 28.89 GenGrPrp .76f 26.17 GenMills 1.92f 61.78 GenMotors 1.52 31.87 Gener8M n 5.08 Gensco 55.37 GenesWyo 68.66 GenesisEn 2.80f 36.12 GenesisHlt 2.57 Genpact 23.66 GenuPrt 2.63 98.01 Genworth 5.05 GeoGrp 2.60 23.35 Gerdau .02e 2.90 GettyRlty 1.00 22.40 Gigamon 49.64 Gildan s .31 27.11 Glatfelter .50 21.37 Glaukos n 35.62 GlaxoSKln 2.46e 41.68 GlobNetL n .71 7.65 GlobPay s .04 73.04 GbXGreece .13e 7.32

-.74 -.14 -.02 -.82 +.49 -.38 +.20 -5.18 -.05 -1.58 -.44 -.72 -.02 -.21 -.22 -1.11 +.28 +.11 -.39 -.20 +.24 -.09 +.19 -.94 -.07 -1.04 -.42 -.51 +.49 -3.36 -1.27 -.31 +3.33 -.18 -.38 -.09 -.47 +.07 -.02 -.66 +.10 +.34 -.12 -1.83 -1.13 -.47 -.13 +1.68 -.03 -1.51 -1.35 -.33 -.81 -.37 -.26 -.16 -.04 -.31 -.33 -1.30 -.83 +.20 +.31 +1.08 -.39 -.82 -1.62 -.19 +.40 -.35 -.47 -.39 -.16 +.63 +.13 -.09 -.14 -.26 -.05 +.36 -.08 +.13 -1.84 -.37 +.35 -2.55 -1.28 +.03 -2.97 +.03

NYSE volume highlights Daily trading Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


HCA Hldg 80.32 HCI Grp 1.20 28.74 HCP Inc 2.30 36.24 HDFC Bk .37e 72.11 HFF Inc 1.80e 25.03 HNI Corp 1.10 37.54 HP Inc .50 14.48 HRG Grp 15.28 HSBC 1.50e 37.67 HSBC Cap2 2.00 25.80 Haemonet 34.15 HalconRs n 10.30 Hallibrtn .72 46.97 HalyrdHlt 34.13 HanPrmDv 1.08a 15.13 Hanesbds s .44 24.38 HannArms 1.20 22.03 HanoverIns 1.84 78.97 HarleyD 1.40f 49.83 Harman 1.40 80.24 HarmonyG 2.94 HarrisCorp 2.12f 89.67 Harsco .20m 9.62 HartfdFn .84 43.31 HarvNRes .82 Haverty .48f 17.64 HawaiiEl 1.24 28.83 Headwatrs 17.29 HlthcrRlty 1.20 32.37 HlthcreTr 1.18f 31.47 HlthSouth .96f 40.23 HeclaM .01e 5.24 Heico .16 66.68 HelixEn 9.46 HelmPayne 2.80f 68.67 Herbalife 61.61 HercHld n 30.18 HercTGC 1.24 13.49 HeritageIns .24f 12.63 Hersha rs 1.12 18.32 Hershey 2.47f 96.43 HertzGl 33.50 Hess 1.00f 51.70 HP Ent n .22 21.53 Hexcel .44 42.20 Hi-Crush 17.47 HighwdPrp 1.70 50.42 Hill-Rom .68 59.58 HilltopH 23.15 22.89 Hilton .28 HollyFront 1.32 23.57 HomeDp 2.76f 126.42 Honda .55e 29.41 HonwllIntl 2.38f109.00 HorizGbl n 20.40 Hormel s .58 37.92 Hornbeck 5.87 HostHotls .80a 15.44 HovnanE 1.62 Hubbell 2.52 103.50 HubSpot 53.25 HudsPacP .80 32.94 HugotnR .08e 2.42 Humana 1.16 170.82 HuntgtnIng 2.00156.60 Huntsmn .50 15.88 Hyatt 50.07


Historical comparisons 2,812,224,802 3,285,002,695 2,855,833,326 3,447,925,863 3,105,726,855

Div Last Chg GblX MLP .90e 11.45 +.07 GlbXSilv rs 38.55 -.66 GlobantSA 43.69 -.30 GlobusMed 22.97 +.03 GoDaddy n 35.64 +.16 GolLinhs rs 22.72 +1.69 GoldFLtd .02e 4.01 -.24 Goldcrp g .24 14.31 +.21 GS ActLgC 42.84 -.34 GoldmanS 2.60 170.52 +.69 GoldS pfD 1.02 23.12 -.27 GS MLPEn 1.34 6.98 -.09 vjGrace .17p 69.01 -2.49 Graco 1.32f 71.42 -.37 Graingr 4.88f 214.21-10.20 GramPrTr .35 9.05 +.27 GraniteC .52 44.71 -3.76 GraphPkg .20 13.58 -.15 GrayTelev 9.51 -.82 GtPlainEn 1.05 27.17 +.35 GrtWstBcp .56 32.83 -1.15 GreenDot 22.49 -.34 GreenbCos .84f 36.10 -.49 Greenhill 1.80 23.07 +.38 Greif A 1.68 47.47 +.26 Group1 .92f 62.73 -1.14 GrubHub 41.56 +1.00 GpoAvalAc .40 8.31 -.04 GpFnSnMx .30e 8.87 -.09 GpTelevisa 25.33 -.56 Guess .90 14.19 -.19 GugSPEW 1.31e 81.69 -1.12 GugBlt21CB .56 21.51 +.01 GugB19HY 1.22e 24.26 +.02 GugEShDur .65e 50.16 Guidewire 58.34 -1.37 GulfMrkA 1.55 -.09 +6.09 -.19 +.33 -.26 -1.50 -.87 -1.10 -.19 -.88 -.15 -2.40 -.27 +.71 -.18 -.83 -.92 +.65 +1.40 -.17 -3.46 -.06 -2.95 -.31 -.30 -.09 -2.12 +.38 +.68 +.32 +.48 -.33 -.39 +.30 +.09 -1.88 -3.43 -.13 -.57 +.25 +1.22 -3.25 -1.37 -.81 -1.22 -.25 +1.37 -2.63 +.07 +.46 -1.22 -1.89 -.05 +2.06 -1.12 +.47 -.32 -.05 -.04 -.66 -4.30 +.68 +.03 -6.63 +1.32 -.96 +.08

IAMGld g 3.37 +.09 ICICI Bk .16e 7.27 -.23 ING .14e 12.36 -.20 IQ HdgMult .39e 28.93 -.19 IQ GlbRes .35e 25.34 -.20 iShGold 12.06 -.04 iShGSCI 15.18 +.09 iSAstla 1.23e 20.70 -.13 iShBelg .36e 18.44 -.20 iShBrazil 1.03e 36.05 +.59 iShCanada .60e 25.42 +.28 iShEMU .95e 33.75 -.44 iSFrance .68e 23.73 -.29 iShGerm .51e 25.77 -.31 iSh HK .49e 21.62 -.48 iShItaly .37e 10.87 -.12 iShJapan .13e 12.34 -.11 iSh SKor .66e 55.36 -2.25 iSMalasia .44e 7.94 -.13 iShMexico .93e 49.98 +.79 iShSing .43e 10.38 -.34 iSPacxJpn 2.08e 41.61 -.52 iShSoAfr 1.37e 51.70 -2.87 iShSpain 1.62e 26.18 -.20 iSSwedn 1.40e 28.20 -.95 iShSwitz .80e 29.72 -.44 iSTaiwn .29e 15.46 -.29 iShAsiaPDv 2.29e45.68 -.46 iShGblGold .06e 9.69 -.05 iShGblM&M 1.39e11.35 -.31 iShWldMnV 1.47e74.11 -.46 iSEMMnVol 1.42e52.88 -.88 iShThai 2.08e 70.62 -3.03 iShChile .62e 37.39 +.43 iShTurkey 1.10e 36.97 -.91 iShSilver 16.56 -.04 iShS&P100 1.92e 94.88 -.75 iShSPTUS s 48.67 -.50 iShSelDiv 2.59e 83.82 -.25 iShTIPS .43e 115.43 -.22 iShChinaLC .76e 37.59 -.90 iShTransp 1.70e 144.51 -.23 iSCorSP500 4.38e214.29-1.96 iShUSAgBd 2.65e111.37 -.21 iShEMkts .84e 36.88 -.81 iShiBoxIG 3.87 121.62 -.49 iShCorUSTr .33 25.77 -.10 iShEMBd 5.27e 115.54 -.81 iShIndones .38e 26.21 +.02 iSSP500Gr 2.03e119.70 -1.00 iShUSAQlt 1.04e 66.56 -.40 iSGblInfra 1.17e 39.93 -.02 iShNANatR .85e 33.76 -.26 iShUSAVal 1.49e 64.34 -.84 iShLatAm .67e 29.55 +.44 iShUSAMo .81e 75.95 -.27 iShPhilpns .33e 35.27 -1.23 iSSP500Val 2.14e 93.60 -.97 iShNMuBd 2.59 111.41 -.57 iSh20 yrT 3.05 131.59 -2.33 iSh7-10yTB 1.96 110.21 -.43 iShIntSelDv 1.51e29.29 -.27 iSh1-3yTB .52 84.85 -.04 iS Eafe 1.70e 57.67 -.91 iSRusMCV 1.59e 74.95 -.78 iSRusMCG 1.02e 94.46 -1.60 iShRusMid 2.85e169.68 -2.24 iSCorSPMid 1.89e151.48-1.46 iSh10yCBd 2.67 61.83 -.54 iShiBxHYB 5.09 86.86 -.29 iShSft .12e 111.43 -1.22 iShNetw .25e 39.51 -1.81 iShMtgRE 1.24e 10.23 +.17 iShC&SRE 2.97e 100.23 +.93 iShMBS 3.04e 109.59 -.17 iSR1KVal 2.41e 104.05 -1.10 iShPoland .79e 17.70 -.72 iSR1KGr 1.45e 102.38 -.93


Div Last Chg iSRus1K 2.36e 118.47 -1.20 iSR2KVal 1.98e 102.19 -1.31 iShIntCrBd 3.09 110.75 -.02 iSh1-3CrBd 1.52 105.59 +.09 iSR2KGr 1.36e 143.47 -3.81 iShFltRtB .32 50.69 +.01 iShR2K 1.77e 120.43 -2.40 iSh3-7yTrB 1.78 125.62 -.12 iShCorHiDv 2.90e 79.81 -.50 iShChina 1.05e 47.84 -1.14 iShShtTrB .03e 110.40 +.01 iShUSPfd 2.15a 38.87 -.30 iSEafeMnV 1.77e 64.71 -.80 iSRus3K 2.47e 125.97 -1.32 iShUtils 4.54e 119.48 +1.67 iSUSAMinV .87e 44.45 -.10 iShMCVal 2.16e 130.37 -1.09 iShTelecm .68e 31.51 -.01 iShTech 1.20e 117.97 -1.03 iShREst 2.76e 77.43 +.88 iShHmCnst .09e 26.76 -.46 iShInds 1.65e 111.55 -1.04 iShHltcare 3.01e144.67 -5.05 iShFinSv 1.21e 88.07 -1.28 iShRegBks .61e 35.02 -.93 iShFincls 1.45e 89.48 -.43 iShUSEngy 1.14e 38.57 -.44 iShCrSPSm 1.64e120.88 -2.01 iShHltcPrv .24e 120.06 -1.82 iShCorTInt 1.42e 51.10 -.73 iShCorEafe 1.55e 53.74 -.87 iShEurope 1.19e 38.21 -.73 iSMsciVal 1.87e 45.41 -.67 iSSCVal 1.73e 121.38 -1.80 iShSCGrth 1.41e 133.68 -2.53 iStar 10.77 +.22 ITC Holdg .86f 45.50 +.31 ITT Inc .50 34.07 -1.62 Idacorp 2.04f 74.86 +1.49 IDEX 1.36f 86.41 -3.65 ITW 2.60f 115.89 -1.31 Imax Corp 30.17 +1.14 Imperva 49.03 -3.54 IndCDrillg 5.63 +.18 IndoTel .23e 64.75 +.52 Infoblox 26.31 -.01 Infosys .62e 15.66 +.06 IngerRd 1.60f 65.79 -1.66 Ingevity 42.64 -.36 IngrmM .40 36.09 -.12 Ingredion 1.80 133.38 +.66 Inphi 39.06 -4.45 InstlldBPd 34.10 -1.78 IntegerHl 19.73 -1.51 Intelsat 2.56 -.34 InterXion 37.15 -.27 IntcntlExch 3.40 271.29 +3.98 IntCtlHtls 1.36e 40.10 -.78 IBM 5.60f 154.45 -1.22 IntFlav 2.24 129.31 -8.12 IntlGmeT n .80 26.69 +.40 IntPap 1.85f 46.73 -.09 InterOil g 49.71 -.84 Interpublic .60 22.66 +.07 IntraLinks .31p 9.62 -.18 IntPotash .98 -.11 Intrexon 26.68 -3.01 Invacare .05 10.43 -1.26 InvenSense 7.21 -.36 InvCAVal .79 12.92 -.58 InvDynCrd .90 11.62 +.01 Invsco iim .84 15.33 -.47 Invesco 1.12f 29.91 -1.22 InvMtgCap 1.60 14.57 +.18 InvMuOpTr .88 13.12 -.62 InvMuniTr .82 12.87 -.57 Invsco iqi .76 13.04 -.38 InvSrInco .31 4.35 +.03 InvTrIG .88 13.37 -.43 InvTech .28 16.08 -1.18 InvRlEst .52 5.92 +.21 IronMtn 1.94 34.39 +.82 iSh UK .70e 15.10 -.45 iShCorEM 1.09e 44.84 -1.01 iSh0-5HYCp 2.38 47.19 -.06 iShCDivGr .65e 27.15 -.30 iShCHEmu .64e 24.85 +.20 iShCHGer .68e 24.06 +.19 iSCHeafe .70e 24.92 iShRussia .66e 14.51 -.22 iShCHJpn .74e 25.08 +.11 ItauUnibH .32e 12.20 +.37


JPM DREq .26p 57.25 JPMorgCh 1.92 67.52 JPMCh wt 25.99 JPMCh pfB 1.68 27.55 JPMAlerian 2.29 30.89 JPMCh pfH 1.54 26.76 Jabil .32 21.26 JacobsEng 50.05 JanusCap .44 14.21 JinkoSolar 16.40 JohnJn 3.20 117.56 JohnContl n 43.88 JonesEngy 4.34 JonesLL .62f 100.70 JoyGlbl .04 27.86 Jumei Intl 5.34 JnprNtwk .40 22.75 JustEngy g .50 5.34

-.44 -.59 -.47 -.63 +.21 -.39 -.52 -1.78 -.18 +.31 -1.68 -1.41 +.02 -5.15 +.14 -.72 -2.06 +.43

KAR Auct 1.16 43.42 KB FnclGp 34.32 KB Home .10 15.70 KBR Inc .32 14.49 KCG Hldg 15.12 KKR 1.31e 13.75 KT Corp 15.84 KC Southn 1.32 94.55 KapStoneP .40 19.66 KateSpade 17.61 KA EngTR 1.32m 11.22 KA MLP 2.20m 19.44 Kellogg 2.08f 75.49 Kennamtl .80 28.59 KennWils .56f 20.52 Keycorp .34 12.52 Keysight 31.60 KilroyR 1.50 70.11 KimbClk 3.68 120.50 Kimco 1.02 28.09 KindMorg .50 20.36 KindrM wt .01 KindM pfA 47.98 KindredHlt .48 9.58 Kinross g 3.62 KirbyCp 58.58 KiteRlty 1.15 26.21 KnightTr .24 27.31 Knoll Inc .60 20.62 Knowles 13.91 Kohls 2.00f 43.68 Koppers 1.00 32.12 KoreaElc 22.70 KornFer .40 20.80 KosmosEn 6.20 KratonCp 33.26 Kroger s .48 31.27 KronosWw .60 7.51

-.03 +.17 -.19 -1.65 -.27 -.48 +.06 +2.53 +.57 -.38 -.04 +.12 -.85 -.70 -1.43 -.16 +.32 +3.11 -2.51 +.20 -1.32



-1.17 -.40 +.10 -2.19 +.28 -1.06 -.93 -.29 -2.45 +.04 -.47 -.33 -.17 -1.10 +2.27 -.18

L Brands 2.40f 73.23 +2.00 L-3 Com 2.80f 148.54 -3.06 LG Display 13.06 -.38 LSB Inds 5.50 -1.25 LSC Com 23.85-13.55 LTC Prp 2.28f 50.05 +1.13 LaQuinta 10.59 -.24 LaZBoy .40 24.37 -.42 LabCp 135.79 -3.08 LadderCap 1.16 12.26 -.14 Lannett 24.85 -.74 LaredoPet 13.13 -.21 LVSands 2.88 57.73 -.65 LaSalleH 1.80 24.36 Latam Air 8.93 +.46 Lazard 1.52 34.37 -1.30 LearCorp 1.20 116.06 -4.95 Lee Ent 3.15 -.15 LeggMason 1.28f 31.95 -1.48 LeggPlat 1.36f 45.73 -.02 LeidosHld 1.28a 41.88 -.19 LendingClb 5.38 -.57 LennarA .16 41.36 -.18 Lennox 1.72 157.62 -3.83 LeucNatl .25 18.97 -.58 Level3 46.15 +.33 LexRltyTr .68 9.95 +.29 Lexmark 1.44 39.93 -.21 LbtyASE .51e 5.09 -.09 LibtProp 1.90 39.91 +1.46 LifeStorg 3.80 87.06 +.71 LifeLock 17.31 +.49

Total for week Week ago Year ago Two years ago Div Last LincNat 1.00 48.90 Lindsay 1.16 78.42 LineCp n 44.99 LinkedIn 190.74 LionsGt g .36 18.88 LithiaMot 1.00 96.01 LiveNatn 27.21 LloydBkg .47a 2.62 LockhdM 7.28f 232.57 Loews .25 41.14 LaPac 19.01 Lowes 1.40 71.35 LumberLiq 18.64 LuxferHld .50 9.91 Luxoft 52.19 LyonBas A 3.40f 79.55


Chg +.24 +7.14 -2.69 -.44 -2.27 +1.29 -.38 -.04 -.96 -.15 +.24 +.05 -.84 -1.62 -1.18 -1.89

M&T Bk 2.80 113.87 -3.96 MBIA 7.64 -.31 MDC 1.00 24.11 -.51 MDU Res .75 24.87 +.08 MFA Fncl .80 7.21 +.13 MIN .42 4.47 -.02 MMT .52 5.98 -.06 MGIC Inv 7.99 +.10 MGMGrPr n 25.16 +.64 MGM Rsts .26p 25.75 -.67 MI Homes 23.30 -.04 MPLX LP 2.04f 30.68 -.81 MRC Glbl 16.13 -.54 MSA Safety 1.28 56.23 -1.15 MSC Ind 1.72 72.88 -1.67 MSCI Inc 1.12f 82.91 +.25 MSG Netw 18.42 -.28 Macerich 2.72 76.43 +.32 MackCali .60 26.12 +.42 Macquarie 5.00f 82.02 -.74 Macys 1.51 35.57 -2.47 MagellMid 3.28f 71.30 +1.91 Magna g s 1.00 42.04 -.19 MagnaChip 8.31 -.38 MainStCap 2.22a 33.59 -.88 Mallinckdt 65.82 -3.97 Manitowoc .08 4.45 -.22 ManitFd n 16.56 -.12 ManpwrGp 1.72f 72.15 -.93 Manulife g .74 14.57 +.16 MarathnO .20 14.58 -.98 MarathPt s 1.44f 41.65 -.12 MarriotVac 1.20 64.04 -7.88 MarshM 1.36f 65.99 -.66 MartMM 1.68f 173.38 +3.26 Masco .40 33.52 +.11 Masonite g 59.59 -2.68 Mastec 29.15 -.40 MasterCrd .76 100.88 -1.37 MatadorRs 23.23 -.45 Matson .72f 40.07 +.26 Maximus .18 54.58 -.02 MaxLinear 19.67 -1.23 McCorm 1.72f 94.44 -1.12 McDrmInt 5.21 +.04 McDnlds 3.76f 114.09 +.64 McKesson 1.12 161.00 -4.82 McEwenM .01a 3.25 +.01 MeadJohn 1.65 80.96 +.79 Mechel rs 2.84 -.04 Medequit n 11.55 +.11 MediaGen 17.88 -.62 MedProp .92f 14.55 +.34 MedleyCap .88m 7.66 -.01 Mednax 65.51 -.61 Medtrnic 1.72 82.71 -3.25 Merck 1.84 62.14 -.63 Meredith 1.98 48.45 -2.44 Meritage 33.90 -.26 Meritor 10.73 -.23 Methode .36 35.10 -.12 MetLife 1.60 46.89 -.33 MettlerT 406.61-10.39 MKors 46.65 -.31 MidAApt 3.28 89.00 +3.81 MinTech .20 67.58 -1.02 Mistras 20.60 +.30 MitsuUFJ 4.87 -.18 MizuhoFn 3.20 -.13 MobileTele .88e 7.55 -.01 Mobileye 36.99 -3.81 Mohawk 196.46 -1.31 MolinaHlth 55.98 -1.03 MolsCoorB 1.64 111.25 +3.60 MonRE .64 13.26 +.18 MonogRes .30 10.38 +.18 Monsanto 2.16 102.11 -1.25 MonstrWw 3.44 +.04 Moodys 1.48 107.08 -1.18 MorgStan .80f 32.07 -.24 MSEMDDbt .80m 7.92 -.14 Mosaic 1.10 23.15 -1.43 MotrlaSolu 1.64 73.58 -.90 Mueller .40 31.17 -.32 MuellerWat .12 12.32 +.37 MultiPkg n 14.26 +.14 MurphO 1.00m 28.98 -.53 MurphUSA 69.38 -2.00


NCI BldSy 14.58 NCR Corp 29.85 NGL EnPt 1.56 19.10 NQ Mobile 3.78 NRG Egy .12 11.11 NRG Yld A .96f 15.05 NRG Yld C .96f 15.45 Nabors .24 12.87 NatBkHldg .20 23.03 NatFuGas 1.62 54.03 NatGrid 3.35e 65.03 NtHlthInv 3.60 76.84 NOilVarco .20 36.14 NatRetPrp 1.82 47.12 NtRetP pfF 1.30 24.77 NatlStor n .88 19.79 Nationstar 14.46 Nautilus 20.78 NavigatrH 7.18 NaviosAcq .20 1.31 Navios 1.10 NaviosMar 1.27f 1.35 Navistar 22.67 NeoPhoton 14.77 NetSuite 101.90 NeuStar 25.66 NevroCorp 98.90 NJ Rscs s .96 32.55 NewMedia 1.32 14.70 NwMtnFin 1.36 13.75 NewOriEd .40e 47.05 NewRelic 35.55 NewResid 1.84 13.80 NewSenInv 1.04 10.29 NY CmtyB .68m 13.92 NY REIT .46 9.26 NY Times .16 11.55 Newcastle .48 4.50 NewellRub .76 52.25 NewfldExp 42.57 NewmtM .10 34.23 NewpkRes 7.16 NxtEraLP 1.32f 27.04 NextEraEn 3.48 124.03 NxtEra pfR 50.36 NiSource s .66f 22.68 Nielsen plc 1.24 53.53 NikeB s .64 51.62 NimbleStg 8.08 NipponTT 45.18 NobleCorp .08 5.90 NobleEngy .40 35.18 NobleMid n 29.25 NokiaCp .16e 4.95 NomadF n 12.20 Nomura 4.38 NordicAm 1.64e 8.99 Nordstrm 1.48a 53.63 NorflkSo 2.36 94.94 NthStarAst .40 12.76 NoWestCp 2.00f 55.11 NorthropG 3.60 218.92 NStREur n .60 10.43 NStRFn rs 3.00 13.12 Novartis 2.82e 76.09 NovoNord .96e 39.58 NOW Inc 21.80 NuSkin 1.40 64.30 Nucor 1.50 46.86 NustarEn 4.38 47.70 NCaAMTFr .86 15.06 NCADvA .91 15.14 NvCredStr .62 8.47 NuvDivA .85a 14.12 NuEnMLP 1.35 12.39 NuvFloat .72 10.97 NuvFltOp .76a 11.08 NuvEnhMu 14.87

+.04 -2.10 +.05 -.15 +.13 -.25 -.34 +.27 -.50 +.63 -.25 +1.84 -.70 +.15 +.22 -.01 -.22 -.07 -.04 -.06 -.10 +.04 -1.48 -3.29 -.27 +4.75 +1.01 -.02 -.05 +1.34 -1.28 +.15 +.10 -.09 +.19 -.25 +.09 +.34 -.59 +.26 -.24 -.17 +2.29 +.61 +.07 +1.17 -.17 -.91 +.70 -.24 -.16 +1.54 -.54 +.34 -.13 -.94 -1.20 -1.84 +1.02 +3.49 +.01 +.22 -2.20 -1.15 -.23 -.36 -.53 +.47 -1.03 -.92 +.03 -.46 -.58 +.13 +.16 -.58



PrShR2K rs 55.42 +1.04 PUShtR2K 30.55 +1.09 PrShtR2K 19.31 +1.04 PUShtSPX 24.19 +.64 ProSPDvA 1.00e 52.72 -.65 15,506,713,541 PrUShBrz s 17.36 -.59 ProspBcsh -.51 17,052,600,254 ProtoLabs 1.20 54.39 55.02 -2.81 16,852,102,294 Prudentl 2.80 84.43 -.10 UK 1.15e 33.96 -2.12 24,311,132,208 Prud PSEG 1.64 40.90 +.18 PubStrg 6.80 214.20 +2.15 PubSt pfD 1.24 25.12 -.49 PulteGrp .36 19.43 -.51 Div Last Chg PumaBiotc 54.35 -3.98 PureStrg n 12.70 -1.97 NNYAmtF .70 13.47 -.19 7.58 -.28 NuvAmtFr .75a 13.75 -.36 PMMI .44 NuvMuVal .39a 10.09 -.25 Q-R NvPfdInco .80 9.72 -.16 Q2 Hldgs 28.16 -.21 NuvQPf2 .70 9.28 -.34 QEP Res .08 17.85 -.47 NuvEqtP 1.00 12.62 -.31 QTS RltTr 1.44 52.22 +1.35 QuadGrph 1.20 24.43 -1.18 O 27.94 -.57 OFG Bncp .24 9.75 -.22 QuantaSvc .76 +.01 OGE Engy 1.21f 30.29 +.67 QntmDSS QstDiag 1.60 83.17 -1.57 ONEGas 1.40 59.46 +2.52 75.34 -4.12 OaktreeC 2.32f 40.58 -.81 QuintIMS 6.06 OasisPet 11.05 -.27 QuormHl n 11.96 -.12 OcciPet 3.04f 73.22 -.32 QuotientTc 2.95 -.01 Oceaneerg 1.08 27.44 -.38 RAIT Fin .36 Och-Ziff .87e 3.44 -.23 RLJ LodgT 1.32 20.72 -.08 18.44 +.56 OcwenFn 3.68 -.06 RPC 47.88 -1.00 OilStates 32.27 -.23 RPM 1.20f 42.20 +2.59 OldRepub .75 18.32 +.43 RSP Perm 31.75 +.01 Olin .80 20.14 -.13 Rackspace OmegaHlt 2.44 33.22 +.04 RadianGrp .01 13.74 +.55 97.52 -5.49 Omnicom 2.20f 82.87 +.63 RLauren 2.00 17.56 -.07 Omnova 8.23 -.08 RamcoG .88f 37.98 -1.28 OnAssign 36.00 -.96 RangeRs .08 OnDeckCap 4.86 -.45 RJamesFn .80f 58.20 -.76 12.85 -.28 OneMain 29.83 -1.18 RayAdvM .28 ONEOK 3.16f 50.13 +.77 Rayonier 1.00 25.69 +.18 OneokPtrs 3.16 41.38 +2.33 Raytheon 2.93 137.34 +.56 24.49 -1.23 Oracle .60 38.41 -.30 Realogy .09p Orange .73e 15.21 +.05 RltyInco 2.42f 62.04 +.58 77.20 -.60 OrbitATK 1.20 73.53 -.62 RedHat 13.78 +.21 OrchidIsl 1.68 10.57 +.52 RedwdTr 1.12 59.55 -1.56 OrmatTc .51 46.96 +.37 RegalBel .96 RegalEnt .88a 22.68 +.45 OshkoshCp .76f 52.75 -2.16 OutfrontM 1.36 22.08 -.54 RgcyCtrs 2.00 74.45 +.53 OverSh rs 9.85 -.64 RegionsFn .26f 10.05 -.28 12.16 +.01 OwensMin 1.02 32.97 -.86 Regis Cp OwensCorn .72 51.55 -1.41 ReinsGrp 1.48 109.85 +1.63 OwensIll 17.01 -.69 RelStlAl 1.70f 68.63 -1.24 OxfordInds 1.08 66.99 +1.13 RenaisRe 1.24 123.78 +2.84 ReneSola 1.00 -.03 P 2.08 -.20 PBF Engy 1.20 19.82 -1.89 Renren PG&E Cp 1.96f 59.80 +.48 RepubSvc 1.20f 49.82 +.33 ResMed 1.20 64.65 +.72 PHH Corp 14.80 +.23 32.24 +2.73 Pim0-5HYCp 5.21e99.17 -.13 ResolEn rs ResoluteF 4.79 -.06 PimShMat .82e 101.40 +.03 PNC 2.20f 88.03 -2.84 RestBrnds .64f 43.97 -.35 RestorHdw 30.05 -3.62 PNM Res .88 31.81 +.65 POSCO 51.06 +.13 RetailProp .66 15.99 21.87 +.54 PPG s 1.60 92.60 -1.13 RexfordIR .54 19.18 -1.75 PPL Corp 1.51 32.92 +.67 Rexnord ReynAm s 1.84f 47.27 +.63 PVH Corp .15 110.34 -3.66 25.98 -1.40 PacDrill rs 3.77 -.25 RiceEngy RiceMidstr .89f 22.44 -.36 PackAmer 2.52f 82.60 +1.98 21.52 -.97 PaloAltNet 150.49 -9.43 RingCentrl RioTinto 2.27e 31.77 -1.39 PampaEng 32.37 +.22 Pandora 12.83 -1.49 RitchieBr .68f 35.46 +.29 7.06 -.35 ParamtGp .38 15.80 +.04 RiteAid 7.65 +.04 ParkDrl 2.35 +.06 RoadrnTrn RobtHalf .88 38.24 +.58 ParkerHan 2.52 124.54 -.12 Parkway n 18.66 -2.15 RockwlAut 2.90 116.80 -2.90 RockColl 1.32 83.47 +.74 ParsleyEn 36.05 +.70 PartyCity n 17.06 -.59 RogCm gs 1.92 41.33 +.54 55.72 -3.93 Patheon n 27.52 -1.98 Rogers 28.20 -.18 PaycomSft 49.70 +.06 Rollins s .40 Roper 1.20f 172.94 -6.94 Pearson .80e 10.10 +.07 14.55 -.44 Pebblebrk 1.52 26.68 +.17 Rowan .40 62.88 +1.26 RoyalBk g 3.32f Pembina g 1.92 30.42 +.32 4.27 -.30 PengthE g .04 1.68 +.02 RBScotlnd 69.98 -3.71 PennWst g 1.86 -.02 RylCarb 1.92f RoyDShllB 3.76 54.07 -.60 Penney 8.67 -.77 PennaRE .84 21.53 +.07 RoyDShllA 3.76 50.75 -.55 Royce 1.20e 12.34 -.26 PennyMac 1.88 14.87 +.48 7.94 -.30 Penske 1.12f 45.28 -2.69 RubiconPrj RubyTues 3.15 +.81 Pentair 1.36f 58.74 -1.49 17.75 -.37 PepsiCo 3.01 106.83 +.84 Rudolph 62.81 -3.67 PerfFood n 24.61 -.19 Ryder 1.76 9.43 +.37 PerfSports 4.06 +.41 RyersonH PerkElm .28 52.11 -3.52 RymanHP 3.00 49.67 +1.97 S Prmian .31e 6.89 -.15 Perrigo .58 86.39 -4.56 S&P Glbl 1.44 123.15 -.71 86.13 -3.44 PetChina 2.52e 69.51 -1.47 SAP SE 1.19e 69.46 +.29 PetrbrsA 10.10 +.63 SCANA 2.28f 21.64 -.09 Petrobras 11.14 +.61 SK Tlcm PtroqstE rs 4.06 +.40 SLGreen 2.88 105.07 +.32 Pfizer 1.20 32.66 -.90 SM Energy .10 38.90 -.42 Pharmerica 27.11 -.85 SpdrDJIA 3.98e 181.29 -.93 119.36 -.38 PhilipMor 4.16f 95.83 -.19 SpdrGold PhilipsNV .88e 28.84 -.50 SpdrEuro50 1.18e32.21 -.43 Phillips66 2.52 79.31 -1.08 SpdrDJ RE 1.57e 47.28 +.06 Phill66LP 1.92f 46.99 -.50 SpdrEMSmC 1.17e42.75 -.84 PhysRltTr .90 20.16 +.50 SpdrIntDiv 2.22e 36.15 -.35 PiedmOfc .84 20.97 +.13 SpdrIntRE 1.25e 39.13 -.43 Pier 1 .28 4.35 -.18 SpdrWldxUS .75e 25.84 -.36 PimCpOp 1.56a 14.62 -.16 SP Mid 2.94e 276.34 -2.46 PimDyCrd 1.97 20.20 -.21 S&P500ETF 4.13e213.12 -1.92 PimDyInco 2.65a 28.47 -.19 SpdrDblTac 1.17e 49.86 -.08 PimIncStr2 .96 9.34 +.01 SpdrBiot s .44e 59.56 -4.59 PimcoHiI 1.24 9.64 -.20 Spdr Div 3.80e 82.08 -.58 PimcoMu2 .78 12.65 -.64 SpdrHome .15e 32.91 -.59 PimcMu3 .75 11.99 -.68 SpdrS&PBk .53e 33.38 -.84 PinnaclFds 1.14f 50.32 +.10 SpdrS&PIns 1.24e75.82 +.48 PinWst 2.50 73.66 +.97 SpdrWilRE 2.90e 93.20 +.94 PionEnSvc 4.30 -.06 SpdrBarcCv 3.55e 45.47 -.57 34.67 -.03 PioNtrl .08 185.96 -.43 SpdrITBd .92 PitnyBw .75 16.97 -.61 SpdrShTHiY 1.58 27.64 -.03 PlainsAAP 2.20m 32.18 +1.05 SpdrLehHY 2.30 36.58 -.10 PlainsGP .83m 13.34 +.31 SpdrSTCpBd .40e 30.67 +.01 27.78 -.51 PlanetFit n 19.51 -.32 SPLIntTB s 45.72 -.01 PlatfmSpc 7.17 -.06 SpdrLe1-3bll PlyGem 14.35 +.44 SpdrS&P RB .74e 42.00 -1.24 Polaris 2.20 75.79 +1.77 SpdrRetl s .49e 43.12 -.73 49.49 -.22 PolyOne .54f 31.24 -1.70 SpdNuBMu s PortGE 1.28 41.50 +.91 SpdrOGEx .73e 37.66 -.67 48.64 -.09 PostHldg 79.30 -.66 SpNuBST rs PostPrp 1.88 62.96 +1.96 SpdrOGEq .49e 19.25 -.12 Potash .40m 16.00 +.02 SpdrMetM .49e 24.43 -1.24 PwshDB 15.26 +.08 SpdrRus2K 1.49e 71.49 -1.27 19.79 -.47 PS Engy 12.98 +.16 SPX Cp 26.94 -1.23 PS PrcMet 38.14 -.16 SPX Flow n 8.00 -.31 PS Silver 27.35 -.10 STMicro .40 9.51 +.06 PS Agri 20.18 +.13 SABESP .11e 77.98 -2.88 PS Oil 9.23 +.07 StJude 1.24 74.27 +3.36 PS BasMet 13.59 -.27 Salesforce 26.00 +.46 PS USDBull 25.36 +.40 SallyBty SJuanB .21e 6.02 -.05 PwShHiYD .51 15.50 -.12 7.30 -.68 PwSIntlDv .65e 14.41 -.23 SanchezEn 22.61 +1.34 PSS&PQlty .38e 24.74 -.17 SandRidge PSFinPf 1.11 18.74 -.25 SandRdgP 1.87e 2.98 +.13 37.75 -.78 PS VarPfd 1.20 25.21 -.25 Sanofi 1.62e 12.55 -.44 PS SCLowV .73e 37.93 -.05 SantCUSA 27.65 -.55 PS SPX HiD 1.30 37.72 -.38 Sasol 1.41e PS IntLwV 1.11e 29.73 -.18 Schlmbrg 2.00 81.32 +.01 PS KBWBk .58e 36.70 -.85 SchwUSMkt .96e 51.41 -.52 PS SrLoan 1.01 23.14 -.08 SchwUSLgC .98e 50.79 -.49 PS SP LwV .85 40.49 -.03 SchwLCGr .63e 54.59 -.51 PSKbwReit 1.92 34.24 +.40 SchwLCVal 1.14e 44.86 -.47 PS SP HiB .49e 32.21 -.87 SchwMCap .59e 42.40 -.53 PShNatMu .87 25.76 -.16 SchUSSmC .76e 55.97 -1.00 PSHYCpBd .84 18.83 -.07 SchwEMkt .68e 22.84 -.40 PwShPfd .86 14.93 -.16 SchEMLgC .32e 23.77 -.35 PShEMSov 1.50 29.92 -.47 SchIntLgCo .47e 24.84 -.25 PSEmgMkt .49e 18.24 -.07 SchUSSmCo .36e 30.32 -.46 PSIndia .12e 20.77 -.32 SchUSLgCo .54e 30.47 -.31 Praxair 3.00 117.18 -1.67 SchwUSDiv 1.13e 41.56 -.40 PrecDrill .28 4.61 -.01 SchwIntEq .84e 28.08 -.41 PfdAptCm .81f 12.85 +.37 SchwAggBd 1.09 53.18 -.08 Prestige 47.35 -.77 SchwREIT .89e 40.81 +.36 31.97 -.43 Pretium g 8.94 +.34 Schwab .28 Primerica .72f 56.00 +2.18 SciApplic 1.24 67.64 -.76 3.79 -.01 Primero g 1.48 -.02 ScorpBlk rs 4.36 -.52 PrinFncl 1.64f 52.33 +.07 ScorpioTk .50 85.80 +2.32 ProLogis 1.68 50.87 +1.07 Scotts 2.00f ProShtDow 20.91 +.12 ScrippsEW 1.03e 14.62 -1.56 10.61 +.35 PrUltDow s .79e 69.96 -.76 SeabGld g 2.38 -.19 PrUltQQQ s .09e 84.20 -2.02 SeadrillLtd 3.68 +.30 ProUltSP s .40e 68.82 -1.28 Seadrill .40m 44.62 +.27 ProUShD30 13.59 +.19 SealAir .64 13.32 +.15 ProShtHY 25.01 +.06 Seaspan 1.50 ProLCCre s .67e 52.06 -.21 SeaWorld .40m 13.67 -.55 13.75 -.19 ProShtEM 24.21 +.50 SelMedHld ProUltSEM 15.52 +.63 SemGroup 1.80 33.55 -.72 ProUltO&G .46e 37.59 -.82 SempraEn 3.02 104.01 +1.35 37.58 -1.91 PrUltPR2K 84.91 -5.35 SensataT ProUPD30 s .13e 72.61 -1.20 Sensient 1.08 72.29 -2.07 ProUltR2K .19e 89.05 -3.57 Seritage n 1.00 46.66 -2.21 26.47 -.04 ProSht20Tr 21.93 +.39 ServiceCp .52 34.31 +1.19 PUltSP500 s .21e 70.24 -1.97 ServiceMst 75.62 -2.90 PUVixST rs 17.58 +1.69 ServcNow 32.30 -.69 ProVixST rs 29.15 +1.48 ShakeShk n PrSUltNG rs 18.60 +1.24 ShawCm g 1.18 20.04 +.13 PrUCrude rs 11.35 +.24 ShellMidst .88 29.34 -.66 PrUltSilv 39.62 -.18 Sherwin 3.36 268.40 -.34 14.00 -.52 ProShtVix 70.71 -4.15 ShipFin 1.80 42.82 -1.54 PrUShCrde 73.27 -1.97 Shopify n 62.07 -.77 ProUShEuro 24.91 +.98 Shutterstk ProctGam 2.68 88.43 -1.57 SibanyeG .40e 11.46 +.14 ProgsvCp .69e 32.73 +1.29 SiderurNac .14e 3.17 +.10 ProsHldg 21.11 -1.17 SignetJwlrs 1.04 81.05 +.98 ProShtQQQ 48.19 +.56 SilvBayRT .56 16.80 +.20 ProShSP rs 38.63 +.34 SilvWhtn g .20e 22.86 +.28 ProUShSP 16.89 +.30 SimonProp 6.60f196.99 +.18 PrUShDow 17.11 +.16 Siteone n 34.78 -1.47 PUShtQQQ 24.88 +.56 SixFlags 2.32 50.75 -1.76 ProUShL20 34.31 +1.13 Skechers s 22.83 -.07



Smart&Fnl 12.93 Smith&N .61e 30.74 SmithAO s .48 48.93 Smucker 3.00f 133.52 SnapOn 2.44 147.33 SocQ&M .97e 26.91 SonicAut .20 18.92 SonocoP 1.48f 50.43 SonyCp 32.89 Sothebys .40 35.79 SoJerInd s 1.06 28.34 SthcrssEn 1.47 SouthnCo 2.24f 50.56 SouthCo ef 24.97 SthnCopper .34e 26.01 SwstAirl .40 41.32 SwtGas 1.80 66.77 SwstnEngy 12.90 SwEn dpfB 3.13 30.10 SpectraEn 1.62 42.55 SpectraEP 2.65f 43.73 SpectrmB 1.52 134.92 Spire 1.96 61.33 SpiritAero 45.75 SpiritRltC .70f 12.52 Sprint 7.03 SprottSilv 6.71 SprottGold 10.38 Square n 11.12 STAG Indl 1.39 23.15 StageStrs .60 5.19 SP Matls .98e 46.32 SP HlthC 1.01e 69.62 SP CnSt 1.28e 52.37 SP Consum 1.12e 78.89 SP Engy 2.04e 69.80 SPDR Fncl .46e 19.42 SP Inds 1.12e 57.23 SP Tech .78e 47.37 SpdrRESel 31.42 SP Util 1.55e 47.75 StanBlkDk 2.32f 121.23 StarwdPT 1.92 21.78 StateStr 1.52f 69.01 Statoil ASA .88e 16.70 Steelcse .48 13.35 Steris plc 1.12f 69.56 SterlingBc .28 17.30 StewInfo 1.20 46.36 StifelFin 38.60 StillwtrM 11.81 StoneEng rs 10.67 Stonerdg 17.88 StoreCap 1.16f 28.02 Stryker 1.52 113.65 SubPpne 3.55 32.84 SumitMitsu 6.47 SummitHtl .53 13.04 SumtMtls n .33t 19.04 SunCmts 2.60 78.39 SunLfFn g 1.62 33.09 SunCokeE 7.28 SunCokeEn 2.38 15.50 Suncor g 1.16 28.43 SunocoLP 3.30f 28.31 SunocoLog 2.00f 26.60 SunstnHtl .20a 12.78 SunTrst 1.04f 45.03 SupEnrgy .32 17.84 Supvalu 5.01 SwiftTrans 19.88 Synchrony .13p 26.70 Syngenta 2.33e 83.21 Synnex .80 104.85 SynovusFn .48 32.02 Sysco 1.24 48.32






+.04 -.64 -1.04 +.58 -2.96 -.42 -.34 -.29 +.36 -1.15 +.60

UtdContl UtdMicro .09e UPS B 3.12 UtdRentals US Bancrp 1.02 US Brent US NGas US OilFd USSteel .20 UtdTech 2.64f UtdhlthGp 2.50 Univar n UnivHlthS .40 Univ Insur .69e UnivTInst .08 UnumGrp .80f UrbnEdg n .80

53.20 1.88 108.42 75.27 42.85 15.10 9.43 11.44 16.42 100.16 133.92 21.23 123.36 22.80 1.56 36.37 26.54

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TAL Educ 72.25 +3.28 TC PpLn 3.76f 57.13 +.07 TCF Fncl .30f 14.25 -.42 TCW Strat .21 5.29 -.04 TE Connect 1.48f 61.11 -2.81 TIM Part .25e 13.08 +.22 TJX 1.04 74.23 +.49 TableauA 48.03 -2.38 TahoeRes .24 11.04 -.08 TailorBr .72 16.07 +.39 TaiwSemi .73e 30.66 -.52 TalenEn n 13.81 -.06 TallgEGP n 1.05f 23.95 -.19 TallgrsEn 3.18f 46.90 -.35 TangerFac 1.30a 36.91 +.16 TargaRes 3.64 48.12 -.69 Target 2.40f 68.11 -.93 TaroPhrm 105.06 -3.14 TataMotors 41.27 -.91 Taubmn 2.38f 71.42 +.65 TeamHlth 38.23 -.15 Team 30.87 -1.75 TeckRes g .10m 18.77 +1.29 Teekay .22 8.18 -.28 TeekLNG .56 15.32 -.60 TeekLN pfA 2.25 24.95 TeekOffsh .44 6.14 -.27 TeekayTnk .24m 2.63 -.12 Tegna .56 19.94 -1.11 TeklaHlth 2.85e 22.11 -1.32 TeklaHcrOp 1.35a 17.12 -.02 Teladoc n 15.77 -.93 TlcmArg .71e 18.51 -.23 TelItalia 7.83 -.26 TelItaliaA .30e 6.48 -.21 Teleflex 1.36 168.81 +.98 TelefBrasil 1.43e 13.56 -.93 TelefEsp 1.03e 9.66 +.02 TelData .59 26.75 +.07 Telus gs 1.84 32.51 +.67 TmpGlb .30 6.27 -.01 TempurSly 52.00 -.80 Tenaris .75e 28.99 -.14 TenetHlth 22.78 +2.08 Tenneco 55.40 -1.90 Teradata 29.52 -.77 Teradyn .24 21.20 -.62 Terex .28 25.14 +.72 Ternium .90e 20.03 +.89 TerrenoRlt .80f 26.12 +.58 Tesoro 2.20f 81.66 +1.68 TesoroLog 3.41 46.11 -.57 TetraTech 6.02 +.08 TeucrWht 7.42 +.36 TevaPhrm 1.36e 42.96 -2.10 Textainer .96 7.25 -.30 Textron .08 37.77 -.72 ThermoFis .60 151.71 -6.50 ThirdPtRe 12.33 +.14 ThomsonR 1.36 39.80 -.70 Thor Inds 1.32f 82.80 -2.05 3D Sys 14.26 -3.27 3M Co 4.44 170.33 -1.00 Tidwtr 1.00 3.07 +.03 TierREIT n .72 14.50 -.04 Tiffany 1.80 72.65 -.70 Time Inc .76 13.26 -.45 TimeWarn 1.61 79.55 +.57 Timken 1.04 34.42 -.53 TimknSteel .56 9.98 -.33 Titan Intl .02 10.43 +.65 TollBros 28.55 -.70 TopBuild n 32.01 -1.20 Torchmark .56 63.74 -.64 Toro Co s 47.18 +.27 TorDBk gs 2.20 44.35 +.51 Total SA 2.71e 48.54 +.66 TotalSys .40 47.20 -.09 Toyota 115.09 -.80 TrCda g 2.26 46.04 -.27 TransUn n 32.77 -.75 TransDigm 277.52 -3.38 Transocn 9.70 -.42 Travelers 2.68f 115.08 +.55 Travelport .30 14.30 -.31 TreeHseF 87.07 +.17 TriPointe 12.62 -.24 TrianglCap 1.80 19.08 -.21 TribMda A 1.00 33.78 -1.56 TrinaSolar 10.39 +.05 TriNetGrp 20.07 -.92 Trinity .44 23.03 -1.19 Trinseo SA 1.20 54.53 +1.06 TritonInt n 1.80 13.00 -.69 TriumphGp .16 24.10 -1.49 Tronox 1.00 8.04 -1.24 TrueBlue 21.64 -.41 Tsakos .32 4.90 -.12 Tuppwre 2.72 64.47 -.81 Turkcell 7.96 -.17 TurqHillRs 3.00 +.06 TutorPerini 20.03 -1.13 Twilio n 46.11-14.47 Twitter 16.88 -2.97 TwoHrbInv .92 8.23 +.24 TylerTech 169.38 -.35 Tyson .60f 71.58 +3.83


UBS Grp .80f UDR 1.18 UGI Corp .95f US FdsHl n US Silica .25 USG Ultrapar .43e UndrArm s UnAr C wi UnilevNV 1.40e Unilever 1.32e UnionPac 2.20 Unisys Unit

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VF Corp 1.48 54.60 +.04 VailRsrt 3.24 153.41 -2.38 Vale SA .29e 5.58 +.01 Vale SA pf .29e 5.15 +.16 ValeantPh 22.18 -.98 ValeroE 2.40 53.79 -.48 Validus 1.40 51.64 +1.32 VlyNBcp .44 9.54 -.07 Valspar 1.32 105.10 -.28 Valvoline n 23.28 +.53 VanEGold .12e 22.99 -.01 VanE EMHi 1.57 24.36 -.18 VanEHiYM 1.45 31.53 -.42 VnEkRus .64e 18.46 -.34 VanE FallA 1.63e 29.02 +.07 VanE EMBd .98 18.72 -.22 VanEIntMu .54 24.29 -.12 VnEkSemi .63e 67.62 -2.00 VanE Agri 1.69e 49.10 -.55 VEckOilSvc .86e 29.78 -.12 VanE JrGld 38.08 -.01 VanE Coal .37 12.47 +.05 VnEk Viet .51e 14.81 -.15 VangLTBd 3.92e 95.67 -1.07 VangIntBd 2.17a 86.76 -.18 VangSTBd 1.08e 80.48 -.07 VangTotBd 2.06e 83.27 -.24 VanHiDvY 2.10e 71.03 -.69 VangEMI 1.13e 88.63 -1.41 VangGrth 1.38e 110.24 -1.17 VangLgCp 1.84e 97.59 -.94 VangMidC 1.76e 125.84 -1.91 VangSmCp 1.63e118.82 -1.67 VangSCG 1.19e 127.45 -2.48 VangSCV 1.96e 108.17 -1.13 VangTSM 2.17e 109.37 -1.17 VangValu 2.05e 85.81 -.80 VangSP500 3.81e195.63 -1.83 VangMCVal 1.76e 91.16 -1.39 VangREIT 3.08e 83.08 +.93 VangDivAp 1.82e 82.32 -.64 VangAllW 1.34e 44.46 -.68 VangEmg 1.10e 37.32 -.62 VangPacif 1.37e 59.47 -.74 VangEur 1.71e 47.18 -.89 VangFTSE 1.10e 36.48 -.51 VangEngy 2.64e 96.72 -1.04 VangFncl .90e 49.58 -.51 VanHC Etf 1.62e 127.77 -4.50 VangInfT 1.39e 119.06 -1.12 VangUtil 3.41e 104.35 +1.43 VangTel 2.98e 92.71 +.35 Vantiv 56.33 -.15 VarianMed 95.76 -3.26 VectorGp 1.60b 20.24 -.08 Vectren 1.60 48.40 +1.06 VedantaLtd .26e 11.42 -.21 VeevaSys 37.88 -.96 Ventas 2.83r 66.71 -.24 Vereit .55 9.70 +.18 VeriFone 15.08 -.92 VerizonCm 2.31f 50.28 +.36 Verso Cp 6.09 -.14 Versum 22.46 -.24 VinceHldg 5.48 +.02 ViolnMm rs .41 -.16 Vipshop 14.33 -.90 Visa s .56 82.45 -.43 VishayInt .25f 13.82 -.24 VistaOutd n 37.90 +.58 Visteon s 69.05 -1.37 VitaminSh 27.47 -.33 VivintSolar 3.21 +.02 VMware 72.98 -1.01 VoceraCm 17.95 -.48 VolarisAv 18.92 +1.25 Vonage 6.20 -.33 Vornado 2.52 95.25 -1.06 VoyaEmHi .92 7.90 -.04 VoyaFincl .04 30.27 -.47 VoyaGlbDv .91 7.02 -.14 VoyaPrRTr .32 5.23 +.01 VulcanM .80 109.77 +3.30


W&T Off .40 1.55 WCI Cmts 23.52 WEC Engy 1.98 57.74 WEX Inc 104.53 WGL Hold 1.85 60.25 WNS Hldg 27.50 WP Carey 3.94f 61.80 WPX Engy 12.43 Wabash 13.38 WABCO 107.28 Wabtec .40f 80.83 WaddellR 1.84 17.45 WageWrks 58.41 WalMart 2.00f 68.45 WalterInv 4.80 WashPrGp 1.00 11.58 WREIT 1.20 30.11 WasteCon .48 74.21 WsteMInc 1.64 61.88 Waters 154.90 Watsco 4.20f 142.89 Wayfair 35.43 WeathfIntl 5.96 WebsterFn 1.00f 37.31 WtWatch 10.20 WeinRlt 1.46 37.58 Wellcare 113.83 WellsF pfJ 2.00 27.08 WellsFargo 1.52 44.71 WellsF wt 13.35 WellsF pfW 25.88 WellsF pfV 26.01 Welltower 3.44 69.43 WescoAir 12.58 Wesco Intl 59.96 WestPhrm .52f 72.84 WestarEn 1.52 57.22 WstnAlliB 37.31 WstAstHI2 .80 7.18 WAHiInOp .43 5.02 WstAstMtg 1.65e 9.83 WAstInfSc .38 11.20 WAstInfOpp .40 10.95 WstnGasEq 1.73f 42.45 WstnGasPt 3.32f 56.48 WstnRefin 1.52 27.28 WstRefLog 1.65f 23.91 WstnUnion .64 20.12 WestlkChm .76f 52.35 WestRck 1.50 46.71 Weyerhsr 1.24 31.38 Whrlpl 4.00f 160.75 WhiteWave 53.75 WhitestnR 1.14 13.20 WhitingPet 8.68 WileyJA 1.20 51.43 WLyonHm 16.96 WmsCos .80m 29.13 WillmsPtrs 3.40 36.19 WmsSon 1.48 47.54 Winnbgo .40 28.34 Wipro .09e 9.76 WT EurHdg 3.51e 53.88 WTJpHedg 2.98e 43.77 WT EmEq 1.80e 37.22 WT India .22e 21.59 WolvWW .24 22.56 Workday 87.01 WorldFuel .24 45.81 WldW Ent .48 19.94 Worthgtn .80f 47.55 Wyndham 2.00 67.77

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XL Grp .80 34.41 XPO Logis 34.21 Xactly n 13.42 XcelEngy 1.36 40.05 XeniaHtls n 1.10 15.50 Xerox .31 9.65 XinyuanRE .10 5.75 Xylem .62 49.47 YPF Soc .14e 18.86 YadkinFin .40 26.28 Yamana g .02m 3.65 Yelp 36.50 Yirendai n 28.90 YumBrnds 1.84 89.18 ZayoGrp 31.14 Zendesk 27.59 ZimmerBio .96 127.15 ZoesKitchn 22.12 Zoetis .38 50.18

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D4 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

Activists on both sides dispute each other’s data WIND · FROM D1

turbines’ owners have denied his claims in court filings. The Therriens — he is 54, she is 47 — and their two young children now live in nearby Derby and receive government assistance. The toll from his years of work as a trash collector, coupled with the more recent health problems, means he can’t work, Steve Therrien said. Luann Therrien said she has been depressed since the symptoms took hold. A psychiatric nurse practitioner who has treated the

Therriens wrote in a letter this year that both “suffer from a form of trauma-induced and stressor-related disorder.” The nurse compared their condition to post-traumatic stress disorder, saying the wind turbines caused lasting sleep and mental health issues. The Therriens are now activists. They founded the group Victims of Industrial Wind and post frequently on social media. Luann traveled to the Statehouse last winter to testify to a Senate committee, and they occasionally travel to testify at public hear-

ings in other communities. Vermont’s health commissioner, Dr. Harry Chen, told lawmakers this year that “no scientific research has been able to demonstrate a direct cause-and-effect link between living near wind turbines, the noise they emit, and physiological health effects.” Studies commissioned by public health agencies in Canada and Australia have reached similar conclusions, though Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council suggested more research could be done on pos-

sible health effects for those living closest to wind farms. Since July, more than 100 doctors, other scientists and activists worldwide have signed a letter urging the World Health Organization to recommend new sound guidelines for wind turbines. State regulators in Vermont have adopted a standard acceptable wind turbine noise level averaging 45 decibels during the course of an hour, quieter than a normal conversation. Renewable energy supporters, including the Vermont

Public Interest Research Group, have attacked the plan for sound monitoring research at the Therriens’, saying it won’t be objective. Mark Whitworth, board president of Energize Vermont, which is sponsoring the research, has said it will start with some built-in assumptions. “We would like to understand how they bake prejudice or bias into their monitoring program,” he said. Separately, lawmakers this year appropriated $50,000 for sound-monitoring equipment

to be used by Lyndon State College, providing the college finds matching funds. Renewable energy supporters also argue there would be a conflict of interest because Ben Luce, the professor expected to lead the research, is on the board of Energize Vermont. In an interview, Luce said it has not been determined whether the Therriens’ property would be used in the college’s research. And, he added, he would have no personal financial stake in the outcome, unlike industry consultants.

Borrowing your way out of debt can work if you’re smart about tactic Risks of consolidation can leave people worse off

an online advice site, and dedicated her earnings from a weekend job waitressing to paying by LIZ WESTON down the debt. She also stopped carryMany people who take out loans to ing credit cards. pay off credit cards and other obliga“I figured I tions wind up worse off, with more Weston couldn’t go back into debt and more stress than before they applied. Some people, though, success- debt if I didn’t have my cards,” says fully use debt consolidation loans to Burke, who blogs about her journey turn a bad financial situation around. out of debt at That kind of determination is Emilie Burke of Raeford, N.C., is among the latter. Burke, a recent col- essential if people want to avoid windlege graduate, used a $6,000 personal ing up deeper in the hole. Otherwise, loan from online lender Upstart to pay the overspending that led to the credit off some of the $13,600 credit card debt card debt just continues unabated. she incurred as a student. Since receiving the loan in Novem- Ladder or a treadmill? ber, Burke says she’s paid down the “People will use a consolidation balance to $4,500 and reduced her loan to pay off their credit card debt, remaining credit card debt to $2,500. and within a year they’ve run up their Burke, who works as a data special- balances again,” said Bruce McClary, ist, also used balance transfer offers a spokesman for the National Founwith a zero annual percentage rate dation for Credit Counseling, who to lower her credit card interest rates has worked as a debt collector, loan and speed up her debt payoff. representative and credit counselor. Burke crafted a budget with the help “They’ve essentially doubled the of a financial planner at LearnVest, amount of debt they had in the first

place, and now they’re tapped out.” One study of 189 Indiana residents who used debt consolidation loans found that 37.5 percent incurred another debt within three months and that 87.5 percent incurred more debt within a year. Only one-quarter said they felt less financial stress after taking out the loan, while another quarter reported feeling more stress, according to the study published by the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education. In addition, people who took out debt consolidation loans were no less likely to file bankruptcy than people who didn’t, according to a research project that used the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, a long-running survey of Americans’ finances. The other risks of debt consolidation depend on the type of loan used. Rates on unsecured personal loans, for example, may be lower than prevailing credit card rates — or substantially higher. Rates range from about 3 percent all the way up to 36 percent, depending on the lender and the borrower’s credit scores and debtto-income ratio. Burke said her good

credit resulted in a 7 percent rate on her loan, but her high debt levels relative to her income limited the amount she could borrow. Another common way to consolidate debt is a secured loan, one that uses a home or car as collateral. These secured loans typically have lower interest rates, but borrowers are putting their home or car at risk, since missed payments can result in foreclosure or repossession. Here’s a checklist to use if you’re considering a debt consolidation loan: Objectively assess your situation. If your credit card balances, medical bills and other consumer debts equal half or more of your income, consider consulting both a bankruptcy attorney and a credit counselor. You’re unlikely to be able to pay off your debt within five years, which is typically the longest period you’d be forced to do so under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan. Most people with unmanageable debt can qualify for a faster Chapter 7 filing, which erases consumer debt within three to four months. Avoid high-cost loans. Calculate

the total cost of the loan — the monthly payment times the number of payments, plus any fees — and compare it with what you’re paying now. Some lenders offer low payments but skyhigh interest rates and long terms that keep people in debt longer. Opt for the shortest possible loan. To minimize the interest you’ll pay, keep loan terms to three years or less if possible. Five years is the maximum you should consider, for the reasons noted above. Look for direct payment of creditors. Some lenders will pay your credit card company directly, removing the temptation to use borrowed funds for another purpose. Consider closing your cards. Closing credit card accounts can hurt your credit scores, but so can ongoing struggles with debt. If you don’t trust yourself not to run up more debt, shuttering accounts may help you learn to live within your means.

• • •

This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet. Liz Weston is a columnist at NerdWallet.

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+3.94 -2.50 -.02 -.44 -1.05 +.37 -.19 -1.05 -.25 -.41 -1.75 -.69 -1.39 -.46 -3.57 -.46 -.24 -.31 -.16 -.87

21.62 63.06 3.14 10.60 12.47 32.20 54.16 45.26 13.27 41.86 56.82 8.53 26.60 33.19 .73 15.48 191.31 77.97 6.09 66.65 21.83

-.77 -1.37 -.07 -.66 +1.36 -2.00 -3.04 -.68 -.07 -1.48 -2.21 -.34 -1.04 -1.47 -.07 -.03 +2.03 +2.12 -.35 -2.22 +.10




Last Chg Patterson PattUTI Paychex Paylocity PayPal n Pegasyst PnnNtGm PennantPk PeopUtdF PernixT rs PhotrIn PilgrimsP PinnclEnt PinnaclFn Pool Corp PopeyLaK Popular PortolaPh Potlatch PwrInteg PwShs QQQ Premier PriceTR Priceline PrimoWtr Primoris PrivateB ProNAi g n PrUltBio s PrUltPQQQ PrognicsPh ProgrsSoft Proofpoint PShtQQQ PrUlNBio rs ProUNShBio ProUShBio ProspctCap Proteos n Prothena pSivida Pulmatrix QIAGEN QIWI plc Qorvo Qualcom QualitySys Qualys RPX Corp RTI Surg RadiSys RadiusHlth Radware Rambus Randgold Rapid7 n RaptorPhm RavenInds RealPage RedRobin RedRkRs n Regenrn RegnxBio n RegulusTh RenewEn RentACt Replgn ResConn RetailOpp RetailMNot Retrophin RexEngy RigelPh RocketFuel RockwllM RofinSinar RokBio h rs RossStrs s RoyGld RuthsHosp Ryanair S&T Bcp SBA Com SEI Inv SLM Cp SORL SPI Eng n SS&C Tch s SVB FnGp SabraHltc SabreCorp SAExplr rs SageThera Saia Inc SanderFm SangBio Sanmina Sanofi rt SareptaTh Schnitzer Schulmn SciClone lf SciGames

44.41 -.69 24.09 +1.07 56.20 -.32 44.40 -.84 39.24 -.64 29.24 +.06 13.54 -.81 7.57 -.06 15.51 -.32 4.29 -1.54 10.18 -.49 20.72 +.56 12.75 +.25 53.73 -1.28 93.26 -1.73 52.04 +.28 37.38 -1.86 20.69 -.63 39.29 +1.35 62.84 -1.21 117.14 -1.33 32.08 +.51 65.90 -.68 1439.57-40.25 13.81 +1.96 19.49 -1.10 45.64 +.45 1.80 40.79 -5.93 123.33 -4.53 5.91 -1.11 27.09 -.24 70.52 -2.95 13.89 +.46 22.33 -5.10 26.67 +4.43 36.87 +4.30 7.96 -.02 13.02 -1.98 53.55 -7.47 2.31 -.38 1.38 -.33




25.95 14.96 53.00 65.70 11.48 37.65

-1.43 +1.17 -3.64 -2.49 +.55 -.91

10.27 -.19 3.09 +.01 4.92 -.41 52.53 +.93 12.29 -.86 11.73 -.69 83.04 -5.21 16.11 -.51 8.98 -.01 21.84 -.27 24.26 -.08 42.15 -1.26 22.41 -.66 371.68-18.38 16.02 -.17 2.95 -.30 8.87 -.20 8.93 -3.79 29.32 -1.66 13.10 +.10 21.04 +.49 9.58 +.18 21.34 -1.33 .54 -.01 3.53 -.39 2.49 +.01 6.05 -.62 32.35 +.10 6.39 +.39 64.66 +.38 65.96 -.16 14.08 +.08 68.78 -.18

28.19 111.89 44.19 7.20 4.73 2.40 31.82 116.30 23.64 26.16 7.76 40.88 29.03 93.09 3.89 27.65 .29 52.28 20.85 27.91 10.01 12.75

-.36 +2.71 -.62 -.16 +.53 +.22 -.93 -2.59 +.57 -.59 +.18 -2.62 -.30 +3.94 -.44 -1.44 +.02 -5.61 -.12 -1.14 -.17 +.57

Last Chg ScrippsNet Scynexis SeagateT SearsHldgs SeattGen SelCmfrt SelIncREIT SelectvIns Semtech SenHous Senomyx SeresTh n ShndTele s Shire ShoreTel Shutterfly SierraWr SigmaDsg SignatBk SilganHldg SilicGrIn SilcnLab SilicnMotn Slcnware SilvStd g Sina Sinclair SiriusXM Sky-mobi SkyWest SkyPFtJc lf SkywksSol SmithWes SnydLance SodaStrm h SolarCity SolarEdg n SonicCorp Sonus rs SparkTh n Spectranet SpectPh Spher3D gh SpiritAir Splunk SportsWhs Sprouts StaarSur Staples StarBulk rs Starbucks s Starz A StlDynam Stericycle SterlCons SMadden Stratasys SucampoPh SunEdSem SunOpta SunPower Sunrun n SuperMicro Supernus SurgCare h SykesEnt Symantec Synaptics Synchron SynrgyPh Synopsys Syntel T-MobileUS TD Ameritr TFS Fncl THL Credit TICC Cap TPI Co n TTM Tch Tabula n TakeTwo Talend n Tarena TASER TechData h Teligent TerraVia TerraFm lf TerrFmP lf Tesaro TescoCp TeslaMot TesseraTch TetraTc Tetralogc h Tetraphase TxCapBsh TexInst TexRdhse TheravBio TileShop Tivo Cp TokaiPhm TonixPhm

61.28 3.87 35.16 10.72 50.31 20.87 25.74 40.43 25.15 21.83 2.73 11.45 25.83 187.70 7.17 44.08 13.56 7.45 117.35 47.81 7.73 56.92 48.26 7.44 10.48 75.29 25.86 4.11 2.08 28.25 7.66 77.63 25.31 34.92 24.59 43.42 20.00 14.80 25.84 7.42 55.70 23.81 3.95 .54 43.78 56.71 10.38 21.74 9.20 93.87 7.56 4.72 53.08 30.70 23.73 75.47 8.38 34.34 20.79 12.84 11.52 6.65 8.27 6.38 21.37 20.81 46.73 27.53 24.09 66.38 37.10 5.16 59.75 26.43

-1.10 -1.09 -2.73 -.95 -4.87 -.27 +.29 +1.25 -2.38 +.22 -.26 -.08 -.14 -6.80 -.80 -1.68 -.39 -.41 -5.97 +.02 +.02 -2.54 -4.91 -.01 -.02 +.56 -2.60 -.05 +.04 -.25 -.54 -1.74 -.02 +.67 -1.59 +.48 +1.32 -.85 -.18 -.27 -5.64 -.83 -.64 +.02 +1.54 -3.24 -.37 +.60 -.18 -.48 -.47 -.05 -.38 -1.46 -.48 +.37 +.28 -.43 -2.48 +.11 -.06 +.14 -.09 -.11 -1.08 -2.97 -.79 +.06 -1.12 +.08 -3.17 -.19 +.49 -.07

Last Chg TowerSemi TractSupp TradDsk A n Trevena TriMas h Trimble TrinityBio TripAdvis TrueCar TrstNY Trustmk TubeMogul TuesMrn Tuniu TurtleBch 21stCFoxA 21stCFoxB 21Vianet 2U UMB Fn USA Tech h Ubiquiti UltaSalon UltimSoft UltraClean Ultragenyx Umpqua UniQure UBSI UtdCmBks UtdNtrlF UtdTherap UnivDisp UnvStainls UrbanOut VCA Inc VOXX Intl VWR VandaPhm V exUSRE VangNatR VanNR pfB VanNR pfC VanSTCpB VanIntTGv VanMtgBSc VanLTCpB VanIntCpB VangSTInfl VanTIntBd VanTIntStk VascuBio VeecoInst VBradley Verastem VerintSys Verisign Verisk Versartis


15.85 67.26 26.36 6.10 17.55 28.52 6.43 61.31 9.12 7.05 27.18 8.08 5.89 9.89 1.27 24.73 24.86 6.86 35.92

-.32 -.62 +.10 -.33 -.60 +.05 -.14 -2.69 -.17 +.01 -.54 -.75 -.04 +.03 -.01 +.38 +.18 -.94 +.14

60.64 -.69 5.03 -.32 49.17 -4.60 262.75+23.68 204.59 +.92 7.76 +.04 61.57 -9.27 15.24 -.07 6.97 -.61 37.20 -.76 21.12 -.33 42.16 +2.00 116.89 -6.63 49.22 -3.31 10.44 +.31 35.54 -1.07


69.11 3.60 27.50 16.14 53.11 .51 5.00 4.96 80.31 66.09 53.74 93.76 88.75 49.62 55.40 46.15 5.04 21.90 14.39 1.37 35.50 75.71 79.37 11.62

-1.00 +1.10 -.94 -.69 -.85 -.07 +2.60 +2.67 -.01 -.14 -.07 -.64 -.22 +.04 -.18 -.70 +.08 -.04 -.31 -.10 -.87 -.65 -.24 -.32

Last Chg VertxPh ViaSat ViacomB Viavi VimpelCm VirginAm VirtuFin n Virtusa VitaePhm Vivus Vodafone WVS Fn WalgBoots WashFed WebMD WeiboCorp Wendys Co WernerEnt Wesbanc WestCorp WDigital Westmrld WstptFuel g WholeFood WillisTwW Windstm rs Wingstop n Wintrust WT USQDv WisdomTr Woodward WrightMed Wynn XOMA Xcerra Xencor Xilinx XteraCm n YRC Wwde YY Inc Yahoo Yandex Zafgen Zagg ZebraT ZeltiqAes ZillowA s ZillowC n ZionsBcp Zogenix rs Zumiez Zynerba n Zynga

79.23 72.26 36.00 7.26 3.27 52.08 13.87 21.87 20.99 1.06 27.80

-6.47 -1.22 -.27 +.01 -.11 -.87 -.76 -.98

12.90 78.31 26.64 16.30 50.80 53.08 10.84 22.89 32.69 21.22 54.84 8.85 1.57 28.72 128.37 8.38 28.40 54.17 31.69 9.49 43.75 59.21 23.49 93.37

+.78 -1.57 -.16 -.96 +.48 +1.18 +.14 -.96 -.24 -.45 -3.83 +.21 -.14 -.14 -2.69 -.43 +.67 -1.86 -.38 -.74 +.62 -1.44 -.38 -3.64

.39 5.78 20.32 49.99 .40

-.03 -.11 -2.76 -2.90 -.12

11.84 53.35 41.44 18.93

-.58 +.16 -1.78 -3.07

3.50 7.80 65.01 39.47 32.56 32.68 30.86 8.98 22.53 10.89 2.85

+.03 -.24 -3.71 -.75 -.42 -.49 -.87 -1.20 +.60 -2.72 -.09





-.04 -.41


Bold stocks changed 10% or more in price during the week (or 5% in daily listings). Underlined stocks reached a new 52-week high or low during the week (or during the day in daily listings). ——— STOCK FOOTNOTES: cld - Issue has been called for redemption by company; d - New 52-week low.; ec - Company formerly listed on the American Exchange’s Emerging Company Marketplace; g - Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars; h - temporarily exempt from Nasdaq capital and surplus listing qualification; n - Stock was a new issue in the last year. The T 46.23 +.96 52-week high and low figures date only from the beginning of 36.15 +.03 trading. pf - Preferred stock issue; pr - Preferences; pp - Holder 17.87 -.03 owes installments of purchase price; rt - Right to buy security 9.40 -.10 at a specified price; s - Stock has split by at least 20 percent 5.73 +.02 within the last year; rs - stock has undergone a reverse stock 17.99 -4.68 split of at least 50 percent within the past year; wi - Trades will 10.86 -1.03 be settled when the stock is issued; wd - When distributed; wt 12.81 +.33 - Warrant, allowing a purchase of a stock; u - New 52-week high; 42.69 -2.00 un - Unit, including more than one security; vj - Company in 24.96 +2.51 bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the 14.91 -.11 bankruptcy law. Appears in front of the name. 22.77 +.34 DIVIDEND FOOTNOTES: a - Extra dividends were paid, 80.81 -4.62 but are not included; b - annual rate plus stock; c - liquidating 7.15 -.53 dividend; e - amount declared or paid in last 12 months; f 2.52 -.14 3.75 -.21 Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent divi13.26 -.29 dend announcement; i - Sum of dividends paid after stock split, 115.05+15.79 no regular rate; j - Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent 8.00 -.27 dividend was omitted or deferred. k - Declared or paid this year, 196.51 -.10 a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears; m - Current annual 37.82 -1.20 rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announce36.69 +.42 ment; p - Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not .15 -.02 shown; r - Declared or paid in preceding 12 months plus stock 3.39 -.28 dividend; t - Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distri55.45 -1.59 bution date. PE FOOTNOTES: q - Stock is a closed-end fund. No P/E 68.49 -2.38 38.54 +.56 ratio shown; cc - P/E exceeds 99; dd - Loss in last 12 months 29.03 -7.70 VOLUME FOOTNOTES: x - Ex-dividend, meaning yester16.65 -.15 day was the first day that the stock traded without the right to 19.62 +.04 receive a dividend. The price change is adjusted to reflect that 1.66 +.11 fact. y - Ex-dividend and sales in total shares z - Sales are in .65 -.01 total shares.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · D5

Marmite symbol of Brexit

Amazon expands

Tesco removes item from website as price of product increases



LONDON — Philip Walker spreads Marmite on his daily crumpet and stockpiles jars of the yeast spread. He’s a fan, and he’s upset at plans to raise the price of this icon of the British breakfast table. Love it or hate it, Marmite has become the most visible sign yet of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union after consumer giant Unilever sought to raise wholesale prices for its products by a reported 10 percent following a sharp drop in the pound. Tesco, the U.K.’s biggest supermarket chain, has rejected the increase and removed many Unilever products from its website. #Marmitegate was not far behind. “I am more angry at Unilever than I am at Tesco,” said Walker, a 43-year-old regional manager for St. John Ambulance. “It seems Unilever is using Brexit as an excuse to hold Tesco customers to ransom.” Since Britons voted June 23 to exit the EU after a bitter campaign in which oppo-


Jars of savoury Marmite spread were recently on sale in a branch of Tesco in central London. nents promised economic mayhem if the country chose to leave the 28-nation bloc. But for the general consumer, the consequences of that decision are only now becoming apparent. The pound is down more than 18 percent against the dollar and almost as much against the euro since June. While for weeks the impact had been felt mainly by Britons spending abroad, the currency’s plunge is becoming a reality as the cost of imported goods spikes higher. Unilever, which is based in the Netherlands and besides Marmite makes Dove soap, Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum

ice cream and Persil laundry powder, is the first company whose efforts to pass these costs onto its customers have become public. “This is the first warning sign of there being a real change,” said Patrick O’Brien, content director at Verdict.retail, who predicts a future with many spirited negotiations between retailers and suppliers. “Someone has to pay.” That tension is exacerbated in the supermarket business, where there is already huge competition between chains over who has the lowest prices. Mainstream retailers like Tesco and Sainsbury’s are strug-

gling to fend off discounters including Lidl and Aldi. Supermarkets are essentially playing a game of chicken over who can hold off hiking their prices the longest. The upshot is that food prices have not yet jumped by as much as the pound’s plunge would suggest, though analysts say it’s only a matter of when. Brexit has thrown a “huge wobble” into the equation, said Christopher Haskins, who built Northern Foods into a major supermarket supplier. “Undoubtedly what Unilever is doing is justified in terms of the economics of it, but Tesco’s worried that Aldi may not follow suit,” Haskins, who now sits in the House of Lords, told the BBC. Shoppers searching Tesco’s website on Thursday for Unilever products were greeted with the same message: “Sorry, this product is currently not available.” But it was Marmite, a distinctly British product, that seized the public imagination. The spread, made from concentrated brewer’s yeast, has become entwined in the national psyche since it was first produced in Burtonon-Trent, England, in 1902. Unilever acquired the brand in 2000.

making them less likely to shop elsewhere. Younger, tech savvy shoppers are more inclined to buy Prime memberships than older shoppers accustomed to seeing and touching things in a store before buying them, says Mike Levin of Consumer Intelligence Research Partners in Chicago, which estimates that more than half of all U.S. residents form 18 to 34 have Prime memberships. The common thread with all of the schools so far is that their graduates typically earn more than the median for college graduates, providing Amazon with a pipeline of future customers with high earning potential. Amazon says it doesn’t consider grads’ income when selecting schools. For years, the campus store business has been dominated by Follett Corp., which has more than 1,000 locations nationwide, and Barnes & Noble Education, which operates 751 campus stores serving 5 million students and faculty. But they mostly selltextbooks and school supplies. Amazon offers much more, bringing mass-market inventory directly to campus. The typical student spends $2,000 a year on clothes, according to the National Association

of College Stores, more than double what they spend on books and supplies. Amazon’s stores vary in size and by design. Some feature lounges where students can sit on sofas and try an Amazon Fire TV streaming device. All have lockers where students can pick up their orders. Students who place an order on Amazon get an email when their orders are ready along with a bar code to open the locker containing their goods. Deliveries are made to a small storage area behind the lockers, where employees sort through the deliveries and place them in lockers. Amazon hires mostly students to work at the stores. Helping students access lower-cost text books is how Amazon forged a relationship with the UC Davis six years ago, says Jason Lorgan, who oversees the campus store. The university-owned bookstore offered students shopping online other options for text books, which sent a lot of traffic to Amazon, prompting the company to contact the school to expand the relationship. “Our goal is to let our students have their course materials at the lowest possible price, and we don’t care where they get it,” Lorgan says. “That’s how we got on Amazon’s radar.”

Wealthy can work within law to benefit from policy, experts say TAXES · FROM D1

from tax policy. Tax experts say the code is full of loopholes that may be available to everyone, but tend to benefit the rich. That is part of what has made The New York Times’ recent revelation, raised again at the most recent debate, so intriguing. According to tax documents leaked to the newspaper, Trump claimed more than $900 million in losses in 1995, enough to potentially and legally reduce his tax bill to zero for as many as 18 years. Trump has yet to release his taxes, although he said he will when his audit is complete. But it appears to have been done through one of many elements in the tax code favoring real estate developers. But there are many other legal paths for anyone of significant means to lower their tax payments. The Republican presidential

candidate and his supporters call his tax moves smart, while others say they’re unfair. “It’s emblematic of the way most people feel about the tax system,” said Matt Gardner, executive director of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a nonprofit and nonpartisan research organization. “It favors those who have the resources.” The public sees the nation’s tax system as deeply flawed. A 2015 survey by the Pew Research Center found that 59 percent of Americans say there is so much wrong with the system that Congress should completely change it. It also found that 61 percent feel that some wealthy people don’t pay their fair share. The Associated Press spoke to a few experts about some of the ways that the wealthy can work within the law to lower their federal income tax. Here are a few:

Net operating loss

professional real estate developers, such as Trump. Trump has brought this “If ever there was a gig that common accounting practice was rigged against regular into the spotlight. folks, this is it,” said Neil It allows businesses to count Buchanan, an economist and losses, including real estate tax law professor at George depreciation, against other Washington University. income to lower their taxes. This could potentially wipe Deductions out their tax payment comA more common way for pletely for the year. And if higher-income people to losses exceed income, they can lower their personal taxes is carry that balance forward to through deductions, such as future years to reduce their donations to charity, unreimtax burden. bursed business expenses and It is designed to smooth the even mortgage interest deducups and downs in a company’s tions on second homes. profitability over the years to The IRS publishes data help them stay afloat. But the annually on the individual loophole exists when you can tax returns of people who burst outside of the business report income of $200,000 or loss and apply it against any more. It showed high-income kind of income, Gardner said. people found many ways to Tax code changed in the ’80s reduce their tax burden, the to disallow people from exploit- most common of which in ing this opportunity and gen- 2013 — the most recent year erating losses to count against available — was total miscelpersonal income. But the pro- laneous deductions. vision remained in place for Warren Buffett, the famed

Mutual funds Obj NAV 12-mo Rnk Chg % ret AMG YacktmanI d LB B 22.32 -.26 +8.2 AQR MaFtStrI 9.85 -.11 -3.9 American Century EqIncInv LV A 8.89 -.07 +16.7 UltraInv LG C 36.13 -.27 +5.9 American Funds AMCAPA m LG A 26.77 -.48 +7.3 AmBalA m MA A 24.73 -.17 +7.9 BondA m CI D 13.05 -.02 +3.5 CapIncBuA m IH B 57.61 -.36 +4.3 CapWldBdA m IB C 20.04 -.20 +3.7 CpWldGrIA m WS C 44.52 -.67 +3.6 EurPacGrA m FG C 46.67 -.76 +1.7 FnInvA m LB A 53.35 -.55 +10.9 GrthAmA m LG A 43.32 -.71 +8.9 HiIncA m HY B 10.20 -.01 +8.6 IncAmerA m AL A 21.19 -.13 +8.4 IntBdAmA m CS D 13.61 +.01 +1.2 InvCoAmA m LB A 36.06 -.40 +10.4 MutualA m LV A 36.31 -.30 +10.8 NewEconA m LG D 36.35 -.91 +4.4 NewPerspA m WS B 36.60 -.59 +4.3 NwWrldA m EM D 53.69 -.87 +7.2 SmCpWldA m WS A 46.08 -.96 +6.6 TaxEBdAmA m MI B 13.16 -.06 +4.3 WAMutInvA m LV B 40.25 -.32 +9.4 Artisan Intl FG E 27.24 -.52 -1.8 Baird AggrInst CI B 11.03 -.02 +4.5 CrPlBInst CI A 11.35 -.02 +5.2 BlackRock EqDivI LV A 21.96 -.28 +9.8 GlobAlcA m IH D 18.28 -.15 +2.1 GlobAlcC m IH E 16.57 -.14 +1.4 GlobAlcI IH D 18.42 -.15 +2.4 HiYldBdIs HY D 7.63 -.01 +7.6 StrIncIns NT D 9.81 +2.2 DFA UB D 10.31 +.5 1YrFixInI 5YrGlbFII IB E 11.16 -.01 +2.1 EmMkCrEqI EM B 18.20 -.32 +9.7 EmMktValI EM A 24.33 -.29 +11.2 IntCorEqI FV A 11.53 -.14 +1.9 IntSmCapI FA B 19.21 -.18 +3.4 IntlSCoI FQ B 17.84 -.20 +6.3 IntlValuI FV C 15.95 -.19 -2.3 RelEstScI SR A 34.88 +.37 +10.8 TAUSCrE2I MB B 14.42 -.18 +7.4 USCorEq1I LB B 18.09 -.22 +7.7 USCorEq2I MB B 17.30 -.22 +7.2 USLgCo LB A 16.71 -.17 +9.3 USLgValI LV C 32.71 -.45 +7.7 USSmValI SV C 33.34 -.53 +6.8 USSmallI SB C 30.51 -.51 +7.4 USTgtValInst SV C 21.52 -.39 +6.8 Davis NYVentA m LB C 30.10 -.51 +6.3 Delaware Invest ValueI LV A 18.99 -.18 +11.7 Dodge & Cox MA A 98.89 -1.16 +8.1 Bal GlbStock WS B 11.29 -.22 +5.9 Income CI A 13.83 -.01 +6.0 IntlStk FB D 37.69 -1.03 -1.9 Stock LV B 170.15 -2.90 +8.3 DoubleLine CrFxdIncI CI 11.06 -.02 +4.8 TotRetBdN b CI 10.87 -.01 +2.9 Dreyfus MuniPA A f MP B 16.60 -.10 +4.6 Eaton Vance GtrIndiaB m EI E 26.07 -.19 +9.0 FMI LgCap LB C 19.86 -.10 +6.7 FPA Crescent d MA D 32.09 -.46 +4.2 Federated GlblAllcA f IH E 17.48 -.19 +1.1 GlblAllcB m IH E 17.06 -.19 +.3 GlblAllcC m IH E 17.00 -.19 +.3

Obj NAV 12-mo Rnk Chg % ret HiIncBdA m HY B 7.52 -.03 +9.2 HiIncBdB m HY C 7.51 -.02 +8.4 MidCpIds MB A 25.32 -.23 +8.4 StrValI LV A 6.01 -.03 +10.1 Fidelity 500IdxIns LB A 75.08 -.72 +9.3 500IdxInsPr LB A 75.08 -.72 +9.3 500IdxPr LB A 75.08 -.72 +9.3 AstMgr50 MA B 16.74 -.10 +5.7 Bal x MA B 21.78 -.48 +6.2 Bal K x MA B 21.78 -.48 +6.3 BlChGrow LG C 69.12 -.82 +5.8 Cap&Inc d HY D 9.65 -.04 +7.3 Contra LG C 100.53 -.93 +5.9 ContraK LG B 100.53 -.93 +6.0 DivrIntl d FG D 34.40 -.63 -.8 DivrIntlK d FG D 34.36 -.63 -.7 EqInc LV B 53.93 -.66 +9.5 ExtMktIdxPr d MB B 53.12 -.83 +6.6 FF2035 TI A 12.86 -.17 +6.2 FF2040 TJ B 9.03 -.12 +6.1 Fidelity LG B 41.26 -.30 +6.6 FrdmK2020 TE A 14.04 -.13 +6.0 FrdmK2025 TG A 14.62 -.15 +6.1 FrdmK2030 TH A 14.79 -.18 +6.3 FrdmK2035 TI A 15.19 -.20 +6.3 FrdmK2040 TJ A 15.22 -.21 +6.3 FrdmK2045 TK B 15.66 -.21 +6.3 Free2020 TE A 15.09 -.14 +5.9 Free2025 TG A 12.88 -.13 +6.0 Free2030 TH A 15.69 -.19 +6.2 GNMA GI A 11.66 +2.7 GrowCo LG B 138.14 -2.21 +7.1 GrthCmpK LG A 138.10 -2.20 +7.2 IntlDisc d FG E 38.19 -.63 -1.6 IntlIdxPr d FB C 35.90 -.60 -1.2 InvGrdBd CI A 7.98 -.02 +5.1 LowPrStkK d MV E 47.79 -.51 +2.1 LowPriStk d MV E 47.83 -.51 +2.0 Magellan LG B 90.43 -.86 +6.6 MeCpSto LB B 16.39 -.21 +7.9 OTC LG A 85.39 -1.17 +11.3 Puritan x MA B 20.63 -.40 +6.2 SInvGrBdF x CI A 11.43 -.12 +5.4 SeriesGrowthCoF LG A 13.07 -.21 +7.3 SersEmgMkts EM B 16.65 -.31 +9.5 SersEmgMktsF EM B 16.71 -.31 +9.7 SesInmGrdBd x CI A 11.42 -.13 +5.2 StrDivInc AL A 14.58 -.08 +10.3 StratInc MU B 10.82 -.05 +7.2 TotBond x CI A 10.78 -.04 +5.9 TtlMktIdxF d LB B 62.04 -.66 +8.8 TtlMktIdxPr d LB B 62.03 -.66 +8.7 USBdIdxInsPr CI C 11.84 -.04 +3.8 USBdIdxPr CI C 11.84 -.04 +3.8 Value MV D 103.12 -1.27 +4.3 Fidelity Advisor NewInsA m LG B 27.06 -.30 +6.9 NewInsI LG B 27.62 -.31 +7.2 Fidelity Select Biotech d SH E 175.36-11.63 -12.3 HealtCar d SH B 192.34 -7.54 +.6 First Eagle GlbA m IH A 55.90 -.46 +8.6 First Investors GovtA m GI E 10.78 -.03 +1.3 FrankTemp-Frank Fed TF A m ML D 12.38 -.04 +4.2 FrankTemp-Franklin GrowthA m LG A 77.04 -1.10 +7.7 Income C m CA A 2.26 -.01 +6.5 IncomeA m CA A 2.24 +7.6 IncomeAdv CA A 2.22 -.01 +7.9 RisDvA m LB A 51.96 -.75 +11.2 FrankTemp-Mutual Discov Z WS B 30.53 -.34 +5.8 DiscovA m WS B 29.94 -.34 +5.6 Shares Z XM A 27.76 -.33 +8.4 FrankTemp-Templeton GlBondA m IB E 11.54 +.20 +2.1 GlBondAdv IB E 11.50 +.20 +2.3 GrowthA m WS D 22.64 -.45 +1.0

Obj NAV 12-mo Rnk Chg % ret Franklin Templeton CATxFrIncA m MC B 7.66 -.04 +6.8 GMO IntItVlIV FV E 19.86 -.20 -5.2 Harbor CapApInst LG D 60.25 -1.05 +4.5 IntlInstl FB C 60.74 -.94 -.4 Harding Loevner IntlEq d FG 18.55 -.30 +9.3 INVESCO ComstockA m LV D 22.56 -.38 +5.9 EqIncomeA m MA A 10.14 -.12 +7.4 PATaxFA m MP A 16.70 -.07 +5.0 JPMorgan CoreBdUlt CI D 11.90 -.03 +3.6 CoreBondSelect CI D 11.88 -.03 +3.4 HighYldSel HY B 7.38 +8.5 MidCpValI MB A 36.64 -.36 +8.4 ShDurBndSel CS E 10.89 +.7 USLCpCrPS LB C 27.63 -.31 +6.5 Janus HiYldT HY C 8.44 +8.0 John Hancock DisValMdCpI MV B 20.63 -.17 +9.0 DiscValI LV D 17.90 -.16 +4.6 LifBa1 b MA C 14.84 -.13 +5.1 LifGr1 b AL D 15.49 -.18 +4.7 Lazard EmgMkEqInst EM A 16.48 -.32 +14.7 Legg Mason WACorePlusBdI CI 11.89 -.02 +6.6 Loomis Sayles BdInstl MU C 13.98 -.04 +6.0 Lord Abbett ShDurIncA m CS A 4.34 +2.8 ShDurIncC m CS B 4.37 +2.4 ShDurIncF b CS A 4.34 +3.1 MFS IntlValA m FB A 36.48 -.61 +8.7 IsIntlEq FG D 20.57 -.34 -1.4 ValueA m LV B 34.81 -.37 +9.3 ValueI LV A 34.99 -.38 +9.6 Metropolitan West TtlRetBdI CI D 10.95 -.02 +3.7 TtlRetBdM b CI D 10.95 -.03 +3.3 TtlRetBdPlan CI D 10.31 -.03 +3.6 Northern StkIdx LB 25.87 -.25 +8.7 Nuveen HiYldMunI HM A 17.56 -.13 +9.3 Oakmark EqIncI MA D 29.93 -.29 +3.9 Intl I FB D 21.58 -.24 -1.6 Oakmark I LB B 68.08 -.92 +8.5 Old Westbury LgCpStr WS A 13.00 -.19 +7.0 Oppenheimer DevMktA m EM B 34.11 -.50 +9.9 DevMktY EM B 33.71 -.50 +10.2 GlobA m WS E 73.63 -1.35 -.6 IntlGrY FG C 36.04 -.57 +1.5 PIMCO AllAssetI TV 11.40 -.04 +9.4 HiYldIs HY 8.84 -.01 +8.4 Income P MU 12.07 +.01 +7.0 IncomeA m MU 12.07 +.01 +6.7 IncomeC m MU 12.07 +.01 +5.9 IncomeD b MU 12.07 +.01 +6.7 IncomeInl MU 12.07 +.01 +7.1 InvGrdIns TW 10.51 -.03 +8.3 LowDrIs CS 9.89 +2.0 RealRet IP 11.15 +4.7 ShtTermIs UB 9.77 +2.5 TotRetA m CI 10.26 -.03 +3.9 TotRetIs CI 10.26 -.03 +4.3 PRIMECAP Odyssey AggGr MG A 34.39 -.92 +14.1 Growth LG A 28.34 -.83 +10.9 Parnassus CoreEqInv LB C 38.66 -.46 +6.5 Principal DivIntI FB A 11.30 -.16 +2.1

billionaire investor who was called out by Trump in the last debate over deductions, said he could only claim about $3.5 million of his nearly $2.9 billion in charitable deductions because of caps in place per tax law. Buffett also pointed out that he has paid federal income tax every year since he was 13.

Assets ($ Millions)

4-wk % Ret

Vanguard 500Adml. . . . . . . . . . . . LB. . . 171,646 . . . . . +0.5 Vanguard TotStIAdm . . . . . . . . . . LB. . . 143,188 . . . . . +0.4 Vanguard InstIdxI. . . . . . . . . . . . . LB. . . 115,774 . . . . . +0.5 Vanguard TotStIdx . . . . . . . . . . . . LB. . . 102,803 . . . . . +0.4 Vanguard InstPlus . . . . . . . . . . . . LB. . . . 92,984 . . . . . +0.5 Vanguard TotIntl . . . . . . . . . . . . . FB. . . . 87,544 . . . . . +0.3 Fidelity Contra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LG. . . . 77,534 . . . . . +0.6 American Funds GrthAmA m . . . LG. . . . 75,200 . . . . . +1.1 American Funds IncAmerA m . . . AL. . . . 74,287 . . . . . +0.3 Vanguard TotStIIns . . . . . . . . . . . LB. . . . 73,908 . . . . . +0.4 Vanguard WelltnAdm. . . . . . . . . . MA . . . 73,091 . . . . . +0.7 Vanguard TotBdAdml . . . . . . . . . . CI . . . . 72,797 . . . . . -0.2 American Funds CapIncBuA m . . IH . . . . 71,450 . . . . . -0.8 Vanguard IntlStkIdxIPls. . . . . . . . FB. . . . 65,081 . . . . . +0.4 PIMCO TotRetIs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CI . . . . 58,190 . . . . . +0.4 American Funds InvCoAmA m . . LB. . . . 58,167 . . . . . +0.8 Fidelity 500IdxPr . . . . . . . . . . . . . LB. . . . 57,647 . . . . . +0.5 Dodge & Cox Stock . . . . . . . . . . . . LV . . . . 56,228 . . . . . +1.1 Dodge & Cox IntlStk . . . . . . . . . . . FB. . . . 54,830 . . . . . -0.1 American Funds AmBalA m . . . . MA . . . 54,533 . . . . . +0.7

Total % Return/Rank 12-mo 5-year

% Load

. . . .+9.3/A . . . +14.1/A . . . . NL . . . . +8.7/B . . . +14.0/A . . . . NL . . . .+9.3/A . . . +14.1/A . . . . NL . . . . +8.6/B . . . +13.9/A . . . . NL . . . .+9.3/A . . . +14.2/A . . . . NL . . . . +1.8/B . . . . +4.5/D . . . . NL . . . . +5.9/C . . . +13.1/B . . . . NL . . . .+8.9/A . . . +14.2/A . . . 5.75 . . . .+8.4/A . . . . +9.5/B . . . 5.75 . . . . +8.8/B . . . +14.0/A . . . . NL . . . .+7.8/A . . . +10.4/A . . . . NL . . . . +3.8/C . . . . +3.0/D . . . . NL . . . . +4.3/B . . . . +7.5/A . . . 5.75 . . . .+1.9/A . . . . +4.7/C . . . . NL . . . . . . +4.3 . . . . . . +4.2 . . . . NL . . .+10.4/A . . . +13.5/B . . . 5.75 . . . .+9.3/A . . . +14.1/A . . . . NL . . . . +8.3/B . . . +14.7/A . . . . NL . . . . -1.9/D . . . . +6.0/B . . . . NL . . . .+7.9/A . . . +10.7/A . . . 5.75

% Load: Fund’s sales charge, expressed as a percentage of NAV. NL indicates a no-load fund.

FOOTNOTES AND FUND OBJECTIVES MORNINGSTAR MUTUAL FUND FOOTNOTES b - Fee covering market costs is paid from fund assets. d Deferred sales charge, or redemption fee. f - front load (sales charges). m - Multiple fees are charged, usually a marketing fee and either a sales or redemption fee. NA - not available. p - previous day?s net asset value. s - fund split shares during the week. x - fund paid a distribution during the week. Rnk: Fund’s letter-grade rank is based on 12-month return, compared to other funds with the same objective. An “A” indicates a fund performed in the top 20 percent of its group; an “E” indicates the bottom 20 percent. ——— MUTUAL FUND OBJECTIVES U.S. Equity: LB: Large Blend, LG: Large Growth, LV: Large Value, MB: Mid-Cap Blend, MG: Mid-Cap Growth, MV: Mid-Cap Value, SB: Small Blend, SG: Small Growth, SV: Small Value. Sector Equity: CC: Consumer Defense, CD: Consumer Cyclical, EE: Equity Energy, LP: Energy Limited Partnership, GR: Global Real Estate, ID: Industrials, MR: Miscellaneous Sector, SP: Equity Precious Metals, SF: Financial, SC: Communications, SH: Health, SN: Natural Resources, SR: Real Estate, ST: Technology, SU: Utilities, XO: Infrastructure. Allocation: AL: Allocation - 70-85% Equity, CA: Allocation - 30-50% Equity, CV: Convertibles, IH: World Allocation, MA: Allocation - 50-70% Equity, RI: Target-Date Retirement, TA: Target-Date 2000-2010, TD: Target-Date 2015, TE: Target-Date 2020, TG: Target-Date 2025, TH: Target-Date 2030, TI: Target-Date 2035, TJ: Target-Date 2040, TK: Target-Date 2045, TL: Target-Date 2055, TN: Target-Date 2050, TV: Tactical Allocation, XM: Allocation - 85+% Equity, XQ: Target-Date 2060+, XY: Allocation - 15-30% Equity. International Equity: CH: China Region, DP: Diversified Pacific/Asia, EI: India Equity, EM: Diversified Emerging Markets, ES: Europe Stock,

Carried interest

Popular with hedge-fund and private-equity managers, this allows some of their pay Capital gains to grow and only face taxes Capital gains are the profit when they cash out. from the sale of an investThese partners and managment. And while there is one ers’ compensation often comes set of tax rates for wages, from gains on the money they there is another for capital manage. They are paid a fee gains, running from zero to on the assets under management, plus a cut of the prof20 percent. Buffett, for example, has its, known as carried interest. previously noted that he is The fees are taxed as ordinary taxed at a lower rate than his income but carried interest is secretary, another issue that taxed at capital gains rate. It has often come under scruraised its head at the debate. This is due in part to capital tiny and the U.S. Treasury has gains taxes. He and his peers estimated that taxing carried “make money with money” as interest at ordinary income he once wrote in a New York rates would raise about Times op-ed, so their income $18 billion over 10 years.

20 biggest funds Obj

is primarily subject to capital gains tax rate. Meanwhile, middle and lower-income Americans are paying taxes based on wages, which face a different and sometimes higher rate.

FA: Foreign Small/Mid-Value, FB: Foreign Large-Blend, FG: Foreign Large-Growth, FQ: Foreign Small/Mid-Blend, FR: Foreign Small/Mid-Growth, FV: Foreign Large-Value, JS: Japan Stock, LS: Latin America Stock, MQ: Miscellaneous Region, PJ: Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stock, WS: Alternative: AM: Multialternative, BM: Bear Market, CR: Multicurrency, FF: Managed Futures, FX: Single Currency, IC: Trading-Inverse Commodities, IE: Trading-Inverse Equity, IS: Trading-Miscellaneous, LC: Trading-Leveraged Commodities, LE: Trading-Leveraged Equity, LO: Long-Short Equity, ND: Trading-Inverse Debt, NE: Market Neutral, VD: Trading-Leveraged Debt, VO: Volatility, XR: Option Writing, XS: Long-Short Credit. Taxable Bond: BL: Bank Loan, CI: Intermediate-Term Bond, CL: LongTerm Bond, CS: Short-Term Bond, EB: Emerging-Markets Bond, GI: Intermediate Government, GL: Long Government, GS: Short Government, HY: High-Yield Bond, IB: World Bond, IP: Inflation-Protected Bond, MU: Multisector Bond, NT: Nontraditional Bond, RR: Preferred Stock, TW: Corporate Bond, UB: Ultrashort Bond. VL: Stable Value, XP: Emerging-Markets Local-Currency Bond. Municipal Bond: HM: High-Yield Muni, MI: Muni National Intermediate, MJ: Muni New Jersey, ML: Muni National Long, MN: Muni New York Intermediate, MO: Muni Ohio, MP: Muni Pennsylvania, MS: Muni National Short, MT: Muni Massachusetts, MY: Muni New York Long, SI: Muni Single State Intermediate, SL: Muni Single State Long, SM: Muni Minnesota, SS: Muni Single State Short.

Obj NAV 12-mo Rnk Chg % ret LCGrIInst LG C 12.01 -.15 +4.7 Prudential Investmen NaturResA m SN B 35.05 -.34 +5.0 NaturResB m SN C 28.49 -.29 +4.2 TotRetBdZ CI A 14.65 -.04 +5.6 Putnam EuropeEqB m ES E 21.78 -.52 -10.8 Schwab 1000Inv d LB B 52.54 -.52 +8.4 S&P500Sel d LB A 33.47 -.33 +9.2 Steward SMCpEhIdxId b SB B 13.87 -.19 +8.1 T Rowe Price BlChpGr LG C 72.30 -1.01 +5.8 CapApprec MA A 26.66 -.24 +8.5 CapOpp LB A 23.09 -.22 +9.2 EmMktStk d EM A 33.75 -.81 +12.9 EqIndex d LB A 57.44 -.55 +9.1 EqtyInc LV A 30.58 -.46 +10.1 GrowStk LG D 53.52 -.77 +4.5 HealthSci SH D 61.64 -2.43 -4.5 HiYield d HY B 6.64 +9.1 InsLgCpGr LG C 28.72 -.45 +4.7 IntlGrInc d FV B 13.18 -.23 -1.2 IntlStk d FG B 15.96 -.26 +3.8 MidCapVa MV A 28.32 -.39 +12.7 MidCpGr MG B 75.34 -1.26 +5.3 NewHoriz SG B 44.66 -1.07 +7.8 NewIncome CI C 9.65 -.03 +4.0 OrseaStk d FB C 9.10 -.17 -1.0 R2015 TD A 14.53 -.12 +6.0 R2025 TG A 15.81 -.17 +6.0 R2035 TI B 16.62 -.21 +6.0 RetBal CA B 14.92 -.09 +5.3 Rtmt2020 TE A 20.86 -.20 +6.0 Rtmt2030 TH B 23.02 -.27 +6.1 Rtmt2040 TJ C 23.72 -.30 +5.9 Rtmt2045 TK C 15.92 -.21 +5.9 SmCpStk SG A 41.36 -.69 +8.7 SmCpVal d SB A 40.71 -.48 +10.8 SpecInc MU B 12.59 -.06 +7.2 Value LV C 32.67 -.30 +7.7 TCW TotRetBdI CI D 10.36 -.01 +3.2 TIAA-CREF BdIdxInst CI D 11.04 -.04 +3.7 EqIx LB B 16.02 -.17 +8.8 IntlE FB C 16.85 -.27 -1.1 Thrivent SmCapStkA m SG B 17.76 -.28 +7.8 Tweedy, Browne GlobVal d FV A 25.27 -.20 +3.0 U.S. Global Investor WrldPrcMnr m SP A 8.30 +104.4 Value Line PremGro b MG B 30.31 -.22 +5.6 Vanguard 500Adml LB A 197.11 -1.89 +9.3 500Inv LB A 197.11 -1.90 +9.2 BalIdxAdm MA A 30.52 -.23 +7.0 BalIdxIns MA A 30.52 -.23 +7.0 BdMktInstPls CI C 10.97 -.04 +3.8 CAITAdml MF C 11.91 -.05 +3.7 CapOpAdml LG A 123.44 -3.26 +9.8 DevMktIdxAdm FB B 11.72 -.17 +.3 DevMktIdxInstl FB B 11.73 -.17 +.4 DivGr LB C 23.16 -.15 +7.6 EmMktIAdm EM C 30.96 -.47 +7.7 EnergyAdm EE A 97.09 -.59 +11.3 EqIncAdml LV A 65.34 -.64 +11.1 ExplAdml SG B 79.79 -1.55 +7.1 ExtdIdAdm MB B 67.27 -1.07 +6.6 ExtdIdIst MB B 67.27 -1.07 +6.7 ExtdMktIdxIP MB B 166.01 -2.63 +6.7 GNMA GI A 10.84 -.02 +3.2 GNMAAdml GI A 10.84 -.02 +3.3 GrthIdAdm LG A 56.74 -.61 +7.3 GrthIstId LG A 56.74 -.61 +7.3 HYCorAdml HY C 5.89 -.01 +8.4 HltCrAdml SH B 83.71 -3.29 -.7 HlthCare SH B 198.39 -7.81 -.8 ITBondAdm CI B 11.74 -.03 +4.5 ITGradeAd TW D 10.03 -.02 +5.5

Obj NAV 12-mo Rnk Chg % ret B 26.85 -.07 +4.6 B 10.94 -.03 +4.6 A 195.03 -1.87 +9.3 A 195.04 -1.87 +9.3 B 48.14 -.52 +8.8 A 22.40 -.54 +7.3 A 71.25 -1.74 +7.4 B 24.81 -.36 +1.8 B 99.20 -1.46 +1.9 A 99.22 -1.46 +1.9 A 32.28 -.54 +.5 A 10.77 -.11 +11.4 B 18.58 -.12 +5.3 B 28.51 -.30 +5.8 B 24.13 -.20 +5.6 C 169.78 -2.61 +5.7 C 155.84 -2.39 +5.7 C 34.43 -.52 +5.7 C 78.32 -1.05 +5.3 A 11.50 -.06 +6.5 B 14.33 -.05 +3.9 B 11.85 -.06 +5.6 B 11.02 -.01 +1.4 D 15.79 -.01 +.7 A 105.59 -1.81 +11.5 A 109.44 -1.86 +11.6 A 22.12 -.37 +10.6 A 117.78 +1.33 +10.6 A 18.23 +.21 +10.6 C 10.55 -.01 +1.4 A 10.76 +2.8 A 10.76 +2.9 A 10.76 +2.9 B 10.74 +.8 D 27.01 -.44 +4.0 B 164.31 -2.45 +7.7 C 44.80 -.89 +5.9 B 56.93 -.85 +7.7 B 56.93 -.84 +7.7 B 46.48 -.50 +9.1 B 24.38 -.30 +6.0 C 15.00 -.10 +5.1 B 28.68 -.23 +5.5 B 16.51 -.15 +5.6 B 29.29 -.28 +5.7 C 17.78 -.19 +5.7 C 30.05 -.33 +5.9 C 18.78 -.22 +5.8 C 30.09 -.34 +5.9 B 12.95 -.06 +4.7 A 22.14 -.05 +6.0 A 33.23 -.07 +6.1 A 11.07 -.03 +6.0 C 10.97 -.04 +3.8 C 10.97 -.04 +3.8 D 10.97 -.04 +3.7 B 14.83 -.22 +1.8 B 53.23 -.58 +8.7 B 53.24 -.57 +8.8 B 53.21 -.58 +8.6 B 108.36 -1.06 +8.6 A 33.48 -.30 +10.4 A 33.48 -.30 +10.4 A 25.83 -.13 +8.2 A 62.56 -.31 +8.2 A 38.47 -.26 +7.8 A 66.43 -.45 +7.8 D 61.95 -1.03 +6.1 D 66.75 -1.04 +4.8 D 34.91 -.58 +6.0

InfPrtAdm IP InfPrtI IP InstIdxI LB InstPlus LB InstTStPl LB IntlGr FG IntlGrAdm FG IntlStkIdxAdm FB IntlStkIdxI FB IntlStkIdxIPls FB IntlVal FV LTGradeAd TW LifeCon CA LifeGro AL LifeMod MA MidCapIdxIP MB MidCpAdml MB MidCpIst MB MorgAdml LG MuHYAdml MI MuIntAdml MI MuLTAdml ML MuLtdAdml MS MuShtAdml MS Prmcp LG PrmcpAdml LG PrmcpCorI LG REITIdxAd SR REITIdxInst SR STBondAdm CS STCor CS STGradeAd CS STIGradeI CS STsryAdml GS SelValu MV SmCapIdxIP SB SmCpGrIdxAdm SG SmCpIdAdm SB SmCpIdIst SB SmCpValIdxAdm SV Star MA TgtRe2015 TD TgtRe2020 TE TgtRe2025 TG TgtRe2030 TH TgtRe2035 TI TgtRe2040 TJ TgtRe2045 TK TgtRe2050 TN TgtRetInc RI TlIntlBdIdxAdm IB TlIntlBdIdxInst IB TlIntlBdIdxInv IB TotBdAdml CI TotBdInst CI TotBdMkInv CI TotIntl FB TotStIAdm LB TotStIIns LB TotStIdx LB TxMCapAdm LB ValIdxAdm LV ValIdxIns LV WellsI CA WellsIAdm CA Welltn MA WelltnAdm MA WndsIIAdm LV WndsrAdml LV WndsrII LV Virtus EmgMktsOppsI EM

C 10.00 -.15


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Artificial intelligence used to organize photos Apple, Google tools help users rediscover, sort through shots ASSOCIATED PRESS

NEW YORK — If you’re like many people, you have thousands of photos on your phone, long forgotten after you’ve posted a few on Instagram or Facebook. They don’t have to stay forgotten. Apple and Google are both applying a form of artificial intelligence called “machine learning” to organize your pictures and video — and along the way, help you rediscover last year’s vacation, dinner with close friends and a casual summer outing to the park. Apple’s tools are part of last month’s iOS 10 system update for iPhones and iPads. The Google Photos app for Apple and Android devices has a digital assistant to automatically organize these memories —

and Google signaled last week that it will only get smarter. And recently, Google introduced additional features for rediscovery. Apple’s new Memories feature automatically generates video highlights around a theme, such as a trip or birthday party. Individual photos and snippets from video are chosen for you, as is the music, though you can change it to reflect a different mood. This isn’t just a slideshow. There’s slow zooming and panning, reminiscent of Ken Burns historical documentaries. Some of the photos also come to life, at least on newer iPhones that automatically take three seconds of video with every photo. When you’re ready to share, the app creates a standard movie file — so it works on Windows and Android devices, too. For example, Apple’s app created a “Florida to Illinois” package for a three-week trip in January and one for a day

trip to Philadelphia last November. But Apple goes beyond date and location. Apple created a “Together” package for shots with family over the past two years. It also created an “At The Beach” package with beach photos since 2013. Other scenic themes could include mountains, lakes and sunsets. Apple offers up to three new Memories a day. You can create more based on photos you add to an album and generate new automated ones by scrolling down to “Related.” You can also add or delete images within Memories. Google Photos has been at this longer and offers more types of packages. With collages, Google combines smaller versions of several shots into one layout. Animations combine a bunch of photos taken in succession so that they resemble as a moving image. Unlike typical “GIF” animation files, Google applies its magic to align successive shots, so buildings and bridges look

steady — without the shake common with handheld video. Google also offers albums and video highlights, though without the Ken Burns effect. Google’s Assistant generates much of this for you automatically. You can edit autogenerated albums and video highlights, but not collages or animation — although you can create your own from scratch. (That does defeat the purpose of letting the robots do the work, though.) Sharing is easy and doesn’t require recipients to have Google Photos. Apple and Google are both getting better at image recognition. Apple’s version tends to be more conservative. While Apple found four photos in a search for fireworks, Google found dozens. Google also found more photos with hats, though one was actually a strange hairdo and a few were of a headband. Then again, Apple thought an illustration of a hut was a hat. AP

Craig Federighi, Apple senior vice president of software engineering, speaks about Photos in iOS 10 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco in June.

Yuengling brewery made decades-long effort to keep business in the family YUENGLING · FROM D1

college students to drink rival brands — Pabst or Rolling Rock. In the early 1980s, when his father was old and sick, and “nobody else in the family wanted it,” he finally stepped back in, Dick Yuengling recently told the crowd at St. Joseph’s University’s annual familybusiness seminar. “I bought it from his estate in 1985.” Three years later, he persuaded a Pittsburgh distributor to take on Yuengling lager and Black and Tan half-porter: “Before that, nobody wanted us.” But now it was time: “Craft beers were just starting.” Soon, Yuengling had a problem the reverse of his dad’s. “He came to all of us and said, ‘We’re really oversold. We can’t meet the demand for our products. Are any of you interested in coming back to work in the family business?’ ” recalls daughter Jennifer. If he was going to invest in a new plant, Dick Yuengling wanted to be sure there was going to be a next generation to hand the brewery to. Jennifer says she jumped at the chance. She packed off to a beermaking course in Chicago, spent the next year back in Pottsville learning beer from

fermentation to invoicing, and has been running Yuengling operations ever since. Her sister Wendy took a longer road, a little more like Dick’s own. “I wish I’d known how monumental that conversation would be,” she told the crowd, laughing. A sophomore in college when her father confided in her and her sisters, Wendy finished college and headed for a marketing and advertising career in New Jersey, then in Baltimore — until the day her boss slapped an Inc. Magazine article on her desk, about how her dad was trying to figure out how to transition Yuengling to the next generation. “So I joined the company in 2004,” as an outside sales agent, she says. She now oversees HR, IT and finance, and stays close to sales and marketing, back in Pottsville. “We’re a very small company. Anyone who is part of a family business, you wear all hats, and touch everything.” Accountant Bill Jones vouches for that. Another Pottsville native, he says his father advised him “to be overqualified” if he intended to work in depressed Schuylkill County. He got his MBA and his CPA, took over his family advisory firm’s Yuengling account and was on hand to be Dick Yuengling’s

counselor and sounding board through the growth years. The big decision, Dick says, was to build that second Pottsville brewery — and then turn around a former Stroh’s plant in Tampa, Fla., to expand Southern sales. The Yuenglings don’t pretend to be a small-batch brewer. “They have a new flavor every month,” Wendy marveled. But with Pennsylvania easing rules that once made 12-packs, for example, hard to market, Yuengling has joined the trend to seasonal brews: “We tried a bock beer. An Oktoberfest. A summer beer. Most recently an India Pale Lager,” she said, supplementing the seven steady year-round brands. “We like to keep it simple and efficient.” Why keep innovating; why not cash out? “We’ve been approached by companies that would love to have us in their portfolio,” Dick said. “But with respect to the four generations before me and the rest of my family that made the commitment to keep it running when I’m gone, we’re not for sale. It’s a family business. “Everything isn’t about money. It’s not like we’re corporate America and have to be listed on the New York stock exchange and have to make a profit the next quarter. Our

game is all about longevity, not to make a number on the stock market.” “It wouldn’t be fair to the previous generations that worked so hard, to just so easily or frivolously sell out,” Jennifer said. “Our name is on the label. That’s what we come to work each day for. It’s our name that’s out there.” “The best time to do transition is while the value is still doing well,” Jones said. “Recapitalize, (issue) some nonvoting (ownership) shares, and get them down into the hands” of the next generation. Dick says Yuengling has done that through his tenure, adding that the family sees inheritance taxes, and promises by some Democratic politicians to raise them, as an existential threat: “The transition of a family business (to a next generation) is hard enough without the government fighting you.” Dick said close advisers such as Jones have been vital as neutral parties able to keep family members negotiating through changes in responsibility and control. “It’s not always easy to figure that with a parent,” Wendy said. “Have one or two people you can balance key ideas off,” said Jennifer. “Confidants you can be trustful with, to bounce

ideas off.” “I agree,” Wendy said. “We’ve put a lot of resources over the last couple of years into building out the organization. Like my Dad said, you have to be passionate about what you are doing. “As far as fear of risks or failure, you have to know you’re going to be pushing yourself outside your comfort zone just about every week. You can’t be afraid of failing. ‘Because you won’t know unless you try it.” “Hire people smarter than you,” Jones suggested. “That can help you with your business view.” Dick called it “a joy” that four of his daughters eventually joined the company at least part-time. Being female, instead of making it tougher, was an asset early on, Wendy said: “When you are trying to sell beer to retailers, you can get a lot accomplished as a female.” More women, these days, are brewery owners and brewers. “It’s great to see. But you go in and do your job every day without regard to being a female or a male,” Wendy added. “To me, it’s neutral,” Jennifer said. Mary Nicoletti, the St. Joseph’s family-business program coordinator, asked how the Yuenglings prepare

younger family members. “We kind of wing it,” Dick said. “I’m not a good director. I let them find their own way. ‘Where is the company lacking?’ They work it out. Rather than directing somebody to something they might not like doing.” A big step was inviting the sisters to all key meetings, Jones added, instead of “just feeding them tidbits.” But the Yuengling daughters said they are working with professionals to develop a welcome-to-the-company system for their children. “We’re trying to find that balance between exposing them to the family business and pressuring them,” Jennifer said. “When you have nine potential heirs, you need to map out a plan. “Twenty years ago, it was a totally different company. Now we have three plants and (sales in) 20 states. We figured it out. But there are definitely challenges with that. Our children will enter the business a little differently, in terms of giving them a path,” she added. “There’s such a sense of pride to carrying this family business to the seventh generation that I’m sure somebody will step up,” Wendy said.




Be prepared for nightmares after a visit to Rich’s Fright Farm, near Smithfield, Fayette County.



Costumed as a Gargoyle, Bennett LeFebvre, 18, of Ambridge scares patrons at the Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House in South Park.

SCARE Who’s lurking inside all those haunted attractions?



can’t talk. I sniff them and stare at them, and you’d be surprised how that creeps them out.” Schrader is one of 60 actors roaming the Valley of Terror’s midway and a mile-long trail, says Jeff Johns, who owns and operates the farm with his wife Denise. “We get everyone from state police to kids in high school,” Johns says. “Some of them have theatrical training, but mostly we’re just looking for people who really love the season, have high energy and like getting a rise out of people.” Johns says some scare workers have been there since the attraction opened 29 years ago and have brought friends and relatives on board. Many just drive in and ask about jobs. Schrader’s involvement was almost unavoidable. Her love of Halloween came from watching

See behind the scenes of some area haunts at

Xander Orenstein, 25, of Shadyside puts baby powder in his “Alien Creeper” costume.

Hundreds of seasonal workers playing ghosts, ghouls and goblins provide the thrills and chills that visitors expect from the area’s haunted Halloween attractions. But who exactly is jumping out of the cornstalks at those spooktacular sites? It might be your child’s teacher, the state cop who gave you a ticket last week or even your company’s IT guy. Julie Schrader of Unity teaches English at an alternative-education school in Greensburg. Come October, she dons blood-covered white scrubs and gets buckled into a straitjacket and confronts visitors as they enter the pumpkin patch or wait for a hayride at Lonesome Valley Farms Valley of Terror in Mt. Pleasant Township. “I’m usually the first character people see on the midway,” she says. “My mouth is covered, so I



Architects these days try to make many, if not most, of their buildings fit comfortably within their surroundings. And when they do so, it’s often in ways that might not be readily apparent to most of us. It’s like those situations where we say we’re certain we admire something, but we can’t quite put our finger on the exact reason. To illustrate that, here from around our area are five examples, older and newer, of how architects working with care and originality can make us comfortable with a building and its site in ways we may not notice. If you get a chance to walk by or visit one of these sites, take a moment to stop and look.

The “Black Box” at the museum: When the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History in Oakland filled in an interior courtyard to expand the natural history museum’s dinosaur exhibits in 2009, it needed to find a new site outside to hold its trash-handling facilities, long hidden away in that courtyard. The only suitable space, though, was right where hundreds of visitors walk daily from the below-grade parking garage to the much-used rear entrance of the museums. The solution of the architecture firm EDGE Studio (now GBBN) was to create an unobtrusive facility that looks a little like a black cube, with consistently black surface panels

on two sides of the most obvious front part of the building, and translucent paneling on the rest. The translucent paneling is the part closest to the 1907 facade of the main building and matches its grayness, while the smooth, unadorned black metal panels, adjacent to the sidewalks and museum-goers, keep the building from calling attention to itself. But if you stop to look carefully, you will see one further reason the design fits in so well — the black panels share the proportions of the dark red stone panels on the Scaife Galleries, a 1974 addition to the art museum by Edward Larrabee Barnes. The EDGE building is DESIGN · F5 JOHN CONTI | FOR THE TRIBUNE-REVIEW

In a nearly total renovation of the Westmoreland Museum of American Art recently, the architects added a new gallery that dramatically cantilevered out over the museum’s hillside site. To help bring the old and new together, the architects then inserted doorways and windows at both ends of the building that reflect the angle of that new gallery’s facade.

F2 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016


SUDOKU Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively. YESTERDAY’S ANSWER




by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek BY


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Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.





ARIES (March 21-April 19): You can be a night owl or an early bird but you can’t be both. In the week ahead you may be tempted to exhaust your inner resources. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Social events and business meetings might become indistinguishable from one another. Your instincts are on target for love and money. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Back pedal when you arrive at a crossroads. Delay signing agreements until all the facts are in and be sure to get all promises in writing. CANCER (June 21-July 22): You can be shrewd in business. Rub your pennies together until they squeak. It might be difficult to make a romantic proposal. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Keep an ear to the ground. You could end up spinning your wheels if you try to initiate something important at work unless you listen to advice. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Make long term security a priority. ou can make your workplace or office more comfortable and eco-friendly, as well as more productive. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Your generous gestures and tolerant attitude might put you in the leadership seat on the job. You may find a solution for a health problem. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Friendliness is next to godliness. Add a teaspoon of sympathy to a cup of knowledge and mix generously with common sense. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Slow down when you encounter the speed bumps of life. You may be fast and furious when money making is the subject. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Where there is smoke there is fire. You may get a whiff of an opportunity or ideas that lead to forming successful concepts. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Avoid reacting emotionally to matters that require a cool head and logic. Use someone as a go-between for crucial negotiations. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Attend to matters that need inspiration or a creative touch as this week unfolds. This may be a good week to launch a new health regimen. IF OCT. 16 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Hold off on making crucial decisions and changes in the next four to six weeks. Your ambitions will be fulfilled if you work hard and stick to the existing plan. Take full advantage of your popularity in January and February as people could put you on a pedestal. You could become someone’s god or goddess of love or simply appreciated as a whiz kid in your chosen career. Your fun loving side is emphasized and you are filled with an animated zing so welcome major changes with enthusiasm. Chance meetings could lead to destined romances or a breakthrough on the job front in February. Jeraldine Saunders is a Tribune Content Agency writer.



Today is Sunday, Oct. 16, the 290th day of 2016. There are 76 days left in the year.

Highlights in history In 1793: During the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, the queen of France, was beheaded. In 1846: Dentist William T. Morton demonstrated the effectiveness of ether as an anesthetic by administering it to a patient undergoing jaw surgery before an audience of doctors in Boston. In 1859: Radical abolitionist John Brown led a group of 21 men in a raid on Harpers Ferry in western Virginia. (Ten of Brown’s men were killed and five escaped. Brown and six followers were captured; all were executed.) In 1916: Planned Parenthood had its beginnings as Margaret Sanger and her sister, Ethel Byrne, opened the first birth control clinic in Brooklyn, N.Y. (The clinic was raided nine days later by police who arrested Sanger, Byrne and Russian-born interpreter Fania Mindell.) In 1934: Chinese Communists, under siege by the Nationalists, began their “long march” lasting a year from southeastern to northwestern China. In 1946: Ten Nazi war criminals condemned during the Nuremberg trials were hanged. In 1957: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip began a visit to the United States with a

stopover at the site of the Jamestown settlement in Virginia. In 1968: American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos sparked controversy at the Mexico City Olympics by giving “black power” salutes during a victory ceremony after they’d won gold and bronze medals in the 200-meter race. In 1969: The New York Mets capped their miracle season by winning the World Series, defeating the Baltimore Orioles, 5-3, in Game 5 played at Shea Stadium. In 1987: A 58-1/2-hour drama in Midland, Texas, ended happily as rescuers freed Jessica McClure, an 18-month-old girl trapped in an abandoned well. In 1991: A deadly shooting rampage took place in Killeen, Texas, as a gunman opened fire at a Luby’s Cafeteria, killing 23 people before taking his own life. Ten years ago: President George W. Bush personally assured Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki by phone that he had set no timetable for pulling troops out of Iraq. Lynne Stewart, a firebrand civil rights lawyer, was sentenced in New York to 28 months in prison for helping an imprisoned terrorist sheik communicate with his followers on the outside. (Stewart had her original sentence increased to 10 years in July 2010 by a judge who concluded she’d lied to a jury and lacked remorse; Stewart was released in Jan. 2014 because she was suffering from terminal cancer.)

BIRTHDAYS Actress Angela Lansbury 91 Actor-producer Tony Anthony 79 Actor Barry Corbin 76 Sportscaster Tim McCarver 75 Rock musician C.F. Turner 73 Actress Suzanne Somers 70 Actor Daniel Gerroll 65 Actor Morgan Stevens 65 Actress Martha Smith 64 Comedian Andy Kindler 60

TUMBLE INFORM SCARCE UNCLOG OCCUPY TALLER When choosing a new yacht, you need to choose the one that —




Unscramble these six Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form six ordinary words.

Actor-director Tim Robbins Actor-musician Gary Kemp Singer-musician Bob Mould Actor Randy Vasquez Rock musician Flea Actor Christian Stolte Actor Todd Stashwick Jazz musician Roy Hargrove Actress Terri J. Vaughn Singer Wendy Wilson


58 57 56 55 54 54 48 47 47 47

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · F3

Installation art gives hints of other places Artists create works you can walk into by


Last fall, the Mattress Factory’s ongoing exhibit series “Factory Installed” gave us Marnie Weber’s “Ghost Train” in which a spooky cast of characters had pulled into the basement of the Mattress Factory, offering visitors a spooktacular site. Now, New York City-based artist Ezra Masch brings us “Stations,” a multichannel video installation that replicates a ride on a subway train. It’s one of four new “Factory Installed” exhibits that opened in late September. “Stations” was created with cellphone footage shot simultaneously from 10 windows of a moving subway train in New York City. Together, they create a seemingly real-time experience of traveling on the subway system. “I live in Manhattan, and I ride the subway every day,” Masch says. “About a year ago, I started making drawings and video sketches on the train as a daily practice.” Masch filmed “Stations” earlier this year, at a time he says he couldn’t afford a studio in New York. Working on the subway allowed him to continue making art, even if it was just little bits and pieces here and there. “I recorded a lot of video through the windows of the train, and I became really interested in the blurred images and abstractions that happened as a result of the moving camera,” he says. For his installation, Masch asked people (mostly strangers) to shoot video with their cellphones from different windows of the train all at once. The result is a kind of

(Clockwise from top left) Installations by Ezra Masch, Christopher Meerdo and Mohammed Musallam

‘Factory Installed @ 500 Sampsonia Way’ When: Through May 28 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays-Saturdays, 1-5 p.m. Sundays Admission: $20, $15 for senior citizens, $15 for students, free for children under 6 Where: Mattress Factory, North Side Details: 412-231-3169 or fragmented moving panoramic image that changes along with the speed of the train and the depth of the shot. The videos are projected onto the walls of the basement at equidistant intervals. The gaps in between the screens imply the space of the train’s interior. With this project, Masch says his goal was to use video in a sculptural way. In other words, by defining form through a relationship of moving images, Masch says, “I hope to create an immersive audio-visual experience that will transport the viewer to another space.” Upstairs, on the museum’s

“I hope to create an immersive audio-visual experience that will transport the viewer to another space.” EZRA MASCH PHOTOS: SUBMITTED

second and third floors, visitors are privy to a variety of installation art experiences, from Chicago artist Christopher Meerdo’s compilation of police officer body-camera chase videos titled “Active Denial System,” to the barbed-wire-encircled piece “The Great Illusion” by Mohammed Musallam, an artist who lives and works in Gaza as a lecturer at the College of Arts, Al Aqsa University. Musallam’s installation expresses the reality of life in Gaza, where he says he

lives alongside two million other Palestinians on “a very small piece (of land), just a 360-kilometer square” under occupation from a crippling blockade for the past 10 years. “There is a lot of difficulties in our life in Gaza,” Musallam says. “For example, we have only six hours of electricity a day and two or three hours of running water a week.” Musallam says the most difficult thing though, is traveling out of Gaza. “When anyone from Gaza

wants to travel abroad, they can only within three conditions,” he says. “The first (is) to be a university student studying abroad, secondly to carry a foreign passport in addition to his Palestinian passport and third, in critical medical conditions that require surgery abroad.” Anyone who lives in Gaza who wishes to travel under these conditions must register with the Interior Ministry of Hamas, and then wait for their turn to travel. Musallam says it usually takes one year a minimum, “because the crossing opens every three or four months for a few days only.” “I still recall how I waited a whole year to leave Gaza to Cairo to complete my Ph.D. This is the complexities of travel in Gaza that I try to express in my installation,” he says. To that end, Musallam has delineated a large rectangular area of the floor of one gallery with olive leaves surrounded by barbed wire. In the barbed wire are ripped pages from a passport, each filled with passport stamps. “The Oslo peace agreement is supposed to give us the freedom to travel, but the truth is completely different,” Musallam says. “This passport is worth nothing and (does) not give us the most basic rights to travel just like any other human beings.”

Musallam says the olive leaf is very symbolic in Palestinian culture. “It has a great significance to our roots in Palestine and our attachment to the land,” he says. “It is also an important indication of peace, that we dream just like any other human beings.” Topping off the piece, passport covers folded in the form of a paper airplanes symbolize “the dream of flight and freedom.” “I believe that the passport is a dirty political tool to differentiate between humans and allow only some people to pass through while rejecting others,” Musallam says. “The value of humans today (is) determined by their passport. It is very sad.” Then there is the work of Stephen Bram of Melbourne, Australia. His piece “Third floor West gallery 500 Sampsonia Way” is a work you can walk into. “I want to give the viewer maximum freedom in interpreting the work but, at the same time, refer to something real and specific,” Bram says of the piece, which is made of walls that slant and meet the visitor at every turn. “I try to do this by making abstract works in relation to points in real space.” Bram has been making works like this for the past 29 years, and he says, “In the course of this now 29-year project, I have made works in painting, film, sculpture, photography and architecture or something like it.” The work at the Mattress Factory is one of these “architectural works.” “All of the works refer to specific points in space — and in a sense they all refer to the same points and each other,” he says. “A bit specialized I know, but that is what I do.” Kurt Shaw is the Tribune-Review art critic.

F4 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016


movies such as “Carrie” with her late mother, a horror-film enthusiast. She started dressing up when she moved to the farm with her fiance, Jeff Johns Jr., the owners’ son. “No one looks at me when I go out as a normal person. I’m 5 feet tall, I’m a teacher, I have a regular day job,” she says. “When I’m dressed up, it’s an adrenaline rush to see how people react to me.” Devon Struthers of Allegheny Center says he’s honing his acting chops by portraying a mad scientist in the Haunted Expedition’s “1950s nuclear fallout” tableau at Shenot Farm in Wexford. He was recruited by Haunted Expedition CEO Sean Berger when they worked together at a Pittsburgh pizzeria. Struthers, 26, who works in tech support and calls himself “a fledgling in the Pittsburgh movie industry,” says he acted in campus productions while studying psychology at Westminster College and previously worked at ScareHouse in Etna. “I love acting and I’ll act at any opportunity; but I’m more drawn to comedy, so this is a whole other side of acting for me,” he says. “There are three typical scares: the jump-out scare, doing creepy things in front of people and the subversion of expectation: doing the opposite of what people think you’re going to do. Since that isn’t something I’d do in my everyday life, I find it very interesting to explore.” Berger, on the other hand, was born to the scare business. The Mt. Washington resident, 24, says he started creating mini-haunted houses in his parents’ garage as a preteen and, by age 13, was doing haunted house tours in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. He also created a haunted house in his dorm at Wheeling Jesuit University where he was a theology major. He says he’ll perform if needed but spends most of his time on creative and business tasks. In its second season at Shenot Farm, Haunted Expeditions employs about 30 actors who alternate roles throughout the season. They’re recruited through word of mouth, radio ads and posts on Facebook and Craigslist.


These movies are playing from Sept. Oct. 14-20. For show times, call the individual theater.


809 Liberty Ave., Downtown, 412-682-4111

The Race (NR); Reel Q LGBT film festival (NR)


1729 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill, 412-422-7729

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); The Girl on the Train (R); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Shaun of the Dead (R)

MELWOOD SCREENING ROOM 477 Melwood Ave., Oakland, 412-682-4111


1035 S. Braddock Ave., Regent Square, 412-682-4111

The Bride of Frankenstein (NR, 1935 film); Girl Asleep (NR)


4115 Butler St.,Lawrenceville, 412-904-3225

Theme: “Anime”: Belladonna of Sadness (NR, age 18 and older); Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (R); Grave of the Fireflies (NR); Millennium Actress (NR); Paprika (R)

SOUTHSIDE WORKS CINEMA 425 CinemaDrive, South Side, 412-381-7335

The Accountant (R); The Birth Of A Nation (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Max Steel (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); National Theatre: Threepenny Opera (NR); Sully (PG-13)


1701 Lincoln Highway, North Versailles, 412-824-9200

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); Blair Witch (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); Don’t Breathe (R); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Masterminds (PG-13); Max Steel (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Storks (PG); Suicide Squad (PG-13); Sully (PG-13); When the Bough Breaks (PG-13)

CINEMARK MONROEVILLE MALL 600 Monroeville Mall, Monroeville, 412-373-1794

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a

‘Sorrow Road’ delves deep into vagaries of memory by


Actors at Rich’s Fright Farm have their makeup applied by Julia Oravets. “Our actors are generally 17 to 25 years old. They’re students, IT people, security guards; some do food catering,” Berger says. “Some have previous experience, others just like Halloween or are looking to make friends. We’re like a family, we hang out together outside of the job.” At Rich’s Fright Farm near Smithfield, Fayette County, the need for 250 actors at five fright stations means that recruiting is more involved. It reaches out to area high school and college drama departments and places newspaper ads, says attractions manager Alyssa Schipani. Workers mostly come from within a 30-minute driving distance and many are in their mid-20s to mid-30s, though teens with work permits are welcome. “We get a lot of people from Mylan (Pharmaceuticals Inc. in Morgantown, W.Va.) who are looking for something fun and stress-relieving to do in the evenings,” Schipani says. People don’t just show up and say boo, though. Lonesome Valley ghouls and goblins view training videos and have walkthrough training at the scare stations. “We want them to have fun, but they have to do it safely,” Johns says. “They get trained to know ‘this is what you do and this is what you don’t do.’ ” The Fright Farm process

Nation (R); Bolshoi Ballet: The Golden Age (PG, Oct. 16); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); Kirk Cameron’s Revive Us (PG, live Oct. 18); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Max Steel (PG13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13); Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie Event (G, Oct. 15)


851 Providence Blvd., McCandless, 412-364-1095

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now?” (R); Kirk Cameron’s Revive Us (PG, live, Oct. 18); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Max Steel (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13); Taxi Driver: The 40th Anniversary (Oct. 16, 19); YoKai Watch: The Movie Event (G, Oct. 15); Young Frankenstein, PG)



The Accountant (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Max Steel (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13)


119 N. MainSt., Zelienople, 724-742-0400

Theme: “The Living Dead Weekend”: The Crazies (R); Creepshow (R); Hocus Pocus (PG); Night of the Living Dead (NR); The Rocky Horror Picture Show (R)

NORTHEAST CINEMARK PITTSBURGH MILLS 425 Pittsburgh Mills Circle, Frazer,800-326-3264, ext. 2112

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); Don’t Breathe (R); The Girl on the Train (R); Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PG); Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (PG-13); Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (PG-13); Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (PG-13); Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (PG); Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (PG-13); Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (PG); Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (PG); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Masterminds (PG-13); Max Steel (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Queen of Katwe (PG); The Secret Life of Pets (PG); Storks (PG);


Actress Marajade Evans, 23, of Rosslyn Farms poses for the camera in full makeup before the Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House opened for the night in South Park. includes a six-hour orientation and five additional hours of training. “The managers at the different stations train people on things like costumes and masks, dialog and movement,” Schipani says. Beyond the satisfaction of providing a good scare, there is a monetary reward. Pay at the Fright Farm is “minimum wage and up,” Schipani says. “Although we don’t disclose how much actors are paid, all of our actors and staff are paid,” Berger says of Haunted Expedition. “Haunted attractions are now required to either pay their entire staff or none of their staff. If people wish to volunteer, the attraction must be a nonprofit organization.”

Sully (PG-13)


76Federal Drive, Penn Hills, 412-243-1831

The Accountant (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Night of the Living Dead (NR); Storks (PG)

SOUTH PIKE 10 CINEMAS Route 356,Sarver, 724-295-2640

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Max Steel (PG13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13)


930 Freeport Road, near Aspinwall, 412-784-1402

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13)



The Accountant (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Masterminds (PG-13); Max Steel (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Oppam (NR); Preman (NR); Storks (PG)


2001MountainViewDrive,WestMifflin, 412-655-7400

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); Blair Witch (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Masterminds (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13)


Valley Shopping Center, Bridgeville, 412-914-0999

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); Bridget Jones’s Baby (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); Don’t Breathe (R); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Masterminds (PG-13); Max Steel (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); The Secret Life of Pets (PG); Storks (PG); Suicide Squad (PG-13); Sully (PG-13)


Route 19, Mt. Lebanon,412-531-5551

At Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Fayette County, where costumed characters are stationed at the Sundial Lodge and around seasonal attractions like the popular Nightmare Jeep Ride, dressing up is just part of the job. “We use our people who are looking for extra hours,” says activities director Mandy Burnsworth. “I just put my employees in costume and have them go out and scare people.” More Southwestern Pennsylvania Halloween attractions, as well as pumpkin patches are listed at pumpkinpatchesandmore. org. Shirley McMarlin is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach her at 724-8365750 or [email protected]

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); The Girl on the Train (R); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13)

HOLLYWOOD THEATER 1449PotomacAve., Dormont, 412-563-0368

The Innocents (NR); Nosferatu (NR, silent, 1921); The Phantom of the Opera (NR, silent, 1925); The Rocky Horror Picture Show (R); Vampyr (NR, sound, 1932)

AMC LOEWS WATERFRONT 22 300 W. Waterfront Drive, WestHomestead, 412-462-6550

The Accountant (R); American Honey (R); Apparition Hill (PG-13); The Birth of a Nation (R); Bridget Jones’s Baby (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); Don’t Breathe (R); The Girl on the Train (R); Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PG); Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (PG-13); Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (PG-13); Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (PG-13); Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (PG); Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (PG-13); Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (PG); Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (PG); Harry & Snowman (NR); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Masterminds (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Max Steel (PG-13); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Priceless (PG-13); Psycho (R); Queen of Katwe (PG); The Rocky Horror Picture Show (R); Snowden (R); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13); Taxi Driver: 40th Anniversary (R)

WEST CINEMARK ROBINSON TOWNSHIP 2100 Settler’s Ridge Center Drive, Robinson, 412-787-1368

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-


Memories are seldom infallible. Two people can remember the same yet their REVIEW event, recollections vastly differ. The addition of repressed memories and Alzheimer’s disease add a new dimension to what one recalls from the past. Memories — or, in some cases, a lack of them — provide a sturdy foundation for Julia Keller’s fifth intriguing novel featuring West Virginia prosecutor Bell Elkins. “Sorrow Road” delves into the vagaries of memory, the tragedy of Alzheimer’s and how past events affect the present. As ever, Keller’s series poignantly examines the role of families and life in the economically depressed town of Acker’s Gap. Bell gave up a “glittering career” to return to Acker’s Gap because she believes she can help her hometown, where poverty and a lack of jobs are the norm. A meeting with former classmate Darlene Strayer, now a famous federal prosecutor, reminds Bell of the life she gave up. Darlene wants Bell to look into the death of her father, Harmon, who lately had been upset about something he wouldn’t discuss with her. True, Harmon was elderly and suffering from Alzheimer’s, so his death shouldn’t have been a surprise. But Harmon is one of several residents who recently died unexpectedly at Thornapple Terrace, an Alzheimer’s care home. As Bell looks into Thornapple, her daughter, Carla, returns home to cope with her emotional issues. Several years ago, Carla witnessed the murder of a friend, and although she thought she had dealt with it,

13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now?” (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Masterminds (PG13); Max Steel (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13)


Moon Clinton Road, Moon, 412-264-7011

The Accountant (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); Friday the 13th (R); Hotel Transylvania (PG); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Monster House (PG); Nightmare on Elm Street (R); Suicide Squad (PG-13); Texas Chainsaw Massacre (R)


644 Broadway Ave., McKees Rocks,412-766-1668


Route 30 East/Westmoreland Mall, Greensburg,

‘Sorrow Road’ Author: Julia Keller Publisher: Minotaur, 368 page, $25.99 she’s now having flashbacks to that day. What happened to Harmon may be linked to a childhood incident that occurred before World War II and set a pattern for his life and that of two of his friends. “Sorrow Road” poignantly alternates between today and the lives of those three friends before WWII, through the war and their lives as adults. Memory infuses the actions of every character in “Sorrow Road,” from Bell’s sudden terror at reliving a childhood incident to an adult demanding her Alzheimer’s-addled father acknowledge his abuse of her and her brother. “Memory’s a tricky thing,” says one caregiver, noting how “the older memories stick. It’s the newer ones that don’t get stored.” “Sorrow Road” continues the high standards that Keller has established with her series. “Sorrow Road,” like her other novels, is a story about a community comprosed of very personal stories, each as unique as each individual. Oline Cogdill is an Associated Press contributing writer.


The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Masterminds (PG-13); Max Steel (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Queen of Katwe (PG); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13)


401 Vine St.,Hollywood Square, Delmont, 724-468-3555

The Accountant (R); The Birth of a Nation (R); Deepwater Horizon (PG-13); The Girl on the Train (R); Kevin Hart: What Now? (R); The Magnificent Seven (PG-13); Masterminds (PG-13); Max Steel (PG-13); Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (PG); Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13); Storks (PG); Sully (PG-13) 2X25-FIL-1

Scare workers enjoy jobs

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · F5

The guest cottage at Sanctuary Cove offers a view of the Tucson Basin and faraway mountains. A circular labyrinth is marked by a sign at the entrance reading: “Absorb the beauty that surrounds you. Take time to clear your mind. Become aware of your breath.”


Sunday afternoon visitors to the Carnegie Museums take no notice of the museums’ trash handling facility (at left) as they walk to the entrance that’s nearest to parking. The architects used color, materials and proportions to make the facility unobtrusive.

Originality in design can be comforting

For peak rejuvenation


different from both the 1907 building and the 1970s addition, but it deliberately avoids asserting itself by complementing both the new and the old architecture that it’s near. Fitting-in with Frick’s woods: Architects at the local office of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson did something similar to the rear facade of the new Environmental Center at Frick Park, which opened last month. This building is set low on a hillside that slopes toward the deep woods of the park’s nature preserve behind it. In order to obtrude as little as possible into one of the park’s main entranceways, it’s one story at the front and three at the back. That’s to be expected. But when you go to the rear — where the trails lead into the dense woods — if you look back at the three-story facade, you see something very sophisticated and out of the ordinary. The building’s tall and thin columns and its windows are not arranged in any regular pattern. The placement of columns, windows and wood paneling is meant to look random — just as trees standing in the woods are random. This is a subtle difference, but a telling one that helps bring this fine new building into harmony with the woods behind it.


The All Creeds Chapel at the Sanctuary Cove in Marana, Ariz., stands at the foot of Safford Peak.

Arizona destination is place of peace by

The rear facade of the new Environmental Center at Frick Park has columns, windows and wood paneling arranged in a seemingly random way, a design that reflects the random placement of trees in the woods behind the Center. Holding skyscrapers down to size: Two big Downtown Pittsburgh building projects from the 1980s — PPG Place and EQT Plaza on Liberty Avenue were especially planned to respect their neighbors. At PPG Place, famous architect Philip Johnson and partner John Burgee conceived a 40-story office tower and five lower buildings, four of them just six stories high. These four lower buildings bring the scale of the project down closer to the low-rise buildings around Market Square. This eliminated the feeling that you might otherwise have had if just one tall dominant building had been put up so close to the square. At EQT, the New York firm of Kohn Pedersen Fox designed a building in three parts. There’s the 32-story central tower, a connected 20-story section that matches the bulk of the Midtown Towers building on one side and, the best touch of all, a four-story wing that matches the height of Heinz Hall on the other side. Taking care to not overshadow a local landmark is an act of civility that is often lacking in new developments.

Instead of putting their 32-story building right up against Heinz Hall and its garden, the designers of EQT Plaza put a low, four-story section of the building at the side nearest the landmark. This helps keep the skyscraper from dominating the scene. Bringing it all together: The Westmoreland Museum of American Art reopened a year ago this month after an extensive remodeling by Ennead Architects. The architects faced the problem of melding a large modern addition with a rather plain, vaguely Georgian older building. The addition features a dramatic modern gallery with a slanting face that cantilevered out over its hillside site above Greensburg. To bring the old and new together, one of the things they did was add more slanting features elsewhere on the building inside and out, with new interior doorways and windows reflecting the slanting angle of the addition. Architects have many tools they can use to manipulate how we feel about a building. But we often are not totally aware of just what it is that makes a building fit well with its site. John Conti is a former news reporter who has written extensively over the years about architecture, planning and historic-preservation issues.


MARANA, Ariz. — The distinct bell-shaped mountain rising above the Sonoran Desert northwest of Tucson holds a special power, say those who’ve spent time here — a magnetism that draws you in, sets you apart, even if only momentarily, from a difficult world, and perhaps even heals. Named Safford Peak by early settlers, this protrusion of rock, scrub and cactus has beckoned visitors for centuries. For nearly 60 years, some of that land has been maintained as a place to hike the desert landscape, meditate, pray or take time out from life. That mystique drew me and my wife, Mary, to Sanctuary Cove, a spiritual retreat on the western edge of Marana, a sprawling Tucson suburb. We stayed at the property’s guest cottage, a small, modern structure with amazing views across the Tucson Basin from the front and a large patio in back jutting into the mountain desert. Sanctuary Cove’s website describes its mission as “providing a natural place of peace and unspoiled beauty” offering an oppor-

If You Go Sanctuary Cove: 8001 N. Scenic Drive, Tucson; or 520-744-2375. Free admission. Open daily sunrise to sunset year-round. Rental cottage rates vary by season. Easy to moderate hiking. Watch for thorns, rattlesnakes, heat.

A young hawk abides in a mesquite tree. tunity to “ ‘draw apart’ from the intensity of today’s hectic lifestyle.” An entrance sign reads, “A still place in a turning world.” That mission has roots in centuries past, when indigenous tribes were believed to have visited, used and traversed the area. Today the property is operated by All Creeds Brotherhood, a nonprofit founded by Elmer Staggs, a World War I veteran who went to Arizona in 1917 to recover from tuberculosis. Over the years, activities have included memorial services, photo shoots, weddings and other events.

In addition to a small chapel, an amphitheater that seats several hundred people hosts an annual, nondenominational Easter sunrise service. A labyrinth, built from desert rocks by former caretakers Chuck Koesters and Annie Bunker, encourages visitors to clear their minds and absorb the desert’s beauty as they walk the circular formation. Trails offer views of Tucson to the right and Marana below. Inspirational signs dot the trails. “Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling,” reads one, a revised quote from early 1900s author

Margaret Lee Runbeck. The cottage sleeps three, with a modern bathroom and full kitchen. The 500-square-foot covered patio in back reaches into the scrub and cactus, a good place to barbecue, meditate, practice yoga or snooze in a hammock, all while enjoying panoramic views and wildlife. “I’ve seen mountain lion, desert fox, deer, javelina, bobcat, rattlesnakes, tarantula, Gila monster, coyote, desert tortoise,” caretaker Amy Langley said. “I’ve heard some bobcat screams that will scare the pants off you.” Sanctuary Cove is also home to many birds including turkey vultures, desert wrens, doves, Gambel’s quail, owls and hummingbirds. On an early morning hike, I encountered a brown-tailed hawk dining on unlucky prey. The hawk grabbed its breakfast and flew to a rocky ledge. But most visitors come for other reasons. “At the end of the day when the light is fading, when the sun’s going down, the last light, it’s just beautiful,” Langley said. Mark Mittelstadt is an Associated Press writer

F6 · SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

No-fuss toppings make pizza easy as pie CHICAGO TRIBUNE

At this point in the history of pizza, so many styles populate our pizzerias, delivery boxes, cookbooks and freezer cases that it doesn’t surprise us to hear someone describe a new restaurant’s pies as “Italian.” What? OK, it does surprise us, because, well, Naples. Italy. Where pizza was perfected. All pizza is, at its core, Italian. But before we work ourselves up into a good rant, we’re stepping down from the soapbox to take a moment to recognize this: The fact that someone would be compelled to differentiate a pizza by calling it Italian tells us that we have come to own pizza completely in this country. And that’s a good thing. From Neapolitan to deep dish, there are so many options — giving us the freedom to set aside the doublezero flour for a night, stop dissecting the minutiae of authenticity and make something of our own invention.


These topping recipes are designed to be thrown onto your pizza with little preparation. Something quick. Something easy. Because sometimes, all we really want is dinner. So, in that vein, today we’re offering three no-fuss topping recipes (hardly any precooking and no tracking down of artisan ‘nduja, not that we don’t love artisan

Salty and Tangy Pizza ⁄4 cup pesto, jarred or homemade, see note 1 thin pizza crust (10 to 12 inches) 1 cup red cherry tomatoes, sliced in half 4 ounces fresh mozzarella, torn into bite-size pieces (or sliced in half if using small mozzarella balls) Salt, to taste 1

Heat the oven to 550 degrees. Spread the pesto over the pizza, leaving a 1-inch edge. Toss the tomatoes and mozzarella in a bowl with salt; scatter them over the pizza. Bake for 6 to 10 minutes. Note: To make pesto, drop 3 cloves of garlic in a food processor with the motor running. Chop finely. Scrape down the sides of the bowl. Add 1⁄4 cup toasted pine nuts; process until chopped. Scrape down the sides. Add about 6 cups fresh basil leaves. Process until finely chopped. With the motor running, slowly pour in extra-virgin olive oil until you achieve a loose paste. Stir in 1⁄2 teaspoon coarse salt and about 1 ⁄2 cup freshly grated parmesan. Taste for seasoning. Makes about 1 cup.

salumi) to scatter on a humble pie you can throw together at home. On your favorite dough recipe, a storebought dough or pre-baked crust, you decide. (Don’t have a go-to dough? We’re including a recipe from “Truly Madly Pizza” by Suzanne Lenzer, because we love its simplicity. Buzz in the food processor and go.) Each idea uses just three to four ingredients and makes enough for a 10- to 12-inch pizza. The topping recipes are free-form. Really love olives? Go ahead, throw on more for the creamy and crunchy pizza. If your dough makes a larger pie, simply up the amounts of ingredients. To bake, crank your oven to 550; use a pizza stone or a baking sheet — it’s up to you. And time the pizza according to your dough recipe, though we give times assuming a relatively thin crust. And there you are, in six to 10 minutes, contributing to the continued history of pizza.

Spicy and Sweet Pizza Inspired by the Hellboy pizza at Paulie Gee’s (originally of Brooklyn and now in Chicago’s Logan Square, as well), which pairs spicy salumi (soppressata) with sweet/hot chile-infused honey. 2 spicy Italian sausages, casings removed 1 ⁄4 bunch (7 ounces) broccoli rabe, steamed until crisp tender, seasoned with salt, coarsely chopped 1 thin pizza crust (10 to 12 inches) 2 or 3 handfuls freshly grated parmesan Chile pepper-infused honey, such as Mike’s Hot Honey Heat the oven to 550 degrees. Cook the sausage in a skillet with a little olive oil until browned, breaking up sausage into rough pieces with a spatula as you go. Spread the broccoli rabe on the pizza crust; top with sausage. Scatter with the parmesan. Bake for 6 to 10 minutes. Drizzle with chile-infused honey immediately and serve.

Creamy and Crunchy Pizza 4 ounces blue cheese, crumbled 1 ⁄2 cup Kalamata olives, pitted, cut in half Half a red onion, sliced in thin half moons about 1 ⁄4-inch thick 1 thin pizza crust (10 to

12 inches) Heat the oven to 550 degrees. Scatter the cheese, olives and onions over the pizza crust, in that order. Bake for 6 to 10 minutes.

Quick Pizza Dough In her book “Truly Madly Pizza,” Suzanne Lenzer calls this recipe “my go-to, triedand-true, know-by-heart pizza dough.” She advocates freezing the dough then letting it rise slowly in the fridge on the day you plan to bake. We understand her reasoning, but the extra step of freezing slows us down. We had good results letting the dough slow-rise in the fridge instead. Overnight works, but the easiest option: Make the dough in the morning, pop into the fridge, and it’s ready to go post-work. 23⁄4 cups (390 grams) bread flour 21⁄2 teaspoons (1⁄4 ounce) active dry yeast 2 teaspoons sea salt 1 ⁄4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1 cup warm water 2 to 3 tablespoons medium or coarse cornmeal Mix: Combine the flour, yeast and salt in a food processor fitted with the metal S-blade. Turn the machine on. Add the oil through the feed tube, then add the water in a slow, steady stream. By adding the water slowly, you can watch the dough come together, and you’ll get a sense of whether you should add more or whether it’s too wet — it should look pliable and smooth after a minute or so of processing. (The more water you can add and still be able to handle the dough without it sticking to your hands, the better it will be.) Continue to process the dough for about 2 minutes. The dough should form a ball and ride around in the processor. If it does become too wet, add another tablespoon or 2 of flour until it’s moist to the touch but can be handled easily. When the dough is done, it should be soft, slightly sticky and elas-

tic. It may also be hot from the machine, so be cautious. Fold: Lay a piece of plastic wrap about 12 inches long on a clean work surface. Use your hands to press the dough into a rectangle on the plastic, about 8- by 6-inches wide. Press your fingers into the top of the dough all over it, making indentations as though it were a focaccia. Fold the left third of the dough over and repeat the finger indentations. Fold the right third over (as you would a letter) and make indentations again. Cover the folded dough with plastic wrap; let rise 20 minutes. Form: After 20 minutes, cut the dough in half, and form each into a neat ball. (Each ball will make a 10- to 12-inch round pizza.) You can use the dough right away, but you’ll find the texture of the crust will be a bit breadier and the flavor less complex. For best results, freeze the dough (see next step), which retards the yeast’s activity, allowing the flavor to continue to develop as the dough thaws, without letting it rise and become bready. Or refrigerate the dough, up to 1 day. But if it is very warm or humid, the dough can expand relatively dramatically even in the fridge. Freeze and thaw: Wrap each ball tightly in plastic wrap; freeze immediately after wrapping. The morning of the day you plan to make pizza, remove dough from freezer and put it into the fridge to slowly thaw (for 6 to


7 hours). Twenty to 30 minutes before making the pizza, pull the dough out of the fridge, and let it come to room temperature while you prep toppings. Shape: Working with one dough ball at a time and working with your hands (not on a flat surface), gently begin to stretch the dough into a circular shape, pressing your fist into the center of the dough and pulling at the edges with your other hand. With both hands, stretch the dough, being careful not to tear it. Working in a circular motion, pull the thicker edges of the dough outward, letting gravity help you. Continue to stretch the dough until it’s relatively even in thickness (the edges will be thicker, and that is OK) and you have the size you want. Bake: Heat the oven to 550 degrees. If using a stone and a peel, put the stone in the oven to heat. Dust the peel generously with the cornmeal. Carefully lay shaped dough on the peel. If using a baking sheet, brush a large baking sheet with olive oil, and sprinkle it with cornmeal. Place the shaped dough onto the pan. Top the pizza as desired, and slide it off the peel and onto the heated stone, or slide the baking sheet into the oven. Bake until the crust is golden and the cheese is bubbling, for 6 to 10 minutes. Makes two 10- to 12-inch pizzas.


B Ope M

Sat 9-




First Aid for the Ailing House

Take care window shopping Q

uestion: In the very near future, I will be replacing five wood windows with new vinyl windows. The windows are your standard-sized bedroom windows — no fancy designs or dimensions. I would like your recommendation on what brand names are reliable and have a good track record. When I ask around with builders and people connected to the window business, I can’t seem to get a brand name that most people feel good about. Comments are made (positive and negative) about Marvin, Pella, Andersen, Sierra Pacific, etc. I also remember reading one of your columns where you expressed concerns about Pella windows. — via email Answer: To keep the record straight, Marvin and Sierra Pacific do not make vinyl windows. Marvin makes all-fiberglass (its Integrity line) and fiberglass/wood windows, while Sierra Pacific makes wood and aluminum-clad windows. Andersen and Pella offer vinyl windows. My concern with Pella followed its steady refusal to honor its warranty on doors and windows a number of years ago. Pella fought my clients for months, blaming poor insulation, until the company was threatened with litigation after I became involved and wrote a scathing report. I do not know if Pella has changed its modus operandi, but I have stayed away from recommending its products ever since. If a manufacturer does not honor its warranty, or offers terrible service, I feel that it does not deserve to be patronized. My research and contacts in the industry speak highly of the Interstate Materials Inc. vinyl windows, series 88, which is only available through accredited retailers. To find a retailer in your area, call Interstate’s tollfree line: 800-338-9997. In recent years, I have had very good experiences with Marvin windows and doors. They are competitively priced, are of high quality and are very energy-efficient, and Marvin’s customer service has been excellent.

Basement moisture

Q: I live in a home that has moisture year-round in the basement. It’s causing the sill around the home to rot. Is it worth fixing? I still have a mortgage. — via email A: I certainly think that a house is worth fixing rather than abandoning it, if that is what you are asking. Every effort should be made to track the causes of your extreme moisture condition. You haven’t given me FIRST AID · G4

A quick look at recent retail, commercial and industrial projects, sales and leases of note in Western Pennsylvania:

$67.65 million

Property: 525 William Penn Place, Central Business District Seller: BNY Mellon National Association Buyer: FAC 525 LLC Details: Office building Comment: “We are going to make significant basebuilding improvements. ... Our goal is to rebrand the building so it’s re-introduced to the marketplace,” said Paul and David Pearson, principals, FAC 525 LLC and Pearson Partners Inc.

$5.5 million

Property: 3939 Butler St., Lower Lawrenceville Seller: Butler and 40th LLC Buyer: Cannonbut LLC Details: Warehouse Comment: “We have no current plans for the property. It represents Midwood’s first purchase in Pittsburgh, a market we are very optimistic about,” said Teodora Zobel, vice president, acquisitions, Midwood Investment & Development, the buyer.



A mudroom can provide a space to shed shoes and keep pet supplies.

Drop your clutter with a mudroom

Stow your stuff, show off your style ASSOCIATED PRESS

Mudrooms have been a staple of large houses, especially in climates with plenty of rain and snow. But increasingly, a mudroom has become a design essential even for apartment dwellers and those with small homes. “Just like the kitchen has become so central to how everybody uses their home and lives their lives, a mudroom has become an expectation,” says designer Vern Yip, an HGTV host and author of the new book “Vern Yip’s Design Wise” (Running Press). Interior designer Bennett Leifer agrees, and he often helps clients in New York City apartments create a proper mudroom. “People try and find space where they can do that, whether they have a large family or whether it’s just for themselves,” Leifer says. Some tips for designing a functional, durable and even stylish mudroom, even in the smallest of homes:


space,” Yip says, and be honest about how much clutter you’re likely to create. People often want to see themselves as neater than they are, which leads them to create a mudroom entrance that is soon chaotic. And those who’ll want to charge the whole family’s digital devices for easy grabbing when everyone leaves the house in the morning should put in counter space or shelves with plenty of power strips or electrical outlets nearby. In your design, Yip advises, include about 10 to 15 percent more storage than you expect to need.

MORTGAGERATES 30-yr. averaging 3.62% 15-yr. averaging 2.91%

5-yr. ARM averaging 3.12% 1-yr. ARM averaging 3.41 %












2.75 24 31 AUG.


14 21 SEPT.


5 12 OCT.

24 31 AUG.


14 21 SEPT.


5 12 OCT.

TOP DOLLAR HOMES Recent home and condominium sales that brought top prices in Western Pennsylvania:

Your best ‘drop zone’

The mudroom is your daily “drop zone,” says designer Sarah Fishburne, director of trend and design for The Home Depot. So choose the mix of closed storage, hooks, shelves and countertops that serves your needs. Custom built-in storage is popular in mudrooms, but there are many units available in a

“Think about how your family uses the


Irises can span growing season W hile the word iris may conjure an image of the stately German bearded iris whose large blooms grow from chunky, fleshy roots called rhizomes, there are many other types of irises that are well worth growing. In fact, there are over 300 species of irises in the world, and many of them do quite well here in Pennsylvania gardens. If you cultivate the right mixture of species, you can have some type of iris blooming in your garden from very early in the spring until late in the autumn. The first irises to bloom in the garden are the reticulated irises (Iris reticulata). These little guys grow from bulbs you plant in the fall, and they’re often in bloom around the same time as the crocuses. They stand only 6 inches tall, but their bright

Property: 1120 Mars Evans City Road, Adams Seller: Andritz Herr Vossv Stamco Inc. Buyer: FBC Chemical Corp. Details: Vacant land Comment: Buyer could not be reached for comment.


yellow, blue, purple or white flowers are so cheery in the early spring. Plant a large drift of bulbs for the most impact, and avoid planting them in water-logged soils. A few weeks later, the German bearded irises begin to bloom (I. germainica). These flashy flowers come in an incredible array of flower colors. From pink and purple to burgundy, yellow and orange, their floppy, paperlike flowers stand on stalks that are often over 2 feet tall. The strappy foliage looks great in the early


The tiny Iris reticulata is one of the first irises to bloom every spring.


Property: Edgeworth Seller: Furman South Buyers: Paul and Trisha Volchko Details: This Tudor-style house has four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, an open floor plan with oversized windows, hardwood floors and a private patio and rear deck. Comment: “Large room sizes, unique floor plan and the lovely sitting room/den were all selling features of this home,” said Christine Yarosz, buyer’s agent with the Wexford/Franklin Park office of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services.


Property: Squirrel Hill Seller: James Boland Buyers: Franz and Yoko Franchetti Details: This house has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, hardwood floors, a first-floor laundry room, a private rear patio and a two-car garage. Comment: “The buyers liked the following about the house: Well-maintained community, relatively new-construction homes, easier commute to their workplace and views from the house,” said Mahin Mahmoodi, buyer’s agent with the Squirrel Hill office of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services.

garden, and if you choose reblooming varieties, the plants will produce a second flush of flowers in the autumn. German bearded irises grow from rhizomes that are planted parallel to the soil, with the top half of the rhizome sticking up out of the soil. Siberian irises bloom next (I. siberica). Their slender, grasslike foliage forms large

Property: Unity Seller: Karl Csiszar Buyers: Michael and Amy Lippert Details: This house has four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, an updated gourmet kitchen, landscaped private backyard, game room and wine room. Comment: “(The buyers) purchased it for (its) school system, and they love the quiet neighborhood,” said Bonnie Rosenthal, buyer’s agent with the Greensburg office of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services.


Send items to [email protected]


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Moisture fix worthwhile


Depp to part with colorful lair


much information, but here are a few hints: If your foundation is made of concrete blocks instead of poured concrete, and the blocks have been waterproofed from the inside, their cores may be filled with water that leaked in from the outside and became trapped in the cores. In such a case, check the grade around the foundation and make all necessary repairs to it and to any appendages leading water toward the house (walks, patios, exterior basement stairs, driveways, low spot under a deck, etc.), and follow this with the drainage of the blocks. You may need the help of an experienced contractor or engineer. Draining the blocks can be done by using a star drill and a hammer to drill holes in the mortar joints of the blocks as close to the floor as possible. Using an electric drill is dangerous; if water suddenly surges, it may cause a serious risk of electrical shock. You will need to drill holes between blocks and in two or three places for each block, as some blocks have two cores and others three. You only need to drill holes in the bottom row; water will flow down to them. You’ll have to plan on dealing with the water coming out. If your house has an old stone foundation and a dirt floor, you will need to make sure that water cannot enter the basement by checking the conditions outside as mentioned above. Then you’ll have to do something to control the soil’s moisture by either covering it with heavy plastic, which you can buy in agricultural and building-supply stores, or by pouring a concrete slab over a stone base and vapor retarder. When this is done, hire an experienced contractor to make any necessary repairs to the sill.

Residences sit atop downtown L.A. building LOS ANGELES TIMES

LOS ANGELES — After doubling down on his French village this year, Johnny Depp is ready to part with another piece of his exotic real estate portfolio. The actor-producer-musician has listed his collection of residences atop the Depp Eastern Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles for sale at $12.78 million. Depp’s properties include five multi-floor penthouses within the art deco building, originally designed by Claud Beelman and modernized in 2007. The downtown landmark is distinguished by its exterior of teal terra cotta and gold-leaf tile and a four-sided


Johnny Depp’s loft-style units stand largely separate, but they are designed to serve specific purposes such as intimate and formal entertaining. clock tower that tops the 1930s structure. Kept largely separate during the actor’s ownership, the residences include multiple kitchens, living areas and lofted spaces decorated in a colorful, bohemian style. Perhaps more unusual than Depp’s

extensive art and furniture collection, one unit displays a framed Miami Dolphins jersey with a letter signed by Dan Marino. The loft-style penthouses, which total about 11,500 square feet of space, were designed to function as individual rooms, each serving

a particular purpose. Certain units connect on the upper level, including a pair reached through salvaged bank vault doors. Terraces of various sizes invite outdoor entertaining and dining. The outdoor spaces as well as rows of steel-paned windows take in sweeping downtown views. The 53-year-old actor has been in sell mode of late but is hardly looking to sell short. Earlier this year, Depp put his compound in Plan de la Tour, France, back on the market for around $55 million — double what he asked for the 47-acre Provencal village a year ago. Known for his offbeat roles, Depp has starred in more than 50 major motion pictures, including “Edward Scissorhands,” “Donnie Brasco” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films. He gained recognition among television viewers in the 1980s series “21 Jump Street.” More recently, the actor starred in the fantasy flick “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” The penthouse listings also can be purchased individually.

Irises span seasons GOOD EARTH · FROM G1

SendquestionstoHenrideMarneatFirstAidfortheAiling House,UniversalUclick,1130WalnutSt.,KansasCity,MO 64106;[email protected]


Single-level plan full of visual appeal ASSOCIATED DESIGNS


An intriguing angularity, combined with arched windows and brick detailing, draws eyes to the Norwich. Cedar shakes, corner quoins and small sections of lap siding add to the visual appeal. This single-level plan can be adapted for wheelchair accessibility. Standing in the tiled entry, you face the kitchen, living room and dining room. The vaulted living room, with its richly glassed rear wall, is breathtaking. An entertainment center is on one side © 2016 Associated Designs, Inc. of the fireplace, while cabinets, shelves and a small sink fill the opposite space. Kitchen Dining A raised eating bar provides 12'6'' x 14' Garage Patio partial separation between the 23'8'' x 22'4'' kitchen and a dining room, and French doors swing open to access a partially covered patio brightVaulted ened by skylights. Kitchen ameniEntry Living ties include a step-in pantry, built18' x 17'6'' in appliances and a work island. The small powder room and Porch large, fully outfitted utility room are mere steps away. Linked to the garage, the utility room serves as a Garage Den Owners’ Suite mudroom and a convenient place 23'8'' x 13'2'' x 14'6'' 18'8'' x 20'6'' 22'4'' for unloading groceries. Odd-angled walls and a coffered Dn ceiling frame the majestic owners’ suite. Its gas log fireplace Vaulted can be enjoyed from either the Bedroom Alternate Basement Stair spa tub or the bed/sitting area. 13'10'' x 14' Daylight shines through glass blocks illuminating the tub, and the huge closet provides storage PLAN 30 -175 space equal to three average-sized Living Area 2383 sq.ft. walk-ins. Garage 624 sq.ft. A dramatic arched window graces the Norwich’s other bedDimensions 93'1''x55' room, which is vaulted and has 2000 SERIES direct access to a two-section room. French doors open into a room Associated Designs is the origi- view other designs, visit www. concealed by a 6-foot-high parti- the front, this space could be outtion that bounds the living room. fitted as a den, home office or even nal source for the Norwich 30- or call 800With tall windows opening toward a third bedroom. 175. For more information or to 634-0123.

clumps, and the plants are topped with blue, purple or white flowers in late spring. They bloom for a fairly brief period of time, but the plants alone are attractive additions to the landscape. Siberian irises reach about three feet in height. My favorite irises are the next to bloom. These two species love waterlogged soils, so they’re great for lowlying areas. But, I also grow them in my perennial garden, where it certainly isn’t waterlogged, and they do just fine. I’m talking about the Louisiana iris (I. fulva) and the Japanese iris (I. ensata). The big, colorful, floppy flowers of these two species are so beautiful. The foliage is upright and broad, making quite a statement even when the plants aren’t in flower. Japanese irises are the largest types I have in my garden, and when they’re in flower, everyone asks about them. Another iris that blooms in early summer is the Dutch iris (I. hollandica). You’d easily recognize them as the “florist iris” as they’re often found in bouquets at flower shops. Dutch irises are grown from bulbs planted in the fall. Their blue or purple flowers are tall and straight, and the foliage is slender and strap-like. If you plan to grow Dutch iris in Pennsylvania, plant the bulbs in a protected site and mulch them with a layer of shredded leaves in the autumn. If you’ve done a good job of selecting reblooming varieties of German bearded iris (such as “Immortality,” “Autumn Tryst,” “Sugar Blues” and “Clarence”), you’ll get a final iris hurrah every autumn, with a second burst of blooms from these beautiful plants. All these species of iris can be planted in the autumn, before the ground freezes, so it’s not too late to get a jump start on next year’s garden.


HorticulturistJessicaWalliserco-hosts“TheOrganic Gardeners”at7a.m.SundaysonKDKARadiowithDoug Oster.Sheistheauthorofseveralgardeningbooks, including“AttractingBeneficialBugstoYourGarden:A NaturalApproachtoPestControl”and“GoodBug,Bad Bug.” Sendyourgardeningorlandscapingquestionsto [email protected],503 MartindaleSt.,ThirdFloor,Pittsburgh,PA15212.


411 Seventh Avenue Associates will seek the approval of the Pittsburgh Zoning Board of Adjustment on plans to place a 497.7-square-foot wall identification sign at 411 Seventh Ave., Central Business District. Three Crossing 2555 Partners L.P. wants to place a 107-square-foot wallmounted business identification sign at 2555 Smallman St., Strip District. Baum Grove L.P. seeks permission to place a parking lot at 5848 Baum Blvd., East Liberty.

• •

Mudroom offers a place to stow your stuff, show off a bit of style MUDROOM · FROM G1

range of styles and prices. Leifer points out that built-ins can work well in small or awkward spaces. He’s seen Manhattan apartment dwellers build around a garbage chute or wall soffit in the service entrance to turn that space into a mudroom. Built-ins also offer stability: Unlike freestanding furniture, they can’t be knocked over by kids rushing by with backpacks.

Open lockers and cubbies are popular, mimicking the style of an athletic locker room, but Yip tells clients that closed storage and hooks tucked away behind doors will help keep your mudroom from looking cluttered. However you design your storage, delineate one vertical space for each family member.

Infusing your style

Other items that can “visu-

ally soften the space” and express your style include artwork (safely framed) and window treatments that don’t extend to the floor, Yip says. Leifer adds flooring to that list: Mudrooms need durable, waterfriendly flooring but are great places to try bold colors or favorite patterns. He suggests FLOR carpet squares, which come in a range of designs and are easily washable or replaceable, or woven vinyl floor

covering from the Swedish company Bolon. And don’t forget the ceiling: Consider dreamy cloud wallpaper or other whimsical styles, Leifer says, or go sophisticated with a high-end wall covering from Cole and Sons. The cost may be surprisingly reasonable if your mudroom isn’t large.

One wall can be enough

If you don’t have a mudroom

or foyer space, these ideas can be pared down into an area just a few feet wide along one wall. Start by delineating that section of wall visually with paint, wallpaper or tile. Or add board-and-batten paneling halfway up the wall, Fishburne says. Once the area is marked, assign a narrow space within it for each family member. Add hooks, and a bench with cubbies or baskets underneath.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · G5

PROPERTY TRANSFERS The Tribune-Review publishes only those real estate transactions valued at $125,000 or more. Real Estate Transactions provided by RealSTATS, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA 15203; 412-3813880


• Karen Lee Neilson to Alice Sande at 320 Fort Duquesne Blvd. Apt 7E for $190,000. • BNY Mellon NA to FAC 525 LLC at 525 William Penn Place for $67,650,000. 5TH WARD

• Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to Pittsburgh City Housing Authority at Webster Ave. for $226,450. 6TH WARD

• Butler & 40th LLC to Cannonbut LLC at 40th St. and Butler St. for $5,500,000. • Jeffrey Holzapfel to 6 30th Street RE LLC at 3446 Charlotte St. for $1,500,000. 8TH WARD

• Christopher Belasco et al. to Lauren Panza at 235 Edmond St. for $186,000. 9TH WARD

• Lisa Platt to HHS LLC at 324 45th St. for $145,000. • Donna Kott to Cathedral Property Group LLC at 4749 Butler St. for $146,000. • Paul Frankovich et al. to Rickjohn Partn. L.P. at 4914 Harrison St. for $150,000. 10TH WARD

• Shannon Anglero to Zachary Lash at 5120 Keystone St. for $173,000. • Benjamin Kelley to Andrew and Jillian Riley at 1823 Morningside Ave. for $275,000. • Peter Simon to Kadie Fritz at 4315 Stanton Ave. for $330,500. • Wylie Holdings L.P. to Marlin Chapman at 5159 Stanton Ave. for $125,000. • Estate of John Wojnar Jr. to Marlin Chapman at 5161 Stanton Ave. for $151,000. 11TH WARD

• Melinda Newhouse to Allen and Melissa Flick at 1135 N. St. Clair St. for $328,000. 14TH WARD

• Jennifer Whiteside to Randy and Sarah Bird at 5459 Beacon St. for $460,000. • James Patsy to Evan Rosenberg at 1405 Denniston St. for $230,000. • Helena Blanc to Cartus Financial Corp. at 6640 Kinsman Road for $499,000. • Cartus Financial Corp. to Anne Tilley and Jennie Williams at 6640 Kinsman Road for $499,000. • Daniel Zuckerman et al. to Jeffrey and Jill Weimer at 211 Lingrove Place for $747,000. 15TH WARD

• Virginia Craska to Nicolas and Jocelyn Gaviola at 3927 Lydia St. for $239,000. • Justin Bohn to Trenton and Todd Sneidman at 4357 Winterburn Ave. for $141,000. 17TH WARD

• Darlene Martin to Stonegate Investments LLC at 1010 Freyburg St. for $200,000. • John Kovach et al. to Bethany Notaro at 46 S. 17th St. for $227,500. • Michael Zajko to Scott McCoy at 1317 Sarah St. for $190,000. • George Brnilovich to Nicole Kitchta at 2017 Sarah St. for $550,000. • Gregory Dutton to David John Lesko at 1914 Sidney St. for $308,400. 18TH WARD

• Birmingham Holdings LLC to Amy Joanne Frizzell at 339 Kambach St. for $159,900. 19TH WARD

• Dana Stumpf Osborne to Jordan Jezzi Cagni at 929 Dorchester Ave. for $154,000. • Angela Casale to Samuel Martin at 231 Paul St. for $125,000. • William Rok to Leah Marion at Plymouth St. for $185,000. • Leslie Schmigel to Brian Foy at 66 Ruth St. for $137,900. • Monica Walker Matta to David and Alicia Vessels at 2045 Woodward Ave. for $149,900. • Abuccofan LLC to Peter LaBrasca at 446 Wyola St. for $305,000. 22ND WARD

• Micah Vore et al. to Mark Fleischer at 1202 Sherman Ave. for $265,500. 27TH WARD

• Patrick Klisavage to Tyler and Katherine Marwood at 1503 Orchlee St. for $144,000. • Quality Home Investments LLC to Kari Yamamoto and Michael Sullivan at 2056 Stonelea St. for $179,900. 28TH WARD

• Estate of Yvonne Woodruff Manuel to Von Stevenson at 3748 Haven St. for $133,000. 32ND WARD

• Christopher Bottorff to Stephen and Meggan Edwards at 2506 Kingwood St. for $212,000. • Jonathan Vernacchio to Robin Parrish at 1523 Reamer St. for $139,000. BALDWIN BOROUGH

• Jacob Testa Jr. to Lalit and Tika Mishra at 1628 Carmella Drive for $125,000. • Stephanie Kingsley to David Edwards and Samantha Brickley at 676 Elaine Drive for $133,500. • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Romika Hoffman and Derrick Hodge at 875 Missionary Way for $271,000. • Linda Chulko to Lila Dhar Dhakal and Kul Phuyel at 3725 Schuette Road for $140,000. BALDWIN TOWNSHIP

• Lucie Ward to Shirley Smith at 746 Newport Drive for $134,900. BELL ACRES

• David Nastick to Lauren Manion at 134 Overlook Lane for $255,000. BELLEVUE

• Mary A Blazier Carrigan to Ryan Croyle and Kathleen Mahin at 59 Florence Ave. for $157,000. BETHEL PARK

• Amber Louise Alesse to Anthony and Carmela Corradetti at 5321 Buick St. for $205,000. • David Fossick to Samantha Moretz and Brandon Mayo at 5638 Florida Ave. for $179,900. • Ricardo Burdaspur to Mary Bailey et al. and Doug Filter at 1674 Forestview Drive for $213,000. • Richard Schreiner to Brett Moorman and Megan Moulden at 1124 Grouse Run Drive for $246,000. • NVR Inc. to Henry Joel and Catherine Smith at 1045 Millennium Drive for $408,100. • Jerry Smearman to Andrew David and Caitlin Brown at 2925 Oakhurst Road for $200,900. • Gaetano Frangione to Stephen Hart and Blake Kicinski at 124 Sandstone Court for $319,900. • William Mooney to John and Allison Welch at 1194 Tidewood Drive for $216,900. • Paula Zawicki to Adam Marnik at 950 Twin Leaf Court for $133,000. • Elizabeth Ann Habbyshaw to Jeffrey Bleicher at 3535 Valley Drive for $134,000. BRENTWOOD

• Robert Hamilton to Evan Burchard at 241 Bauman Ave. for $141,000. • James Michael Carbonara to Mathew Brueggemann and Shannon Long at 4024 Lawnview Ave. for $160,000.


• Theodore Kincade Jr. to Lindsay Martin at 157 Mountain Drive for $169,000. COLLIER

• Maronda Homes Inc. to Anthony James and Liberty Costanzo at 161 Centennial Drive for $348,958. • Christopher Ferris to Lauren Friedman at 716 Marigold Court for $330,000. • Estate of Edith Vernon Coughenour to Jennifer Strunak at 1342 Noblestown Road for $150,000. CORAOPOLIS

• Estate of Elmer McCutcheon to Jesse Hank at 1208 Vance Ave. for $126,000. CRAFTON

• Richard Sobocinski to Jeremy Marsh at 30 Broadhead Ave. for $133,500. • Ryan Kacsur et al. to Kathryn Hendricks at 11 S. Emily St. for $222,500. DORMONT

• Christopher Contos to Jesse and Taylor Serena at 1343 Arkansas Ave. for $169,900. • Andrii Kril to Kirsten Ostergaard at 2809 Dwight Ave. for $138,000. • Marie Desimone to Joseph Guaetta at 2957 Glenmore Ave. for $195,000. • Remi Realty L.P. to Michael McCoy Jr. at 1237 Peermont Ave. for $214,500. • Ashley Chichester to Kevin and Terry Coulter at 2721 Philadelphia Ave. for $161,000. EDGEWOOD

• Beaverdam Properties LLC to Adam Faris at 160 Race St. for $290,000. EDGEWORTH

• Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Stacy and Peter Gianiodis at 317 Hazel Lane for $353,000. ELIZABETH BOROUGH

• Steven Monheim et al. to Tyler Boyd at 1016 Tanner Ave. for $185,000. ELIZABETH TOWNSHIP

• Anthony Clark to Ryan and Jonita Gidel at 356 Lincoln Hall Road for $133,000. EMSWORTH

• Theodore Conklin to Chestnut Properties Group Inc. at 141 Oliver Ave. for $135,000. FAWN

• David Norris Jr. to Richard Brubaker at 3175 Bull Creek Road for $170,000. • Edward Santi to David Rau and Lynne Szarnicki at 1326 Lardintown Road for $187,500. FINDLAY

• Maronda Homes Inc. to Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC at Craig St. for $132,000. • Marion Estates L.P. to NVR Inc. at 325 Park Edge Drive for $139,800. • Jeffrey Ohrn to Aleksandra Kocelko at 130 Westbrooke Lane for $142,000. FOREST HILLS

• David McCombie to Agnes Poropatic at 109 Hazel Place for $159,900. FOX CHAPEL

• Patricia Hollingshead to Euan Guttridge at 700 Fairview Road for $750,000. • Geraldine Chichilla to Avrum Levicoff at 407 Fox Chapel Road for $682,500. • Timothy Wells to Frederick Murphy at 237 Hunt Road for $775,000. FRANKLIN PARK

• Scarlet Bedner L.P. to NVR Inc. at Unknown Address for $160,000. • NVR Inc. to Kenneth and Verna Wiloch at 2000 Connecticut Lane for $330,267. • NVR Inc. to Scot and Ann Pennell at 2002 Connecticut Lane for $316,797. • William Forister to Marcello and Anna Marie Munoz at 2498 Elkridge Drive for $265,000. • Robert Kessler to Gregory and Linda Roscoe at 2348 Haven Drive for $277,500. • Kelli Rupp Miller to Caitalyn Kowal at 2688 Hunters Point Drive for $163,500. • Michael Lake to Zachary Miles and Adrienne Wilcox at 1553 Kuhlview Drive for $250,250. • Roger Hatch to Ian Smith and Erin Wahal at 2544 Wexford Bayne Road for $395,000. FRAZER

• WCSR Inc. to High Eight Pittsburgh Mills LLC at 3005 Pittsburgh Mills Blvd. for $1,600,000. HAMPTON

• Erik Schelbert to Bizhen Yu and Qihua Jiang at 4561 Dogwood Drive for $540,000. • Bank New York Mellon trustee to Guillaume JeanPierre Marcais at 2921 E. Elfinwild Road for $245,000. • Donna Books to Elizabeth Stewart at 3148 Haberlein Road for $211,000. • Jeffrey Grimm to Jason and Jessica Nolan at 5236 Mallard Drive for $155,000. • Joseph Bosack Jr. to Daniel Cusick at 2537 Middle Road for $250,000. • Thomas Stirling et al. to Alan Miller and Julie Saenz at 4916 Oakhurst Ave. for $390,000. • Peter McConnell to James and Charlotte Episcopo at 3075 Raintree Drive for $161,000. • Jena Lee Gutshall to Kelly McMeans at 2367 Wyland Ave. for $153,500. HARRISON

• Brian Turack to Richard Heberle and Pamela Beers at 2 Concord St. for $125,000. JEFFERSON HILLS

• Estate of William Thomas Goodwin to Kenneth and Chelsea Zimlinghaus at 110 Aber Drive for $255,000. • Jessica Carr to Cartus Financial Corp. at 4038 Bedell Road for $220,000. • Cartus Financial Corp. to Russell and Susan Wonsock at 4038 Bedell Road for $220,000. • Du Tri Duong to Jeffrey and Cynthia Fite at 608 Hidden Oak Drive for $336,000. • Frank Eihl trustee to Louise Lettiero at 6372 Jefferson Pointe Circle for $208,500. • Eastern Building Group Inc. to Andrew and Marissa Narr at 3008 Shady Timber Lane for $317,000. KENNEDY

• Nicholas Drotar Jr. to Nichole Elizabeth Lux and Shaun Smithnosky at 17 Rossi Drive for $188,500. • Maronda Homes Inc. to Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC at Truman Circle for $129,000. • Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Lynn Ayoob at 36 Truman Circle for $207,904. LEETSDALE

• John Charles Anderson to Richard Haver and Susan Heberling at 12 Elm Lane for $125,000. MARSHALL

• Ronald McAfee to John and Jene Boehm at 276 Bradford Road for $210,000. • Jeffrey Kengerski to Brian Kalt at 609 Edison Drive for $293,500. • NVR Inc. to Michael and Deborah Pucci at 433 Fairmont Drive for $411,635. • Thomas Jones to John and Stacey Goughnour at 190 Guckert Lane for $425,000. • NVR Inc. to Cathleen Wanserski at 816 818 Oneida Circle for $340,870. • NVR Inc. to Venkata Maddineni at 821 Oneida Circle for $531,775. • James Lawrence Mill to Orlanda Harris and Marisa Maccarelli Harris at 201 Thornberry Court for $389,000.

• Samantha Palermo Duffy to Gregory and Rodica Constantine at 116 Warrendale Bakerstown Road for $145,000. MCCANDLESS

• Colleen Foradi to Annmarie Fiske at 173 Berry Field Court for $244,000. • Dana Beth Frishkorn to Lawrence Welk at 904 Cottingham Court for $149,900. • Nicole Evankovich to William Cacciotti at 10082 Mansion Drive for $250,000. • Linda White to James Bossert at 205 Olde Ingomar Court for $150,000. • Wei Zhang to Emilia Kosinski at 602 Olde Ingomar Court for $167,000. • Michael Pucci Jr. to John Herb Jr. and Amanda Herb at 735 Olive St. for $305,000. • Colin Ranolph to Joshua Obusek and Amy Cush at 156 Parkfel Ave. for $195,000. • Drew Buffat to Debra Stevenson at 213 Pontiac Ave. for $195,000. • Michelle Weniger trustee to Michael and Katie Ducker at 506 Sandylynn Drive for $695,000. • David Sauder to Matthew and Emily Kneidel at 532 Squire Place for $350,000. • James Peter Psyhogis to Timothy and Sarah Connors at 8175 Taft Place for $286,000. • Suzanne Trew to Corey Mitchell Pearson at 211 W. Sandle Ave. for $159,127. MILLVALE

• Edwin Smith III to Meghan Baker at 206 Shoup St. for $127,000. MONROEVILLE

• Matthew Emerson Cuccaro to Angela Lenart at 277 Heather Drive for $140,000. • Dennis Emert to Robert and Beverly Peacock at 4812 Sandy Drive for $145,000. • Stephen Shaffer to Robert McCarthy at 110 Verlinden Drive for $201,670. MOON

• J. Robert Chenet to John and John Barsic at 112 Chaucer Court for $505,000. • Maronda Homes Inc. to John and Megan Colaiacovo at 704 Culloden Court for $324,375. • Wilmington Trust Co. trustee to Sierra Investment Properties L.P. at 3004 Fallbrook Drive for $460,000. • Dustin Baldis to Eric and Jennifer Schiemer at 627 Fieldstone Drive for $309,900. • Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare L.P. to 1000 Moon Assoc. L.P. at 1000 GSK Drive for $19,000,000. • Technion Property Group LLC to Richard Moore and Beck Digan at 257 Glenmore Drive for $229,900. • Linda Sciullo to Darcy Dalesio at 2305 Greystone Drive for $196,500. • David Luke III to James Fernau at 136 Heldon Drive for $408,000. • Scally’s Golf Center to Impact Christian Church at 330 Hookstown Grade Road for $828,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,620,366). • Janet Raymond to John and Joan Gurson at 436 Meade Drive for $225,000. • David Foster to Tyler Holp at 122 N. Jamestown Road for $235,000. • John Gurson to Paul and Wendy Rakus at 801 Newton Square for $138,000. • NVR Inc. to James and Stacey

$158,000. • Heidi Holzapfel to Britny Trainer at 131 Commons Drive for $150,000. • Erin Tunney to Laurel Houck and Harry Mundorff at 244 Commons Drive for $174,000. • Vincent Siciliano to Robert and Mary Pat Moorehead at 99 Delaware Ave. 301 for $430,000.


• Michael Omlor to Chad Hileman at 255 Cobblestone Drive for $410,000. • Michael Butcher to Charles Deshazer at 402 Laurel Oak Drive for $670,000. • Richard Marmion to Roy Godine Jr. and Melinda Newhouse at 156 Manchester Circle for $400,000. • Grandview Overlook Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at Overlook Drive for $178,000. • Wilbur McCoy Otto to Armor People LLC at 1128 Prescott Place for $133,000. OSBORNE

• Louis Naugle to Curtis and Kathryn Bech at 1403 Beaver Road for $462,500. • Noleen Zernich to Dan Weisberg and Sara Braun at 518 Park Lane for $500,000. PENN HILLS

• TPL Incoome Property Corp. to William Skweres Jr. and Leslie Skweres at 124 Earlwood Road for $168,000. • TIN United Inc. to Saltsburg Corner LLC at 6500 Saltsburg Road for $400,000. PINE

• Showcase Properties Inc. to Adam and Amy Duff at 104 Alder Drive for $491,000. • Kevin Carlson to Benjamin and Jessica Webster at 121 Ardmore St. for $424,900. • NVR Inc. to Joshua Tackett and Cassie Dunn at 203 Eddie Lewis Drive for $499,980. • David Benado to David and Renee Meese at 204 Greenwood Drive for $600,330. • NVR Inc. to Andrew and Lisa Moore at 121 Minnock Drive for $726,457. • Pine Development Co. to NVR Inc. at 146 Minnock Drive for $140,000. • George Kochik Jr. to Derrick Wilson at 104 Oakhaven Drive for $477,000. • Joann Matscherz trustee to Russell Brasher at 151 Rosscommon Road for $168,000. • David Tessmer et al. to Executive Developers LLC at Whitetail Circle for $175,000. PLEASANT HILLS

• David Dodds to Robert Sucky at 424 Beam Drive for $148,000. • June Strobel Yost to Ghana Shyam and Damber Ballav Adhikari at 336 Challen Drive for $235,000. • McGuirk Family L.P. to McGuirk Properties LLC at 90 Clairton Blvd. for $375,000. • John McKee to Nataley Spierto at 134 Old Clairton Road for $134,900. • Zachary Leslie to Kaylee Feronti and Robson Mund at 320 Rennie Drive for $196,250. • Brianna Eiter et al. to Mark Surovchak at 427 Saratoga Drive for $159,900. • Steven Kelly et al. to Eric Dorman at 432 Torwood Lane for $141,000. PLUM

• William Skweres Jr. to Jason and Erin Bick at 491 Old Leechburg

$274,900. • George Riley Thomas II to P&B Realty Holding LLC at 220 Highpointe Drive for $210,000. • Ronald Bridge to Timothy Eggert Jr. and Megan Edkins at 2102 Meadow Lane for $180,000. • Donna Kenderski to Alexandra Cochran at 170 Orchard Spring Road for $140,000. • Estate of Mildred Urso to Nicholas and Rachel Simon at 254 Ryan Drive for $143,000. • Robert McAleer to Keisha Moore at 2147 Swallow Hill Road for $160,000. • Eleri Evans et al. to James and Dorothy Gazdik at 2034 Swallow Hill Road Unit 15 for $138,900. SEWICKLEY

• Charter Homes at Elmhurst Inc. to James and Mileen Jurcak at 892 Elmhurst Way for $477,990. • Lindsey Kevin Smith to Peter Simon and Amelia Weishaar at 732 Orchard Terrace for $600,200. SEWICKLEY HEIGHTS

• Philip Gulley to Michael and Elizabeth Rioran at 512 Backbone Road for $910,000. • Steven Clemente to S Scott and Linda Schober at 825 Persimmon Road for $1,590,000. • George Werner to Lynne Preisser at 106 Sewickley Heights Drive for $295,000. SEWICKLEY HILLS

• Mary Gretchen Kalenak to Catherine Irene and Christopher Hampel at 137 Sweetwater Drive for $673,000. SHALER

• Eleanor Comport to Beth Derunk at 1401 Burchfield Road for $142,000. • Stacie Amorose to Zachary Salac and Julia Girouard at 6201 Elter Court for $184,000. • James Robert Vidt to Neil Vidt and Suzanne Manula at 613 Flint Road for $148,179. • Brian Shipe to Timothy and Jennifer Lynn O’Neill at 119 Forliview Road for $136,900. • Martin Mielnicki to Jennifer Rakers at 7322 Gena Court for $170,000. • Estate of Albert Ross to Jason and Kathryn Rea at 2506 Hamilton Ave. for $175,004. • Angelo Taormina to Clem and Amber Trischler at 202 Hartle Road for $183,500. • Estate of Alice Meier to Patrick Jones at 269 Meier Lane for $148,200. • James Rogers to ABC Investment Group at 1831 Mt. Royal Blvd. for $130,000. • Thomas Pfeifer Jr. to Ryan Shea and Kristina Babyak at 2516 Oakwood Road for $136,000. • Jonathon Krystek to Joan Badzgon et al. and Elmer Badzgon at 3713 Willhaven Drive for $229,500. • Bernadette MacDonald Caldwell to Gabriel and Jennifer Maine at 1487 Wilson St. for $234,667. SOUTH FAYETTE

• Melissa Chacra Sommerer to Amanda Ocando at 7010 Clubview Drive for $135,000. • Margaret Fetrow to Patricia Condre at 7083 Clubview Drive Unit 310E for $215,000. • Stambrosky Homes Inc. to Richard and Christine Hetland trustee at 1414 Commons Lane for $357,500. • Steven Anthos to Stephen and Kelsey Markovitz at 5505 Forest Glen Court for $363,500. • Venkat Sriram Kothuri to Vijayan Ramalingam and Vijayalakshmi Nagarajan at 6038 Middlefield Drive for $325,000.

for $175,000. • Stephen Nagy to Shannon Kiel at 8 Kelly Court for $280,500. • Christopher Dietrich to Jessica Holibaugh at 1411 Sandstone Drive for $267,000. WEST MIFFLIN

• Gary Raymond to Carin Kosmoski at 1840 Clairton Road for $134,900. WEST VIEW

• William Charles Smith to Gerald Jacoby and Jesika Rodriguez at 9 Ann Arbor Ave. for $149,000. • Patricia Hooper to Sarah Slavic at 102 Martsolf Ave. for $146,700. WHITEHALL

• Estate of Harvey Hebert to Kula and Monika Dhaurali at 5065 Azalea Drive for $200,000. • Brian Homes Inc. to Tate Giles Investments LLC at 1527-1529 Dunluce Drive for $157,000. • Joshua Bridge to Adriana Sullivan at 5407 Fieldcrest Drive for $132,000. • NVR Inc. to David Dwornick at 5244 Lantern Hill Ext. for $226,707. • Frank Riccardi trustee to Elizabeth and Timothy Devita at 4809 S. Emblem Drive for $189,000.

(state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $598,000). • Stephen Fucsko III to Robert Werth and Danielle Tiani at 410 Parkwood Drive for $149,900. • James Melnik to James Feath and Sonia Chung at 5 Pine Brook Drive for $465,000. • Daniel Klimek to Daniel and Desiree Lioi at 2074 Powell Road for $202,000. • Mary Catherine Williams to Jason Jacobs at 133 Robinhood Drive for $159,899. • Richard Maas to Kathleen Moser trustee et al. and Linda Moser trustee at 120 Starview Lane for $342,500. • Bellevue Park Partn. L.P. to Mary Ann Haverlack at 243 Thorn Apple Lane for $364,007. • Eric Faber to Matthew and Kristen Harrison at 176 Village Drive for $321,000. DONEGAL

• Roy Ritter to Thomas and Tracy Garing at 620 E. Slippery Rock Road for $192,000. FORWARD


• Edward Paul Rooney to Jessiah and Allison Newman at 292 Margaret Ave. for $139,500. • Graf Custom Construction LLC to Luke and Leslie Wylie at 107 Williams Pointe Drive for $370,000.

• Mark Delfratte to Mary Ellen Christian at 230 E. Second St. for $177,500.

• Robert Warheit to Patrick and Sarah Rutledge at 2125 Prospect Road for $319,000.

• Daniella Milanovich to Steven Cody and Shannon Yakubik at 440 Center Grange Road for $169,440. • Michelle Telesz to Michael and Heather Deveaney at 1106 Chapel Road for $188,500. • Chase Fonner to Hannah and David Wytiaz at 105 Cottonwood Drive for $275,000. • April Lindner to Alexander and Carol Dundes at 287 Todd Lane for $152,500.

• Frederich White to Glenn and Sue Collins at 322 Second St. for $239,000. • Charles McFarland to Thomas and LaDonne Haus at 213 Charles St. for $150,000.


• Matthew Bates to Robert Zlot and Sandra Mau at 1017 Savannah Ave. for $310,000. BEAVER



• Richard Gay et al. to David and Michelle Dampman at 323 Blackhawk Road for $366,000. • Nancy W Marshall Trust to George and Mary Dorn at 111 Crosswynds Drive for $191,900. • Estate of Pauline Joan Stump to William and Rachelle Kostial at 119 Dogwood Drive for $190,000. • William Miklos Jr. to Jaison and Sara Lower at 126 Polk Ave. for $125,000. • Richard Rihely to Brandi Blazier at 141 Sunview Drive for $169,000. ECONOMY

• Peter Tepley to Matthew and Jodi Wilgosz at 110 Satellite Drive for $157,900. HARMONY

• Christina Teimouri et al. to Kenneth Parker at 906 Ridge Road for $212,000. NEW BRIGHTON

• Jerome Oliver to MRP Co. LLC at 1228 Third Ave. for $295,000. • Sonoco Protective Solutions Inc. to HQ Properties LLC at 831 Third Ave. for $212,500. NEW SEWICKLEY

• Joseph Wei Hwa Chu to Sharon Steinbacher at 578 Madison Blvd. for $225,000. NORTH SEWICKLEY

• John Wilson to Steven McGhin at 121 Little League Drive for $210,000. PATTERSON

• Richard Costolo to Bradford and Angela Arendosh at 89 St.




• Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Elaine Georgiades and Kenneth Novak at 319 Baron Court for $312,419. • Kenneth McCosby to Michelle Long at 340 Ridge Road for $155,000. • Maronda Homes Inc. to David Moore Jr. and Kendal Moore at 163 Rylie Drive for $215,211. • NVR Inc. to Jennifer and James Stelika at 287 Tollgate Road for $325,070. MIDDLESEX

• Hilary Lynn Dunlap to Erica Scott and Samuel Scott III at 111 Fulton Drive for $200,000. • NVR Inc. to Robert Ando Jr. and Laura Ando at 4050 Nightingale Drive for $451,510. • John Ciccconi to Andrew and Rebecca Veazey at 313 South Drive for $217,000. MUDDY CREEK

• Estate of Gerlad Crowley to Tyler Norton and Breonna Navolio at 119 Hickory Hollow Lane for $165,000. PENN

• Trophy Hunting Properties LLC to Elgin and Corbie Eissler at Beacon Light Road for $153,000. SEVEN FIELDS

• Kevin McDonough to Jeffrey Alan Leczo and Brooke Phipps at 311 Fairfax Court for $215,900. SLIPPERY ROCK TOWNSHIP

• Thomas Daddesio to Marsha Barbati at 107 W. Crossbow Lane for $264,900. SUMMIT

• Robert W Rodgers Revocable Living Trust to Aaron Vicari et al. and Matthew Martin at 155 Old East Butler Road for $200,000.


• Denise Elms to Robert and Lynnette Fortunato at 54A Pettit Road for $220,000.


• Sara Beverly to Susan Liegey at 515 Austin Ave. for $212,500. • K. Sidney Neuman trustee to Michael Episcopo at 220-222 Bower Hill Road for $225,000. • Jonathan Trau to Natalie Jo Colon Rivera at 517 Clemson Drive for $205,000. • Adrian Zein to Tonja Wicks at 104 Dupont Circle for $388,000. • Valerie Westcott to Henry Lee at 826 Florida Ave. for $270,000. • Dorothy Brown Shepard to Silvio Maeta at 401 Greenhurst Drive for $278,000. • Estate of Mary Harvey to Jonathan and Amanda Trau at 245 Jefferson Drive for $415,000. • Nickolas Certo to Michael and Candace Sullivan at 268 Kenforest Drive for $571,352. • Gary Kelly to National Residential Nominee Services In at 400 McCully St. for $310,750. • National Residential Nominee Services In to Carol and Michael Cullen at 400 McCully St. for $310,750. • Alexis Roy Cox to Fan Zhang and Yong Huang at 404 Salem Drive for $213,000. • Pradip Teredesai to Mark and Carina Perliman at 238 Twin Hill Drive for $600,000. • Cody Poppaw to Aaron and Adrienne Howe at 1350 Washington Road for $235,000. • Alan Bernthaler to Ashley Chichester and Caleb Cunningham at 1610 Williamsburg Road for $405,000.


• Amanda Lynn Pietrone to Shayla Mitrik at 3605 Mt. Troy Road for $146,000. RICHLAND

• Marcia Mainhart to Thomas and Catherine Chichilla at 5615 Fairfield Drive for $157,000. • Drew Kniese to Michael and Maryann Manion at 3877 Kim Lane for $417,000. • Richland Properties L.P. to Christopher and Karin Byrne at 184 Lori Road for $334,500. • Walleck Investments LLC to Katelyn Collinger and Luke Larson at 411 Vineyard Drive for $245,000. ROBINSON

• FC Aiken LLC to NVR Inc. at 107 Arbor Trail Drive for $168,000. • Dennis Hopper to Jason Senaway and Kristy Volchko at 5559 Glass Road for $179,900. • Ivan Parkes to Jason and Lisseth Madden at 278 Overlook Court for $241,000. ROSS

• Barbara Carpenter to John Santore at 418 Kittanning Pike for $385,000. • Esther Costanzo to Juan Uribe and Ella Serrato at 129 W. Marshall Drive for $300,000.

• Steven Jordan to Alyssa Poloyac and Christian Terchanik at 117 Second Ave. for $159,000. • Doris Lee aka Fessler to Justin Severino and Hilary Presott at 150 Adele Road for $254,000. • Richard Odato Jr. to Jonathan Anderson and Andrea Redhair at 402 Allenberry Drive for $140,000. • Matthew Halliday to Ashley Neptune at 371 Ambard Ave. for $129,000. • John Norris to Priscilla Beal and John Leuch Jr. at 7080 Bennington Woods Drive for $550,000. • Jonathan Edwards to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. at 109 Dixon Drive for $392,500. • Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Shelley and Derek Piekarski at 109 Dixon Drive for $390,000. • Priscilla Beal to Justin and Lauren Bentley at 145 Elm Road for $248,899. • Scott Williams et al. to Thomas and Maria Burke at 212 Highland Pines Drive for $211,000. • Dorothy Ingram trustee to Donald Cox Jr. and Melissa Cox at 118 Konzier Drive for $225,000. • Geraldine Yarnall to Keith and Barbara Coyne at 1107 Lenox Oval for $149,000. • Keith Coyne to Donald Swisher at 104 Lowland Drive for $190,000. • Nicholas Michaels to Randolph Makoski at 307 N. Balph Ave. for $130,000. • Teckla King to Melinda Wojno at 109 Pinewood Court for $134,000. • Joseph Williams to Daniel and Luisa Plazek at Ravenswood Ave. for $140,000. • Ryan Retetagos to Brian and Barbara Bollens at 326 Schlag Court for $450,000. • Shirley Adams to Richard and Abby Winkler at 7919 Spruce St. for $144,500. • William Derence to Diane Cowen at 407 409 Stanford Ave. for $140,000. • Amanda Laughlin Herb to Richard Andrews at 206 Valleyview Drive for $179,900. • Timothy Connors to Keith David and Donna Goedicke at 231 Washington Blvd. for $182,000.

• Estate of Jeanne Kaus to John Doyal at 607 Tenth St. for

• Highpoint Two LLC to Jonathan Lohman at 856 Highpoint Circle for


• Bernard Aber to Richard and RoseAnn Stewart at 234 Gates Drive for $149,900. NORTH FAYETTE

• Lindsay Rae Barner Gentino to Jennifer Ficarri at 803 Bayberry Lane for $135,000. • Michael Wheatley to Matthew and Stephanie Walluk at 79 Forest Glen Drive for $215,000. • Courtyards at the Preserves LLC to Mary Jo Jindra at 114 Hill Place Drive for $318,962. • Jeffrey Brown to Daniel and Beth Thorpe at 205 Hill Place Drive for $377,600. • Deborah Kolodziek to Joseph and Lindsay Gentino at 304 N. Branch Road for $175,000. • NVR Inc. to Evan and Abby Wisinski at 128 Saddle Ridge Drive for $322,195. O’HARA




• Roger Hatfield to David and Deborah Fossick at 5618 Broad St. for $216,000. • Dorothy Kessler to Samantha Hester at 1525 Harding Ave. for $127,000. • NVR Inc. to Christopher and Michelle Sefcheck at 128 Maria’s Way for $346,860. • Todd Bulebush to Charles and Janine Roberts at 1203 Snee Drive for $329,000. • Joan Vinay Caligiuri to David and Hollie Rocco at 1101 Tyhurst Lane for $155,000. • RPK Properties LLC to Joseph Dick at 6580 Zupancic Drive for $209,000. SOUTH VERSAILLES

• Thomas Clark to Frank Kessler at 2420 Inglewood Drive for $365,000. SWISSVALE

• Christopher Brown to Kara Branby at 7111 Harrison Ave. for $126,000. THORNBURG

• Matthew Deboer to Celia and Michael Bauer at 680 Hamilton Road for $340,000. UPPER ST. CLAIR

• Richard Wellins to Kevin and Whitney Lu at 2151 Blairmont Drive for $628,000. • Patricia Ringeling to Turan and Fatma Budak at 441 Clair Drive for $172,500. • Dominic Palombo Jr. to Robert Lewis Jr. and Sally Lewis at 2253 Country Club Drive for $342,500. • NVR Inc. to Richard and June Holliday at 1381 Diamond Court for $523,427. • John Worth Jr. to HP Pennsylvania 1 LLC at 1688 Ewing Circle for $347,500. • Fei Huang to Joseph and Jaime Houck at 1254 Greystone Drive for $325,000. • Peter Rossin to John and Elizabeth Thomas at 1500 Hollow Tree Drive for $650,000. • NVR Inc. to Michael Lentini et al. and Ashlee Lentini at 1467 Main St. for $600,894. • Thomas Dobrydney to Nermina Salkanovic and Armin Avdagic at 1249 Manor Drive for $225,000. • Cheryl O’Keeffe to William and Heather Rok at 2376 Rexford Drive for $257,000. • Drew Shaver to Drew Lanning and Thomasina Eiden at 1431 Rolling Meadow Circle for $290,000. • William Warren to Pine Creek Development at 2640 Thorntree Drive for $255,000. • Robert Blum to Richard and Ellen Lief Wellins at 185 Warwick Drive for $523,000. WEST DEER

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC to Chris and Alison Darsie at 892 Ashley Road for $317,349. • Gosta Frantz to Michael and Deborah Dobies at 4505 Dawn Road


• George Bowser to Kathleen Nealis at 122 Dravo St. for $125,000.


• Dustin McGrew to Stonewood Group LLC at 305 Broadstone Drive for $240,000. • Harumi Tomimatsu to Keith and Rebecca Arnold at 205 Cardinal Court for $389,900. • NVR Inc. to Shawn and Josiany Glancy at 221 Far View Lane for $371,235. • NVR Inc. to Allan Jones II et al. and Shelley Jones at 223 Far View Lane for $334,080. • NVR Inc. to Jennifer Reinke at 239 Gabriel Drive for $668,140. • Linda Thomson to Paula Sue Breen at 798 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $342,500. • Adams Pointe 3 L.P. to NVR Inc. at Pointe View Drive for $250,000. BRADY

• Kenneth Everhart to Shannon and Timothy McCreary at 646 Muddycreek Drive for $272,900. BUFFALO

• Robert Adams Jr. to Samuel and K Danielle Atkinson at 120 N. Pike Road for $139,000. BUTLER TOWNSHIP

• Christopher Rodgers to Michael and Carrie Smith at 247 Evans City Road for $136,000. CENTER

• Bercury Homes Ltd. to Benjamin and Amber Cranmer at 179 S. Benbrook Road for $219,900. CLAY

• Anna McGarvey to Robert and Peggy Ozmun at 131 Hunter Ridge Road for $265,000. CLEARFIELD

• Edward Yonker to Christopher and Stefanie Rodgers at 117 McShane Road for $162,000. CLINTON

• Richard Dillon to David and Tracy Dillon at 50 Crescent Drive for $142,000. • Benjamin Hines to Douglas and Courtney Digiovanni at 220 Malone Ridge Road for $340,000. • Ryamond Domachowski to Preston and Jerica Allison at 160 Point View Drive for $275,000. • Jurik Investments Ltd. to Property Solutions Enterprises LLC at 1219 Country Club Road for $250,000. • Kevin Kraft to Thomas Agrafiotis at 1249 Country Club Road for $156,000. CECIL

• Lauren Friedman to Patrick Sullivan at 2013 Bandek Lane for $274,000. • Kendall Cellupica to Walter Butkus Jr. and Margaret Butkus at 455 Cecil Henderson Road for $212,500. • NVR Inc. to Timothy and Alexandra Florescu Eubank at 208 Evandale Road for $554,850. • Jason Hensel to James Stewart and Mary Perry at 385 Jubilee Drive for $165,000. • NVR Inc. to Andrew Rice and Brittney Wylie at 1059 Oakbrooke Drive for $361,575. • NVR Inc. to Dominic Sottolano and Lauren Hollister Sottolano at 4062 Overview Drive for $428,100. • Sharyn Geisler to Donald Cunningham at 1722 Route 980 for $330,000. • John Basile to Christopher and Brandy Kennedy at 31 Sunnycrest Drive for $166,800. CENTERVILLE

• William Meyers to Dennis and Jerald Rogers at 38 Richeyville Road for $137,500. CHARTIERS

• Estate of Mary Kamperman to Antoinette Serio at 216 Glen Arden Circle for $226,500. HANOVER

• Christine Takacs to Leonard and Carrie Ann Cimperman at 20 Ridgeview Lane for $285,000. HOUSTON

• Michael O’Grady to Stefan Bernacki at 313 W. Pike St. for $274,000.

• Michel Stone to Gregory and Nicole Wallace at 180 Lardintown Road for $215,400. • Louise McCall to Benjamin Hobbs at 1202 Sun Mine Road for $150,750. • Stephen Kelly to Christopher and Kristine Marsico at 610 Tara Court for $385,000.

• Mansi Avella LLC to Shivram Properties LLC at 35 Campbell St. for $470,000.

• Pitell Contracting Inc. to Andrew Bruce and Lisa Allison Casteel at 127 Shelton Place Drive for $289,486.




• Mamta Bathla to James and Brandi Ringold at 609 Alex Court for $360,500. • Dylan Maddi to Gregory Lazenby and Sheila Kauffman at 400 Farmington Road for $245,000. • Estate of Patricia Anne Smith to Justin and Michelle Page at 100 Fox Run Road for $235,000. • Foxwood L.P. to Ryan and Melissa Helwig at 512 Foxwood Drive for $175,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $936,000). • Regional Industrial Development Corp. SW to Thornhill GW LLC at Freedom Road for $520,000. • William Pantis to Suanne and Thomas Krzeminski at 916 Glenwood Court for $272,000. • Ronald Cook to Deepak Ahuja at 228 Huntington Ridge Trail for $214,000. • Mark Spoentgen to Brian Martz at 816 Kara Circle for $299,000

• ARN Properties LLC to Kevin and Tawnya Richards at 45 Nannie St. for $210,900. • Anton Mikec to Brian and Rebecca Ballentine at 1127 Riggs Court for $395,000. • Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Ronald and Lynn Clark at 2137 Shawnee Drive for $284,900. • Daryl Price to Investment Avenue LLC at 710 Washington Road for $140,000. UNION

• Donald Bauer to Stacy Caruso and Kiel Webster at 6091 Route 88 for $222,000.


• Richard Youngo to John Carlisle and Katie Mitcheson at 13 Nancy Drive for $152,000. COOK

• Estate of Esther Stahl to Elise Wells and Arnold Roger Wigle at 3543 Route 130 for $152,500. DELMONT

• Gregory Neugebauer to Stephen Bailey at 180 Barrington Ridge for $209,900. • Estate of Eleanor Kulick to Robert and Heather Jobkar at 127 Herbert Lane for $139,000. DERRY TOWNSHIP

• David Dornauer to Joseph and Janice Sprock at 120 Lena Lane for $167,000. • Joseph Lynch to Ivan and Mabel Zimmerman at 6679 Route 982 for $170,000. FAIRFIELD

• Andrew Prociuk to Christopher and Rachael Leonard at 885 Creek Road for $207,000. GREENSBURG

• Mary Lou Fitch to David and Susan Pohland at 79946 Grandview Ave. for $165,000. • Anne Robertshaw to Timothy and Sarah Hines at 505 N. Maple Ave. for $218,750. HEMPFIELD

• Rita Doberneck to James and Amber Henry at 1706 1704 Business Route 66 for $265,000. • Brian Miedel to Matthew Woodward and Dennetta Ondrejko Woodward at 101 Emerald Drive for $243,000. • Eric Lazur to Gregg and Tamara Baker at 239 Jacobs Way for $380,000. • Estate of Sharon Marckioni to Christopher and Julie Craft at 4737 Route 136 for $140,000. • David Danko to Bradley Fullman and Kelly Wichrowski at 8013 SR 819 for $230,000. LATROBE

• Louis Marucco Jr. to Gregory Murphy at 612 St. Clair St. for $147,000. LIGONIER

• Lucas Boyd to Nancy Hangeland at 411 Washington St. for $243,000. LIGONIER TOWNSHIP


• Rickey Harton to Leanna Renee Rose at 145 Smithfield St. for $127,000.

Andrews Drive for $183,500.


• R. Witchey Jr. to Darlene Miller at 28 Elena Drive for $165,000. • Targeted Real Estate Services LLC to Mark Lanzino Jr. and Ashley Capiross at 2843 Hastings Drive for $165,000. • Thomas Hornack II to Joseph and Sara Schwartz at 156 Jefferson Drive for $155,000.


• Balaverasamy Sundararajan to Praveen Jacob and Nimisha Praveen at 6043 Middlefield Drive for $319,055. • Karen Soroka to Matthew and Cassidy Gerhardt at 2169 Morning Wind Circle for $176,500. • Jill Lipsitz to William Heinz at 1240 Parkside Drive for $255,000. • Mary Jo Jindra to Jason Welling and Eunah Park at 8022 Saddlewood Drive for $285,000. • Eugene Tomasello to Priscilla Boyle at 9010 Sundance Drive for $222,500. • Tamara Ann Hareza to Matthew Tripodi and Ellen Malinoski at 104 Winchester Drive for $253,000.

• Caryn Lynn Ankrom Verno estate Et to Travis and Karolina Powell at 30 Lakeview Drive for $390,000.


• Dennis Horrell to Rachel Macyda and Travis Crawford at 226 N. Ellsworth St. for $130,000.

Road for $269,000. • Robert Goldberg to Mark Arbore at 509 Rainier Drive for $163,000.


• Estate of William Ardisson to RTW Resources LLC at 513 Austraw Road for $261,250. • Zachary Willens to Aaron and Deanne Magnani at 45 Owl Hollow Road for $292,500. • Raymond Valosik to Charles and Cheryl Race at 2436 SR 30 for $160,000.


Hebert at 212 Noble Woods Drive for $264,620. • Norma Fazio to Thomoas and Amy Kruise at 638 Parkridge Lane for $157,900. • Ella McArdle et al. to Tracey Tollis at 160 Pear Orchard Road for $150,000. • NVR Inc. to Kieran and Suzanne Kenny at 343 Ranchero Drive for $346,260. • NVR Inc. to Joan Thunell Williams at 346 Ranchero Drive for $335,487. • Catherine Hornstein trustee to Laura Rae and William Deer at 231 Springer Drive for $225,000.

• Carol Butler to David and Hannah Dodds at 304 Friar Lane for $230,000. • Otto & Barbara J Szabo Jr. Living Trust to Richard and Dayna Lips at 599 McCombs Drive for $299,500. • Joan Cisko to Daniel and Diane Higgins at 206 Old Oak Road for $185,000. • Nikki Cararie to Christopher and Terri Widdick at 110 Sunridge Drive for $238,500. • Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC to Robert Hammel Jr. and Tara Hammel at 518 Villa Drive for $1,454,000.



• Jason Barr to Justin Kieffer at 50 Holly Ridge Drive for $199,900. • Grace Northrop to Matthew Brezinski and Nicole Van Horne at 710 S. Main St. for $221,000. • Brian Leonhard to Paragon Relocation Resources Inc. at 113 Amber Woods Drive for $285,000. • Paragon Relocation Resources Inc. to Bren Wrona Norris at 113 Amber Woods Drive for $285,000. • NVR Inc. to James and Melissa Pierce at 4045 Bentwood Drive for $329,511. • Nancy McCaffrey to Briana and Jeffrey Conroy at 288 Green Valley Road for $164,000. • Caleb Joseph Ward to Robert Wohleber III and Martha Isabel Wohleber at 1395 Meadowbrook Drive for $272,000. • David A & Ruth E Collett Family Trust to Michael and Virginia Zemaitis at 1017 Saddleclub Drive for $400,000. • B & C Western Pennsylvania Realty LLC to A & S Landscaping at 2100 Washington Road for $500,000. PETERS

• Linda Taylor to Brian and Cindy Miedel at 601 Drover Drive for $665,000.



• NVR Inc. to Barbara McPoland at 385 Brandywine Drive for $366,439. • Estate of Joseph Dwornick to Ernest and Lori Pisarcik at 112 Gregory Drive for $143,500. • Michael Haendler to Lori Brisbine at 220 222 Manor View Drive for $149,900. • Daniel Pomeroy to Richard and Maryann Youngo at 234 Manor View Drive for $149,000. • Patriot Homes USA Inc. to Ronald Edgar and Gail Flower at 2050 Stone Bridge Court for $375,000. MURRYSVILLE

• Daniel Feth to Andrew and Nichole Dudley at 2918 Arrowhead Court for $213,500. • Harvest Assoc. L.P. to Ruth Toocheck at 4709 Cooper Lane for $270,000. • Mary Louise Sheehy to John and Deborah Kearney at 303 Georgetown Lane for $250,000. • James Kohosek to Matthew and Allyshia Kohosek at 2581 Haymaker Farm Road for $350,000. • John Elisco to Nathan and Sara Mahaven at 3946 Ivy Drive for $252,000. • Elias Leslie Graham to PJH Properties LLC at 47740 Nob Hill Drive for $140,000. NORTH HUNTINGDON

• James Haitz to Eric and Stacy McGonigal at 711 Adele Drive for $227,000. • David Prohaska to Jeremy Fisher and Julie Marhefka Fisher at 271 Garden Center Court for $275,000. • RSCH Realty L.P. to Anne Kelly at 2313 Kelsey Court for $299,900. • Estate of Alba Fallas to Nicole Airhart at 671 Susan Drive for $141,000. PENN TOWNSHIP

• David Hobbins to Gretchen Wilson at 135 Ashbaugh Road for $136,000. • Sany Hill Meadows Builders LLC to Bruce and Kathy Kraynack at 102 Meadow Court for $341,000. • Estate of Sharon Marckioni to Colin and Christen Sheehy at 1002 Pheasant Lane for $194,000. • Thomas Klingensmith to William Fenk Jr. and Denise Fenk at 7 Thomas Jefferson Court for $523,000. • Theodore Geibel to Orin and Carol Bache at 1006 Trailside Court for $238,000. ROSTRAVER

• David Hamley to Clinton Manown III at 324 332 Gemstone Lane for $263,000. • Donald Filtz to Joseph Classic and Marsha Gulya at 321 Spring Road for $175,000. • Peter McConnell to Paul and Shannon Antonic at 156 Valley View Drive for $345,000. SEWICKLEY TOWNSHIP

• Mildred Pezze to Albert Seeke IV and Debra West at 255 Hickory St. for $125,000. SOUTH GREENSBURG

• Maronda Homes Inc. to Richard Charles Cavicchia at 112 Holly Hill Drive for $197,704. WASHINGTON

• Randy Retter to Douglas and Marian Stockdale at 148 Highview Drive for $240,000. • Kevin McQuistian to Nathan Fink and Taylor Vitolo at 577 Shingler Drive for $230,000.

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2.5bed 1 bath 1acre, 2 car garage + outbuildings. Completely remodeled in/ out 818 Bethel Church Rd. $76K Call 724-244-0448

Tidwell Realty Gets Results!

Let Linda Tidwell and the Tidwell Team show you how a team effort can make a BIG difference when buying or selling your home. 724-832-1100

MILLER AVENUE APARTMENTS 15 Miller Avenue Duquesne, PA 15110

Rich Creo 412-915-8627

LOT FOR RENT- Bethel Church Rd. Latrobe. Mobile home lot - water, septic & garbage included. 724-593-7249

OPEN HOUSE Sun, 10/16/16 *1pm- 3pm PLUM $157,500 308 Tahoe Dr, 15239 Holiday Park split entry, huge corner lot! Hardwood floors, finished lower level w/ possible 4th br, walk out gamerm leading to covered 22 x10 patio. Dir: Rte 286, at Kings turn onto Presque Isle, left Tahoe.

Re/Max Realty Centre 412-856-2000 x143 Rich Creo 412-915-8627

LOWER BURRELL '98 Oakwood, all electric, 3 BR, heat pump, C/A, porch included. $9k. Very good condition. 724-335-8330

WEST NEWTON- VOYAGER ESTATES Brand New Manufactured Homes FOR SALE & RENT. Includes kitchen appliances, A/C and 8x10 storage shed, starting at $675+. 724-872-8245.

Modern Luxury Villas

PERRYOPOLIS Sun, Oct 16, Noon- 3pm, 101 Strickler St, 15473; 3br, 2 ba, large eat in equipped kit, C/A, fireplaces, 1.9 acres beautifully landscaped, inground pool, patio, 2 car garage, award winning schools, $349,500; 412-343-8820

For Sale! Model Open! Villas of Willow Estates Willow Est. Plan, N. Huntingdon Complete Packages Under $350,000 Rt. 30, Turn on Colonial Manor, Left into Willow Est., on Derby Ct All Star Homes 412-877-2112 Select Your Home Site Today


Do you own an unwanted house?

WEST MIFFLIN - 15122 704 Muldowney Ave. 3 bedroom 2 bath. Completely remodeled. $135,000 Laura Buys Houses Call Now: 412-336-8890

Bank Ordered Auctions Saturday, October 22nd 11am, 832 Morrell Ave, Connellsville 11:30am, 1237 Rt. 30 Laughlintown 1pm, 2715 W. Crawford,Connellsville 3:30pm, 1203 Second St.,Brownsville 800-262-3050 Auction World USA, Inc. AY-59-L

DELMONT, 2 BR, 2 1/2 BA, garage, quiet street, washer/ dryer included. $1000/mo. + gas, elec. & water. Call 724-493-3330 GREENSBURG 1 1/2 blocks from hospital, 2 bedroom townhouse, 1 1/2 baths, basement, off street parking, no pets. $525+ utilities. 724-837-0190 GREENSBURG 1 bdr near hospital, appliances, coin laundry. $495+ elec. Pet ok.724-396-8437

Affordable Housing

IRWIN 1 loft bedroom, appliances, off street parking, No pets, $425+ electric & $200 deposit. 724-309-8165, 724-771-5758

GREENSBURG 1 BR, Appliances, Private entrance, Garage, Deck, No pets, No smoking. $515 includes all but elec. 724-423-5054

JEANNETTE 2 Bedroom, Division St. Nice, New Carpet & Paint. includes all utilities & Appliances $600. 724-523-3256

Supportive Housing Management Services, Inc. (SHMS)

GREENSBURG 2 Bdr upper floor, all appliances, large eat in kithen, new carpet, $600 plus gas & elec. No Pets. Sec Dep. 724-454-5183


GREENSBURG: 3 room efficiency, all utilities included 2nd floor, appliances, laundry,parking, no pets /smoking, $550+. 412-610-0271

JEANNETTE/ARLINGTON, Spacious, 2 bedroom townhouse, appliances, newer carpet, laundry attachments, 1 car garage with remote access, no dogs $590+. 724-523-3131

412-276-6677 711 TTY

     For more information... please contact


NATRONA HEIGHTS 4 BR, 1.5 BA, garage, $950 month, 1 month security, credit check, 1 yr lease. 412-526-7283 NATRONA HEIGHTS - Efficiency, equipped kitchen off xway, no pets, $485 includes all. Call 724-681-6063

McKeesport/ Port Vue Area 1 Bedroom, w/w Carpet, Equipped Kitchen, Intercom, and Laundry Room

NORTH VERSAILLES Residential. Spacious 2BR apts., equipped kitchens, separate entrances, NO Steps, parking available. No pets, smoking, or section 8. Credit & criminal background check. Starting at $575+ G/E and security deposit. 412-463-5862

Tenant Rent is 30% Of Income. Qualified by; Income, Age, or Mobility Impairment

Call (412)829-3910 1(800)238-7555 Now Renting

1842 Washington St. Heidelberg, PA 15106

1 & 2 Bedroom Units Opening October 2016

• Equipped Kitchens • Laundry Facility • Intercom System • Accessible Units Available • Preference on 21 units for person's on Autism spectrum • Section 8 Vouchers Accepted • Smoke Free Environment PREFERENCE FOR PERSONS ON AUTISM SPECTRUM


1 Bedroom $575+ Electric 2 Bedroom $675+ Electric      Applications & Assistance Available Mon - Fri For more info, please contact

Supportive Housing Management Services, Inc. (SHMS) 803 E. Pittsburgh Plaza East Pittsburgh, PA 15112

1(800)238-7555 412-829-3910 Income Limits Apply


1 Bedroom, $450+ month plus utilities. 724-516-2164

GREENSBURG Beautiful, 1Br, appliances, laundry, parking, No pets. Non smoking premises. $600 includes util. 724-454-6880  GREENSBURG BREEZE HILL APT. Updated Kitchen & Bath. 1 & 2 Bedrooms W/W, Appliances, Air. Spacious, Bright & Airy Quiet area. No Pets. 724-972-6886 or 724-331-1974

GREENSBURG Immaculate Park Lane Townhomes. Sale/ Lease. Quiet residential neighborhood. C/A, Gas fireplace, Fully equipped kitchen, 2 car garage. 3 BR, 2.5 BA, Tenant pays Gas heat & Elec. $1325/mo. No under grads, No pets. 724-850-7768 GREENSBURG, Near Hospital, Nice 2 BR,2nd floor, air, equipped kitchen, laundry facility, no dogs, $615+ utilities. 724-523-3131

DAVE WRIGHT APARTMENTS AVIGNON HOMES Custom Built Homes On Your Lot Fayette and Westmoreland Counties Homes Ranging From $80,000 to $250,000 Call For A Free Brochure 724-925-1260

Now Taking Applications For 2 Bedroom Apt's Section 8-NO VOUCHER NEEDED! Includes: Water/ Trash/ Sewer.Credit/ Criminal Checks. For More Info Call Office 724-696-4015

IRWIN Newly Remodeled 2 Bedroom, H/W Floors, New Carpet, Equipped Kitchen. $575+ Electric.. No Pets. 412-680-4674

We are now accepting applications for 2 & 3 bedroom units. Fully equipped with kitchen appliances, Units have wall to wall carpeting OR laminate wood flooring, A/C. Laundry facilities on site. Playground & ample parking. Close to schools, shopping and daycare. Section 8 eligibility requirements as well as income limits do apply.


Hempfield, 1 to 9 acres, All utilities. Starting at $75,000. Please call 724-837-7262

BREABURN 1 and 2 Bedroom, laundry, parking, Country setting, no pets. Call: 724-339-0500

GREENSBURG - 1 Bedroom $500/mo + electric Single occupancy. No pets No HUD Call: 4-8pm 412-558-5866 LM

1 BEDROOM - $425

Equipped Kitchen, W/W, Intercom System, Laundry Room, Community Room, On Busline

Section 8 Vouchers Accepted

PYMATUNING LAKE LOTS, Minutes to the dam, w/sewer, w/creek. From $2900 to $5750. Financing Avail. 330-599-9250

Under New Ownership


IRWIN/ N. HUNTINGDON Charming 2nd floor , 1 BR, w/w, appliances, parking, porch, NO pets / smoking, $560 includes all utilities. 724-863-6804

Income Guidelines Apply

DERRY BORO, 1.7 acres, wooded w/utilities. 3 yrs free property tax on new construction. is subdivided into 5 lots or 1 lg lot. $35,000. 412-855-8642


ARNOLD/NEW KENSINGTON 1, 2 or 3 bedroom, equipped some utilities included. 724-335-5550

GREENSBURG 1 Bedroom $500 includes free heat. Convenient location. No smoking, no pets. Call: 724-834-2128


Re/Max Realty Centre 412-856-2000 x143

An elderly subsidized senior community for residents 62 years of age or older, is now accepting applications for 1 bedroom units, w/w carpeting, equipped kitchen and a/c. Monthly rent based on annual income.

412-247-4973 for more info


OPEN HOUSE Sun, 10/16/16 *1pm- 3pm Greensburg, $289,500 904 Kunkle Ave, 15601 Contemporary 3br ranch, 2.5 ba, beamed vaulted ceilings, fireplace, hardwood floors, beautiful large lot, 3 car integral garage, potential in-law suite. Dir: North on Main St, left Chestnut Hill Plan, right Chestnut Hill, left Kunkle.


WHITE OAK 2 Bdr 2nd Fl $685 + Elect. Water, Sewer & Trash Included. Call 412-360-9363

WHITE OAK FARMS 2 Bedroom, Fully Equipped, A/C, Country Setting, FREE HEAT, Pool/ Tennis.

Manager 855-364-6811


WHITE OAK FARMS Spacious, Updated 2 Bedroom, Quiet Country Setting, Property Manager 855-364-6811 Brandywine

APOLLO - 1 BR, 2nd floor, fully furnished, everything included, $700. 724-478-3673 FORD CITY AREA - 2 car garage, 2 BR, 1.5 BA, washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, A/C, $1095+. 724548-2288 W. KITTANNING - 2 BR, 1.5 BA, Adults 55+ Apt. Community. Dishwasher, stove, refrigerator. Washer, dryer in building. Deck, parking. $695+ 724-548-2288



Hempfield Twp. Unity Twp. All utilities Starting at $45K Buy Now - Build Later




GREENSBURG Recently updated 1BR, Equipped Kitchen, $495+ utilities. (724)423-5949 GREENSBURG Very spacious 3 br (2nd/ 3rd floor) duplex, with large private patio, lovely upscale neighborhood. Laundry/ storage room. All kitchen + laundry appliances incl. Street parking, no pets, smoke free. $675 plus util. 724-834-5043


First Month FREE

for qualified applicants. $100 Security Deposit 2 Bedroom Apts. NO APPLICATION FEE Heat, A/C & Electric ALL Included! Off Street Parking 750 N. Main St. E-3, Greensburg 724-837-4146 [email protected]

JEANNETTE Convenient/ Quiet Rt.130 area, Super Clean, Newly remodeled, Lg. 2BR Duplex, no pets $575+ App. req. 412-610-0304

Jeannette - OlderSenior, newly furnished 1 bedroom, 1st floor $475, No smoking / pets 724-838-1210 LATROBE 1 bedroom secluded $495+ utilities. 1 floor living. Agent Owned. No pets. Call: 724-610-9007 LATROBE AREA Remodeled, 1& 2 bedroom Section 8 accepted Call: 724-875-0882 Latrobe, Holiday Acres, Accepting applications for 3 Bedroom units (3-7 occupants). Rent is income based. Call 724-539-7010.

LATROBE One bedroom, newly renovated, beautiful quiet neighborhood, NO PETS. 724-875-0896


Summit Apts 1 & 2 Bedroom, Central Air, fully equipped kitchens. Heated Pool. 6 & 12 month leases available. Call today!! 724-539-3224 EHO

LIGONIER, 2BR, residential area, w/w, updated equipped kitchen, on street parking available, equipped laundry on premises, backyard for relaxing. $610+ elecric. 412-459-0111x777 MOVE-IN SPECIAL Last Month's Rent Free Kensington Arms Eff. or 1 BR, Historic Building, eqpd. kitchens, w/w, security & elevator bldg. FREE HEAT & BASIC CABLE Manager 877-571-3004 MT. PLEASANT 2BR townhome, 1 BA, Appliances, Gas heat & A/C, Full basement. Off street parking. $600+ utilities. 724-547-6310 MT PLEASANT 3Bdr, Appliances. $775+ Elec/ Water/ Sewage. Off Street Parking, Yard. Call 412-607-6132

Mt. Pleasant


2 BR Townhomes W/W, Appliances, Air 724-331-8947 


MT. PLEASANT - Main Street. 2nd fl. 1 BR, no smoking or pets. Heat, water, sewage included. $495. 724-547-0604 N. HUNTINGDON, Quality, 2 BR Townhouse, appliances, Air, 1 car garage, remote access, Laundry / Hook Up, No Dogs. $725+. Call: 724-523-3131 NEW ALEXANDRIA 2 bedroom $600+ gas & electric. Pets ok. Country setting, Section 8 / HUD accepted. 724-875-0896 NEW KENSINGTON - 1st floor, furnished efficiency, $375 + elec. 724-337-7270 or 724-493-1293 NEW KENSINGTON 2nd Fl, 1Br, Equipped Kitchen, Large Porch. No Pets. Non smoking premises. Sec Dep/ Ref. $500 Includes Utilities. Call 724-337-8067

Get what you want. Sell what you don’t.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · G9

SCOTTDALE - NOW RENTING Laurel Hill 2 Bedroom Apts. Come to the office to find out about the specials. 1204 Gurley Drive, Scottdale Credit & background check. Tel / Fax: 724-887-3280TDD: 1-800-654-5984 This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer.

PLEASANT UNITY: 2BR upstairs apt. $625 + elec. No pets. No HUD!l 724-423-5591 leave message. ROSTRAVER/ FELLSBURG, Country setting, newly renovated equipped eat in kit, no pets. private entrance, laundry facilities, $600 plus util. Call 724-837-5117


TARENTUM - 2nd floor, new, 2 BR, A/C & equipped kitchen, $600+. 724-337-7270 or 724493-1293 TRAFFORD/ LEVEL GREEN 2BR duplex, 1st floor, equipped kitchen & laundry, 6 month lease. $550 included gas; 412-884-8950 UNITY TWP - Townhouse in Wimmerton for rent. 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, $615/mo + all utilities. Nice neighborhood. No pets. 724-537-0701 VANDERGRIFT Large 3 BR, 2 story, Equipped kitchen & laundry. Section 8 ready. No pets. Call 724-568-2546


YOUNGWOOD: Sm. 1 Br. House, Appliances, Laundry Hook-Up. Carpet, C/A, Lease. No Pets, $500+ 724-532-5865

WASHINGTON TWP 3 bedroom, includes water, garbage & sewage. No pets. $580+ deposit. 724-552-3737 WEST NEWTON, 2nd floor, 2 lg. BR, w/w, kitchen appliances, garage, cellar, $395 + utilities. 724-872-8135 YOUNGWOOD 1st floor, private entrance, appliances & all utilities included. Quiet neighborhood. $675. No smoking 703-987-1056

1-2 Bdr Apts $550-$650+Utils. 4Bdr House $875+Utils. All Section 8 Appropved. 3 Bdr $850+ Utils. No Sec 8 LATROBE 1-2 Bdr's $538- $750 + Elec Includes Gas Call Paula 724-733-8006 Between 9am-5pm Phoenician Realty Group LLC

CHESWICK AREA- Rental homes, Fox Chapel School Dist., 2 & 3 bedrooms. 724-468-4131 LIBERTY BORO newly remodeled 2 br, new equipped kit & laundry, C/A, off st parking, rear deck, large storage shed, level lot, $750 plus util, dep, credit check; 412-754-1647

NORTH VERSAILLES Just renovated 2BR, single family home on quiet street. Gorgeous equipped eat-in kitchen, new W/W, central air conditioning, complete electric laundry hookup, integral garage w/plenty of storage, Fios ready, near WalMart. No pets, smoking or sect. 8. Credit & criminal background check. $750+ all util. & security deposit. 412-463-5862


G10- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

PITCAIRN, Cozy 2 Story, 2 BR, equipped kitchen, covered porch, small yard, Gateway School Dist. $595+ 412-823-8669

GREENSBURG 2 BR, Saybrook, New carpet, 1.5 BA, garage, gas heat, $795. Pets considered. no smoking. 724-837-7109

NEW ALEX Spacious 4BR, 2BA Farm house. Fireplace, 4 car poll bldg., sits on 2 acres. No pets/ smoke $1200/mo 724-834-8686

GREENSBURG 3 bedroom ranch, 135 Crissinger Rd., big yard, big covered porch, C/A $1395+. Availnow. No pets.724-836-5865 724-875-8381

NEW KENSINGTON/ PARNASSUS, 2br, 6 rooms, laundry room on 1st floor, well maintained, C/A, no pets, $585 plus util. 724-472-4141

GREENSBURG Gorgeous 2 BR townhouse, appliances, air, fireplace, deck, garage, No pets/ smoking. $900+ 724-834-8686 GREENSBURG Lg 1 Bdr Duplex Near Hospital. $450+ Utils. Sec. Dep. No Sec 8. Off St. Parking. 724-837-4805 JEANNETTE: Large brick duplex, off Route 30, 2 BR, kitchen with appliances, finished basement, laundry hook-ups, lighted off street parking, new furnace and large lawn area. $675+ utilities. Available now. Call 412-554-0555.

Seven Springs Area Indian Head 2 BR, 1 BA, partially finished basement, appliances, wall to wall carpet, references, security deposit $600/mo. + utilities. No Pets, Optional Garage $100/mo. 724-396-4382

UNIONTOWN - 2 BR, $650 mo. plus security, Fridge & stove included. 724-880-8162

ARNOLD/NEW KENSINGTON 2 & 3 bedroom. 724-335-5550 CRABTREE Private Remodeled 2 Story Home And A Duplex. Ideal Location! Both With Kitchen Appliances. Fully Insulated. No Smoking. No Pets. Home $790/ Duplex $600. Sec Dep Call 724-837-5638 FREEPORT - Immaculate Fully restored, 4 BR, 2 BA, fenced yard, 2 porches, No smoking/pets, $850 mo. + utilities. Credit required. 412-855-0637 GREENSBURG 2 BR duplex, 2nd & 3rd floor. No pets. Smoke Free. $575+ Call: 724-837-4431

JEANNETTE: Off Route 30 - 3 Bdrm, Full Basement, Covered Patio with Yard, $685+ Utilities. 412-554-0555 LEVEL GREEN Old Gate Rd., 3 BR, 1.5 BA,2 Car garage, no pets /smoking, $1000 +.724-837-4431 LINWOOD BVA Schools -2Br. 2 story Townhouse with private basement, freshly painted, ceramic tiled bathroom, ceramic top stove, double door frig., microwave, central air, gas heat, double pane windows, no smoking, no dogs, Rent $625 plus low utilities. Phone. 724-929-4138 LOWER BURRELL, 2 BR, 1.5 ba, equipped kit, C/A, patio, basement, $700 plus util & sec. 724-335-9996

MANOR Remodeld 3 Bdr Duplex Hempfield School Dist. . A/C, Hardwood Floors $675+ Utils. No pets. Call 412-680-4674 MT PLEASANT 3 BR, 2 BA,all appliances, C/A, new paint/ carpet, hook ups, parking, yard. No pets /smoking, $675 +. 724-547-2952 MT PLEASANT, 3 BR, REMODELED,APPLIANCES,C/A, GARAGE,BIG YARD, PATIO, NICE NEIGHBORHOOD, NO PETS/ SMOKING, $900+. 724547-2952 MURRYSVILLE: Townhome, 2 BR, 1.5 BA, Air, Garage, appliances, Nice setting. No Pets $980+ Call: 724-689-2896

S. HUNTINGTON TWP 6 room house, 1 full Bath in country setting on State Hill Rd. In Smithton PA. $725+ utilities. [email protected]


2Bdr, 1 Ba $895 + Utlis. 3Bdr, 1Ba $795+ Utils. Security Deposits On Both Equipped Kitchens. No Pets. Non Smoking Premises.

Call 724-887-4867 SOUTH GREENSBURG 3 bedroom 2 bath, laundry, fenced back yard, Available Oct 15th, $850 + utilities. 724-689-6314

SUBURBAN ESTATES New 2 & 3 Bdr Homes

$700 To $950/Rent Or LTP/

Criminal/Credit Check/Deposit.

Call 724-834-0931

UNITY TWP./LATROBE, Country Living, Updated, 2 BR Duplex, All Appliances, A/C, No pets. No Smoking. $600+. 724-834-8686. VANDERGRIFT, 2 BR, LV, DR covered front porch, $500+ utilities & security deposit required. Available Nov 1. 724-724-2047 WEST NEWTON AREA 2 Bdr. No Pets. Lease/ Sec Dep. $600 Includes Water/ Garbage. Call 724-872-8289


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · G11

Autumn Brook Apt. Homes



NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS! Beautiful elderly high rise apartment building with:


1 & 2 Bedroom Garden Apts. 3 & 4 bedroom townhouses. 1 & 2 bedroom ADA Units. Utilities included. Rent based on income. Mon-Fri. 724-836-5260


1 Bedroom W/W Carpet Equipped Kitchen Laundry Facilities.

No Security Deposit!!

Immediate Occupancy Call: 724-837-5015 Serene Setting No Security Deposit. Pet Friendly! 1 Month Free Rent w/ 18 Mon. Lease!

Located off Rt.30 in wooded setting. Min. to mall, shopping & PA Pike Mon-Fri. 8-5



Call For Details! 724-837-5015



NEWLY DECORATED 1 bedroom Apts. $470



Get what you want. Sell what you don’t.

LATROBE AREA Whitney South Townhouses & Garden Apartments. 2 bedrooms, 1-1/2 to 2 baths, fully equipped kitchen, w/w, garage, central air, no pets. 724-423-6685 LATROBE OLYMPIA/WIMMERTON 62 & Older, Handicapped/ Disabled, regardless of Age 1 bedroom unit, country setting. Public transportation. Heated pool+ more USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender 724-539-3224/ TT800-654-5984


Near Blackridge and Penn Hills. On Busline! Accepting applications for AGE 50+ Seniors Rent Based on Income  1 BR & studios, utilities included  Equipped kitchen  A/C  W/W carpet  Laundry facility  Intercom system  Elevators  On-site parking & management Call 412-241-8280 Mon-Fri for information


Immediate Occupancy


Interested parties must meet eligibility criteria. Must be 62 yrs.or older or have a qualified handicap / disability. Must meet income guidelines. Call 724-832-7500 Voice/Relay 137 Harrison Ave. Greensburg

LARGE 1 & 2 bedrooms Lots of closets Fully equipped kitchen Well lit off street parking Laundry facilities Air conditioning Balconies Available

Greensburg / Crestview






G12- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

LIGONIER Clean 3 BR $600, quiet, wooded, no smoking/pets, Need 4WD for winter, Security & References. 724-953-7677 NORTH HUNTINGDON 2 BR, 1 BA, equipped kit, shed, no pets, Background check $400+. 412-849-5341

For Rent, Ligonier Office Bldg., 2 floors, 1800 sq. ft. multiple offices & common rooms. $1400 per mo. + utilities. 724-593-7333


WAREHOUSE 33,000 sq. ft., high cube 724-366-4196.

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC Plantation Resort, 3 miles south of Myrtle Beach. Timeshare/ Sale, Yearly use, floating week, sleeps 6, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, Free closing/ transfer fees. 412-953-6765

WARREN COUNTY, Beautiful brick victorian, 3 apts, zoned commercial, needs attention, 216-849-9551

View and purchase historic photos! Photo Antiquities collection includes old Pittsburgh, historic figures, Civil War portraits, and more.


GREENSBURG Garage Rental for car. Secure, Dry. $90/ mo. 1 Yr. Lease. Call 724-837-7262

Log on to Click on the Photo Antiquities album

Free Pre-Approval for Purchase or Refinancing thru Victorian Finance, LLC. Call Bill Spina for details. 412-860-4903 Licensed by the Pa Dept of banking #22781 NMLS #140112

Armbrust Professional Center 8201 Rt 819, Greensburg, PA 15601 Available 14,000 sqft of office space with private parking. For location and directions call...

Welcome Home to


724-925-9269 • M-F 9-5

MT PLEASANT - Retail Office or Commercial Reduced Rate. In Plaza with Parking & Drive-thru potential 1542sqft. 724-516-2164

Elderly admission preference. Rent based on 30% of income. 1X75-FIL-8

Spacious One Bedroom Apartments Utilities Included

Get what you want. Sell what you don’t.

(except phone & cable)

MURRYSVILLE, Office space for rent, Multiple units, 1163 & 480 sq ft. & heated shop Call for info 412-793-1440

Call Today:

NEW KENSINGTON Professional/ Med Bldg. high traffic/ visibilty, elevator, 2000/ 1000/ 500 sq. ft. suites avail. 724-335-9996


TTY: (800) 654-5988 adno=6377516

120 East Peach Street Connellsville, PA 15425


Copyright for all the images remains with the Photo Antiquities Museum of Photographic History.

Log on today to explore the entire collection.


Visit and click on the “Pittsburgh Photo Antiquities” album to view and order prints of historical photos. Collection includes Civil War era, Pittsburgh, and more. Prices start at just $15.


Journey into the past with vintage photos from the Photo Antiquities Museum!

Thinking of Buying or Selling? MAKE THE RIGHT MOVE Call MARILYN DAVIS Serving Central Westmoreland County Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Greensburg 724-838-3660 784-858-7777


! %$!#"

H1 # $%" &(!'



H2- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016



Longer commutes may be hazardous to your health Researchers find many problems in those who travel more than 2 hours per day

By Chris Gelbach CTW FeaTures

preparing food, eating meals with family, sleeping, and spending time with family members and friends. Other studies have linked long commutes to everything from greater stress to obesity to back problems. Additional research by Erika Sandow of Sweden’s Umea University has even associated long commutes with a 40 percent increase in divorce and with early death in female workers. “Several studies show that longer commutes are psychologically problematic, and that’s one piece to consider, as well,” says Kaufman. The Rudin Center’s 2012 study

Bell Ringers

Make extra cash for the holidays helping others. Contact Major Fullwood at 724-834-3335 / 724834-1972 or 131 East Otterman Street. Greensburg, PA 15601


Murrysville, Export, & Surrounding Areas! *Safety Equipment *Gas Line Connectors *Window Screens *Electronic Contacts *Warehouse & Packaging Potential For Long Term, Temp-to-Hire & OT! Call Today! 412-856-3666 Visit:

ASSEMBLY WORK 1st Shift Only - $9/hr

Apply Tues-Fri 8am-Noon

100 Papercraft Park Blawnox 15238 Please Bring ID(s) Steel Toes & Drug Screen Required


Asst Store Manager Full Time w/benefits

Experience Helpful Apply at: Held's Shop N Save, N. Apollo 724-478-4751

BANK POSITION Full / Part Time


Westmoreland Federal Savings, Latrobe. Please Call:



Part Time Latrobe/Greensburg area We're searching for friendly, customer service-oriented individuals to join our team! Candidates should possess prior cash handling and customer service experience. Starting pay: $9.50/hr. Send resume to: Human Resources Commercial Bank & Trust of PA P.O. Box 429 Latrobe, PA 15650 Email: [email protected] EOE/M/F/V/D



of super commuters found that some employers are combating these negative effects by only making their long-commute employees come into the office a few times a week. When considering a job far away, securing this kind of flexibility from your potential employer can even be key to your long-term success in the role, since employers also see a negative correlation between retention rates and long commute times. Remote work can also be a way for employers to level the playing field for underprivileged workers. A 2016 study from the Brookings Institution found that between


Indiana Borough, Indiana County, Pennsylvania is seeking candidates for the position of Borough Manager who can lead with a wellarticulated vision, strong leadership, motivation and encouragement, and a desire to accomplish goals in a team setting. Indiana Borough serves a population of 15,000 with an annual budget of $11million and is home to Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The Manager reports to a twelve-member council through the Council President and Committees of Council. The Manager is responsible for the administration of the budget and finances and directs the work force of the Borough Administrative Office and the operational departments, including Planning; Code Enforcement; and, Public Works, which includes the Street Department, Waste Water Treatment Plant, and grounds and facility maintenance. The manager is the key to efficient and effective delivery of municipal services and will facilitate strategic plans, both short and long term. Important considerations include knowledge/experience in a municipal government setting; finance and budgeting; computer skills; human resource functions; staff management and supervision of municipal operations; public works; code enforcement; planning and economic development; parks and recreation; grant administration; and overall service delivery. Requirements include a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in public administration or related field and experience within a municipal government structure. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and high personal integrity and ethical behavior are a must. Additional consideration will be given to candidates who display a commitment to continuous learning and professional growth and the desire and ability to lead the Borough in a positive direction by overseeing a multitude of projects in an effort to enhance the community. It is expected that the successful candidate will become a resident of the Indiana community. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience and excellent benefits are provided. Application can be made by submitting a letter of interest, resume, and salary history to: Indiana Borough Attn: Manager Search Committee 80 North 8th Street Indiana, PA 15701 A review process will commence October 20, 2016. Materials of interest are accepted until the position is filled. Indiana Borough is an equal opportunity employer.


When workers are weighing job opportunities, commute time is a major consideration. But in some cases, they might be underestimating the ramifications on overall health, wealth and happiness of a long trip each day. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the mean travel time to work is 25.7 minutes for American workers. But more than 10.8 million workers commute more than an hour each way for work, and more than 600,000 are “super commuters” that spend more than 90 minutes each way. A 2012 study from the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation found that the growth rates of super commuters is far outpacing the growth rate of the overall workforce in most of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. “It seems to be a growing phenomenon in America,” says Sarah Kaufman, assistant director at the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation. “People are often staying in their homes when either they cannot sell and move, or they choose not to, and so they are instead traveling long distances in order to work.” As a result, these workers are subjecting themselves to a plethora of negative life effects. Researcher Thomas J. Christian has associated overall commute times of 120 minutes a day or more with a decrease in time spent being physically active,

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2000 and 2012, the number of jobs within the typical commute distance for residents in major metro areas fell by seven percent. Residents of high-poverty and majority-minority neighborhoods experienced particularly pronounced declines in job proximity. Lower-income workers are also least likely to be able to afford the costs associated with car ownership, which a 2015 AAA study pegs at an average $8,698 annually for a vehicle driven 15,000 miles a year. This puts them at increased risk of unemployment living in low-transit areas. A 2015

study of New York City neighborhoods that Kaufman co-authored found that neighborhoods with insufficient transit access were linked to higher unemployment and lower median household incomes. “These are people with long commutes who need to take more than one subway, or the bus to the subway every morning to get to work,” Kaufman says. To address these gaps in transportation access and job opportunity, the study recommended a greater investment in informal transit such as web-based hailing technologies for shared rides, incremental improvements to existing transit, bus rapid transit to significantly speed commutes at a fraction of the cost of new subway lines, and incentives for workplaces to encourage remote work. While the study was unique to New York City, its learnings could be applied to communities nationwide to improve transit access and job opportunity while reducing commute times. Recent technological advances can play a role in making it practical. “The advantage we have in 2016 is that we have more access to data on where people are. We used to rely purely on the Census,” Kaufman says. “But now we know where people are traveling and can access cell phone and traffic data in a way we never could before. We can really hone in on what people need in terms of things like bus routes and times and availability.”

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · H3


Grand Prix Horse Show Grooms

Latrobe Area Company now accepting applications for Business Administration. Strong candidates will have keen attention to detail, excellent computer skills and be able to work effectively both independent and in team settings. Candidates must also be able to thrive in a fast-paced environment, display a can-do attitude and be willing to work a flexible schedule including weekends. Send resume to: Trib Total Media, Box 1524, 460 Rodi Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. EOE/AA

Certified Electrical Inspector Wanted

For BIU of PA. Send resumes to: 317 South Home. Ave., Avalon, PA 15202

Childcare Teachers

Penn Twp. Daycares. Part Time, Exp. Preferred. Paid Vacations & Retirement. Send Resumes To: [email protected]


PT, school bus friendly hours. Needed in the Kiski Area, better than average wages! Must have valid license & vehicle. Jean's Cleaning, 724-568-3212


Mon.-Fri. day/eve. hrs., valid license & transportation. 724-337-4370


Latrobe Area Company now accepting applications for Full Time and Part Time Clerical positions. Qualified applicants must have strong attention to detail and computer skills. Hiring daylight and evening shifts including weekends. Send resume to Trib Total Media, Box 1526, 460 Rodi Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. EOE/AA Construction

Laborers Heavy Equipment Operators Mechanics Site Foreman Full-time, exp. necessary. Apply online:


Freeport Area School District A full time custodian vacancy currently exists for the 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. shift. Knowledge and ability in custodial and (minor) maintenance work required. Salary according to schedule. Interested individuals should submit a completed Application for Classified Position, current Acts 34, 114 and 151 clearances, and Act 126 training certification to the Office of the Superintendent, FASD, PO Box C, Freeport, PA 16229. Deadline October 21, 2016. EOE


P2 Custom Millwork is looking for full time, experienced Fabricators and Finishers in our Somerset shop. At least 5 yrs experience working with custom casework. Great pay and benefits. For inquiries call 814-445-9669 or submit your inquiry or resume to [email protected]

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TICKET Visit us online at or call 1-800-909-8742 to subscribe.


Full Time With Benefits, 11am-7:30pm Call:

Denise 724-853-8431 x1424


Point Park University is seeking an Electrician. For details, please visit: EOE




FCCY is looking for people to help meet the growing demand for foster homes. Those interested in becoming foster parents please call 1-800-747-3807. EOE.

Foundry Laborer Trainee

Permanent mold foundry. Export area. Call 724-325-1662 or email [email protected]

FT/PT Paramedic

FT/PT Paramedic position(s) avail. in a Progressive Northern Allegheny County EMS service. Previous exp. preferred. Progressive salary & benefits. Info. & application at: [email protected] General

Experienced Home Remodelers Needed

Salary varies with skill level. 412-977-8198 or 412-977-8197

General Handyman

Part time for grass cutting, trimming, clean up, moving, painting etc. New Kensington/Arnold area current drivers license & transportation required 724-339-0096 General

RMI International is looking to fill a variety of

Plant Protection Positions

4 Temporary, Full Time Positions (12/12/16-8/31/17) in Allison Park, PA. $10.14/hr or more DOE, OT available – $15.21/hr or more DOE; Tues-Sat. 7am-4pm w/1hr break, 90 days min exp req but no education req. No on-the-job training. Employer offers free basic lodging. Transportation (including meals and, to the extent necessary, lodging) to the place of employment will be provided, or its cost to workers reimbursed, if the worker completes half the employment period. Return transportation will be provided if the worker completes the employment period or is dismissed early by the employer. The employer will provide workers at no charge all tools, supplies, and equipment required to perform the job. The employer guarantees to offer work for hours equal to at least three fourths of the workdays in each 12-week period of the total employment period. Job Duties: Groom will be responsible for attending to the care of the Grand Prix Show horses and will groom, feed, water, bather, clean, and brush horses. Groom will maintain and disinfect stalls and bedding, administer medicine as directed, inspect and observe horses’ physical condition, clean horses’ feet and apply liniments and bandages to the legs as required. The groom will be responsible for the care of the 1-5 horses at a time which includes tacking up with bridle, saddle, martingale, and correctly fit and adjust the equipment. Fax resume/letter of interest to: Bargee Farms at (412) 767-5669 and/ or contact PA CareerLink Pittsburgh/ Allegheny County at (412) 552-7100, 304 Wood St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222 referencing PA Job Order 10543975.

Hiring for Sesaonal Help $10/hr, Call Salvation Army at 412-673-6627


at our Butler location. This is in an industry setting. We are a full scale security company looking for security officers, qualified firefighters, EMT's, and supervisors. Please call 724-284-2810 to schedule and interview or email your resume to [email protected] pay is based on experience and certification level. $9.00-$11.50 per hour.

Medical Program Bidwell Training Center

Instructs adults in Human Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Electronic Health Record Systems, Medical Software Applications, Coding (HCPCS, ICD-10, CPT-4 and Revenue), and Medical Claims Processing in accordance with department of education licensing regulations, accreditation standards, industry regulations and job market demands. Must be proficient in preparing and presenting instruction in all the subject areas listed above. 3 yrs. experience in said fields and A.S. degree required. B.S. and prior experience teaching or training adults preferred. Send Resume with cover letter and salary requirements to

[email protected] EOE

Janitorial-Clairton Area

Full Time - Multiple Shifts Available. Background Check & Drug Test Required. Must Have Own Transportation. Call: 412-313-1299



Local Excavation/ Landscaping Co. Must Have CDL License. Pay is Negotiable. Call: 724-972-8553



and you could be leading a crew within 3-6 months. Valid Driver's License, Personal Vehicle & Cell Phone Req. No Exp. Req., We Train! Medical/Vision/Dental Insurance Paid Time Off & 401k Starts at $11. Apply Online:

Flagger Force is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Residential/ Light Commercial. 2Yrs. Exp. Refrigerant Certification Desired. Email or Send Resume:

[email protected]

Uber Company, 303 Mt. Pleasant Road, Scottdale, PA 15683

HVAC Service Tech Installation

Full time, benefits, exp. necessary. Accepting applications at: 4389 Leechburg Rd., New Kensington. or email resume to:

[email protected] or call: 724-335-0825, 10a-2p.



Latrobe Area Company now accepting applications for Full Time Machinists. Searching for experienced and entry level CNC machinists and machine operators capable of running equipment that includes but not limited to; mills, lathes, saws, grinders and EDM. Candidates must be willing to work all shifts including weekends. Send resume to: Trib Total Media, Box 1525, 460 Rodi Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. EOE/AA.

Maintenance Person

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Business Administration

Fast growing established mechanical contractor looking for qualified technician,min. 5 years exp. in commercial, residential, and light refrigeration service and maintenance work. Competitive wages and benefits, great work environment and sign on bonus. Call 412-461-1515

Washington County Mfg. Co. in need of a Maintenance Person. Must possess strong electrical, mechanical and PLC experience. Trouble shooting and problem solving abilities a must. We offer competitive wage, with 401k match. Bonus program, Health and Dental after probationary period met, and a stable working environment. Send resume to: Trib Total Media, 460 Rodi Road, Box 1523, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. Find your dream home! Log on today.


Managers & Sales Clerks

Management & Hourly positions available. Apply at: or fax: 412-422-2136. EOE.

H4- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

Full Time Daylight and

Night Closers Flexible Hours Free Meals & Uniforms Mechanic/ Mechanic’s Helper


Expanding Western PA river terminal seeks qualified candidate for Mechanic/Mechanic’s Helper position. Competitive wages and benefit package. Candidates must be able to pass pre-employment drug test. Send resume & salary requirements to: [email protected] or Human Resources, PO Box 63, Belle Vernon, PA 15012. What’s Going On? Log on and find out!


New Accounting Positions!

Brncic Accounting in Monroeville is expanding! Full/part-time positions for Tax Preparer, Staff Accountant, and Office Administrator. Flexible schedule and paid vacation. Send resume to: [email protected]

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Applications accepted until 2:00 PM on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at the offices of the Steel Rivers Council of Governments (SRCOG), 1705 Maple Street, Homestead, PA 15120. Phone Number:412-462-7600

Applications and instructions are available at the SRCOG office, and at Completed applications are to be returned with a non-refundable fee of $55.00 only to the SRCOG office. A physical agility test is scheduled at the Allegheny County Police Academy for Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 10:00 AM, with a written test to follow in an academy classroom, for those who pass the physical agility test. The listed municipalities are equal opportunity employers.

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Part Time Available immediately Day & Night Shift (Weekends Required) 3-4 days week $8.50/hr/start 60 day increase to $10.00/hr

City of Clairton (Full-Time) Homestead Borough (Part-Time) White Oak Borough (Full-Time)

A single application to take the test and a single testing process will be utilized by the listed municipalities. All appointments, if any, will be made by the individual municipalities. Information concerning general eligibility requirements for each police department is contained in the application package.

Upper Burrell

1st & 2nd Shift, $9-$9.50 40Hrs. + Possible OT HS Diploma / GED Background Check & Drug Screen Required

Production Workers

Dependability is our number one requirement. Qualified applicants will be team players, dedicated to quality and meeting deadlines.



Organist/Choir Director

for Christ United Church of Christ. Please mail resume to: 1414 Ligonier St., Latrobe, PA 15650

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The main responsibilities include: working on inserting line, stacking and strapping and unwrapping skids.


Applications being accepted from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday - Friday

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Cleaning out the closets?

or resumes may be sent to: [email protected] TRIB TOTAL MEDIA is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified individuals to apply. We are a drug free workplace. Qualified candidate must pass background and drug screen.

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Project Manager

Well established General Contractor, projects 5 million++. Salaried Pos. Benefits. Email: [email protected]

TRIB TOTAL MEDIA Rockpointe Business Park 202 Falcon Lane Tarentum, PA 15084

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Vision Products, a Sampco Company and the nation's premier marketing leader for the building materials industry, is looking for Production Workers for our Cheswick location for 1st. $7.50/hr. Interested candidates should apply in person Mon.Fri. at 460 Nixon Rd., Cheswick. Pre-employment drug test is req. No phone calls please. EOE


ENTRY LEVEL PART TIME Applications are being accepted for the position of entry level parttime police officer in the Township of New Sewickley. An application form may be obtained at the New Sewickley Township Police Department, 233 Miller Road, Rochester, PA 15074 beginning Monday, October 10, 2016 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Additional information can be found at or by calling 724-774-2473.

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Applications for the position of police officer are being accepted on behalf of the following municipalities or their Civil Service Commissions:


South Greensburg New Stanton

Rockpointe Business Park TARENTUM, PA (3 miles from Pittsburgh Mills Mall)



Production Work

Packaging Positions


Precision Metal Crafters (GBG) is hiring for both 1st/2nd shifts. Competitive wages, benefits, paid holidays, 401k, clean facility. Must be; able to stand for extended periods, self-sufficient with programming through setup, able to read prints. Submit resumes P:724-837-2511 or F:724-837-1211



Mazak Exp. & Manual Machinists


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CHUCK WILLIS Furnace SALE Furnace Check $79.95 U.S. VETERAN OWNED Multiple Locations

412-655-8111 * 412-366-4328 724-941-0999 * 412-487-5200 412-257-HEAT * 412-931-2200 412-531-3800 * 412-372-8884 412-835-1028 * 412-882-0873 412-262-1599 * 412-884-0909 Citywide 412-421-2868 Service Experts Replacement Specialist


For Unwanted Auto's, Van's, Trucks, etc, Free Towing.

FALL SPECIALS! 40+ Years - LOCAL Residential/ Commercial Owner Supervised. Free Est. Prompt Service. 724-423-2952 / 412-825-5065 1-800-307-4432 (PA #7693)

AFFORDABLE CHIMNEY CLEANING A+ Rating Angies List & BBB Chimney Caps/ Roof Top Dampers Installed. Gutter Cleaning. 38+ Years. Insured. PA078500 (724)265-2039 / (724)759-1144



Specailizing In Chimney Liners, Repairs, Raincaps, Stone Work, Flashing Repair. Serving Westmoreland County Over 32 Years. PA019645


LUFT'S ASPHALT PAVING New Installations / Resurfacing Driveways Sealed & Repaired 724-832-7579 / PA037800


$100 & up

FALL DISCOUNTS! Serving Pittsburgh Including the NORTH HILLS AREA PA#007266 1-800-641-9055 412-281-9860


Any Vehicle Any condition

Best Prices!






Local With 45Yrs Experience 724-217-6544 OR 724-289-3306

aci Watson Concrete

Driveways• Sidewalks• Stamp• Exposed Aggregate. Excavation• PA027316.

Call 412-554-6232

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BARONE Masonry / Concrete No job too small. Lowest prices guaranteed. PA063911. 412-651-5330

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« Brick - Block Chimney « Repair - Brick Pointing Insured. PA042184



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INSTALLATION AND REPAIRS. Experienced, Reliable, Prompt Service. Free Estimate on Installation. Senior Citizen Discount. Heating/ A/C Cleaning/ Inspection $84.95. TRU-TEMP HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING. Office 412-548-3662,Cell 412-628-3978 (PA#024937)

BAUER 724-295-2651






ALL ABANDONED AUTOS Trucks Worth Cash! 24 Hours! 412-572-5126 or 412-431-0459.

BRICK POINTING/ WALL Repair. Whole House, Spot Pointing, Chimneys, Pressure Washing, Caulking, Masonry, Brick replacement. 412-245-6518 PA#022905

$100-$10,000 "Cash In A Flash"


Paid On All Good/ Junk Cars,Trucks,SUVs

A Proven Track Record

Black Top, Seal Coat, Tar/Chip

800-888-9833 All “ accepted [email protected]

MASONRY & CHIMNEY Chimney Rebuilding, Whole/Partial House Pointing, Brick Laying,


We Will Beat Any Competitors Price.

FINANCING AVAILABLE! PA121244/ 412-760-4621


Press 1- to sell vehicle Press 2 - to buy used tires Press 3 -to buy used parts At our fully stocked Pick-A-Part Yard

Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating 1-800-909-TRIB


PA 007749 724-772-7455 • 724-283-8880 412-262-2216 • 1-800-257-6081

CONCRETE & MASONRY FOUNDATION REPAIRS BOBCAT & BACKHOE SERVICE Over 25 Years in Business Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Porches, Retaining Walls, Chimneys, Brick, Block, Stone Work, Additions, Garages. Interior & Exterior French Drains. Insured, Ref's, Free Estimates. Michael Desiderato Contracting

724-863-8282 • PA037327

DRIVEWAYS, SIDEWALKS. Waterproofing, Patios, Stone Walls, Brick Work. Over 40 years experience. PA#023995. Tony 412-361-8009 or 412-343-1947 VINCENT'S CONRETE Small to Med.- Reg. & Custom jobs RESURFACING & REPAIR PA083706 / 724-527-2994

WHOLE HOUSE POINTING Chimney Restoration, Brick/Block Work, Retaining Walls, Power Washing, Concrete Work, Foundation Repairs, Excavation, French Drains, Demolition Work. TD BRICKPOINTING, LLC "Call Me If You Want The Job Done Right" 412-793-0679 Tony.....PA#032967

A 1 Anything Hauled Away

and Cleaned out. Inside & Out. Demo / Teardown of decks, Garages,Trailers, Houses, More!

724-628-9435 724-366-2850

PA036409 724-539-3792

FIREWOOD-DELIVERED Within 15mi from Donegal. Long Distance-Pickup Only. Dump trucks Welcome. Fensing 724-593-6243

A 1 CLEAN UP All types of hauling. No job too big or small. Best prices in town! 724-335-0369

FIREWOOD FOR SALE 4'x4'x8' Full Cord $270, Face Cord $90, Pick Up Or Delivery. Reds Landscaping & Construction. 412-655-4650

A-1 HAULING Attic, basement, garage, estate clean outs, downsizing specialist.Prompt, dependable, best price. All jobs are owner supervised. 724-216-3496 AFFORDABLE HAULING Clean outs, garage, basements, estates, all clean ups. All jobs owner supervised. 724-925-7677

FIREWOOD: FULL CORD, $259. 1/3 Cord $99; Outdoor Furnace/ Chunk Wood $229. Delivery Available. Credit Cards Accepted Open Year Round. 724-625-1577 Split Seasoned Hardwoods Full Cord, $175. 724-863-7682

˜ HOUSE COAL ˜ Screened Lump, Pittsburgh Seam. 412-751-7808 or 412-302-2989

SCREENED HOUSE COAL Lump & Nut. Delivery Available. Call 724-972-9960

WEST INTERIOR SERVICES Furniture Repair & Refinishing, Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, Church Pew Refinishing. Free est. PA059279 • 724-224-2215

ARNOLD Hauling & Rental Clean Outs, Trash & Garbage Removal Reasonable 724-212-3241 HAULING/ CLEANOUTS Cleaning, yard & shrub work, some moving. Dependable, Insured. Call Rich 724-872-0865 or 1-800-566-4167

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JUNK BE GONE Unwanted Items loaded and removed. Anything Accepted. Teardowns.

724-468-3443 (PA10852)

ANY HOUSE REPAIRS - Doors, trim work, siding, porches, decks, brick work, additions, bathrooms, finish basements. Rowe Construction, Alle-Kiski area 724-352-3516 PA15845


Residential & Commercial Competitive Pricing Free Estimates Senior & Group Discounts

All Work Guaranteed

Roofing, Siding, Baths, Kitchens, Plumbing, Electrical & Painting. PA#048179

A-1 ADVANCED HAULING All Clean-Outs & Junk Removal. Free Estimates. 724-542-4132

Split Firewood Delivered (1.5 cord minimum) $130 Full Cord + Delivery

Call or Text

Furnaces Starting Greg's Heating & A/C


ALL TYPES OF FENCING Free Estimates • Fully Insured 724-309-8717 Manack Fence Co.


In The Business



Visa/ MC / PA014420

Ken: 724-787-7566


Surrounding South Hills Area

Demolition * Land clearing * Grading * Utility lines * Septic systems * Drains PA036409 Call: 724-539-3792

Call 814-266-5367



A 1 Excavating / Demo

u HANDYMAN SERVICES u Landscaping • Tree Services • Pressure Washing, • House & Window Cleaning • Gutter Cleaning & installation • Hauling • Plus Odd Jobs. Justin: 724-237-2207 I Will Beat Any Fair Estimate


**FOGGED OR BROKEN* * Insulated Windows and Patio Doors Repaired. Free Estimates. PA#026526; 412-795-7233/ 1-800-452-7709

$100 - $10,000 CASH PAID

Decks, Windows, Doors, Siding, Gutters, Fascia, Gutter Cleaning, Painting & Repairs. Free Est. 724-334-0654 PA018716

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Suboxone/ Subutex


Glass block windows, showers, bars, etc. Full mortar joints. Pittsburgh Corning Glass. Chimney repair, brick and block work. 33 years family owned and run. 100% guaranteed! Call 412-795-3588. PA010547. • 1-800-909-TRIB



$350 + Filing fees. Uncontested. 1 Count, Installments Available. Others services also. PA Attorney, Mt. Lebanon, 412-563-5000

BUDDY'S BLACK TOP Free Estimates, Sr & Military Discounts. Fully Licensed & Insured. Pgh Proud & Owned. PA 040951; 412-389-1765

Sidewalks, Steps,Driveways, Floors, All Walls, French Drains, Block, Brick, Footers, Garage, Additions, Backhoe, Bobcat, Dump Truck Service. 412-977-2309, PA049828

Accomplished Handyman: Remodeling Bathrooms & Kitchens, Drywall, Flooring, Siding, Decks, Gutters, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/AC & MORE. Insured • 34 Years Exp. 724-396-3438 PA 044523

ANNOUNCING STRAIGHT 8 Treatments start at $60 412-434-6700 Walk Ins Welcome

Insurance also accepted.

A TO Z HOME IMPROVEMENTS Richard Wahoski Construction Roofing, Siding, Carpentry, Painting, Complete Bathrooms, Drywall Etc. 30+ Years Ex. Quality Work With Reasonable Rates. Insured, Free Estimates. PA107599. 724-691-6835

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · H5



Latrobe Area Company now accepting applications for Full Time Shipping/Receiving Clerk. Must be detail oriented with excellent computer skills. Some business office or Shipping/Receiving experience required. Must be able to work shifts and partial weekends. Send resume to: Trib Total Media, Box 1529, 460 Rodi Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. EOE/AA

We are located in Scott Twp near the I-79 Kirwan Heights exit. We close to Bower Hill Road and about 15 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh. The PAT 41 bus stops at our Gatehouse!

Southwest Behavioral Care, Inc. has an opening in the day reporting center, Greensburg office for a part-time clerk typist. Will perform office tasks, type reports, complete and process programrelated forms and maintain all records. Must have excellent typing skills. Electronic data processing skills desired. Interested persons may submit resume to: SPHS Human Resources Office 300 Chamber Plaza Charleroi, PA 15022 Attention: Posting #16187 For additional information, log on to our home page address at Our email address is [email protected] An Equal Opportunity Employer


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Latrobe Area Lab now accepting applications for Full Time Technicians. Perform tests on material destined for critical applications in aerospace, aviation, automotive, power generation and medical field applications. Must be able to work all shifts and weekends. Send resume to: Trib Total Media, Box 1527, 460 Rodi Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. EOE/AA. Get your newspaper on the go!


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to get started today. 1X1-FIL-5

Turkey Processors

Seasonal, men & women. Call for appointment. 724-845-7661

Apply Online at or email a copy your resume to

[email protected]

Pre-employment physical, drug screen and criminal background check required.


O'Hara Township manufacturing company seeking FT Accounting Manager. Requires minimum 5 years' experience in managing financial activities. Responsible for preparation of monthly financial statement package, budgets and forecasts, payroll and various operational analysis as needed. Will work closely with external auditing firm along with banking, insurance and other service providers. Company offers competitive salary and benefit package. Email resume & salary requirements to:

Time for a job change?




[email protected]

Must have exp. (no exceptions). also Driver Natrona Heights and New Kensington. 724-337-7630. [email protected]


(SEDAN & VAN) CDL Truck Driver

Full time, w/benefits, sanitation experience preferred,but not required.Must be able to drive 13 speed. 724-226-8320

DELIVERY DRIVERS Needed in the following areas!

Uniontown, Belle Vernon, Greensburg, Mt. Pleasant, Butler, and Penn Hills! $520/Week - 1099 Position. Use your own vehicle. Must be 21 or older. Apply to:

[email protected]


Local heating oil Co. now hiring experienced driver with class B CDL with hazmat endorsement. Competitive wage and benefits available. Send resume to P.O. Box 494 Harrison City, PA 15636

NAMS is a local North Hills paratransit company is in need of sedan and van drivers for its' ACCESS transportation division, located on Route 910 between Hampton and Harmarville. Here's what we have to offer: •Van drivers starting rate at $11/hr. (no experience necessary) •Sign on bonus, paid training, monthly and quarterly incentive programs •UPMC Health Insurance; vision care and dental insurance available •Shifts available: Day, Evening and Weekend •Full & Part Time positions available: opportunity for overtime! Requirements: Must be at least 21 yrs. of age or older, pass DOT physical, background and drug screenings. No CDL required!

Do you have the drive? Make the call TODAY! Call us at 412-406-8611 EOE

DRIVERS, Experienced

Connellsville area. Long distance. Overnight. Full time w/benefits. No CDL req. Mon thru Fri. Call 724-628-6915

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Providence Point is sponsored by and affiliated with Baptist Homes Society. We are a nonprofit charitable organization providing seniors with a variety of living opportunities and healthcare services. Baptist Homes Society benefits include evening/weekend shift differential, low cost employee medical insurance or opt-out bonus, generous retirement plan, paid time off, free access to a fitness center and more!

Full-time position available immediately. Position requires a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering, or related field. Must have own transportation to use on the job and be able to walk over rough terrain. Mileage is reimbursed. The position requires extensive fieldwork and engineering plan reviews. Starting salary of $30,000 with full benefits. Qualified individuals should send resume, college transcripts and letters of reference to: Washington County Conservation District, 2800 No. Main Street, Suite 105, Washington, PA 15301, by Nov. 10, 2016. No phone calls or walk-ins.

Auto Parts Counter Person

SPHS Part-Time Clerk Typist


*Cook - FT *Server - FT *Housekeeper - FT *Maintenance Tech II - FT *PT - Security/ Light Maintenance Positions


Providence Point, Pittsburgh’s premier retirement living community currently has the following openings:

Soil Erosion Technician Position


Quality Assurance

Latrobe Area Company now accepting applications for Quality Assurance Technicians. On the job training will be provided for; Inspection Techniques with digital micrometers, laser gauges and optical comparators. Training will also involve machine calibration and alignment. Applicant must have strong mathematic skills and able to work weekends. Any QA or Inspection experiences a plus. Wage commensurate with experience. Send resume to Trib Total Media, Box 1528, 460 Rodi Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. EOE/AA.


BARTON CONSTRUCTION FALL SPECIAL! 10%OFF Labor ***DECKS & ADDITIONS*** Kitchens, Bathrooms & Basements, Porch Roofs, Garages. Fully Insured/Registered Accepting Credit Cards David 724-610-6710. PA #088468

1 Peluso Place - Lower Burrell (Across from Pizza Hut)

• • • • •

Wills & Estates Auto Accidents DUI Divorce Bankruptcy Help!



1-800-777-3241 * PA#029733

REMODELING All Interior/ Exterior Roofs, Decks Addition, Game Rooms, Etc. Schrock Construction. PA026735 724-337-8908/724-882-3110.

Three "K" Cabinets

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Since 1976. Award Designs 4720 Rt982N Latrobe, PA 15650 724-539-7574 PA001206

4 Seasons Landscaping LLC Fall Clean Ups, Leaf Vacuum Service, Retaining Walls, Landscaping Services, Snow Plowing & Salting 30+ yrs Exp. Fully insured. Senior Discounts For a Prompt & Free Estimate Call: 412-525-1584 or 724-697-5672 / PA088993

Cellulose & Spray Foam

Attics, Sidewalls, Barns, Garage Ceilings, Metal Bldgs Financing Avail --- PA#955 GET YOUR 2016 TAX CREDIT Insured & Free Estimates

BILL MEROLA CO. 412-795-0357

Plumbing Service!

Call 412-367-0815 Insured/ PA033519 For Money Saving Coupons! *Some Restriction

PA# 121063



Call NOW! PA057316

DRIVEWAY STONE, River Rock, Top Soil, Fill. Free delivery. Call 724-787-5498


1-800-909-8742 CALL NOW!

SCREENED TOPSOIL Large or small loads. Delivered or picked up Also unscreened topsoil. Shale or Stone Available 724-238-3840 / 724-396-2309

THE GLASS CITY Stained Glass Restoration. Classes Starting November 5th




724-326-4801 - 412-384-6559

AAA Quality Painting


25 Year "NO LEAK" Warranty New Roofs « Repairs « Gutters Soffit Fascia « Siding « PA011142 Sr. Discounts! « 412-373-4695

Exterior / Interior. Home Repairs Hardwood Floors, Wood Working Some Roofing, Good Quality Work 35 Yrs in Business. PA41777 724-836-1125

ALL ROOF REPAIR EXPERTS 412-999-0191 (PA#011877) All credit cards accepted. A Rating BBB

B & L PAINTING Interior & Exterior, Insured, Free Estimates Reasonable! 412-277-2873

Free Est.,Fully Ins. Low Prices, Can Finance. Roofing, Siding, Gutters Call: 724-396-7487 PA050898





LANDSCAPING & LAWNCARE Clean-ups, Planting, Trimming, Walls, Pavers, Much More. PA19092 724-836-6624 or 724-433-1558

PA LANDSCAPING Lawn Areation / Dethatching / Repair, New Lawn Installs, Paver Patios, Concrete Work, French Drains, Gutter Cleaning, Snow Removal Bids. Free Estimates. 724-836-1631 / 724-244-0362 uR. K. LAWN CAREu Fall & Leaf Clean Up & Snow Removal Complete Landscape Service, Free Estimates / Fully Insured 724-217-0773 / PA045225

INTERIOR/ EXTERIOR Fully insured. Free estimates. Senior & Military Discounts Resident/ Com PA#117033 412-779-8488

4Tree Removal 4 Storm Damaged Trees 4 Trimming/ Pruning 4 Lot Clearing 4 Fall Cleanups 4 Stump Removal 4 Hedge & Shrub Removal 4 Fully Insured BE 1st ON THE SCHEDULE

(412)366-9315 (724)934-9315 Est. 1989 PA#027409


A Cut Above the Rest!


Int/Ext., Power Washing, Decks Cleaned & Sealed. Aluminum Siding. Expert Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing. 55+ Years, Insured 724-689-2256, 724-691-0932 PA047813

A-1 PLASTERING INC. PA005981 Plastering, Drywall, Painting New Construction & Repairs Insured 724-744-4259 1-800-909-TRIB


Roofing - Shingles - Rubber, Metal - Slate - Building Remodeling, Windows / Siding Fully Insured (PA362) 40 Yrs Exp. Free Estimates. 724-537-3495

JOHN'S ROOFING & SANDY'S WINDOW CO INC Replacement Windows. Flat Roofing Specialist. 50 Year Non Prorated Transferable Roof Warranties! 724-539-8260/PA25501 RC ROOFING & CARPENTRY SPECIALIZING IN ALL REPAIR WORK NEW ROOFS, GUTTERS, ETC. No job too small; PA#123754 30% Sr Citizen Discount Free Estimates


Fully Insured • Free Estimates

724-836-6952. PA17456.

PHOENIX SPECIALTY Tree removal/ Brush chipping Stump grinding Low Rates Free Estimates. Insured PA#069242





New Roofs, Repair, Slate Roofs. Soffit & Fascia, Gutters. Pointing. LOW, LOW, PRICES! Free Estimates. PA023533. (724)864-1326 or (724)-838-3290

GARY'S ROOFING Roof Repair Specialist PA005682 New Roofs/Siding/Soffit/Fascia 412-824-9330 or 724-864-5552 1-800-351-3520


* * *


A-1 Interior & Exterior Painting Resident/ Com/ Industrial Aluminum/ Wood Siding Insured - PA034367

Removals, Trimming, Crown Reductions, Lot & Land Clearing, Stump Grinding, Bucket & Crane Available. 24 Hours Storm Damage. Workers Comp & Liability Insurance Provided. Same Day Estimates. "We Did Your Neighbors Tree" 412-867-9631 PA117167


Supplies & Gift Shop.

A+ Rating with BBB for 17 years!

GENE'S TREE & LANDSCAPING, LLC Large/Small Tree Removal, Pruning/Topping, Stump Grinding, Land Clearing, Bucket Truck Svc. Residential & Commercial For all your TreeCare needs Sr. Discounts. Free Est. Fully Insured. Call Now!!!! 724-719-1065 - PA092061


MILLERSDALE SUPPLY, LLC. Topsoil, Stone, Mulch & More 724-527-1935


J.N. LAWN CARE & Services Provided Commercial & Residential Fully Insured Call now for a Free Estimate 15239 412-735-1899

INSULATE NOW! Cut Heating Bills

All types of masonry & Concrete Construction Brick * Block * Chimney Repair Fireplaces * Pointing Retaining Walls * Stone Glass Block Windows Fully insured. Free estimates.


KITCHEN CABINET REFINISHING Restain, Painting, Repair. Free estimates anywhere. Insured. Since 1966.

*$25 Off Next


15% Off All Painting Bids Signed by 10/31/16. Free Estimates. Fully Insured. "Quality Is Our Specialty."

Fall Sale! Residential & Commercial

HANDY MAN SERVICES: Roofing, siding, decks, ceilings, walls, floors, kitchens, baths. No job too small. Senior Citizen Discount. PA#040479

*$65 Main Sewer Cleaning *$65 Furnace Clean/ Check

A Debt Relief Agency helping people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

BG Crest Construction All Phases of Home Remodeling Free Estimates. PA121520 724-493-7379 724-527-5053 DAVE PIVIROTTO REMODELING & PAINTING: Kitchens, baths, basements. Int/ ext painting. Commercial & residential.Quality guaranteed! Insured, free estimates. PA045558. 412-795-4836


GINO F. PELUSO 724-339-8710 1-888-4PELUSO

Lifetime Shingles or Metal Lance Blankenship Roofing Co.

GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE! Will Beat All Competitors Pricing! Gas/ Water/ Sewer Lines. No Job Too Small! $75 Drain Cleaning Special; Licensed, Experienced, Honest, Insured. Accept Major Credit Cards. PA031580. Call Ken At Rooter Express 412-526-6432 Or 724-991-9309

FALL CLEAN-UPS Bush Trimming/ Pruning, Debri/ Leaf Removal. Landscaping Stones. Mowing, Etc. Dependable, Best Rates. 724-879-4720

Attorney at Law

SAVE AT LEAST $1000 Get a Great New Roof

AFFORDABLE!!! "THREE RIVERS TREE" 25% Spring $aving$. Shaping, Pruning, Lot Clearing, Stump Removal, Sr. Disc., Free Est. Insured, 24 Hr Emrg Service 412-628-4002 or 412-464-1298 PA#044598

CLARK'S TREE SERVICE, INC. • • • • • • • •

Tree Trimming Tree Removal Stump Removal Storm Damage Free Estimates Fully Insured 60 and 75 ft. Bucket Trucks 24/7 Emergency Service

(724) 325-2211

[email protected]

GINNY'S INTERIOR PAINTING: Wallpapering, Stripping. Servicing areas East of Pittsburgh. PA19481 724-238-6978



ALL TYPES OF REMODELING Additions, Windows, Decks, Carpentry, Interior & Exterior, Concrete (PA018808) 724-244-9344

SCOTT W. GRAY LANDSCAPING Walls l Patios l Design All aspects of landscaping Free est/ Fully ins PA 024384 724-224-5018 l 724-321-2788


AJ CONSTRUCTION LLC Remodeling, flooring, basements, kitchens, bathrooms, decking. State licensed & insured. PA 024686. 724-989-6790. FREE Estimates."We Add Value To Your Home".

FIRED? FORCED TO RETIRE? Demoted? Denied your pension? Sexually harassed at work? Laid off? Know your legal rights! Attorney Samuel Cordes 412-281-7991


AFFORDABLE BATHROOM REMODELING Replace your bathtub & surround as low as $1500. 1 Day Installation. (Limited Time Offer). Update your bathroom as low as $3000. We specialize in customized showers. Add a bathroom in your basement. 20 yrs. exp. PA022427. Dr. Rooter Sewer Service 412-758-2098 See Photos & Like us on Facebook Doctor Rooter & J.B. Sewer Service Affordable Bathrooms

WALLPAPERING BY JANE Wallpaper, Stripping, Interior Painting. 23 Years Business (PA33479) 724-238-8170


Liability and Workers Compensation PA 008131

llJM BUILDERSll Now Sells & Installs


Experienced / Free Estimates Fully Insured (PA362) Phone: 724-537-3495

H6- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016



NJROTC Senior Naval Science Instructor

RN Hospice Part-time position for growing Hospice Department working 24-28 hours per week. Home visits and on-call. Good customer service skills needed to interact with our valued clients. Apply to Human Resources, St. Barnabas Health System, 6005 Valencia Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044. Fax 724/4432758, Call 724/444-JOBS (5627) or Email: [email protected]


Private Duty, Immediate Needs •Verona M-Sun 11p-7a, Sat/Sun 7a-3p •Verona Sunday 7a-7p •Plum M-F 6:30a-4p •Monroeville M-F 7:15a-4p •Irwin Tues/Thurs 6a-6p, Sat/Sun 8a-4p •Greensburg Sun 9a-5p (vent/trach) •Delmont Mon-Sun 7p-7a •North Huntingdon Mon-Sun 12a-8a •Leechburg Mon-Sun 7a-5p

Call 1-800-535-3747

The Penn Hills School District (PHSD), located in the eastern suburb of Pittsburgh PA, has an opening for a Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp, Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) due to the retirement of the current SNSI. The Big Red Company began in 2001. The NSI has a dedicated Marine First Sergeant on board since 2002. Penn Hills Cadets are enthusiastic participants in community and school service. The unit averages over 100 cadets per year. Community, administrators, and fellow teachers are very supportive of the program. Qualifications: The successful candidate will be a retired Navy commissioned Officer after their official military service retirement or a retired Navy noncommissioned officer in grades E6 through E-9. Compensation: the PHSD offers a 12 month contract with a competitive compensation package with a salary set by the US Navy. Interested candidates should submit a resume and three (3) letters of professional references and background clearance (Criminal History, Child Abuse and FBI Clearances) to Penn Hill School District, Human Resources Department, Attn: Mr. Thomas Tano, 260 Aster Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15235 or email:

[email protected]

Deadline: October 26, 2016 EOE.

Support Nurse

Brentwood Borough School District Please see website to view the posting and job description

The Grove at Irwin has current openings for

Weekend RN/LPN Wing Nurses Sat/Sun 7am-3:30pm, 7am-7:30pm Weekends PT, Casual,All shifts weekdays


RN Supervisors, Casual PT All shifts RN Supervisor 7:00pm-7:00am Weekends

C.N.A.'s 11pm-7:00am, PT 3:00pm-11:00pm FT/PT Including Weekends Activity Aide PT -Evening , Weekends. Please call 724-863-4374 or stop at The Grove of Irwin 249 Maus Drive North Huntingdon, PA 15642 EOE

LTC Positions

William Penn Sr. Suites Full & Part Time Positions Avail.

l Personal Care Assistant $9/Hour


Direct Care Employees

Greensburg and Delmont areas. Assist adults with intellectual disabilities with daily living needs and socialization. Valid driver’s license & ability to obtain ACT 33/34 & FBI clearances required. Any experience level accepted. Comprehensive Benefits package with Medical, Dental, Vision and Paid Time off. Send Resume to [email protected] or call 724-283-1010 EOE/ADA

IRMC is an independent 164 bed community hospital. Its mission is to serve the health care needs of every life we touch with compassion, respect, and dignity.

l Med Tech (DPW Certified) $10/Hour Training and Career Advancement Available Stop in to fill out an application: 1021 Walton Road Jeannette, PA 15644 Call 724-519-3700 or Apply online williampenn/ EOE

Murrysville Medic One is Hiring

Paramedics, EMTs and Wheelchair Van Drivers.

Must have valid driver's license and clean driving record. Background checks will be performed. Drop off resume at 3237 Sardis Road, Murrysville or mail to PO Box 27, Murrysville, PA 15668.

We are also currently accepting applications for the following positions:

[email protected]

Drafting Technician

Engineering firm seeks Draftsman/Civil Engr. Technician. Duties include highway design drafting and technician tasks. Full time/competitive pay/benefits. Please submit resume to

[email protected]

Admission RN/Patient Care Supervisor

Eligible candidates will have 1 year relevant experience, a current PA RN license, & reliable transportation. Responsibilities include patient admissions & supervision of nursing staff. Ability to work independently as well as a team player in an interdisciplinary setting a must. Criminal, drug, driving background checks required. Fax resume to 724-933-6225 or email:

[email protected]


1X1HF-FIL-1 1-800-909-8742

Great opportunity for the right individual for a full time general dentist. Immediate opening in a multi office. Practice located in the greater Pittsburgh area, established over 35 yrs. ago. Full benefits/ competitive salary package to qualified applicants. Please contact Patty at 412-856-4877 or email resume to:

[email protected]

We offer a positive workplace environment with opportunities for recognition and involvement, competitive compensation and excellent benefits. For immediate consideration see full job listings and apply online at: <>

R.N. or LPN

Sub position available for MH/ID intermediate care facility located in the Mt. Pleasant and Ruffsdale area. All shifts including weekends. Please call 724-2441413 to schedule interview. E.O.E.

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Civil Engineer

Engineering firm seeks Civil Engineer. Must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. Field and office position. Full time/competitive pay/benefits. Please submit resume to

>Full and Part Time Emergency Room RN, experience preferred >Full Time Interventional Cardiology RN’s & Techs >Full Time Certified Medical Assistant and LPN’s – Physician Group >Full Time Coders - Physician Group >Part Time Float RN >Part Time Rehab Care RN >Part Time Maternity &OB RN >Casual Surgical Home Physician Assistant or CRNP


Job Coaches

Westmoreland Intermediate Unit seeks applicants for part-time job coaches Act 14, 34, 151, and 168 clearances and completion of Act 126 training are required as well as School Personnel Health Record and negative Tb Test. Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and references by Friday, October 21, 2016 to Cindy Camaione, HR Administrator, 102 Equity Dr., Greensburg, PA 15601 or [email protected] No phone calls please. EOE

OFFICIAL ADVERTISEMENT THE BOARD OF PUBLIC EDUCATION of the SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PITTSBURGH Sealed proposals shall be deposited at the Administration Building, Room 251, 341 South Bellefield Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15213, on November 1, 2016, until 2:00 P.M., local prevailing time for Service Contracts for the following: Masonry Roofing Elevators and Vertical Transportation General Security Systems Boiler / Burners Chillers / Refrigeration Plumbing Fire Hoses and Extinguishers Concrete Electrical Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Mold and Animal Excrement Abatement Services; Repair, Restoration and Re-insulation and for Arsenal Exterior Lighting (Electrical Prime) Project Manual and Drawings will be available for purchase on October 3, 2016 at Modern Reproductions (412-488-7700), 127 McKean Street, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15219 between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. The cost of the Project Manual Documents is non-refundable. Project details and dates are described in each project manual. 6382737(10-2,9,16-16)

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · H7



"ATTENTION VETERAN'S" V.F.W Here To Help With Compensation, Claims, Pension-Claims, Questions, Representation, "Honor The Dead By Helping The Living" 412-3256259

KENNEDY TWP./EDGETOWNE CONDO: 209 Coraopolis Road,#8, 10:00-2:00 Saturday, Oct. 22, Map App Code - 6390117

WANTED STEELERS/ PENN STATE TICKETS Or Parking Passes. Any Game. Call: Mike at 412-973-1695

HOT SINGLE LOCALS! Browse & Reply FREE Str8 (412) 920-5566. Gay (412) 937-9999. Free Code 3221, 18+ ADOPT: Means A Loving, Financially Secure, Joy Filled Home Awaits Your Newborn. Randi & Dan Text 516-721-4536 or 1-800-399-8751 Ex. Pd..


MAUSOLEUM SPACE, Penn Lincoln Memorial Park, Rte 30, asking $2500 obo; 724-989-7621

MAYTAG WASHER, 3 sp., good condition, $75. Kenmore side by side refrigerator w/ice maker dispenser, 66" H, 20 cu., mint condition, $175. Kitchen Range, Harwick 30" gas, set for propane can be switched to natural, $45. 412-754-0586

Pre-Own Starting $749 Installed With Warranty

A+ Stairlifts Of Pittsburgh

412-260-7469 HIC PA 079038



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MAUSOLEUM SPACE, Chartiers Cemetery, Carnegie, companion vault for ashes, includes 1 plaque, $7500; 412-475-5081

New Acorn 130's Save Up To $1200


COLONIAL CHAPEL Mausoleum, St. Clair Cemetery, 2nd level, 2 Spaces. $6000. 724-539-9202

IRWIN, Sat, Sun, Oct 15th, 16th, 9am- 3pm, 109 Round Top Rd, 15642; Cabinets, misc household, baby items, toys, XBox games, clothing (kids/ adult sizes). Reasonable prices.

AAA BUYING ALL STEELERS Tickets for PSLS, top $$$ paid, local pick up. 888-279-0662.,

CARNEGIE 15106 23 Swallow Hill Rd. Sat. & Sun. Oct. 15th & 16th, 10am-3pm. Sale of rare and important items not usually found in W. Pennsylvania. Stief bear1905, Lalique vase 16", 4 gal blue/grey crock + 10 more. Rare 2 gal "bird" whiskey jug. Rare mochaware "worm" pitcher. Spatterware w/peafowl. Yelloware w/seaweed. Roseville "blackberry & sunflower. Steuben 9" amber pitcher. 20 antique cast iron doorstops. Early Pittsburgh glass "riverboat" decanters. Van Briggle "Loralei" Roku vase. Regimental stein, Early silhouettes. Curier & Ives prints. Royal Bohn vase. Cast iron chocolate molds. Collectible art 1880-1960. Hand carved & painted decoys. Early metalware, iron, tin copper. Ole cloisonne, Benington pottery. Hull yelloware, Indian baskets & small rugs Primitave buttermolds. Spun cotton xmas ornaments. Antique blue/white tiles. 18" pr cut glass urns w/13x7" companion bowl. Footnote: 300 more boxes of great items for future sale. Photos: J. Keane 412-279-3229 Map App Code - 6389426 CARNEGIE: 646 Liberty Avenue, Sat, October 22 9 am to 3 pm, FURNITURE, COFFEE AND END TABLES, LAMPS, WASHER AND DRYER, KITCHEN WARE,ANTIQUE BEDROOM SET, CEDAR CHESTS, PICTURES, KNICK KNACKS, PORTABLE A/C UNIT, BOOKS ,LPS, ANTIQUE FURNITURE, CHAIRS. CASH ONLY! Map App Code - 6390366 Get what you want. Sell what you don’t.

Map App Code - 6390220

CRAFT SHOW All Handmade Items VERONA: Green Oaks Country Club. 5741 3rd Street, 15147 (same street as Rosedale Pool) Sat. Oct 22, 9am-3:30pm Free Admission & Parking 65 Booths * Refreshments Available * Map App Code - 6385287 1X75-FIL-8



The Board of Directors of the Blairsville-Saltsburg School District will hold a Policy Committee meeting on Wednesday, October 19, 2016, to discuss policies for Transportation, Organization Chart, and any other business brought before the Committee. The meeting will be held in the Library at the Blairsville Middle/High School beginning at 6:00 p.m. Leigh A. Free Board Secretary 6390138(10-16-16)

Get what you want. Sell what you don’t.

TARENTUM 15084 100 Reinehr St. Oct. 16th & 17th. 9am-3pm. Lots of stuff, too numerous to mention. Fall decorations, household, bikes. Rain or Shine. Map App Code - 6388204 TARENTUM (Fawn Twp). 120 Johnson Ave. (Bull Creek Rd). Sat. & Sun. Oct 15th -16th. 8am2pm. Xmas decorations, tools, toys. All new items. Something for everyone! Map App Code - 6389809

Garag - Garage Sale Butler

SARVER (16055) Fri., Oct, 14th-Sun., Oct, 30th 8am-6pm., 551 Fleming Rd. *MOVING/ LIQUIDATION SALE *Furniture/ Tools/ Auto/Household *Antiques/Camping/Colletables *Silver/ KIDS "baby, toys, clothing, furniture, infant to toddler". YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED IN ANY CATEGORY This Is Huge! Map App Code - 6388015

LATROBE - 308 Allegheny Ave. Sat. & Sun. Oct. 15th-16th, 8am2pm. Exercise equip, lots of misc household items! Map App Code - 6389015 SALEM TWP GARAGE SALE Saturday 10/15, 8am-2pm. Sunday 10/16, 1pm-4pm. Household goods, kitchen items, tools, hunting gear, decorative accessories, aquariums, quality items, something for everyone! 1044 Foxtail Lane. 15601(Rt 22 to Right on 819, left Evergreen, watch for signs) Map App Code - 6389638

VENDORS / CRAFTERS Wanted for Fair at 1st United Methodist Church Greensburg Sat. Nov 12th, 11am-6pm 6' table $25 Church Office 724-834-3111

Map App Code - 6389697

WAREHOUSE LIQUIDATION SALE! Vintage and new in the box toys and Christmas items, Albums, Collectibles, Sports Cards, Antiques, Furniture, Jeannette Glass Items from $1.00 to $500.00 735 Chestnut St. Latrobe PA 15650 in Garage behind house, Alley access, Friday and Saturday Oct. 14th-15th, 9-5 and Sunday Oct.16th - 12-5 Great stuff... Don't Miss it! Map App Code - 6389816

H8- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016

KEN 724-586-7271

FRIGIDARE SIDE BY SIDE , assorted tools, wine making kit, dining room buffet w/table & chairs, end tables, victorian bed, outdoor furniture, TV armour, excecutive desk, bar stools. All great condition. 484-716-1795 Pittsburgh LEAF & WOOD CHIPPERS 5hp, Sears, gas. $175. 8HP $275. 724-863-6685 USE GARAGE DOORS 8', 9' & 16' wide. Wood / Steel. Odd Sections available. Call 412-554-7007


WINDOW A/C 17500BTU; Dorm refrigerator; Left handed golf clubs w/ bag; Metal ramp; Suits/ sportscoats 42-44; Treadle sewing machine; Fabric; Drop leaf table; Piano; Wood shelving, unfinished; HP printer; Space heater; Sofa; 724-516-5889

PHEASANT HUNTING Call 724-898-2316.

LEATHER COUCH & RECLINER, Burgundy; Broyhill dining room set, table, 4 chairs, china hutch; Platform bed w/ storage; Provincial bedroom set; All good condition. Many misc items; All negotiable; 412-638-0844

STANLEY D/R SET Cherrypedestal 44x65 table w/2 addl inserts & custom pad, 6 chairs; 68" buffet w/mirror-backed lighted hutch. Pictures emailed upon request. $800 OBO. 412-9538721 WALL UNIT - Must See! Custom made, solid chestnut, perfect for work or home ofc. 724-454-6257

MOVING SALE! Many household items for sale...Holiday items, wall decorations, craft items.Call for a complete list of items. 412793-3543

SHOT GUNS, (2) Model 12 Winchester & Ithaca Gun. Make Offer! 724-224-6198 WANTED: RELOADING KIT Dillon RL550B or better. 724-445-1126

LAWNMOWER, CRAFSTMAN 6.75HP 22" Self Propelled. Very Good Condition 724-836-3768

DIABETIC TEST STRIPS CA$H for sealed/ unexpired boxes We're LOCAL! Free pickup. Call or txt ... 412-246-4661

STEELER TICKETS 412-537-1833




ALL LIONEL/AM FLYER TRAINS Any age or condition. Boxes a plus. Cash Paid. 412-678-3618

Buying Furniture, Bedrooms, Dining Sets, Guns, German Military Souveniers, Toys, Wringer Washers, Estates. Cash! (412)848-6428

Buying Standing Timber 10+ Acre's. Paid Up-front. Fully Insured. 724-640-7505 CLARK LOGGING LLC

PRIME ANGUS BEEF For sale. No antibiotics. Buy 1/2 or whole, $3.75 per lb. 724-640-5597 SIAMESE PURE BREED, 1 adult female, also 1 seal pnt. male 10mo. kitten, BEAUTIFUL! 412-277-0538

Get what you want. Sell what you don’t.

WOODBURNER Large, 3' deep x 2' wide x 3' high, brick lined, best offer. 412-491-3511

FREE HORSE MANURE You Haul 724-837-9431

CATERPILLAR CRAWLER HI-LIFT, Very good condition, work ready, many spare parts, $9500. 412-754-0586

LAWNMOWER, "BID DOG" 46" cut, zero turn with Mo Jack EZ, exc condition $2,500; 412-951-1478

CASH FOR JUNKERS We buy junk vehicles with titles we pay $50 - $250 depending on weight and distance 4123711929

CANE CORSO (Italian Mastiff) 8 wks, shots/wormed, dew claws removed, tails docked, 2 males, 3 females, ICCF registered, vet checked & approved. $1500-$2000. 724-953-3000 CANE CORSO PUPPIES - $800, Champion blodlines, parents on site call or text 724-496-2390


Buying Antiques & Anything Old Art & Estate Appraisals Estate Sales & Liquidations For 35 yrs 724-832-7388 references-google John Mickinak

Newspapers Weekly Shoppers Websites • Sports Talk Radio Promotional Products and more.

WANT TO BUY 3 BG windows size 3'x4' 12 pane, open from middle. 412-492-9537

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ENGLISH BULLDOGS Ready Oct 31st, dew claws removed, UTD on shots, fully registered, 1 male, 2 females $1950. 412-334-2173 or 412-334-2708. ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL PUPS: AKC, field bred, liver & white, black & white, Litter 1, $500, Litter 2, $800. males & females available, shots & wormed. 814-763-5826 GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS AKC 12 wks, 2M, All black & mostly black. $700. 412-719-6403

HAVANESE PUPPIES Home Raised. AKC. Best Health Guarantee. 412-218-3050

LAB PUPS; Black, Excellent temperament, health guaranteed. $550. 814-441-2142 MINI MULTI GEN LABRADOODLE PUPS 2 males, 7wks, black shots / wormed, vet checked. $1000 ea. 412-443-5364 SHIH-TZU PUPS 4 female, 1 male. Adorable, hypo-alergenic $500. 724-963-8602 YORKIE Male 8 wks. Vet checked, $600. 724-875-2767 YORKIE PUPS M&F, tail doct, first shots, ready now @10 weeks text/call 724-433-9910

MINIATURE DACHSHUND/ BICHON Mix pups, 8 weeks, males & females, shots, wormed. Call for pics, info & price 724-454-1481

Teddy Bear PuppiesReady to go. Best small family pet, look them up, call for pictures, $575, M or F. 724-923-5011 1-800-909-TRIB


Buying estates & collections of antiques. Over 40 years in business. No fees or commissions. Largest antique buyer in Western PA. Immediate cash payment.

Potatoes & Apples & Other Fall Goodies! Stahl's White Oak Farms Somerset, PA 814-445-5213


Washers & Dryers All Brands 90 day warranty. Clean Delivery Available. 724-547-0670


PRIMITIVE ANTIQUES,COLCKS,ROGERS STATURS, ETC. Private Party. Call For Appointment 412-559-8256 or 412-780-7454

OLD ROLLING ROCK (Latrobe Brewery) & Monastery Beer (Loyalhanna Brewery) & old Pittsburgh Brewery Ads & Memorabilia. 724-539-7941

$$ We pay $$ $ For Glassware $ Westmoreland, Jeannette, Fenton, L.E Smith, Imperial, etc Call: 724-836-5887

AU C T I O N S AUCTIONS Plan your weekend and beyond with

Rare Currency & Coin Oct. 22nd 11am Large Sale 270+ Lots


Hare's Professional Auction Svc. AU3546L...RY981 724-547-4678

Wed., Oct. 19 at 5pm

Visit us online at or call 1-800-909-8742 to subscribe.

Listed Artist Oil & Watercolors, Bronze 75 pcs. of Jewelry Bidding- List & Photos at

724-845-7162 AU1594L SMITH AUCTION SVC

ABSOLUTE Real Estate Auction

Wed., October 26th at 5:00PM Registration Begins at 4:00PM Claysville Community Center 212 Main Street Claysville, PA

24 PROPERTIES Each Sold to the Highest Bidder Online Bidding Available

REAL ESTATE TERMS: 20% nonrefundable down payment made day of auction with balance due at closing within 45 days. All Real Estate is sold AS-IS, WHERE IS, with absolutely no warranty to condition or title of property. No mineral rights convey – selling surface only. 10% Buyers Premium will be added to determine final contract price; 15% for online bidding. SEE WEBSITE FOR SPECIFIC CLOSING REQUIREMENTS

MARK GLASSBURN 724-887-8340...AU1314L


AUCTION & REALTY SERVICE Joe Pyle PA AU001708 5546 Benedum Drive, Shinnston, WV (888) 875-1599

Auction “Must Attend”



News, sports, contests, classifieds and more! Log on today. 1-800-909-8742

New Stanton VFD Hall 108 S. Main St. New Stanton, 15672 American Flyer train set, pedal fire engine, cast iron fire alarm box, miners canary cage & blast telephones, 10 hand stitched quilts, advertising tins, beer advertising, shoe sign, vintage Barbies, blue masons, fishing lures, brass bucket, camping items, Fenton, Westmoreland, Smith, Depression, carnival & other glassware, cash register stand, cedar chest, smoking stand, candy molds, 1940s Coca Cola tray, large amount costume jewelry, country décor, crocks, Coleman items, diecast, tools, dynamite box, German steins, 1940s tricycles, gun & shooting items, ammo & casings, Hummels, Longabergers, graniteware, Matchbox cars, vintage photos, RR & antifreeze cans, Roseville, other pottery, primitive slicers, Steelers items, washstand, vintage Christmas items, small collectibles & much more Many photos at: TERMS: CASH, check w/proper ID, lunch served, sale in building with tent if needed.



We cover what’s important to you and your family. Local news, sports, and events, every day. 1X2HF-FIL-1

Floral Shop Supplies – Equipment - Fixtures PITTSBURGH CUT FLOWER 1901 Liberty Ave, Pgh, PA 15222 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18 10:00 AM Tafco 6’x8’ Walk-In Cooler; Iceomatic Ice Machine; Josef Kihlberg Pneum. Box Stapler; Jenny K15E8P 1.5-HP Air Compressor; Pallet Racking; 500+ Feet Wareroom Shelving; Large Inventory of Floral Supplies Including: Vases, Foam Forms, Bouquet Sticks, Placement Cards, Bouquet Accents, Wicker Baskets, Candles & More! TERMS: Cash or Approved Funds. 10% Buyers Premium. Photos/Full Listing @ Website FRED PETERS AUCTIONEERS (724)785-8954 AU1460-L


COINS & CURRENCY SATURDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2016 AT 8PM GILMORE AUCTION GALLERY EST 1917 646 MARTIN ROAD ROSTRAVER TWP. BELLE VERNON, PA 15012 COIN SALE: PCGS 1901 $10.00 Bison Bill; PCGE 1899 Silver Certificate Indian Chief $5.00 bill; 1901s Liberty Head Five Dollar Gold Coin; 1831 Capped bust 25c; Seated Liberty; Capped Bust Halves; Barber Halves; Standing Liberty; Morgan Silver Dollars; Columbian Expo Halves; Commemoratives; SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS. GILMOREGALLERIES.COM For detailed listing. MANY MORE ITEMS! James R. Gilmore AU-000340l Jeffrey Gilmore AA-019050 Auctioneers RH-75-L (724) 684-4666 Preview Day of Sale: 1PM-3PM 6PM-8PM Terms of Sale: CASH OR CREDIT CARD Regular Sales Every Thursday & Saturday at 8PM



Estate Auction

Real Estate & Contents of the Pauline Baumgardner Estate, Friedens, PA Contents – No Reserves Antiques & Collectibles: Handmade braided rugs, crocks, canning jars, galv. tubs, jewelry & many interesting items. Entire contents of garage will be offered as one Lot! Online Only Auction start bidding now @ Contents Lots begin to close Tue Oct. 25th @ 6pm Preview Contents & Real Estate: 10/19/16, 4-6pm Real Estate Preview & Contents Removal 10/27/16, 3-5pm Real Estate Auction: Live & Online Oct. 27th @ 5pm Sells to the highest bidder over $9,999 173 S Main St, Friedens PA 15541 For more info or call Nolan Bell @ 814-691-1601 or 814-479-5739 Dynamic Auction Group, LLC AY002250 Buyer's Premium Applies.


Sat Oct 22nd 10am Prev 9pm. 5778 Kennedy Ave, EVFD Social Hall, Export, Pa 15632 Firearms: Rifles, Shotguns, Muzzle Loaders, Pistols. Bicycles: Giant Trance, Roubaix Elite Carbon Specialized, other. Cycling clothing. Skis: Rossignol, others. Collectibles. Household. Furniture. Primitives. Tools. Coins: Gold & Silver. Jewelry: Gold, Rings, more. See Web for Details. Terms: Cash, Check w/ID, Credit Card, 10% BF, AS-IS, AU005319. Food. Think about having an auction. Call Me @ 724-733-1109 or see Bill Evans, Auctioneer Also see our website for Online Bidding Auction of ATV’s, Farm Equipment, Ford Tractor, Tools. And More.

Located Bullskin Twp. Fairgrounds on Rt. 982 at Wooddale, PA 6 Miles Northeast of Connellsville from Rt. 119 North and 4 Miles Southwest of Laurelville & Rt. 31 East of Mt Pleasant, PA. Collectibles, Primitives, Sports Cards & Memorabilia, Steiff, Toys, Records, Currency: Edison Phonograph, Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine, Steel Banks, Cast-Iron Toys, Vintage Toys, Marx Train Set, Autographed Muhammad Ali Boxing Gloves, Slot machine, Horse Sulky & Jockey, Silver & Gold Bank notes, 5 Dollar Woodchopper Note, 20 Dollar Richmond Note, Penny Books, Uncut Currency, Costume Jewelry, Chain Purses, Comic Books, Stone Ware, Winchester Mod 37 28Ga Single Shot, Wooden Fork, Depression, Westmoreland, Opalescent, (NIB) Museum Collection Steiff Bears, Thousands of Sports Cards 70's-90's (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Golf) Many Boxes of 45 Records, Beatles, Elvis, Elvis Collectibles, Board Games, Autograph Memorabilia, Nodders, Pirate & Steelers Collectibles & Memorabilia, New Squire (Fender) Rolling Rock Guitar, Stamp Collection, Christmas, Many Autographed Baseballs, Celebrity Autographs, Pictures & Prints, Cradle, Child's Bench & many unlisted items. Bring a chair. Estates bought & sold. Terms: Cash, check with ID. AUCTIONEER:

To subscribe, call 1-800-909-8742


Bidding Ends Tuesday!

Mfg/Shop Equipment Auction No Reserves Contents of the former Solitex Solid Surfaces Mfg Co 1904 Lincoln HWY, Boswell PA 15531 John Deer Skid Loader, Box Truck, Industrial Air Compressor & Air Dryer, Industrial Mixers. Many Power Tools: Jig Saws, Circular Saw, Routers, Drills, Sanders. Kitchen Cabinets, Sinks, Jacuzzi Tub. Solid Surface Manufacturing Equipment. Buyer's Premium Applies. Online only auction. Start bidding now @ Lots begin to close Tue. Oct 18 @ 6pm Removal: Thur. Oct. 20 9am-7pm For info or call Nolan Bell @ 814-691-1601 or 814-479-5739 Dynamic Auction Group LLC AY002250


Gilpin Twp Firehall Rt66 Firehall Rd Leechburg

Informationaboutlocalevents, restaurantandmoviereviews, TheBigListofthingstodo, andsomuchmore. EveryThursdayintheTrib!



Hummels * Longaberger * Quality Glassware & More

SAT., OCT. 22ND, 4PM

at the New Stanton VFD Hall. 108 S. Main St., New Stanton. Huge variety of 280+ Hummel figures all from 1 private collection! Many hard to find & exclusive figures not always seen. Hundreds of different figures in a variety of age, sizes & marks. All in excellent condition, many with original boxes, also Hummel plates, bells, plaques & more. ALSO; 40+ Longaberger baskets, Longaberger pottery & accessories, 16 hand painted LG Wright & other table lamps, Ron Lee Wizard of Oz figures on marble, covered animals, head vases, Westmoreland, Smith, Jade green & other quality glassware & more. TERMS: CASH, check w/proper ID, 6% Pa sales tax. Please Visit for photos:


@ @ @ @ @ @

@ @ @ @ @ @ @follow @ @ @ us! @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

stay connected. @TribLIVE



160 N. Church St., Mt Pleasant 15666 Rare Overholt Distillery Items. Unique Vintage Items. Period Furniture. Quality Glassware/ China. Home Decor. Much More. Details, listing, photos at



Sat., Oct. 22, 10am


Sat. October 22 @ 10 A.M. 108 Lariat Lane Ligonier, Pa. 15658 Located at the Residence of Dr. Norman Persio Cars, Antiques, Beautiful Stained Glass Window, Collectibles, Household, & More! Cars: 12:00 Noon w/ Slight Reserve: * 1966 Pontiac Lemans– Excellent- Modified - 2004 LSGTO Motor- 6 Speed * 1985 Mercedes 300 CD- Excellent - Turbo Diesel 2 Door Sedan w/ Leather Heated Seats * 1982 Volkswagen Truck – Original- New Stanton Pa-gas w/Standard Transmission Furniture: Amish Built King Bedroom Suite, Beautiful Leather Couch & Chair, Living Room & Dining Room Furniture, Rugs, Bulova Grandfather Clock, Piano Desk, & More! Outdoor: Cub Cadet Push Mower, Patio Furniture, Weber Grill, Cement Fountain, & More! Household: Dyson Vacuum, Jewelry, Glassware, Linens, T.V., Christmas, Red Skeleton Clown Print, & Much More! Older Items of Interest: Beautiful Stained Glass Window Panelcirca 1912, Philco Floor Radio, Iron Tea Kettle, Old Pepsi Crate, Antique Hanging Light, Quilts, Copper Boiler, Old Collector Metal Vehicles, Tyco Train, “Mutt & Jeff” N Scale Elec. Train Set, Tyco Trucking Set, Nice Doll House – Circa 1940`s & Furniture, Vintage Majorette Outfit, “Tiny Golden Books”, Harley Davidson Lamp, & More! # 10537. Terms Cash – Pa. Check w/ I.D.


LARRY HENDRICK AU2486L Phone 724-238-4734 William Stehley AA019353 hendrickauctionsales ONLINE ONLY AUCTION RUNS OCT 14 – OCT 23, 2016 See website: www. for details, photos & terms KATHLEEN M. MACK AU001289L…724-235-2688 Sat., Oct. 22, 9Am. 95 Old Lincoln Hwy. W. Ligonier 15658. RT 30 E. toward Ligonier-off at 1'st Ligonier exit-cross RT. 30 W. Left on old RT 30 approx. 3/4 mile to sale on old Shirey+ Farm. Guns (reserve)-(Rem. Mod 52.22 bolt w/scope-Rem. Mod 10 12 ga. pump. 300 Salvage lever w/scope), shells, 7 gun wd. gun cab., 5 pc. maple BR suit, cloth recliner, 4 drawer chest, 3-2 drawer/1-4 drawer file cabs. ant. octagon/spool leg stands, elec. heater, linens, chairs, vanity/table lamps, set Noritake china, WM Rogers silverware, Westmoreland/Fenton glass pcs., bed clothes, kit, items, old cameras, animal nick-knacks, 2 brass fire ext., stereo, lg collection-LP records, wall mirrors, 2 writing desks-1 w/stand, Singer cab. sew. mach., ant. radios, fan on stand, dbl. bed, scanner, chest, wrist watches, small clocks, books/bookcase, ant. stand, library table, chest of drawers, utility cart, sgle. bed toy noisemakers, wd. rocker, quilts, wd. lift top chest, games, turkey platter, sew. basket, wd. benches, old license plates, signs, wd. keg, metal wardrobe, old china closet, 5-10 gal. milk cans, office chairs, all metal Pepsi cooler, copper water kettles, Story/Clark player piano, ant. mantle clock, Packard thermometer, wd. boxes, galv. boiler, numerous hand tools-manual-elec-batt., lots of misc. hardware, Glockler Co. wall safe, floor jack, wire fence, gas weeders, old cans w/ids, porch furn., 8 gal. E.S. & B. New BBRIGHTON PA crockblue lettering, alum. ext./step ladders, brass top hames, other collect./items. Terms: Cash/Check w/ID, C.Cards. Look #4025 - Food Estate of: Dean Shirey William D. Frye - Auctioneers AU2307 AA19072 AA1449 724-423-4722 AUCTIONEERING FAMILY OVER 80 YEARS


PHONE: 1.800.524.5700 HOURS: MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:30AM-5:00PM



INQUIRIES AT: [email protected]

H10- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016



SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · H11

H12- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016




PHONE: 1.800.524.5700 HOURS: MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:30AM-5:00PM


INQUIRIES AT: [email protected]

H14- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016


Ford 11, Escape XLT 4WD Sunroof, Power Seat, PL, PW $13,995


GMC 07, Yukon XL 4x4

Route 30 W., Adamsburg 724-523-6868/1-888-518-2469



Rts. 30 & 981, Latrobe, PA Across the road from Latrobe Chevy. 724-537-7723 SLE 3rd row seating, hitch, $17,995

Out - RVs-Campers FALL/ WINTER STORAGE for BOATS, RV'S & CAMPERS 9000 sqft Indoor facility w/asphalt floor. We can store anything! (Entrance 14'x14'). Indiana PA. Call 724-388-0125 LEDGER 8X36, 1 owner, excellent, private BR, full bath, park model.$8000 OBO.724-537-2270 STARCRAFT 98, 24', air, awning, sleeps 6, new tires, excellent, $3800. Call 724-539-8701

Rts. 30 & 981, Latrobe, PA Across the road from Latrobe Chevy. 724-537-7723

Chevy 10, Silverado LT

X-Cab, 4x4, Z71, 5.3 V8, hitch, PL, PW, $20,495

LATROBE CHEVY FORD USED CAR CENTER Rts. 30 & 981, Latrobe, PA Across the road from Latrobe Chevrolet

2010 Chevy Equinox LT $13,999 Stk# 7338A

DVD, sunroof, hitch, assist steps $23,995

LATROBE CHEVY FORD USED CAR CENTER Rts. 30 & 981, Latrobe, PA Across the road from Latrobe Chevrolet

BUICK, '99, LESABRE , 4 door, new inspection/ battery, 77K miles, $2500; 412-600-3495

Find out what’s going on! Post YOUR event for free. Log on today.


BUICK '91 REATTA Red, 120k mi. Runs, needs repairs, $1500 OBO. 724-527-2456


SCION 2006, TC 2dr Hatchback (2.4L 4cyl 4A), Unleaded, blue, 140K miles, No mech prob, runs great, A/C, Sunroof, $3,400 obo, 412 580-8555

Cummins Diesel, 8' bed, tow pkg, $29,995

VOLKSWAGON 99 JETTA 5 speed, insp. till 6/17, new tires, 190k miles, $900. 412-558-0935

Rts. 30 & 981, Latrobe, PA Across the road from Latrobe Chevrolet

BMW '06 525XI, black/ tan leather, new tires/ brakes, just serviced, asking $8699; 412-833-1003 SUBARU '09 Legacy, 2.5 liter, AWD, 46,000 miles, black, moonroof, $8500; 724-727-7051

Dodge 10, Ram Reg Cab


HARLEY DAVIDSON '95 Very Nice! Runs And Looks Great! Asking $2800/ OBO. Call 412-773-0616 Or 412-378-5169 HONDA '04 1800 Goldwing, rare metalic magenta, many extras w/ tear drop motorcycle sleeper trailer, $12,000; 724265-2039; 724-759-1144

Super Crew, 4x4, 64,900 Miles, 6.0 Diesel, XLT, well equipped $26,995


Rts. 30 & 981, Latrobe, PA Across the road from Latrobe Chevy. 724-537-7723 GMC 08, Sierra X-Cab 4x4

LATROBE CHEVY FORD USED CAR CENTER Rts. 30 & 981, Latrobe, PA Across the road from Latrobe Chevrolet

2011 Silverado 4x4, 14K Miles, Sport Shorty $19,499 2015 Chevy Trax LS, 9900 miles, $17,499

Winterize Your Ride!!

Classic Chevrolet Preowned Bellevue - Pgh 15202


$3000 GUARANTEED Minimum Trade Ins! Back by Popular Demand! Get top dollar for your trade ins today! Open late all week! We're Dealing! Route 30 W., Adamsburg 724-523-6868/1-888-518-2469 1X75-FIL-6


Log on. Drive off.

Chevy 07, Equinox AWD LS PW, PL, Tilt, Cruise, $7995


Rts. 30 & 981, Latrobe, PA Across the road from Latrobe Chevy. 724-537-7723

Chevy 09, Trailblazer SS

CHEVROLET 03, TRAILBLAZER, 4x4, 109K, new inspection, tow pkg, running boards, roof rack, great heat, no rust, non smoking owner, great body & interior, 4WD works perfect! A steal at $3800. 412-439-6758.

2012 GMC Terrain SLE 27K Miles, $19,499. Stk# 1203P

724-537-7723 Ford 07, F350 Dual Wheel

Z71, Remote start, bedliner, hitch, $19,495

HARLEY 2002 DAVIDSON Heritage Soft Tail classic. Custom 2 tone paint, only 1000 made. Have $30,000 into bike. Must sell. $9,000 OBO. 386-956-2713

2011 Chevy Traverse LT A-OK! $19,450. Stk# 6703B

2014 Chevy Captiva LT, 34K Miles, A-1 $16,999. Stk# 1272P


AWD, V8, LS2, Leather & More. WOW Only $19,499

Classic Chevrolet Preowned

Bellevue - Pgh 15202




Huge Clearance Special 3 Days Only Pre-Auction Sale! Bank Reps on Site. Now is the time to buy!

All Years, Makes, Models, Colors & Price Ranges for everyone! All on sale! 3 Big Days! We're Dealin! Open Late & Bank Reps on site! Now!

Route 30 W., Adamsburg 724-523-6868/1-888-518-2469

Route 30 W., Adamsburg 724-523-6868/1-888-518-2469

A donation to Tickets for Kids® Charities can send a child to the zoo, the ballpark or the museum, often for the very first time. Your contribution will be helping to provide a ticket to a whole new world!

Most Models in Stock 412-828-6202



Under 20$ Grand

724-537-7723 Chevy 10, Tahoe LT 4WD


Giant Selection! Overstocked! "We Are Blowing Out Vehicles Next 3 Big Days! Open Late! Bank Reps on site!

BANK REPS ON SITE Huge 3 Day Pre-Auction Sale! Don't Miss It! Open Late! Giant Inventory Reduction!

Route 30 W., Adamsburg 724-523-6868/1-888-518-2469


Area's Best Selection of Quality Vehicles, Certified and Warranty. Huge 3 Day Pre-Auction Auto Clearance! Open Late! Now! Route 30 W., Adamsburg 724-523-6868/1-888-518-2469

Most Models in Stock 412-828-6202


Right Now! Huge 3 Day Clearance! Pre-Auction Pricing! Open Late! Route 30 W., Adamsburg 724-523-6868/1-888-518-2469


CHEVROLET 04 BLAZER V6, air, CD, power windows & locks, new tires, exhaust, a/c compressor $4500. 724-887-4595 CHEVROLET 05 COLORADO excellent condition. $11,000 firm. 724-266-6293

Find out more!


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · H15

Auto Services Auto


AUTO SALES 724-539-4430

Servicing Satisfied Customers for Over 20 Years! Warranties Included Fully Serviced & Inspected Free Vehicle History Report LOW MILEAGE - EXTRA CLEAN 07 Lexus RX350 AWD, 85K, Sunroof, Clean, Must See! Sale $14,900 09 Mazda 6i Sport, 64K, PL, PW, Cruise, Tilt Sale $10,500 04 Grand Am SE, V6 Sedan, 125K, alloys, P Sunroof Sale $4000 08 Acadia SLE1 AWD, 72K, 3rd Row,Rear A/C DVD Sale $14,900 12 Explorer, V6, 93K, 3rd row seat, rear heat A/C Sale $14,000 07 Nitro SLT 4WD, 77K,trailer tow, PL, PW Sale $10,500 11 Caliber Mainstreet 64K, alloys, PW, PL, Cruise Sale $10,900 10 Fusion SEL AWD, 56K, sunroof, PL, PW, Cruise Sale $12,500 06 Tucson 4x4 Ltd, 88K, V6, Sunroof, 1 owner Sale $7900 08 Trailblazer LS 4x4, 71K, trailer tow, PL, PW Sale $11,200 08 Malibu 2LT, Leather, PW, PL, Heated Seats Sale $9900 07 Lincoln MKX AWD 63K, leather heated seats Sale $14,400 11 Ford Fusion SE 74K, PW, PL, Cruise Sale $9700 06 Envoy XL Denali, 4x4, 74K, DVD, 3rd Row Seat Sale $12,700 11 Sorento LX AWD Sunroof, extra clean, 30K Sale $14,900 08 Mariner AWD, V6, Sunroof, PW, PL, Cruise Sale $9500 09 Torrent AWD, 53K, PW, PL, Cruise, Alloys Sale $11,500 BBB A+ CUSTOMER RATING 3802 RT. 30, LATROBE Visit us at





$100-$10,000 "Cash In A Flash" Paid On All Good/ Junk Cars,Trucks,SUVs


We Will Beat Any Competitors Price.

412-657-9522 Press 1- to sell vehicle Press 2 - to buy used tires Press 3 -to buy used parts At our fully stocked Pick-A-Part Yard

$100 - $10,000 CASH PAID For Unwanted Auto's, Van's, Trucks, etc, Free Towing.


$100-$8000 Junk/Good Cars & Trucks.

Free Towing & Notary.




Selling Used Tires/Parts



All larger vehicles, cars, trucks, buses, equipment, etc.

YOUNG'S AUTO TRANSIT. Call for pricing


$100 & up


Any Vehicle Any condition

Best Prices! In The Business




Expanded photo coverage of games + links to the stories! 1X25-FIL-4


r sportsgalleries/

Call or Text

AFFORDABLE AUTO INSURANCE! No Insurance? DUI? Cancelled? Bad Credit? We Can Insure You! Patty, 412-462-5700.

All Cars And Trucks More For Chevy 4x4's




WANTED: Junk Cars & Trucks! Same Day Service! $160-$410/Average Free Notary. 412-824-2021 .

H16- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016




E STK#4303 MSRP $ 0 4


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016 · H17


a w







H18- SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2016











OCTOBER 16-22, 2016



Fox does the ‘Time Warp Again’ with new

‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ ZAP2IT.COM

Thanks to a history-acknowledging conceit, a new version of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” won’t make you feel like you’re in a time warp. The original, stage-show-inspired 1975 film has gotten a workout on cable lately, but Fox debuts a new version Oct. 20. Not a live production but a movie, it doesn’t pretend the earlier rendering doesn’t exist, because — in a direct reference to the first picture’s cult-classic status — an audience is shown on screen watching the remake and actively participating with such “Rocky Horror” essentials as water pistols, toilet paper and rice as it unspools. The update includes a couple of vital

‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again’ 8 p.m. Oct. 20, Fox returnees: producer Lou Adler and co-star Tim Curry, alias Dr. Frank-NFurter the first time and now the tale’s narrating Criminologist. Laverne Cox (“Orange Is the New Black”) succeeds Curry as the offbeat scientist, with Ryan McCartan (“Liv and Maddie”) and Victoria Justice (“Victorious”) following Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon as straitlaced couple Brad and Janet, stranded at a castle during a

Transylvanian convention. “ ‘Rocky Horror” always, in my particular case, had a mind of its own,” Adler maintains. “It sounds a little corny, but I waited for it — which is, basically, the fans — to tell us what we do next. We started doing this television idea quite a while ago, and I guess it just wasn’t the right time. Tim came along and validated it by wanting to be in it, and Kenny (Ortega, the remake’s director) came along and could direct it to take it to another place, always keeping the fans in mind.” Curry says he “loved being there” for the new round’s filming: “Kenny runs a very not-easy set, but a set where you really feel you can try anything. I remember quite a lot of the original film, as it was my first movie.

It was fun, though, to do it again.” The new “Rocky Horror” cast also includes Christina Milian, “American Idol” alum Adam Lambert, Annaleigh Ashford (“Masters of Sex”), Ivy Levan, Reeve Carney (“Penny Dreadful”) and Staz Nair (“Game of Thrones”). With the enduring legend of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” McCartan says, “This whole thing was very tricky for us as actors. We had a full month’s rehearsal process ... not only to develop our characters, but also to make sure we were all on the same page about paying homage, rather than trying to trump or beat or best something that we all loved so much. There were a lot of beasts that we had to conquer.”

Channel Guide


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CBS News Sunday

11 AM

Face the Nation (N)

This Week With George Stephanopoulos Soledad O’Brien (N) Full Measure Paid Program J. Van Impe CBS News Face the Nation (N) RE/MAX Home Sales REMAX FOX NFL Kickoff (N)


(13) (16) (19) (22)

The NFL Today (N) (Live)

Howard Hanna

Rock the Park (N) Outback Adventures (EI) Paid Program Arthritis? The NFL Today (N) FOX NFL Sunday (N) (Live)

Paid Program Dr. Chris-Vet (Live)

Meet the Press (N) Full Measure Paid Program CBS News Face the Nation (N) Black & Gold Meet the Press (N) Our Region’s Busi- St. Barnabas WPXI ness SciGirls Wild Kratts Biz Kid$ WQED Cyberchase Leverage A school-bus driver. WINP Leverage Skin Care Tai Chi! Paid Program WPCW Paid Program Why Use a Pressure Cooker? Paid Program Best Pan Ever! WPNT

(23) WATM Kaleidoscope (40) WPCB Rod Parsley


To Be Announced

(9) WTOV (10) WTAJ (11)

12 PM



1 PM




OCT. 16, 2016


2 PM


3 PM

NFL Football Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins. From Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla. (N) (Live)


4 PM


NFL Postgame (N) Extra Point

5 PM


The Nightly Sports Call: Special Edition

Teen Kids News (N) Hiring America (N) World of X Games World of X Games World of X Games (N) Timbersports Series (N) Entertainment Tonight (N) (N) (N) Paid Program Countdown NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup Series: Hollywood Casino 400. From Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. (N) (Live) NFL Football Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins. (N) (Live) NFL Post. NFL Post. PBR Bull Riding NFL Football Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins. From FedEx Field in Landover, Md. (:25) NFL Football Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers. (N) (Live) Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Countdown NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup Series: Hollywood Casino 400. From Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. (N) (Live) The NFL Today (N) NFL Football Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins. (N) (Live) NFL Post. NFL Post. PBR Bull Riding Paid Program Just for Laughs Gags Paid Program Countdown to NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup Series: Hollywood Casino 400. From Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kan. (N) (Live) Green (N) Election 2016 Election 2016 Things That Are Still Here Filmmaker’s Corner Renewal World Dancesport Grandslam Masterpiece Mystery! (DVS) Leverage Tainted food. Leverage A crew of thieves. Leverage “The Ice Man Job” Leverage A corrupt lawyer. Leverage “The Runway Job” Leverage “The Bottle Job” Healthy Fried Food ›› Aliens in the Attic (2009) Carter Jenkins, Austin Butler. Major Crimes “Final Cut” Person of Interest Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls Ring of Honor Wrestling ›› The Pacifier (2005, Comedy) Vin Diesel, Lauren Graham. A Navy SEAL becomes Celebrity Name Celebrity Name Raising Hope Raising Hope Elementary An up-and-coming ballerina the guardian of five siblings. Game Game is murdered. Old House Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program World of X World of X World of X Games (N) Timbersports Series (N) L King Report Paid Program Crossing All Things › Road to Redemption (2001) Julie Condra. His Presence Joy of Music Z. Levitt With Arlene Questions Origins Transform FOX NFL Sunday (N) (Live) NFL Football Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins. From FedEx Field in Landover, Md. (:25) NFL Football Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers. (N) (Live) Howdy Doody Howdy Doody Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch Miami Vice “Walk-Alone” Miami Vice “The Good Collar” Hart to Hart

Sharyl Attkisson

Proclaim! J. Van Impe Paid Program

Altoona Johnstown Mass How Can I Int. Fellowship FOX NFL Kickoff (N) (Live)

(59) WEPA


Ariel & Zoey

Aqua Kids


The First 48 “Blindsided” American Restoration American Restoration American Restoration Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Vatos” The Walking Dead “Wildfire” The Walking Dead “TS-19” The Walking Dead “What Lies Ahead” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Insane Pools: Deep End Insane Pools: Deep End Redwood Kings Redwood Kings Treehouse Masters Treehouse Masters Treehouse Masters Treehouse Masters Nature’s Weirdest Nature’s Weirdest Nature’s Weirdest Nature’s Weirdest ›››› GoodFellas (1990) Robert De Niro. An Irish-Italian hood joins the 1950s New York Mafia. Untouchables Lift Voice House/Payne House/Payne House/Payne House/Payne House/Payne ›› The Fighting Temptations (2003, Comedy) Cuba Gooding Jr., Beyoncé Knowles. ›› Guess Who (2005) Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher. Housewives/OC Yours, Mine Yours, Mine Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Don’t—Tardy Don’t—Tardy Don’t—Tardy Don’t—Tardy Housewives/NJ (9:00) Hot 20 Countdown I Love Kellie I Love Kellie ›› You’ve Got Mail (1998, Romance-Comedy) Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Parker Posey. ›› Overboard (1987, Comedy) Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell. Ways to Die Ways to Die (:15) 1,000 Ways to Die Ways to Die Ways to Die Ways to Die (:25) ››› My Cousin Vinny (1992) Joe Pesci, Marisa Tomei. South Park South Park (:13) South Park (9:00) Gold Rush Alaska: The Last Frontier Alaska: The Last Frontier Alaska: The Last Frontier Alaska: The Last Frontier Alaska: The Last Frontier Alaska: The Last Frontier Alaska: The Last Frontier Bunk’d L&M:Cali Style K.C. Under. Stuck/Middle Elena Zhu Zhu Pets Liv-Mad. Walk the K.C. Under. Bizaardvark Stuck/Middle Jessie Bizaardvark K.C. Under. (:10) ››› Toy Story 3 Rob & Chyna Rob & Chyna Rob & Chyna Rob & Chyna WAGS: Miami WAGS: Miami Rob & Chyna Rob & Chyna NFL Insiders: Sunday Edition Sunday NFL Countdown (N) (Live) Who’s In? College Football Final Who’s In? MLS Soccer Teams TBA. (N) (Live) (:15) MLS Soccer Teams TBA. 30 for 30 ››› Catching Hell (2011, Documentary) 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 SportsCenter (N) (Live) Fantasy Football Now (N) (Live) Bassmasters Bassmasters (N) Bassmasters (N) Bassmasters (N) CrossFit Games (Taped) God Weeps At Home with Jim and Joy Holy Rosary Sunday Mass Litany Heart In Concert Light From Mercy Holy Rosary Catechism Beloved (N) The Church Signs of Life Valerie Home Contessa Pioneer Wo. Trisha’s Sou. Giada-Home Sandra Lee’s The Kitchen “Autumn Eats” Worst Bakers in America Worst Cooks in America Cutthroat Kitchen Chopped Junior (:10) ››› Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005, Fantasy) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson. (1:50) ››› Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009, Fantasy) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint. Harry Potter How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met ››› About Last Night (2014) Kevin Hart. ›› Ride Along (2014, Comedy) Ice Cube, Kevin Hart. ›› Thor: The Dark World (2013) House Hunting House Hunting Floating Home Floating Home Flipping Vegas “Fire House” Flipping Vegas “Frat House” Flipping Vegas Flipping Vegas “Stink House” Downtown Shabby Married at First Sight (7:00) European PGA Tour Golf British Masters, Final Round. LPGA Tour Golf KEB-HanaBank Championship, Final Round. Golf Central PGA Tour Golf Champions: SAS Championship, Final Round. (N) (Live) PGA Tour Golf Deal or No Deal Deal or No Deal Family Feud Family Feud Winsanity Winsanity Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Skin Wars: Fresh Paint Family Feud Family Feud Golden Girls Golden Girls Love by Chance (2016) Ben Ayers, Beau Garrett. Autumn in the Vineyard (2016) Rachael Leigh Cook. Love in Paradise (2016) Luke Perry, Emmanuelle Vaugier. Pumpkin Pie Wars (2016) Flea Market Flea Market Flea Market Flea Market Flea Market Flea Market Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens Evidence of 20th-century alien contact. Ancient Aliens (DVS) Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens American Pickers True Nightmares Blood Relatives Nightmare Next Door Evil Kin “A Mother’s Fight” Swamp Murders Suspicion “The Boogeyman” Betrayed “Family Fatale” Homicide Hunter: Kenda Headlines: Michel’le Sorority Nightmare (2016, Suspense) Sierra McCormick. Unwanted Guest (2016) Kate Mansi, Beth Littleford. ›› Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds (2012) Tyler Perry. ›› Just Wright (2010) Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Impossible Acting Out › How High (2001, Comedy) Method Man, Redman. › Friday After Next (2002) EPL Soccer Premier English Premier League Soccer NASCAR Equestrian Equestrian Wakeboarding Motorsports Hour (N) RacerTV (N) RacerTV (N) Lincoln: Mastermind JFK: The Lost Bullet JFK: The Final Hours The final day of Kennedy’s life. The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination Killing Lincoln President Lincoln’s final days. SpongeBob SpongeBob Teenage Mut. Loud House Loud House Loud House Loud House Alvinnn!!! and Alvinnn!!! and Alvinnn!!! and SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob School Game Super Soul Sunday Super Soul Sunday (N) Super Soul Sunday Super Soul Sunday Super Soul Sunday Undercover Boss Undercover Boss Undercover Boss Killer Couples Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Fried Foods Paid Program Why Use a Pressure Cooker? Paid Program Paid Program Healthy Fried Food PA Public Affairs Sunday Omega Paid Program Sunday News Paid Program Championship Paid Program Paid Program Sunday News Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Business Paid Program Pittsburgh Now 5:30PM News Paid Program Wild PA Friends Wild Football Week Softball 360 Triathlon Women’s College Soccer Louisville at Virginia Tech. (N) (Live) In the Room NHL Hockey Anaheim Ducks at Pittsburgh Penguins. Truck Tech Detroit Muscle ›› Armageddon (1998) Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton. A hero tries to save Earth from an asteroid. ›› Now You See Me (2013) Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo. Bar Rescue (9:00) ›› The Possession Stake Land 2 (2016, Action) Connor Paolo, Nick Damici. Stake Land (2010, Horror) Nick Damici, Connor Paolo. ›› Warm Bodies (2013) Nicholas Hoult. Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines Friends › Norbit (2007, Comedy) Eddie Murphy, Thandie Newton. ›› Life as We Know It (2010) Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel. (DVS) › Something Borrowed (2011) Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson. Horrible Boss ›››› An American in Paris (1951) Gene Kelly. (DVS) ›› Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) Frankie Avalon. ›››› The Third Man (1949, Mystery) Orson Welles. ››› Rome Adventure (1962, Romance) Troy Donahue. Four Weddings Four Weddings Four Weddings Four Weddings Four Weddings 90 Day Fiancé 90 Day Fiancé 90 Day Fiancé Law & Order (DVS) Law & Order “Profiteer” ›› Transcendence (2014) Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall. (DVS) ›› I Am Number Four (2011) Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant. (DVS) ›› Divergent (2014) Teen Titans Teen Titans Teen Titans Teen Titans Teen Titans Teen Titans ››› Monster House (2006) Voices of Steve Buscemi. › Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010) Wrld, Gumball Mighty Magi. Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Expedition Unknown Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Best Bars Best Bars Delicious Delicious Food Paradise International Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Imp. Jokers Those Who Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. (:12) The Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Reba Reba Reba Reba Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU America’s Next Top Model America’s Next Top Model Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Basketball Wives LA Basketball Wives LA Basketball Wives LA Basketball Wives LA CSI: Miami Killing for gas. CSI: Miami CSI: Miami “Raging Cannibal” CSI: Miami “Wrecking Crew” CSI: Miami “Cheating Death” CSI: Miami CSI: Miami “Power Trip” CSI: Miami In the Heat of the Night In the Heat of the Night In the Heat of the Night In the Heat of the Night Person of Interest Person of Interest Person of Interest “Nautilus” Person of Interest “Wingman”


(:05) ›› Jurassic World (2015) Chris Pratt. Real Time With Bill Maher (:15) ›› The Transporter (2002) Jason Statham. (2:50) ›› Dumb and Dumber To (2014) (:45) ››› Everest (2015) Jason Clarke. (9:30) ››› The Birdcage (1996) ››› Music and Lyrics (2007) Hugh Grant. (:15) ››› Tropic Thunder (2008) Ben Stiller. (:05) Quarry ››› Blood Diamond (2006) Leonardo DiCaprio. Zoolander ›› Notting Hill (1999) Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant. (:45) ›› The D Train (2015) Jack Black. (:35) ›› No Escape (2015) Owen Wilson, Lake Bell. ››› Casino Royale (2006) Daniel Craig. (9:50) ›› Risen (2016) Joseph Fiennes. (:40) ››› Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) (:10) ›› Hart’s War (2002) Bruce Willis. Ash vs Evil Blunt Talk (:15) ›› Risen (2016) Joseph Fiennes, Peter Firth. (9:00) The Karate Kid Part II (10:55) ›››› Red River (1948) John Wayne. (:10) ›› Feel the Noise (2007) (:40) › Strange Magic (2015) Voices of Alan Cumming. (:25) ››› Sleepless in Seattle (1993) The Lovers (2014) Josh Hartnett, Alice Englert. (11:50) › Delta Farce (2007) (:20) ›› Winter Passing (2005) Ed Harris. ›› Hot Rod (2007) Andy Samberg. ››› Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans

(53) WPGH





6 PM



7 PM


8 PM


(2) CBS Weekend


60 Minutes (N)


(4) World News

(4) Pittsburgh’s

America’s Funniest Home Videos Cat bites Once Upon a Time “Strange Case” (N) its owner. (N)


(6) WJAC-TV News NBC Nightly News

(2) KDKA (7) WTRF (10) WTAJ

News (N) News (N) (7) 7 News Week- (7) (10) CBS end (N) Weekend News (N) (10) WTAJ News at 6 (N)

(4) WTAE (23) Kaleidoscope Action News 4 (23) ABC World (23) WATM

NCIS: Los Angeles “Black Market” A poisoned Homeland Security agent. (N) (DVS)


9 PM




10 PM

(6) WJAC (9) WTOV (11) WPXI


at 6 PM With Lester Holt (9) News 9 at Six (N) (11) Channel 11 News (N)

(4:25) NFL Football Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers. From The OT (N) (Live) The Simpsons Mr. Burns initiates a new contest. (N)

(16) WINP (19) WPCW

NewsHour Wk Leverage Mike & Molly

11 PM


Quantico “Stescalade” Alex infiltrates the (4) Action News terrorist group. (N) 4 at 11 (23) Celebrity

(4) Pittsburgh’s

12 AM


Secrets and Lies “The Liar” Eric tries to locate Liam. (N) (DVS)

(:20) NFL Football Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans. From NRG Stadium in Houston. (N) (Live)

(:31) Son of Zorn Family Guy Quagmire The Last Man on Zorn tries to impress decides to become Earth “You’re All Alan. (N) a gigolo. Going to Diet”

(8) Fox 8 News (53) Channel 11

Action News 4 (23) Blue Bloods

(4) Matter of Fact With Soledad O’Brien (N)

1 AM


(4) Rizzoli & Isles An author’s suicide is (4) Rizzoli (23) Outdoorsman investigated. (23) Elementary A murder connected With Buck McNeely

to a fossil.

(6) WJAC-TV News (6) The Big Bang

(6) Big Bang Theory (6) The Big Bang (9) ROH Wrestling Theory “The Proton at 11PM Theory (9) News 9 Tonight (9) Sports Sunday (11) ThisMinute Resurgence” (11) Channel 11 (11) The Final Word (11) RightThisNews (N) Minute (N)

(8) Mike & Molly (8) The Middle (8) The Middle “The (8) Mike & Molly (8) Mike & Molly (53) The Big Bang (53) Paid Program “To Have and With- (53) The Big Bang Play” (53) Jack Van Impe Theory News on FOX 53 hold” Theory at 10 Presents Ellen DeGeneres: The Mark Twain Prize Mark Twain Prize for The Durrells in Corfu on Masterpiece (Se- Poldark on Masterpiece Ross makes Fran- Indian Summers on Masterpiece (N) Latino Americans Latino emigrants seek Globe Trekker Cheese Makers Market in American Humor. ries Premiere) (N) cis an offer. (N) new opportunities. England. Leverage “The Future Job” Leverage A corrupt mayor. Leverage Leverage “The Jailhouse Job” Leverage “The Reunion Job” Leverage Parker is trapped. Major Crimes Emma demands that Rusty ›› Murder by Numbers (2002, Suspense) Sandra Bullock, Ryan Gosling, Michael Pitt. Two murderous men The 10 O’Clock News The Nightly Sports CSI: Miami “Won’t Get Fueled Again” Mr. Box Office The First Family be relocated. try to outwit a homicide detective. Call Killing for gas. Mod Fam Mod Fam Marketplace Seinfeld Seinfeld Whacked Out Ring of Honor Wrestling Tai Chi! Fish Oil Channel 11 News David Jeremiah In Touch with Get Involved Perry Stone Rod Parsley Prop. Conn Real Life The Calling Prophecy This/Your Day Damon Davis Murder, She Wrote Murder, She Wrote Murder, She Wrote The A-Team Quantum Leap Quantum Leap

(8) WWCP Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. (N) (Live) (53) WPGH (13) WQED


(2) (:35) Extra (N) Madam Secretary “The Linchpin” Negotiat- Elementary “Worth Several Cities” Holmes (2) News at Eleven (2) Cochran Sports (2) PBR Bull Riding (7) Decision Makers (2) (:05) The (7) News (7) Person-Interest (10) Person(7) Paid Program ing an Algerian regime change. (N) is abducted by a gang leader. (N) Insider (10) News (10) NitWits (10) (:05) Rizzoli Interest & Isles An author’s suicide is investigated.

News Tonight

Football Night in America (N) (Live)

OCT. 16, 2016


(6) The Right Side (9) Whacked

Out Spo. (11) Forensic File

(8) How I Met Your (8) How I Met Your Mother Mother (53) Paid Program (53) Family Guy

The Fast Metabolism Revolution With Haylie Pomroy Psych How I Met Your How I Met Your Mother Mother The Haunting in Connecticut Real Life The Avengers

(22) WPNT (40) WPCB (59) WEPA

TMZ (N) Love Worth Hart to Hart


Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Secrets” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead A recap of the last six seasons. (N) The Walking Dead A recap of the last six seasons. ››› Fright Night (2011) Treehouse Masters Treehouse Masters Treehouse Masters: Branched Out “Family Trees” (N) Treehouse Masters Treehouse Masters: Branched Out “Family Trees” Treehouse Masters (5:30) ›››› The Untouchables (1987) Kevin Costner. ›››› GoodFellas (1990) Robert De Niro. An Irish-Italian hood joins the 1950s New York Mafia. ›››› The Untouchables (1987) Kevin Costner, Sean Connery. (4:00) ›› Guess Who ›› Soul Men (2008) Samuel L. Jackson. Estranged singers reunite for a tribute concert. Husbands Gary Owe. Meet, Browns Meet, Browns Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Housewives/NJ Housewives/NJ Housewives/NJ Manzo’d With Housewives/NJ Don’t—Tardy Happens Housewives/NJ Manzo’d With Housewives/OC Overboard ›› What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012, Comedy) Cameron Diaz. I Love Kellie Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders ›› Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997) Cops Rel. Cops Rel. Cops Rel. (:15) ›› I Think I Love My Wife (2007) Chris Rock, Kerry Washington. Kevin Hart: Grown Little Man Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny Kevin Hart Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain Kyle Kinane: Loose Alaska: The Last Frontier Alaska: The Last Frontier Exposed “Episode 15” Alaska: The Last Frontier (Season Premiere) (N) (:02) Alaska: The Last Frontier Alaska: The Last Frontier (5:10) ››› Toy Story 3 Elena ››› Despicable Me (2010, Comedy) L&M:Cali Style Girl Meets K.C. Under. Bizaardvark Bunk’d My Babysitter Austin & Ally Jessie Good-Charlie Dog With Blog Rob & Chyna Rob & Chyna Rob & Chyna Rob & Chyna (:01) WAGS: Miami (N) Rob & Chyna WAGS: Miami Rob & Chyna (5:15) MLS Soccer Teams TBA. (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event. 2016 World Series of Poker SportsCenter (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) 30 for 30 30 for 30 SEC Storied Out of Nothing (2013, Documentary) 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 CrossFit Games (Taped) CrossFit Games (Taped) WNBA Basketball Minnesota Lynx at TBA. Finals, game 4. (If necessary). (N) SportsCenter E:60 Baseball Ton. Who’s In? College Football Teams TBA. Saints Vaticano World Over Live Sunday Night Prime (N) Catholics Holy Rosary EWTN Theology Roundtable Best of Mother Angelica Sunday Mass Litany Heart Pope John Halloween Wars Guy’s Grocery Games (N) Guy’s Grocery Games (N) Halloween Wars “Two-Faced” Worst Bakers in America (N) Halloween Baking Halloween Wars “Two-Faced” Worst Bakers in America (5:30) ››› Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010, Fantasy) Daniel Radcliffe. ››› Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint. Joel Osteen Dr. Jeremiah Robison Paid Program (4:30) Thor: The Dark World ››› Noah (2014, Historical Drama) Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson. The Strain “White Light” (N) The Strain “White Light” The Strain “Collaborators” The Strain “White Light” Married at First Sight Married at First Sight Married at First Sight (N) Surviving Marriage (:31) Married at First Sight Married-Sight Married at First Sight Marriage (5:00) PGA Tour Golf Safeway Open, Final Round. (N) (Live) Golf Central (N) (Live) PGA Tour Golf Safeway Open, Final Round. From Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, Calif. Golf Central PGA Tour Golf Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Baggage Baggage Winsanity Winsanity Baggage Baggage (5:00) Pumpkin Pie Wars Summer Villa (2016) Victor Webster, Hilarie Burton. October Kiss (2015) Ashley Williams, Sam Jaeger. Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Frasier Frasier Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Hawaii Life (N) Hawaii Life (N) Caribbean Caribbean Island Hunters Island Hunters Hunters Hunters Int’l Caribbean Caribbean Island Hunters Island Hunters American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers (:03) American Pickers (12:03) American Pickers (:03) American Pickers 48 Hours on ID 48 Hours on ID “The Verdict” 48 Hours on ID 48 Hours on ID (N) On the Case With Paula Zahn 48 Hours on ID 48 Hours on ID On the Case With Paula Zahn (5:00) ›› Just Wright › Tyler Perry’s Temptation (2013) Jurnee Smollett-Bell. Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le (2016) (:02) › Tyler Perry’s Temptation (2013) Lance Gross Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge (5:00) › Friday After Next ››› Friday (1995, Comedy) Ice Cube, Chris Tucker. › Friday After Next (2002, Comedy) Ice Cube, Mike Epps. ››› Friday (1995, Comedy) Ice Cube, Chris Tucker. › How High (2001) Redman NASCAR Spr. NASCAR Victory Lap (N) (Live) Auto Racing Global RallyCross Series. (Taped) Nitro Circus Crazy Train Nitro Circus Crazy Train Sports Sports Premier League Match of the Day (N) Killing Kennedy (2013) Rob Lowe, Ginnifer Goodwin. Killing Reagan (2016) Joe Chrest, Cynthia Nixon. Premiere. (:01) Killing Reagan (2016) Joe Chrest, Cynthia Nixon. (12:01) Killing Reagan (2016) Joe Chrest, Cynthia Nixon. Henry Danger Henry Danger Thundermans Thundermans Nicky, Ricky Nicky, Ricky Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends Friends Friends (:33) Friends Fresh Prince Fresh Prince Undercover Boss Super Soul Sunday Undercover Boss “YESCO” Undercover Boss Undercover Boss Undercover Boss “YESCO” Undercover Boss Undercover Boss Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped “Donna Blanton” (N) Snapped Takes a Killer Takes a Killer Snapped Snapped PA Public Affairs PA Public Affairs PC 6PM News PCNC 6:30PM PCNC News Business PCNC 8PM PCNC 8:30PM PCNC 9PM PCNC 9:30PM Best of NightTalk Paid Program PCNC 11 BestPan! Paid Program The Final Paid Program College Football Pittsburgh at Virginia. From Scott Stadium in Charlottesville, Va. 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(N) (:02) 90 Day Fiancé Nicole struggles to keep up with Azan. 90 Day Fiancé: More to Love (5:00) ›› Divergent (2014) Shailene Woodley. (DVS) ››› The Help (2011, Drama) Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard. (DVS) ››› The Help (2011, Drama) Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard. (DVS) ››› The LEGO Movie (2014) Voices of Chris Pratt. Regular Show Regular Show Bob’s Burgers American Dad Family Guy Family Guy Rick, Morty Pretty Face Mike Tyson Bob’s Burgers Bob’s Burgers American Dad Food Paradise Food Paradise Food Paradise (N) Big Time RV Big Time RV Extreme RVs Big Time RV Big Time RV Big Time RV Big Time RV Extreme RVs Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Those Who Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Reba Reba “Pilot” Reba Reba Reba Reba Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King King King King Raymond Raymond Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Eyewitness “Buffalo ’07” Falling Water “Don’t Tell Bill” Law & Order: SVU Eyewitness “Buffalo ’07” Basketball Wives LA Basketball Wives LA Basketball Wives LA (N) Basketball Wives LA Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Basketball Wives LA Black Ink Crew: Chicago CSI: Miami “Tipping Point” CSI: Miami Killing for gas. CSI: Miami CSI: Miami “Raging Cannibal” CSI: Miami “Wrecking Crew” CSI: Miami “Cheating Death” CSI: Miami CSI: Miami “Power Trip” Blue Bloods “Chinatown” Blue Bloods “Re-Do” Blue Bloods “After Hours” Blue Bloods “Little Fish” Blue Bloods “Hall of Mirrors” Bones Half-eaten body found. Bones “The Man in the SUV” Law & Order “Breeder”


(4:45) ››› Everest (2015) (6:50) ›› Joy (2015) Jennifer Lawrence. ‘PG-13’ Westworld “The Stray” (N) Divorce (N) Insecure (N) Last Week To. Westworld “The Stray” Insecure Divorce Last Week To. Blood Dia (:25) ›› Victor Frankenstein (2015) Daniel Radcliffe. ‘PG-13’ (:20) ›› Krampus (2015) Emjay Anthony. ››› Frank Miller’s Sin City (2005) Jessica Alba. ‘R’ (12:05) ››› Snow Angels (2007) Kate Beckinsale. ‘R’ (4:30) ››› Casino Royale Masters of Sex “Outliers” Shameless Shameless (N) Masters of Sex “Family Only” Shameless Masters of Sex “Family Only” Shameless (:05) ›› Devil (2010) Chris Messina. ‘PG-13’ Ash vs Evil Ash vs Evil Blunt Talk (N) Ash vs Evil Blunt Talk Ash vs Evil Blunt Talk Black Sails “XXI.” ›› Risen (2016) Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton. ‘PG-13’ (:15) ›› Nine Months (1995) Hugh Grant. ‘PG-13’ ››› About a Boy (2002) Hugh Grant. (:45) ››› Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) ‘R’ (:45) ›› Extreme Measures (1996) Hugh Grant. ‘R’ Schindler’s (:15) ››› The Seven Five (2014, Documentary) ‘R’ › Halloween: Resurrection (2002) ‘R’ ›› Hostel Part II (2007) Lauren German. ‘R’ (:05) ›› Saw (2004, Horror) Cary Elwes. ‘R’ ›› Saw II (2005) ‘R’



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An industrialist ›› Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981, Horror) Sam Neill, Rossano Brazzi, Don Gordon. Antichrist Damien his son may be the Antichrist. adopts his devilish orphaned nephew. hunts his age-old enemy. (9:00) › House on Haunted Hill (1999) ›› The Amityville Horror (1979, Horror) James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger. A family’s Long Island ›› Amityville II: The Possession (1982, Horror) Burt Young, Rutanya Alda, James Olson. Another family ›› The Amityville Horror (2005) Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George. Strange events Geoffrey Rush. home is possessed by evil spirits. falls victim to the evil Long Island home. plague a family in a new house. ›››› Alien (1979, Science Fiction) Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, John Hurt. A merciless horror stalks ›››› Aliens (1986, Science Fiction) Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael Biehn. Space Marines battle an army of deadly ››› Alien 3 (1992, Science Fiction) Sigourney Weaver, Charles S. Dutton. Lone woman finds thugs, the crew of a deep-space freighter. monsters. zealots and horror on prison planet. ›››› The Exorcist (1973, Horror) Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Max von Sydow. Jesuits try to rescue a (:45) ›› Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977, Horror) Linda Blair, Richard Burton. A teenager suffers the after- (:15) ›››› The Exorcist (1973, Horror) Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Max von Sydow. Jesuits try to rescue a possessed girl. possessed girl. shocks of demonic possession. ›› Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992) Terence Knox. Newsman probes ›› Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995) Daniel Cerny, Ron Melendez. ››› Hellraiser (1987, Horror) Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins. Clive Barker’s oth- ›› Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988, Horror) Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence. PsychiaNebraska town’s dark past. Brother vs. brother, good vs. evil. erworldly tale of pain and torture. trist works on demonic puzzle. 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Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother (9:30) ›› The Counselor (2013, Suspense) Michael Fassbender. A lawyer becomes Two and a Half Men Two and a Half Men Mike & Molly Mike & Molly ››› The Bourne Legacy (2012) Jeremy Renner. Jason Bourne’s actions have conseinvolved in drug trafficking. “Windy City” quences for a new agent. (9:30) ››› The Bourne Legacy (2012, Action) Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz. Jason Bourne’s actions have Two and a Half Men How I Met Your How I Met Your Mike & Molly ›› Jack Reacher (2012, Action) Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, consequences for a new agent. Mother Mother Robert Duvall. (9:30) ›› In Time (2011) Justin Timberlake. Time is the currency in a world where Two and a Half Men How I Met Your Mike & Molly Mike & Molly ››› World War Z people no longer age. Mother (2013) (9:30) ›› Sucker Punch (2011) Emily Browning. A girl’s dream world provides an Mike & Molly Mike & Molly Two and a Half Men Two and a Half Men ››› Noah (2014) Russell Crowe. escape from a dark reality. Home & Family Home & Family Home Imp. Home Imp. Home Imp. Home Imp. Home Imp. Home Imp. Home Imp. Home Imp. Celebrity Wife Swap How I Met How I Met Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Team Umiz. Team Umiz. Bubble Bubble PAW Patrol PAW Patrol PAW Patrol Blaze Alvinnn!!! and Alvinnn!!! and SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Loud House Loud House Harvey Beaks Varied Programs Varied Programs (8:30) Day of ›› Sinister (2012, Horror) Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, James Ransone. A true-crime writer uses Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012) Camilla Arfwedson, Roxanne McKee. Hillbilly can- ›› Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011) Sean Skene. Friends fight deformed ›› Wrong Turn (2003, Horror) Desmond Reckoning found footage to unravel a murder. nibals target several college students. mutants at an abandoned sanitarium. Harrington. We Are Still Here (2015) Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig. An old house wakes ›› Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994, Horror) Robert De Niro, Kenneth Branagh. A doctor becomes › Silent Hill: Revelation (2012, Horror) Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington. Demonic › Push (2009) Chris Evans. Rogue psychics battle a covert up and demands a sacrifice. obsessed with creating life from death. forces threaten to engulf a teenager. government agency. Paranormal Witness A family faces ma- Paranormal Witness A supernatural Paranormal Witness Marines encountered Paranormal Witness “Ashes to Ashes” Paranormal Witness “Voodoo Preacher” Paranormal Witness The spirit of a de- Paranormal Witness “From H.E.L.L.” Paranormal Witness A deadly contract levolent forces. preacher terrorizes. a ghostly enemy. mented crack fiend. with the Devil. Rise of the Zombies (2012, Horror) Mariel Hemingway, LeVar Burton. Survivors of a ››› Identity (2003, Suspense) John Cusack, Ray Liotta. A killer terrorizes people ›› The Box (2009, Horror) Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Frank Langella. A mysterious gift bestows ››› Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007, zombie plague search for a scientist. stranded at a remote hotel. riches and death at the same time. Musical) Johnny Depp. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (DVS) ›› Warm Bodies (2013) Nicholas Hoult. An unusual romance unfolds after a zombie The Dead 2: India (2013) Joseph Millson, Meenu Mishra. A man races across India to Isle of the Dead (2016, Action) Joey Lawrence, Maryse Ouellet Mizanin. Strangers on ›› Lake Placid (1999) Bill Pullman, saves a young woman’s life. save his lover from zombies. a secluded island battle the dead. Bridget Fonda. Friends Friends Friends Friends The Cleveland Show The Cleveland Show American Dad American Dad American Dad American Dad Bob’s Burgers “Lob- Bob’s Burgers Bob’s Burgers Family Guy (DVS) Family Guy (DVS) Family Guy (DVS) “Pilot” sterfest” “Torpedo” The King of Queens The King of Queens The Cleveland Show The Cleveland Show American Dad American Dad Family Guy (DVS) Family Guy (DVS) New Girl “Santa” New Girl “Cabin” Friends “The Last Friends “The Last Friends “Pilot” Friends One” One” MLB Postseason MLB Baseball American League Championship Series, Game 5: Teams TBA. (If necessary). (N) (Live) Pre-Game New Girl “A Father’s New Girl “PepFriends Friends Friends Friends Love” perwood”

F (9:45) ››› The Strawberry Blonde (1941) James Cagney,

››› The Lady From Shanghai (1948, Mystery) Rita Hayworth, ›› The Pirates of Blood River (1962) Kerwin Mathews, Glenn (:45) ›› The Devil-Ship Pirates (1964) Christopher Lee. Premiere. An evil Spanish ›› Terror of the Tongs (1961, Horror) Geoffrey Toone, ChrisOrson Welles. Corbett. Premiere. pirate invades an isolated Cornish port. topher Lee. Premiere. (:15) ›› Wise Girl (1937, Comedy) Miriam Hopkins, Ray Mil- ››› Old Acquaintance (1943, Drama) Bette Davis. An author’s return to her home- ››› The Old Maid (1939, Drama) Bette Davis, Miriam Hop- (:15) ››› The Richest Girl in the World (1934) Miriam (:45) ›› Lady With Red Hair (1940, Biography) Miriam land, Walter Abel. town spurs a jealous rivalry. kins, George Brent. Hopkins, Joel McCrea. Hopkins, Claude Rains. ›› Decoy (1946) Jean Gillie. A gangster’s moll lays low after ›› Lady in the Lake (1946, Crime Drama) Robert Montgomery, (:15) ››› The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946, Drama) Barbara Stanwyck, Van (:15) ›› Detour (1945) Tom Neal. A hitchhiking pianist ››› The Woman on the Beach (1947) (:45) ›› Born she engineers a jail break. Audrey Totter. Heflin, Kirk Douglas. figures into two deaths. Joan Bennett. to Kill (9:45) ›››› The Good Earth (1937) Paul Muni. A spoiled Chinese peasant loses (:15) ››› The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936) Paul Muni, (:45) ›››› The Life of Emile Zola (1937) Paul Muni. The novelist defends a (:45) ››› Angel on My Shoulder (1946, Fantasy) Paul Muni, Anne Baxter. A gang- ›› Dr. Socrates touch with the land and with his wife. Josephine Hutchinson. French captain accused of treason. ster makes a bargain with the devil. (1935) (9:15) ›› We Were Strangers (1949) (:15) › Apache War Smoke (1952, Western) Gilbert Roland, ›› Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939) (:45) ›› Blondes at Work (1938, Drama) Glenda Farrell, ›› Torchy Blane in Chinatown (1939) ›› Torchy Gets Her Man (1938) Glenda (:15) ›› Fly-Away Baby (1937) Glenda Jennifer Jones. Glenda Farrell, Robert Horton. Glenda Farrell. Barton MacLane. Glenda Farrell. Farrell. Farrell. Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural Arrow Arrow Arrow Bones Movie Teen Titans Teen Titans Powerpuff We Bare We Bare Clarence Clarence Varied Programs Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball Clarence Varied Programs Dumbest Varied Programs Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Bonanza Gunsmoke Gunsmoke Gunsmoke Gunsmoke Andy Griffith Andy Griffith NCIS The murder of arms dealer La NCIS “Collateral Damage” Gibbs second- NCIS “Road Kill” Death of a petty ofNCIS “Silent Night” Suspect is presumed NCIS “Caged” Women’s prison riot. NCIS “Broken Bird” Ducky is stabbed at a NCIS “Love & War” Investigating a ser- NCIS “Deliverance” Gibbs finds a cryptic Grenouille. guesses himself. ficer. (DVS) dead. (DVS) crime scene. geant’s murder. message. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “Futil- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “Grief” Law & Order: Special Victims Unit A mur- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “Soul- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Expect- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Ball Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ity” (DVS) (DVS) dered girl is found. less” (DVS) ant mother. players are killed. “Mother” (DVS) “Serendipity” NCIS “South by Southwest” An agent is NCIS A military family comes under NCIS “Legend” Tony looks into Ziva’s NCIS “Legend” Tony questions Ziva’s NCIS “Semper Fidelis” The death of an NCIS “Aliyah” Tense reunion. (DVS) NCIS The team tries to replace Ziva. NCIS “Reunion” The death of a Marine. gunned down. suspicion. personal life. loyalty to NCIS. ICE agent. (DVS) (DVS) (9:00) ››› Sabotage (2014) Arnold Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “Con- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “Es- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “Hate” Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “Ritual” Schwarzenegger. “Abomination” trol” (DVS) “Shaken” (DVS) cape” (DVS) “Brotherhood” (DVS) (DVS) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “Careless”

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Ben & Lauren: Happily The 700 Club Mindy Project Mindy Project Mindy Project Mindy Project (5:00) ››› Noah (2014) Russell Crowe, Emma Watson. ›› Battleship (2012) Taylor Kitsch. Earth comes under attack from a superior alien force. ›› Battleship (2012) Taylor Kitsch. Earth comes under attack from a superior alien force. American Eats Food Factory Food Factory Food Factory Food Factory Food Factory Food Factory Style Style Style Style Food Factory Food Factory Food Factory Food Factory Golf Central (N) (Live) The Golf Fix (N) Driver vs. Driver ›› Caddyshack (1980) Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield. ›› Caddyshack (1980) Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield. 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(12:02) ››› A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story Catfish: The TV Show Teen Mom OG Teen Mom OG Teen Mom OG (N) Mary-Jane Nicole Acting Out Impossible Teen Mom OG The Real World: Bad Blood NASCAR America (N) (Live) Premier League Match of the Week (N) Premier Down Blazers Premier League Review Show Premier League Download Blazers Manchester Mondays Alaska State Troopers Narco Bling Facing Escobar Facing Saddam Facing Putin StarTalk Brian Greene. (N) Facing Putin Facing Saddam Henry Danger Henry Danger Thundermans Thundermans Nicky, Ricky Game Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends Friends Friends (:33) Friends Fresh Prince Fresh Prince T.D. Jakes (N) Dateline on OWN Dateline on OWN Dateline on OWN Dateline on OWN Dateline on OWN Dateline on OWN Dateline on OWN Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped PA Public Affairs PA Public Affairs Pittsburgh Now PCNC News PCNC 7:30PM NightTalk PCNC 9PM PCNC 9:30PM The Doctors Pittsburgh PCNC 11 PCNC 12AM PCNC 12:30 PCNC 1AM Paid Program Raw Tapes Penguins NHL Hockey Colorado Avalanche at Pittsburgh Penguins. (N) (Live) Penguins Post In the Room The Dan Patrick Show (N) NHL Hockey Colorado Avalanche at Pittsburgh Penguins. Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Vegas Jail Jail Jail (5:00) ›› Wrong Turn (2003) › Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014) Sean Astin. Premiere. ››› The Cabin in the Woods (2011) Kristen Connolly. Scarecrow (2013, Horror) Lacey Chabert, Robin Dunne. › Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Family Guy Family Guy Family Guy Pre-Game MLB Baseball American League Championship Series, Game 3: Teams TBA. (N) (Live) MLB Post. Conan 2 Broke Girls Conan ›› She (1965) Ursula Andress, John Richardson. ›› Horror Hotel (1960) Patricia Jessel. ››› Horror Express (1972) Peter Cushing (:15) ›› The House That Dripped Blood (1971, Horror) (:15) The Creeping Flesh Say Yes Say Yes Too Close to Home Too Close to Home Too Close to Home Too Close to Home Too Close to Home Too Close to Home Too Close to Home ›› Hall Pass (2011, Comedy) Owen Wilson. Premiere. ››› The Hangover (2009) Bradley Cooper. (DVS) ›› Due Date (2010) Robert Downey Jr. (DVS) Law & Order “Magnet” Law & Order “Choice of Evils” Teen Titans Teen Titans We Bare Wrld, Gumball Regular Show Regular Show King of Hill Cleveland American Dad Bob’s Burgers Family Guy Chicken Squidbillies Aqua Teen American Dad Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Bizarre Foods America Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Delicious Delicious Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Best Bars Best Bars Delicious Delicious Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Adam Ruins Adam Ruins Billy-Street Billy-Street Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith (:12) The Andy Griffith Show Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King King King King Old Christine Old Christine Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam WWE Monday Night RAW (N) (Live) (:05) Falling Water CSI: Crime Scene Investigat’n CSI: Crime Scene Investigat’n Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Black Ink Crew: Chicago (N) Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Black Ink Crew: Chicago Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Black Ink Crew: Chicago CSI: Miami “Presumed Guilty” CSI: Miami “Sink or Swim” CSI: Miami “Divorce Party” CSI: Miami “Flight Risk” CSI: Miami “Target Specific” CSI: Miami CSI: Miami CSI: Miami “Presumed Guilty” Blue Bloods “This Way Out” Cops Cops ››› The Bourne Identity (2002, Action) Matt Damon, Franka Potente. ››› The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Matt Damon, Franka Potente. How I Met How I Met


(5:50) ››› The Wedding Singer (1998) VICE News ››› The Revenant (2015, Adventure) Leonardo DiCaprio. ‘R’ (:45) Westworld “The Stray” High Main. Last Week To. (:45) Insecure (:15) › The Boy Next Door (5:05) ›› Speed Racer (2008) Emile Hirsch. (:25) ›› Lady in the Water (2006) ‘PG-13’ (:15) ›› Godsend (2004) Greg Kinnear. ‘PG-13’ Quarry (11:55) ›› Resident Evil (2002) ‘R’ Birdman (5:15) ››› 45 Years (2015) Masters of Sex “Family Only” Shameless Masters of Sex “Family Only” Shameless Masters of Sex “Family Only” ›› Rambo (2008) Sylvester Stallone. ‘R’ I Survive (5:40) › Switchback (1997) Dennis Quaid. Blunt Talk Ash vs Evil (:40) ››› Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) Harrison Ford. ‘PG-13’ Ash vs Evil Blunt Talk (12:05) ›› Kindergarten Cop (1990) Arnold Schwarzenegger. ››› Return to Me (2000) David Duchovny. ‘PG’ ››› Sleepless in Seattle (1993) Tom Hanks. ‘PG’ (9:50) ›› Regarding Henry (1991) ‘PG-13’ (:40) ›› The Quick and the Dead (1995) Sharon Stone. ‘R’ Return to Me ›› Chappie (2015) Voice of Sharlto Copley, Ninja. ‘R’ › The Condemned (2007, Action) Steve Austin. ‘R’ ››› Battle Royale (2000) Tatsuya Fujiwara. ‘NR’ › Killing Season (2013) Robert De Niro. ‘R’ ›› War ‘R’





(:01) Conviction “Dropping Bombs” The CIU helps a political activist. (N)

(6) WJAC-TV News NBC Nightly News at 6 PM With Lester Holt (9) News 9 at Six (N) (11) Channel 11 News (8) Mike & Molly

(6) The Big Bang The Voice “The Battles, Part 3” Contestants compete in dueling duets. (N) Theory (9) (11) Wheel of Fortune (N)

OCT. 17, 2016


The Odd Couple Scorpion “Little Lost Boy” A boy from “London Calling” Os- Ralph’s class goes missing. (N) car plans a romantic evening.

(4) Entertainment Dancing With the Stars (N) (Live) ABC World News (4) Inside EdiTonight With David tion (N) Tonight (23) Jeopardy! (N) (23) Wheel of Muir (N) Fortune

(8) WWCP (53) The Big Bang (53) Two and a Half Men (53) WPGH Theory (13) WQED

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The Munsters




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at Six Evening News With (7) 7 News at 6 pm Scott Pelley (N) (10) WTAJ News at 6 (4) Action News

(4) WTAE 4 at 6 (23) WATM (23) Be a Mil-


NBC (6) WJAC (9) WTOV (11) WPXI



(2) KDKA-TV News (7) (10) CBS

(16) WINP (19) WPCW


8 PM

(2) The Insider (N) NCIS (N) (DVS) (7) Inside Edi-


News/Scott Pelley (7) Entertainment tion (N) (10) 2 Broke Girls Tonight (10) Inside Ed.


9 PM

Bull (N)



(4) Entertainment The Middle Sue ABC World News (4) Inside EdiAmerican Housewife Fresh Off the Boat The Real O’Neals Tonight With David tion (N) Tonight forgets to renew her “The Nap” (N) “Breaking Chains” “The Real Dates” (23) Jeopardy! (N) (23) Wheel of Muir (N) financial aid. (N) (N) (N) Fortune

(6) WJAC-TV News NBC Nightly News at 6 PM With Lester Holt (9) News 9 at Six (N) (11) Channel 11 News

(6) Entertainment Tonight (N) (9) (11) Jeopardy! (N)

(8) Mike & Molly

(8) Modern Family (8) Modern Family Brooklyn Nine-Nine (:31) New Girl (53) The Big Bang (53) Two and a “Halloween IV” (N) “Jaipur Aviv” (N)

(8) Mike & Molly

(8) WWCP (53) The Big Bang (53) Two and a Half Men (53) WPGH Theory (13) WQED

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PBS NewsHour (N) Criminal Minds “The Lesson” Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls

Half Men


Nightly Business The Mind of a Chef The Contenders — 16 for ’16 (N) Report “Hustle” Criminal Minds “Perennials” Criminal Minds “Outlaw” Family Feud (N) Family Feud (N) The Flash “Magenta” Wells is concerned for Jesse’s safety. Mod Fam Mod Fam Bones A. Wommack Joyce Meyer Real Life Real Life 360 Frasier Frasier PWX Wrestling

OCT. 18, 2016


10 PM


NCIS: New Orleans (N) (DVS)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire” (N)

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12 AM


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(:38) Last Call With Carson Daly

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(:37) Late Night With Seth Meyers

(8) (:35) Daytime (:01) Scream Queens “Halloween Blues” (8) Fox 8 News A plan is made to nab the Green Meanie. (53) Channel 11 Jeopardy (N) (DVS) News on FOX 53 at 10 American Experience “Tesla” Nikola Frontline Threat of Islamic terrorism in Tesla. (DVS) Europe. (N) Criminal Minds (DVS) Criminal Minds “Pariahville” No Tomorrow “No Doubt” (N) The 10 O’Clock News The Nightly Sports Call Bones TMZ (N) Dish Nation More Song Robison His Presence News Knight Rider The A-Team

(8) (:05) Last Man (8) (:35) Hot in Standing Cleveland (53) Seinfeld (Part (53) Seinfeld 1 of 2) Charlie Rose (N)

(8) (:35) How I Met Your Mother (53) Friends

Saving Hope “Start Me Up” Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls

The Mind of a Chef Smart Travels: “Hustle” Pacific Rim Saving Hope “Miss You” (N) The King of Queens How I Met Your Mother Channel 11 News This/Your Day Damon Davis Baywatch “Next Generation”

(8) (:05) Hot in (8) (:35) Seinfeld (53) Raising Hope Cleveland (53) Last Man Standing Dr. Fuhrman’s End Dieting Forever!

Psych Rules of Engagement How I Met Your Mother Anger Anger Real Life Real Life 360 Quantum Leap

The Middle The 700 Club Paid Program


The First 48 Married at First Sight Married-Sight (:45) Married at First Sight (N) (:01) Married at First Sight (:03) Married at First Sight (12:03) Married at First Sight (12:48) Married at First Sight The Walking Dead “Seed” The Walking Dead “Sick” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Hounded” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead River Monsters River Monsters “Face Ripper” River Monsters North America North America “Revealed” River Monsters River Monsters River Monsters “Jungle Killer” CSI: Miami “Last Stand” CSI: Miami “Stoned Cold” CSI: Miami “Blood Lust” CSI: Miami “Hunting Ground” CSI: Miami “Special Delivery” CSI: Miami “About Face” CSI: Miami “Last Stand” CSI: Miami “Stoned Cold” House/Payne House/Payne Meet, Browns Meet, Browns Meet, Browns Meet, Browns Husbands Gary Owe. Ink, Paper, Scissors (N) Husbands Gary Owe. Meet, Browns Meet, Browns Meet, Browns Meet, Browns Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck Below Deck (N) Below Deck Happens Housewives/OC Below Deck Housewives Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing ››› Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) Robin Williams. An estranged dad poses as a nanny to be with his children. ››› Mrs. Doubtfire (1993, Comedy) Robin Williams, Sally Field. Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Tosh.0 (N) Drunk History Daily Show At Midnight The Meltdown South Park Tosh.0 Daily Show Dungeon Cove Dungeon Cove Dungeon Cove: On Deck (N) Dungeon Cove (:01) Edge of Alaska Dungeon Cove Alaska: The Last Frontier (N) Dungeon Cove Girl Meets Liv-Mad. ›› Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008) Zhu Zhu Pets (:10) Jessie Stuck/Middle Liv-Mad. Austin & Ally My Babysitter Girl Meets Best Friends Jessie Jessie The Kardashians E! News (N) Rob & Chyna Catching Kelce Total Bellas “Quickie Fix” E! News (N) Rob & Chyna SportsCenter (N) (Live) Football Playoff: Top 25 30 for 30 (N) TBA NBA Preseason Basketball Los Angeles Clippers at Sacramento Kings. (N) SportsCenter (N) (Live) College Football From Oct. 22, 2011. College Football From Oct. 11, 1997. College Football From Oct. 28, 1995. College Football From Oct. 8, 2011. Around/Horn Interruption SportsCenter (N) (Live) NFL Live (N) Fantasy Foot. NFL Greatest SportsCenter (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) SportsCenter Baseball Ton. NFL Live EWTN News When Daily Mass - Olam Daily Mass Mother Angelica Live EWTN News Holy Rosary Threshold of Hope Catechism Women of Daily Mass - Olam Daily Mass Mother Angelica Live Chopped “Pigging Out” Chopped Chopped Junior “Fish Tale” Chopped “Tailgate Party” Chopped “Tailgate Greats” Star Plates (N) Chopped After Chopped “Tailgate Party” Chopped “Tailgate Greats” (5:30) ››› Grease (1978, Musical) John Travolta. Ben & Lauren: Happily The Letter “LA Valley Girls” Ben & Lauren: Happily The 700 Club Mindy Project Mindy Project Mindy Project Mindy Project (4:00) The Bourne Legacy ›› Jack Reacher (2012) Tom Cruise. A former military investigator probes a sniper attack. Atlanta (N) Atlanta Atlanta ›› Non-Stop (2014, Action) Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore. Seven Year Switch Seven Year Switch Seven Year Switch Married at First Sight (:01) Bride & Prejudice Get Swank’d Get Swank’d Seven Year Switch Married at First Sight Golf Central Inside PGA Best Lesson Learning Feherty Driver vs. Driver Driver vs. Driver (N) Golf Central Inside PGA Driver vs. Driver Driver vs. Driver Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Idiotest Idiotest Idiotest Idiotest Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Idiotest Idiotest Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing The Middle The Middle The Middle The Middle Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Frasier Frasier Fixer Upper Fixer Upper Fixer Upper Fixer Upper House Family Hunters Int’l Welcome Welcome Fixer Upper House Family Hunters Int’l To Be Announced American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers (:03) American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers Coroner: I Speak Swamp Murders Swamp Murders “Dark Water” Swamp Murders (N) Swamp Murders Swamp Murders “Dark Water” Swamp Murders Swamp Murders Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Dance Moms (N) Dance Moms JoJo is tested beyond her limits. (:32) Dance Moms “JoJo Is a No Show” (12:02) Dance Moms (:02) Dance Moms Impossible ›› Carrie (2013, Horror) Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, Judy Greer. Scream “Halloween Special” (N) ›› The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) Jessica Biel. ››› Dawn of the Dead NASCAR America (N) NHL Top 10 NHL Live (N) (Live) NHL Hockey Philadelphia Flyers at Chicago Blackhawks. (Live) (:15) NHL Overtime (N) (Live) Poker After Dark Poker After Dark Live Free or Die “Thorn” Life Below Zero “Sue Aikens” Life Below Zero Life Below Zero (N) Port Protection “Lean on Me” Life Below Zero Life Below Zero Life Below Zero Henry Danger Henry Danger The Thundermans Nicky, Ricky Game Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends Friends Friends (:33) Friends Fresh Prince Fresh Prince T.D. Jakes (N) If Loving You Is Wrong If Loving You Is Wrong If Loving You Is Wrong If Loving You Is Wrong If Loving You Is Wrong If Loving You Is Wrong If Loving You Is Wrong Strut Bad Girls Club: Chicago Bad Girls Club: Chicago Strut (N) Bad Girls Club: Chicago Strut Bad Girls Club: Chicago Strut PA Public Affairs PA Public Affairs Pittsburgh Now PCNC News PCNC 7:30PM NightTalk PCNC 9PM PCNC 9:30PM The Doctors Mike Tomlin PCNC 11 PCNC 12AM PCNC 12:30 PCNC 1AM Paid Program The Dan Patrick Show (N) Penguins NHL Hockey Pittsburgh Penguins at Montreal Canadiens. (N) (Live) Penguins Post The Dan Patrick Show NHL Hockey Pittsburgh Penguins at Montreal Canadiens. Ink Master “Sparks Fly” Ink Master “Sticky Situation” Ink Master Ink Master Ink Master “Head Games” (N) Ink Master Ink Master Tattoo Night. Tattoo Night. Tattoo Night. Tattoo Night. (4:30) › Push (2009) ››› The Cabin in the Woods (2011) Kristen Connolly. Channel Zero: Candle Cove Aftermath (N) › Push (2009, Suspense) Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle. Aftermath Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Pre-Game MLB Baseball American League Championship Series, Game 4: Teams TBA. (N) (Live) MLB Post. Conan 2 Broke Girls Conan (:15) ››› Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) Fredric March. ››› In This Our Life (1942) Bette Davis. (:45) ›››› West Side Story (1961, Musical) Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer. ›› Piccadilly (1929) Gilda Gray. Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Countdown Counting On (N) Sweet 15: Quinceañera (N) (:02) Outdaughtered (:04) Counting On Sweet 15: Quinceañera (:06) Outdaughtered Arrow “Pilot” Arrow Oliver runs into Laurel. Arrow “Lone Gunmen” Arrow “An Innocent Man” Arrow “Damaged” Arrow “Legacies” Arrow “Muse of Fire” Law & Order (DVS) Teen Titans Teen Titans We Bare Wrld, Gumball Regular Show Regular Show King of Hill Cleveland American Dad Bob’s Burgers Family Guy Family Guy Chicken Squidbillies Aqua Teen American Dad Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Bizarre Foods America Delicious Delicious Delicious Delicious Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Bizarre Foods America Delicious Delicious Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Adam Ruins You Can Do Billy-Street Billy-Street Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith (:12) The Andy Griffith Show Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King King King King Old Christine Old Christine Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU WWE SmackDown! (N) (Live) Chrisley Chrisley Chrisley Chrisley Chrisley Chrisley Chrisley Chrisley Basketball Wives LA Basketball Wives LA Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood ›› Notorious (2009, Biography) Angela Bassett, Derek Luke. Black Ink Crew: Chicago Love, Hip Hop Law & Order “Expert” Law & Order “Castoff” Law & Order “Grief” Law & Order Law & Order “Divorce” Law & Order “Carrier” Law & Order “Stalker” Law & Order: Criminal Intent Blue Bloods Cops Cops ››› The Matrix Reloaded (2003) Keanu Reeves. Freedom fighters revolt against machines. How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Parks/Recreat


(5:00) ››› The Martian (2015) ‘PG-13’ VICE News Westworld “Chestnut” Westworld “The Stray” ›› Mr. Right (2015) Sam Rockwell. ‘R’ Borat: Cultural (:25) ›› Term Life (2016) Vince Vaughn. ‘R’ ›› Magic Mike XXL (2015) Channing Tatum. ‘R’ ›› Entourage (2015) Kevin Connolly. ‘R’ (:15) Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee (2016) ‘NR’ Shameless Inside the NFL (N) Florida State Florida State Inside the NFL (5:15) › Freaks of Nature Ash vs Evil (:20) ›› Summer School (1987) ‘PG-13’ Ash vs Evil ›› The Jackal (1997, Suspense) Bruce Willis. ‘R’ Single White (:25) ›› The Golden Child (1986) ‘PG-13’ ›› Vertical Limit (2000) Chris O’Donnell. ‘PG-13’ (:10) ›› Transporter 2 (2005) ‘PG-13’ (:05) ›› The Duff (2015) Mae Whitman. ‘PG-13’ ››› The Imitation Game (2014) Benedict Cumberbatch. ››› Big Eyes (2014, Drama) Amy Adams. ‘PG-13’

The Munsters

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Quick Study Place Miami Vice “El Viejo”

Program (10) (:37) Two and a Half Men

(:37) Nightline (N) (4) (:07) The Real (N) (23) (:07) Paid Program

This Is Us “The Pool” Kevin auditions for a Chicago Fire “A Real Wake-Up Call” A Broadway play. (N) car accident leads to a bad situation. (N) (DVS)

(8) (12:05) The Simpsons (53) Friends


(2) (:37) Extra (7) (:37) Paid

(22) WPNT (40) WPCB (59) WEPA




(6) The Big Bang The Voice “The Battles, Part 4” ContesTheory tants compete in dueling duets. (N) (9) (11) Wheel of Fortune (N)


(:45) Insecure Divorce Fight Game (:15) ›› By the Sea (2015) (:45) ››› Ali (2001, Biography) Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Jon Voight. ‘R’ Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee Summer-Sam (:35) ››› Undercover Brother (2002) Blunt Talk The Prestige (:40) ›› Blade II (2002, Horror) Wesley Snipes. ‘R’ (:40) ›› 21 ›› Woman in Gold (2015) Helen Mirren. ‘PG-13’ 7



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at Six Evening News With (7) 7 News at 6 pm Scott Pelley (N) (10) WTAJ News at 6 (4) Action News

(4) WTAE 4 at 6 (23) WATM (23) Be a Mil-


NBC (6) WJAC (9) WTOV (11) WPXI



(2) KDKA-TV News (7) (10) CBS

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(2) The Insider (N) Survivor (N) (7) Inside Edi-


News/Scott Pelley (7) Entertainment tion (N) (10) 2 Broke Girls Tonight (10) Inside Ed.

(4) Entertainment It’s the Great Pump- Toy Story OF TERABC World News (4) Inside EdiTonight With David tion (N) Tonight kin, Charlie Brown ROR! (23) Jeopardy! (N) (23) Wheel of Muir (N) Fortune

(6) WJAC-TV News NBC Nightly News at 6 PM With Lester Holt (9) News 9 at Six (N) (11) Channel 11 News

(6) Entertainment Tonight (N) (9) (11) Jeopardy! (N)

(8) Mike & Molly

(8) Modern Family (8) Modern Family Lethal Weapon “Spilt Milk” The duo pur(53) The Big Bang (53) Two and a sues a former Navy SEAL. (N) (DVS)

(8) Mike & Molly

(8) WWCP (53) The Big Bang (53) Two and a Half Men (53) WPGH Theory

(6) The Big Bang Blindspot Theory (9) (11) Wheel of Fortune (N)


9 PM




10 PM

OCT. 19, 2016


Presidential Debate University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (N) (Live)


11 PM


12 AM


1 AM

(2) News at Eleven (:35) The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (:37) The Late Late Show With James (7) News (N) (Live) Corden (10) News

Presidential Debate University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (N) (Live)

(4) Action News 4 at 11 (23) Celebrity

(:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live

Presidential Debate University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (N) (Live)

(6) WJAC-TV News (:34) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy at 11PM Fallon (9) News 9 Tonight (11) Channel 11 News

Presidential Debate University of Nevada, (8) Fox 8 News (N) (8) (:35) Daytime (8) (:05) Last Man (8) (:35) Hot in Las Vegas. (N) (Live) Jeopardy Standing Cleveland (53) TMZ (N) (53) Seinfeld (Part (53) Seinfeld 2 of 2) Presidential Debate University of Nevada, Las Vegas. (N) (Live) Charlie Rose (N)

(8) (12:05) The Simpsons (53) Friends


(2) (:37) Extra (7) (:37) Paid

Program (10) (:37) Two and a Half Men

(:37) Nightline (N) (4) (:07) The Real (N) (23) (:07) Paid Program

(23) (:37) Paid Program

(:37) Late Night With Seth Meyers

(:38) Last Call With Carson Daly

(8) (:35) How I Met Your Mother (53) Friends

(8) (:05) Hot in (8) (:35) Seinfeld (53) Raising Hope Cleveland (53) Last Man Standing Rick Steves’ Dynamic Europe: Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin Psych Rules of Engagement How I Met Your Mother Anger Anger Real Life Real Life 360 Quantum Leap


Half Men

Overheard-Evan Smith

Law & Order “Fear America” Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls

Nightly Business Report Law & Order Family Feud (N)

Family Feud (N)

(22) WPNT (40) WPCB (59) WEPA

The Middle The 700 Club Paid Program

Mod Fam A. Wommack Frasier

Mod Fam Joyce Meyer Frasier


The First 48 The First 48 Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Home” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Clear” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Prey” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: Next Generation ››› Troy (2004, Adventure) Brad Pitt, Eric Bana. Achilles leads Greek forces in the Trojan War. ››› Troy (2004) Brad Pitt. Achilles leads Greek forces in the Trojan War. House/Payne House/Payne Meet, Browns Meet, Browns Husbands Husbands Gary Owe. Gary Owe. Ink, Paper, Scissors ›› Sparkle (2012) Jordin Sparks. A musical prodigy and her sisters reach for stardom. Below Deck Below Deck Housewives/OC Housewives/OC Don’t—Tardy Don’t—Tardy Happens Housewives/OC Below Deck Million Dol. LA Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing ›› Meet the Fockers (2004, Comedy) Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller. Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park South Park (N) Legends Daily Show At Midnight South Park South Park Legends Daily Show Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Dual Survival Dual Survival (N) Still Alive (N) (:01) Dual Survival (12:01) Still Alive (:02) Dual Survival (5:30) ››› Twitches (2005) (:10) Twitches Too (2007) Tia Mowry. (:45) Bunk’d Bizaardvark Best Friends Liv-Mad. Austin & Ally My Babysitter Girl Meets Best Friends Jessie Jessie Rob & Chyna E! News (N) Total Bellas (N) Catching Kelce (N) Total Bellas E! News (N) Catching Kelce SportsCenter (N) (Live) NBA NBA Preseason Basketball Boston Celtics at New York Knicks. (N) NBA Preseason Basketball Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Lakers. (N) SportsCenter (N) (Live) SportsCenter College Football From Dec. 1, 2001. College Football From Oct. 18, 2008. College Football From Nov. 8, 1997. College Football From Oct. 11, 1997. Around/Horn Interruption SportsCenter (N) (Live) Sports Shorts Women’s Soccer United States vs Switzerland. (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) SportsCenter Jalen Baseball Ton. Fantasy Foot. EWTN News When Daily Mass - Olam Daily Mass EWTN Live (N) EWTN News Holy Rosary Religious Vaticano The Catholic Women of Daily Mass - Olam Daily Mass EWTN Live Worst Cooks in America Worst Cooks in America Worst Cooks in America Worst Cooks in America (N) To Be Announced Cutthroat Kitchen (N) Worst Cooks in America To Be Announced Nightmare-Christmas R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls (2015) Premiere. ›› Hocus Pocus (1993, Comedy) Bette Midler. The 700 Club ››› Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (2005, Fantasy) (4:30) ›› Jack Reacher (2012) ››› World War Z (2013, Horror) Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos. American Horror Story: 6 (N) American Horror Story: 6 American Horror Story: 6 American Horror Story: 6 Flipping Boston Tiny House Nation Tiny House Nation Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip Kocktails With Khloé (:01) Unplugged Nation Tiny House Nation Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip Golf Central Best Lesson School of Golf (N) Driver vs. Driver Driver vs. Driver Golf Central PGA Tour Golf CIMB Classic, First Round. From the West Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (N) (Live) Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing The Middle The Middle The Middle The Middle Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Frasier Frasier Property Brothers Property Brothers Property Brothers Property Brothers (N) Hunters Hunters Int’l Property Brothers Property Brothers Hunters Hunters Int’l To Be Announced American Pickers American Pickers Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Pawn Stars American Pickers American Pickers Homicide Hunter: Kenda Homicide Hunter: Kenda Homicide Hunter: Kenda Betrayed “Life And Limb” (N) Homicide Hunter: Kenda Homicide Hunter: Kenda Betrayed “Life And Limb” Homicide Hunter: Kenda Little Women: LA Little Women: LA Little Women: LA (N) Little Women: LA (N) (:02) Little Women: Atlanta (N) (:02) Little Women: LA (12:02) Little Women: LA (:02) Little Women: LA Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. ››› 8 Mile (2002, Drama) Eminem, Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy. The Real World: Bad Blood Real World ››› Friday (1995, Comedy) Ice Cube, Chris Tucker. You Got Servd NASCAR America (N) NHL Live (N) (Live) NHL Hockey Detroit Red Wings at New York Rangers. (N Subject to Blackout) (:45) NHL Overtime (N) (Live) Sports Sports Sports Sports Turning Point Alaska State Troopers Alaska State Troopers Alaska State Troopers Border Wars (N) Cocaine Sub Hunt Border Wars Cocaine Sub Hunt World’s Most Dangerous Drug Henry Danger Henry Danger Thundermans Thundermans Nicky, Ricky School Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends Friends Friends (:33) Friends Fresh Prince Fresh Prince T.D. Jakes (N) Queen Sugar Queen Sugar “As Promised” Queen Sugar Queen Sugar (N) Queen Sugar “As Promised” Queen Sugar Queen Sugar (5:00) The Wedding Planner ›› Monster-in-Law (2005) Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda. ›› Monster-in-Law (2005) Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda. ›› The Wedding Planner (2001) Jennifer Lopez. ›› Cruel Intentions (1999) PCN Tours PCN PM - PCN Primetime - PCN Evening - PCN Late Night - Pittsburgh Now PCNC News PCNC 7:30PM NightTalk PCNC 9PM PCNC 9:30PM The Doctors Pittsburgh PCNC 11 PCNC 12AM PCNC 12:30 PCNC 1AM Paid Program Bensinger UFC Insider Women’s College Volleyball Florida State at Miami. (N) (Live) SportsBeat Rewind The Dan Patrick Show (N) Global Proving Ground UEFA Champions League Teams TBA. Cops Cops That Awkward Game Show That Awkward Game Show Lip Sync Lip Sync That Awkward Game Show Lip Sync Lip Sync That Awkward Game Show That Awkward Game Show Paranormal Witness “ZoZo” Paranormal Witness Paranormal Witness Ghost Hunters (N) Paranormal Witness (N) Ghost Hunters Paranormal Witness ›› The Box (2009) MLB Baseball MLB Post. People of Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) 2 Broke Girls Conan Cougar Town (5:45) ›› Born to Kill (1947) MGM Parade ››› Fail-Safe (1964) Henry Fonda, Walter Matthau. ››› Advise and Consent (1962) Henry Fonda, Charles Laughton. ›››› Seven Days in May (1964) Say Yes Say Yes Toddlers & Tiaras Toddlers & Tiaras: Game On Toddlers & Tiaras Little Miss Atlanta Toddlers & Tiaras Little Miss Atlanta Toddlers & Tiaras: Game On Bones Bones Arastoo is kidnapped. Bones (DVS) Bones “The Life in the Light” Bones “The Next in the Last” Bones Booth goes missing. Bones CSI: NY “Officer Involved” Teen Titans Teen Titans We Bare Wrld, Gumball Regular Show Regular Show King of Hill Cleveland American Dad Bob’s Burgers Family Guy Family Guy Chicken Squidbillies Aqua Teen American Dad Expedition Unknown Expedition Unknown Expedition Unknown Expedition Unknown Expedition Unknown Expedition Unknown Expedition Unknown Expedition Unknown Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Billy-Street Billy-Street Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Raymond Raymond Raymond Younger (N) (:31) Impastor King King King King Younger (:31) Impastor NCIS A blogger turns up dead. NCIS “Good Cop, Bad Cop” NCIS “Saviors” (DVS) NCIS “Day in Court” NCIS “Blood Brothers” Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Law & Order: SVU ›› Notorious (2009, Biography) Angela Bassett, Derek Luke. ››› The Pursuit of Happyness (2006, Drama) Will Smith, Thandie Newton. ››› Coach Carter (2005, Drama) Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Ri’chard, Rob Brown. CSI: Miami “Dead on Arrival” CSI: Miami CSI: Miami “Dissolved” CSI: Miami “Seeing Red” CSI: Miami “Out of Time” CSI: Miami CSI: Miami “Chip/Tuck” CSI: Miami “Dead on Arrival” Blue Bloods “Growing Boys” Person of Interest “C.O.D.” Person of Interest Person of Interest “2 Pi R” Person of Interest How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met


(5:20) ›› Jurassic World (2015) ‘PG-13’ (5:45) ››› Unfaithful (2002, Drama) Richard Gere. ‘R’ ›› No Escape (2015) Owen Wilson. ‘R’ (5:50) ›› The Day After Tomorrow (2004) Dennis Quaid. (5:50) ››› An Officer and a Gentleman (1982) ‘R’ The Lovers (2014, Action) Josh Hartnett, Alice Englert. ‘R’

(13) WQED (16) WINP (19) WPCW


PBS NewsHour (N)

Last-Standing The Munsters


Nature “My Congo” Vianet Djenguet returns to the Congo. Law & Order “Profiteer” Arrow Wild Dog goes after Garret Runnels. (N) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Real Life Real Life 360 Frasier Frasier

Law & Order “In Vino Veritas” Law & Order “Release” Frequency Raimy finds new evidence. (N) The 10 O’Clock News The Nightly Sports Call Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Channel 11 News Sister 2 Sister Robison Makeovers Today’s Life Six Million Dollar Man The A-Team

(:15) ››› I Am Legend (2007) Will Smith. ‘PG-13’ (7:50) ››› Presumed Innocent (1990) Harrison Ford. ‘R’ (:45) ››› The Manchurian Candidate (2004) Denzel Washington. ‘R’ Blunt Talk Blunt Talk Blunt Talk ››› School Ties (1992) Brendan Fraser. ‘PG-13’ ››› 3:10 to Yuma (2007, Western) Russell Crowe. ‘R’

Law & Order “Deadlock” Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls Law & Order: Criminal Intent Quick Study Place Miami Vice

Overheard-Evan Smart Travels: Smith Pacific Rim Law & Order “Corner Office” The King of Queens How I Met Your Mother Channel 11 News This/Your Day Damon Davis Baywatch “The Choice”

Any Given Wednesday Westworld “The Stray” Divorce ››› Steve Jobs (2015) ‘R’ Quarry (10:55) › What Happens in Vegas (2008) (:35) ››› Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) ‘R’ ››› The Usual Suspects (1995) Stephen Baldwin. ‘R’ Inside the NFL Florida State The Descent ››› Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Robert Downey Jr. ‘PG-13’ (11:55) › Mallrats (1995) Shannen Doherty. Northmen (9:50) › Sorority Boys (2002) Barry Watson. (:25) ›› 21 (2008, Drama) Jim Sturgess. ‘PG-13’ No Good (:05) Becoming Bulletproof (2014) ‘NR’ ››› Rampart (2011) Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster. ‘R’ Untamed Lust WEEK OF OCTOBER 16, 2016



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(8) Modern Family (8) Modern Family The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again A couple meet Dr. (53) The Big Bang (53) Two and a Frank-N-Furter. (N) (DVS)

(8) Mike & Molly

PBS NewsHour (N) Blue Bloods Mike & Molly

2 Broke Girls

(6) The Big Bang Theory (9) (11) Wheel of Fortune (N)

Superstore “Dog The Good Place Janet Chicago Med “Extreme Measures” A Adoption Day” Chey- aids Eleanor and car accident at the Chicago Marathon. enne and Bo get into Chidi on a quest. (N) (N) (DVS) an argument.


Half Men

Nightly Business Report Blue Bloods Family Feud (N)

A Chef’s Life

IQ: Smartparent

Family Feud (N)

Blue Bloods “Unsung Heroes” DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (N)

Mod Fam A. Wommack Between-Eats

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The X-Files “Eve” Real Life Frasier

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The Blacklist “The Lindquist Concern” Red (6) WJAC-TV News (:34) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy tries to intercept Alexander Kirk. (N) at 11PM Fallon (9) News 9 Tonight (11) Channel 11 News

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Charlie Rose (N)

A Chef’s Life

Smart Travels: Pacific Rim

Blue Bloods (DVS) Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls

Blue Bloods “Cursed” The King of Queens How I Met Your Mother Channel 11 News This/Your Day Damon Davis Baywatch “Memorial Day”

How to Get Away With Murder “It’s About (4) Action News Frank” (N) 4 at 11 (23) Celebrity

(:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live

(8) (:35) Daytime (8) (:05) Last Man (8) (:35) Hot in Jeopardy Standing Cleveland (53) Seinfeld (53) Seinfeld

News on FOX 53 at 10 Finding Your Roots Maya Rudolph, Shonda Finding Your Roots “Tragedy Plus Time Rhimes. Equals Comedy” Blue Bloods “Hold Outs” Blue Bloods (DVS) Supernatural Lucifer takes over a rock The 10 O’Clock News The Nightly Sports star’s body. (N) Call The X-Files “Beyond the Sea” TMZ (N) Dish Nation Questions Robison Discovery Rod Parsley Charlie’s Angels The A-Team

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(8) (:05) Hot in (8) (:35) Seinfeld (53) Raising Hope Cleveland (53) Last Man Standing Few Good Pie and Bakery Recipes

Psych “True Grits” Rules of Engagement How I Met Your Mother Anger Anger Real Life Real Life 360 Quantum Leap

The Middle The 700 Club Paid Program


The First 48 The First 48 60 Days In 60 Days In (N) 60 Days In “Trouble in Store” Behind Bars: Rookie Year (N) (:03) The First 48 (12:03) 60 Days In (:03) 60 Days In The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Infected” The Walking Dead “Isolation” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Live Bait” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Monsters Inside Me Monsters Inside Me Monsters Inside Me Monsters Inside Me (N) Monsters Inside Me (N) Monsters Inside Me Monsters Inside Me Monsters Inside Me Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: Next Generation ›› Terminator Salvation (2009) Christian Bale, Sam Worthington. ›› Terminator Salvation (2009) Christian Bale, Sam Worthington. Star Trek: Next Generation House/Payne House/Payne Meet, Browns Meet, Browns ›› Honey (2003, Drama) Jessica Alba. A dancer/choreographer raises money for a studio. › Honey 2 (2011, Drama) Katerina Graham, Randy Wayne, Seychelle Gabriel. Below Deck Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Happens Below Deck Million Dollar LA Yours, Mine Last-Standing ›› Meet the Fockers (2004, Comedy) Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller. CMT Artists of the Year 2016 (N) I Love Kellie CMT Artists of the Year 2016 I Love Kellie Pickler Roseanne Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama South Park South Park Key & Peele Sportsball Spectacular (N) Daily Show At Midnight This Is Not South Park Drunk History Daily Show Fast N’ Loud Fast N’ Loud Fast N’ Loud Fast N’ Loud: Revved Up (N) Fast N’ Loud “Episode 8” Fast N’ Loud Fast N’ Loud Fast N’ Loud K.C. Under. Bizaardvark Toy-TERROR! Ghost Patrol Elena Zhu Zhu Pets Girl Meets Liv-Mad. Austin & Ally My Babysitter Girl Meets Best Friends Jessie Jessie The Kardashians E! News (N) The Kardashians The Kardashians WAGS: Miami E! News (N) Total Bellas SportsCenter (N) (Live) College Football Miami at Virginia Tech. From Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, Va. (N) (Live) (:15) College Football BYU at Boise State. From Albertsons Stadium in Boise, Idaho. (N) (Live) (:15) SportsCenter (N) (5:00) College Football Up Close Up Close Up Close Up Close Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights Global Supercard Wrestling Who’s Number 1? Who’s Number 1? Around/Horn Interruption SportsCenter (N) (Live) WNBA Basketball TBA at Minnesota Lynx. Finals, game 5. (If necessary). (N) SportsCenter (N) (Live) Baseball Ton. Jalen 30 for 30 (N) EWTN News When Daily Mass - Olam Daily Mass World Over Live (N) EWTN News Holy Rosary Father Spitzer’s Universe Defend Life Women of Daily Mass - Olam Daily Mass World Over Live Chopped Chopped Chopped “Web Stars” Chopped (N) Beat Bobby Beat Bobby Beat Bobby Beat Bobby Chopped Beat Bobby Beat Bobby Hocus Pocus (:40) ›› The Addams Family (1991, Comedy) Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia. (8:50) ›› Addams Family Values (1993) Anjelica Huston. The 700 Club ››› The Final Girls (2015) Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman. (5:30) ››› World War Z (2013, Horror) Brad Pitt. ››› Neighbors (2014) Seth Rogen, Zac Efron. Better Things Better Things Better Things ››› Neighbors (2014) Seth Rogen, Zac Efron. Better Things Food Factory Food Factory Food Factory Food Factory Man vs. Child: Showdown Food Porn Food Porn RockFeast RockFeast RockFeast RockFeast Man vs. Child: Showdown Man vs. Child: Showdown PGA Tour Golf CIMB Classic, First Round. From the West Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Golf Central PGA Tour Golf CIMB Classic, Second Round. From the West Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (N) (Live) Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Winsanity Winsanity Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Winsanity Winsanity Family Feud Family Feud Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing The Middle The Middle The Middle The Middle Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Frasier Frasier Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Hunters Hunters Int’l Desert Flip Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Flip or Flop Hunters Hunters Int’l To Be Announced Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars Counting Cars 48 Hours on ID 48 Hours on ID 20/20 on ID (N) Evil Kin (N) Blood Relatives (N) 20/20 on ID Evil Kin Blood Relatives Project Runway Project Runway Project Runway (N) Project Runway (N) Runway: Fashion Startup TBA (12:02) Project Runway (:02) Project Runway ›› You Got Served (2004, Drama) Marques Houston. ››› Friday (1995, Comedy) Ice Cube, Chris Tucker. Impossible Acting Out (N) MTV Wonderland (N) (Live) Impossible Impossible Acting Out Acting Out NASCAR America (N) NASCAR Racing Mecum Mecum Grudge Race Grudge Race Nitro World Nitro World Motor Club (N) Motor Club (N) Grudge Race Grudge Race Nitro World Nitro World Animal Fight Night Mission Pluto Exomars: The Hunt for Life Animal Fight Night Animal Fight Night Animal Fight Night Africa’s Deadliest Africa’s Deadliest “Invaders” Henry Danger Henry Danger Thundermans Thundermans ›› Open Season (2006, Comedy) Full House Full House Full House Friends Friends Friends (:33) Friends Fresh Prince Fresh Prince T.D. Jakes (N) 20/20 on OWN 20/20 on OWN 20/20 on OWN 20/20 on ID 20/20 on OWN 20/20 on OWN 20/20 on ID (5:30) ››› The Preacher’s Wife (1996) Denzel Washington. ›› Peeples (2013) Craig Robinson. Premiere. ›› Peeples (2013) Craig Robinson, Kerry Washington. ››› The Preacher’s Wife (1996) Denzel Washington. PCN Tours PCN PM - PCN Primetime - PCN Evening - PCN Late Night - Pittsburgh Now PCNC News PCNC 7:30PM NightTalk PCNC 9PM PCNC 9:30PM The Doctors Pittsburgh PCNC 11 PCNC 12AM PCNC 12:30 PCNC 1AM Paid Program Youth Football Penguins NHL Hockey San Jose Sharks at Pittsburgh Penguins. (N) (Live) Penguins Post In the Room The Dan Patrick Show (N) NHL Hockey San Jose Sharks at Pittsburgh Penguins. (5:30) ››› X-Men (2000) Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart. ››› X2: X-Men United (2003) Patrick Stewart. A power-mad militarist pursues the mutants. ›› X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber. Butterfly Sweeney Todd: Barber ›› The Faculty (1998) Jordana Brewster, Clea DuVall. ››› Zombieland (2009) Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg. ››› Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007, Musical) The Faculty Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld 2 Broke Girls 2 Broke Girls Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (N) 2 Broke Girls Conan Cougar Town (5:30) ›› Dr. Socrates Hollywood My Hometown ›› Bright Eyes (1934) Shirley Temple. ››› The Great White Hope (1970) James Earl Jones. ››› Women in Love (1969, Romance) Alan Bates, Glenda Jackson. Say Yes Say Yes My 600-Lb. Life “Joe’s Story” My 600-Lb. Life My 600-Lb. Life Melissa’s weight-loss journey. (:01) My 600-Lb. Life (12:01) My 600-Lb. Life (:01) My 600-Lb. Life Bones Bones ›› Rush Hour 2 (2001) Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker. ›› Rush Hour 2 (2001) Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker. Castle (DVS) Castle “Hell to Pay” Teen Titans Mighty Magi. We Bare Wrld, Gumball Regular Show Regular Show King of Hill Cleveland American Dad Bob’s Burgers Family Guy Family Guy Chicken Squidbillies Aqua Teen American Dad Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum (N) Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Those Who Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Those Who Billy-Street Billy-Street Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith (:12) The Andy Griffith Show Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King King King King Old Christine Old Christine Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Falling Water (N) (:05) Eyewitness “Buffalo ’07” Law & Order: SVU (:05) Falling Water (5:30) ››› The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) Will Smith. RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race ››› Selena (1997) Jennifer Lopez. Mexican-American singer skyrockets to fame. Basketball Wives LA Basketball Wives LA Law & Order: Criminal Intent Growing Up Hip Hop Growing Up Hip Hop Growing Up Hip Hop (N) Money Power Respect (N) Growing Up Hip Hop Money Power Respect Growing Up Hip Hop Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops


(5:45) ›› Seventh Son (2014) Jeff Bridges. VICE News ›› Joy (2015) Jennifer Lawrence. ‘PG-13’ (:05) Divorce Insecure ›› Ride Along 2 (2016) Ice Cube. ‘PG-13’ Any Given Wednesday (5:00) ››› Scream 3 (2000) Quarry “Seldom Realized” Quarry “Coffee Blues” Quarry (9:55) ›› Road House (1989) Patrick Swayze. ‘R’ (11:50) ›› Speed Racer (2008) Emile Hirsch. ‘PG’ (5:15) ››› 45 Years (2015) Masters of Sex “Family Only” ››› Carol (2015, Romance) Cate Blanchett. ‘R’ Shameless Gigolos Gigolos Masters of Sex “Family Only” Shameless ›› Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (6:55) ›› Concussion (2015) Will Smith. ‘PG-13’ ››› Men of Honor (2000, Drama) Robert De Niro. ‘R’ (:10) › Careful What You Wish For (2015) (:45) › Freaks of Nature (2015) ‘R’ About a Boy (:20) ›› The Story of Us (1999) Bruce Willis. › Hope Floats (1998) Sandra Bullock. ‘PG-13’ ›› I Know What You Did Last Summer ‘R’ (:45) ››› Bull Durham (1988) Kevin Costner. ‘R’ Spring Broke Mercenaries (2014) Kristanna Loken. ‘NR’ ››› Cape Fear (1991, Suspense) Robert De Niro. ‘R’ (:10) › Halloween: Resurrection (2002) ‘R’ (:40) › Good Luck Chuck (2007) Dane Cook. ‘R’

The Munsters

Real Life 360 Frasier

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Quick Study Place Miami Vice “Baby Blues”

(12:52) The Late Late Show With James Corden

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Tonight (10) Unrivaled: Penn State Football

Notorious “Missing” Oscar learns about Sarah and Jake. (N)

OCT. 20, 2016


(2) TBA NFL Thursday Night NFL Thursday Night (:25) NFL Football Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers. From Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. (N) (Live) (7) Entertainment Kickoff (N) (Live) Kickoff (N) (Live)

(4) Entertainment Grey’s Anatomy “Both Sides Now” Two ABC World News (4) Inside EdiTonight With David tion (N) Tonight patients need a liver transplant. (N) (23) Jeopardy! (N) (23) Wheel of Muir (N) Fortune

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(4) Entertainment Last Man Standing (:31) Dr. Ken D.K. Shark Tank Stylish kids’ clothes; maple ABC World News (4) Inside EdiTonight With David tion (N) Tonight “Trick or Treat” (N) tells a scary Korean syrup. (N) (DVS) (23) Jeopardy! (N) (23) Wheel of Muir (N) story. (N) Fortune

(6) WJAC-TV News NBC Nightly News at 6 PM With Lester Holt (9) News 9 at Six (N) (11) Channel 11 News

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(8) Modern Family (8) Modern Family Hell’s Kitchen “Walking the Plank” Chefs (53) The Big Bang (53) Two and a compete in a seafood challenge. (N)

(8) Mike & Molly

(8) WWCP (53) The Big Bang (53) Two and a Half Men (53) WPGH Theory (13) WQED


PBS NewsHour (N) Criminal Minds (DVS) Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls

OCT. 21, 2016


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Blue Bloods (N) (DVS)

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(:38) Last Call With Carson Daly

(8) (:35) Daytime (8) (:05) Last Man (8) (:35) Hot in (8) (12:05) The (8) (:35) How I (:01) The Exorcist “Chapter Five: Through (8) Fox 8 News My Most Grievous Fault” Tomas and Mar- (53) Channel 11 Jeopardy Standing Cleveland Simpsons Met Your Mother (53) Seinfeld (53) Seinfeld (53) Friends (53) Friends Theory Half Men (PA) (DVS) cus battle the demon. (N) News on FOX 53 at 10 Nightly Business Tavis Smiley (N) Washington Week Charlie Rose — The Hamilton’s America The Broadway musical “Hamilton.” (N) Hamilton’s America The Broadway musical “Hamilton.” Charlie Rose (N) Report Week Criminal Minds (DVS) Criminal Minds “Broken” Criminal Minds (DVS) Criminal Minds (DVS) Saving Hope “Start Me Up” Saving Hope “Miss You” Family Feud Family Feud The Vampire Diaries Stefan searches for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Rebecca thinks Josh is The 10 O’Clock News The Nightly Sports Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls The King of Queens How I Met Your Damon and Enzo. in love with her. Call Mother Mod Fam High School Football Penn Hills at Mount Lebanon. (N) (Live) American Ninja Warrior American Ninja Warrior Channel 11 News A. Wommack Joyce Meyer Real Life The Calling Robison Wretched Night Life Quick Study Place News Sister 2 Sister Gospel Gospel Frasier Frasier Murder, She Wrote The A-Team Miami Vice “Street Wise” Baywatch “Charlie”

(8) (:05) Hot in (8) (:35) Seinfeld (53) Raising Hope Cleveland (53) Last Man Standing Members’ Favorite

Psych Henry fights for his life. Rules of Engagement How I Met Your Mother Anger Flame On Quantum Leap

(22) WPNT (40) WPCB (59) WEPA

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The First 48 The First 48 The First 48 “Bad Love” The First 48: Misfortune The First 48: Misfortune (:02) The First 48 (12:01) The First 48 The First 48: Misfortune The Walking Dead “After” The Walking Dead “Inmates” The Walking Dead “Claimed” The Walking Dead “Still” The Walking Dead “Alone” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Us” The Walking Dead “A” Tanked Tanked Tanked “DJ of Dragons” Tanked: Unfiltered (N) Tanked “Episode 16” (N) (:01) Tanked: Unfiltered (12:01) Tanked “Episode 16” (:01) Tanked Star Trek (:20) Star Trek Star Trek (:40) Star Trek Spock is court-martialed. (9:50) Star Trek Humans “Episode 4” Star Trek (:10) Star Trek “Miri” House/Payne House/Payne Meet, Browns Meet, Browns ››› Set It Off (1996, Action) Jada Pinkett. Desperation drives four women to bank-robbery. ››› Hustle & Flow (2005, Drama) Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson, Taryn Manning. Housewives Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. ›› 50 First Dates (2004) Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore. ›› 50 First Dates (2004) Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore. › The Ugly Truth (2009) Katherine Heigl. Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing ››› The Nutty Professor (1996, Comedy) Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett. ›› Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000) Eddie Murphy, Janet Jackson. Roseanne Roseanne Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Futurama Gabriel Iglesias: Hot/Fluffy Gabriel Iglesias: Aloha Fluffy Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Not Fat The Half Hour Jeff Ross Roasts Cops Jeff Ross Gold Rush Gold Rush: Pay Dirt “Miracle on the Mountain” (N) Gold Rush “Eye in the Sky” (:01) Gold Rush (N) (:02) Gold Rush (12:03) Gold Rush (:04) Gold Rush K.C. Under. L&M:Cali Style L&M:Cali Style L&M:Cali Style Descendants (2015) Dove Cameron, Kristin Chenoweth. (:05) Star vs. the Forces of Evil My Babysitter Girl Meets Best Friends Jessie Jessie The Kardashians E! News (N) ›› Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy. Botched E! News (N) Catching Kelce SportsCenter (N) (Live) College Football South Florida at Temple. From Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. (N) Scoreboard College Football Oregon at California. From California Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, Calif. (N) SportsCenter (5:00) College Football Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 Around/Horn Interruption High School Football IMG Academy (Fla.) at Trinity Christian (Fla.). (N) (Live) SportsCenter College Football San Jose State at San Diego State. (N) (Live) Baseball Ton. EWTN News When Daily Mass - Olam Daily Mass John Paul The Great EWTN News Holy Rosary The Church Signs of Life Catholicism Women of Father Spitzer’s Universe At Home with Jim and Joy Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Brew & ’Que Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Brew & ’Que Diners, Drive (:10) ›› Addams Family Values (1993) Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia. (:20) ››› Sleepy Hollow (1999, Horror) Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci. The 700 Club ››› Frankenweenie (2012) Voices of Catherine O’Hara. (5:00) ››› Noah (2014) Russell Crowe, Emma Watson. ››› Lone Survivor (2013, War) Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Eric Bana. ››› Lone Survivor (2013, War) Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Eric Bana. RockFeast RockFeast To Be Announced PGA Tour Golf CIMB Classic, Second Round. From the West Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Golf Central PGA Tour Golf CIMB Classic, Third Round. From the West Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (N) (Live) Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Hellevator Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Hellevator Newlywed Newlywed Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Last-Standing Home Imp. Home Imp. The Middle The Middle The Middle The Middle Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Frasier Frasier Beach Bargain Beach Bargain Beach Bargain Beach Bargain Love It or List It Love It or List It Hunters Hunters Int’l Hunters Hunters Int’l Love It or List It Hunters Hunters Int’l To Be Announced Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens Doomsday: 10 Ways (:03) Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens (:03) Ancient Aliens I Am Homicide I Am Homicide Nightmare Next Door Nightmare Next Door (N) Suspicion (N) Nightmare Next Door Nightmare Next Door Suspicion Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy Grey’s Anatomy (:02) Grey’s Anatomy (:02) Grey’s Anatomy (12:02) Grey’s Anatomy (:02) Grey’s Anatomy (4:30) Kicking & Screaming Acting Out Acting Out Impossible Impossible MTV Special The Real World: Bad Blood The Real World: Bad Blood ››› Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Jon Heder, Jon Gries. NASCAR DRIVE (N) College Football Pennsylvania at Yale. From the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Conn. (N) (Live) NASCAR Racing NASCAR Racing Xtreme Off Truck Tech F1 Racing The Legacy of Nat Turner The Real George Washington Explorer (N) Killing Reagan (2016, Docudrama) Joe Chrest, Cynthia Nixon. Killing Reagan (2016, Docudrama) Joe Chrest, Cynthia Nixon. Lockdown “Female Felons” Henry Danger Henry Danger Crashletes (N) Jagger Eaton All In W/Cam Game Open Season 3 (2010) Nika Futterman Full House Friends Friends Friends (:33) Friends Fresh Prince Fresh Prince T.D. Jakes (N) Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Better Worse Snapped Snapped Snapped Takes a Killer Takes a Killer Takes a Killer Takes a Killer Snapped Snapped Snapped PCN Tours PCN Tours PCN PM - PCN Primetime - PCN Evening - PCN Tours PCN Late Night - Pittsburgh Now PCNC News Mike Tomlin NightTalk - Happy Hour PCNC 9PM PCNC 9:30PM The Doctors Pittsburgh Thermo Twin PCNC 12AM PCNC 12:30 PCNC 1AM Paid Program The Dan Patrick Show (N) Youth Football High School Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Football Week High School Football Teams TBA. College Soccer Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Bellator MMA Live (N) (Live) (:15) Cops Cops Cops Jail Jail Jail (5:00) ›› Lake Placid (1999) ››› Zombieland (2009, Comedy) Woody Harrelson. Z Nation (N) Van Helsing (N) Z Nation Channel Zero: Candle Cove › The Devil’s Rejects Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld MLB on Deck MLB Baseball American League Championship Series, Game 6: Teams TBA. (If necessary). (N) (Live) Inside MLB ELeague “Group A Play- CS: GO” (Season Premiere) (N) Fly-Away ›› Dance, Charlie, Dance (1937) Jean Muir ››› Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941, Horror) Spencer Tracy. ››› Eyes Without a Face (1959) Alida Valli (:45) ››› The Body Snatcher (1945) Phantom of the Rue Morgue Ghosts of Shepherdstown Ghosts of Shepherdstown Ghosts of Shepherdstown (N) (:01) A Haunting (N) (:02) Kindred Spirits (:03) A Haunting (12:04) Kindred Spirits Ghosts of Shepherdstown Bones Bones › Law Abiding Citizen (2009) Jamie Foxx. (DVS) (:15) ››› The Town (2010, Crime Drama) Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm. (DVS) Hawaii Five-0 Teen Titans Teen Titans We Bare Wrld, Gumball Regular Show Regular Show King of Hill Cleveland American Dad Bob’s Burgers Family Guy Family Guy Eric Andre Sh. Squidbillies Aqua Teen Family Guy Ghost Adventures Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum (N) Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Top Funniest Top Funniest Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. You Can Do You Can Do Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Andy Griffith Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King King King King Old Christine Old Christine Law & Order: SVU Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Chrisley Chrisley NCIS: Los Angeles ››› Selena (1997) Jennifer Lopez. Mexican-American singer skyrockets to fame. ››› Ghostbusters (1984, Comedy) Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd. ›› Ghostbusters II (1989, Comedy) Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd. Will & Grace Will & Grace Marriage- Reality Stars Marriage- Reality Stars Marriage- Reality Stars My Life Is a Telenovela (N) Marriage- Reality Stars My Life Is a Telenovela Marriage- Reality Stars Blue Bloods “The Bogeyman” Person of Interest Person of Interest Person of Interest Person of Interest Person of Interest “Proteus” Person of Interest “All In” How I Met How I Met


(5:35) ››› Brooklyn (2015) ‘PG-13’ VICE News › Bride Wars (2009) Kate Hudson. ‘PG’ Divorce Real Time With Bill Maher High Main. Any Given Wednesday High Main. (5:30) ›› The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies ›› San Andreas (2015) Dwayne Johnson. ‘PG-13’ Quarry “Carnival of Souls” (N) Quarry “Carnival of Souls” Quarry “Carnival of Souls” Sebastian Maniscalco: Why ›› Alpha Dog (2006) Bruce Willis. Premiere. ‘R’ One & Done: Ben Simmons (N) One & Done: Ben Simmons Shameless (5:25) The Skeleton Key (:10) ›› Risen (2016) Joseph Fiennes. ‘PG-13’ Ash vs Evil Ash vs Evil Ash vs Evil Blunt Talk (:05) ››› Dazed and Confused (1993) Jason London. ‘R’ (5:35) ›› The Guardian (2006) Kevin Costner. ‘PG-13’ ›››› Dances With Wolves (1990) Kevin Costner. A Union officer befriends the Lakota. (:05) ››› Thirteen Days (2000) Kevin Costner, Steven Culp. ‘PG-13’ ›› Tears of the Sun (2003, Action) Bruce Willis. ‘R’ Last Knights (2015, Action) Clive Owen, Cliff Curtis. ‘R’ ›› Rat Race (2001, Comedy) Rowan Atkinson. ‘PG-13’ National Lampoon’s Cattle Call (2006) ‘R’



(6) The Big Bang Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon (N) Dateline NBC (N) Theory A trip to wine country. (9) (11) Wheel of Fortune (N)


The Munsters

(:05) ››› Trainwreck (2015) ››› Magic Mike (2012) ‘R’ Masters of Sex “Family Only” Ash vs Evil Blunt Talk Boiler Room Jane Wants WEEK OF OCTOBER 16, 2016



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(:07) Paid Program (:37) Paid Program Homes & Great Ron Hazelton Estates HouseCalls Mad Money The Insider Paid Program (6) WJAC (:07) Today Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program (7) WTRF Paid Program (:05) Judge Faith (:35) Law & Order: Criminal Intent Falling (:35) Revival Today (:05) Paid Program (:35) Paid Program (8) WWCP (N) prostitutes. Mad Money 1st Look Missing (N) (9) WTOV (:07) Today (:37) Cars.TV Estate Paid Program Two/Half Men Xplor. Planet (10) WTAJ Paid Program (:07) Today Pawn Stars Pawn Stars “You’re Just for Laughs Gags Wheel of Fortune (11) WPXI Out” Members’ Favorite (13) WQED (1:00) Members’ Favorite Paid Program Paid Program Inspiration Today Camp Meeting (16) WINP Psych Gus gets a girlfriend. King of Hill Comics Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program (19) WPCW American Dad The Simpsons Family Guy “Da Family Guy Crime Watch Daily With Chris Hansen The Cleveland Show (22) WPNT Boom” Paid Program (Off Air) (23) WATM Paid Program Pure Passion The 700 Club Jeremiah Born to Free (40) WPCB Is Jesus God? The Wendy Williams Show Justice for All: Cris- Cheaters Harry (53) WPGH tina Pérez Paid Program Make Room... Here’s Lucy Here’s Lucy (59) WEPA Simon & Simon (4) WTAE

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Heart-Champ Dana Holgorsen Show Brain Games: Family Dog Town, USA (EI) Recipe Rehab (DVS) Hatched (N) (DVS) Edition News 9 Saturday Morning Edition CBS This Morning: Saturday (N) Channel 11 News (N) Heart of a Champion

Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Calling Dr. Pol Calling Dr. Pol Rescue Me Dog Whis Hatched (N) (DVS) America’s Heartland Paid Program Paid Program (N) Anml Rescue Dog Tales Good Morning America (N) Dr. Wonder Donkey Ollie Sheep Snacks Odyssey Xploration DIY Wild America (DVS) Paid Program J.M. Beatty FurSci (N) niture Roy Rogers Roy Rogers Wyatt Earp Wyatt Earp

Members’ Favorite Law & Order: SVU Dog Whis Dog Whis Paid Program Paid Program Jack Hanna Friends Paid Program

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The First 48: Misfortune (:03) The First 48 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Flipping Vegas Flipping Vegas Zombie House Flipping › Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991, Horror) ›› The Hills Have Eyes (2006) Aaron Stanford, Kathleen Quinlan. ›› House of Wax (2005, Horror) Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray. The Walking Dead (:01) Tanked Tanked “DJ of Dragons” Tanked: Unfiltered Tanked “Episode 16” My Tiny Terror “Mini Cujo” Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Star Trek (:20) Star Trek Star Trek (:45) Star Trek “Balance of Terror” Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: Next Generation The Game The Game The Real Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Martin Martin Ink, Paper, Scissors (12:30) › The Ugly Truth Housewives/OC Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Housewives/NJ Housewives/NJ Manzo’d With Manzo’d With Manzo’d With Manzo’d With Roseanne Roseanne Paid Program Paid Program Raising Hope Raising Hope CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music Hot 20 Countdown (N) Jeff Ross Kevin Hart (:15) Tosh.0 (:45) Tosh.0 (:15) Tosh.0 Com. Central Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Com. Central Crnk Yankers Crnk Yankers Crnk Yankers Gold Rush Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Coomer’s Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Naked and Afraid Austin & Ally Austin & Ally Dog With Blog Good-Charlie Wizards-Place Wizards-Place Jessie Jessie Wil. West Mickey Mouse Clubhouse The Lion Doc McSt. Sofia the First Elena Zhu Zhu Pets Catching Kelce Harry (N) Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Total Bellas Total Bellas “Quickie Fix” Total Bellas SportsCenter (N) (Live) College Football South Florida at Temple. College Football Oregon at California. SportsCenter (N) (Live) College GameDay (N) (1:30) 30 for 30 30 for 30 The Announcement 30 for 30 30 for 30 Jalen E:60 SportsCenter (N) SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter Bassmasters NFL Greatest NFL Matchup SportsCenter (N) (Live) EWTN News When Decision Point Catholicism Savoring-Faith The Faith Light From Catholics Consuming Saints St. Michael Holy Rosary Daily Mass - Olam Daily Mass We Catholic Roamin’ Cath. Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Iron Chef America Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Guilty Pleas. 5 Restaurants TBA Southern Farmhouse Pioneer Wo. Paid Program Paid Program The 700 Club Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Spooky Buddies (2011) Sierra McCormick. Premiere. (:10) ››› ParaNorman ›› Taken 2 (2012) Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace. Mike & Molly Mike & Molly Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program ›› The Three Stooges (2012) Sean Hayes. Two/Half Men Two/Half Men To Be Announced To Be Announced Flip This House Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Biography Biography RockFeast RockFeast PGA Tour Golf LPGA Tour Golf Blue Bay, Third Round. From Jian Lake Blue Bay Golf Course in Hainan Island, China. (N Same-day Tape) Morning Drive (N) (Live) European PGA Tour Golf Mind of a Man Mind of a Man Hellevator Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Deal or No Deal Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Cheers Cheers I Love Lucy I Love Lucy I Love Lucy I Love Lucy I Love Lucy I Love Lucy The Middle The Middle Golden Girls Golden Girls Hunters Hunters Int’l Love It or List It Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program House Hunters Renovation House Hunters Renovation House Hunters Renovation Doomsday: 10 Ways Ancient Aliens Paid Program Coin Collecting with Mike Mezack Paid Program To Be Announced I Am Homicide A Stranger in My Home A Stranger in My Home A Stranger in My Home On the Case With Paula Zahn On the Case With Paula Zahn 48 Hours on ID: Left for Dead 48 Hours on ID (:04) Grey’s Anatomy (:04) Grey’s Anatomy Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program ››› American Pie Presents: Band Camp (2005) ›› American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007) John White. ›› The Sandlot (1993) Thomas Guiry, Mike Vitar. Premiere. The Sandlot 2 (2005) James Earl Jones. Formula One Racing Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Prem. League Blazers Premier English Premier League Soccer Premier Lockdown “Inmate U” Drugs, Inc. “Dope-landia” Lockdown: Kids Lockdown Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Filthy Riches Fresh Prince The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air George Lopez George Lopez George Lopez George Lopez George Lopez George Lopez George Lopez Alvinnn!!! and Alvinnn!!! and Regal Ladybug Kuu Kuu Har. SpongeBob Better Worse Better Worse Dateline on OWN Dateline on OWN Dr. Phil Super Soul Sunday Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Home Made Home Made Snapped Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program The E! True Hollywood Story The E! True Hollywood Story PCN Late Night - PCN Early AM - Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program NightTalk - Happy Hour PCNC 3AM PCNC 3:30AM Ch. 11 News Ch. 11 News Jamcast Jamcast Saturday AM News This Morning This Morning This Morning This Morning Paid Program Paid Program College Soccer UEFA Mag. UFC Insider The Dan Patrick Show Bull Riding Championship. Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Endless Golf Jail Jail Jail Jail Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Beyond Scared Straight (1:00) The Devil’s Rejects Witchslayer Gretl (2012, Fantasy) Shannen Doherty. Haven “Fallout” Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Twilight Zone Twilight Zone Hashtag FollowFriday (2016) ››› Enemy of the State (1998) Will Smith, Gene Hackman. Premiere. TBS Preview Married... With Married... With Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld ›› She’s the Man (2006) Phantom-Rue (:45) ›› Macabre (1958) William Prince. › The Corpse Vanishes (:15) › The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962) (:45) › The Killer Shrews (1959) › The Devil Bat (1941) (:15) The Seventh Victim Ghosts of Shepherdstown Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Four Weddings Hawaii Five-0 Hawaii Five-0 Hawaii Five-0 “Na Pilikua Nu” Castle (DVS) Law & Order (DVS) Law & Order “Charity Case” Law & Order “Talking Points” Law & Order “Church” Family Guy Bob’s Burgers American Dad Eric Andre Sh. Frankenhole Aqua Teen Cleveland King of Hill Wrld, Gumball Transformers Pokémon XYZ Nexo Knights Teen Titans Teen Titans Teen Titans Teen Titans Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Wild Things With Dominic Mysteries at the Museum Mysteries at the Museum Carbonaro Eff. Carbonaro Eff. You Can Do You Can Do Late Snack Late Snack Late Snack Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Younger (:36) Impastor (:12) Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne (:12) Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne NCIS: Los Angeles “Fame” Falling Water “Don’t Tell Bill” Law & Order: Criminal Intent Law & Order: Criminal Intent Burn Notice Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Falling Water (DVS) ››› Elf (2003, Comedy) Will Ferrell, James Caan. The Fabulous Life Of... The Fabulous Life Of... Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Marriage- Reality Stars Growing Up Hip Hop Money Power Respect Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Engagement Engagement Raising Hope Raising Hope Salem “The Wine Dark Sea” Singsation Camp Meeting Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Amer. Funniest Home Videos


(1:05) ››› Trainwreck (:15) Insecure (:45) ›› Dracula Untold (2014) Luke Evans. Mondays at ›› Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001) Eddie Murphy. ››› The Peanuts Movie (2015) Sesame St. Sesame St. (1:00) ››› Magic Mike (2:50) Vixens From Venus (:15) ›› Resident Evil (2002) Milla Jovovich. ››› Tender Mercies (1983) (:35) ›› Point of No Return (1993) Bridget Fonda. Mad Max Inside the NFL Florida State Sebastian Maniscalco: Why (:45) ››› Begin Again (2013) Keira Knightley. ›› Forsaken (2015) Kiefer Sutherland. Inside the NFL Florida State Bloodsport ›› I, Robot (2004) Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan. (3:55) ›› Cutthroat Island (1995) Geena Davis. (:05) ››› There’s Something About Mary (1998) (:10) ›› The Skeleton Key (2005) Kate Hudson. (1:35) ››› Boiler Room (2000) (:35) ››› At Any Price (2012) Dennis Quaid. (:20) ›› Stone (2010) Robert De Niro. (:06) ››› The Karate Kid (1984) Ralph Macchio. (:15) ›› Feel the Noise (1:30) Jane Wants a Boyfriend (:15) ›› Cecil B. Demented (2000) (:45) Last Knights (2015) Clive Owen, Cliff Curtis. (:40) The Lovers (2014) Josh Hartnett, Alice Englert. ›› The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)




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Zombie House Flipping Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars The First 48 The First 48 (9:00) The Walking Dead The Walking Dead The Walking Dead The Walking Dead The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Self Help” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Crossed” Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Neutral Zone” 20th-century survivors found. Husbands Gary Owe. Fresh Prince Fresh Prince House/Payne House/Payne House/Payne House/Payne ››› Hustle & Flow (2005, Drama) Terrence Howard, Anthony Anderson, Taryn Manning. ››› Set It Off (1996) Manzo’d With Manzo’d With Don’t—Tardy Don’t—Tardy Don’t—Tardy Yours, Mine Yours, Mine Yours, Mine Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Below Deck Below Deck (9:00) Hot 20 Countdown (N) I Love Kellie I Love Kellie ›› You’ve Got Mail (1998, Romance-Comedy) Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan. ››› While You Were Sleeping (1995) Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman. Crnk Yankers Crnk Yankers Crnk Yankers South Park South Park South Park › The Benchwarmers (2006, Comedy) David Spade. ›› Bad News Bears (2005) Billy Bob Thornton, Greg Kinnear. Benchwrm Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Stuck/Middle Liv-Mad. Bunk’d K.C. Under. ›› Girl vs. Monster (2012) Olivia Holt. Austin & Ally Walk the Liv-Mad. Jessie Stuck in the Middle “Stuck Without a Ride” Austin & Ally Girl Meets E! News Weekend (N) Rob & Chyna Rob & Chyna Rob & Chyna Catching Kelce “50 Girls, One Tight End” Catching Kelce Catching Kelce Confess-Shop (9:00) College GameDay (N) (Live) College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Scoreboard ESPN Goal Line (N) (Live) Scoreboard 30 for 30 The Fab Five 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 (9:00) SportsCenter (N) (Live) College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Scoreboard College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) With Jesus At Home with Jim and Joy Armed/Faith Daily Mass - Olam Daily Mass Religious Bookmark EWTN on Location (N) Mercy Rosary/Life EWTN Theology Roundtable Witness to Hope Pioneer Wo. Trisha’s Sou. The Kitchen (N) Ayesha’s Valerie Home Halloween Baking Halloween Wars “Two-Faced” Chopped Chopped Junior “Fish Tale” Worst Cooks in America (9:10) ››› ParaNorman (2012, Comedy) (:20) ››› Sleepy Hollow (1999, Horror) Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci. ››› The Goonies (1985, Adventure) Sean Astin, Josh Brolin. (:40) ›› Scooby-Doo (2002, Comedy) Two/Half Men Two/Half Men ›› Taken 2 (2012) Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace. ››› Noah (2014, Historical Drama) Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly. ››› Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol (2011) Man vs. Child: Showdown Man vs. Child: Showdown Food Factory Food Factory Food Factory Food Factory House Hunting House Hunting Unplugged Nation Unplugged Nation House Hunting House Hunting (9:00) European PGA Tour Golf Portugal Masters, Third Round. (N) (Live) Driver vs. Driver LPGA Tour Golf Blue Bay, Third Round. From Jian Lake Blue Bay Golf Course in Hainan Island, China. Deal or No Deal Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed Newlywed Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Golden Girls Golden Girls Autumn Dreams (2015) Jill Wagner, Colin Egglesfield. Harvest Moon (2015, Drama) Jessy Schram, Jesse Hutch. Autumn in the Vineyard (2016) Rachael Leigh Cook. Love on a Limb (2016) House Hunters Renovation House Hunters Renovation House Hunters Renovation Fixer Upper Fixer Upper Fixer Upper Fixer Upper Fixer Upper To Be Announced To Be Announced The Mind of a Murderer Blood Relatives Nightmare Next Door Nightmare Next Door Evil Kin “Streets of Blood” Evil Kin Evil Twins Evil Twins “The Family Curse” Paid Program Paid Program To Be Announced My Stepdaughter (2015) Emmanuelle Vaugier, Niki Koss. Not With My Daughter (2014) Ally Sheedy, Rhys Ward. The Stepchild (2016) Lauren Holly, Paul Johansson. (8:30) The Sandlot 2 (2005) ›› Kicking & Screaming (2005, Comedy) Will Ferrell, Robert Duvall. ››› 8 Mile (2002, Drama) Eminem, Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. (9:55) English Premier League Soccer Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Premier Formula One Racing United States Grand Prix, Qualifying. From Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. (N) NASCAR Racing Sprint Cup Series: Alabama 500, Qualifying. Filthy Riches Filthy Riches To Catch a Smuggler To Catch a Smuggler Airport Security: Colombia Airport Security: Colombia Airport Security: Colombia Airport Security: Colombia SpongeBob SpongeBob Loud House Loud House Rangers Alvinnn!!! and Alvinnn!!! and SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Loud House Loud House Loud House Game Thundermans Undercover Boss Undercover Boss “Maaco” Undercover Boss Undercover Boss Undercover Boss Undercover Boss Undercover Boss Undercover Boss Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program PCN Afternoon - PCN Early PM - Paid Program Paid Program AM News Paid Program AM News Paid Program Sports Stars Paid Program Paid Program Pittsburgh Paid Program Paid Program Intelligence Paid Program Tim McCarver 5:30PM News Youth Football Mike Tomlin Mountaineer Game Day (N) UEFA Europa Lg. Highlights Tennis PowerShares Series: Tulsa. College Football ACC Teams TBA. (N Same-day Tape) Beyond Scared Straight Beyond Scared Straight Beyond Scared Straight Beyond Scared Straight Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops (9:00) Hashtag FollowFriday › Shark Night (2011) Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan. ›› Willard (2003) Crispin Glover, R. Lee Ermey. › The Devil’s Rejects (2005) Sid Haig, Bill Moseley. ››› Drag Me to Hell (2009) (9:00) ›› She’s the Man ›› 17 Again (2009) Zac Efron, Leslie Mann. (DVS) ›› The Switch (2010) Jennifer Aniston. Premiere. Friends Friends Friends Friends 2 Broke Girls 2 Broke Girls 7th Victim ›› Jungle Gents (1954) Bowery Boys. ›› Seven Seas to Calais (1963) Rod Taylor. ››› Another Thin Man (1939) William Powell. ›› Challenge to Lassie (1949) (DVS) North by NW Four Weddings Four Weddings Four Weddings Toddlers & Tiaras Toddlers & Tiaras Toddlers & Tiaras Little Miss Atlanta Little Miss Atlanta Law & Order “Melting Pot” Law & Order “Murder Book” ›› Resident Evil: Retribution (2012, Horror) Milla Jovovich. ››› The Matrix (1999, Science Fiction) Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne. ›› The Matrix Revolutions Teen Titans Teen Titans Teen Titans Mighty Magi. Steven Universe We Bare We Bare Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League National Parks National Parks Expedition Unknown Food Paradise Food Paradise Food Paradise Food Paradise Food Paradise Most Terrifying Places Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes Inside Jokes truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba ››› Easy A (2010, Comedy) Emma Stone. Premiere. ›› Beauty Shop (2005) Queen Latifah. Premiere. ››› Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004, Comedy) Ice Cube. ››› Bridesmaids (2011) Kristen Wiig. Saved by Bell Saved by Bell ’70s Show ’70s Show ’70s Show ’70s Show ’70s Show ’70s Show Mindy Project Mindy Project Mindy Project Mindy Project ›› Space Jam (1996) Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight. House “Sex Kills” House “Clueless” House “Safe” House Life of a young boy. House “Sleeping Dogs Lie” House “Euphoria, Part 1” House “Euphoria, Part 2” Law & Order “Disappeared” Amer. Funniest Home Videos Amer. Funniest Home Videos Amer. Funniest Home Videos Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops Blue Bloods “Family Ties”


›› Bee Movie (2007) (:40) ››› Spider-Man (2002) Tobey Maguire. (:45) ›› Joy (2015) Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro. (3:50) ››› Behind the Candelabra (2013) Michael Douglas. (9:25) ››› Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) (:25) ››› Tropic Thunder (2008) Ben Stiller. (:15) ››› Unfaithful (2002) Richard Gere, Diane Lane. (:20) ›› Hitman (2007) Timothy Olyphant. (4:55) ›› Dead Presidents (9:30) ›› Bloodsport (1988) (:05) ›› Forsaken (2015) (:35) One & Done: Ben Simmons (:05) ›› No Escape (2015) Owen Wilson, Lake Bell. (3:55) ›› Southpaw (2015) Jake Gyllenhaal. (9:55) ›› Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005) ›› Risen (2016) Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton. Ash vs Evil Blunt Talk (:20) ››› Dazed and Confused (1993) Blunt Talk Ash vs Evil (:05) ›› I, Robot (2004) (9:15) ›› Feel the Noise (10:50) ›› McFarland, USA (2015) Kevin Costner. (:05) ›› EDtv (1999) Matthew McConaughey. (:10) ››› Sleepless in Seattle (1993) Tom Hanks. ›› Regarding Henry (1991) Hundred-Foot (:35) ››› Paddington (2014) (:10) ›› The Duff (2015) Mae Whitman. (1:55) ›› Winter Passing (2005) Ed Harris. (:35) ›› The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014) Helen Mirren. Paddington


(23) WATM Sea Rescue (40) WPCB Lakota (53) WPGH


College Football

College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live)


Naturally, Seo Inspectors Naturally, Danny Seo (N)

(13) (16) (19)

College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live)

5 PM

Journey Innovation Nat Journey With Dylan Dreyer


College Football Today (N)


English Premier League Soccer Goal Zone Red Bull Signature Series From Whistler, B.C. Figure Skating Inspectors Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Col. Football College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) NASCAR Pre NASCAR Racing Camping World Truck Series: Fred’s 250. From Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Ala. FOX College Pregame College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) (N) (Live) Paid Program English Premier League Soccer Goal Zone Red Bull Signature Series From Whistler, B.C. Figure Skating Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Col. Football College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Give (N) (DVS) English Premier League Soccer Liverpool FC vs West Bromwich Albion FC. (N) (Live) Prem Goal Zone Red Bull Signature Series From Whistler, B.C. (N) Figure Skating ISU Grand Prix: Skate America, Ladies’ Free. (N) (Live) Members’ Favorite Members’ Favorite Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Paid Program Paid Program ›› Murder by Numbers (2002, Suspense) Sandra Bullock, Ryan Gosling. Paid Program Engagement Engagement Mike & Molly 2 Broke Girls Paid Program Paid Program To Be Announced College Football Edinboro at Slippery Rock. (N) (Live) Rookie Blue Duncan reveals new evidence.

The Voyager Wild-Vet Lucky Dog (N) Dr. Chris-Vet The Voyager-Josh Wilderness Vet WPXI Garcia (N) (EI) WQED (9:00) Members’ Favorite WINP Law & Order: SVU Vaca-Creation WPCW Save-Shelter Paid Program Paid Program WPNT

Paid Program

3 PM

College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live)

(9) WTOV (10) WTAJ

Paid Program


The Wildlife Docs (N) Naturally, Seo Open Rd Paid Program

(8) WWCP

Paid Program

OCT. 22, 2016


Sea Rescue (N) (EI) Journey Hidden Paid Program

(6) WJAC (7) WTRF

Paid Program


Paid Program

Jack Hanna’s Ocean Treks With Countdown Jeff The Voyager Wild-Vet Mountaineer Game Day Paid Program Paid Program

Paid Program


Hometown High Q

(4) WTAE

The Inspectors (N) (EI)


Hometown High Q

(2) KDKA

Innovation Nation


Give (N) Innovation Nat To Be Announced


Coll. Football College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Rescue Life Sekulow WayMaster Crosstalk Paid Program Today’s Life Prop. Conn Supernatural Gaither Homecoming Hour NASCAR Racing Camping World Truck Series: Fred’s 250. From Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Ala. FOX College Pregame College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) (N) (Live) Little House on the Prairie Little House on the Prairie Murder, She Wrote Murder, She Wrote D. Van Dyke D. Van Dyke



6 PM


(3:30) College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live)

7 PM



(2) KDKA-TV News (2) The Insider (7) 7 News (7) Inside Edition

8 PM

To Be Announced


(4) Pittsburgh’s Ac- (4) Inside Edition

College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live)


(6) To Be AnNBC Nightly News nounced With Lester Holt (9) News 9 at Six (11) Channel 11 News (N)

(6) WJAC-TV News (6) TBA (9) Ohio Lottery at 6 PM (9) Wheel of (11) Bettis Fortune (11) Jeopardy!



(8) WWCP (53) WPGH (13) WQED (16) WINP

tion News 4 (N) (23) Jeopardy!

(4:00) College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live)

Weekend (23) Wheel of Fortune

Law & Order: SVU Mike & Molly “Mike 2 Broke Girls

10 PM

48 Hours (N)

OCT. 22, 2016



11 PM


12 AM


(2) News at Eleven (2) (:35) Steelers (2) (12:05) Blue Bloods “The Blue (7) News Late Night Templar” (10) News (7) Black & Gold (7) Person of Interest “Firewall” (10) Scandal “Even the Devil Deserves a Today (10) Made in Hol- Second Chance” (4) Pittsburgh’s

Action News 4 (23) American Ninja Warrior

› Identity Thief (2013, Comedy) Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Jon Favreau. Premiere. A victim of identity theft fights back.

FOX College Football College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Extra (N) (Live)

Members’ Favorite

(19) WPCW Check” The Middle (22) WPNT Mod Fam (40) WPCB One World / One God Make Room... (59) WEPA Make Room...



1 AM


(2) (:05) CSI: Miami “Death Pool 100” (7) Rizzoli & Isles “Over/Under” (10) Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Eye Spy”


(3:30) College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live)

(6) WJAC (9) WTOV (11) WPXI

9 PM

To Be Announced


Weekend Weekend (10) Inside Edition (10) Mike Tomlin Weekend Show


(4) WTAE (23) WATM


Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Blue Bloods Suspicion falls on an addict Family Feud Family Feud for murder. Mod Fam The Middle The X-Files “Eve” What If... (2010, Drama) Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson. Six Million Dollar Man Bionic Woman “Brain Wash”

Law & Order: SVU Mike Tomlin Show Steelers Saturday Night The X-Files “Beyond the Sea” In Touch W/Charles Stanley The A-Team

makes a shocking discovery.

(23) Whacked Out (4) Castle “The Sports Nose” (23) Celebrity Name Game

(6) WJAC-TV News (:29) Saturday Night Live (N) at 11PM (9) News 9 Tonight (11) Channel 11 News (8) To Be Announced (53) Son of Zorn

Members’ Favorite

(4) Scandal Fitz

(8) Son of Zorn (53) XTERRA


(23) Military Makeover (N)

(6) Ring of Honor (11) Championship Wrestling Chase (9) Bones (11) Jerome Bettis Show (8) TBA (53) Jonathan


(53) Bones “The Science in the Physicist” Pulverized human remains are found.

Austin City Limits Florence and the Ma- Members’ Favorite chine. (Taped) Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Psych “Lassie Jerky” The 10 O’Clock News The Nightly Sports Best of Steelers Live Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Eye Spy” Bob’s Burgers Bob’s Burgers Comedy.TV Call News at 10 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program News at 10 Paid Program Rookie Blue J. Van Impe Night Life Rescue Life Ankerberg Life is Best Prop. Conn Real Life It’s Alive! Gospel Gospel Murdoch Mysteries


The First 48 The First 48 The First 48 The First 48 (:01) The First 48 (:02) The First 48 (12:01) The First 48 (:01) The First 48 The Walking Dead “Coda” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Them” The Walking Dead The Walking Dead The Walking Dead “Forget” The Walking Dead “Spend” The Walking Dead “Try” Pit Bulls and Parolees Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet Life at Vet U: Extra Credit (N) Life at Vet U (N) Life at Vet U: Extra Credit Life at Vet U Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet Star Trek: Next Generation ››› Men in Black (1997) Tommy Lee Jones. Premiere. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency G. Norton ››› Men in Black (1997, Action) Tommy Lee Jones. Dirk Gently’s Holistic (5:00) ››› Set It Off (1996) Jada Pinkett, Queen Latifah. ›› Takers (2010, Action) Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba. Premiere. › Waist Deep (2006) Tyrese Gibson. A man’s son is inside his hijacked car. Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Housewives/OC Housewives/OC To Be Announced To Be Announced ›› Overboard (1987) Goldie Hawn. ›› What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012, Comedy) Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez. ›› Revenge of the Nerds (1984) Robert Carradine. CMT Artists of the Year 2016 (5:30) › The Benchwarmers (2006) ›› Bad News Bears (2005) Billy Bob Thornton, Greg Kinnear. ›› Shallow Hal (2001) Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black. ›› Shallow Hal (2001) Gwyneth Paltrow. Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Rats (2016) A history of rat infestations in major cities. (:02) Rats (2016) A history of rat infestations in major cities. (:04) Naked and Afraid K.C. Under. Stuck/Middle Liv-Mad. Bunk’d The Swap (2016, Comedy) Peyton List. Kirby Buckets Best Friends K.C. Under. Liv-Mad. My Babysitter Mostly Ghostly 2: Met My Ghoulfriend Dog With Blog (5:30) ›› Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) Isla Fisher. ›› The Lucky One (2012, Drama) Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling. ›› The Lucky One (2012, Drama) Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling. WAGS: Miami College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 30 for 30 Football Scoreboard College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Scoreboard College Football Teams TBA. (N) (Live) Football Final (5:00) Witness to Hope Mother Angelica Live Pope John Paul II (Part 1 of 2) Holy Rosary Living Right With Dr. Ray Web of Faith 2.0 Pallottines in Africa At Home with Jim and Joy Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Chopped “Fright Bites” Chopped Chopped Chopped Chopped Chopped Chopped (4:40) ›› Scooby-Doo (6:50) ›› Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004) ››› Monsters University (2013) Voices of Billy Crystal, John Goodman. Toy-TERROR! ››› Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (2005, Fantasy) Mission: Imposs.-Ghost ›› The Equalizer (2014) Denzel Washington. A former commando champions the helpless. ›› The Equalizer (2014) Denzel Washington. A former commando champions the helpless. Mike & Molly Mike & Molly Tiny House Tiny House Tiny House Nation Tiny House Nation Downtown Shabby (N) He Shed She Shed (:01) Unplugged Nation Tiny House Nation Tiny House Nation PGA Tour Golf CIMB Classic, Third Round. From the West Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Golf Central (N) (Live) PGA Tour Golf CIMB Classic, Final Round. From the West Course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Family Feud Idiotest Idiotest Idiotest Idiotest Family Feud Family Feud Skin Wars Hellevator (5:00) Love on a Limb (2016) Pumpkin Pie Wars (2016, Romance) Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House (2016) Catherine Bell. Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Frasier Frasier Fixer Upper Fixer Upper Property Brothers Property Brothers House Hunters Renovation Hunters Hunters Int’l Property Brothers House Hunters Renovation To Be Announced American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers (:03) American Pickers American Pickers American Pickers Deadly Women Deadly Women Deadly Doctors (N) Deadly Women (N) True Nightmares (N) Deadly Doctors Deadly Women True Nightmares Stalked by My Neighbor (2015) Kelcie Stranahan. Death of a Vegas Showgirl (2016) Roselyn Sanchez. Premiere. (:02) Boy in the Attic (2016, Suspense) Abbie Cobb. (12:02) Death of a Vegas Showgirl (2016) Roselyn Sanchez. Acting Out Acting Out Impossible Impossible ››› Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Jon Heder, Jon Gries. ››› 8 Mile (2002, Drama) Eminem, Kim Basinger, Brittany Murphy. ›› Stomp the Yard (2007) Meagan Good NASCAR Racing College Hockey Penn State at Notre Dame. (N) (Live) NASCAR Racing Premier League Match of the Day (N) F1 Racing Airport Security: Colombia Airport Security: Colombia Life Below Zero “Loaded” Life Below Zero Life Below Zero Port Protection “Lean on Me” Drugs, Inc. “Heroin” Heroin. Underworld, Inc. Thundermans Henry Danger Henry Danger Henry Danger Henry Danger Game School Thundermans Full House Full House Friends Friends Friends (:33) Friends Fresh Prince Fresh Prince Undercover Boss “Vivint” Undercover Boss Iyanla, Fix My Life Iyanla, Fix My Life (N) Oprah: Where Are They Now? Iyanla, Fix My Life Iyanla, Fix My Life Oprah: Where Are They Now? Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped Snapped The E! True Hollywood Story PCN PM - High School Sports PA Books PCN Late Night - PC 6PM News PCNC 6:30PM Championship PCNC 7:30PM PCNC 8PM PCNC 8:30PM PCNCNws9PM Jerome Bettis Best of Pittsburgh Now Paid Program PCNC 11 Paid Program PCNC 12:30 Paid Program Paid Program Football SportsBeat Rewind Penguins NHL Hockey Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators. (N) (Live) Penguins Post Mike Tomlin Youth Football NHL Hockey Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators. Cops Cops Cops Cops Cops (N) Cops Jail: Texas Cops Cops Cops ››› The Dark Knight Rises (2012, Action) Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy. (5:00) ››› Drag Me to Hell ›› The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014, Horror) Shadows of the Dead (2016) Kennedy Tucker. Premiere. › Sorority Row (2009) Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes. Shadows of the Dead (2016) 2 Broke Girls 2 Broke Girls 2 Broke Girls 2 Broke Girls 2 Broke Girls Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang ›› The Switch (2010) Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman. ›› 17 Again (2009) (DVS) (5:30) ›››› North by Northwest (1959) Cary Grant. ›››› Jaws (1975) Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw. (:15) ›› Jaws 2 (1978, Suspense) Roy Scheider. Premiere. (12:15) › Jaws 3 (1983, Suspense) Dennis Quaid. Premiere. Untold Stories of the E.R. Untold Stories of the E.R. Untold Stories of the E.R. Untold Stories of the E.R. Suddenly Rich (N) Untold Stories of the E.R. Suddenly Rich Untold Stories of the E.R. (5:00) ›› The Matrix Revolutions (2003) Keanu Reeves. ›››› The Dark Knight (2008, Action) Christian Bale. Batman battles a vicious criminal known as the Joker. ›› Bad Boys II (2003, Action) Martin Lawrence, Will Smith. (DVS) Lego Scooby Doo: Haunted Hollywood (2016) Premiere. Regular Show Regular Show Bob’s Burgers Bob’s Burgers American Dad American Dad Family Guy Family Guy Dragon Ball Z JoJo’s Bizarre Mobile Suit Hunter, Hunter Most Terrifying Places 2 Ghost Adventures Ghost Adventures Ghost Adventures (N) Ghost Adventures The Dead Files Ghost Adventures Ghost Adventures Imp. Jokers Imp. Jokers Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Late Snack Late Snack Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Top Funniest Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Reba Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond King King King King Raymond Raymond (4:30) ››› Bridesmaids › Little Fockers (2010) Robert De Niro. (DVS) › A Madea Christmas (2013) Tyler Perry. Premiere. Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam Mod Fam NCIS: Los Angeles “Hunted” ››› Ghostbusters (1984, Comedy) Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd. ›› Ghostbusters II (1989, Comedy) Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd. ››› The Lost Boys (1987, Horror) Jason Patric, Corey Haim. The Lost Boys Law & Order “Burden” Law & Order “Bad Girl” Law & Order “Damaged” Law & Order “Tabloid” Law & Order “Monster” Law & Order “Cherished” Law & Order “DWB” Law & Order “Bait” Blue Bloods Blue Bloods “Dedication” Blue Bloods Blue Bloods “Silver Star” ›› Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) Mike Myers. Engagement Engagement Engagement Raising Hope


(5:50) ›› Jurassic World (2015) Chris Pratt. ‘PG-13’ › Gods of Egypt (2016) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. ‘PG-13’ (:10) Westworld “The Stray” (:15) ››› Straight Outta Compton (2015) O’Shea Jackson Jr. ‘R’ Gods of Egypt (4:55) ›› Dead Presidents (6:55) ››› Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Tom Hardy. ‘R’ Quarry “Carnival of Souls” ›› San Andreas (2015) Dwayne Johnson. ‘PG-13’ (11:55) Quarry (12:50) Magic Mike XXL (2015) Shameless “Hiraeth” Shameless Shameless ››› Weiner (2016) Premiere. ‘R’ (:35) ››› Weiner (2016) ‘R’ (12:15) Shameless (:15) Masters of Sex (5:05) ›› I, Robot (2004) (:05) ›› The Game Plan (2007, Comedy) ‘PG’ ›› Fathers and Daughters (2015) Russell Crowe. ‘R’ Ash vs Evil Blunt Talk (12:05) ››› Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) (5:00) ›› Regarding Henry (6:50) ››› The Karate Kid (1984) Ralph Macchio. ‘PG’ ›› McFarland, USA (2015) Kevin Costner. ‘PG’ (:15) ››› Sleepless in Seattle (1993) Tom Hanks. ‘PG’ (:05) ››› True Lies (1994) (5:40) ››› Paddington ‘PG’ (:15) ›› The Duff (2015) Mae Whitman. ‘PG-13’ › See No Evil (2006, Horror) Kane. ‘R’ Scar Tissue (2013) Danny Horn. ‘NR’ (12:10) › See No Evil (2006) Kane. ‘R’ Scar Tissue



BLONDIE / by Dean Young & John Marshall









WORKING IT OUT / by Charlos Gary













is the Apple


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SUNDAY OCTOBER 16, 2016 WESTMORELAND EDITION © 2016 $1.50 PRICEMAYVARYOUTSIDEPRIMARYMARKET 6 78 · 59 Very warm today; mild tonight A12 OFFSE...

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